Iraq War Veteran, Wounded in the Line of Duty, BLASTS Obama on Twitter

JR-SalzmanGRAPHIC warning: One picture in an embedded tweet is graphic in nature.

J.R. Salzman is a wounded warrior who lost his arm in the line of duty while serving in Iraq. In 2007, he met then candidate Obama who had his picture taken with Salzman and another wounded warrior. At the time, Obama told the Iraq war veteran that he was proud of their sacrifices.

Now, as the world watches Iraq falls at the hands of a violent terrorist group ISIS, many in the military are angry and frustrated at Obama’s decisions leading up to having the military leave Iraq, his taking credit, but not responsibility for any issues, as well as his response as the violence in the region has increased. After holding a press conference about the terrorist activities in Iraq, Barack Obama jumped on a plane to California for a fun in the sun weekend filled with fundraising speeches and golfing.

This caused Salzman to take to Twitter to voice his very strong opinion of Obama’s ‘leadership’ and seemingly flippant attitude about the military. He did not mince words and he did not hold back. He even had some harsh criticism for the media as well as a response for liberal trolls who attacked him for daring to speak out against their ‘Dear Leader.’

Thank you for your service to your country, sir, both then and now.

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