Obama IRS Illegally Sent Confidential Taxpayer Information to FBI, Says New Report

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The Obama IRS transmitted 21 disks containing over 1.1 million pages of  “legally protected”  information about tax-exempt groups to the FBI, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee has learned, noting that the Obama IRS withheld it from the Committee for over a year. 

“We were extremely troubled by this new information, and by the fact that the IRS has withheld it from the Committee for over a year,” wrote Congressmen Darrell Issa and Jim Jordan to IRS Commissioner John Koskinen.

“We were astonished to learn days ago from the Justice Department that these 21 disks contained confidential taxpayer information protected by federal law. We ask that you immediately produce all material explaining how these disks were prepared and transmitted to the FBI,” wrote Jordan and Issa.

You can read the full copy of the letter sent by Congressmen Issa and Jordan to IRS Commissioner Koskinen, HERE.

“The IRS’s transmittal of this information to the FBI shows that the IRS took affirmative steps to provide sensitive evidentiary material to law-enforcement officials about the political speech of nonprofits,” the lawmakers continue. “At the very least, this information suggests that the IRS considered the political speech activities of nonprofits to be worthy of investigation by federal law-enforcement officials. The IRS apparently considered political speech by nonprofit groups to be so troublesome that it illegally assisted federal law-enforcement officials in assembling a massive database of the lawful political speech of thousands of American citizens, weeks before the 2010 midterm elections, using confidential taxpayer information.”

In an e-mail dated October 5, 2010, former IRS Director of Exempt Organizations Lois Lerner, who has twice refused to testify before the Committee, asked Richard Pilger, an official with the Justice Department’s Election Crimes Branch, about his formatting preference for “the disks we spoke about.”

Pilger forwarded Lerner’s e-mail to an FBI agent, writing, “This is incoming data re 501c4 issues. Does FBI have a format preference?” He then responded to Lerner, “Thanks Lois – FBI says Raw format is best because they can put it into their systems like excel.”

Despite an intensive investigation of the targeting, the IRS had not disclosed to Congressional investigators that Lerner had sent a massive database of tax exempt organizations to the FBI for scrutiny. Investigators only learned about the existence of the database last month in an interview with Pilger, who had discussed the possibility of prosecuting tax exempt organizations that engaged in political activity.

The letter to the IRS Commissioner continues, “Despite two Committee subpoenas, the IRS has not produced material relating to these 21 disks and all associated information… The subpoena [to the IRS] created a legal requirement on you, as the Commissioner of the IRS, to identify and produce all subpoenaed material in an expeditious manner. Your choice to withhold this highly relevant material obstructs the Committee’s ongoing oversight obligations – especially when this information implicates violations of federal law.”

The letter requests the IRS immediately provide a full and complete explanation as to why information about the disks was withheld, all documents and communications related to the creation and transmittal of the disks, and communications between the IRS and any other agency related to the 21 disks.

Do you think that Obama and Lerner will be held accountable for the illegal IRS targeting of Tea Party groups? 
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  1. You have a corrupt administration, from top to bottom. No one is doing anything about that, nor do we the people, think Congress WILL do anything about that, until the term ends.

    1. Well the communist found a loophole in our so called greatest Constitution on earth. The Attorney General’s office should have never been under the control of the president. To arbitrate that job properly there should have been fore equal branches of government Executive, Legislative, Judicial, and Attorney General office a two year elected official whose only power resides in our Constitution and its Civil rights amendments. The rule of law applied equally to all. Perhaps if we the people had that Women would have long since had her civil rights, in this, it would seem, male chauvinist pig USA political arena.
      His recent atrocities military attempting to overt UCMJ of a deserter, can and must be taken up by NATO Ally Countries against this presidents Illegal UCMJ Military Law actions in aq World Court because these men and women of these country sacrificed their young in battle against these al qaeda also . Ignoring their sacrifice by this president to release world criminals by blackmail of Al qaeda for counseling Bengasi information. Puts this president in a list of world criminals with Al qaeda for ignoring UCMJ and the sacrifice of Ally soldiers to incarcerate them and keep them their.
      And so it would seem that the sacrifice of our soldiers and NATO Ally Solders mean nothing to this president in the presents of a campaign for president or the abandonment of a few soldiers and Diplomats in Benghazi. Self sacrifice of leadership is not in the vocabulary of a Caesar like Nero this president.

    2. That is a really good notion. Why cannot the UN or the rest of the world put in danger by the release of these genocidal terrorists charge Obama with a war crime or human rights violation of some type?
      Since our “leaders” won’t lead, maybe the other world leaders will?

    1. talk talk–thats all we do–no longer the home of the brave—now home of the WHO cares ?

  2. Why bother… not one criminal indictment will ensue and Congress will not Impeach any of the offending officials… so why bother with the investigation. We already have enough evidence and charges to clean house in the Administration and IRS but will not act on it. Save the taxpayers money and stop with the Political Theater… unless Mr. Issa is serious about prosecuting the offenders stop with the hyperbola.

    1. all this is a joke an its on us–guess what no one cares they know we will do nothing an they do what they want

    2. I agree with you Ron, Half of this crap nobody will protect the rights of us citizens. What needs to be done is do like our founding fathers did to the British. Declare our government and elected officials incompetent to uphold the laws set fourth in our constitution and file a law suit in federal court and throw all of them assholes out of office.

    3. not only out of the white house but put all of the muslum obast–rd boot lickers in elevenworth prison with barry soto alias obama

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    7. I always click on the spam flag, but they show up again. I guess it’s not important enough for tpnn.com to do anything about it.

    8. Unfortunate but true. If Lerner isn’t threatened with real legal action, then it’s just more of the same – claim innocence while pleading the 5th. Meanwhile, mainstream repubs worry more about amnesty for illegals.

    9. I agree. It’s a complete waste of time and money unless someone is serious about stopping this/these criminals. So far it’s just a bunch of idle talk. DO SOMETHING!

    10. Bulls@*t!

      Throw everything at them SOB’s including the kitchen sink and never stop until every mothers one of them are behind bars and I mean if it takes years, never stop pursuing justice against these pieces of s@*t!

      Why bother? Because in matters!

    11. I agree it matters but the leadership in the House GOP don’t think it is necessary to follow thru by indicting the ‘criminals’ and ‘impeaching’ the offenders. Investigations that reveal criminal conduct but do nothing are not only a waste of time… but serve to incite even more criminal conduct as the crooks thumb their noses at the public.
      Darrel Issa is no different than those he exposes… he is violating his oath of office and in fact is ‘obstructing justice’ and braking the law… by committing ‘misprision of a felony’… observing a crime and not taking action to stop it or too properly report and prosecute it.

    12. I agree. But never say never except to say never to say never. LOL There’s one for you I just made up.

      No really, all joking aside and this is no joking matter, I concur with your view directly above, but keep pounding at the gates, their gate will come down and I’ll be there with you.

    13. Well that is a typical defeatist attitude. You are failing to see that we cannot “Clean House” as you want until we control both the house and the senate. To do so would be stupid and produce no convictions because of Harry Reid. Instead of getting on here and crying about what they aren’t doing why not get out there and convince people, what can be done if we can take back the senate during midterms. Try to remember that once that hurdle has been overcome then I would expect in fact demand the impeachment of Obama and Holder! The reversal of Obama Care and all other legislation the KING has instituted on the grounds of it being done to make this country weak for its possible overthrow of the DEMOCRATIC Party. I believe that there is more than plenty enough information to back this up and I think that this whole country is in need of some cleansing of these liberals and the policies that they have been successfully implementing since FDR, which not one of them passes constitutional muster in the fact that they all take from one group and give to another. This is against everything this country was founded on and just because we have sympathy for those without does not mean we need to support them financially ..

    14. Wrong… the truth hurts. It is not defeatist to expect the GOP to use their power NOW… not tomorrow or next year. There is no guarantee that they will impeach once they control the Senate. In fact, the number of seats in the Senate, open for election this November, are INSUFFICIENT to give the GOP a 67 voter majority. That means the GOP can’t guarantee a vote to Impeach in January of 2015, when a New Congress will be seated. The mantra then will be JUST WAIT UNTIL 2016… when Obama steps down … then we can IMPEACH… except there is no need to Impeach as Obama will be Constitutional barred from being elected again.

      Wake up… the GOP leadership is nothing more than the DNC light… the GOP is one side of a two sided Marxist coin… one face, on a two sided coin. We must acknowledge the PROBLEM before we can confront and correct it. Boehner … and Canter… Issa and the rest of the rats who claim to be conservative are nothing more than deceptive, despicable, two faced Politician’s who are working for their own power and not for the People or in support of the Constitution. They need to go.

      Once more… it is not defeatist to call a ‘spade a spade’ or too acknowledge the truth regarding the battle we face. The Patriot is not represented by the leadership in either Party… both Party’s have sold out the Constitution and are working for a New World Order… once we acknowledge that… we can begin to educate the electorate and too take the appropriate actions to eliminate the BUMS for office.

  3. Lois Lerner didn’t start this by herself. After the 2010 election when the Republicans won the house of Reps. Obama and the Democratic party got so scared they went after what they call their political enemies. They used every means possible. I absolutely believe that the committee to reelect Obama 2012 and the White House must be brought to justice for this real scandal.

  4. No action will be taken. We have all these scandals, and no one stands up to Obama. Whats up with that?

  5. In a letter from the IRS to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee…

    Dear Congressmen Darrell Issa and Jim Jordan;

    Go ***k yourselves, you bunch of sissies! I don’t have to give you anything.


    The IRS

  6. Ultimately, it is up to the voters to elect the representatives with the guts to get real control of interagencey gestapo evil.

  7. Send them all to Jail. These are all using our info to get win in elections and get BONUSES. they all needs to be formatted to fit in 6 by 6 space

  8. We need a civil Court of the People, Of the Proletariats for prosecuting government criminals between voting terms .

  9. Both of these arrogant SOB along with everyone in Obama’s administration need to be strung up on the White House lawn for the world to see we hate traitors.

  10. Obama changed our country without blinking an eye or firing a shot. Would like to thank all of you minorities, lazy whites, and unions for your delusion of grandeur.

  11. People should go to prison over this …. and a President should be removed from office.

  12. This is not good why doesn’t he and his administration go to jail for being a terrorist himself

  13. Once the Juggernaut of government has jumped the tracks of the Constitution, once it is no longer constrained by law, it rules by power and not by wisdom. It ceases to be a servant of the people and takes on the characteristics of a predator whose primary motivation is expansion of its sphere of totalitarian control in its own self interest. The at large population is cultivated to the ruling party’s benefit and sustained so long as it serves the purpose of the ruling aristocracy. Through an engineered dependency the government creates a democracy of fear, an elected tyranny. I fear we are at a tipping point – a point where, right now, the illegal and destructive power of the government is running into the failures inherent in the unstable command economy structure they’re creating. To what irrational extremes will the collapse of their house of cards push them? I have a very real fear of people whose mo is to overturn the table when it becomes apparent that they will lose the game.

  14. Incarcerate all these criminals in the WH, Congress, Senate, IRS–to Guantanamo for life!


  16. Perhaps nothing will come of this but then again it may provide the impetus to give Lerner immunity. I believe that to be the lynch pin that will unravel this whole sordid tapestry…

  17. It seems that all Mr. Issa’s committee can do is piss into the wind unless they want to file criminal charges against somebody, anybody. So far, all they have done is make noise, and I’m not sure what teeth, if any, this “Oversight” committee really has. It’s taken four years to get this far and, by the time all the crap is flushed out of the woodwork, the criminals will all be retired or dead. The GOP no longer has a spine, much less any balls.

  18. to late it will take a revolution to unseat the mess in Washington, and the voters aint got the balls to march on Washington, I see why they keep it a gun free zone after the Bundy ranch standoff,,,, they was outnumbered and out gunned, they walked away.

  19. lerner just needs to be locked up and the key throewn away, gitmo has open cells we can use.


    We need to abolish that corrupt bunch of A$$HOLES

  21. OKAY so once again I hear about ILLEGAL acts taken by this administration, that these are criminal steps taken by yet another political official or politician. YET no one is arrested, no one goes to jail, WHY not? If you or I do things like this and are caught, we’d be arrested immediately then we’d go to prison, so why not them? Cause I really want to know how is it if I act as a criminal, I pay a price but they get retirement, book deals, bonuses, promotions .

  22. Well, really, if we clear GITMO of detainees, we can use it for people who commit domestic terrorism like Lerner. Tell her about the waterboarding and the forced feeding tubes. Maybe she will change her mind about testifying.

  23. I am as outraged as everyone else. It’s frustrating to see criminal and treasonous acts being committed right in front of our faces but we have Harry Reid and the Democrat Party solidly behind Obama. The entire party wants a communist government. The GOP was stupid for not buying their own media as the left had done.

    1. “…as the left had done…”
      Well, sadly, while some people’s morals can be bought, most of academia, and journalist shools in particular, have been where socialists have been indoctrinating the talking heads in MSM outlets since McCarthy did his best to run them out of government. They are ideologically driven.
      We need more schools like Hillsdale College.

  24. See! More proof of this whole IRS targeting hooey being just another made up phoney scandal! Just like our beloved leader told us. (Please, I am being sarcastic; not sincere.)

  25. I think it’stime for an Impeachment!!! I think he is doing ALL of this deliberately! !!! He’snot even slightly sorry for ANYTHING these days. Back Iin the old days, this kind of behavior would NOT have been tolerated!!!!!! What is Congress waiting on? How many congressmen have been bought off?

  26. People have forgotten the first rule of posting Don’t Feed The Trolls. They get paid for each response they get. Don’t respond, if they don’t get paid they will go away.

  27. the irs sends tax records of american patriots to the fbi to intimidate and harass, but the irs refuses to send the records of millions of illegal tax criminals to be prosecuted.

  28. It is time we had some Nuremberg-type trials for about 1000 people, to
    start with. Treason, domestic terrorism, fraud, violation of oath of
    office… Most of Congress, the present administration (and past
    administrations), corporate heads bribing politicians, lamestream media
    for aiding and abetting the enemy (corrupt federal government), IRS
    scandals, Federal Reserve banking cartel corruption and theft of the
    People’s money… we MUST put this evil out of this Republic!!!

  29. Don’t stop I think it’s a good read to keep finding all the dirt on these criminals, I am a Democrat and I want to know, period!!!!!!!!