SHOCK! Obama White House Blows Cover of Top CIA Officer in Afghanistan

When the Obama White House released the list of names to news organizations of senior U.S. officials participating in Obama’s visit to Afghanistan, it “mistakenly” included the name of the highest ranking CIA spy in the country, effectively putting the agent and his family potentially in extreme danger. 

The Washington Post  reported the story, agreeing not to publish the name of the CIA chief at the request of the Obama regime officials who “warned that the officer and his family could be at risk if the name were published.” Both the CIA and the Obama White House refused to comment on the matter to the paper. 

However, the damage is likely already done as the cat is already out of the proverbial bag, as this reporter with Roll Call  announced on Twitter Sunday evening: According to the WAPO report, the list was “distributed to a list of more than 6,000 recipients,” making the likelihood of protecting the agent’s name very slim:

The list was circulated by e-mail to reporters who traveled to Afghanistan with Obama, and disseminated further when it was included in a “pool report,” or summary of the event meant to be shared with other news organizations, including foreign media, not taking part in the trip.

In this case, the pool report was filed by Washington Post White House bureau chief Scott Wilson. Wilson said he had copied the list from the e-mail provided by White House press officials. He sent his pool report to the press officials, who then distributed it to a list of more than 6,000 recipients.

During the George W. Bush administration, the mainstream media was in a crazed state of obsession over the so-called “outing” of Valerie Plame, who many argue (including her own supervisor) was outed by her own husband, Joe Wilson.

It will be interesting to see whether the mainstream media will hold the same level of outrage towards Obama for a much clearer case of the outright, indefensible outing of a CIA agent. 

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    1. I listened to the cheers during his speech. He was interrupted several times, but here’s the thing: Every single “outburst” was exactly the same. That was practiced, probably recorded in advance.

    2. I noticed that too, Helen, and the ‘cheer sound’ seemed to abruptly cut off in an odd way. I honestly thought it sounded like “canned applause”!

    3. I’ve heard choruses with less synchronization, and they get paid more than a handshake.

    4. Propaganda trip: notice the people lined up behind him during the speech? Three black soldiers on his right, another on his immediate left.

    5. I was wondering the same thing yesterday. Did they give him honor or dismiss him? I didn’t watch much TV, but did not see anything along the lines of honor.

    6. Yeah, I’m thinking they felt about his visit the way the West Point Cadets felt about his visit/commencement speech. . .

  1. You have to wonder if he is just an incompetent idiot, or if that was actually planned? And what was his motive for visiting our troops in Afghanistan on Memorial Day anyway? Was that supposed to shore up his pathetic image over the VA scandal? This jerk simply needs to be removed from the White House – in handcuffs.

    1. Everything this man does is calculated. The most dangerous thing you can do is think him and his handlers incompetent. Things are going exactly according to plan. He wants an America brought down to the level of the rest of the world.

    2. I think he stumbles headlong into blunders because he is the fox in the hen house and sees no reason to tread carefully. He has sycophants who watch is back, his front, and his every other idiotic step.

    3. This was intentional. Again…it is dangerous to think that this was anything but planned. The only time he truly blunders is when he goes “off script” and tries to improvise. This email was sent out to hundreds. That’s NOT a mistake…

    4. Yes, it was a mistake. And it wasn’t even the White House’s mistake. You should be ashamed of yourself for letting websites like this lead you around by the nose. And ashamed of yourself for thinking vicious treasonous thoughts about your government based on your inability to competently access medial. Click on the WashPost link the article provides you (they’re obviously counting on the probability that you won’t bother). Read paragraphs 9 and 10. The original mistake was by some military press officer. You see your ‘Obama planned it’ talking points exploding into midair?

    5. And just how do you know the Washington Post is telling the truth!! ?? After ALL IT’S the Washington post!! And by the way you come on here just to ridicule those that are on here reading things which is their right to do so, and I think this is the reason you come on here!! Just go somewhere else and criticize others, GET A LIFE!!!

    6. How do I know the WaPo is telling the truth? Do you fail to understand that the WaPo report is what this scurrilous tea party website story is entirely based on? I come on here because people in several comments have endorsed the assassination of the President of the United States based on their inability to read.

    7. Another Koolaid drinker eh??? Are you the text monitor on here that you can criticize these people? Just who desinated YOU? NO ONE!!!! This president has screwed this country royaly and you should wake up and smell the coffee and NOT the koolaid!! Apparently u can’t read, and decided for yourself that what you read is correct!!

    8. This country was SCREWED up long before Obama ever took office. Cheney, Bush, and Rumsfeld saw to that. Bush’s administration took over a country with a surplus in the budget and intelligence on possible danger’s to national security. What they did over the next 6.5 years put this country where it is today. Two war fronts and economic life support. The only thing that the Bush administration accomplished that they set out to do is to make themselves and their 1% backers even more weathly and in control of the elected politicans in our government.

    9. we not talking about them we are talking about the idiot that is in there NOW!!!!!

    10. YOU must be the idiot. Because PLENTY of people HERE are complaining of how things are NOW. And even though it’s been 6 years since Obama got elected, it seems your ilk doesn’t seem to understand that it took over 10 years to recover from the last Great Depression of the 1930′s. And this depression in 1930′s $$ was much much worse. And on top of that, at least Roosevelt had the help of the wealthiest Americans to help us out of the mess we got into. Not Obama. Republicans and those of the top 1% of earners are fighting him tooth and nail to try to rebuild the crumbling infrastructure of this country. You should be SUPPORTING him to create as many public projects as possible…..NOT telling your tea party types & Republicans to block all of the Democratic legislation trying to help create jobs. But its ok. This countries Progressives, Liberals and Democrats are going to respond to you guys this November. We are sick and tired of you guys getting in the way of progress. You are THE SAME people that tried to get in the way of REPUBLICAN during Eisenhower’s administration.

      “Should any political party attempt to abolish social, security, unemployment insurance, and eliminate labor law and farm programs, you would not hear of that party again in our political history. There is a tiny splinter group, of course, that believes you can do these things. Among them are Texas oil millionaires, and an occasional politician or business man and they are stupid!” Dwight Eisenhower, November 8, 1954.

    11. Wow! What a comeback!! I’m feel sooooo embarrassed now. Lol! Hey? I had a question? How many teeth to you share with those two other single welfare moms in the picture? Do you get your jokes from your brother/dad?

    12. Jealous?? I think SOOOOOO lol! Oh and by the way….U would know all about that I would think! Just ask your daddy…..BUBBA!

    13. I’m sure you are not going to get a hopeless liberal, who is obviously a true believer, who cannot see anything further then his ideology to see what you are trying to point out. You might as well not waste your breath.

    14. The Bush’s and Rockafellor’s are responsible for funding the Nazi’s. Look into Bush 41′s role in JFK killing.

    15. Well usually the people crying for that on these forums are the liberal trolls trying to make others look bad. Not like i never heard a liberal call for someone else’s demise. It is called emotional speech. Happens constantly. The Clinton’s had how many people taken care of?

    16. Sick isn’t it? These are the people that want to get rid of your guns. The people that do not bat an eye at taking another persons life if you are an inconvenience for them.

    17. And what do you know about the 2nd amendment? It’s only until recently, thanks to the right wing ideology of the Supreme Court that the Constitutional interpretation gave you a “right” to personally own a gun. And if you didn’t know that…then you have no understanding of the origins of the 2nd amendment & what’s original intent was. But listen to what the late Supreme Court Justice Warren Burger (a lifelong Republican) said after leaving the bench, “contrary to views espoused by gun groups, the Second Amendment “doesn’t guarantee the right to have firearms at all.” The 2nd amendment was all about preserving slavery in the south. Those are the sad facts. And the recent 2008 Supreme Court was a give away to the NRA. Plain and simple. Read here.

    18. I will pass. You know why? Because even if what you say or that OPINION piece that you want to believe had any merit, it does not change the fact that i believe bearing arms should be everyones right. Plain and simple as you say. Take care:)

    19. Well. You may “believe” that’s the case, but if you ever read the debates that happened during the Constitutional Congress, you’d quickly find out the 2nd amendment was put in & written in such a way (states vs. country) so the Constitutional Congress could get Virginias vote to move to a Constitution vs. Articles of Confederation. This way the south could keep their slave patrols & that they wouldn’t be used to dismantle their economy which was clearly based on using slave labor. I learned this about the “Slave Patrols” in High School government class. You should read the Wiki entry of the creation of the 2nd Amendment so you can read the arguments within the Constitutional Congress yourself.

    20. Do you think we should have the right to bear arms? I do not care about any law or reference. I am just asking you.

    21. And just for the record. MANY LIBERALS & PROGRESSIVES are gun owners. Like me. And yes, I do think we should have the right to bear arms. But ONLY as the FOUNDERS originally intended it to be. It should be done under the guise of regulation. And if you don’t think that FROM THE BEGINNING….that the Federal govt didn’t regulate the gun in which you were TOLD to own….then you really need to understand the Constitutional Congress’ arguments for creating the 2nd amendment. I think gun ownership is fine as long as you register your firearm, pass a Federal background check, and can pass an interview with a registered psychologist and prove you don’t have any psychological issues.

    22. As a matter of fact, Mr. Scholar, I don’t have a clue what you were taught in your class…the second amendment was enacted to for the purpose of the people defending themselves against a tyrannical government. PERIOD. The founding fathers wanted to abolish slavery, but the slaves would then have to be returned to the crown…or England, where they would still be slaves.

    23. You are dead wrong. You would know this if you studied Government, or studied U.S. history at the High School or College level…and studied the debates that happened within the Constitutional Congress period. Go to the library and check out information regarding the ratifying Constitutional Convention in Virginia of 1789. It’s a KNOWN FACT that Southerners were TERRIFIED regarding slave revolts….and the 2nd amendment was put there ON PURPOSE to guarantee the ability of the “slave patrols” to be able to use force in quelling down slave revolts. And if you don’t understand the “well regulated militia” part, then you should ask George Washington about that. The framers knew this was not just a right, but a DUTY to own a musket and to have that musket available if you were called upon by “The Commander in Chief”. Or didn’t you know that Article 2 Section 2 takes up that “well regulated militia” clause & it’s meaning. If you want to learn from a real professor about the Slave Patrols and their purpose & how that falls into place with the 2nd amendment, watch this 3 part video here.

      “The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States”

      Nowhere does it state that you have a PERSONAL right to own a firearm. Period. End of story. And it most certainly DID NOT pertain to you being able to defend yourself against a tyrannical govt. And if you think that’s the case, I suggest you learn about the “Whiskey Rebellion”.

      Because THAT VERY THING HAPPENED DURING GEORGE WASHINGTON’S PRESIDENCY. And guess what happened? Those who decided to take arms against the central govt of the United States were shot and killed for treason against the govt. Got it?

      The meaning and case law behind the 2nd amendment was clearly understood for over 200 years until only 2008 when the “shall not be infringed” portion of the 2nd amendment was taken out of context. And even in the Heller case, it STILL showed limitations to personal gun ownership. But if you ask me, the 2nd amendment….as with the Constitution itself needs to be updated and re-written to reflect modern times. The “militia’s” that the founders spoke of were quickly replaced by a standing army (which the Constitution also says should not be), and the need for personal gun ownership is a legitimate idea. But, it should be with qualifications. A criminal background check and a mental stability interview by a mental health professional. After that, I’d be comfortable with anyone having the right to carry their weapons in an exposed manner. And concealed permits should only be given to those who require them.

      The framers even felt that the Constitution should be re-written roughly every generation. And since the Citizens United case has bastardized the meaning of Corporations being “people”, and money being “free speech”….it’s high time we need a new Constitutional Congress.

    24. A well regulated militia refers to the citizens protecting themselves from it’s government…Period. Nothing More, nothing less. MY father taught high school and I am very well versed in US history.

    25. You are a complete idiot. And if your Father taught you that’s what a “well regulated militia” meant according to the Founders who WROTE the U.S. Constitution, then he too needs to go back to school and study American History, the Constitutional COngress AND how our Federal Govt works.

      Read below Einstein.

      First some background on the Articles of Confederation.

      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

      Articles of Confederation

      “The Articles of Confederation, formally the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union, was an agreement among the 13 founding states that established the United States of America as a confederation of sovereign states and served as its first constitution. Its drafting by the Continental Congress began in mid-1776, and an approved version was sent to the states for ratification in late 1777. The formal ratification by all 13 states was completed in early 1781. Even when not yet ratified, the Articles provided domestic and international legitimacy for the Continental Congress to direct the American Revolutionary War, conduct diplomacy with Europe and deal with territorial issues and Indian relations. Nevertheless, the weak government created by the Articles became a matter of concern for key nationalists. On March 4, 1789, the Articles were replaced with the U.S. Constitution. The new Constitution provided for a much stronger national government with a chief executive (the president), courts, and taxing powers.”

      That section of the Articles of Confederation relevant to the discussion of militias is to be found in paragraph four of Article 6 (of the Articles), which states that

      “No vessel of war shall be kept up in time of peace by any State, except such number only, as shall be deemed necessary by the United States in Congress assembled, for the defense of such State, or its trade; nor shall any body of forces be kept up by any State in time of peace, except such number only, as in the judgement of the United States in Congress assembled, shall be deemed requisite to garrison the forts necessary for the defense of such State; but every State shall always keep up a well-regulated and disciplined militia, sufficiently armed and accoutered, and shall provide and constantly have ready for use, in public stores, a due number of filed pieces and tents, and a proper quantity of arms, ammunition and camp equipage.”(emphasis added)

      Now take a look at the language used in the Constitution regarding militias.

      First, consider the powers of Congress over the Militia:

      Article One

      Section 8

      “To make Rules for the Government and Regulation of the land and naval Forces;

      To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions;

      To provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining, the Militia, and for governing such Part of them as may be employed in the Service of the United States, reserving to the States respectively, the Appointment of the Officers, and the Authority of training the Militia according to the discipline prescribed by Congress;”

      Next, consider the powers of the President over the Militia:

      Article Two

      Section 2

      “The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States, when called into the actual Service of the United States;”

      Therefore, taking everything in the preceding discussion into consideration, that is the role of militias in the early history of the United States, including both before the Revolutionary War as well as the experiences of George Washington et al with the colonial militia during the War, and then also the parallels between the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution regarding the definition, role, and functioning of the militia, I think it safe to say that the following interpretation of the 2nd amendment, which is from an Originalist perspective, stands on fairly firm ground:

      The term “well regulated” in the 2nd amendment actually encompasses both meanings of the term “well regulated” (i.e., “well regulated” as one might consider a clock to be, and “well regulated” as one might think of in a legal framework)!

      “Well regulated” meant that State militias were to be well trained (i.e., they were to gather together and practice, drill, etc., on a regular basis) and that training was to be supervised by the States (i.e., the States were to appoint officers who were to oversee that training). (This was the clock-like aspect of “well regulated”.)

      But at the same time, “well regulated” also referred to the lawful power the Congress (which was comprised, after all, of representatives of the States) was to have over the State militias, that is, Congress was to promulgate and enact a system of rules governing the conduct and/or activity of said militias, as well as the legal authority the President would have over them when acting as Commander-in-Chief. (This was the legal aspect of “well regulated”.)

      In other words, the use of the term “well regulated” in the 2nd amendment wasn’t meant to be an ‘either-or’, ‘black-and-white’ proposition, it was meant to be an all-inclusive term that covered all possible aspects of the situation viz a viz militias.

    26. Wikipedia is “someone’s” version of the truth…NOT the truth necessarily. Militia’s were/are to protect citizens and states from the federal government. PERIOD

    27. They wont deny it. They will justify it with something brilliant such as it is easy to make our ilk look bad and that makes it ok for them. :)

    28. It would appear that it is YOUR inability to read! The way the WaPo story reads is that Scott Wilson (Washington Post White House bureau chief) “filed” the report originally (he had copied the list from the e-mail provided by White House press officials), then distributed it out. That means the military press officer that YOU say distributed it, got it from Scott Wilson.

    29. That is news to me and I am on here most every day; Now there has been talk of Impeachment, talk of charging PinocchiObama with treason, But assignation NO never did not happen you are a LIAR, not the way of these people, it is However the way of the socialist Communist Demoncrat AKA liberal party, they are the ones that think along these lines, OH you are one of them Evil people you thought of it.

    30. The Community Agitator in Chief, Barack Hussein Obama calls
      the NSA spying on American citizens, the IRS targeting Conservative groups,
      Benghazi, Fast and Furious phony scandals. The most recent scandal involves the
      VA where veterans are dying for lack of care. What does Obama do? Obama flies
      off to Afghanistan for a photo-op to show he CARES for the military and the
      Ministry of Propaganda, aka. the so-called Mainstream Media will go along with
      this fraud. During Obama’s speech (LIES) he said he cares about the Vets, but
      his actions reveal otherwise. Vets are not being properly treated at the VA and
      are dying as a result of the Obama Regime’s mismanagement of their care. Do not
      forget when Obama and Reid shutdown government they purposely
      barricaded the War Memorials to them. Obama’s actions just go to show the
      true PHONY and it is this president. The sooner he is out of office, the better
      for America.

    31. The only propaganda is the propaganda coming out of your mouth. And the BS you listen to all day on right wing hate radio. Stop being a sheep and parrot and try to think for yourself.

    32. You clearly are a STUPID, Obamamaniac and you know what they say, “You can’t fix STUPID.” So, I will not waste my time trying to educate you, because people like you cannot handle the TRUTH. Have you been paying attention to the revelations regarding the IRS intimidating American Patriots? I did not think so. You know your Messiah, Barack Hussein Obama claimed there was not a ” smidgen” of corruption regarding the IRS scandal. Right???????? The information is out there for those who seek it. So, either educate yourself or STFU!

    33. Don’t want to hear the truth or an opposing opinion? Good to know your open minded and have the ability to think in a cognitive manner. Why don’t you just go to the Fox and TeaParty site yourself and talk with the minitature minority.

    34. Ha! Talk about open mindedness arn’t you criticizing me for the same thing you’re doing? Can’t I speak my mind w/o u making shotty remarks?? Idiot!! freedom of speech seems to be something you need to read up on!!!!

    35. Yes, that last sentence I wrote could come off the way you said. But do you see the irony here, this comment is actually on TPNN (Tea Party News Network). You didn’t even catch that and it is one of your sanctuaries.

    36. and tell me Bill, why is it that you believe just because someone disagrees with you, that they listen to or attend any part of the tea party…( not that it’s a bad idea, just haven’t done it yet…) and HERES one thing libs CAN NOT DO….. STAY ON SUBJECT…. when we hit on a topic that you people can’t possibly believe… all of a sudden it becomes a personal attack…. hmmmmmm I’d be curious about that if I were you. STAY ON TOPIC…. you can’t do it. Whip out some FACTS….. or are ours just confusing you?

    37. I read from FOX, TPNN, MSNBC, WashPost, ABC, and several others.
      The one reason I tend to dismiss a lot of opinions on the bias sites is because 90% of the comments are spout of shear hatred, while disregarding the known facts. I personally do not believe that the left or the right have the answers to solve our problems. Parties tend to polarize voters. If voters would RESEARCH issues and not spout on emotions, I would respect them.

      The simple facts show that the US is better off today then it was when Obama took office. This country was in pitiful shape when Obama took office. There are less unemployed people, we have less military in the middle east, housing has come back, and the stock market back from the wall st fall.

      I will also conceded that I wish we were in even better shape. We haven’t had a good foreign policy president in a LONG time. Every presidenncy has its controversies. Would I have voted for Obama on his 2nd term if there was a more liberal republican, yes I would have.

    38. Sorry, but you are way wrong! There are fewer jobs, less money, more debt and way more in the way of corruption since ol Barry took over. You can sit and believe the media drool about how well the economy is doing but some of us are smarter than that. We know how to wade through the BS of their reports and find the truth. Unemployment numbers, job numbers, obamacare enrollment numbers are all total BS

    39. Who is “ol Barry?” If that is meant as a slam to the POTUS, then I have even less respect for your reply. The only generalization that you made in your second sentence that is true is “more debt.” Please cite your sources and specifics so we are comparing apples to apples. Or are you simple omni-knowing. A god of sort??? I can send you conservative news organization articles that support my discussions. If you want to speak in GENERALIZATIONS, then please don’t waste my time. I am surprised you didn’t bring up Benhgazi.

    40. You liberals are so funny at times…. sit by and watch as OL’ Barry goes down! And BTW, Benghazi…we will never forget!


    42. Good to see you express yourself so eliquettely. I, not once said, the POTUS was doing a fantastic job. I just said we are better off today then we were when he took office for the 1st time. President W left this country in shambles. Absolutely NO!!!!!! president could turn it around immediately. Not McCain or Romney. Are you absolutely cluseless to think a “president” can turn this around. A reform of government is the only chance to fix this country we live in. A bi-partist government is needed and Boehner showed he had no interest in helping by saying his goal in each of Obama terms was to make him fail. Where is your comtempt for him? Or are just a whiner??

    43. Do you EVER say something constructive or just dig complaining about how unfair life is?

    44. How do we know this website isn’t just a propaganda website that just spins stories so parrots like you can blather it to other parrots like yourself who have no brain? How do we know this? Because the facts behind the same story the Washington Post reported on is being reported on in many reputable other news sources. Now….lets talk about the “Tea Party Network”. How reputable of a news outlet is it? It isn’t. It’s not even on the radar of real journalists and news reporters. Just people who want to make a buck creating BS propaganda for sheep like you to digest. So you’ll hate this guy so much, you’ll vote in your WORST interest….just like idiots like you did During the 2000 election. How did that work out for you by the way? Remember the SECOND world depression that Bush and his cronies caused? Yep. You’re just a useful idiot. Own it!!

    45. Bout like you!!! Huh?! Morons like you always come to the defense of our treasonous so called president….many braindead idiot lefties like you support this loser in the WH and unfortunately those of us that post our opinions once again are chastised, oh that might be too big of a word for you dumass lefties!! I just want to thank you all for destroying our planet and our kids and grandkids future for putting this ignorant idiot in the WH! By the way at least Bush did love the country, and he made mistakes, but he learned from them, unlike the thing that is in the WH now. Keep on drinkin the koolaid moron! ANd when your standing in the soup line you can still be thanking your illustrous piece of crap that’s in the WH!!! And you can thank your commie friends in the WH for it!!

    46. Bullshit…you go ahead and believe the crap. I know better. The list came from the WhiteHouse and the military MISSED it.

    47. Your brane wurks funnee. Do you not know how to read sentences properly, or something? The article is in plain English. Do I have to go over the sentence with you? Diagram it maybe, for subject and object?

    48. hey notadimwit- your not a dimwit your a fool and an a$$hole. Have fun worshipping your false god Obama you traitor.

    49. Linda, you are nothing but a libertard and need to get a life. When will you idiots wake up and see what he is doing to our country. OH are you getting all those freebies? NO wonder you for odumbass.

    50. Let’s see. Scott Wilson from WaPo copies the email list from the WH press officials. Care to enlighten us who the WH press officials are?

    51. and who is in charge of the “military press officers” ..Obama and who is in charge of the WH people who are supposed to check these things Obama…take off your Obama pink glasses and deal with reality..whats your excuse for Obama saying he knew nothing of the VA delay scandal until he heard about it last week in the news when he is on film in 2008 saying he will get to the bottom of the VA delay problem

    52. Wow, *I* need to take off my ‘pink glasses,’ from someone who thinks Obama, in the midst of running the country, should be vetting military press office guest lists.

    53. simple question for you. Who is the President? that would be obama as he is the president anything I mean anything that goes on in the WH is his responsibility the same as it would be if he were the CO of a company of MARINES or the CEO of a business.

    54. You’re getting far out for Notadim to stay with you. I’m not sure nota understands economy, how administrations are supposed to work, and what happens when they don’t. Well, unless King O bails them out, and then they become the property of the feds. How can Nota not get the picture!

    55. If you did understand economics, you’d know that we had to prop up certain aspects of our economy….otherwise our finance sector would have collapsed and you would have seen the dollar not even worth the paper it’s printed on. Grow a brain. Please.

    56. Growing a brain, you realize, just isn’t that easy. I looked for so long among the Dem population, looking for a model, you know, a template, and none were available. I’ve had to seek help elsewhere. But, I actually know exactly how economics works because I was a part and working member of a company that did millions of dollars worth of business, requiring that much more in expensive equipment. A bad decision by one president sent us into an economic tailspin, from which we never fully recovered. That was Jimmy Catuh. Don’t try telling me I don’t know economics. I know so much more than our lame-brained president it’s unbelievable. You learn about economics when the money being discussed is your own.

    57. I agree. Remember the “hew and cry” the Democrat’s raised over Nixon and Watergate? That was a situation where Nixon had true “plausable deniability”, and his direct subordinates were prosecuted and punished for. And Nixon resigned from office due to the old axiom “the buck stops here!” Yet now with a Democrat POTUS, the only buck that stops in the White House, is all the trillions of tax dollars that are spent on hair-brained Liberal political payoffs and voter enslavement schemes! Obama is THE protypical “TEFLON MAN’, and has taken the “Slick Willie Clinton” lie often and exccedingly mantra to extremes, so by the time folks discover lie # 1, lie # 2014 will be yesterdays news too! This man is so deceitful, that ever some Dem’s have broken from the ranks and denounced him, so anyone left defending him are true “Yellow Dog Democrats!” And no, I’m no Republican, I have no party affiliations and am a true Independent voter that keeps my eyes and mind open, and believes the government that governs best, governs least!

    58. Really? Less government huh? So I guess all the deregulation that occurred during the last year of Clinton and then all throughout W. Bush is a good thing right? The deregulation of markets that allowed “Credit default swaps” to happen by the criminals on Wall St? You sir have zero understanding of how “less government” would bring us right back to the days of the Robber Barons. Or do you even know your American history and how detrimental those days were to working people of this country? You cry about Democrats (and I’m sure Liberals as well), but you don’t even mention how our system of allowing these Wall St. criminals to create their own special rules has bankrupted our economy….but somehow Obama seems to be your only sore spot. Next time you decide to expand your mind Mr. “Independant”, watch this video from George Carlin. True…it’s a comedy bit, but there’s nothing funny about it. It’s the hard truth. And whether you’re a Republican, Democrat, Indie, or Conservative… should be paying attention to this. Because it’s as real as the nose on your face.

    59. The buck stops at the top. He is supposed to be at the helm and is ultimately responsible for anything those under him and in his employment do. He is SUPPOSED to be in charge of this country for god sake and is responsible for every administative employee right down to the filing clerks.

    60. Yeah. And I’m sure you held George W. Busch (as in beer) “accountable” for being asleep at the wheel for a whole myriad of things (9-11, the Iraq/afgan war, NOT getting Bin Laden, the 2nd GLOBAL depression, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED LOL!!!, the creation of the “Patriot Act”, warrantless wiretapping)….I could go on & on for DAYS!! And where were your “Tea-Baggers” then? That’s right, they were busy suckin down the kool aid & wearing those tin foil hats thinking Bush was your “boy” & that he’d never F you & the country over. Lol!! Well, I bet you & all your tea party Neanderthals here feel a little cheated. Actually….probably not. You ignoramuses probably STILL think he’s a “pretty good feller”. Amazing how gullible & sheep like you all are here. No deductive reasoning. Not a skeptical bone in your bodies except to just hate this guy for the biggest pile of elephant crap that was left by YOUR BOY George dubay.

    61. unless you’re a fairly smart moron, then you surround yourself with all the people that you want to be. LOL

    62. Do you hold this administration accountable for anything bad that has gone down since 2008? Seriously?

    63. This question doesn’t follow logically from my remarks. Really shoddy fallacy — Obama’s no saint, but what this thread is, is a typical example of how the right wing spends its days chasing after scurrilous falsehoods. Obama’s no saint. But the right wing has abdicated its role as a serious component of the American dialogue.

    64. Dude…If I had the opportunity…I’d shoot Obama in the middle of his balding head and just watch as he fell and willingly let them take me in. I care that little about our government right now. It would be the first bit of freedom I’ve been allowed to have from a government that is slowly taking all our rights and freedoms >.>

    65. and… there… they go again….. it’s a soggy brain that can’t think beyond 3rd grade naaa naaa’s… I think you and Sadly should go have a drink… work out the details… get back to us when you’ve got it all figured out…

    66. sadly …. THAT is unwanted and unnecessary. And it’s THAT brainyak talk that makes the left believe they’re right…. ( tee hee … makes the left think they’re right…. LOL LOL ) .well anyway…. if that’s all the intelligence you possess… you’re not helping …. you’re not helping this conversation…and you’re not helping our country. Sadly…. don’t make permanent choices over temporary circumstances… be wise…

    67. what ? so what ….. dimwit…. LOL you’re sure taking it seriously…. if YOU don’t believe the right has any right to abdicate its role as a serious component of the American dialogue…… who ya talkin’ to? We’re not here….. you can’t see us. Booogade Booogadeeee

    68. …what flavor is your kool–aid? Step away from the punchbowl, and see things as they REALLY are, and the effects will dissipate in time. For someone who refers to themselves as ‘notadimwit’ you sure not showing yourself to be anything but…

    69. IF anyone is guilty of treason it would be Obama and his supporters going against our constitution.

    70. Liberals NEVER take the blame for any of their screw ups. It’s ALWAYS someone else who did it! SAME OLD TIRED STORY!

    71. Well, speaking as a liberal, I confess I often say that someone else did it. But only when it says in black and white…and plain English…that someone else did it.

    72. notadimwith, I do hope you wake up soon and stop living in a dream world. He is ruining our country, degrading our military, is nothing but a liar and proven to be untrustworthy. AND I bet you would vote for him again. How will you feel if he becomes a Dictator because he is almost there?

    73. notadimwit, you are proving yourself to be pure liberal- not able to deal with logic. The logic is, the WaPo article did say: “Wilson said he had copied the list from the e-mail provided by White House press officials. He sent his pool report to the press officials, who then distributed it to a list of more than 6,000 recipients.” If you can’t understand that that lays the blame squarely on the White House, you are “yesadimwit.”

    74. I read the article. It clearly states that the list was released by the White House. First line of the article. Read it again.

    75. It states again in the paragraphs that they got the list from the white house.

    76. And who exactly gave the information to the military press officer ?
      Leaking information to the press then claiming ignorance is the oldest trick in the book !

    77. Hey Ric , I think these guys get paid to come on these website and talk stupid. That’s the only thing I can think of , why some one would still support Obama

    78. and now… THERES A THOUGHT…. that just crossed my mind as I wasted time in such a reply… you’re right…. I think they’re plants…. some are so dimwitted they’d come get junk started for fun. I wonder why it bothers them so …..

    79. the name should have never been on the list to begin with. thus it is treasonous by this administration to have let that list out to begin with

    80. OK, nota, the list originally came from the White House; regardless of who all received it. Did ya get that?

    81. “ashamed of yourself for thinking vicious treasonous thoughts about your government. ” You need to have a conversation w/ a native American. If you don’t think your government is up to it’s proverbial asz in subterfuge, espionage, double crosses and back door deals, you’re as naive as my ten yr old grand baby. NOTHING in politics is by ‘accident’. NOTHING!!! So you go find your hole and stick your ignorant azz head back in the sand. Nothing here for you to see.

    82. Sounds like you’re also an apologist for this traitor! Who gave Susan Rice her “talking points” about a “video” causing the tragedy in Benghazi? They’re trying to blame it on everyone *but* the man who is supposedly supposed to be in charge. Is it beyond your scope of comprehension to assume that the WH Press was “given” this list to distribute? How’s all that kool-aid working out for you?

    83. notadimwit – Funny…. We think it’s YOU being led around by the nose…. if you believe ANY government is beyond acts of treason, you ARE a dim wit, and if for one Texas minute you believe this guy is beyond it, you’re simply blind. NO MAN CAN SERVE TWO MASTERS… he’s NEVER been AMERICAN…. he doesn’t love America. silly wit

    84. I don’t think it was planned. It’s just further evidence of the complete incompetence of this whole bunch from the top on down. Amateur hour continues at the White House in particular and in Washington as a whole.

    85. Hmmmm, but wouldn’t someone from Team Obama have to proof read that list before it got sent out ?

    86. He has outed other security agents, as well. Snowden outed O. There’s a pattern here.

    87. I think you are on the right path with your assessment but it’s much more insidious than that because he JUST DOESN”T CARE. What he wants and his agenda is all that matters to him.

    88. Preamble, I hate Obama and his hag wife. I lean conservative. Now with that out of the way, most of you need to wake up and smell your own crap. Obama didn’t have anything to with this personally, cause it happens all the time. Your all so desperate to believe EVERY piece of conspiratorial nonsense that you end up tainting the real stuff going on. I belong to that area of industry, and my cover in Iraq didn’t last more than three days because of a moron with a big mouth and he outed it to every local agency at the same time. Also, when you get to the brass tacks, these so called revealed “secrets” you think mean so much don’t mean jack to anyone. Remember that scene in “Casino Royale” where he said the cab driver told him where the CIA office was? Yep, Its kinda like that.

      Stop being a drone to political rhetoric! Believe half of what you (think) you see, and a third of what you read.

    89. ClearView, Linda probably gets all those freebies which is why she worships her god in DC. POS

    90. Not a dumb answer at all when the asshole stated ‘I have a pen and a phone’, That sounds like a despot determined to uncaringly follow his own agenda to me. Anyone prepared to bypass due processes of law and congress is definately an insidious character not to be trusted.

    91. Only the democrats in congress are calling him incompetent and that is only because a lot of them are going to lose their positions of power for going along with his agenda.

    92. You are so right about that, this man is simply evil to the core and knows exactly what he is doing. He lied and fooled everyone getting elected to the office, I truly believe he stole the election the second time. Wouldn’t be surprised but what he creates enough chaos in 2015 to declare Marshal Law and stay in office for as long as he can pull it off. As to the trip today, he just wants to get some more “selfies”!

    93. You’re probably right on the spelling Bettye Mckee. Must confess I was under that law while living through the 1967 Detroit riots as a young wife and mother . I was busy watching the military with armored cars and tanks rolling down xpressways into the city while it was burning, It was called living under an armed military curfew while helping to make sandwiches that were to be picked up by armored truck to then be taken to the city limits where an army tank got them for delivery to a police station under seige from Molotov cocktails while taking deadly fire. Must admit that I never noticed the spelling only how many people were dying each day from sniper fire, and believe me there was nothing friendly about it!.

    94. You got it Lynn! I only wish the senate dummies would wake up and smell the coffee, but of course most of them are in on the takings too! Unless our military heads deside to stop taking orders from him and nab him instead I’m afraid this country is finished.

    95. I agree. We all call him an idiot, moron, etc. But there is a reason for everything he does… and that reason is not in the interest of the country.

    96. Definitely planned, just like Chris Stevens being in Benghazi on the anniversary of 9/11. Why was he there, and who ordered him to go?

    97. or that someone being George Soros. Obummer is the Mandarin. an actor in the play and the only time he really f*cks up is when he goes off script and tries to “wing it.” he becomes a blubbering idiot. he will try to take advantage of the chaos created by those like George Soros. martial law is a real thing and don’t think the powers that be haven’t considered it. the Occupy movement was nothing compared to what is to come.

    98. it was planned….everything he does is planned……..just like benghazi and the VA scandal……and i agree…he needs to be removed post haste in handcuffs before he causes anymore damage.

    99. He visited our troops so he would not have to honor our fallen heroes. He violated the spirit of the holiday an the memory of all those who paid the ultimate price. He is anti-American.

    100. Oh give me a break, God I can hardly believe there are so many stupid comments being made…DORK!

    101. Obama knows what he doing, Destroy america and still of the billions of dollars belong to American, this men has the muslin brain he has crime and murder people in his head and he HAS A BIG COMPLEX BECAUSE IS NEGER

    102. America is in total decline because of Obama’s choices the only thing he has achieved in the past 5 3/4 years of his
      Presidency is destroying the American way turning America into a 3rd world Country! As he continues on his path! And to split the Nation in dividing the White against Blacks!

    103. If only a precident would have been set by “W’s” presidency, perhaps it could happen.

    104. His trip was totally meaningless. I suppose he thinks it will increase votes for the demoRats but I think they just might be waking up to the reality of their false god.

  2. Obama has shown which side he is on several times and he should have volunteered to lead our troops while over there .

    1. He wouldn’t be in the fight as he reminds me of a scared school kid on the playground. What a wimp.

  3. it was done on purpose no one can be that F-in stupid, he seems to have no problems flying in and out of these terrorist countries, so now more American’s will die because of idiotic screw up’s can this really be going on , what about his people who are the one’s responsible for letting him know what’s going on, 13 year’s of war and he goes and blow’s this guys cover-REALLY, I don’t know anymore never has a Prez, screwed up so much and nothing is done about it can’t figure it out, he goes there and act’s like hes doing stand up says thing’s like we have so and so in da house and that was prob. the cia guy, what a shame and how the men and women over there didn’t boo him off the stage don’t they know what he’s doing to the vet’s over here, haven’t they heard???????????

    1. He will say, in a book, that on this trip he can under enemy fire. That’s one of the lines the dems will choose to record, see Hillary’s speeches, and that line can be reused. There are several recycled phrases. Another one is, “This is unacceptable.” That’s what your hs teacher says when you turn in a bad theme. Same with O, the disconnected pres.

    2. Carney will say Odimwit only found out he was on this trip when he read/heard it in the news.

    3. I’m sure they know. They probably can’t boo him because he is the commander- in – chief. But I’m sure they feel the same way about him that we do.

    4. I have two nephews over in Afghanistan right now. They are ORDERED TO APPEAR and they know if they boo him there will be severe repercussions. It’s a damn shame that the people putting their woman lives on the line for freedom are not allowed to have the same freedoms when Obutthead is around.

  4. His administration said that it was accidentally revealed the name of our top ranking CID agent well if you believe that I have some ocean property in Arizona I want to sell you. They said it was a surprise visit they how cone so much security and the ones involved were listed

  5. Will the mainstream media hold the same level of outrage towards Obama IN A MUCH CLEARER CASE of outing a CIA official as they did against Bush? Are you kidding me? They will just spend time praising “his highness” for going to Afghanistan……..when it is clearly a publicity ploy to try and get attention away from his f-ups and lies.

  6. HMMMMM wasn’t Scooter Libby tried for the same thing? except he never did “out” anyone, but someone has been outed and they are in a war zone. What are the odds someone gets prosecuted for this

    1. This has violated so many sections of Title 18 USC s. 2381, it is not even funny. It is however, very, very serious.

  7. This commie MF’er really hate’s America!! I really, really hate him and his commie demoRAT party!!

  8. Those who rise to their level of incompetence.

    He will sacrifice anything for a photo op to feed his “celeb” status.

  9. O can’t be trusted. His lust for power and applause has overtaken him, and he is drunk on being the president. When he speaks to Americans, he talks about the greatest country on earth, but when he speaks to groups of dems and to other audiences, he says we will be passive. What a nut case.

  10. Apparently this guy has something on Obama, so he was outed and is no longer effective. As a result he will be forced to resign to protect himself and his family. If of course the terrorist don’t get him first.

  11. The list of stupidity from this administration continues to grow – potentially setting up ANOTHER American to die… Whatta guy…

  12. Wake up you Jamokes!! Obama and his staff are as incompetent as they seem, are perpetrating a calculated weakening of this nation
    The last person our soldiers need to see is Obama on Memorial Day. Personally, if I was a commander in Afghanistan, I’d have a target painted on his forehead, yell Green Light, take the shot!! He is the most bumbling, incompetent president in US history!!

  13. There is a Doctor in Pakistan who is still imprisoned whose identity was ‘leaked’ too.

  14. DUH, Incompetent, or just plain Stupid? neither one it is all a well thought out Plan he is following for his Puppet Masters, as we know he is not smart enough to do any thing unless some one tells him to do it.

  15. The man called Obama did not get top grades in Harvard law school and master in constitutional law to ever be thought of as stupid. Everything he does is calculated and his Alinsky motivated mind is selling the US to Chinese interests as he opens the door to Islam in America. His acts of treason will not end so long as we do not stop him. The biggest fraud is happening right in front of us.

    1. Are you sure he went to Harvard? No one will admit to him being in their classes, and his school records are sealed.

    2. how do you know he got top grades ?his records are sealed .Do you have special privilege ?If you do,,man up and spill your guts,,or hide like a child.Links to your information .other wise nobody belives a word you say.

    3. Who said he got top grades? Who said he even attended- there have been interviews of lawyers in that class who have swore that they never even saw the guy (classes, campus, local student hang outs, eateries)

    4. Obama is a Dolt. There are NO public records to prove otherwise. This is most apparent when he does go off script. He is strictly scripted and managed by his Alinsky handlers.

    5. He went to Harvard as the sexual plaything of one of the professors who gave him top grades on C*ck S*cking and R*mming. His records were sealed so that no one would notice no papers where ever graded.

    6. I would not call obamy stupid as much as I would call him a fool. If a person is stupid it’s because they are unlearned or don’t want to learn. A fool makes a choice of doing foolish things as we see this sorry excuse of a man doing over and over again.

  16. We could try to get more control, but they have camps ready to put americans in if they say were out of control. They want us to feel helpless. Truth is we can change this. hopefully we do before it gets much worse,and hopefully people look more into a candidates background and verify everything beforethey elect someone.

  17. He has hired and appointed probably the most incompetent group of individuals ever gathered together under one umbrella. but I guess it takes an incompetent to hire an incompetent.

  18. America has a stupid “punk” in office. I won’t even refer to him in that position as he’s too stupid to bother with.

  19. Is our moderate Muslim president deliberately trying to destroy this Country? Hmmmm did you notice Facebook put Muslim and Facebook in caps but not president?

  20. unfortunately, the members of our military are too respectful to have stood there and turned their backs to him as he spoke …. which would have been the right thing to do. and yes, I am a veteran ……..

  21. He should have visited the graves of the Veterans who died while on the “waiting list “.

  22. Look at the man’s eyes in the photo with this article, you can see the pure evil in them. He is drugged so much of the time that he has no idea of what he is saying or doing. This was not an accident, it was done on purpose to protect his muslim buddies in Afghanastan. He is without a doubt the most evil man on the face of the earth, the worst dicatator in the world has nothing on this low life pos. If he had any class at all he would resign, leave with a little dignity and just go fade away. I am 74 years old, since a lot in my lifetime, but never thought I would see anyone like this fool in our White House. Color has nothing to do with it, he is just pure evil. Again look at the eyes in this phote, my grandmother always told me that the eyes are the windows to the soul and this man has no soul.

  23. Obama thinks he is god when really he is an incompentent boob that proves over and over again that stupid is as stupid does and there is not way to fix stupid.

  24. Probably planned that way. There are no accidents in politics. Everything is planned well in advance.

  25. he was mostly likely on obama’s enemies list —- obama outed him to expose him to assassination

  26. How did we manage to elect this empty suit after four years of proven incompetence? Certainly the national news agencies must simply quiver at the thought that they bought the whole line for this long. Isn’t it time to censure the remaining years of his tenancy and our Congress to take hold of the reigns of government and repair the mess of Obama care and all of the other measures he passed by executive order. If there was ever a time for unity between the Senate and House it is today. This fall we better clean house in both ends of the legislative branch and weed out his substandard appointments to return to the real purposes of our founding fathers and safe guard our future.

  27. this was no accident, i pray this person gets out of the country family and all alive and the fool is forced to answer for what he has done and if necessary with a full military armed escort to a tribunal with his name written all over it, this should and no refusal should be allowed…. this is one time when the pRESIDENT should be made to answer for his crimes carrying him bodily if necessary no choices given time to force him once and for all, damn his executive orders his auto pen and his cell phone THE TIME IS NOW……..!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. We see you have all your leftist BS talking points in a row. Good for you, transparent Bush hater and Oblamer apologist. Get a hobby meatball, you have too much time on your hands.

    1. Exactly! Which is why it was NOT reported on the front of the Washington Post’s website!! Suppressing information about Obama!!

      [checks website, sees story as second on the right side]

      Never mind . . . .

    2. What do you store in your head, since your brain has obviously been removed? This entire article rests on a report from the Washington Post.
      And para 10 of the WaPo article states that the military originated the snafu. But I don’t expect right wingers to know how to examine media reports like intelligent people.

    3. You can always recognize a liberal by their fondness of name calling and ridicule .

  28. The fact he went to Afghanistan is nauseating and a total insult to all servicemen and veterans. The man is anything but stupid he knows exactly what he is doing, he is evil personified, his mission by those who groomed him and got him elected ( George Soros etc:) was to destroy America and bring her to her knees and he doing exactly that. No one has stopped him which is pathetic. ALL the ones who elected this Faker In Chief TWICE owe this country and it’s people a huge apology, and should be hanging their heads in shame.

    1. While you’re sitting there slavering over the outrage, one would hope you’d have brains enough to actually read the WaPo article referenced. Where they point out in paragraph 10 that the origin of this national security snafu was not the White House. The MILITARY made the mistake, which the WH staff was slow to catch. Now, ask yourself if you think there’s the slightest chance I’m gonna apologize to a right wing outrage zombie like you in a million years.

  29. Just more ad and comfort to the enemy how much more treason dose this POS have to commit before we judge him convict him and execute him.

  30. Gee. he didn’t even bring his family for his free vacation, but then again, he couldn’t let her see the skirt on the pla

  31. How can you say she was “outed by her own husband” when Bush administration official Richard Armitage actually outed her to Bob Novak? Why the lie? Does the truth not help?

  32. Nothing this disgusting administration does is an accident. Everything done is to demoralize our troops and destroy our military strength & respect in the world. My greatest wish is for a company of Marines to march into the Oval office & put Obama under arrest for treason. I know it ain’t gonna happen but it would truly make my day!

  33. This calculated idiot sickens me. Surely there is a secluded recluse who plays violent video games all day who could……………………….

  34. Im sure the official WH press brief will state the President first learned of the CIA after reading this news story. Keep in mind that he is only a meat puppet actor, reading script handed to him by his handler.

  35. Makes me wonder what this CIA chief knows about that Obama’s crew doesn’t want to ever get out???

  36. You have to wonder why the only person reporting this is a financial planner who ran for office as a fringe party candidate. You would think Faux would be all over it. If you believe it you are suffering from ODS.

  37. they wont….they never do because they are too busy enjoying the handouts they get under obummer………they are too busy with thier gimme gimme gimme ways to care that there is a wolf in the wh

  38. No! I don’t believe this impostor from Islam is incompetent. He knows exactly what he is doing. He’s purging all those that are not going along with his socialist communist policies.
    The sad thing in all this is that liberals see his true colors and still support him regardless what harm it does to the country and to all of us.

  39. At this point, I don’t think this revelation was accidental! It was probably the whole point of this surprise visit. He is a treasonous traitor, and needs to go!

    1. Spitting ‘traitor’ out of your stupid mouth, and all based on the fact that you don’t know how to read. Read the goddamn WaPo article that’s linked-to in this very story. The compromised list was handed out by the military, not the White House. To think Obama might be endangered by the encouragement of false patriots like you makes my blood boil.

    2. dimwitted…there is more to reading than simply reading….”thinking” is also required which clearly you lack.

    3. I don’t feel the need to reply to you EVERY where, but, again, you’re someone who has apparently reached adulthood without knowing that press offices routinely and unquestionably release meeting attendee lists to the press, even in places like Afghanistan.

  40. The last line was sarcasm it had to be to even ask the question would the Obama propaganda media hold him to the same standard as Bush especially since They are not in the same category of intelligence or competence. It is almost an insult to Bush to utter their names in the same sentence.

  41. He is a totally political,animal. The purpose of the trip was,to try and get the ever-growing VA scandal of the front pages of the papers. He doesn’t give a damn about the military – note the dismissal of a number of senior generals and admirals recently.,he has to manipulate the military to his vision. We all know what a brilliant, tactical , experienced military mind he possesses.

  42. Would it be proper for the some of the CIA secret operatives to TAKE OUT the people responsible for outing one of their own? I would see that as a patriotic obligation; retribution for what they did to one of their own! And it should go to the highest level of the outing, the White House if that is where it started.

    1. Well, the WH is NOT where it started. Which you’d know if you weren’t too scared a little right wing sheep to actually click on the WaPo link the article above provides. Some military press officer made the mistake. Now go away and say some kind of penance for the treasonous thoughts you just expressed based on your inability to show the slightest competence as a reader of the news.

    2. The WH IS WHERE IT STARTED. They requested the list which was provided by military staffers and it was THE WH’s responsibility to ensure the safety of dissemination before AUTHORIZING IT TO BE RELEASED! There are people who are ignorant, and there are people who are just plain stupid. You my friend are just plain stupid because you have read and appear to understand the situation and still place blame on the people who were not the authorizing officials.

  43. And did any of you see the faces of our service hero’s that ‘had’ to stand behind him while he gave his rah-rah speech?? Not a one of them looked happy to be there. Just saying.

  44. The agent probably wouldn’t bow to obama’s wishes so this was likely intentional.

  45. The Hoer Media does not Hold the Hoer in Chief Responsible for Anything. He only finds out what is going on in the world by watching Fox News.

  46. Just bring in Hillary. She’ll along with Jane Fonda
    will clear it up real quick. “What difference at this time does it make?”

    1. Shut your ignorant piehole. And learn to read. This article references a WaPo article. An article that states that the mistake started with a list handed out by the MILITARY, not the WH staff. Treason? That should be reserved for vicious little halfwits who threaten their government over facts they don’t know how to piece together.

  47. he did it on purpose he is a traitor he works for islam not America isn’t it funny it comes to light on memorial day just like Benghazi went down on 911 is anyone else seeing a pattern here are we going to wait for him to finish his plan for world order or believe our own eyes and take him down

    1. What do you mean, believe your eyes? Your eyes don’t work. Or at least your brain doesn’t know how to direct them to the truth. Click on the link for the original story in the Wash. Post. Go to paragraphs 9 and 10. And be ashamed of your un-American ignorance.

    2. I’M an idiot. Right. Some military staffer put out the compromised list. Learn to read.

    3. dimwit…first of all why disseminate ANY list? Is it really necessary to inform the world of ANY names on any lists? That should be your first question. Secondly doesn’t matter WHO disseminated the list…it was up to the person (the Obama staffer) who authorized its dissemination to ensure that dissemination of the list would NOT be harmful to anyone on it. My impression is that ANY list with any names of those serving in high risk areas should NOT be exposed to any media whatsoever regardless if they are CIA operatives or not! While reading may be your strong suit…Thinking clearly is not.

    4. Let me say unequivocally — the WH staffer who passed on the list failed at his/her job, even if the list didn’t start with them. If not fired, they should be reassigned. This is a bad episode all around. The stupendous idiocy comes in where people — like you — are speculating on whether the president himself ‘planned’ this. Next…
      Your comment here, ‘why even make the list’….you think you’re helping the conversation with stupidity like this? The WH, the military, the Republican Party, the local chamber of commerce,EVERYBODY furnishes the press with lists of meeting attendees. For every event. For the last hundred years. Alright? So your even asking that question means basic current-events competence is not YOUR strong suit.

    5. Why even disseminate a list? BECAUSE OF INCIDENCES LIKE THIS. lol This WAS NOT a list of meeting attendees that was disseminated you idiot.

    6. ‘This WAS NOT a list of meeting attendees that was disseminated you idiot.’ That’s right, it was a list of people attending Obama’s visit. Way to split hairs, you useless a-hole.
      ‘Why even disseminate a list?’ Again, there may be inherent risks, but if everyone including Reagan, Nixon, both Bushes and every g.d. other president on the planet has done it without a second thought since the concept of a press office came into being, then why are you bringing it up as if it makes some kind of point in the current argument?

    7. We are not talking about other presidents. We are in the present time right now. I can remember when Bush’s administration did the same thing. It is wrong regardless who is in office. AGAIN THE A HOLE IS YOU BECAUSE YOU FAIL TO SEE THAT THE GENERAL PUBLIC (MEANING THE PRESS) HAS NO NEED TO KNOW ABOUT ANYTHING REGARDING THE MILITARY AND ITS MOVEMENT WHETHER GOING TO A MEETING, EVENT OR WHAT EVER. It is a past time that needs to stop.

    8. Shrugging shoulders, what can I tell ya, friend? Thankfully, the military disagrees with that last sentiment. The military seems to think the country it defends every day is a free country, whose citizens deserve reasonable access to information about their military. The military maintains a press office, why don’t you go picket it?

    9. Reasonable access. lol our citizens don’t deserve any access to our military. We offer it but it should not be at the expense of anyones’ lives.

  48. It doesn’t matter if this was incompetency or deliberate, but in EITHER CASE, its EVIL, and risks other’s lives, as he’s done with many other mishaps and tragedies…and I’ve been wondering for A LONG LONG TIME, just what will it take, before he is apprehended and forcefully REMOVED FROM OFFICE!! There HAS to be SOMEONE, who could call off and suspend his security force, and have him open and approachable so he can be handcuffed and arrested, and taken out to a jail cell. His trip to Afghanistan, is another calculated plan to be somewhere else, rather than honor our Veterans, whom we all know he HATES, DEAD OR ALIVE. The opportunities could be there, if someone around him CARES…if they don’t, THEN TAKE THEM ALL IN. THIS HAS GONE ON LONG ENOUGH!

    1. But of course it DOES matter if it was incompetency or deliberate. Anyone who says otherwise is a complete moron. There is a distinct difference between the two. Incompetency I can forgive to some degree but a deliberate act of something that may very well result in someones death is not forgivable..

    2. How dare you advocate treason based on the fact you can’t even competently read the news in front of your face. WaPost article, paragraphs 9 and 10. You were lead by the nose by this article, and you let them do it out of your childish disrespect of Obama.

    3. dimwitted…the military official was NOT the person who authorized the dissemination of the names…While reading may be your strong suit, thinking clearly is NOT. Doesn’t matter who provided the list…IT IS ULTIMATELY UP TO THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION WHO AUTHORIZED THE DISSEMINATION OF THAT LIST TO ENSURE THOSE ON THE LIST WOULD NOT BE PUT IN DANGER BY ITS DISSEMINATION.

    4. Your last sentence is absolutely right. Your first is silly. The military official — who I’m sure made an innocent mistake, a STUPID mistake but innocent — ‘authorizes’ any list he gives to someone he knows is going to hand it out.
      So, like I said, the administration f’ed up. My whole reason for pushing back with all you vicious little right wingers is that there is not the slightest justification to be taking it where you’re taking it — to the ‘Obama planned it’ fantasy world. Throwing around the word treason, even advocating killing him. This is not what ‘patriotic Americans’ to, it’s what shoot-first-ask-questions-later BAD CITIZENS do.

    5. The thing is this…most (to include some military members) would NOT even know who is and isnt’ a CIA operative. The list consisted of several names but only one name was that of a CIA operative. Why that person’s name was on a list that was not a CIA operative list is the question. The military official who provided the list more than likely would not even be privy to the names of any CIA operative. NOT EVEN the families of CIA operatives know that they are CIA. The only people who would know who is and isn’t CIA operative would be the CIA and the Obama administration so again the Obama administration bore the responsibility of ensuring that CIA operatives safety. Is it a punishable offense to have authorized the dissemination of a CIA operative. ABSOLUTELY. AND YES IT WOULD BE CONSIDERED TREASON. BY whom…we’ve yet to know and more than likely will be covered up. If people are throwing stones at Obama it is their right as Americans to do so, and yes this IS what patriotic Americans do because there has been a history of incidences that have occurred within this administration. It is time our government at least do the right thing and begin fully investigating these cases and act accordingly if anyone is found guilty of wrong doing.

    6. You’re spouting some serious nonsense. I don’t know the mechanics of how the name got onto the military press office’s list — but are you implying that someone under Obama’s orders called up the guy making the list and said over the phone, ‘hey, could you include this guy’s name and mention he’s the station chief, while you’re at it?’ ? If someone on Obama’s orders did this, then yes, my friend, it would be considered treason. That you could believe such a harebrained scenario is merely treasonously stupid.

    7. I’m done talking with you. You have to be about the dumbest person on this planet. No where in my post does it indicate any of what you said. You are doing to me what you claim people are doing to Obama. Assuming…well you know what they say about that. IT IS TREASON REGARDLESS IF IT WAS ON PURPOSE OR NOT. The CIA operatives name should have never been on a non CIA operative list. END OF STORY.

    8. PLEASE READ MY STATEMENTS AND THEN THINK ABOUT THE WORDS….that would have to be determined by investigation. Like I said before it is suspicious that one CIA operatives name is on a non CIA list. CIA operatives are usually only on CIA operative lists and very few people are even PRIVY to those names. That is all I can say.

    9. The local military in hot spots around the world — you’re not trying to assert that it never interacts with the CIA on the ground, are you?

    10. They seldom if ever interact with others unless there is a military need. To know the names of CIA Operatives requires a “TOP SECRET” clearance which most local military members do not have.

    11. Most local military members do not have. But the top brass surely does. And they interact. I don’t care how rarely, they interact. The fact that some kind of interaction with this individual is a more realistic scenario for his name to have mistakenly made it onto that list, than some kind of Obama skullduggery — the fact that it’s a more realistic scenario by a factor of about two thousand to one, would lead ordinary non-hysterically prejudiced Americans to conclude it was an honest mistake that had nothing to do with the ‘muslimnazicommiefascist in the White House.’ If you can’t face the fact that you’re twisting yourself into knots to see things that aren’t there, it’s just a pity and a shame.
      p.s. ‘prejudiced’ has other meanings than racist, so don’t even go there

    12. do you even have one brain cell in your head? I am not contending that there is an Obama Skullduggeryy going on. Are you mentally challenged or what? Lastly the level of clearance has more to do with your MOS than your rank and btw…a top secret clearance doesn’t necessarily allow you to obtain all top secret information. I know this from experience. lol You need to stop talking about what you know nothing about.

    13. You’re not contending that there is (an?) Obama skullduggery going on. Then what is this talk of treason, coming out of what can only be attributed as your mouth, unless someone else is typing under your name? I haven’t commented beyond my competence, I said there is obviously interaction between the military and the CIA, however rare. I didn’t go into detail beyond that, so your pathetic attempt to claim I’m posing as some expert is laughable. For starters, this station chief. Obama was making a visit, and this station chief was among the delegation. His position shouldn’t have been outed, but we know he was there. With all the military brass. So, um, I think they interacted to the point that our military knew this guy in a suit wasn’t a car salesman. Is that somehow not ‘interaction’?

    14. Are you being stupid on purpose or is this a family trait that you inherited? Last I checked the president is not the only person who can be tried for treason. I never used the word expert concerning you as you claim since you mention it clearly you are not an expert in this subject matter. I stated you need to stop posting what you do not know about because clearly that is what you are doing. Obama’s visit was to our grounds troops (regular military joes) IF the CIA operative was even present during Obama’s visit he was amongst soldiers who knew nothing about him and while he may have interacted I guarantee he didn’t give any information on who he was nor what he does because that would be putting his own self and family at risk. lol CIA operatives don’t even tell their own families who or what they do let alone a layman service member let alone an officer. lol btw…I highly doubt this man was even present for this event.

    15. What a weird spin you put on things. Where’s the slightest indication I was trying to imply that ordinary soldiers knew there was a CIA official in their midst? We’re talking about Obama meeting with senior officials of the military, meeting with the civilian ambassador as well…having the CIA guy in among those officials is some kind of fantastic scenario? You’re not going to tell me the ambassador doesn’t know who the local CIA man in charge is. So you bring up ordinary soldiers. That’s not a bizarre argument or anything. As to your ‘who’s talking about the president?’ ‘who, me?’ routine, here’s you from before I came along: “We have learned by over the past 2 terms that NOTHING is ever by mistake with this president and administration.” Don’t try and play dumb with me, son.

    16. lol ok you have proven that it is a family trait. here is a link from USA today…maybe this will help clear things up for you…. Headlines state…Obama makes a surprises visit to Afghanastan”. lol first of all how is it a surprise when a list was generated and disseminated via email by our government? Secondly I stand by my statement. My statement is based on more than just this one incident. You make comments not based on facts but rather your own made up theories and rebut common sense replies to your posts as though you are in the know. lol you are not in the know on anything and you blunder your way through the arguments you continue to post. You are at best a convoluted airhead. You keep changing things up now you add embassadors. First it was top military officials, and then grounds troops now embassadors. You have been watching way too many movies. lol This was a supposed “surprise visit for memorial day”.. Wasn’t supposed to be anything more. Stop talking before you hurt yourself. Perhaps your a “last word person”…gotta have the last word regardless how stupid it may be.

    17. I just replied, but I’m told, ‘hold on, this is waiting to be approved by TPNN’… I’m gonna break it up into 2 comments, maybe length is the issue, and if they put through the original I’ll delete this copy…

    18. Well, water under the bridge. They never posted my comment. That’s ok, in hindsight it was long-winded. Here’s something shorter and pithier. If you planned a surprise party for someone…it’s a surprise to THEM. Does that mean you somehow weren’t able to type up a list of the people who’d told you they were coming, to be included in some kind of souvenir of the occasion? Maybe even make up a photo album where they all made humorous comments directed at the guest of honor. I guess you’re right. that couldn’t possibly be done. Impossible. Just like preparing a list of dignitaries in advance, to help the press write up a presidential visit. Impossible. … other thing, why did you say I brought up ground troops. YOU brought them up. You should really slow down and think about what you’re typing. Likewise, I agree with you, it’s ridiculous to speculate the president would visit the country and include the ambassador in his visit-the-troops party. Who could foresee that? Boy, you’re dim.

    19. Like Cheney did when he had is assistant call a reporter and specifically out a CIA officer?

    20. Like Cheney did when he had is assistant call a reporter and specifically out a CIA officer?

    21. It’s not disrespect. It’s just hatred of a black man that has accomplished more than he ever will. The previous administration was far more incompetent, criminal and larcenous, yet we never heard the vitriol and hatred we hear since Obama was elected (as opposed to appointed by SCOTUS like the previous regime). But anyone who points out the obvious is playing the race card, so we let them use code words like “Kenyan” and “communist” when we all know they mean nig**r.

    22. It’s not disrespect. It’s just hatred of a black man that has accomplished more than he ever will. The previous administration was far more incompetent, criminal and larcenous, yet we never heard the vitriol and hatred we hear since Obama was elected (as opposed to appointed by SCOTUS like the previous regime). But anyone who points out the obvious is playing the race card, so we let them use code words like “Kenyan” and “communist” when we all know they mean nig**r.

    23. Your Right, It’s not Disrespect but it’s not Hate of a Black man either. It’s Total distrust of The President of the United States and Most of his Administration. That Includes many sitting Republicans. ( You can understand that, you’ve been hating the last President 6 years in to this ones term)
      I for one can’t stomach Barrack Obama the man based on what I’ve seen an formed in opinion (mine) but, I always try and call him by his Title when speaking about him in public.
      FTR, “YOU, JASON FAULKNER” are the only one here calling “OUR” President a nig**r.

    24. That’s some very creative interpretation of a pretty clearly-written post. Kudos to your powers of imagination!

    25. Jason, You called him a Ni**ER. Not one other Person here did. You are the sole owner of the RACIST words you used here.

      As for President Obama… I’m not sure there is any Record of anything he has accomplished. It’s all been sealed from the public, awarded him, or just done for him. I’ve never read about a more entitled human being.

    26. I didn’t call him anything. I just pointed out that all these epithets like Kenyan and Communist are really just code words. I didn’t realize it was such a difficult concept.

      Add “entitled” to that list. You aren’t fooling anyone.

    27. So says the Aryan nation baldy. Lol. That’s because, just like your friend Donald Sterling and Cliven Bundy, we all know you use the N word freely in private and have the same disdain for anybody else who still believes in “States rights” of the southern USA. “States Rights” meaning….I have a right to own slaves. Stupid neo-Confederates.

    28. I have my own set of Problems steve. I have Spinal Stenosis from MS related complications.
      Those Tags in my Profile ?

      I have not one Racist bone in my body. My family is from Croatia, We know human Right’s violations better than anyone.

      You however steve johnson, prove what kind of a gutless coward you are on an everyday basis

      You mean “Stupid Neo Democrat Confederates” LMAO

      You Pathetic little troll

    29. No dumbarse. Democrats and Republicans have interchanged themselves over the years. But the one thing that remained consistent was,
      Confederate = Conservative = Southern Slave Owner. THAT has NEVER changed and today, it’s still the Conservatives like your buddy Cliven Bundy that says stupid chit like, “let me tell you somethin bout the negras”.

      He’s from your camp. The conservatards. Stuck in the segregation past. And just because your from Croatia, doesn’t mean a damn thing. Because just like there are a large portion of racist Jews, there are racist Croatians as well. So save it for someone who can’t tell a skinhead who visits when he sees one.

    30. Still, with the Rainbow (Progressive Liberal) Unicorn fairy dust covered fantasy’s ?

      There’s so much ‘New” news happening… You need to open the shades on the window of your Mommy’s basement steve…

    31. Yeah baldy? Why don’t you and your troll of a girlfriend post some of those news worthy stories so I can debunk them for you?

      And by the way….you should know that many of the Founders of this country considered themselves to be “Progressives” and “Liberals”. Care to challenge me on that one? Or are you going to run away scared like you always do from a factual debate? Huh?

    32. No steve ( A.K.A Village Person) I’m going to tell you to seek help from a professional, Stop stalking me, and or shoot yourself in the head and end your tortured existence as “I Always Do “

    33. I didn’t call him anything. I just pointed out your code words. You aren’t fooling anyone except yourself.

    34. You don’t know me Jason and I am not part of any Conspired Group of secret code words.
      There is a fool here. You figure it out.

      Once again I can’t stomach “barrack Obama the man” I call him President Obama every time I talk politics as I respect the highest Office in the land . I just don’t trust it at this time.

      Now explain why the words Ni**er” flow so easily in your words ?

    35. Flow so easily?

      Your argument is delusional as the rest of your thinking.

      BTW, I’m black. Deal with it.

    36. My family is from Croatia and the Ukraine. So what ?
      Atrocities committed on humans knows no particular skin color my friend. You deal with that

      WTF ?

    37. My family is from Croatia and the Ukraine.

      Atrocities committed on humans knows no particular skin color my friend. You deal with that

      See those dog tags in my profile ? we all have things to deal with.

      You should count your lucky stars…Your just a pitiful soul

    38. Jason Faulkner to Mark Javorka • a day ago

      Flow so easily?
      Your argument is delusional as the rest of your thinking.
      By the way, I’m black. Deal with it.

      My reply to you Jason,

      My family is from Croatia and the Ukraine.
      Atrocities committed on humans knows no particular skin color my friend. You deal with that…

      See those dog tags in my profile ? we all have things to deal with.
      You should count your lucky stars…Your just a pitiful soul

    39. Jason Faulkner to Mark Javorka • a day ago

      Flow so easily?
      Your argument is delusional as the rest of your thinking.
      By the way, I’m black. Deal with it.

      My reply to you Jason,

      My family is from Croatia and the Ukraine.
      Atrocities committed on humans knows no particular skin color my friend. You deal with that…

      See those dog tags in my profile ? we all have things to deal with.
      You should count your lucky stars…Your just a pitiful soul


    40. How can something be both unintentional and evil at the same time? Your entire hypothesis lacks congruence. And seriously, call off the security force and apprehend and arrest him? Why do you hate the Constitution so much? Why do you hate the founding fathers and the most basic of American values? And now you want to arrest the security forces for not violating their oath?

      You need some serious pills and a visit from the Secret Service. Traitors like you should be sent to Guantanamo without trial.

    41. How can something be both unintentional and evil at the same time? Your entire hypothesis lacks congruence. And seriously, call off the security force and apprehend and arrest him? Why do you hate the Constitution so much? Why do you hate the founding fathers and the most basic of American values? And now you want to arrest the security forces for not violating their oath?

      You need some serious pills and a visit from the Secret Service. Traitors like you should be sent to Guantanamo without trial.

  49. I guess he had to go over to honor his fallen Muslim Brotherhood comrade’s. All the ones his is supposed to honor are here in this Country.

    1. The Muslim Brotherhood is a political party in Egypt, genius. I guess you don’t like the president visiting the troops in the field on Memorial Day weekend. Tell us, why do you hate the troops so much?

  50. We have learned over the past 6 or so years in office that NOTHING is ever by mistake with Obama and his administration.

    1. If it’s so clear, you shouldn’t have any problem providing objective evidence. Put up or shut the fuck up.

  51. it don’t matter if it was him or his incompetent staff that caused the name to be released it put yet another life at risk. This POS just don’t know when it is best to keep his traitor mouth shut.

  52. OMG! Every day it is something more outrageous than the day before with this administration! When will it end? How will this all end? I fear for the Republic.

  53. He did the same when he outed the men that killed bin laden, what a leader. He is not an idiot, he is following his plan to the letter.

  54. “MISTAKENLY” my A$$, everything this Commie does he knows full well, Obama calculates every word and action he undertakes.

    1. Commie? LOL! That explains why he bailed out the bankers and refuses to prosecute any of them and why there’s no public option in his healthcare plan. Do you even know what a communist is or is that just your codeword for NI**ER.

    1. OZZY…did you read the whole article ?

      “During the George W. Bush administration, the mainstream media was in a crazed state of obsession over the so-called “outing” of Valerie Plame, who many argue (including her own supervisor) was outed by her own husband, Joe Wilson.

      It will be interesting to see whether the mainstream media will hold the same level of outrage towards Obama for a much clearer case of the outright, indefensible outing of a CIA agent. ”

      Back under your rock you slide.

    2. You right wingers know about what hides under rocks, that much is sure. Look up my comments elsewhere here, tired to typing them out for one more un-American dimwit.

    3. I understand how tired you must be , trying unsuccessfully again and again to rationalize you leader’s actions. Even Oblamer himself tries to pass it (it being his blunders) off as incompetence , however when one looks at all these “Scandals” together, its clear this is an act of treason, or just trying to change America into something he wants. How do you as an American, defend him ? This isnt Democrat against Republican. He is ANTI-AMERICAN ! Yes , I understand why you are so tired of defending him. Its clear to most Americans. Open your eyes.

    4. There’s no list of scandals, friend. There’s a list of ever-more-hilarious shiny objects dangled in front of your eyes by the right wing media. Just because there’s ‘a lot of them,’ doesn’t mean any of them hold the slightest merit. Starting at the top with the unfortunate incident at a consulate that was the equivalent of a calm morning in Baghdad, any day for five straight years of your president’s criminal war.

    5. Only its been 6 straight years of “OUR” President Obama’s Wars…

      STFU dimwit

    6. You really don’t see a difference between a mistake made in the military press office and the intentional outing of an undercover agent as revenge?

    7. In a word “no”
      Longer answer: What does Joe Wilson outing his wife have to do with the Press office ?…lol !
      Fair answer : Don’t go blaming Obama for outing this CIA Agent until the Media has had it’s 15 minutes of Outrage…LMAO !

    8. lol
      Ozzy is still mad at Former President Bush for not welcoming his sexual advances.
      He’s still calling him a whore… all these years later.

  55. Haven’t you people realized yet that Obama doesn’t care. He hung the navy seals out to die, he let an Ambassador die, so why not let a CIA top spy die too.

  56. What a joke to see all of these people up in arms about this accident, when those whores Bush and Cheney DELIBERATELY a CIA officer because her husband argued against the false administration claims of Iraq having yellow cake. You are a joke if you don’t remember that, you hypocrites…..

    1. Still beating that drum? Even if one accepted that someone other than her husband outed her – she was a desk agent – not a head of station.

    2. But yet I do and I vote. And apparently you are lacking in reading comprehension as well as civility.

    3. The fact that the government gives retards the same votes as thinking people doesn’t mean their opinions are just as valid.

    4. Once again you confirm your lack of class and ignorance if you think Rove or Libby outed Plame.

    5. I do not feel compelled to display any class to trash like you and it’s clear you are ignorant of the definition of ignorance. Libby was convicted of outing Plame, idiot. I suppose that was just another Obama conspiracy in your defective mind. Keep inventing more and more fantastic theories if that helps you get through your miserable traitorous life.

    6. Interesting that you call me ignorant while you apparently are unaware that Novak admitted that Amitage was the actual source of the outing. Libby was convicted because instead of being honest he spun the story. I guess you know what traitorous means and no one competes with. inventing stories like a BO supporter. Since it’s clear what both of us think of each other – IMO we’re done.

    7. RIght wing shill Novak admitted something that gets Cheney off the hook. Sure, that’s reliable. A man who would tell any lie to support that traitorous administration told another one and you believed it because like all traitors, you’ll believe anything that confirms your worldview no matter how ridiculous it is.

      You were done a long time ago.

    8. Once again you confirm your lack of class and ignorance if you think Rove or Libby outed Plame.

  57. Why are lists of names CIA names being distributed at all? It seems like an error a 5 year old wouldn’t make…

  58. Way to go Dumbo! Was probably intentional because he said something negative about Ovomit!

  59. I only hope and pray that America protecting by God that no one can make it go down, no matter, America still America leading the world as great example no matter we have incompetent president. cant shake up our great nation and rule of law, that no one can over rule of our nations. we all going to fight for good cost to make the America still strong and great country, no matter who is going to be president, God will always protect the great American people. That’s why we all said Under God it means no one can shake America. in God’s name Aida Payton

    1. Great example of what? How to steal a continent? How to commit genocide? How to enslave millions of people? How to invade countries based on a lie? How to enrich bankers on the backs of hard working people? I assure, the US is not an example to anyone except sociopaths.

      You’ve had enough Kool-Aid for today.

      BTW, who gave you the authorization to speak in God’s name?

  60. A tribunal is called for this traitor ! Make the charges and let him claim guilt or incompetence !!!!!
    The time has also come to start charging his terrorist cronies in his cabinet and the front man who spreads his lies !!!!!

  61. mr dimwit… I mean mr notadimwit lets take a closer look at the article in question shall we? you say that it is obvious to any rational person that the leak did not come from the white house but from some random military flunky. Well if you had read the article a little bit closer you would have seen were it said that US military officials sent the report to the white house press office were it was then diseminated in an e-mail and a ” pool report”. Further more it was posted by the washington post white house bureau chief Scott Wilson who, when seeing this person on the report, asked the white house press office if they should be on the report. the white house ” initially raised no objections” to the name being sent to the press corps. funny how many times the words white and house come up in this paragraph. thinking critically is important mr notadimwit try it sometime you dolt.

    1. Yes, it was ORIGINALLY put out by the military press office. It was PASSED ON by WH people. It should not have been passed on by them. Noone is arguing that. So I fail to see your point.

    2. you don’t see my point huh? well, you made the point that the white house was blameless and that anyone calling out obama or his admin. was ” shamefull’ or even “treasonous”. in fact it was his admin. that did this and stating a fact is not treasonous or shamefull. now perhaps being a dimwit is shamefull hhhmmmmm?

    3. ‘Blameless.’ What part of the statement right above yours, ‘It should not have been passed on by them,’ says blameless to you? There are people here calling this some sort of scheme, instead of a deplorable mistake. And DOZENS of right wingers here are blaming Obama personally. Which is childish. You fail to see that?

    4. Nothing is a mistake when it comes to CIA operative names being leaked to the pres. It is in fact a FEDERAL CRIME TO LEAK ANY CIA NAMES AND OR ANY OTHER INFORMATION RELATED TO CIA.

    5. You know what? I have no confidence in your expertise about anything, based on your incompetent rambling here, but I’m willing to stipulate that this last sentence could, as far as I know, be exactly right. Federal law may in fact say that human error is no defense in a breach of this seriousness. That could be a fact. That would be a pity, I guess, and I hope the judge would take error into consideration. Now, as to your first sentence, ‘nothing is a mistake,’ you leave out the possibility of human error. This I don’t quite understand. If the LAW admits no mercy for error, that’s one thing. There’s nothing about that that forbids you or I to judge that the mistakes made were innocent. I can only shrug my shoulders in the face of such arrogant stupidity. It has been established that the military press office made the first mistake here. So you’ve slandered the troops. Some patriot.

    6. LMAO.. Nice try! I see you’re well versed in Alinsky Methods. Have you studied it long? The last sentence was a dead giveaway… Somehow criticizing is also being unpatriotic? …. It didn’t work but you get a sticky-star for trying.

      “The thirteenth rule: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”

    7. Leaking this information is not only a crime but is in fact a breach of national security.

    8. obama is to blame… your a lefty so i’m sure you hate all CEOs, when a company does something that gets people killed ex. GM and the faulty ignition switches, isn’t it the CEO’s job to fix the problems or else lose his or her job? well obama is this countries CEO and when he lets mistakes like this stand then he is to blame and should be fired from his job. this of course is just one of many, many examples of this administrations incompetence, and if people like you weren’t “drinking the kool-aid” this man never would have been re-elected, but oh well, too late.

    9. You need to omit the ‘dim’ part of your name. notawit is a MUCH better description!!!

  62. What do you expect out of an imbecilic idiotic moron with the mentality of a 5 year old.

  63. You have to ask yourself the question, “Is this president incompetent, or ignorant.” Both answers lead you to the same conclusion. He should not be president. However unfortunately there is a third possible answer. Is he doing all these things intentionally because he is trying to destroy America. He went out on an apology tour. He has made every effort to destroy the economy. He has thrown away money on “green energy” companies. He is not letting America become energy independent, and raising the cost to Americans. He is fighting against the constitution, especially the first and second amendments, and he is thumbing his nose at the Constitution and the rule of law every time he writes executive orders. He ignores Congress and decides to act on his own if Congress will not follow his whims. He decides which laws to enforce and which laws to ignore, and he treats illegal aliens better than those who have defended this great country. Maybe he is not ignorant or incompetent but this has been the “Change” that he has been promoting all along?

    1. Well stated Lon M Dugan ! I say intentional. What does this say about all the “Americans” who voted for him the second time around , especially those who voted two, three, and MORE times ? (Not including those who were dead , but voted anyway).

    2. Well, it was the military press office that issued the list, so is the military incompetent or ignorant? Keep in mind you’re making this distinction on Memorial Day.

    3. I find it hard to believe that you are this naive. While most (the majority) of our military are honorable and heroic men and women, there are some who would sell their soul to keep their position. The recent case of editing the “talking points” on Benghazi come to mind.. as well as those who relayed the order to “stand down” and not even attempt to help our people being murdered in Benghazi. Generals who objected to this order have found themselves dismissed. More than 200 high ranking military officers have been dismissed or relieved of duty under this POTUS. Get better talking points because the ones you’re using just ain’t working anymore.

    4. I can’t believe that you are so naive to not recognize that “more than 200 high ranking military officers” were not relieved. I saw that story and had to laugh. 170 of those were majors, people who have to get promoted or get out. You can only spend 10 years at a single rank in the US military. It’s called up or out. You really think every major goes on to be a lieutenant colonel? Only about 1/5 do, genius. The rest didn’t cut it and have to move on with their lives. The same went for that entire list that the phony media circulated as another half truth. Only one in ten colonels go on to be brigadier general. You really think the military has as many generals as it has privates? It’s a competition, silly. The best lieutenant colonels become colonels. The best colonels become generals. The best one stars become two stars. It’s pyramid structure and it’s been that way since George Washington. You really don’t know as much as you think you do.

      Stop being a useful idiot.

  64. Drag this incompetent boob from the WH . Enough.

    The American media deserve to be hung from the heels for what they wrought upon this country through their own loyalty to socialism. Funny How I remember Janet Napolitano commenting that the only reason socialism failed everywhere it was tried was because “they” were not in charge.

    This cabal of narcissistic, overrated and faux degreed little children could not manage a 2 chair lemonade stand.

    1. Yes they are. They undermine democracy by their constant calls for a coup and paralyze the government by sabotaging any legislative effort that Obama supports (even ones Republicans started). Never in the history of the republic has there been this constant obstructionist attitude just because your side lost an election. The tradition has been to fight hard in the campaign, then close ranks and work together once the people have spoken. For some strange reason, and I really can’t put my finger on it, Republicans have decided that they simply can’t work with this president so instead they block every nomination, shut down the government and hold up any bill from being voted on. That’s NEVER happened with any other president. What’s so different about this one that all of a sudden they have to break over 200 years of functional democracy? I wonder what it is . . .

    2. Jason- You’re not in touch with reality. Please get some help. Your universe and at minimum your world view is coming apart. These are the facts. Not the emotions which rampage through your mind seeking some sort of excuse for Obama. Facts that you cannot confront because they clash within your mind and worldview that is cushioned in fantasy

      Here are the issues and laws Obama has violated and for which he will m ore than likely be impeached if republicans take over the senate.(64% of America agrees Obama has to go. One way or the other.

      A.Lois Lerner and declaring she is innocent and then takes the fifth,

      B. Benghazi and 4 American assassinated over illegal gun running by Obama into Libya and then refusing to surrender the documents to a legal congressional committee .

      C. The WH Leaking a CIA agent/officer name in Afghanistan which carries a 10 year prison sentence.

      D.Obama Care destroying the healthcare system by telling lies and committing fraud..

      E. The Veteran Administration managed by a complete fool and Obama does nothing about it ?

      F. Firing 25 First line Military generals and admirals for charges from being “drunk” to :”adultery” and yet does nothing to about a VA hospital administrator ?

      G. Fast and Furious Gun running and Eric Holder defying a congressional contempt citation and continues to withhold information.

      H. Obama allowed the Russian’s to march into the Ukraine which breaches an agreement signed by Bill Clinton to defend the Ukraine after the willingly disarmed and believed the US would defend them.

      To suggest this is about the right angered over the Obama election is both childish and out of touch with the world Obama is setting on fire.You need to get in touch with reality. These are Obama errors of incompetency not errors by people writing to express criticisms. You are living in a world of other people who cannot admit n or confront the very real possibility that Obama will be impeached.

      Articles of investigation and probable Impeachment. (Obama has already hired Bill Clinton’s previous legal counsel and Impeachment attorney. Obama has also been told to expect impeachment since what he has done is indefensible as criminal acts that go far beyond a mere blue dress and a few lies as did Clinton).


      1. Obama Administration uses IRS to target conservative, Christian and pro-Israel organizations, donors, and citizens.

      2.. In an unprecedented attack on the First Amendment, the Obama Justice
      Department ordered criminal investigations of FOX News reporters for
      doing their jobs during the 2012 election year.

      3. President Obama, throughout his Presidency, has refused to enforce long-established U.S. immigration laws. For example . . .
      more than 300,000 captured illegal aliens had been processed and were
      awaiting deportation. But, incredibly, Obama stopped these deportations
      and ordered the U.S. border patrol to release many of these illegal
      aliens in violation of law and without explanation.

      4. Congress rejected Obama’s so called DREAM ACT – which would have
      granted permanent residency to many illegal aliens. So Obama enacted his
      own version of the DREAM ACT by Executive Order, thus directly defying
      Congress. According to Obama’s Executive Order, illegal aliens can stay
      in America if they are under the age of 30, have been in America for at
      least five years, are enrolled in school or have graduated from high
      school, and have committed no felonies.

      5. Obama has refused to build a double-barrier security fence along the
      U.S.-Mexican border in direct violation of the 2006 Secure Fence Act.
      This law requires that “at least two layers of reinforced fencing” be
      built along America’s 650-mile border with Mexico. So far, just 40 miles
      of this fence have been built – most of it during the Bush

      6. Obama’s unconstitutional assault on your Second Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

      7. President Obama issued, in one day, 21 separate Executive Orders that
      attack and undermine your Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

      8. Especially egregious is President Obama’s Executive Orders amending the ObamaCare law to allow doctors and hospitals to investigate which patients own a gun.
      This outrageous Executive Order could allow the federal government to
      track and monitor law-abiding gun owners simply because they sought
      medical care.

      9. Obama’s assault on Christians and religious freedom.

      10. Obama’s Health and Human Services Department has, on its own (without Congressional approval), issued a mandate that all health insurance
      plans must include coverage for abortion-inducing drugs. As a result,
      pro-life employers and taxpayers are now effectively required by law to
      pay for abortions.

      11. This mandate is an unconstitutional attack on the protections for
      freedom of religion and freedom of conscience in the First Amendment and
      the 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act. This mandate also directly
      violates the ObamaCare law enacted by Congress, which prohibits any and
      all taxpayer funds from being used to pay for abortions.

      12. Obama forced ObamaCare on an unwilling public through bribery and lying about its cost.

      13. Obama managed to secure passage of ObamaCare by one vote in the
      Senate by bribing senators. He bribed Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska
      with the notorious “Cornhusker Kickback.” He bribed Senator Mary
      Landrieu with the infamous $300 million “Louisiana Purchase.”

      14. In addition, Obama knowingly and blatantly lied to America and to
      Congress about how much ObamaCare would really cost. The cost of
      ObamaCare to the American people over the next 10 years will not be less
      than $1 TRILLION, as Obama promised in his nationally televised speech
      to the nation. Instead, the real cost of ObamaCare to the Federal
      Treasury is $2.4 TRILLION, according to the non-partisan Congressional
      Budget Office.

      15. But the true cost of ObamaCare is more like $10 TRILLION when you
      factor in the cost to the states, the cost to individual Americans who
      are now required to purchase Obama-approved health plans (the
      “Individual Mandate”), the cost of exploding health insurance premiums,
      the $716 billion ObamaCare steals from Medicare, and the increased cost
      to businesses of complying with ObamaCare mandates.

      Operation Fast & Furious.

      16. “Operation Fast & Furious” was the Obama Administration’s
      gun-running scheme that put thousands of American-made semi-automatic
      weapons in the hands of Mexican drug cartels and resulted in the death
      of at least one U.S. Border Patrol Agent, Brian Terry. Obama’s Attorney
      General Eric Holder lied to Congress and the public, claiming he didn’t
      know about his Justice Department’s Fast & Furious operation.

      17. Congress has now held Holder in contempt for defying congressional
      subpoenas and refusing to turn over thousands of Justice Department
      documents on Fast & Furious. President Obama
      asserted Executive Privilege to try to protect Holder. But for Executive
      Privilege to apply, Obama would have had to have known about Fast & Furious, making the President as culpable as Holder.

      18. Investigators suspect that Fast & Furious was an effort by the
      Obama Administration to discredit lawful gun ownership in America by
      purposefully creating gun crimes, thus inducing public outcry for gun
      control. When it put thousands of semi-automatic weapons in the hands of
      Mexican drug cartels, the Obama Justice Department knew these guns
      would be used to commit crimes, perhaps even kill some Americans. Then
      Obama could say: “See how dangerous these guns are. We must ban them.”

      19. “Federal Communications Commission (FCC): Regulated the Internet
      despite a court order from the Circuit Court of Appeals for Washington,
      D.C. stating that the FCC does not have the power to regulate the
      Internet.” (SOURCE: Report from Nine State Attorneys General)

      20. “Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): Imposed Cross-State Air
      Pollution Rules on the state of Texas at the last minute and without an
      opportunity for Texas to respond to the proposed regulation. EPA
      overreach was based on a dubious claim that air pollution from Texas
      affected a single air-quality monitor in Granite City, Illinois more
      than 500 miles and three states away from Texas.” (SOURCE: Report from
      Nine State Attorneys General)

      21. “Department of Justice (DOJ): Rejected state voter ID statutes that
      are similar to those already approved by the Supreme Court of the United
      States. DOJ ignored section 8 of the Voting Rights Act which calls for
      protections against voter fraud, and used section 5 to administratively
      block measures to protect the integrity of elections passed by state
      legislatures.” (SOURCE: Report from Nine State Attorneys General)

      22. “DOJ: In violation of 10th Amendment, sued to prevent Arizona from
      using reasonable measures to discourage illegal immigration within its
      borders. Arizona has a large number of illegal immigrants, compared to
      other states, and needs to be able to act to reduce the number.”
      (SOURCE: Report from Nine State Attorneys General)

      23. “DOJ: Went to court to stop enforcement of Alabama’s immigration
      reform laws, which require collection of the immigration status of
      public school students, require businesses to use E-Verify, and prohibit
      illegal immigrants from receiving public benefits.” (SOURCE: Report
      from Nine State Attorneys General)

      24. “White House: Made “recess appointments” to the National Labor
      Relations Board and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau when Congress
      was NOT in recess. The Obama Administration has ignored the ruling by
      the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals that the appointments are
      unconstitutional.” (SOURCE: Report from Nine State Attorneys General)

      25. “Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC): Interfered with a
      Michigan church’s selection of its own ministers by trying to force the
      church to reinstate a minister who was discharged for her disagreement
      with the religious doctrine of the church.” (SOURCE: Report from Nine
      State Attorneys General)

      26. “Department of Energy (DOE): In 2009, the Obama Administration
      arbitrarily broke federal law, violated various contracts, and derailed
      the most studied energy project in American history at Yucca Mountain by
      denying it a license, thus costing the American people more than $31
      billion.” (SOURCE: Report from Nine State Attorneys General)

      27. Department of the Interior (DOI): Forced Glendale, a family-oriented
      town in Arizona, to become another Las Vegas against its will by
      granting “reservation status” to a 54-acre plot in the town, where the
      Tohono O’odham Indian Nation plans to build a resort and casino.”
      (SOURCE: Report from Nine State Attorneys General)

      28. Without Congressional approval, Obama gutted the work requirement for welfare recipients passed by Congress and signed into law by President
      Bill Clinton.

      29. In the bailout of General Motors and Chrysler, Obama illegally
      shortchanged bond holders in favor of Labor Unions, despite U.S.
      bankruptcy laws that specify that bond holders be first in line to be
      paid back.

      30. Eager to use the killing of Osama bin Laden for political gain, Obama
      exposed the identity and method of operation of the Navy SEALs team
      that conducted the operation in Pakistan, thus exposing its members to a
      lifetime of risk because they have been targeted for assassination by
      Islamists. A short time after Obama exposed the Navy SEALs’ method of
      operation, 22 SEALs were shot down and killed in Afghanistan. It is a
      violation of law for the President or any American to reveal classified
      military secrets.

      31. President Obama established an extra-constitutional top secret “kill
      list” of people (including Americans) who can be summarily killed on
      sight – presumably by drones — without due process. Once on Obama’s
      kill list, an American citizen can be targeted and executed on the
      opinion of a single government bureaucrat. That’s not how our legal
      system is supposed to work.

      32. Obama Administration officials twisted the arms of defense
      contractors to not issue layoff notices in October of 2012 so as to
      avoid causing bad news for Obama right before the election — even though
      federal law (the “WARN Act”) requires such notices. ; Not only is this a
      violation of the WARN Act, it’s also an unlawful use of federal
      officials for campaign purposes.

      33. President Obama intervened militarily in Libya in 2011 without the Congressional approval required by the War Powers Act.

      34. Obama knowingly lied to Congress and the American people about the
      killing of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans in
      Benghazi, Libya. The President and his representatives repeatedly said
      an anti-Islamic video sparked a spontaneous uprising in Libya that
      resulted in the killings even though Obama knew that the attack was a
      well-planned military-style assault by al Qaeda on the anniversary of
      September 11.

      35. Michelle Obama’s family trip to Africa in June of 2011, including a
      private safari at a South African game reserve, cost American taxpayers
      $424,000 for air travel alone. Mrs. Obama brought along both her makeup
      artist and hairstylist, as well as her mother, a niece and nephew, and
      her daughters, who were listed as “senior staff members.”

      It’s ok to accept the truth. . It’s hard but when you become mature, as an adult, it’s what you must do.

    3. Now that’s rich. A Tea Party drone claims I’M the one not it touch with reality and then you copy/paste a bunch of debunked talking points and half truths. I’m not going to debate your talking points one by one because they have all been addressed a thousand times before. You are either uninformed or dishonest, neither of which could possibly lead to a fruitful debate, but suffice it to say that you people are so bewildered by this president that you spend your every waking hour trying to figure out a way to overthrow the democratically elected government. You’ve shut down the government multiple times, stifled any attempt to help the country recover from the economic crisis left by the previous administration, and you’re willing to leave tens of millions of Americans in financial straits just to keep this administration from succeeding. Courts sit without judges, government agencies go years without department heads, all so that you can sabotage the very country you live in.

      What was it Reagan said when he committed treason by selling arms to Iran to fund the mwar criminals he sent to overthrow one of the most universally popular revolutions in the Americas? The Sandinistas posed a “threat of a good example”. You see, they had eradicated illiteracy and malnutrition within just a few years after overthrowing the murderous corrupt US-backed dictator and he was afraid that if they continued on that path, other countries might do the same. So rather than work with a sovereign government in a neighboring country for mutual peace and prosperity, he sold arms to your enemy, and then cocaine to your own people, to fund a band of war criminals who murdered and raped nuns, nurses, doctors and teachers, anyone working for the government who was offering services to the people. People so brutal, even the US Congress couldn’t justify it to their constituents anymore and passed a law making it illegal to fund them. All because they were afraid of a good example. Well it worked. At the end of a decade, Nicaragua was destroyed so there was no good example. WIn! Granted, they’re back in power now and overwhelmingly popular after 17 years of bad examples set by US-backed puppets, but at least Nicaragua is still dirt poor!

      The previous US administration was the most criminal and corrupt in modern history but we never hear a peep out of you people about W. Thousands dead for a lie. Billions in cash disappeared without a trace and crony capitalism corrupting the economy all the way to the bone. I wonder why THIS particular president upsets you so much. Feel free to insert your code words here. Suffice it to say, traitors like you are willing to destroy the country to spite Obama and for that you should all be hanged. Your worldview is incompatible with democracy.

      You are a sociopath and you have no place in a civilized world. Now go get some help before you end up becoming just another mass shooter in a mall.

    4. I would refer you to the Vienna Hospital for the mentally disturbed and disillusioned: 1800-445-2311. They are working wonders with Marxist and deranged people like yourself..Good Luck..!

  65. It takes a special kind of intellectual dishonesty to draw a comparison between the accidental disclosure of an agent’s name by the president’s staff and the intellectual disclosure of an agent’s name by the vice-president’s staff in retaliation for her husband telling the truth. Who am I kidding? This is the Tea Party News Network. Feigning indignity is the entire basis of the Tea Party.

  66. POS through and through……can’r wait ti see his autobiography…”Me and the Mooch”

  67. He is either retaliating against the CIA for some reason or as I have always suspected Obummer has always had S%&#T for brains.

  68. If it was released to 6000 recipients, they intended it to be revealed. But ‘why’ is the question.
    Also, Valerie Plame was no longer ‘on the job’ when she was exposed.

  69. Obama wants people to think he is just stupid so he can do his “dirty deeds” and walk away a “stupid” free man.

  70. “There Goes Barack Obama, Greatest Commander and Chief”

    No one ever said…
    Ok Media … Let the Outrage begin !

  71. He’s smart as the Devil. You people out there better be WAKING UP, IF ITS NOT TOO LATE ALREADY…

  72. They use “accidentally” loosely. I don’t believe anything they do is “by accident”. I sincerely hope it is not long before he is gone, he’s done enough damage.

    1. It’s hard to believe that he hasn’t ‘ticked off’ someone enough that they’ve killed him!

  73. Can any one in the congress grow a pair and do something, NO!!! Isn’t this considered treason, 500 pairs of hand cuffs is a good starting point at getting the country back on track, if it is not too late already.

  74. Geez, Louise, even back during Vietnam if we would have mistakenly released names of operatives the NSA and ASA would have had our heads and we would still be in Leavenworth…..

  75. I think if any harm comes to the Officer and/or family Obama and the idiot that released the information should be charged with murder if that is what happens to this Officer and/or family. The punishment needs to fit the crime.

  76. Good one 0b0z0! In the above photo, is 0b0z0 not a spittin image of his sire and mentor, Frank Marshall Davis?

  77. liberals think a person should be jailed for this (remember past), do they still think that?

  78. President was mad last week over the VA Scandal, I’ll bet he is very very mad over this this week !!!

    1. What really surprised me was how, after saying how mad he was + something about how he’d take action, the nincompoop used the word “period!!!” This word was used, by him, when he spewed his lies about obomination care. I guess he doesn’t pay attention to what his handlers write for him to say.
      WHAT A FARCE HE IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. to be honest lets not forget the main reason most people think we cant Impeach him is because if we do history will say we treated the first black President badly but think if we dont Impeach him and soon we will tell the people we didnt have the heart to stop a power hungry individual from destroying our country

  80. lets not forget the fact that since He admitted he was born in Africa and not a Natural born citizen of the US think it makes the argument that he was not Qualified to even run for any government job much less to be President of this nation

  81. Shock? its no shock that obama and his administration are a bunch dumbass. doesnt matter anyways this countries brain washed from the ‘state’ media. #corruption #rig everywhere let the bush h8 soaaaaaaaar

  82. If he was blundering, he would accidentally have things work well once in
    awhile. But his consistency in choosing the worst plan of action shows his
    calculated destruction of America. Also, he has removed the rule that said
    American money could not be transferred to terrorists–so he has been
    supplying terrorists!!! Who could make a mistake like that? The Boko Haram
    group has been greatly strengthened by him. Al-quaida, Taliban, Hamas,
    Hezbollah, they have all gotten arms and money. Meanwhile he is bankrupting
    us. When will we begin to rightfully identify his actions and put him in prison?

  83. He has given out the names of several people, also made the SEAL team 6
    a focal point, got them killed. Betrayed Israel’s plan to deal with Iran. Betrayed
    the doctor who helped identify the man they killed in Pakistan that they say
    was bin Ladin. Used extra money to put up guards and barriers around the
    WWII veterans memorial. Closed down public parks when there was no
    reason to, but just tried to make everything very difficult for everyone–also
    forced the closure of the govt, but blamed it on Republicans. Closed the
    WH to Americans, but then spent 100s of millions on useless trips. Has used
    every excuse to spend money, but can’t find enough to feed our troops. Has
    cut back on calories and meals for troops, while working them extra hard.
    Has put our men into barracks with Afghanis and our men have been shot
    while they sleep. It goes on and on. There is no difficult identifying this trend.

  84. Why would anyone be supprised of this? Isn’t it completely obvious to you dummies by now that Obama is doing everything possible to destroy America in every way possible before he goes to his under ground city where no one could possible get at him! Open your eyes America!” Get him now while you still can and before it’s too too late to put your hands on him and his culprit Tyrants!

  85. Shock? I’m not shocked. Are you shocked? Why? Shouldn’t we be used to it already? What’s shocking is that it doesn’t stop, that there seems to be nothing we can do about it.

    Folks, these people are in charge of … “The Football.” One day they can trip over it and unleash WW Tres (III).

    1. Like Robin Williams said, “All three seconds of it.” The ‘three seconds’ refers to how long it will take for an atomic bomb to end everything.

  86. I’m sure the left will be all over him just like they were on Bush with the Plame incident.

  87. Never attribute incompetence to the pResident Obama regime what is really malice !

  88. Is this enough evidence to prove to those of you who think Obama and his administration are mad super geniuses out to destroy this country that they are nothing but institutionalized incompetents?

  89. I bet the community organ grinder is madder than hell—feel stupid yet libs ??????

  90. If Obama let a stinky fart on a elevator full of people….the only ones who wouldn’t run out the when the door when it opened would be the libs..They would say—”Thank you”….may I have another….and if anyone said it smelled like a stinky fart….the libs would call you a racist….So in conclusion….trying to explain the TRUTH and FACTS to the sheeeeple is a waste of time….They r like the 3 monkeys when it comes to the TRUTH…See no truth…Hear no truth and most of all speak no truth…And when you LIE —-call it MISSPOKE and the sheeeple will say—OBAMA MISSPOKE—–BAAAAAAAAAAAA>

  91. Perhaps he wants the man killed? That’s a fair question. That’s a way to get him out of the way. He has a narcissistic type of personality and it would be typical for him to do this.

  92. Stupid is as stupid does, and our Nation is eat up with stupidity! No common sense anywhere, anymore!!

  93. He has followed the socialist/communist script from day one and has no intention of moving away from complete domination by big brother. You can kiss the individual good bye and as far as rights are concerned you’ll have to ask a government bureaucrat what you can and can’t do. Well America, this is what you voted for, you damn fools.

  94. This POS POTUS actually places Americans in harms way then denies any knowledge of it. He is by far the most Un-American president ever to sit in the White House. He is guilty of High Treason, should be tried, convicted, sentenced and summarily executed. Dammit.

  95. there are no accidents with this admin with them there is always an agenda , perhaps he spoke bad of the Obama admin so this could be his payback.
    or this could be obama aiding the muslim brotherhood by outing this CIA guy.

  96. what do we expect from him… name 1 good thing he has done? can’t can you? he lies to us about everything… in your face lies and cnn and msnbc are paid off so as not to say negative things about him. I do believe that both elections for him was rigged… in other words they cheated. it gets me when the news is being broadcast that the reporters say he spoke “mis truths and mis spoke… he lied. a lie is a lie

  97. THAT… is no simple slip… oops… or anything else but pure outright willful intent. How to cause the most destruction to the world’s best covert organization? Publish for the enemy to know, pertinent info to the enemy… it may not get anyone killed… or it may.. but that is a by product… what the intent is: Disrupt any new and highly skilled people joining… thus no new folks.. no replacements.. and the organization withers and dies… who wants to join something that is a sure thing to get your family killed? No new folks.. and it doesn’t cost a single penny. So.. chalk this up as just one more mark for the kinglet.

  98. obama is the number one enemy of this country, and those who back him are also our enemies too.

  99. Nope, not “Shocked”… The only thing obama could do to shock me, is to own up to his wicked ways and step down voluntarily. Otherwise his scandals are predictable through his radical actions from the past. We should have all seen it coming, however, only a few of us did our homework while the rest relied on the deception of the obama and his main stream media outlets.

  100. In the “Old Days” this would have been considered an “Act of Treason”.. I do not think it was a “gaffe” and it’s not the first time he’s put people who serve this country in danger. The “Outing” of Seal Team 6 (in order to do a movie) ended up costing most of the team their lives as they flew in an ancient Vietnam era helicopter and found the enemy lying in wait for them. I hardly think that tragedy was a “coincidence.” We won’t even go into the betrayal and abandonment of our people in Benghazi or the “shuck ‘n dive” they did over Fast & Furious. I’m starting to wonder *what* this man has to do in order to be held accountable?

  101. No surprise! The MUSLIM COMMUNIST obama will do anything to bring down AMERICA & FREED HIS PRECIOUS RADICAL MUSLIMS.
    Hitler was a worshiper of SATAN TOO.

  102. Oh well just one more thing that shows how incompetent Obama and his merry men are

  103. It is possible that the “outing” was intentional. It would not be the first time this regime has purposefully blown someone’s cover and destroyed their career to punish them for some transgression. Look up Dr. Jim Garrow.

  104. Reflecting on Obama’s skill at managing a country, this displays his skill in ‘hiring’ those who work in his office. He cannot be held personally responsible for this outing, but his hiring of incompetent assistants sure takes the cake.

  105. Accident or not, if Obama remains true to form, he will leave the man in his post and get him killed. I’m sure terrorists are, already, plotting his murder.

  106. Look at his FACE! He is the Spittin Image of his sire, mentor and Communist Cradholder 45744, Frank Marshall Davis; he is exposing his background even though all records are sealed. Every wise and understanding person knew The Mulatto Muslim was a fraud from the word GO.

  107. Don’t hold your breath waiting for the MSM to show any outrage similar to the Valerie Plame issue. Obama is not held accountable for ANYTHING. This empty suit can do no wrong in the eyes of the MSM. Remember his words a few days before his first election. And I paraphrase: “We are a few days away from fundamentally transforming this country”. Well, he is doing that both at home and abroad.

  108. Obama is an idiot! All he cares about is himself. He does not care who he hurts as long as he is adored and treated like a king. He is lazy, arrogant, and narcisstic. He is also being treated for bipolar disease. If he were not black he would still be in Chicago occupying the bath houses with Rahm Emmanuel.

  109. Intentionally or not, the son of a bitch of the CIA officer must be a common torturer as he makes part of the BLACKSITE. I hope he is justiced as soon as possible.

  110. Like when biden spilled the names of all the seal team 6 members, and we all know how that turned out. They are all dead now. This can’t just be incompetence, it has to be a deliberate way of informing his terrorist buddies of who they should target. If this is incompetence, they should all be fired and impeached for disclosing important National Security material.

  111. Creepy dems, brr. Carter got over 2,000 people killed when he did this. He laughed it off. so will the zombie Uncle Tom BO. His owners will back him.

  112. Not the first time PinocchiObama has identified intelligence to the world and people have died some are in foreign prisons waiting to die, and our ability to obtain information has been greatly damaged, there is no question PinocchiObama is working for someone else, the Question is who and can we eventually prove it.

  113. and this could shock us ….. how? I’m shocked it took this long to hit the news…. shocked that any one believes this is his first treason….

  114. Totally totally disengaged and has no idea what damage he may have done. I am reasonably sure the troops where just “underwhelmed ” with a visit from this guy. If he says he has your back, you should be worried, very worried. No respect for military nor intelligence community. This is what happens when and ideology driven amateur is the commander in chief. Chilling.

  115. “As the Washington Post first reported, White
    House inadvertently sent out the name of the CIA Kabul Station Chief to a list
    of 6,000 reporters.” Does anyone remember the Valerie Plame affair during
    the Bush administration, where Scooter Libby went to jail? Section 421 of the 1982 Intelligence
    Identities Protection Act makes it illegal to intentionally disclose any
    information identifying a covert officer to any individual not authorized to
    receive classified information. It states:

    §421. Protection of identities of certain United
    States undercover intelligence officers, agents, informants, and sources

    (a) Disclosure of information by persons having or
    having had access to classified information that identifies covert agent

    Whoever, having or having had authorized access to
    classified information that identifies a covert agent, intentionally discloses any
    information identifying such covert agent to any individual not authorized to
    receive classified information, knowing that the information disclosed so
    identifies such covert agent and that the United States is taking affirmative
    measures to conceal such covert agent’s intelligence relationship to the United
    States, shall be fined under title 18 or imprisoned not more than 15 years, or

    (b) Disclosure of information by persons who learn
    identity of covert agents as result of having access to classified information

    Whoever, as a result of having authorized access to
    classified information, learns the identify of a covert agent and intentionally
    discloses any information identifying such covert agent to any individual not
    authorized to receive classified information, knowing that the information
    disclosed so identifies such covert agent and that the United States is taking
    affirmative measures to conceal such covert agent’s intelligence relationship
    to the United States, shall be fined under title 18 or imprisoned not more than
    10 years, or both.

    (c) Disclosure of information by persons in course
    of pattern of activities intended to identify and expose covert agents

    Whoever, in the course of a pattern of activities
    intended to identify and expose covert agents and with reason to believe that
    such activities would impair or impede the foreign intelligence activities of
    the United States, discloses any information that identifies an individual as a
    covert agent to any individual not authorized to receive classified
    information, knowing that the information disclosed so identifies such
    individual and that the United States is taking affirmative measures to conceal
    such individual’s classified intelligence relationship to the United States,
    shall be fined under title 18 or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

    (d) Imposition of consecutive sentences

    A term of imprisonment imposed under this section
    shall be consecutive to any other sentence of imprisonment.

    What, if anything will be done to Barack Hussein
    Obama and members of the Obama Regime for disclosing the identity of the CIA
    Chief in Kabul?

  116. It is extremely difficult to take anyone seriously who resorts to name calling & finger pointing. Is there such thing as an intelligent discussion anymore? And when will we realize that it is not “us” against “them” or “our kind” and “their kind” but it is “WE”. We are one nation who has forgotten how to be indivisible and have become divided. WE need to work together to become a single nation again. Enough with the Liberal vs Conservative, the Repubs vs Dems vs Tea Party, we need to be US citizens, TOGETHER! It is possible if we put our time and energies into working with each other rather than against each other.

  117. Listen you all, as long as Harry Reed is in the senate there is no way Obama will be impeached. But I hope all you ignoramuses who voted for him are having a good time watching him destroy America, because the good times are just about over.