VIDEO: Ted Cruz: Has Obama Armed ISIS Terrorists?


Senator Ted Cruz, debating (yes, debating, it was not an interview) CNN’s Erin Burnett, who sounded more like a member of the Obama-Hillary Clinton defense team than a journalist (no surprise), said that the real question that the media should be focused on is whether Obama has been arming the ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) terrorist organization (WATCH VIDEO BELOW).

Cruz told Burnett on Tuesday, when he wasn’t rudely interrupted by her constant blurbs supporting Obama and Hillary (emphasis added): 
“The most consistent error of the Clinton-Obama foreign policy is the failure to understand the nature of our enemies. It is striking that neither President Obama nor Hillary Clinton in this discussion tonight are willing to utter the words ‘radical Islamic terrorists.’ They do not understand the radical religious extremism of individuals committed to Jihad who had pledged to murder Americans and it leads them to keep making mistakes over and over again, whether it is releasing five senior Taliban terrorists without understanding that these individuals will likely return to active warfare against the United States, whether it is in the case of Iraq, not understanding the threat posed by ISIS.

I’ll tell you a great question we ought to be asking right now is whether the Obama administration has armed ISIS, these radical Islamic terrorists, whether they’ve armed them in Syria. We know they’ve armed some of the rebels. We haven’t had an answer about which ones they’re arming and which ones they’re not. You cannot win a battle against radical Islamic terrorism if you’re unwilling to utter the words ‘radical Islamic terrorism.’”

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    1. Obama can not send arms to just any one. It has to be approved by congress as does sending money.

    2. Because releasing terrorists from Gitmo and bombing Libya, just to name a few, he sure felt like getting congressional approval first as required by law. Right? No excuses. The law is the law. Also he can not change existing laws such as the affordable care act which he has changed numerous times. That is the job of congress. But we have our first king. He is not bound by laws.

    3. lmao. Yeah gonna pull the troops out as soon as he takes office. Then does and the terrorists take over. Somebody else’s fault though of course. Then even though he said he was against arming the Syrian rebels Obama gladly arms the Syrian rebels. He is to blame for so many thousands of innocent people being killed. I am seeing a pattern in his i am not going to do this but then he does. Yet you still defend him. There is no way Obama is accidentally doing all this stupid shyt unless he is the dumbest man alive. Or maybe he has just surrounded himself with morons. But then again that still makes him one as well. Perhaps quit being a sheeple and think for yourself instead of playing the my team vs your team stuff. Trust me if Bush had done these things i would be badmouthing him as well.

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    1. That is about the dumbest statement I have ever heard. Go do some research and you will see that Stevens a few months before the attacks told the state department that he didn’t want the additional troops they were going to send him. He said he was trying to keep a low profile. He got himself killed and the lives of the other three men.

    2. The criminal Clintons have a history of “helping” people that know too much commit suicide. Ever here of the boys in Arkansas that “fell asleep” on a railroad track and were killed because they saw a drug deal go down?
      Ever hear of Vince Foster?

    3. If it weren’t for two heroic Navy Seals identifying the enemy and addressing them as such, that night would have been a simple arms deal. You can be sure this is why the RINOs have no real interest in the whole story either.

  2. Erin Burnett Thinks she is a steam rolling journalist, however: in reality, she is intellectually challenged, culturally biased, and part of the problem. In a rush to condemn Mister Cruz she failed to realize that he gave her an avenue to pursue in researching the arming of rebel factions, and she simply dismissed his contributions to transparency as being inconsequential to the Obama and Hillary agenda. She does not fully grasp the conditions one Senator encounters in trying to create culpability for an entire administration of political corruption and outright falsehoods and she distorted the view of his effectiveness. Mr. Cruz stood up for her and millions just like her when he challenged the constitutional justice of the ACA. When derelicts like Peter King pipe up, it is to disparage and undermine the character of someone who threatens their ability to benefit personally, and not to provide a service for the diverse population that constitutes, serves, and contribute beneficially to the USA. The arming of rebels is the opposite of leading a justified counter condition. The only time Obama wants to involve anyone in the decision making process is when he wants to thwart some of the blame, and Hillary is just like him. Not once have you heard her (HC) explanations contain the input of other Federal agencies. She has said that she does not know what happened, why it happened, or what it even matters in reference to Benghazi, which therefore begs the question, “Why would anyone expect her to perform any differently in a much more demanding position, where many more lives are at stake?” The Democratic party has twisted, conflated, and maligned the idea of what a government should be, what it should be allowed to perform without congressional backing, and what it means to be an American. Thank you Mr. Cruz for attacking the facts.

    1. Kudos to Mr. Cruz for turning things around and getting to the issues. Ms. Burnett is a typical follow the leader journalist that will try to disparage the person who will actually want to do something for the people. I liked Cruz’s comments regarding the attack on his character saying that everyone is entitled to their opinion. He’s got class.

    2. You are so right Butch! We see this everywhere, It is crazy, they can not see what is in front of them and cant understand that in this scenario playing out in Washington, they will be just as dead as every other Non Muslim. You can not understand that they too are in danger and that is so scary. Some people in this country continue to ignore that Obama is not just a threat to his opponents but a threat to every American. They can not even grasp the concept of, What if the video and the sound bites are correct.. what if the evidence of weapons in the hands of our enemies is correct, what if Obama really is out to destroy America as he alluded to in his book, “Dreams of my Father” To some of us it is so clear and to others,, well we all made jokes about the zombie apocalypse and now it is upon us.. it is our loved ones our family members and our friends and they are affected so now we need to ask ourselves, do we try to save them or do we accept they are already gone.

    3. You are saying what I’ve been saying all along. Are people really that blind, or do they really think the terrorists will overlook them because they didn’t say anything bad about them?

  3. My word, she is stupid as you can be. Ted Cruz is brilliantly explaining to her what happen and how and she just wants to spout out demoKKKrat talking points.

  4. Well obama has been on a jhiad against America before 2008. Interesting that he just let the 5 terror leaders out and the current iraq situation. He should along with pelosi, reid, clinton and kerry be in cells dug into the ground awaiting trial for treason.

  5. I tore up my Republican card during H.W. Bush’s election … its Republicans that have been frauds since … the left has moved dramatically to the far left and the right has kept pace moving towards center and even a touch left of center … the TEA party is the party trying to yank the political parties back where they belong.

    1. To touch Left of Center…The Center is now so far Left that those still Middle-Left of what was the former Center are called Radical Right Wing Nuts by the corrupt Leftists to their core controlled MSM/Press.

    2. both parties are just different sides of the same stinky butt. Anyone that believes otherwise is an idiot.

  6. Oooooh he caught her on having a former Clinton negotiator doing deals with Iran after the same person made failed deals with Norrth Korea back in Clinton years. Her response, priceless, George Bush made some bad deals too… Yo mom be uglier dan my mom

  7. Now that was a huge Cruz smack down of a liberal media/democrat, policymaking-
    defender, hack journalist, PERIOD–it wasn’t even close.

  8. Erin Burnett is another idiot posing as a journalist, CNN of course is full of lying idiots all trying to be military expert’s when they don’t have a clue.

    1. There’s a reason that CNN’s numbers have been in the tank compared to real news outlets like Fox News. PMSNBC is heading in the same direction!

    1. The Penalty is one of two choices, one death by firing squad, the other one, death by HANGING, I prefer the second one in his case, because there is a little suffering and he should suffer as much as possible for his crimes. There should be NO chance of a pardon by the next president or the President-pro-tem during the interim. His punishment should also be open to the public and recorded for posterity, so there can be NO chance that it was faked and he would get away or be taken away from the punishment he so very much deserves.

    2. They Hung Saddam Hussein didn’t they? So Why should Odumbass NOT get the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. I’d rather see a firing squad. Owebama’s so slippery that the rope would probably break. I’m sure our fine military men wouldn’t miss so this is the best sure bet!

    4. Issa has been trying for 6 yrs to blame something on Obama and has yet to prove a single thing.

    5. It’s bed time for the sheeple. What are you doing up this late? Oh…I just remembered…50% of the people are always below average!

  9. Did Obama and Hillary Clinton have Amb. Stevens MURDERED? Should they BOTH Stand trial for murder and TREASON?

    1. Word on the street is they set him up to be kidnapped. The plan was after he was kidnapped they would trade the blind sheik for him. It is also being said they moved about 200 stinger missiles into the compound to be stolen.

    2. Again would NOT surprise me. Why else NOT call him home weeks before the attack or actually send him some protection while they were making changes to the Embassy? Why else leave him there with NO protection to speak of? He wasn’t even living in the Embassy because of the work being done. How many more lies are we supposed to swallow about this criminal act? It was MURDER plain and simple.

    3. You need to go do some research. A few months before the attacks the State department told Stevens that they were sending him more troops. He told them he didn’t want any more troops. He wanted to keep a low profile. All your crazy ideas about Hillary wanting him dead is a crook based on that. Stevens got himself killed.

    4. Again would NOT surprise me. Why else NOT call him home weeks before the attack or actually send him some protection while they were making changes to the Embassy? Why else leave him there with NO protection to speak of? He wasn’t even living in the Embassy because of the work being done. How many more lies are we supposed to swallow about this criminal act? It was MURDER plain and simple.

  10. Obuma/DemoncRats/RINO idiots/traotors have funded, given weapons, and trained ISIS in Jordan to supposedly then fight against Assad in the sectarian—Sunni vs. Shiite Muslim faction in Syria. Make no mistake…this fiasco is all about big Sauni/Qatar money flowing into America’s so called Government ‘s Political pockets…period!

    1. And who would that surprise? How many laws has he violated or broken since he took office?

  11. Muslims declared war on the United states in 1786. On march 28 1786 Thomas jefferson and john adams wote this in a letter to John Jay “We took the liberty to make some enquiries concerning the ground of their pretensions to make war upon nations who had done them no injury, and observed that we considered all mankind as our friends who had done us no wrong, nor had given us any provocation.The Ambassador [of Tripoli] answered us that it was founded on the Laws of their Prophet, that it was written in their Koran, that all nations who should not have acknowledged their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found, and to make slaves of all they could take as Prisoners, and that every Muslim who should be slain in battle was sure to go to Paradise.

  12. Clinton and Obama took out ‘TRUTH” and left the lies! America will speak with their vote loud and clear, the TREASON actions will get their reward from their illegal actions! Lousy news reporters will also find themselves replaced with honest reporters!

    Hold their nose to the issues Ted, because they really try to lead you off. This idiot is actually trying with everything she has to bring you into her painted picture….she really needs to find a new day job! Honest reporter…she is not!

  13. I have no problem with any of this except where this lady lies by saying that George Bush was relaxed on santions with North Korea. Apparently she has a short memory. The dems were upset at Bush for cutting funding to N. Korea and North Korea lashed out by making threats because of that. People were starving in north korea at that time and the koreans were using their money to build nukes. And the dems argued that we should feed their people while they built nukes. This lady is full of crap!

    1. Ever notice how it is always Bush’s fault somehow with these idiots? She will need one of the many destroyed by fire and brimstone when the Angels of Heaven desend.

    2. and how will that help those being killed by his policies right NOW? He needs to be removed and tried for his actions,then sent to that eternal punishment before 2016 arrives or there will be a lot more sent to heaven for HIS crimes. Including the young and the old being killed by his Obamacare pogram. (yes I spelled that right, look it up).

  14. “What difference does it make?”….Hillary Clinton on Benghazi
    Ted Crus is too weak speaking about this subject……………..

  15. Erin is a mouthpiece of the Obama Hillary clique. She can never be the next Megyn Kelly as she’s dumb as a rock.

  16. Erin, you were good finical reporter on CNBC….I hate to see you do so poorly as a interviewing journalist. You are obviously letting your liberal side take over the conversation as opposed to focusing on the facts. I once was a big fan of yours but now i wonder whether watching you on CNN is a waist of time?

  17. Execution should be on the table for sure for treason against the United States from the highest political leader in our nation

  18. Look at and listen to this CNN stooge try to cover for the Obama administration and Billary Clinton. No matter what FACT is brought up she dives further head first in to the idiot pool of coverup stooges all over CNN and the Idiot-Stream Media. What a JOKE Cnn and MS Nbc and those nuckleheads are. The only reason or enjoynemt I derive from CNN in paticular is seeing their moronis eyebrow furrowing reporters fall on their faces.

  19. A real correspondent shouldn’t be taking sides that reflect their own views. They are there to get to the bottom of an issue for the American people. We have very few good reporters now. Seems the powers that be that run these networks just care about putting a pretty face in front of the camera.

  20. I enjoy this site and the fact it keeps liberals/progressives on their heals and you do a good job at covering the numerous scandals and problems with our bloated, out of control government. But i am hoping you could do more reporting on what is going in to combat these things. What are the Republicans doing if anything about it. We need to keep on them as well or nothing will ever change. We have to report their actions and inactions as well…..

  21. She is no Megyn Kelly in hotness or intellect. Another reason why Fox is killing CNN. I am guessing that Burnett is from the Northeast by her liberalness and partisan journalism. Nothing but a cheerleader for the Clintons.

  22. This News reporter is the proof that News is plain bias anymore..not hard to see she was standing up for the Democrats.. I give Ted Cruz, 2 thumbs up for putting up with the way she talked at him.. As far as Cruz’s semi-accusations, the world knows who armed the ISIS, who released the leader of ISIS, who want to back terrorists.. the question is, whats Cruz going to do about it? Everyone more than half the people want Obama and Hillary tried fro treason and more..but still nothings happened.

  23. I would never vote for WHO CARES HILLARY , She one sick person to leave 4 in danger then to be murdered by terrorist ,,,OH THAT IS RIGHT THE FAKE MOVIE DID IT,,,,,

  24. what a total bitch and worthless reporter she is. I would puke on that set knowing you know right from wrong and try and lie to the people to make cruz look like a bad person. I don’t understand why you liberals what your freedoms stripped. Soon you will wish that you never voted for this mess you the democrat voter created by being stupid and voting for someone you don’t even know who they really are.

  25. Erin is neither a reporter nor a journalist. She is an overt propaganda mouthpiece for the Democrats who are Progressive Marxists. She is ridiculous! She and most of the CNN staff do not interview; they debate from a biased point of view.

  26. Ted Cruz is one heck of a leader and will make a great President of the United States if he chooses to run.

    Erin Burnett on the other hand is an empty headed bimbo, sure she’s one of the few liberal chicks who doesn’t resemble a 5000 year old mummy but a bimbo none the less.

  27. To our fighting Men/Women you have sworn to defend and protect the Constitution against all enemies Foreign or Domestic, I hope and pray that you recognize who the real enemy of America is, and as sad as it may be, the enemy is Barry Soetoroe aka; B.Hussein Obuma born in Kenya, South Africa. He has proven time and again his hatred for the American people and the United States of America.
    There is more then enough evidence that he (Obuma) has single handedly killed more American solders then any past leaders of America have ever done. His twisted belief of knowing the enemies in foreign countries based just on his spiritual guidance has obviously blinded him and has moved him into partnership with the enemies he calls his friends. This belief of his has killed hundreds of Americans who fought in Iraq, despite being told his timing was wrong, to which in that sick mind of his, he just felt it was the right thing to do, what bad decision will he make now, that undoubtedly will kill more innocent American solders.
    I hope and pray when he sends his death squads against the American people, that you will do a lot of soul searching and realize who the real enemy is, he sent his goons to harass Veterans who were seeking medical help, because of the scandal that forced Col. Shenseki to resign. That was not the action of a sane person.

    1. The problem is that he IS sane and knows exactly what he is doing. I wish the people of this nation that voted for him both times had thought to THINK before they decided to vote along party lines regardless of WHO was running on their end. Could have saved all of us a lot of headaches and problems. Not to speak of those that lost their lives thanks to him deciding that they needed to have their current health care package canceled along with those that lost their jobs or had their hours cut and so on and so on. We would all be better off if he had never come to this country in the first place

  28. Uh….why did they leave the people to die in Bengazhi! Maybe someone knew to damn much and the old saying….dead people don’t talk! I’ll bet Snowden has more…lol!

    1. Obama has had many people killed, and I too believe that the men in Benghazi knew something about what obama was doing, he was arming our enemy.

  29. The bottom line is “Hilliary & Obama” need to go to prison, be tried for treason, and properly hung.

  30. Some of the weapons that King Putt sent to the al-Qaida “rebels” in Libya were redirected to the al-Qaida “rebels” in Syria…..that’s ISIS.
    That’s treason.
    Let the impeachment begin.

    1. He has committed at least 6 Impeachable acts under the laws of this nation, yet thanks to his F*CK buddies in the Senate he is still in office. If the House had, had its way he would have been impeached almost two years ago. That was the first time they discussed the Articles of Impeachment being served against him.

  31. Had to get her OBAMA CARE LIE in at the last,tide to his fate, hey when is it not tide to yours?

    1. Yes, I caught that too. Except that his fate isn’t tied to obamacare & he got more rhetoric in every time she tried to corner him. She’s a good sand bagger but he side lined her at every turn.

  32. Burnett is no surprise, How many advisers did she have feeding her debating points on her teleprompter… Not surprising from the commie news network. She spat every liberal hate slander that’s been dished out under this administration for years. She’s simply a prostitute for the left that will dish out whatever they require just as S. Rice. despite the facts. What’s amazing is that if the Terrorist or this Tyrannical Administration get their way.. is that she will be a victim of her own doing and have to live under Sharia law… She wont look so bad with her face covered up.

  33. This Erin woman is very Rude and Not Professional. She’s showing her Bias. This is more like a debate and Cruz is the Winner … Big Time!

  34. Erin is twisting herself into a pretzel trying to defend Hillary & the Obama Crime Syndicate. It’s hilarious! Ted didn’t let her get away with it. It’s about time someone slapped down the MSM

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  36. I am sure the dems are probably recruiting her to moderate a debate,she comes from the same mold as that loud mouth pigg candy Crowley.two of the the worst news people in the business

  37. it is a shame that a reporter would not jump on the administration to find out who the administration armed in Syria. Seeing that ISIS supplies are coming from Syria. Sad reporter.

  38. Erin Burnett is a moron (surprised? nahhh) –

    Hillary NOW says there are questions that need to be answered, but when asked about it before, her reply was “What difference does it make?” THAT is not something that someone who is interested in the truth being known would say.

    Hillary says she wanted to have more information before talking to the press about it. If that were true, WHY would the “video” story have been pitched immediately after it happened? It was an absolute lie, they knew it- so how does it even make sense that Hillary would say she wanted to know the truth before informing America? It makes NO sense whatsoever.

    If Erin can sit here defending the Democrats/Hillary on this- she can be nothing but a complete moron, as I already stated.

  39. Ernin Burnett is the poster girl for a biased reporter. If she put on 10% of this attack dog act on a democrat it would be a terrific accomplishment.

  40. Agreed,yet what I would really like to see would be these “JOURNALIST” profiled. There qualifications,education,and just what experience , allows them to have an opinion which has any value? Perhaps we could start this online to expose there true natures. Recall the “PUSH” to label FOX as entertainment? Yea well perhaps we could get to the facts.

  41. Ted Cruz is all about Ted Cruz, doing whatever Ted Cruz can do to bolster his chances of becoming a power player. Erin Burnett showed the viewing audience how Ted Cruz will twist reality to suit his personal political goals.

  42. She is a great example of why we all stop viewing CNN and MSNBC…They continue to spin the misrepresentation of facts, propaganda and out right lies of the WH and its administration….

  43. It’s a shame that EB has prostituted herself to hillarius and the dummicrats. However when CNN loses more viewers and market share to the truth most Americans who are paying attention to or are waking up to the truth of liberalism, she will be relegated to obscurity along with those who have fallen before her.

    Vaya con queso, EB.

  44. We need more of this kind of courageous defense of conservative principles by ALL our elected officials in Washington. I love that Cruz refused to engage in personal or even political attacks of his critics within the GOP. He may not be palatable, yet, as a Presidential candidate, but his confidence, candor and courage in articulating the conservative message is refreshing to say the least.

  45. Erin Burnett is just one of many airheads at CNN. What she thinks/says is irrelevant…just as she is.

  46. Ambassador Steven’s job in Benghazi was to move Libyan arms to Syrian militants. Assisting the “Islamists” overthrow the Assad regime.Jimmy Carter gave Iran to the radical Islamists Barak Obama gave Libya, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Syria, Iraq, Tunisia and soon Afghanistan. Just to prove who is the most proradical isllamist President. President Obama surrender the first foreign war ever waged by The United States.

  47. I commend Sen. Cruz for being able to keep his cool while she hit him with a barrage of questions in the attempt to make him look bad. Rock on Sen. Cruz. and thank you for staying on point while being a gentleman…

  48. Three lame cover ups: (1) A video (2) Benghazi…funny how Romney didn’t pursue the topic in the 2012 presidential debate on…get ready for it… FOREIGN POLICY and finally (3) we’ve been arming Syrian Jihadists to fight against…Syria. And now we we’re working with nuclear ambitious American hating countries to capture American trained jihadists…ISIS!!! Who are re-taking soil where Americans died to deliver “democracy” only to be used by their president as political fodder and the land they died for returned back to the terrorists that have always been there…so, Benghazi was cover for running guns to Syrian Jihadists…sounds like Fast and Furious…this administration is lame.

  49. Personally I wouldn’t have a problem with this interview if she conducted one in a similar fashion with someone on the left. This is actually how it should be done. Confrontationally. But when she interviews someone on the left it is all softballs and opportunities to give campaign commercials. I would love to see Hillary interviewed by her

    and then compare the videos.

  50. Article III Section 3. Clauses [1] and [2] of the Constitution has been broken and breaking this carries the crime of Treason.

    We have illegal immigrants coming in now that’s going to be giving those jobs plus they’re a Health Crises with the diseases they’re bring an some have no cure.

  51. Pretty soon, these networks are going to stop having Cruz on at all. I’ve yet to see an instance where he hasn’t curbstomped the Obama sycophants when they start in with their Media Matters talking points.