VIDEO: Democrat Charlie Rangel: The Tea Party is Just Like the Hamas Terrorists

Charlie RangelRep. Charlie Rangel, far-Left, Progressive Democrat from New York, has taken Rahm “Dead Fish” Emanuel’s suggestion to never let a crisis go to waste to an entirely new, and lower, level. Recently, a Hamas terrorist group who has murdered many Israelis, abducted three Israeli teenagers. During an interview on the Zev Brenner Show, Rangel said that the Tea Party is just like the Hamas terrorist group.

(Listen to Audio Below)

“We know that these victims, these kids are being held by people that have no moral standards. The question is how do we handle these types of people who don’t mind dying. They hate so much that they don’t mind dying themselves. And you have to admit that that’s complex to have someone to think that attacking human beings that are innocent by missiles, and destroying the lives of children that they are going to get some reward after they die. Well, that’s worst than the Tea Party’s thinking. You know what I mean?”

At that point, Brenner chimes in and says, “I don’t mean to compare the Tea Party to Palestinian terrorists!” Rangel doubled down and explained even further why he believes the Tea Party is equivalent to the Hamas terrorists.

“Well, I am just saying that it’s a cult type of thinking-it’s a poor analogy when you’re talking about terrorism-but when you talk about not recognizing the United States as a nation, not recognizing the president, trying to repeal bills that are already law, sticking to the principles of the Civil War, you know these are people that you cannot talk rationally to and the president can’t. So, when you talk about immigration, education, the president has to give up.

And at some point, if the Palestinians come to the table and say they can’t control the people in the backroom, the same way Republicans say they can’t control the Tea Party, then the Tea Party would not longer exist, I mean, the, the Republican Party would no longer exist because they can’t control the Tea Party — and the Palestinian Authority, with all of the international support that they’ve been able to obtain, it’s all lost if, if if they believe in this partnership with terrorists who have no respect for human life, then Palestinian are held by the guys in the back room and they can’t come to a table.. You cannot talk to with a person who says that his primary goal is to have you distinguished. I mean, there’s no conversation there.”


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    1. What?! You cannot find a zoo chimpanze in New York to run against him?! I am willing to bet the chimp would defeat him!

    2. New York will be the last state on the list to be brought back to sanity. Truth is it is very hard to remove the entitlement/handout mentality from people once it has been introduced. The problem is you always run out of other peoples money to spend in the end. Hence liberal/socialism/communism never last long but humans try it over and over again expecting a different result. Just take Venezuela for example. Most of them riot for more handouts not a better form of government. *sigh*

    3. What’s this ‘we’ crap? I won’t get within 5 states of New York. No, the native New Yorkers own this one. Not the upstaters, just the city. I wonder how many votes he got from dead Gothamers in 2012.

    4. Just the ones that are as ignorant as he is!BTW, can someone please send him a DICTIONARY! There’s a big difference between “distinguished” and “extinguished”,!!!

    5. You will also need to send someone that can read or explain it to him he cannot read or write and he is an old imbecile to boot!

    6. It would not hurt to include a book on grammar with the dictionary. I had a difficult time discerning what he was trying to say.

    7. I’m glad I read through these comments & replies! Saves me the trouble of making a redundant post.
      Do you really believe he would use a dictionary if it was given to him???

  1. This from a dirtbag who owes millions in back taxes******************yeah right like we are going to listen to a criminal


    1. He has an equal right to be as much a lying and supremely ignorant communist as his lying communist muslim jihadist leader.

  3. First of all, He is crook, and second, it is the democrats that are acting Marxist!!

  4. lets do an experiment, spend 1 week with a group of Tea party people. Then spend a week with a group of Hamas and see which group you survive. But please stay with the tea party first.

    1. I like that idea. However, I have challenged people with closed minds like Rangel to spend one week watching Fox News and tally every time they hear Fox demean, belittle, laugh at, or use foul language while reporting about people with differing opinions. They are afraid to take the challenge and do not respond. I have watched MSNBC and find numerous tallies of demeaning, belittling, laughing at, foul language and ………. Fox talks respectively to people they disagree with philosophically and allows them to present their views.

    2. I have a question; “Is that ISIS closing in on Baghdad our the Democrat Party of the United States?”

      After all, ISIS was trained by the Democrats. They were given weapons by the Democrats. And even had moral support from the Democrat’s double operative, RINO Senator John McCain.

      So tell us Rangel, you communist swine.

    3. Better yet: Lock him up in a room with Hamas and a plate of pork ribs. We’ll see who walks out alive…

    4. give me that plate and I’ll take on Hamas for him :) You know he sold his soul to keep from going to jail. I wonder how much more blackmail the dems have on him.

    5. Bovine defication go to Hamas first never ever to be heard from or of again! By all means charlie you gross bag of New York Sewage!

  5. oh come on. who in their right mind pays any attention to this blowhard anyway ?.he has no credibility

    and has a number of ethics violations.

    1. and still he rules, sickening, my physicality has many symptoms of the stress this nation is suffering because of these criminals ruling us.

  6. Charlie, you’re forgetting about WE THE PEOPLE. So the WE THE PEOPLE people aren’t supposed to have representation via the Tea Party because WE THE PEOPLE no longer get it via the Republican Party? And WE THE PEOPLE are just supposed to shut up when we don’t agree with o? And speaking of negotiating, umm, let’s see. . .WHO is it that won’t negotiate?!?!? Charlie, honey, I think there’s a nice warm bed in a facility for you somewhere. . .

    1. Of course WE THE PEOPLE do not count. The only thing we count for is taking money away from us to give to those who do not want to work but will vote for him.

  7. Rangel has been a D-bag for a long time. Great military service, but he went downhill after that. He is dirty, dirty, dirty and is one of the few congressman ever to be censured. Campaigns issues, owes back taxes, shaky charitable dealings. Charlie….here is some advice. When your $h@# is in the street, keep your big yapper shut.

    1. McCain’s military service is hard to beat. He is a true national hero. His political record is weaker. But he hasn’t been a liar like Obama and tax cheat like Charlie “my pockets are full” Rangel.

  8. The number of despicable low-life criminals in politics is a reflection on the majority of Americans.

    1. They say this fool will win Minnesota again so apparently they like it raw and smothered in lies and innuendos!

    2. He won by a margin of ~250 proven illegal votes, and for whatever reason Coleman and the MN repubs chose not to continue the issue (after the six months of recounts).

  9. What a joke….”Trying to repeal laws”? Really? He had to go down that path? How about a tin-pot dictator that don’t even obey the laws or the Constitution. One day these criminals will all stand before a Holy God and give an account. And that day can’t come fast enough

  10. Only a racists like Charlie Rangel and Al Sharpton would make a racists remark like this,and they continually get by with this racism.

    1. Yes him too and so many others that should be named as what they truly are RACISTS and using their own race to feather their nests.

  11. Pardon me, Consider the source, this is the result of New York district thinking,or SOCIALIST TACTICS. So we ignore and continue to fight for our Constitution, ensure our Liberty and prosperity for the future. Charlie can suck a root!

  12. Pardon me, Consider the source, this is the result of New York district thinking,or SOCIALIST TACTICS. So we ignore and continue to fight for our Constitution, ensure our Liberty and prosperity for the future. Charlie can suck a root!

    1. Yes, but I live in Memphis,Tn. home of the civil right museum, or as I prefer to call the place the DEATH of an Honest patriot. Dr.King was a republican and a Conservative his entire life. He knew and spoke about Diversity being the evil excuse to divide us, he wanted all AMERICANS to enjoy Constitutional Liberty. Now these scum like this guy,latch on to his life as is they would have suffered his fate to ensure the Liberty of the American people. Oh but I am technically not African American, SO CANNOT HOLD THIS VIEW ,just ask any Liberal. I am an American PERIOD! DO NOT TREAD ON MY RACE, you might get your nose busted Charlie! Oh by the way people, Memphis,Tn. GUN CRIMES SPIRALED IN OUR SCHOOLS STARTING 20 YEARS AGO,same time our city Gov.went totally Democrat.

  13. The Democrats and Republicans have proven they are NOT working for the American people……….. time to remove them all.

  14. This is the sad reality in political opinion, a dishonest politician would rather compare Tea party people to terrorists, he has disagree ments in opinions, than tell the truth. Truth is we are honest Americans, military veterans, we love America, we have freedom to disagree with our government. Charlie Rangel he needs prayers.

  15. It always is a little weird that the left calls conservatives names like that. If you look at progressives they are more like terrorists than anyone else in America. You cannot reason with them. They everyone call racist names, they try to cram their communist agenda down your throat and if you don’t swallow it, then they will use legislation to force feed you. Charlie, Obama, Pelosi, and Reed, are Anti American communist, socialist pigs. They will stop at nothing to socialize America. Not one of them have a morale fiber in their bodies. They should be ashamed, but what do you expect from a pig.

    1. Actually, I think they could care less about politics or America, or laws. They care about one thing. Perpetuating their positions that enable them to continue robbing the citizens of the country. That about covers it. Follow the almighty dollar!

  16. Who is Charlie to call people who want our country governed by the documents that have worked so well for over 200 years, who is he to call them terrorists? Does he and Harry know what a terrorist is? They just sound so stupid.

  17. I think, excuse the pun, “its the pot calling the kettle black”. Rangel is the one who is trying to use intimidating methods to threaten people. He Knows that in the USA today, people really do care about doing away with racist mentality. SO WHAT DOES HE DO, he resorts to mental terrorism to use the “good intentions of Americans” against a group that only talks about rebuilding the strength of our country economically, militarily and in leading the rest of the world to valuing all human beings regardless of their race, ethics, culture and views. The TEA Party is not racist and I think intelligent Americans and particularly the GOP should STOP trying to run away from them and stop being cowards and stand up for the Tea Party who expresses basic Republican values. Stop letting the MENTAL TERRORISM of people like Rangel silence you. TRUTH is never wrong, nor do people told truths, no matter how unpleasant the reality of the moment GO WRONG because Truth will EMPOWER YOU TO FACE AND DEAL WITH BAD SITUATIONS. Lies do just the opposite. They take way any power you might have to control a situation effectively. Rangel has shown by his actions that he is NOT WORTHY OF being a representative in Congress.

  18. I don’t know…he is somewhat right…Hamas wants Israel gone . I want him gone. They fight for their “homeland”. I will fight for my America. He’s a commie and I’ll take him out…He’s not all wrong….maybe I’ll lob a bomb at him one day….ok it was only a dream I had but…

  19. obama loves hamas so rangel if hamas is like the tea party (only in your pea brain), obama must love the Tea Party!

  20. Just look in his eyes, what do you see? I do not see hope or love, only hatred that is what he displays. We as Americans want and need positive leaders, not criminals trying to convince us
    we want what he does.

  21. Rangel is a psychopath who supports Hamas. These liberals aren’t sane people. They are mentally ill narcissists lying, stealing, slandering, using, betraying, cheating and projecting their greedy passive aggressive violent behaviors from a delusional world of deep denial and failure.

  22. Im sick or everyone grouping us with republicans and crackpots… We believe in the fundamental principles of Our REPUBLIC. Its not about political parties its about wanting what the constitution states without party political f&cling things up!

  23. Yeah, Charlie, the Tea Party’s demands that our government respect the rule of law, follow the Constitution, not bail out banks and big businesses with taxpayer money, not force us all to pay for the murder of millions of infants….are just like Hamas. Every time you open your mouth, you provide more evidence that you are a dunce as well as a hate-monger. You and those who think like you are a cancerous tumor in our government and you need to be removed before you are allowed to finish destroying everything good in this country. Only a moron or an evil s.o.b. would compare a grassroots movement of decent, law-abiding, peaceful, patriotic, freedom-loving Americans to a Middle East anti-Semitic terrorist organization. You disrespect the Constitution, the rule of law, the office you hold, the people you represent, and every decent American citizen. Shame on you. You look like a devil in this picture. Your words reveal that you are just as vile on the inside.

    1. The Banks paid back their money with interest and remember most were forced by Bush to take the money, or else! It is Obamanomics idiot that lost all of the money, GM, is just the biggest dud and Obamanomics screwed the investor’s and where is GM today? Every Obamanomics pick has lost money, even his Mommy Jeans have lost and it is because of Michelle the Gorgeous George of the Family as lond as she is not snarling!

    2. Yes, the banks were Bush’s deal, and I believe that was the impetus for the grassroots Tea Party movement to start. They objected to having their tax money wasted on bailouts. They were tired of being ignored. They acted on their own interests as well as the best interests of all individuals in this country. They should be thanked, not derided. They’ve been verbally abused, slandered, and attacked with physical violence by leftists of all kinds – Democratic voters, Democratic politicians, Republican politicians, socialists, communists, Occupy hippie-wannabe weirdos, anarchists, druggies, and various “useful idiots.” Charlie Rangel is a scumbag, but why is he still in office? He can’t elect himself. He has to have help. Not one Democrat has the moral fiber to call him out on any of his slanderous, hateful, racist, ignorant rants. That speaks volumes about THEM, not just him.

    3. Didn’t Clinton, when he was POTUS, do that very thing so Ragdoll could have a house too……

    4. I beg your pardon but Obama forced them to take the money,and rangel stopped Bush from shutting down Freddie and Fannie mae with their housing bubble !

    5. No it was George Bush and Paulsen who made the banks take the cash whether they needed it or not so more Americans wouldn’t withdraw their money from the gambling banks who didn’t apparently care whose money it was! Rangel, Franks, and Dodd all stopped Bush multiple times to reign in the Fools at Freddy & Fanny!

  24. You filthy, crooked politician that has overstayed your welcome! We have a first amendment right to try to stop an administration that wants to fundamentally destroy(change) America.

  25. What kind of POS is Rangel. He is part of a political group that more resembles a cabal than an administration. He is in league with the most corrupt administration this country has ever seen. What a complete idiot!

  26. “And you have to admit that that’s complex to have someone to think that attacking human beings that are innocent by missiles, and destroying the lives of children that they are going to get some reward after they die. Well, that’s worst than the Tea Party’s thinking. You know what I mean?”

    Yeah Charlie, I know what you mean. It’s like when you vote again and again to remove legal protection from innocent pre-born babies resulting in the destruction of millions of children and then you think you are going to go to heaven someday, that’s worse than the Tea Party. Is that what you meant?

  27. “…these kids are being held by people that have no moral standards.” Well, we all know that he is the expert on “people that have no moral standards.” I thought he was referring to the Democrats.

  28. Another prime example of what is wrong with our Public School System! Tell your Urban Brothers and Sisters to jump on board the School Choice Train which will help every child go to a better school until the Public Schools are fixed or replaced. School Choice is the answer to open roads up for success, and not just college but trade schools which need Math strong personnel to fill the jobs of tomorrow but Public Schools are failing as the Unions protect their 16 Month Tenure Trick! Come on everyone and lets get the word out, School Choice is the ticket!

  29. Charlie Rangle is the racist pig. I am so sick of this crap from those all inclusive loving libs. that is unless you don’t conform and believe all the bs they tell you.

  30. Well, if the TEA party is just like Hamas, then obama and the entire left should be supporting them the same way they support Hamas.

  31. Another demo of the fruit of low-information voters-a truly clueless, loudmouthed politician.

  32. You can always tell when the Socialist communist Demoncrat AKA liberal party is speaking a HALF TRUTH; take this accusation it is the truth, HALF TRUTH; when the socialist Communist Demoncrats make these kind of off the wall accusations they are trying to distract from the truth that they are like Hamas, Not hard to figure out they speak the truth just lie about what the truth is and blame the other side.

  33. You guys have probably noticed that Charlie is sliding downward mentally.
    It’s worse every year and he is propped up by MSM, much like someone else we all know, his racist remarks overlooked, his faulty common sense (hamas) comment, Charlie is not a good senator anymore, and is a detriment to the USA, he makes nothing better, only worse! His speech and actions are intolerable for a senator, and should be re- evaluated for his job. His sanity or mental soundness is in question and most agree that he is no longer qualified for the Job, he can’t even remember to pay his taxes, gawd!

  34. Rangel you know this you’re should live with Hams then you could see just how they treat people. RangEL you’re left wing LIBERAL.

  35. I look at it more like the Tea Party are like the founders of this country and Charlie and his ilk are like King George. I’m sure that now as back then the feelings are mutual. F**K Caesar Charlie………………K?

  36. If you don’t recognize the impact of “The politics of Corruption” in Rangel, then jump back in bed and go back to sleep, it’s too late for you! This man was once a soldier and a decorated veteran of the war in Korea. Fast-forward to many, many years of being a politician and note that he now believes that “any person that believes in the Constitution, freedom and thinking for one’s self” is a terrorist, an Hamas Terrorist! I am sure that if Dr. King was still with us, he would be deeply ashamed of Mr. Rangel!

  37. So they want to “distinguish” us, do they??? We’ll be my guest!!! Distinguish away!

  38. He is just a POS that has been in his position for way too long. Get him out and start term limits on all of them!!!%

  39. There are 3 kinds of criminals, in order of their rising criminality:
    1) Ordinary communists who adore Lenin, Stalin, and Castro – like our liberals, progressives, college professors in “social sciences”, environmentalists, Democrats,…
    2) Racists like Obama, Holder, and Rangel;
    3) The worst of the above – those who are both communists and racists like Holder, Rangel, and Mullah B. Hussein Obama – our Marxist Muslim President from Kenya.

  40. Charlie is irrelevant outside of his ethnocentric district in New York. If not for outrageous statements, you’d never even hear from him anymore.

  41. He’s nothing but a fat, old racist, gasbag, just like his bro from another ho, Al Sharpton…cept Al ain’t fat no mo.

  42. Don’t you just love how a Tax Cheat DNC grubber like Rangle can sit in his tax paid office and call you who believe in all things American a terrorist……I cannot wait for the day when I see those like Rangle and his ilk having one foot in their mouth and the other up their butt….

  43. When the Tea Party starts decapitating people in the halls of Congress then we can talk…..fonzanoon.

  44. This POS well he is so Racist I cant even make a comment on the Pile of Democrap B/S he dumped on the Floor.
    He looks Half Pass Dead so I think he wont matter much longer. ” Tea Party for Life “

  45. So people who want less government involvement and think that they are Taxed Enough Already are terrorists? Why, because they threaten established politicians? Why is this ethically challenged man still allowed in politics?

  46. Rangel is not a decent human being. I seldom say that about a person because it is the worst insult that I give and implies that the person is not worthy of the slightest modicum of respect. But I will repeat for emphasis. Rangel is not a decent person. I feel the same way about Lois Lerner.

  47. Charlie’s day is long gone. He should retire to his “tax free” beach house in the Caribbean, that he earned from being a politician.

  48. Rangle is mostly right.

    The main difference is that Hamas members smell better.

    1. I see we have an Obama butt licker troll on here now, lol! Always refreshing to see a tad of stupidity to brighten up the day. Hope you don’t leave soon, it is always hilarious to see the ignorance of the dark side, lol!

    2. Iraq war over. Thanx Obama

      All Americans have health care. Thanx Obama

      Nation out of Bush’s depression. Thanx Obama

      Economy growing. Thanx Obama

      Dollar value steady. Thanx Obama

      Unemployment lower than in the Bush Era. Thanx Obama

      Housing market improving. Thanx Obama

      Millions of Americans not homeless. Thanx Obama

      American Banks solvent. Thanx Obama

      Inflation low. Thanx Obama

      Yup, Obama has been a spectacularly successful president. One of the top 10…

    3. Are you a complete moron or just a liar?

      Iraq war over. – LOL!!

      All Americans have health care. – LOL! Only about 30 million shy.

      Nation out of Bush’s depression. – Yeah best recovery ever!

      Economy growing. – Presidents have little to do with that.

      Dollar value steady. – LOL!

      Unemployment lower than in the Bush Era. – Not for most of it – are you completely clueless?

      Housing market improving. – Impending bubble

      Millions of Americans not homeless. – WHAT??

      American Banks solvent. – LOL again – Federal reserve and fractional banking? Good luck with that.

      Inflation low. – uh…okay really?

      Yup, Obama has been a spectacularly successful president. One of the top 10…


      Here’s one for you: She was Hannah Montana when Bush was president.


      You’re a stupendous Kool-Aid drinker!

  49. Rangel is so mentally deluded and corrupt, which is obvious even to the most unobservant, that you can imagine what Rangel’s Constituents must be like! They are either as Criminal and Deceitful as Rangel himself, or they are completely intellectually challenged. They have to be in order to keep reelecting this scumbag.

  50. Hardly news anymore when Rangel says moronic and offensive things. He needs to hang out with Miko Peled whose busy blaming Bibi Netanyahu for the three teenagers kidnapped and saying that Yeshiva schools are breeding grounds for terrorists. Douche. Bags.

  51. Since we do not bow down and accept their “benevolent” leadership, we are terrorists. Since we do not accept their social engineering and the corruption that keeps them in office, we are terrorists. The government treats us as subjects, and we are terrorists.

    It is time to remove these people from office. It is time for their minions to be shown true freedom and liberty…

  52. they make this stuff up as they go along, in NO way is the Tea Party a group of terrorists…and we are patriotic to our country, not our president. the constitution is a set of laws that we are to live by, and our current administration isn’t

  53. Repeal bills that are law … does Charles still think slavery is a good idea or did we need to fix that??? What an angry fool.

  54. We know that these victims, these kids are being held by people that have no moral standards.
    Charley has a gargantuan case of hubris, coupled with stunning level of ignorance about the Tea Party.Charley should know as he and his liberal party have no morals to speak of. They have backed the Gay /Lesbian movement while waging war against religious rights here in America.

    1. Charlie knows exactly what the Tea Party is….and can’t stand it. After all, it would put an end to fools like him even being in office.

    2. But Charlie will never admit his party is the communist socialist party of America.

      “Socialism is a philosophy of failure,
      the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy,
      its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery..”
      – Winston Churchill

  55. Impeachments and High Treason and all that in Government including Ragel is Brake Constitution Laws and The Bill Of Rights, Ragel is Unconstitutional in all with all others , should be put in Leavenworth !0 to live

  56. Rangel, you are crazy. Our President is shredding the Constitution, he is aiding and abetting the terrorists. He is stripping our rights away. You know it’s true and so does Brennan. Wait until the Muslims let loose on this Country. I guess you’ll still stick up for Obama even when people are being beheaded in the streets. Open your eyes. What would you do if a white president was doing this? MLK said he wanted the day to come when a man is judged by the content of his character and not by the color of his skin. Remember that? Obama is being judged by the content of his character which is none. Wake up.

    1. Mary, are you the same person from Lynn’s Sandy Hook Truth website — now defunct? It suddenly went dark, and I don’t know how to get in touch with Lynn. I have some important new info.

  57. WHAT AND ASS…CHARLIE go back to laying on the beach at the taxpayers expense.
    You’re an idiot, and the people who continue to elect you are even worse. How pathetic!

  58. See, that’s what’s wrong with democrats like Rangel, he wants control. If you don’t agree with democrat doctrine, you’re a terrorist. If you don’t agree with Obama, you’re a racist. If you don’t agree with big government, you’re an anarchist. Now, I’ve got to decide if I’m all three because I sure don’t agree with the democrats, Obama or the liberals and big government. Yes, I want to void the executive orders, laws that were presumed passed by the democrats and appointments of communists made by Obama. Yes, I want the people who erased the Lerner emails to go to jail. I want the people who left our people in Benghazi to die to never be allowed to hold a position in government again, if they do not go to jail. I want the people who have received billions in Obama graft to be sued and made to pay it back or go to jail. Yes, I want people to produce picture ID’s in order to vote and I want people who vote more than once to lose the right to ever vote again and pay a huge fine. Yes I want smaller government and I want to dissolve government unions who vote themselves money from the public treasury. I want people who enter the country illegally to face the same punitive action as any other criminal and elevation to citizenship is not a reward for being a criminal. There are a lot of things I want for my country and I know it will never happen under democrat party control. It makes the entire party look like a Chicago hoodlum convention. Oh, sorry, guess that identifies our president as a gangster.

  59. Despicable but predictable… Rep. Rangel is nothing but a Marxist operative and the party line for such men is to DEMONIZE and attack those who have opposing views. The Tea Party stands for Constitutional Government and the restoration of the Republic under the rule of Constitutional law and precepts.

    Wanting to repeal bad law is and has always been a Constitutional prerogative … protesting and engaging in PEACEFUL and lawful dissent is guaranteed under the Constitution an men like Rep. Rangel who openly attacked that principal as radical are in fact the radicals. Labeling lawful political protest as criminal and demonizing those engaged in such lawful conduct as ‘terrorist’ is not only despicable it is the rhetoric of dissimulation and strife that agitates or revolution.

    We are not fooled by his Marxist propaganda or his dishonest and immoral attacks upon his constituents and the Citizens of the United States. Rep. Rangel is the problem not the solution too our government and cultural problems. He needs to be refuted and exposed as the race baiter, charlatan and dishonest person he is…

  60. Charlie is one of those RULE OF LAW guys who uses the IRS to shut-down the Tea Party but allows every liberal, progressive, marxist, communist, socialist, Muslim group to get the 501C status … like anyone should have to get one in the first place and it is TIME TO END THE POWERS OF THE IRS … we now know without a doubt they intend to exploit us, use us and enslave us to the IRS taxation system no matter what the price or cost. WE WORK AND CHARLIE PLAYS

  61. Rangel has an intuitive grasp of promotional psychology more akin to terrorist leaders than to the Tea Party. He incites riot rather than rational consideration of the sociopolitical abyss into which we have descended. The Tea Party is a convenient false target he paints as an enemy to distract his constituency from the obvious causes of their status, that the Obama administration is fighting fiercely to thwart an economic recovery.

  62. Actually Charlie Rangel is more like Hamas terrorists. The destruction of this Nation created by our Founding Fathers under God is his goal. Pray for him.

  63. Charlie Rangel- why are we even listening to this nut? This is the same guy who got caught with 90,000 in cash in his freezer at home and said to the cops he forgot it was there! (Brain Dead ) He is a slum lord who does’nt pay taxes, not to mention his mouth is a open cess-pool. If this is the kind of folks runnin this country— then maybe we should do some serious house cleaning!! He is just 1 of the 537 off them in congress an senate, most of them are sittin back becoming millionaires on your tax dollars while they do NOTHING… Just ignore this freak……

  64. Ah, so, they are “afraid” of the mighty Tea Party, and with good reason I might say. It’s time for dems and repub to GO!

  65. Charley talking about others having NO moral standards, Censored by the ethics committee, This corrupt politician’s hypocrisy has no limits.

  66. Mr Rangel considers the Tea Party a threat to his political “career” and he is afraid. Yes, afraid the voters are going to make him go out and get a real job next year. As well they should.

  67. So, that makes the Black Panthers like what then? Oh yeah, they won’t talk about THAT group! Also, notice the lack of grasp on the English language, which is no surprise coming from an intellectual giant like Rangel.

    “You cannot talk to with a person who says that his primary goal is to
    have you distinguished. I mean, there’s no conversation there.” – No Charlie, the last thing we want is to have you “distinguished”. LOL! Idiot!

  68. We should send Rangle to the Gaza Strip for a while to see the “Tea Party”/Hamas in action. Maybe they will send him to Paradise.

  69. A terrorist is a person or group that wants to take over by any means possible. Death or otherwise. The democrats want to allow immigrants to enter the United States and demand they’re citizens without going through proper citizenship requirements and laws. Democrats know these illegal’s will vote democratic, thus increasing voting base. This equals a form of terrorism via the voting booth. It’s nothing but control over the voter to remain in power. Pure dishonesty on the part of democrats.

  70. Charlie is nothing more than a street thug. He’s been in trouble for tax cheating but got it swept under the rug. He is a total PIECE OF $HIT!


  72. Gosh does Barry know Charlie is calling Hamas terrorists? Does Charlie know that Barry supports Hamas, remember he said he would always take the side of the muslims.

  73. Maybe Tax Cheat Charlie doesn’t understand one’s willingness to die for freedom and the values outlined in the US Constitution.

  74. He’s absolutely disgusting. How do you take an act of these Hamas cowards and use it to politically attack a party with views that oppose yours? Thanks for helping rescue them, Rangel.

  75. Yeah, a terrorist to ‘King George’ Obama and his regime.
    Rangel is nothin’ but a seasoned politician and like all of
    them, will say and do anything that protects his position
    and wealthy lifestyle regardless of the Constitution and
    the American people. COME ON NEW YORK, WAKE UP

  76. Charlie knows his tax-cheating political days will be numbered under the control of the tea party. That is why he is talking smack on them. He is the poster politician for the reason we need term limits, however that poster should also include a group photo with Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Maxine Waters, John McCain….etc…

  77. Look at the number of comments. So few. Is there really anybody listening to an old fool calling a group of people immoral when HE DOES NOT BELIVE that GOD EXISTS. I don’t think so.

  78. He should see the “Al Sharpton Town Hall Meeting in Chicago” The black citizens said there is a new Republican Party in town and that they were going to join it, it is called the “Tea Party” and that they were going to vote everyone out that is not working for the people just like the Tea Party. They also said the President was not working for the people and that they are sorry they voted for him. The politicians should view this video. The Tea Party people welcome anyone that supports this Constitution and helps the people get jobs and be independent.

  79. Hi is so totally ignorant, he has no business being gainfully employed in ANY capacity….He knows nothing about America, nothing about American History, and nothing about terrorism….he is a mouthpiece for the very party that kept his people in chains and denied them basic rights for over 100 years…now they’re using them…just like the nazis used homosexuals…until they were no longer needed…. He should certainly know all about hamas….as like hamas…the progressives, the liberals, the democrats have no moral compass….

  80. This dude is sooo hard to look at…yeeessshhh…does rangel have a clue as to who the Tea Party represent,as in the American People…I so hope the demon-rats keep comparing the Tea Party to a terrorists party,we will get rid of them quicker that way…

  81. You gotta love the old tax evading slumlord. He is nothing if not consistent. Now Charlie, it is time for your nap. Just leave the little things like returning the nation to a Constitutional Republic and you will be alright.

  82. No Charlie baby, you got that wrong. You ment to say the Democrat Party right? Not the Tea Party. You are a hypocrite two faced liar scumbag. You always have been. You exploit your own race and you have done it for years. You can’t stand anyone with common sense because you have none. Your strongest attribute is how to play the race card and destroy opponents with LIES. YOU SIR, along with JESSIE AND AL AND OBAMA , are a plague to your race. You are another one who should be investigated, arrested and put behind bars !

  83. Interesting. I feel That the Democratic party is a terrorist organization but much more dangerous and wields more power than Hamas. The things that the Democrats do are Anti-American and behave like terrorist; no respect for our laws, no respect for Christians, no respect for free speech and they use class warfare along with a long history of a war on women and minorities.

  84. He says that we should not mess with the laws on the books? How about we bring back all the Jim Crow laws? How about we bring back the law that counted a black person as less than a person? How about we bring back the law that allowed slavery? Those were all laws on the books LEGALLY and we changed them. They were just as foul as Obamacare. Too bad his little world does not include remembering what he was taught in History Class in school.

  85. If the Tea Party is like Hamas; I wonder exactly who Rangel would compare the Congressional Black Caucus to? The CBC is way more dangerous than the Tea Party. After all the Tea Party supports the Constitution and smaller government. Don’t think the CBC has a clue about true intent of the Constitution.

  86. Obama is trying to curb our freedom of speech. If we disagree with him in anyway, we are racist. If we do speak it has to be political correct or we are out of sync. Well Charlie Rangel is not adhering to the rule of political correctness. Calling the Tea Party Hamas is very incorrect. The Tea Party is an American organization not a international terrorist group and referencing the tea party as such is grounds for a civil suit for defamation and the tea party should do something about this.

  87. This idiot is nothing more than a black, racist POS who should be sitting behind bars for all his corrupt dealings!

  88. Charlie Rangle does not know one single thing about the Tea Party. He could learn a lot of surprising things by attending just one meeting.

  89. Rangel, did someone die and make you boss/ None of you “CONTROL” the Tea Party. Your job is NOT to “CONTROL” but to represent “WE THE PEOPLE”. Since when does all of Congress think that you “CONTROL” us?

    No one, not anyone will “CONTROL” the taxpayers, SO now you know why not the democrats, republicans, liberals or BO himself will EVER “CONTROL” “WE THE PEOPLE”. WE do the dictating and you as representatives vote as WE TELL you to.
    You all took an oath and it’s time YOU LEARN what your job is and NEVER EVER AGAIN step over the line. That is the TEA PARTY and we WILL hold everyone of you accountable for your actions and for the out of control spending!
    NONE of you will reign us in, WE ARE YOUR BOSS!

  90. Hey Rangel?? Got any Hot Properties for Sale, that you rent control, or don’t pay Taxes on?? Love your -” I Wanna Be a Cracker” -Hair Do!! Learn that from Joe Biden?? Ruck You Fangel!!



    Charles Rangel, longtime Democratic Congressman from Harlem, is the
    poster-child for the way power corrupts. Rangel failed to pay taxes on a
    Dominican Republic villa for 17 years and, evidence before the U.S.
    Congressional Ethics Panel indicates, lied in claiming he was unaware of
    his own tax evasion.

    Rangel defrauded taxpayers by misappropriating government property
    and staff time for the sole purpose of raising money to glorify himself
    and have a Charles B. Rangel building constructed at a local college. In
    seeking to raise money for this vanity project, Rangel pushed through
    Congress a loophole that cost taxpayers hundreds of million of dollars
    in lost tax revenue and enriched a company he was sucking up to for

    You’re telling me an enterprising prosecutor couldn’t find criminal fraud floating in this sea of sleaze?

    Rangel deprived his own low-income constituents of affordable housing
    by accepting four rent-stabilized apartments for his own use. He failed
    to fess up too hundreds of thousands of dollars in income he was
    legally obligated to disclose.

    Am I alone in thinking a slap on the wrist of public censure from Rangel’s Congressional colleagues
    seems tantamount to a free-pass for such breaches of the public trust?
    Is this not an insult to the public? What would Rangel have had to do to
    get thrown out of the U.S. Congress? Murder the president? Isn’t there
    an indictment floating around there somewhere? You protecting something,
    DOJ and FBI?

    Steven Rattner is the former Wall Street financier who bribed New
    York State officials to get his hands on $150 million in public pension
    funds that his former firm Quadrangle Group managed. The scandal has
    already resulted in other pleas of criminal guilt, including one by
    former New York State Comptroller Alan Hevesi.

    Rattner himself has settled with the Securities & Exchange
    Commission, agreeing to pay $6.2 million and accepting a partial
    two-year ban from the securities industry. In its usual fashion, the SEC
    did not require Rattner to admit to any wrongdoing.

  92. Rangel a communist is closer to the terrorist than any Tea Party member could be. His support and advancement of the Terrorist agenda under the Obama regime to advance and support the Muslim Brotherhood both here and world wide makes him just as much a traitor as Obama. Treason as in ‘Aid and Comfort” to the enemies of our nation and of the civilized world

  93. Trying to repeal bills that are already law? How about a president and ag who REFUSE to OBEY the laws. Just more proof that Democrats have no brains.

  94. Charlie Rangel is in the political game for himself and isn’t afraid to demean anyone opposed to his agenda. This is the product of being in office way too long. Throw the bum OUT!

  95. If you don’t think Charlie Rangel is mentally disturbed please consider that at Charlie’s age, all the racism he experienced as a younger man was from the very democrats he is so proud of. What an idiot. Hey Charlie, the KKK and Jim Crow were proudly democrat as was Margaret Sanger who founded Planned Parenthood for the sole purpose of sterilizing all black males.

  96. Those backroom meetings he references, are they like all the backroom meetings the Democrats/ Communists have without allowing Repubs in the room such as with Obamacare. Talk about cults!

  97. Read Rangel’s comment again. This is what EVERY Democrat thinks but might not openly say it! Too critical? Ask yourself if you have heard any, ANY Democrat criticize Rangel or his atrocious comments. If you are interested at all in saving this country, VOTE and vote ALL Democrats and RINOS out of office at the earliest opportunity! And just hope that your vote is not cancelled out by the orgainzed vote fraud done by the Democrats with direction from Obama, as was done in 2008 and 2012!

  98. There are only two things about Charles Rangel one should remember. One, he’s a liberal. Two, he wants to bring back the peacetime draft.

  99. This ignorant, lying, theiving negro has never said anything that made sense and this comment is no exception. I put Rangel in the same class or should I say “NO CLASS” as Al Sharptongue, Borat Hussein Oblama and Jesse “Hairlip” Jackson. All four, liars and theives of the lowest degree.
    All of them lower than a snakes belly. YES, I despise them one and all.

  100. “We the People…”

    As John Halderman (of Watergate fame) once said, “Once the toothpaste is out of the tube, it’s impossible to get it all back in”.

    Even before Obama, the federal government was a huge wasteful mess: the IRS, Departments of Education, Energy, and EPA, all monstrous jumbles of inefficient and over-reaching bureaucracies that needed to be eliminated or cut to 10% of their size; not to mention a Federal Court System full of legislative judges wielding powers they don’t rightly possess.
    Under Obama, the specter of Marxism has come into clear view and has sufficiently taken over to the point of no-return. With nearly half the population still in support of the current administration, and more potential supporters crossing the southern border every day, we’ll never get our country back.
    Like the proverbial Humpty Dumpty, it seems we are too broken – divided philosophically, morally and spiritually – to put our 50 States back together. With so many of the younger generation buying into the socialist-Marxist mentality, thanks to government school brainwashing, it can only get worse as each election cycle produces a fresh new batch of lock-step little leftists who replace an aging conservative electorate.
    It seems the only hope of preserving a nation of freedom loving citizens is to form a new country. How to do that?
    Conservatives in BLUE states need to move to RED states to form an overwhelmingly large conservative majority then SECEDE from the United Socialist States of America and form a new country based on the Constitution.
    If just two states did this – Texas (minus the cities of Houston, Austin and San Antonio) and Alaska – a few other conservative states like South Carolina, Arizona and Oklahoma might follow. Texas and Alaska alone would have control of enough important resources including military bases and natural resources to be not only self-sufficient, but in demand by much of the rest of the world. Then, when the United Marxist States of Obama wants to buy oil from us, we could say, okay, but no credit – we accept gold, silver and precious metals only, or whatever commodities we deemed valuable. Visualize: A NEW United States:
    No more:
    1) United Nations involvement, or wishy-washy foreign policy,
    2) giving out foreign aid to “buy” other countries friendship.
    3) illegal immigration,
    4) Muslims,
    5) government schools,
    6) activist judges, or ACLU
    7) government welfare programs,
    8) IRS,
    9) national debt,
    10) career politicians
    11) 2-inch thick legislation and pork barrel spending bills,
    12) “cushy”, luxurious prisons, or easy prison sentences.
    But instead we could have:
    1) a strong defense system, to be used to defend OUR country, not somebody else’s.
    2) selective alliances with other foreign nations. Let other countries “buy” our friendship,
    3) a tough immigration policy; if you want to come to our country, you will learn to speak English beforehand. Those who speak and act hatefully about our country will be the only ones to receive government assistance: a one-way ticket out to wherever they want to go.
    4) a return to Judeo-Christian moral values,
    5) local, private sector sponsored schools without government interference or assistance,
    6) judges and court system accountability, and limited powers,
    7) private sector and religious institution operated welfare without government interference or assistance,
    8) a fair, simple tax system; no tax increases without voter approval,
    9) a constitutional balanced budget requirement at all levels of government,
    10) term limits for all elected officials,
    11) all legislation to be single issue, “stand alone” bills (no riders, no unrelated matters “tucked away” inside bills.
    12) a return to tough penalties for crimes and hard labor prison conditions.

  101. He has it wrong. The Tea Party (while I believe not actually a party but a grass roots movement) will exist when the republican party dies out. The dems can’t stand the tea party folks because WE STAND UP TO THEIR BULLS__T while the republican party has turned into the democrat lites.

  102. Old Charlie is really starting to lose it, if he ever had it. Americans don’t want to be controlled by a party, they want to control their party. In Russia and China, the people are controlled by the party. I guess Charlie is used to the Democrats controlling their members, else why would either Obama or Bill Clinton have ever been reelected and why would their only candidate be a grouchy old woman who is a proven liar with no accomplishments other than wracking up frequent flyer miles.

  103. Well, from Charlie Rangel, Hamas has always been a fellow traveler to him, so I suppose the Tea Party is in good company according to Charlie Rangel…Hamas, ISIS, and the Muslim Brotherhood, all Buddies of any Democrat…

  104. Charlie Rangel’s base must be the most dimwitted one dimensional, thinking group of fools. Name one thing he has offered or one bill he has wrote or voted for that. That help to lift those folks up and out of poverty or truly in proved either their living condition or their education. Not one and this moron is comparing the Tea-Party to Hamas That Son of a B###H is is a dog whom has proven him self to nothing more then a lying stealing slave master. But I guess Because he’s a oblow hard Obammer they’ll continue to vote race even while their dying in the streets And the call us Racist, Bigot’s. Hey right >Wonder what those fools will say when we nominate Dr. Ben Carson.

  105. Apparently, Rangel doesn’t like good and honest people who love our country. He is just another politician that can’t see himself as he really is. Pity.

  106. Rangel needs to be in the same accident that removes hillary and obama. And all the other libitards.

  107. After the midterms, ohomo wil be impeached and eventually imprisoned. The NWO movement is failing! The US is still a Christian, Godly nation. lol. Libitards hunt a hole!

  108. A little off topic here but, “trying to repeal bills that are already law,” is part of the problem with our government! They rarely repeal laws even when they don’t work. Instead they vote to throw more money at failing programs. In the case of recent veteran job bill, they introduce bills for programs that are essentially the same as the ones we currently have in place. They aren’t working and throwing more money at the problem won’t fix it. Veterans and Americans need jobs! Not more failed programs will million and billion dollar price tags.

    Back to the topic at hand: “cult type thinking”. Really? Pot meet kettle.

  109. We are continually compared to terrorist by the left. Left / Right in this country is still about 50/50. If all on the Right would boycott any thing left and by that I mean news, TV programming and all other businesses we might start to see some change.

  110. Here all the time I thought that the Hamas was Rangel’s favorite people. For he is a scum bag anyway and support the other scum and rabble of the world.

  111. Amazing the psychotic reaction from Dems when they are actually opposed instead of
    constantly bargained with.

  112. Maybe Charlie Rangle thinks that the tea party should cut off his head like the Hamas does. That would sure shut that big mouth up of his!

  113. The Tea Party is whacked out, indeed. But it is more like the the zionist oppressors than Hamas. Hamas is a resistance movement, seeking liberation from occupation.

  114. Charlie, Charlie… why aren’t you kn jail for robbing the government? You’re a criminal. anyone who claims to be African America and votes for the children of his family’s owners is a criminal. Uncle Tom Rangel, please, retire back to your jail cell.

  115. At least we don’t lie & cheat on our taxes, or accept illegal bribes that we don’t report either. And, I’ve never heard of a Tea Party person being censored by the Ethics committee either. Charlie Rangel needs to keep his mouth shut. I’d like to know how he LEGALLY won re-election.

  116. charlie-a message to you-the word “control” is slavery-as you are enslaving Americans with your political control-you are impacting every American who is not in politics of the dem party or the rino party and receiving the king’s ransom that is starving the rest of us…you are so preoccupied with your quest for control that you fail to recognize the revolt you are feeding, soon to explode, somewhere and somehow. What were those Chicago and Los Angeles Watts riots about? Gun control? Impossible with this awareness of educated people. Education control? Impossible with this awareness of educated people. Water and gas and electricity and coal and oil control? That’s your achilles’ heel. You are more doomed than I.

  117. Old Charlie is the perfect example of someone who stayed too late at the party. He is too old and too senile to be effective. He is one of the worst race baiters in politics.

  118. Charlie Rangel is devious, a tax cheat, and the poster child for the crooked Politician.

  119. Al Sharpton marches to the same drummer as Jesse Jackson. If his congressional district was anywhere other than Harlem he would probably be in prison by now. If Tea Partiers are “like Hamas Terrorists” Al Sharpton is the Easter Bunny.

  120. How freaking dare this piece of work! That’s funny coming from the man who hasn’t paid his taxes in how long? And this low life hasn’t said one word about his brother-love in the White House who just released 5 top terrorists back into society. What a piece of low-life scummy work he is! Right up there with Pelosi, Reid and Obama! They make me sick.

  121. Tea Party Patriots are
    Americans who are frustrated over what has been happening in Washington and
    want to do something about it. Tea Party people are Patriotic Americans who are
    concerned about their country. Tea Party people want their leaders to follow
    the Constitution; they want limited Government; less taxes and for Government
    to control and cut spending.

    The Tea Party
    represents people who are frustrated with the direction this country is headed
    and want to do their part to try and stop it. They are not Nazi’s or
    Astro-turf, they are true Patriots who care about this country. The rabble who
    protest the Tea Party Patriots have been indoctrinated by the liberal schools,
    so-called Mainstream Media, Union Bosses,and the Statists to look to the
    Government for their well being. They do not even realize they are being used.
    The Statists promote an ever increasing amount of people dependent on
    Government so they can stay in POWER. It is akin to slavery in that the people
    relying on the Government need only pull the D lever for their Masters come
    election time, instead of working the fields. Hopefully, these people will
    learn the errors of their ways and join the Tea Party in turning this country
    around from the fallacies of the Obama Regime and the other Statists.

  122. This guy should have resigned long ago!

    Very ignorant and too old!!

    But who are the unwise one that elect him?

  123. He doesn’t really believe that they are the same… he would never vote to help fund or support “negotiations” with the tea Party.

  124. Mr. Rangel is reaching the point of irrelevancy and he knows it. Retire and save a little honor for your funeral. Otherwise, your military service will be an aberration in an otherwise dishonorable, selfish life

  125. Charles Rangel is just another part of affirmative action that went bad, affirmative action, by definition mean just give them a job.

  126. “How did this “trash” get there in the first place and how has he been able to stay there for so long? Kinda tells you the intelligence of his constituency, huh? By and large the liberals in this country are by far more ignorant than even the most uninformed Republicans! And they call this idiot “black leadership”?

  127. “How did this “trash” get there in the first place and how has he been able to stay there for so long? Kinda tells you the intelligence of his constituency, huh? By and large the liberals in this country are by far more ignorant than even the most uninformed Republicans! And they call this idiot “black leadership”?

  128. With his record of Income tax and ethics violations that ultimately forced him off the House Ways and Means Committee, Rangel has got SOME NERVE to start ” throwing stones ” inside of his own “Glass House”. It’s evident that the Democratic Power Base seems to attract and welcome thieves and liars…

  129. With his record of Income tax and ethics violations that ultimately forced him off the House Ways and Means Committee, Rangel has got SOME NERVE to start ” throwing stones ” inside of his own “Glass House”. It’s evident that the Democratic Power Base seems to attract and welcome thieves and liars…

  130. Hey Charlie, if the Tea Party is compared to Hamas for wanting to uphold the Constitution, then who would you compare the Democratic party to, who want to tear it into shreds?

  131. Along with the rest of Black America, they keep biting the hand that feeds them.

  132. Lest see here ,He sure says the word “CONTROL” a lot in the video, Control is the key word The government wants to Control us all ,tell us what we can say ,do and hear, Hear meaning the ” Control” of the news media .

  133. Charlie is lower than the belly of a snake. Prime example as to why we need term limits. Has he paid the IRS yet? If not; why is he still on the loose. Anybody else would have been locked up by now.

  134. What a total piece of useless crap this guy is (has been for years upon years), does he think we all forgot about all his “issues” and unethical behavior mot so long ago? Why is this piece of crap even chiming in and calling anyone derogatory names? Slum Lord Charlie! Perfect example of the dysfunction in Washington and a good reason I never want to go to New York (for anything) if there are enough morons in that state to keep this ancient piece of crap in a position of power (leadership?)!!!

  135. Pure and simple “delusional desperation” in an attempt to hold onto power at all costs. Still the low information voters by into these hideous remarks almost routinely.

  136. This guy is just another Obama puppet. His job is to deflect all blame off Obama and put down all other parties. The Democrats have forgotten that there are American citizens who stand behind the Tea Party. Perhaps it wouldn’t have to exist if we didn’t have a President who cares more about illegals than he does the Veterans, Seniors and Americans of the country he took an oath to protect. If you have a President that thinks he has the right to change whatever parts of the Constitution he doesn’t like than this country has a real problem. Dems like saying the President is disliked solely due to the color of his skin. Wish that was the reason. Basically he is disliked due to his agenda which is the reason he was put up for the Presidency in the first place. We have a crisis going on now with all these illegals being allowed to cross our borders and more or less hold a gun to the American peoples heads. We are now going to have to support all these illegal children providing housing, healthcare, clothing and whatever else they require. By the way, I haven’t had healthcare since 2010 because I can’t afford it. I was laid off when I was almost 59 years old and now no one will hire me. I have been living off my retirement plan and it’s almost gone. I am the face of the middle class. I cannot qualify for medicaid because I own a home. If I take early retirement I will not be able to pay my bills. Does this President care? No. These illegal children came here because they knew his policy of being soft on illegal immigration into the US. “Come here and get everything for free. You will get amnesty. All we Democrats ask for are your votes and undying support.” It’s all about preserving the Democratic party. When you go to vote just ask yourself this one question. “Am I doing better or worse under the Democrats?” Vote your heart.

  137. I think it’s high time Rangel and his ilk are heald accountable for their defamation, slander and libel.

    Sue him and all those bastards and shut them up that way.

  138. Nothing more than a group of illiterate, immoral people electing someone with the same illiterate, immoral values.

  139. ..hook this coward in the crotch, then drag him up the Atlantic coastline for shark bait..nothing more than a piece of sell-out crap like the Fraud in the White House

  140. I am totally ashamed of NEW YORK for voting this racist pig back into office, he does not care one ounce for his constituents and will stab them in the back, I look forward to seeing NEW YORK go broke as all those LIBERALS are taking away the things people go to NEW YORK for, the carriage rides, the downtown district at night with all those lights, I have been there and the horse and buggy carriages are a great ride, Oh well maybe some day those people will realize he is old and a bigot and anti american, anti constitutional, deranged, psychotic, lunatic who belongs in an insane asylum and not in a political office, because he is totally worthless because in his mentally unstable mind he can not accept the fact that the HAMAS would cut off his head if they had the chance, I doubt very seriously the TEA PARTY PATRIOTS would chop off his head, even though he would probably be better off with out it, PERIOD!!!!!

  141. So, Rangel says: “You cannot talk to with a person who says that his primary goal is to have you distinguished. I mean, there’s no conversation there.” He must be looking at himself in the mirror – since he and his party have only one goal, which is to silence any opposition to their agenda by labeling it and the people who support it as racist.

  142. Forget the whole “tea party” link in this story, I just want to know how idiots like Charlie Rangel keep getting elected.