Gun Owners of America President: Hillary is Echoing the Words of King George III

Make no mistake, the left has not given up on their relentless assault on the Second Amendment; they are simply waiting for the next tragedy to advance their gruesome agenda.
On Tuesday, TPNN’s Tim Constantine spoke with Larry Pratt, the executive director of Gun Owners of America about the recent comments from presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton who regarded those who oppose anti-gun rights measures as terrorists.
“We cannot let a minority of people, and that’s what it is, it is a minority of people, hold a viewpoint that terrorizes the majority of people,” Clinton said last week referring to those who reject anti-gun rights measures pushed by Democrats.
Pratt remarked that Clinton’s comments are modern-day echoes of the words of King George III, the British monarch against whom Americans rebelled.
“Mrs. Clinton’s remarks are interesting in a number of ways, one of which is that she is echoing in the 21st century, jargon and the very words of King George.”
Pratt noted that those who preached against George’s tyranny were often vilified as terrorists, as evil, as Satan worshippers, etc.
Noting that those who fought against King George came to embrace their patriot labels, Pratt concluded that the Tea Party has done similarly. 

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    1. As I sit here I still am amazed that so very many citizens don’t get that there is virtually no difference between those who control both parties. They are both working towards a new world order. The last step being to disarm the populace of this country. Once that happens there will be no way to resist them any longer. They all have security details just because they fear us, a well armed citizenry.

    2. I agree Bill but until we get someone from another party other then Dem or Rep I will vote the lesser of two evils and vote Republican!

    3. The lesser? Still EVIL!!! And nothing will change/ So America, when will we start voting for the true champion of the people and our God. Yeh , seems so religious and goes with the great commission, to spread the true Word of God to all peoples and all nations. And just how would that happen if we vote in EVIL?

    4. That’s just it! We ARE a well armed citizenry. Too many of us vets with guns. Good luck trying to disarm us.

    5. Who do you think the FEMA camps are for? When they come for your guns, just like Hitler, they will take you.

    6. There is no difference between the parties in many ways. However, the Democratic party has been the one continuously assaulting the”Bill of Rights” to advance their agenda. That, is a very big, easy to spot and totally unacceptable difference right there.

    7. The Dems have embraced the full-on Socialist/ Marxist/ Fascist world view. The Washington establishment mentality of burocracy has been bringing more politicians into the big Government power structure. We should do all we can to oust all crooked politicians, and support Constitutionalist types for Washington and local leadership. Try to be a happy warrior and inform our neighborhoods on the positives of Conservative/ Constitutional/ Libertarian government as an alternative to the oppressiveness of nanny-state Socialism.

    8. Anybody who thinks they are not all in it together should google “Club of Rome” and read some quotes and history. These people are true elitists and don’t have a caring bone in their bodies.

    9. This *beast was an agent of the *dragon (*Satan) to fight against God’s people. It fought against God’s people and it killed many of them. The *beast set himself up as the ruler of the world. He opposed Christ and God’s people. He was against God. He was *Satan’s answer to Christ. He was the man of *sin and he was called the *Antichrist (1 John 2:18). The *dragon (*Satan) gave his own power to this *beast. The *beast was a man whom *Satan possessed.

      One of the *beast’s 7 heads had an injury. But the *beast did not die because of it. He lived and he became famous. The whole world went after the *beast. He became the most powerful man on earth. This man will oppose God. In fact, this man will oppose everything that people call God. This man will oppose all that they *worship. He will say that he is more powerful than any god. He will even sit in the *temple of God. He will say that he is God.’ (2 Thessalonians 2:4). The *beast fought against God’s people. He killed many of them. He seemed to achieve what he aimed to do. He defeated God’s people on the earth. But they will go into heaven to be with the *Lord. He had power over all the earth. The people of the earth accepted him as the leader of the world. But his power came from the *dragon. And God allowed him to use that power for just a short time. Be prepared…there is NO pre tribulation rapture!!!

    10. There is a difference. The Right want to keep the Constitution and the Bill of rights. The left wants to do away with both and have the American Taxpayer dependent on them for everything.

    11. You’re wrong. Not even the so called conservative right will change a darn thing. Just look at the record if you don’t believe me. Even at the times when we’ve elected the Repubs/ conservatives, the same old policies keep on keeping on, and nothing has changed. They are all good at pretending and telling the electorate what they want to hear . You are believing what they set out to entice you to believe in the beginning. Smoke and mirrors are now a joke, they don’t even try to hide what they are pushing for, and that’s a one world/ compliant citizenry.

    12. Then vote Tea Party! This Party is the new generation of Republicans! No more Demrats or old school Rinos!! Let’s give them a chance!!! They are the only ones standing up for this Country and the other parties are so intimidated by them they refer to them as teabaggers!! So let’s vote them in and see what happens!!!!

    13. Good idea to vote against Hillary in the primary in 2016. If you’re anything else than Democratic, change your registration to Democratic (if you have to, or regardless) in time to vote, then switch it back for the general election. If nothing else, that will mess up the polls!!!

  1. If all guns are outlawed amd confiscated we can fire all her secret service detail because then shell be safe and no need for armed guards, right??

    1. She talks tough because hubby Bubba is the last president to get free lifelong armed Secret Service protection. If she had to pay for it, she might think a little differently.

    2. The Presidents since Clinton will not get the taxpayer paid (not free to us, just free to them) protection for life? Wow. I didn’t know they got rid of this perk.

    3. No, the Secret Service allotment (much of it, anyway) went to pay the mortgage on their house in Chappaqua. Furnished with White House furniture, crystal and china. They are PIGS, plain and simple. He is a rapist, she a murderer and that’s who Libs want?? You betcha, their kind of people!!!

    4. Our rights are already going away. No Knock, no warrant search and seizure. Its been happening for a while now. If idiots keep electing democrats just so they can have welfare and free abortions we will lose our rights. The only positive thing about losing our constitutional rights is the freebe generation will also lose their free stuff. Free stuff ends the day communism takes over. Just read a history book if you don’t believe me leftists.

  2. Satans in the House now and one more House Satan and AMERICA will be on dead sob. If Hilliary wants my GUNS she better try come and the em.

  3. How much further does the Demon’cratic Party think they can push “We The People” until we say we’ve had enough and very visibly revolt against them?

    1. It is my opinion the plane that was lost will be packed with nukes and flown back to the US before the 16 election. This will give Obama a reason to declare marshal law and remain in power.
      This will also allow for the perfect day scenario that will allow the Muslims to rise up against Christians. If I were going to do something evil in the world this is what I would do.I do hope I am wrong.

    2. I think that when the left loses the mid terms, obama will declare the elections fixed, declare martial law, and himself ruler for life.

    3. People should have woke up when Bill Clinton signed the Brady Bill. They told us flat out they were going to ban guns totally. Janet Reno-”This is just the first step. We are out to get guns out of the hands of the American people”. I tried to tell people then, but they wouldn’t listen. Now some of the same people are crying because THEIR rights are being threatened.

    4. I’d say they’re batting a thousand. We still ain’t got off our dead arses. We need to force the news media to report the truth would be a start.

    5. The MSM will never report the truth as long as they are owned by the elitists and controlled by big brother. Case in point…in the middle of last week (wed or thurs) CBS news, while reporting about Boehner suing osama, stated that while Clinton and Bush had signed 139 and 171 EOs respectively during their pres tenure….osama had only signed 39 EOs thus far. Clear and blatant bullshit, But many will believe it because it was on the “news”! (I use that term extremely loosely)

    6. It isn’t the fact that it is an EO so much (although I would like them to be outlawed). It is the matter of the content of the EOs.

    7. The news media is Democrat controlled and will NEV ER report the truth. Why would they? It goes against their agenda.

  4. if she believes this so much then let her bodyguards go without weapons of any kind…. NOOOOOOO DIDNT THINK SO…..!!!!!!!

  5. how are you going to protect yourself when anarchy prevails and law enforcement is too busy defending their own families?

    1. Or busting in your doors with SWAT to make us comply…like the Brown-shirts did in Germany?

    2. yes the brown shirts……The night of the long knives !!!!!!!!! does anybody know about this ?? You should !!

  6. Speaking of “protection,” WHy haven’t any of the recent interviews she’s done brought up the topic of her defending the rapist of a 12 year old child, & then being heard on audio tape laughing when she got him off by maligning this child . ThIS, lady, dear voters, will try to tell you there’s w “war on Women’ if she’s not elected President, but the only war I’ve ever seen is the one she personally led the charge in against this innocent child when she painted her as a seductress who “deserved” to be raped & then celebrated the acquittal of the man who had done so.If there’s a “War on Women,” learn this story & you’ll see that Hillary is its cic & led the charge in its opening salvo. god help women if ms clinton is ever elected president. we need someone who truly cares about women & not someone who just uses their issues as a stepping stone to further her career.

    1. Thankfully Hillary’s days are numbered. Her medical report was on Drudge a few days ago and she is in no shape to be president.

    2. It seems that if she attempts to maintain the sort of gruelling schedule required since the development of mass media her heart is going to fail.
      She is prone to fainting spells of a type that are pre-cursors to stroke, which explains her numerous falling episodes. She needs heart valve replacement but if they go that route she is out of the public eye for too long and when she comes back it will be widely known that she has to maintain a restricted schedule or risk further heart damage, not the sort of thing that can be accepted in a POTUS.
      Any candidate more active than Calvin Coolidge will run circles around her.

    3. I always felt that Coolidge was one of our best presidents. At least he stuck to the constitution and stayed out of the daily lives of average Americans.

    4. Yes Sir.
      He did that by sticking to a strict regimen of afternoon naps.
      He also conducted his campaign for president from his front porch, 8^)

    5. she’ll live as long as KKK Byrd, guaranteed. We’re dealing with Satan here, seriously.

    6. She, Obama, Reid, Jarrett, Pelosi and a few others cannot die quick enough to suit us!

    7. To say nothing of the fact that her husband raped and molested women and she did nothing but disparage the WOMEN!!!

  7. Try and take our guns and see where it leads you! Ain’t gonna happen!! BTW! Hillary and Bill killed many, including friends, by hit men! This is a fact, not fiction!!! Anyone that knew to much didn’t stand a chance, like Foster, just to name 1!!! Ofaker is responsible for many deaths to, he prefers the drones, but I believe he has actually done the deed himself,, 3 in the church he attended with the Reverend Wright, Reverend of Satan, that is! And one was said to be Obama s gay lover who was the choir director!!! Don’t believe me, do your own research!!!

    1. Come on Elaine, just because the choir director who was O’s homosexual lover for years was found with his hands tied behind his back and shot in the head “Chicago Style” a few blocks from the “church” the day after he told the world about him and Obama is just a coincidence. Kinda like southpaw Vince Foster shooting himself in the head twice with his right hand to commit suicide. And everybody knows that if you witness a drug deal and come forward you have a compulsion to sleep on train tracks and get run over by a train.

    2. The most interesting detail of the Vince Foster “suicide: is the trajectory of one bullet was from the top of the skull downward, an angle that no forensic analyst can satisfactorily explain without outside “help”.

  8. we will stand against the army of this government and then remove the whole lot of traitors…get ready.

    1. She’s only “broke” in relation to the Uber-Rich who comprise the cream of the top One Percent. That’s the people with a net worth of over 400 Million Dollars.
      Hillary desperately wants to be part of that crowd so she keeps hollering poor mouth because she only has a net worth of around 100 Million Dollars [ a large portion of which was accumulated from questionable speculation and real estate transactions that look suspiciously like insider trading] and she pays regular income tax rates on all the speaking/appearance fees and book royalties she receives. As long as she is paying taxes on the regular income schedule and not the [lower rate] capital gains schedules she will consider herself “regular working folk”.

  9. Do you think it would be possible for the libs to stoop so low as to arrange these shootings? Why not, they publicly flaunt the victims after the shootings to advance their agenda. Right now, I wouldn’t put anything past these low life, lying, pathetic morons !!

    1. Sandy Hook is under great suspicion. The feds had “grief actors” posing as parents and were caught at the ruse. They said they were at an exercise a few miles away and were called in because the parents were not dramatic enough.There has never been a coroner’s report issued, not one. The school was bulldozed down almost immediately after the alleged incident.
      The government had been warned about the Boston bombers yet did nothing to stop them. The very same grief actors were seen in the crowds at the finish line but were not used. The feds also had imported hundreds of LEOs prior to the bombing and were able to lock down 75 square miles within two hours.
      I would say yes, they appear willing to do anything that will advance their agenda. Fortunately that majority of the people who are shooters and many others are aware of this.

    2. Yes, and the Acorn/Occupy guy that was interviewed at the Bundy Ranch, that ended up shooting an officer in another state?

    3. I don’t know that they actually were involved in any way But The socialist communist Demoncrats AKA liberal progressives, Language and rhetoric is designed to cause hate and strife particularly among those who are mentally challenged, but not limited to these people, Oh yes they are causing and promoting violent acts, All one has to do to see this is take trip over to the Sewers of the AKA liberal sites and look at the language the rhetoric of filth and violence promoted, The rhetoric pitting one group of Americans against other groups of Americans, then yet another group of Americans against yet more Americans, causing hate and anger, YEs the Socialist Communist Demoncrat AKA liberal progressive Party is a Godless Evil Party.

  10. Hillary true to her rhetoric is again making up statistics. Gun owners and shooters are the majority of Americans. Obama has seen to that. When Obama became the Donks frontrunner American started buying guns and ammunition at a greatly accelerated rate. During Obama’s time in office about 20 million Americans who were not gun owners decided to become gun owners. I believe the Trayvon Martin shooting added at least 10 million new gun owners. It was not the shooting itself that stimulated purchases but the Donks canned quick draw vilification of firearms and the totally one sided news media coverage that waved red flags for every American and caused massive sales.
    Most gun owners do not hunt yet there are in excess of 80 million hunting licenses sold in the US. More Americans own guns than, people who play golf, people who play baseball or participate in any other sport. Most guns are owned (legally purchased) by the male in the household and the female and any offspring who shoot use those firearms until they are old enough to buy their own. I would venture a guess that the only event more popular than shooting is watching our Fourth of July fireworks.
    Even Interpol has stated that as Muslim terrorism becomes more commonplace countries will have two choices; 1. Each country will have to be covered with checkpoints where people and vehicles are searched or, 2. Allow their citizens to be armed and protect themselves. What would the lifespan of Muhammad Ka-Blamo be if he was seen planting a roadside IED in Texas. Remember as soon as ISIS consolidates their territory into a Muslim state they are headed to the United States of America. Thanks Hillary, you empowered them.
    The Donks have cried wolf since Kennedy was shot. Everybody is sick of it. Because of the popularity of firearms and the vast numbers of firearms owners every senator and representative knows that if they vote for gun control, the people who own firearms will do their best to vote them out of office. The anti-gun crowd fails to realize that the charter given to the Federal Government to exist becomes null and void the instant any part of the “Bill of Rights” is nullified. That means no NSA, FBI, DOD, DOE, DOI, IRS, EPA, NPS, ICC, HLS, Border Patrol, President, Senate or House of Representatives. No more Federal Laws or regulations. They no longer exist because the contract has been broken.

  11. All Liberals….You Can Have My Guns…..All Of Them…BULLETS FIRST!!
    Molon Labe……………………..
    Sempre Fi’

  12. Hillary wants oue guns and Mexico in crossing our borders at night killing US civilians

  13. A liberal invention has enhanced the gun’s ability to murder innocent Children in more ways than making it fully automatic with a thousand round role in the chamber. “THE GUN FREE ZONE SIGN” out in front of every Public School. Seen and acted on by the same kind of cowards that developed it and put in place this EVIL sign.
    Where is the Guard with the Gun and the dog plus the Airport x ray door device that can detect a smuggled gun? Its in all of the Public School Administration Building protecting Worthless Public Servants that have no meaning to Education and their DAMN UNION, But never the thought to put it in these very schools to protect our innocent Children shall pass their STUPID MIND.

  14. This is an evil woman, she isn’t just rude, she enjoys being evil and mean, it is verified by secret service, and AF1 crews, just a overbearing, hate filled woman, intent on chewing out people who work and risk their lives for her. The WH staff was fired first and foremost, she fired them, some was close to retirement, worked there for like 22 years. One employee it was the only job he had worked at in his life, he served many presidents. check it out! Just a mean evil screaming witch, says many! With these psyco tendencies, she is not a person we want in the white house and she may even think she is King george 1st, 2nd, and the 3rd! Not shcitting you, check it out!

  15. Of course, you have no evidence that the mosques are promoting terrorism, because there isn’t any evidence. And if you are trying to convince us that your group isn’t full of paranoids – the very people who should not own guns – you have failed.

    1. I guess you have drunk the Kool-Aid that we are not at war with radical Islam. Oh, that’s right! That war is over. Hussein killed Osama. What happened in Benghazi was reaction to a video. All is well. Let’s open our borders and let in as many people as we can. They mean us no harm. Let’s even give them food stamps, welfare, free cell phones, and whatever else we can think of at taxpayer expense. While we are at it, let’s let them vote! What a beautiful world!

    1. Nobody in their right mind would want to do that ugly old thing Hitlery, even her husband.

  16. Hillary should be enlighten just a little bit.

    Self-government’s system of rule by majority vote is based on necessity. Rule by majority vote is a necessary mechanic of any government of the popular type, featuring rule by the people through free, periodic elections such as, for example, those held in the United States. Under this philosophy, rule by majority vote is always subject to the “sacred principle” defined in President Jefferson’s First Inaugural Address, quoted below.

    “All, too, will bear in mind this sacred principle, that though the will of the majority is in all cases to prevail, that will to be rightful must be reasonable; that the minority possess their equal rights, which equal law must protect, and to violate would be oppression.”

    A Minority of One Protected

    The protection provided by this principle applies fundamentally, of course, in favor of a minority of one: The Individual. No majority, however great even all of the people but one Individual–may properly infringe, or possess the power to infringe, the rights of any minority, however small–even a minority of a lone Individual.

    Therein lies the reason why the American leaders who framed and ratified the United States Constitution in 1787-1788 chose, for America’s form of government, that of a Republic and not a Democracy. (The then existing Confederation was merely a treaty arrangement between completely independent and separate State governments, by agreement of their legislatures only and not by consent of the people, with no real central government–with only a legislative body–and with no power over those governments or over individual citizens; so it provided no protection for the rights of The Individual or The Minority against tyranny by The Majority in any State–later remedied, as to certain rights, by prohibitions in the original Constitution expressly made applicable against the States.) A Republic is a constitutionally limited government of the representative type, created by a written Constitution–adopted by the people and changeable (from its original meaning) by them only by its amendment–with its powers divided between three separate Branches: Executive, Legislative and Judicial. In a Republic, the whole system is designed primarily to protect The Individual’s unalienable rights–therefore The Minority, all minorities–against any violation by government or by others. As the Declaration of Independence expresses this American goal of safeguarding these rights, the people form their governments “to secure these rights”–to make and keep them secure.

    by Hamilton Abert Long

  17. Focus on foreign policy and revising executive orders

    I will send bipartisan emissaries around the world with a simple message that the era of cowboy diplomacy is over. We’re going to start working together to try and find common ground wherever possible. I will review executive orders, rescind those that undermine the Constitution & betray the rule of law, & issues like not interfering with science. I’ll ask Congress to send me everything that Bush vetoed like stem cell research and begin to prepare my legislative and budget proposals for the Congress.
    Source: 2007 Des Moines Register Democratic Debate , Dec 13, 2007

    A quote from Hillary. Wonder if she forgot?

  18. We need a few in white suits to escort this brain dead suject to the nearest dumpster. Name tag says— KILLARY…

  19. The only way to put a stop to these politicians who renege on their oath to protect and defend the Constitution is to arrest them, and charge them with insurrection, and sedition to the Constitution and conspiracy to commit treason against the American people! I promise you do that to one politician and this threat against the Second Amendment will stop!

  20. At all cost. We cannot allow Hillary to win primaries. Republicans in every state should vote against her in the primaries. If you don’t win the primarys she cannot run for president! We have to start playing dirty pool, just like Thad Cochran did in his primary in Mississippi.

  21. No the terrorist are equipped with weapons that we give to them–and then they kill us with those same weapons–she needs to answer for Benghazi–and WE need to not let her forget that.

  22. REMEMBER, not all Americans fought against the British to free the states from English Tyranny and even after our freedoms were won and secured not all Americans supported it, wanted it or accepted it. NO, there are those like Hilly Billy Hillary who want American to be ruled over by tyrants like a king as long as she is the queen. She’s just a C

  23. The truth of the matter is.
    Your Not A Real American if you support any type of GUN CONTROL for Law Abiding Citizens..
    That’s what Our Bill of Rights and Constitution is Based Upon..
    Don’t let them tell you any different.
    Gun Control = There are Real Unicorns!!
    Gun Control = The State Will Take Care of You!!
    They are ALL Lies!!
    Just another way for the CAT to get the MOUSE into a corner the Mouse does not want to be in!!
    But Hay!! It’s Popular!!

  24. If we’re terrorists, shouldn’t Clinton and Obama be arming us and using the American military to help us take over the oil fields of a middle-eastern country like they did with Al Qaeda in Libya & Syria?

  25. “We cannot let a minority of people, and that’s what it is, it is a minority of people, hold a viewpoint”

    an assault of freedom of thought, speech, and the idea that one group of people should be able to impose their “view” on those who do not agree with them. Demonic, insane people who support this idiot and Pelosi, Reid, and Oblamer.

  26. There are too many of us veterans that any kind of gun control would mean a revolt not seen since the Revolutionary War.

  27. It happened again – I was trying to listen to the audio about Ms. Clinton and guns, and darn if there wasn’t interference!! ANYway, with the Obama gov’t moving armored vehicles and other weapons into cities under the guise of giving the local law enforcement an advantage against criminals and terrorists, I see it as a blatant tactic to force the populace to give up their guns, so that only the govt and the criminals AND terrorists have guns. Anyone with eyes to see can understand where this country is going. Being of Sicilian decent, I know that Islam is very good at taking over countries and forcing their religion and (Sharia) laws on all. As the Pres. stays chummy and careful with the Middle eastern Muslims, They can continue to infiltrate this country and ready themselves for a take over. A sideline – as Planned Parenthood is undermining the Word of Yaweh, “be fruitful and multiply”, to the point of encouraging black and white together to abort or have no children at all(infanticide), the Muslims are encourage to have many children. “The writing is on the wall”. I love all for God loves all and I follow Him, But, allowing so, so many latins illegally into the country is just a ploy of the Democrat Party to get the glory and thus the vote. Do you have eyes to see, and a mind to think?

  28. More correctly the 1934 Firearms Act where full auto was no longer available to the public without strict registration, ie; $200.00 stamp, full background check, etc. Earlier M-16 didn’t have the three round burst. M-15 never full auto the anti-gunners call Assault weapons. Lastly, the politicians are not totally ignorant, they lie to push their agenda’s.

  29. Unfortunately the old guard of the Republicans and Democrats are in this together they fear people who can read and think for themselves. Why you think that the department of homeland security is gearing up for war.
    Disband the department of homeland security.
    Repeal the patriot act.
    End the war on drugs.
    Restore our constitutional rights.
    Teach the constitution grades 1 – 12.
    The government and courts have conspired to change our form of government to a fascist state.
    To vote for the lesser of two evils is still wrong. Support libertarian candidates.

  30. Libs worship satan and want every conservative’s guns so they can do what all commies have done to their political enemies for a century. Torture, rape and murder them.

  31. The American government would never send its citizens to internment camps, except for Japanese American’s and Italian American’s and German American’s……..we have nothing to worry about. Democide death by the hands of government is one of the greatest killers of mankind…….

  32. We have enjoyed this America we love because people didn’t bow to King George III. Thanks Patriots of the past.

  33. If it’s a minority of people that Ms. Clinton is talking
    about then put Prayer back in school, put the Ten commandments back in the
    court house and let the Mangers be put back in front of the Municipal
    buildings, I’m sure that there are more people that believe in Christ than not.
    Otherwise shut the F??? UP!!! These are some of the reasons that people ensure they have weapons for fools like YOU!!!

  34. You think it’s a minority? Do you really want to find our? You hitlery are the minority. There are less than 600 of you. Go for it bitch.

  35. i really do not want a president that has been slapped in the chin by a pair.
    My next question is, does she swallow or does she let it drool from the corners of her mouth until she can spit? These are important question we need answers to.

  36. Obama was the number 1 liberal Senator before he was elected, Ted Kennedy was number 2, and Hillary was number 3. Good lord people, enough is enough. No more liberal progressive Democrats for President! Ever!

  37. Anyone who votes for her or any of these liberal fools are part of the problem! If they want to live in a gun free place move to England…but be warned they have a lot more crime!

  38. Just how much crack do you have to be smoking to believe ANY of this. In my opinion, anyone stupid enough to believe the slightest scintilla of this balderdash should be immediately disqualified from voting and gun ownership AND imprisoned to protect them and the public from them. I hope they’re keeping a database on every cracker reading this crap.

  39. Someone took the Declaration of Independence and rewrote it as if it were written today under King Obama. It is amazing how few changes needed to be made to fit our tyrant king.

    I took it and put the original Declaration beside it to make it easier to compare the changes. Flickr doesn’t allow PDFs, so I had to put the four pages in separately.