ISIS Terrorists Post a Selfie with John McCain

On Memorial Day in 2013, John McCain went on a secret trip to Syria to meet with the rebels who were fighting against Bassar Assad. At the time, McCain described his visit as ‘moving.’ During an appearance on CNN, McCain elaborated on his experience.

“It was a very moving experience to meet these fighters who have been struggling now for over two years. And they’re very aware of the battlefield situation and they’re very disturbed about the dramatic influx of Hezbollah fighters, more Iranians, and of course, stepped-up activities of Bashar Assad.”

McCain posed for pictures with these rebels, smiling as the camera snapped. Now, ISIS, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria formerly known as Al Qaeda in Iraq, is using those pictures as a campaign ad. 


So, the ISIS terrorists not only have American weaponry that they have seized from the Iraqi army, but they are using our politicians to push their brutality.

H/T Weasel Zippers

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  1. You cannot make this stuff up! Arab Spring is going to bite every one of those fools who thought ‘kindness’ would be reciprocated. Helloooooooooooo stupido’s, these butchers see kindness as weakness!

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    2. Aren’t you the most naive person on the planet. All these wars are engineered in the sneakiest way by American and British business people to make money and give an advantage to Israel in the region. ‘Kindness’ is some ridiculous spin the media, controlled by the government and the Israelicentric press that you obviously fell for. You can not see ISIS has been created by the US and Britain to gain control that region yet again. It is right there in front of your eyes and you can’t see?

    3. Easy one it started with Bin laden and alQuida know the CIA created group and boogie man!

    4. you can’t be serious. after 13 years since 9/11 you still don’t get what is happening? our borders have been wide open since 9/11. look at the illegal invasion. you think terrorists are unaware of our borders? where are the attacks? you think the TSA is designed to catch terrorists when they haven’t caught a single one since 9/11? the fbi has admitted that of 54 foiled terror plots since 9/11, all 54 were set up by the fbi. they admit they haven’t foiled a real attack yet. not a single bomb has successfully exploded from a middle eastern terrorist since 9/11.

      nobody can be as naive as you seem to be. you’ve got to be kidding. at least i hope you are kidding. otherwise, you would have been a perfect german under hitler. you would have believed every word he said simply because he’s from the government.

    5. Ashley, you’re absolutely correct, and I am with you 100%. I just disagree that the CIA is responsible for alQuaida. What Vibez wants me to believe is the CIA asked a bunch of Moslems to strap on vest bombs and commit suicidal attacks for the CIA. That’s not believable.

    6. nobody believes that the cia is actually running these groups on a daily basis. but they do arm them. they do create them and do talk with their leadership to steer them.

      the cia attacks secular government like saddam, assad, mubarrak and gadaffi while leaving the theocracies alone. come on, man. the cia steers all of these terror groups. ISIS in iraq are the same fighters we were arming in syria. that’s how we create these groups.

    7. lol you cant be that uninformed……look up “Hilary clinton admits to creating al-qaida” then while your at it look up Operation Northwoods and see if something clicks lol

    8. I looked up Northwoods…not convincing… to save time here. Also noticed links for other conspiracy “theories”, BIg Foot, UFO’s etc.

    9. wait bruce? what isnt convincing about northwoods? Its a declassified actual operation. What is there to be convinced of? Here.

      its main stream news. And wtf does ufo crap have to do with this?

      Look at gulf of toncan, Operation Gladio. Operation Garden plot. All declassified moves.

      And you disagree that CIA controls Al-qaida? who said that? We did fund them though, and we still do lol.

      its mainstream

      Also here are terror plots pushed by FBI, NY times

      You should learn whats actually happening in your country lol

    10. hillary clinton will be our next president because too many people believe lies while the truth is slapping people in the face. americans that think their government is incapable of “operation northwoods” IS THE PROBLEM.

    11. You fail to understand how the CIA works. They don’t get every member of an organization like al qaida together in a room and explain to them everything. The CIA works with the leadership of the groups. Everyone is on a need to know basis. Clearly, the guy with the bomb strapped on his chest is not in the know. The 19 hijackers on 9/11 weren’t in the know. But the CIA has been training the mujahideen since the 80s when Bin Laden defeated the Russians with American support. It’s no different today when Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi was running guns. He was no ambassador. We don’t keep ambassadors in war zones. He was a gun runner. We supported Al Qaeda in Libya. Then we supported Al Qaeda in Syria.

      When Obama begged America for a new war in Syria, the American people stood up because everyone could see the lies and that they didn’t want to be Al Qaeda’s air force in Syria. We armed and trained the Syrian rebels and now we are pretending to deal with them in ISIS.

      Why is America overthrowing the secular governments in Iraq, Libya, Egypt, and Syria in favor of the radical islamists to establish a caliphate?

      Let me guess, you have supported overthrowing all of these secular governments I mentioned in favor of supporting Al Qaeda or ISIS or whatever they call themselves these days.

    12. Duhhh! How about Boston!?…You actually want me to believe all unsuccessful attacks were set up by the FBI?

    13. yes, the FBI admits it. Not a single terror attack from the middle east has happened since 9/11 with our WIDE OPEN BORDERS.

      What about Boston? Do you have any idea what actually happened? Clearly you don’t and I don’t have the time to educate you.

      If you don’t get it at this point, you don’t want to get it.

    14. Pressed by the Democratic chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee at an oversight hearing, Gen. Keith B. Alexander admitted that the number of terrorist plots foiled by the NSA’s huge database of every phone call made in or to America was only one or perhaps two — far smaller than the 54 originally claimed by the administration.

      Read more:
      Follow us: @washtimes on Twitter

    15. You’re asking me to believe that Bin Laden and alQuida are following directives from the CIA!?

    16. Hillary is wrong and deceptive. alQuaida is not under the direction of the CIA or anything else but their interpretation of the Koran.

    17. The more likely reality is that the multiple analyses of recent weeks are correct, and that the phone-data sweeps have simply been ineffective. If they had assisted in the prevention of any terrorist attacks, it is safe to assume that we would know by now. Instead, despite repeated claims that the bulk-data collection programs had a hand in thwarting 54 terrorist plots, the privacy board members write, “we have not identified a single instance involving a threat to the United States in which the telephone records program made a concrete difference in the outcome of a counterterrorism investigation.”

      That reiterates the findings of Judge Leon — who noted that even behind closed doors, the government provided “no proof” of the program’s efficacy — as well as the conclusion of a report released this month by the New America Foundation that the metadata program “had no discernible impact on preventing acts of terrorism and only the most marginal of impacts on preventing terrorist-related activity.”

    18. Go back to operation Ajax and learn something for a change.
      1950′s Iran, believe it or not it goes back that far

  2. Yes folks! These are the people that we entrust our lives with. You can’t make this stuff up.

  3. Send Obama, McCain & Lindsey Graham over there with a gun and let them truly defend America.

    1. McCain already did. Notice that you never see him lift his arm above shoulder level? That’s because he did 5 years at the Hanoi Hilton having his bones broken. He can’t do it. Attack his judgement if you will, but his patriotism is without question. He has done more than most.

    2. He’s becoming a senile old goat. No matter what he did during his military service is quickly being overshadowed by his pathetic lack of good judgment. Perhaps that’s why he ended up in Hanoi Hilton in the first place.

    3. at one time I would have agreed with you, but now I believe he like so many other “insiders” have lost touch with reality.

    4. I will always respect McCain for his military service—ALWAYS. However, he has become a lunatic!!! He is not fit for congress—–then again not many in congress are!!! Another example of why we need Term Limits.

    5. Right on Gary. There is some kind of “disease” (I think it’s called the “PG,s”……….. power and greed) that seems to overcome all who stay there too long.

    6. There is a very pronounced and yet hard to define lethargy that government “service” produces in the typical person. How much greater is the irresistibility of that inaction when coupled with the prestige of high office?

    7. I voted for John McCain for the past 15 years, even for President. THEN he voted for stricter Gun Control on law abiding Americans and that was it for me. Then he was bamboozled by these back stabbing Al Qaeda connected terrorists in Syria. While Obama is drawing red lines and making empty threats, when he should just say NO ONE in Syria is our ally, and go F yourselves. The both of them have lost touch, and can not establish assets to be informed in what our enemies are doing. Heck Hussein Obama is exposing our information gathering assets in Afghanistan and giving back their brain trust for a back stabbing deserter. Obama does not have our backs and they both need to gooooooooooo!

    8. We should have been dropping pigs out of our planes until the deserts of the middle east were red with pig blood. You use what your enemy is afraid of….except for America.

    9. Puhleeze. Obama has done more good for our military than many previous Presidents. Don’t try and lump Republican idiocy on the President.

    10. Gesundheit!!…. Sorry, but I am going to be inclined to say. “BS!” to your misleading and misinformed comment.

    11. Yes like saying they should pay for their own insurance. And stopping their pay before the fat cats in Washington. Cutting the military budget and adding to unemployment. Among other great things. Yes, has done a lot. Think about what you said.

    12. Is that why he`s handing all the experienced officers pinkslips and promoting all the muslim chaplins to Lt. Col. Our military hasn`t been smaller since ww2. Is that why he trade 4 upper echelon commanders and one killer lunatic ,for a possible traitor, but won`t lift a finger to push the buttons on his phone to get a loyal marine out of a horrible innocent mistake?

    13. Obama has done nothing for our military, other than create a giant clusterfuk out of it.

    14. Our military is in great condition. Why would you try to disrespect our troops this way just to take a punch at Obama? Say, that name rings a bell mister propaganda…..

    15. Drinking the “koolaid ” again, are we? Obama has no respect for our soldiers and he shows that time and again.

    16. If his choice of Sarah Palin did not illustrate to you that McCain was not making presidential decisions, I have no hope for your sense of reason. That boy was not a deserter. He was someone in a very dysfunctional unit of screw ups with discipline problems, because the military was making bad and dumb decisions. He was smart enough to see this. Of course you were not there and did not take the time to read about it. He went to war. He enlisted. You do nothing but put him down. He was good soldier in a military unit that was not good. There are many things that I disagree with when it comes to presidential policy, but I would not denigrate the name of the presiden and use it as a point of argument, because it is meaningless and does not speak to any issue. It is what little girls do when they call names.

    17. So Bergdahl was the only “good” one and all his unit was “not good” that’s why he left and went looking for the Taliban alone? If there is ever an award given for Stupidity to the Superlative Degree, I’m sure you’ll be right up near the top to receive it! You’ve earned it, moron!

    18. ALL evidence points to him being a deserter and he should be tried as such and shot.

    19. I say make it like the old days , when it wasnt a paying job but a PRIVILEGE to be a Senator or Congressmen. You worked a real job, for your money.

    20. McCain was POW he serviced his country, I can respect that. But now he is serving his self interest as a congress man I wish I had a time machine so I can bring our founding fathers of this great nation and have them bitch slap all our so called public servants. What ever happen to…”of the people, by the people and for the people” or ” life, liberty , and Persuit of Happyness”. Our country was not design to have a huge central government, the federal government had a few jobs, Protect(military) make sure the states govern with in the Constitution, and oversees treaties with other nations. The states where then setup to govern there states on how he people saw fit. So there should be no dept of energy at the fed level , no dept of agriculture, no DHS, Medicare, Medicaid none of these services should be with the Feds. These should all be states concerns not federal concerns. The Feds have over steps bounds over and over. At this points why are there even states since they can’t govern themselves almighty fed government has that now taken care of that.

    21. their we go calling on some one anyone to save or fix this country—people WE let this happen—please call on the ones an only ones that can fix this nation—-YOU ME AN THE REST THAT SET AN LET THIS HAPPEN—i say fat chance

    22. There’s also the story that the NVA were willing to free McCain because his father was an admiral at the time. But McCain refused and stayed with his fellow POWs. Guts.

    23. Obviously, McCain is a changed man now that he is a progressive republican. Too bad he’s forgotten how to serve the USA.

    24. Well, my friends – Well, my friends, – Well, my friends—That just makes me sick! Man up McCain! Stop being such a WUSSY!! Go get some testosterone shots or something!! All you old farts need to RESIGN and get someone in who has a pair of gonads! You all come off as representing a tired old country that suffers from Alzheimers that can’t remember the principles upon which America was built! Please resign and get out of the way!! All you do is keep America stagnant, just like your OLD selves!!

    25. He’s always had those views, you republicans are just to stupid to notice. I guarantee you if you dig deep you’ll find most republicans are not so conservative as their mouths are

    26. Vibez, you commie, I do know that these so called republicans are not conservative or patriot. Like you and other dumbocrats are just too stupid but at least you admit your traitorist wish to destroy the Constitution.

    27. and thats precisely why he jumped on this proxy war wagon in syria to disrupt oil connection to Russia, Mccain did a very stupid thing by blindly supporting these terrorists to get back at the “commies” He’s obviously still living in the 60s-70′s. He’s lost all validity and despite what his actions were in Vietnam hold no bearing over this incompetent move to arm America’s Enemies that are currently destabilizing Iraq and reversing 8 years of progress we made in that country. 4500 American soldier’s lives lost, Trillions of American Dollars lost. All the blood and money wasted. Now we have terror cells multiplying, America’s national security is at a higher risk, we will be sending more young men to fight and die. we will spend billions of more printed money to fight them. thanks to Barry and his infinite wisdom and his side kick McCain the senile old fool! All Republicans should band together and confront him of this treason and seek criminal punishment.

      You wouldn’t pity or defend an old Vietnam vet if he killed a bunch of children by plowing through a elementary school with his Buick after the fact his license got suspended indefinitely would you?? McCain like Obama should both be tried and punished to the fullest extent of the law.

    28. Unfortunately, his arms were broken when his plane crashed….they just were not fixed like they should be….but from what I am hearing from some of the POWs who were there….he was treated better than the rest because his daddie was a general or high ranking person….and the prisoners say that he was telling all from the minute he got picked up. Yes, thank him for his service…..but, it would seem he may be another Bergandahl.

    29. McCain is good on foreign policy, but on domestic policy, especially ILLEGAL “immigration”, he is a Liberal.

      His military service isn’t a good indicator of being a good leader, after all Adolph Hitler received 2 Medals of Honor during WW I……….

    30. Past acts don’t have a thing to do with his current state.

      I’ll salute him for his prior service, but I’ll indict him for his attacks on the Constitution, e.g. McCain Feingold where he was more than happy to work with a Marxist Progressive (he never shows any qualms about this) to undercut the 1st Amendment.

      He’s done nothing but bend over for Dear Leader and the Marxist democrats. He can’t retire soon enough for me.

    31. Marxist democrats ,you support the republicans who are full of hatred and love to send young men and women to war, disgusting. vet 1961-1965

    32. So many things wrong with your thinking and consequently your post.
      First, you did not even attempt to disprove my allegation that the Democrats are Marxist subversives, but rather claimed that I support the Republicans. That’s a typical dishonest tactic of leftists. I did not say I was a republ or claim to support the Repubs.; in fact I’m not a Repub.
      Then, you claim to know their hearts and motives, which you can’t possibly know, but it makes for good propaganda to smear those you don’t agree with. As to sending them to war, you better check your history books and see who sent the most Americans to war and to their deaths.
      WWI – Democrat Woodrow Wilson
      WWII – Democrat F.D.R.
      Korea – Democrat Harry Truman
      Vietnam – Democrats, J.F.K. & L.B.J.
      Along with that propaganda you’ve also advanced a falsehood, in other words you’ve given false info. Dear Leader, whom you blindly support, said that the Afghanistan war was the “good war.” Now, again check out the truth to counter your deceit – 3 of every 4 victims in the war have occurred under The administration of The Tyrant – the un-American Democrat’s Commie in Chief.
      Those Marxist Democrats aren’t only disgusting – they’re traitors.

    33. Ah yes his patriotism. Hes the one that chose to arm ISIS. Theres videos of him on youtube talking about how he wanted to “equalize the battlefield” against assad. Alex jones called it. He predicted this two years ago

    34. Guess what? BECAUSE he was a POW that should make him even more reluctant send troops to a similar fate, yet he’s one of the biggest hawks in the government who is consistently willing and pushing for U S intervention virtually anywhere that troops can be sent. His judgement has been even worse since he lost the 2008 election, he has become a bitter, angry man, who’s cow towing to the tea party to avoid his primary challenge took him from a respected rational “conservative”, to the guy he is today, he’s a bit of a loon. Not to sound overly cynical but the reality is that McCain was captured, how he’s regarded as a military expert has always escaped me. Sure he answered the call and he went to war, given that, the fact that he’s so quick to want to send troops into battle does not speak to his “Patriotism” as much as his drive to settle some imaginary score in his mind.

    35. Because or assholes like him many american soldiers will unnecessarily lose their lives, all in the name of greedy corporate America.

    36. The integrity of yesterday is gone, now he is just a corrupt traitor, yesterday does not make up for today and what’s more, I don’t believe this corrupt thug was ever a patriot, I believe, he has always been corrupt, striving for power. He has done nothing.

    37. Be Serious, patriotism has nothing to do with it. He is shilling for some business interests that will make him and his cronies richer by killing more American military. Mc Cain was the son of an Admiral and once the Viet Cong found that out his life became very valuable. He was a screw up and his crazy antics got him in hot water including crashing 3 very expensive planes. He is the guy who gave us Sarah Palin and that would have been his biggest screw up if he won. He dumped a wife with cancer for a younger richer model. Now he is taking photos with a ruthless terrorist group. The fantasy you have in your head does not hold up when you view the entire story. Wake up and face what is really going on… please. This would be for the good of the nation and our rights that are going out the window.

    38. oh yea fighter pilot john mccain sat out the war in north vietnam while us grunts fought onthe ground and you consider john mccain a hero cause hegot his bones broken when he crashed land into alake the north vietnameses didnt break his amrs his jettisoning out of his aorcraft did

    39. johnmccain and lyndsey graham went and armed the isis rebels with americans arms and money to fight assad they turn oniraq and invaded iraq what idiots he called them freedomfighters, calling for air strikes onsyrai so they could build there islamic claiphate between syria ad iraq you guys are nuts

    40. if a US soldier fight for US for 3 years then decided to be a traitor and stand with terrorists, is he still respected as a US soldier?

    41. Maybe they should send the state of South Carolina. They just re-elected Graham to run AGAIN for US senate again. You know Graham: Mr. Climate Change and Mr. Amnesty!!

    42. Some people will not learn…Vote for the Demoncrat this time and then dump him in ’18

    43. Send McCain with no gun and tie him up and draw a dotted line on his neck that says cut here !!!!

    44. Yep, lets stop wasting American lives pursuing an Israeli agenda. Anyone who wants (the warmongers; evangelicals, maybe some libtards who love israel, whoever, etc) the US to protect the israelis can grab a rifle, buy their own plane ticket, provide their own supplies while on ‘vacay’ over there and….HAVE FUN!

    45. Yep, lets stop wasting American lives pursuing an Israeli agenda. Anyone who wants (the warmongers; evangelicals, maybe some libtards who love israel, whoever, etc) the US to protect the israelis can grab a rifle, buy their own plane ticket, provide their own supplies while on ‘vacay’ over there and….HAVE FUN!


  4. The “Jane Fonda” of our time! He thinks that Christian/Western values actually mean something to these jihadists and tribalists.

  5. Get This RINO OUT OF OFFICE! He is a Piece of Crxp! and is Not In Touch With Reality! They are Terrorist and only Used This Idiot for Propaganda!

  6. This picture has been floating around for ever the truth is we’ve known these dudes were terrorists for a long time and i got a feeling their just trying to use the Iraq situation as a excuse to explain why he is taking a pic with them anyways if you don’t believe me go look on my time line my name is Isaac monk I’ll be the one with the green shirt and long hair this is another excuse to explain why you will see the pic when they’ve known it was out there for ever and the people in it were terrorist .

  7. Death to all Christians, Jews and non-believers. we have more in our government that are behind our downfall by musim terrorist than I can believe. Obama released five of his muslim brothers To carry out Obama and his administration’s agenda of destroying your enemy from within. We need to impeach Obama and start filling those five empty cots with those charged with aiding and abetting the enemy. God, yes, Obama ,God Bless America!

    1. Maybe some kind of competency test. I know plenty of people over 65 who are plenty able to do the job. Reagan was the oldest elected president at almost 70 and was very competent until near the end. Even then, he was better than the much younger Obama.

    2. I agree with you on the competency test. I would like to see that done at any age. I also agree that there are some people that are very competent at ages over 65. I like to think that I am one of them at age 73. John McCain ran for president in his 70′s and I am starting to doubt his competency. Reagan began showing signs of Alzheimers shortly after leaving office, so we may have just missed the bullet there. Pelosi and Reid are both 74 and seem to be unable to reason. Unfortunately, the voters in California and Nevada will no doubt vote for them again.

  8. Told you he was part of Obamas gun running operation in Libya. thats what his trip over there to meat with them a few days after the embassy attack was all about. to assure them everything was still going as planned. He needs to be put in jail just like the rest of Obamas administration.

  9. What you’re not seeing are the pictures of Hillary in Turkey, helping plan the Arab Spring. All of this was done to rebuild the Ottoman Caliphate/Empire

  10. You’d think we’d have learned from Charlie Wilson’s war in Afghanistan that deploying nominally friendly extremists against their extremists usually blows back in your face (McCain thought he was rubbing Obama’s face in it on Syria with a visit to Syrian rebels, but he didn’t realize that if they got frustrated there they might go topple something easier next door). But a history education or degree has been devalued, all we want is “yes” men with business degrees and the desire to make a quick buck. No sense of history or the long play.
    History has given the arabs appointed leaders who run top down regimes and are not in sync with the people. Arab spring has become a political buzzword but this is basically like the end of the cold war for some countries, regimes toppled, but not necessarily great people installed in their place. Democracy is a messy business, there may be violence and civil war. You don’t help things by coming in and trying to pick a winner. Our primary concern should be nothing more than assuring terrorist groups don’t find havens. The shift towards regime change and nation building has unfortunately seen us trying to help pick winners, which puts you in a bad spot if you’re defending some jerk the people don’t want (Mubarak).
    Let them sort it out, and stick to the real foreign policy concerns like terrorism. Quit getting Americans killed in others’ civil wars. This has been a problem since ‘Nam.

  11. You’d think we’d have learned from Charlie Wilson’s war in Afghanistan that deploying nominally friendly extremists against their extremists usually blows back in your face (McCain thought he was rubbing Obama’s face in it on Syria with a visit to Syrian rebels, but he didn’t realize that if they got frustrated there they might go topple something easier next door). But a history education or degree has been devalued, all we want is “yes” men with business degrees and the desire to make a quick buck. No sense of history or the long play.
    History has given the arabs appointed leaders who run top down regimes and are not in sync with the people. Arab spring has become a political buzzword but this is basically like the end of the cold war for some countries, regimes toppled, but not necessarily great people installed in their place. Democracy is a messy business, there may be violence and civil war. You don’t help things by coming in and trying to pick a winner. Our primary concern should be nothing more than assuring terrorist groups don’t find havens. The shift towards regime change and nation building has unfortunately seen us trying to help pick winners, which puts you in a bad spot if you’re defending some jerk the people don’t want (Mubarak).
    Let them sort it out, and stick to the real foreign policy concerns like terrorism. Quit getting Americans killed in others’ civil wars. This has been a problem since ‘Nam.

  12. We have helped fund the coming Armageddon!! Just think of all the weaponry Obama sent to the Muslim Brotherhood. What a bunch of dummies with their Harvard education!!! They have NO wisdom.

  13. McCain is a phoney….he’s been that way all his life. Bless you Arizonians for keeping your choice of traitors to America in a job that distorts truth and justice for all the rest of us.

  14. Those were former FSA members. The FSA is a secular group who were fighting to overthrow Assad. The US Government was supporting them. We didn’t support them enough…and that is when a Sunni-extreamist group, now ISIS, moved in. Having fought Americans in Iraq for years, the former AQI members out skilled their FSA counterparts. They fought both Assad and the FSA. As the FSA collapsed, many members of the FSA were swept up into ISIS.
    The article is disingenuous and displays a general lack of understanding of the situation on the ground. I am conservative and against the establishment, but I am not a liar. I have seen the TPNN forum play the demagogue before…and they are doing it now.

  15. The Arab Spring was Hijacked by the Muslim Brotherhood and the Obamanomics Administration! The two did not want Democracy inside Iraq to begin with and looky looky at who is spooky, Obamaisnotmanly and Ms. Clinton both have Muslim Brotherhood Advisors, ObamaisnotAmerican didn’t allow the verification of his Campaign funds nor accepted Citizens financing after promising to with McCain! We know money came from Overseas and possibly criminal activities right here in America!

  16. this is not to question anyone’s opinions or arguments…however name someone you could get behind that is or could be in our government that will support and defend the Constitution and represent all Americans interests I am asking for names plz

  17. Once again, John McCain “reaches across the aisle”. Not only is he a fool, he is the worst kind of OLD FOOL! Hey, political class>>>>>>>>>>Thugs, Murderers, Rapists, Child molesters and Muslims all see kindness as weekness. Open up your eyes you fools! This has been McCain’s legacy. Ever since he returned from Vietnam, he has left his common sense, back bone and testicles at the gate. You McCain are a pathetic joke.

  18. ISIS is now an Iranian problem…not ours. They are Sunnis and the president of Iraq is an Iranian puppet. I am sure we are funding ISIS to fight in Syria. Payback time for Iran. ISIS is Americas proxy Army despite what they say in the media. Thats my assesment of the situation.

  19. Prison took this guys brain. Just think how the brain doesnt work for the ppl that keep putting him back in office. Does this run in hus kids that want to run fir office also i wonder. We know it does in the reid family

  20. McCain is a total fucking moron ….. Can’t really find anymore words to say about this farce.

  21. War Monger for the wrong people ! He and Harry Reid are Senile and belong on a funny farm!

  22. There is an old folks home missing their idiot, John, please report to ward loony tunes. He is not the only one that needs to RETIRE, just another shinning example for term limits!!

  23. McCain had forgotten who he is working for and just does what benefits his special interest groups. We you attack your own party, the is something wrong. If he runs again he should run as a Democrat.

  24. Perhaps McCain and BO can be detained indefinitely under NDAA for supporting al Qaeda and associated forces? :)

    1. No faction of ANYTHING can be completely trusted. The interests of foreigners will always clash sooner or later with those of the United States. It has less to do with their nature than with the nature of international politics. We are in their lands. We support one group which angers another . We support various dictators , such as the saudis but say we stand for democracy. That may be fine from a U.S. perspective but if you’re one of the people that lives there funding their enemies and or oppressors doesn’t seem too friendly. So there is always a conundrum. Whatever group or individual you support you will always irritate his/their opposition.

      The best thing to do is to stay out of it. Let these people resolve their own differences and run their own countries

  25. mc cane is what he is a rihno–more left than right an always has been an people keep voting this idiot in

  26. This old fool, and tool of the Marxist Democrats, was advocating that we arm these people who are now beheading people and committing mass murder. McCain said these guys were the ones who wear white hats.

  27. And McCain wants Arizona to put him back into the senate. Service to America aside, I wouldn’t vote for that POS if he was the last politician on earth! I can only hope that ovomit makes a surprise run to the Middle East and one of these “friends” of his grabs his oreo butt for ransom! I don’t know about the rest of you, but I refuse to pay any monies for terrorism! They can have him and are welcome to do whatever they want to him! I do, however, want the ticket concession on that TV show!

  28. I wouldn’t doubt that ISIS are run by mercenaries working for McCain’s people or the people who own McCain; since the US didn’t go into Syria as some had wanted us to. So now, they have to do so with these people and they needed money and where did they get it from Iraq. They whole thing in the Middle East is increasingly a joke like Latin America, guns, drugs, money, oil it’s all about power and more power to control more and more people by control freaks and fanatics and anyone and everyone who can be used and will believe in riches beyond their wildest dreams. Fools they are all fools. If you’re going to fight a war then you kill and kill and kill the enemy anyway and everyday until they surrender unconditionally and if civilians die along the way that is just too damn bad, it’s part of the process and there are no innocents in war, you pick a side and you fight or you die. People only surrender unconditionally when they have abandoned all hope for their believe systems and then and only then can you help them to learn and live a new life, a better life if you truly have one to offer them. Otherwise, avoid them, for sooner or later if the fanatics take control they will seek to destroy you and take control of what you have …. it is their nature and you either assimilate into who and what they are or you die from being weak and fail to adapt to what they want you to be.

  29. Send the thug in chief, his minions and most of dc to them, then let America destroy them.

  30. Mr. McCain sounds like the classic ideal Manchurian candidate,
    after years of being a hardcore Republican Conservative he has slowly and steadily became one of Barack Husain Obama’s favorite lap dogs, who will dance for his and the Democratic Parties pleasure.

    What a waste of a once great Conservative Politician.

    I feel sorry for him, his family, the Republican Party and the country for his loss of values.

  31. Terrorists! Murderers of Christians! AND JOHN “Manchurian Candidate” MCCAIN!! Holy sh…..

  32. So people can see this photo and not figure out who is funding this band of ruthless killers? This is just the geniuses in the Industrial military complex creating another monster so they can make more money and use up more of our children. McCain was sent there because he was expendable. If something happened to that old man, there would be no great loss. This kind of policy is making our life crazy in the states. The people have money problems and we have developed a sick mass murder culture at home, that no one tries to fix, except for trying to take away more of our rights. So they create monsters to attack us, and then take away our rights to protect us. No one is seeing that the people need to vote these old dogs out and get people in who are not a bunch of dummies shilling for big business, but smart educated elected officials who will help the American people and America like they like to help Israel now?

  33. guess what arizona, if you vote for this “traitor” again you get what you deserve….(first viet nam now syria) just goes to show you cant trust him as it been proven now 2x over

  34. John McCain is too stupid to realize when he’s being duped. He needs to resign in shame and let a Tea Partier take his place.

  35. Let em unify, let em declare war. Return the favor. Done right it would last oh, about…..two hours.

  36. I have always respected McCain on his military service and being a prisoner of war and the torture he went through.but in the last years he has become a lunatic way too old to be in a position he’s in they keep voting him in

  37. The one pictured on the left is Abu Mosa. Mr Mosa is the press officer for ISIS. His proclamation on a Vice News video on YouTube has Mr. Mosa say “We will raise flag of Allah in the White House.” Who knows what kind of dangerous deals McCain is attempting to make with terrorists. If he wasn’t a senator he would be tried for treason.