Chris Christie Vetoes ‘High-Capacity’ Magazine Ban

As America geared up for celebrating our Independence Day, New Jersey governor Chris Christie did something very American: he stood up to gun-grabbing tyrants.
On July 2nd, Christie vetoed A2006, a bill that would have limited firearm magazine capacities to 10 rounds in New Jersey.
Christie criticized the bill as a do-nothing approach to curbing gun violence that unnecessarily burdens gun owners. Christie stated,
“This [bill] is the very embodiment of reform in name only. It simply defies common sense to believe that imposing a new and entirely arbitrary number of bullets that can be loaded into a firearm will somehow eradicate, or even reduce, future instances of mass violence.”
The move is likely to upset many anti-gun rights proponents who delivered 55,000 signatures to the governor’s office just an before Christie vetoed the bill, supporting the ban.
Instead, Christie “conditionally vetoed” the bill, rewriting portions and “eliminating the ammunition capacity reduction and suggesting in its place several changes to the state’s mental health system that he first proposed more than a year ago.”
While the Tea Party has soured on Chris Christie (for some very good and obvious reasons), let’s give credit where credit is due: this was the right call from Christie.
Of course, this is not enough to earn him any true Tea Party support for a presidential bid (not by a long shot), but Christie’s actions prove what many Tea Partiers have long contended: that Chris Christie is the right Republican for New Jersey…and he should stay there.
As for the rest of America, it’s important to remember that so-called “assault weapons” and “high-capacity” magazines are not the causes of murder and bans on such items are purely unconstitutional exercises in futility. 
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  1. Unless he is willing to enforce the 2nd amendment as written, he will NEVER have my respect or support.

    Amendment II

    “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

    “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State”

    Militias and other government security forces such as the police are to be “well regulated” because a lawful, professional and respectful agency is “necessary to the security of a FREE state”.

    “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

    The ability of WE THE PEOPLE(as individuals) “to KEEP and BEAR arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”.

    Anytime any restriction or regulation is put in place that limits our ability to LEGALLY KEEP and BEAR(carry) arms, the 2nd amendment has been violated by those regulators and lawmakers.

    The RINO named Chris Christie doesn’t really support the intent of the 2nd amendment.

    CONSTITUTIONALLY there is only two legal gun regulation, and that is that government security agencies MUST be “well regulated” and the “RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO KEEP(own) AND BEAR(carry) ARMS, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”.

    It can’t be any simpler than that.

    1. Sir, he most certainly would not. His definitions were different. See my other post.

    2. I agree with you, “government agencies” must be well regulated. I believe that many government agencies should not even be armed, except the few traditional, The Military, police departments and of course others like the FBI ATI. Not the DHS or Post Office or the Dept. of veggies (They have body armor and sub machine guns – why – rogue tomatoes)?. “The Militias are to be well regulated”. Christie is in no way IMO a presidential candidate. As far as New Jersey, if they want him as governor let them decide, but what has the 2nd amendment law restrictions been there in the past? ( I don’t know). I do not trust the man who has sucked up so much to our occupant at our white house.

    3. Good point. I think it’s about 200,000 agents now of various government agencies that are armed to the teeth and ALL of them are under the control of The Dept. of Homeland Security, which is under the direct control of Obummer. So he got his “private army” of brown shirts just like he blathered about in his first election campaign. Hitler would be proud.

    4. You have misunderstood the 2nd as written. In the vocabulary of those who wrote it:

      well regulated = properly functioning – does NOT mean being under the control of “official regulations”.

      militia = the (unorganized) body of individuals trained to arms (familiar with the maintenance and use of arms) who are ready, willing and able defend not only themselves, but to come to the defense of family, community, and country. An organized group (with officers commissioned by the state, etc) would have been called, in that day, a “regular militia”.

      Your definitions of “keep” and “bear”, however. are correct. The Second Amendment, properly understood, is a license for any law-abiding citizen (of majority age and of sound mind) to carry (without restriction of “open” or “concealed”).

    5. I think I will need to study Madison more before I can argue against your opinion or agree with it.

    6. BTW, the 2nd amendment was adopted in 1791, and the Continental Army began in 1775 and the US Army in 1784. Thus your assertion that “In that day, there was no standing (professional) army”, is incorrect….

    7. Not to go off point here, but where does the National Guard fit into all this? Were they supposed to be our “militia” when they were first created? I guess now they’re just scattered around the world like the rest of our standing army.

    8. Dude, I don’t know. I tend to think they are more of a militia instead of a “regular”, but again, I’m not sure.

    9. You still have one thing wrong.
      “Well regulated, means “well equipped.”
      According to common English usage at that time. They would have said something like; “The militia turned out in full regalia.” Meaning that the militia appeared possessing everything they needed to act in defense of the republic. Remember, they needed more than just a rifle. They needed, black powder, a powder measure, caps, ball, patches, and possibly flint!
      In fact, most local authorities REQUIRED that every able male own a firearm and all the accessories. And, know how to use them!

  2. This means nothing. Christie does not allow the people of New Jersey to own guns almost AT ALL. The only way is to apply for a special permit and show reasonable cause, which means you pretty much have to be in law enforcement or it will be denied. He does not allow open carry OR concealed carry and he does not honor the Castle doctrine.If an intruder breaks into your house, you must prove that you tried to hide or escape first before you shoot him if you’re even lucky enough to own a gun. If you have a gun in your car it must be disassembled and locked in a case in the trunk. All he’s doing is allowing larger magazines for government.

    1. except the law would not have affected law enforcement or government agencies as written. thats not really valid

    2. The point of this article is to entice conservatives to vote for Christie, since the reception for Jeb Bush or Mitt Romney has not been very warm…But hopefully we won`t fall for it. I would love to have Trey Gowdy as president…..Hey, speaking of Gowdy…Has anyone heard any talk of that Benghazi committee thing? Or has the arrest of that “mastermind” caused that to go away as planned?

    3. Not much of an enticement, since the author says at the end Christi should stay in New Jersey. I think he’s dead on. Jeb Bush would be another loser, and has somebody convinced Mitt that the third time is the charm? Surely he knows better.

    4. I am surprised to see either of them as a republican choice for the upcoming election, except knowing that the old style republicans would rather not see Conservatives or Tea Partiers amongst them

    5. I now see the dems and pubs as two arms on the same dragon, bent on pushing our country even farther to the left. You may disagree and that’s OK, but why else would the GOP establishment be pushing such obvious moderates for years now and helping to destroy conservative candidates? I have heard it said, and have even said it myself, that the GOP has no spine, balls, whatever, but I now think they’re all in it together and conservatives and the TEA Party are a definite threat to their aims.

    6. restriction on anything to do with the 2A is illegal. He knows that magazine restriction is not the huge of a deal, as an armed person may also carry numerous magazines. I believe him to be politically raising himself to a higher standing than his previous record

    7. “Excuse me Mr. Homicidal Maniac, will you sit down and wait for me to call 911?” “Thanks!” “DEATH BEFORE DISARMAMENT!”

  3. How many bullets are in a magazine means absolutely nothing to the person that gets shot. The liberals are quite happy to continue using the red herring of magazine capacity to avoid the real issue of mentally unbalanced individuals killing innocents in “gun free zones”. Frankly I have to wonder about the sanity of business owners that put those no gun stickers on their front door. If I owned a business that catered to the public I would put a big sign in the front window welcoming concealed/open carry just to deter the criminals. When was the last time anyone heard of a gun store being robbed during business hours?

    1. Yes, they’re also diverting attention away from how many of these mass murderers were on psychiatric drugs.

  4. THis is just a stunt to make people think he’s a conservative. Never forget his cozying up to obozo prior to the election. If he’s a conservative, the mooch is Mother Theresa.

    1. As I recognize this as a bold and courageous move, I think if he gets what he wants, he will just reverse his decision.
      As a gun owner, I like the decision, but I still do not trust him

  5. Christie uses all the right words—–so did Obama! The only way I would vote .for him in presidential race is he would make a contract with America to resign if fails to uphold any promises commitments made campaigning. No ppolitician would ever live up to that contract – especially a lawyer.

  6. Criminals won’t obey gun laws. Why hamstring law abiding gun owners who just want to protect themselves?

  7. Yup, he’s running for President.

    Come see us at The Two Minute Conservative via Google and when you speak they will listen.

  8. A blue state republican is equal to a blue state democrat is equal to a blue state independent. Throw all of them into the same bucket and you get a bucket of slop.

  9. Chris Christie lost his way when he got a thrill up his leg in the obama campaign speech! Your toast now Christie!

  10. If a person wants to kill more then one person all they have to do is have a gun with 10 rounds in each hand and more on their person. Or a bomb, or a hand grenade, etc

  11. Once again the progressives/liberals are using one of their standard tactics to mind control the American Public.
    By defining the ~standard~ magazine for a self reloading [i.e. semi-automatic] pistol as “high capacity” and repeating the mantra at every possible opportunity they have once again stolen debate on a topic that should be of concern to every American Citizen

  12. The day Christie bear hugged Obama on live TV,I was done with him nothing that Rhino,turn coat,traitor,ever does surprises me..He’ll never get the Republican vote,nor the Tea Party support,and the TEA Party is on the move.

  13. Just window dressing. It’d mean more if he repealed most of the idiot gun laws on NJ’s books that merely harass law abiding citizens and hamstrings their efforts to own a firearm.

  14. he is lining up another presidential bid guys! this is a ploy to try to win back far right support!

  15. Good article Greg! In glad to see, at least common sense , on his part….( for a change.)

  16. Force Christie to have his security give up all their clips and relegate them to the same clip loads as Christie ordered for all others…or just have him pay out of pocket for his own security… write off.