Governor Moonbeam Makes the Use of the Words Husband and Wife Illegal in California

Jerry Brown
In the state of California, heterosexual married couples can no longer be referred to as husbands and wives. Democrat Governor Jerry Brown has signed a bill into law that not only redefines marriage, but eliminates any reference to husband and wife, replacing each with the generic term of spouse. 

SB 1306 was sponsored by Democrat Mark Leno from San Francisco. Christian News Network reports on the content of said bill.
“Under existing law, a reference to ‘husband’ and ‘wife,’ ‘spouses,’ or ‘married persons,’ or a comparable term, includes persons who are lawfully married to each other and persons who were previously lawfully married to each other, as is appropriate under the circumstances of the particular case,” it reads. “The bill would delete references to ‘husband’ or ‘wife’ in the Family Code and would instead refer to a ‘spouse,’ and would make other related changes.”
Leno sponsored the bill after Proposition 8, in which California voters said no to same-sex marriage, was declared unconstitutional by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court refused to overturn it. State Rep. Leno said of his legislation,”This legislation removes outdated and biased language from state codes and recognizes all married spouses equally, regardless of their gender.”

In response to Governor Brown striking the term husband and wife from all family code, attorney Matthew Reynolds addressed his actions as a ‘raw exercise of power.”
“This bill continues the pattern we’ve been seeing the last few years of politicians ignoring the people to advance the agenda of marriage redefinition,” Matthew McReynolds, attorney with the Pacific Justice Institute in California, told Christian News Network. “What these politicians don’t want people to know is that their actions are illegitimate. Contary to media myths, Prop. 8 has not been invalidated on a statewide basis. Instead, these politicians are exercising raw power, ignoring the Constitution and counting on the people and the courts not to hold them accountable.”
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  1. I can think of only a few states that would complain if California was kicked out of the union.

    And those states should go as well.

    1. I live in Cal and I wouldn’t blame anyone if they did kick us out. What a bunch of absolute morons with moonie leading the list (which is long!) With LA and SF being the strong holds in voting, we in the outer areas don’t have a chance. Though the northern counties are trying to become the state of Jefferson and I hope they can do it.

    2. Yes, when lived in Riverside, SD was pretty decent. I think there are still some sane people but I can see why the psychos would want to take SD. SD has a lot of military, that’s why they’ve been fairly sane.

    3. Hey come to Texas. We need more conservatives here since all the dems moved out because of their policies that destroyed their own cities. They are now coming to Texas.

    4. Now that’s Texas Hospitality. Brother don’t think I’m not giving it any thought. I’ve been in Ca my whole Life and hated it in the last 10 Years and it just keeps getting worse.

    5. well California State has stolen everyone’s water and are blaming it on the drought! The California aqueduct has been taking central valley farmer’s water for YEARS and now the drought has wiped out all of the farmer’s crops – so we will all pay more for food – but the state is SELLING the water – for incredible prices. My house in California well (and all of the neighborhood) has dried up. My family has lived there for over 50 years and this drought is no worse than any other but for at least 10 years (more like 15) the state has redirected northern and central California’s water. Its SICK!

    6. We have a water shortage and Oweblunder is bringing in thousands and thousands of illegal aliens! Ya, he has the citizens of this countries best inetrest in mind, doesn’t he?

    7. I live in Texas. You guys voted for this nutcase of a judge. Be better if you stay on your turf. Thanks, but we don’t want you looney Leftists here either.

    8. The conservatives in this state are subject to the political whims of the liberal as sclowns in the big cities who control just about everything.

    9. I live in Texas. You guys voted for this nutcase of a judge. Be better if you stay on your turf. Thanks, but we don’t want you looney Leftists here either.

    10. I’d seriously consider Texas if I knew I could get a full-time job (I like in Kentucky and there is nothing here and nothing looks to be changing). And am Conservative by the way.

    11. I live in Tx. born an raised here. There is all kinds of work going on here and Exxon mega plex an Shell’s mega plex is in the works. This is in Houston of course.

    12. Charles, Texas is the leader in creating jobs across this nation! Lower taxes, friendly people, a much higher number of normal people, come on, you would like it!

    13. I’ve definitely heard that Texas has a friendly mentality. That’s why I tried to live in Nashville for a while (moved from Virginia where it was becoming more and more people that moved from Northern states). Loved Nashville but just had a hard time finding solid work. So while I’d like to give it a shot, I do know it’d take some getting used to since I’d be far away from all of my family and friends.

    14. I am from California, I have been to Texas, I like our weather better but the people of Texas are awesome. We could take lessons.

    15. business is booming in Texas due to the oil industry. I’ve read articles that stated that Texas in 20 years time it will be the economic center of the country. I even encouraged one of my youngest daughters to move there who’s fiancé is from Austin

    16. I use to live in California. I lived in the central valley (Fresno) that is mostly conservative. I’ve also lived down in Riverside and San Diego area and THEY are mostly conservative. But there is dark blue densely populated section of Los Angeles and a strip up the coast to San Francisco, including the whole Silicon Valley that is absolutely out of their minds. That dark blue strip houses a lot of people with more dollars than they have sense (play on words there – cents – lol) and they don’t lift their finger to take any kids who are poor (or homeless) but demand the rest of us do.

    17. you forgot the looney tunes of San Francisco – along with the entire Silicon Valley

    18. That doesn’t even make a tringle dude. More like a straight line north. Learn some geography. And SF / LA is the problem. Sacramento has many conservatives. It’s the legislature that meets here that is the liberal problem. Plus moonbeam himself.

    19. Sacramento has a lot of right wingers, some of them are friends of mine, but the crud has crept North and East from the Gay Bay Area into Rio Linda… Santa Cruz used to be a pretty “conservative” town until UCSC moved in…

    20. Santa Cruz has lost its mind. I think they have returned to the hippie days. Sacramento and north of Sac. are very conservative. I guarantee you they did not put moon beam in office.

    21. I’m from Stockton and I’m Republican. Moreover, I’ve destroyed more sun kissed vaginas than you can possibly imagine. Your women are poor, ugly, pale, and in dire need of teeth and some long D.

      And geographically that’s not a triangle that’s a straight line.


    22. Obviously “Gay” upset as the little hissy attitude and choir of words used…..
      A real man would never use the words
      “I’ve destroyed more Sun Kissed vaginas than you could possibly imagine!”
      How “Gay” of a comment you made.
      The only way you may have destroyed all those Vaginas would be in your attempts to find yourself while infecting all those women with Aides! Before you came out of the closet….And based upon your comment, you may still be hiding there.

    23. I would dearly love to see it, better yet exit the union, screw ‘em. If there’s a question of legality well screw ‘em again as they would just be following the example laid down by our muslim terrorist in chief.

    24. The problem with the northern counties trying to separate has always been the same. If this happens, they do not have the tax base to support themselves. The majority of the taxes the support this state are in the Southern part of the state and the bay area. Not sure how it would work. I am from the Northern part of California and this has been a discussion for years.

    25. Let’s give it back to Mexico. Then Calif. can take all the ILLEGALS who are coming by truckloads and give them a home. Let the Hollyweirds who have a crappola load of money feed, cloth, educate them, along with Nancy Pelosi who “just wants to take them all home”.

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      didn’t believe that my sister woz like actualy bringing in money part-time from
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    27. You know something? If you could spell, it might be that someone would pay attention to this piece of SPAM!!!

    28. Wow, great to hear your sister is doing so well! Thanks for the tip! I can’t wait to try it out!


    29. Hey Jennifer, I just came from the doctor. It turns out you gave me Hepatitis C and Chlamydia.

    30. Are there any “pretty blonde babies” from Guatemala and the rest of the countries flooding in here from Central America?

    31. yes, they are known as genetic mutants (from genetic “drift”) and alien-human hybrids (known has “platinum” children)…

    32. Not anymore, they want the nappy haired brown and black skin so they can say they are not racist, if they do prefer the pretty blonde babies, they are labeled racist for their preference.

    33. hmmm. u may actually have a point there. i wonder if the sentencing of the two “different” criminals by Liberal judges in the (same liberal) state (e.g. a west coast judge) is the same or different, in which case the preference of the judge would define whether the judge too is “racist” or not.

    34. you’re ignorant!! Maybe you should stop sounding like a LIBERAL~! Race Race……grow up! I am a black conservative ~! Haven’t you learned anything??

    35. LOL, well looking at your profile, you have 1 comment and 1 upvote indicating you are most likely a liberal troll doing what liberals and communist do best Masquerade around and acting like they are something they are not. You have one comment , this one to your profile and no followers and no one you are following. You’re a liberal troll. Furthermore, what in the world does you claiming yourself to be a black conservative have anything to do with the topic or the discussion. It is you liberals that bring race into every conversation, so it has become common conversational piece. everyone, especially these hollywood freaks feel they have to somehow show the public or prove to the public that they are not racist, so they adopt the nappy heads to somehow ease their self conscience if they have any, its a way to reassure themself and the public that they aren’t racist.

    36. The only problem is God doesn’t make blonde Mexicans, and for that they would love to sue God for discrimination if they could

    37. Yes his does!!!!!! Go deeper into Mexico. Not so many around it’s northern boarder with the United States. There are many blonde haired (naturally blonde). And there are a lot of blue and green eyed Mexicans also. I bet your the type that believes Cinco de Mayo is their Independence Day.

    38. Cinco de Mayo is the 5th of May, nothing more. I updated Wikipedia so others would know.

    39. Thank you, Hernandez. It is NICE to know that some people have some COMMON SENSE around here! In addition, it is a day which many Mexican-Americans celebrate as a Day of Festivities… and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. It only becomes a problem if it is a federal holiday and schools and work places do not give EVERYBODY off for that national holiday*. It is a little bit like Martin Luther King, Jr. day. If it is a federal holiday, then every citizen in the country should get it off as a national holiday* and not just one type of person or another because of whatever reason… It’s also like George Washington’s and Abraham Lincoln’s birthdays which are federal holidays — all American citizens regardless of type should get off for the national holiday*. And finally, on President’s day, also a federal holiday, not one type or another type of person should get off that day (only) but rather every type of American citizen should be given off for that national holiday*.

      * By this i mean: government workers, because, as we all know, business in the private sector does not obey the same “rules” which the govt. obeys in the public sector. Thus, a “national holiday” as mandated by the federal govt. is really only for about 1/2 the nation (of workers, namely in the public sector)… oftentimes, MANY of the other 1/2 of the nation of workers (in the private sector) must work while the majority tend to have these holidays off as well.

    40. Cinco De mayo celebrates Mexico defeating France. How the heck is that a U.S. national holiday? Guess st. Patrick ‘ s day should also be a U.S. national holiday.

    41. Because with the French coming to support the south, the north would have lost. That’s why

    42. Wth? After the Mexican – American war in the 1840s, Mexico was broke and later put a hold on debt payments to other countries. France took exception to this and attempted to invade mexico, under napoleon. Mexico defeated France at the battle of pueblo on May 5th, 1862. Had nothing with the French attempting to help the south. Had that been the case, Mexico probably would have let them.

    43. actually cinco de mayo celebrates the first in a series of defeats the mexicans suffered at the hands of the french, resulting in an overthrow of their government and the appointment of maximillion as king of mexico. only after the united states concluded their civil war and forced the french to leave did mexico become independent again, buy hey drink up buddy.

    44. The battle of pueblo ended may 5th, 1862 with mexico defeating france. That is what cinco de mayo celebrates. You were correct that france occupied mexico, w/ maximilian I at the helm, but that didn’t take place until a year or so later. And france had control for a few years. The U.S. did lend a hand in expelling the french, but there was more of a threat of war from prussia.

    45. The French had plans to resupply the South in our Civil War. When the Civil War was over, the North allowed men to keep their rifles and uniforms if the wanted to go to Mexico and help kick out the French. American troops marched in the victory parade in Mexico.

    46. It was one battle. They defeated a superior French Calvary unit, but they didn’t defeat the entire army.

    47. lisa 1955, i bet your the type of “racist” that doesn’t believe Independence Day in California is Cinco de Mayo.

    48. Where do you get I am a racist…..You have no clue! I do have a problem with ignorance though.

    49. Can you PROVE May 5 is Independence day for Mexico? If so, what does it have to do with California? I think you’ve had way too much Kool-Aid!

    50. Can you PROVE May 5 is Independence day for Mexico? If so, what does it have to do with California? I think you’ve had way too much Kool-Aid!

    51. Your, you’re….whatever. You’re obviously a racist since you are too stupid to type utilizing proper English.

    52. Thank you Shawn. I was going off the top of my head and was wrong. I can never remember if it is the 15th or 16th.

    53. greg zimmerman you the just because some one disagreese with you they are a racist.that makes you a pile of dog crap.

    54. There are also naturally blonde and blue eyes dark skinned people in places like New Guinea. One of my cousins is one of those people. And my father doesn’t have the blonde hair but he does have blue eyes and he is very dark skinned. His side of the family is from Nigeria.

    55. No it isn’t! That’s what they WANT you to believe!!

      The FACT is that Trotski invented Cinco de Mayo because it is Karl Marx birthday! It’s being used AGAINST Americans and they’re too stupid to realize it, so every May 5, they go down to their local Mexican restaurant and celebrate with LA RAZA, who KNOW what it’s about – it’s about La Raza taking over and turning the S. part of the country into COMMUNISM!!

      Sheesh! WAKE UP!

    56. It’s very common these days for people to deny the truth. That’s why America is in the mess it’s in. Try doing some research before throwing your ignorant rocks! LOL!!

    57. It’s always easier for people to believe a “Happy Lie” than the painful truth. Life isn’t pretty, but some people in our country live in LaLa land. Thanks to TV, you don’t have to actually live in L.A./Hollywierd to live the LaLaLife.

    58. lisa… actually it is you who is dumber than a box of rocks. La Raza movement does not want to assimilate to America. They want to take over America. They use Cinco de Mayo as a day to organize and further their cause.

    59. That may be their intentions but that is not why we drink beer, eat taco and recognize it. Most people I know don’t believe every this is a conspiracy.

    60. Yeah, there were a lot of countries around the world who were fat, happy, and content, oh and STUPID before they were taken over by others. The old Soviet Union quickly comes to mind!

    61. Yeah, there were a lot of countries around the world who were fat, happy, and content, oh and STUPID before they were taken over by others. The old Soviet Union quickly comes to mind!

    62. lisa… actually it is you who is dumber than a box of rocks. La Raza movement does not want to assimilate to America. They want to take over America. They use Cinco de Mayo as a day to organize and further their cause.

    63. lisa… actually it is you who is dumber than a box of rocks. La Raza movement does not want to assimilate to America. They want to take over America. They use Cinco de Mayo as a day to organize and further their cause.

    64. That’s so far from the reality, it can’t even see it from there. Cinco de Mayo celebrates a local battle between the Mexican farmers and the Spanish army. Some experts claim it shortened our own Civil War by a year since the Spanish had plans to back the South.

    65. Think of it this way, 200 years ago, there was a battle in Massachusetts. Now, the locals in Mass might celebrate it, but people in Colorado won’t even know it happened. After the Civil War, our gov’t allowed troops to keep their weapons and uniforms if they promised to go help the Mexicans against the French.

    66. you want blond haired, light skinned indios? Go to the country of Panama. They have a BUNCH of albinos down there. Saw a lot of them when I was stationed there.

    67. I’ve seen blonde Mexicans. There is still Spanish blood down south. Rarely, you find genes that overtake the indian genes.

    68. A friend of mine is a blonde-haired blue-eyed girl of native american indian (red) and Caucasian (white) descent making her a red-white mulatto. She certainly does have interesting genes… (although she bleaches her hair blonde. lol.)

    69. Very little Spanish blood in Mexico, they hate Spain and Spaniards. I once asked a Mexican “what language do you speak” He said, Spanish, I asked “where is that from” Mexico. Not Spain? NO!


    70. No, you’re thinking mostly of the border and those folks who come here. They are mostly Indian blood. When you go down south, there’s much more Spanish blood. Mexico City is almost all Spaniards. They don’t care much for the Indians of the north.

    71. There are naturally born blonde people in Southern Mexico. You won’t find too many near our border though.

    72. The Catholic Church is being pressured by the federal government to farm these people out to families in the church. The families are being pressured with IRS audits to keep quiet about the scabies, chicken pox, and other diseases being brought into their living rooms and bedrooms.

    73. Tell us John, as you consider your self to be quite the expert on children and bedrooms! Where would you house them?

    74. Sharpshooter, I’ve concluded that because you are making your arguments heard so vehemently over the others that you have to be part of the GBLTQ group, and furthermore you’re probably a gay pedophile. Nevertheless, there is no need for you to worry. Unless you get caught with a little boy’s ding-a-ling in your mouth, or vice-versa, you won’t be going to jail. the USA demands proof, i.e. evidence, and talk and suggestions and intentions of what you want to do or “will do” or “have done” (i.e. a confession) is not going to land u in jail. Ain’t the USA great.

      p.s. Feel good about yourself. You are in good steed: Sandusky, the children’s football coach who ran a Summer camp every year and “do” little boys in the shower room while Joe Pa looked on, finally got nailed after at least a decade of criminal activity when a number of kids came forward to testify that he did indeed violate them. Sandusky was convicted and sentenced and is now in jail, although his legal team is already putting together an appeal.

    75. Did you hear on the news today that they have a man that has a case of highly infectious pneumonic plague in New York, I believe? Better look out!

    76. I heard your mother has a severe case of chlamydia. That would explain why you were born a “Chlamydiot.”

    77. Gee that would be a miracle, seeing how she’s been deceased for about 52 years!!! I guess being born brainless runs in your family!!

    78. John McDonald and 5live5, Do you have any idea how ridiculous your conversation has become???

    79. Speaking of pedophiles, can any one tell me where the head quarters of NAMBLA is located. I know it’s in California, but what part? Thanks, A normal person!

    80. You claim to be normal but you want to complete a pilgrimage to the NAMBLA headquarters? You sound like a very sick person.

    81. You, just like a democrat fail to comprehend the English language! As usual, for your kind, you assume far too much! Bless your heart!

    82. Dude! You are the one that want to go to the NAMBLA Headquarters. You didnt ask about Disneyland, You asked about NAMBLA. Then again you may visit Disneyland afterward to prey on children. You are a sicko.

    83. Dude! You are the one that want to go to the NAMBLA Headquarters. You didnt ask about Disneyland, You asked about NAMBLA. Then again you may visit Disneyland afterward to prey on children. You are a sicko.

    84. Speaking of assuming too much, I am a Republican youngster. Your obsession with finding the NAMBLA headquarters concerns me and every other parent out there. How about finding a nice girl your own age. If you dont swing that way, find a nice guy your own age. Whatever you do stay away from the little ones. They dont feel the same about it as you do.

    85. According to South Park there is 2 NAMBLAs. the second is something along the lines of “National Assembly of Marlon Brando Look Alikes”

    86. Hey! You need to be tolerant of other people’s lifestyles you hater. Apologize to Sharpshooter. He’s probably right, it may be located in Wackoville(California).
      The sliding the stock on an AR15 makes it fully automatic-Dianne Feinstein, D-California. I have tons these fun facts!

    87. You are confusing child molesting with the second amendment. If you use one to get the other you shouldnt have a gun.

    88. You are confusing child molesting with the second amendment. If you use one to get the other you shouldnt have a gun.

    89. You do realize that straight people can be pedos as well don’t you? Just check the news and see the stories about female teachers going after male students. Gay has nothing to do with pedos

    90. “Gay has nothing to do with pedos”. I’ll bet that statement will just gladden the hearts of all the altar boys in the Catholic church that have been servicing the priests for so many years! “deviants” have everything to do with pedo’s. Wake up!

    91. How you never answered the part about most straight people doing it? You saw those stories about the female teachers going after male students?

    92. Yes, they have a “spread the other cheek” policy for their altar boys, like the gay Jesuit governor of California.

      Jerry, the gay gerbil governor was a Jesuit.

    93. Jesuit’s have strict Catholic upbringings.
      When the Jews were being persecuted by the NAZI’s which had recently come into power and were strongly anti-Semitic (as history teaches us), Albert Einstein’s entire family converted from being Jewish to being Jesuit in order to avoid being persecuted… or, executed… as the Holocaust rumors (and later facts) began to circulate throughout Europe.
      In order to avoid a death camp, Einstein ultimately migrated to the USA, to Princeton, NJ where he was an adjunct professor on the college campus.
      As Einstein related in later years, he hated changing over to being a Jesuit and growing up a Jesuit, that he really enjoyed being a Jew (but realized being a Jew and dying in a concentration camp were a foregone conclusion during those abhorrent days, so knew transforming into a Catholic was the only way his family could go in order to survive back then).
      Einstein also said after being asked if he believe in God after everything he had discovered in the realm of Physics and being the supreme scientist of his century, Einstein retorted, “I will always consider myself a Jesuit, but i do not believe in a God that intervenes on a daily basis in human lives. I believe in a God which controls the Laws of Nature which are regular, constant and immutable (unchangeable) and which can be studies and understood with science.” And so that was his answer that theological question.
      Einstein made at least one other reference in his life to God, and that was: “God does not roll dice,” and this seems to be consistent with what he said toward the end of his life where his idea of God was that He had rules which were constant and unchanging.

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    95. I submit that the subject at hand is more important than ANY brand of cars! Well worth staying on track!

    96. Maybe Angelina Jolie will adopt one of those cute little gang members with the tattooed faces.

    97. Why is it t he big Hollywood stars always adopt foreign born babies, Ethiopian, Burmese, whatever, when there are plenty of adoptable kids in this country.
      Foreign born make better show babies and it’s all about the show.

    98. Because the USA makes it very difficult and expensive to adopt here. People are put through the wringer and wait for years. When I was 32 and my husband was 38 WV told us by the time the process would be completed we would be too old to adopt a baby, but MAYBE we could get an older child..

    99. You can’t tell me with their political juice and all their money the Hollywood elite have the same trouble adopting that you would.
      Sorry I’m not buying it, the 1% always have their wheels greased.

    100. Hope you dont live in CA ‘case you just broke the law refering to your spouse as “your husband”. LOL

    101. Now they didn’t say it was illegal, they just replaced the reference in state codes. There is nothing illegal in calling your husband just that..the state codes call him spouse. If we are going to comment on this, let’s at least be accurate. I really don’t want to be accused of being a liberal. THEY are the ones who twist everything.

    102. That’s the next P.C. We have to keep kids sexually confused to help bring a bit more moral degradation to society as we are lacking in that endeavor.

    103. Thank you. Someone on here with common sense, and who doesn’t see the need to lie like liberals.

    104. I don’t know about her, but I’m not worried as I’m not going to visit goofball land anytime in the future, with or without my WIFE!

    105. From what I understand, Going through adoption in the US is a very expensive procedure and very invasive. The lowest of the low scumbags can have a baby without monitoring them. But the middle and upper class that cannot have their own for whatever reason and want to adopt, end up getting every orifice of their body probed and investigated and monitored. I’ve heard stories that some people have paid upwards of $80,000 to adopt kids going through adoption agencies in America. That is nothing more than human trafficking, getting paid exorbitant amounts of money to transfer and create legal paperwork that places a child into someones legal custody.

    106. ~Barack-Hussei-Nobama:
      the Messiah, Anti-Christ, Beast?

      the little devil.

      the prophet.

    107. I agree. They should be aiding our own. It garners more fawning publicity over and above the local fare. It gives them that feel-good, moral-superiority high ground feeling to make up for their overabundant hypocracy.

    108. hey bird-branze,

      Don’t knock A-Jo (aka Brangelina)!!!

      She’s awesome, even if she is a Hollywood person. she and Brad have done some seriously good work taking in African homeless kids that were needing a home and probably would be dead by now if they hadn’t.

      Besides, A-Jo is a BIG fan of the Second (2nd) Amendment to the U.S. Constitution!!! She is one of our BEST (and probably most beautiful) spokespersons for the NRA and gun rights.

      She’s vehemently opposed to gun control measures and disagrees with practically ALL the Hollywood types. She really is AWESOME.

      So please apologize when all is said and done. She is the most loveable breast cancer survivor anyone is ever going to meet.

      Deal with it.

    109. She’s never had breast cancer! She had her breasts removed “just in case”!

      She’s a brain dead liberal, no matter HOW good her acting is!

    110. I make no apologies, I commented on her adopting foreign children (which just happens to give her a lot of free publicity) while she lives in a country where millions of unborn babies are aborted (murdered in other words) and many other children need homes too. I find this sad. She’s for the second amendment? Good to hear, doesn’t change my opinion at all.

    111. Let Mark Zuckerberg who loves illegals move a few hundred into one of his 20,000+ square foot homes and take care of them with the billions he has and is making from consumers on Facebook!

    112. Haven’t heard of any yet and I’m sure the lame stream Media would be all over it if it were happening.

    113. Haven’t heard of any yet and I’m sure the lame stream Media would be all over it if it were happening.

    114. Haven’t heard of any yet and I’m sure the lame stream Media would be all over it if it were happening.

    115. Haven’t heard of any yet and I’m sure the lame stream Media would be all over it if it were happening.

    116. Haven’t heard of any yet and I’m sure the lame stream Media would be all over it if it were happening.

    117. Oh no they will, they will hire them under the age of 16 and pay all of them far less than minimum wage!

    118. Only the southern part! That part that wants to be the State of Jefferson should remain with the U.S. and the residents of that part of “California” choosing which name they want.

    119. I am in the far northern part of California and I am all for living in the State of Jefferson!

    120. not so fast.. the southern part of orygon is the sane part of the state… just give them marion, clackamas, multnomah and washington countiesthe state would even smell better then..

    121. If Jefferson comes into being, I’m ready to move north from the Bay area …. I don’t even need to give up my job (I telecomjute) . That ok with you folks up there?

    122. According to a 2001 article by Phyllis Schlafly, the Mexican government has a program called “Reconquista” that views the lands Mexico lost to the United States, including California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Nevada, much of Utah, and Colorado as land that the U.S. stole from Mexico and that the Mexican government’s goal is to get back, basically through the same means that Muslims are using in the hope of turning Europe and eventually the U.S. into Muslim territory; basically by dropping as many babies as possible and one day overwhelming the existing European and American populations.

    123. Not with leftists in charge. We’d have to have a civil war first…and a left vs right civil war would be ugly.

    124. You think the left abides by their own rules and laws? I feel sorry for you if you do.

    125. It is the liberal lefts kids that are killing other children in their schools. Go Figure. So some of hem are proficient with weapons.

    126. Diane Feinstein wants all Americans to give up their guns, but she carries one in her purse. Typical bullshit. They need protection but we don’t.

    127. Sadly, you’re incorrect about that. They SCREAM about how EEEEvil guns & their owners are, yet many of them live in armed, guarded areas, or hire bodyguards armed with guns, & some even secretly have at least one.

      It is WE, the patriots, whom are deemed radical & dangerous, but you watch. When the civil war arrives (& again, sadly, it will), these liars will also have access to leftists in gov’t organizations who will shoot you for being an “enemy of the almighty State,” Why do you think BO is replacing patriotic soldiers with stooges who have agreed to follow his orders?

      Its coming. You need to have your guns oiled, locked & loaded. Or you can pretend I’m mistaken, & that’s your right. Just don’t say you weren’t warned.

    128. Sadly, the establishment RINOs are no better than the left. Until we overthrow them, we have a one-arty system.

    129. remember, “From the Halls of Montezuma…” you lost, we won, get over it. Wait a minute, isn’t that what the dumbocrats keep telling the reasonable people?

    130. Well it sure looks like Obama is handing it to them letting all these illegals swarm through our borders on a daily basis. I’ve been wondering how all these Central American people get through Mexico’s border and then through the country since we sure can’t cross our border into Mexico (or any other Latin American Country for that matter) without getting our butts thrown in jail (or worse). Well, I had my question answered a couple of days ago when I saw this:

    131. I have always considered that the USA should have annexed Mexico about 100 years ago. That country would be much better off today-and so would we and the rest of the world. They have tremendous resources that are wasted by the current fascist government. At this point, it would be a serious undertaking to bring them along. Ten or 20 years ago we could have done it, but we are too weak to oppose the international community today.

    132. Yeah, they conveniently forget that Mexican “society” is still the sons of the conquistadors running the place and owning 95% of the wealth while the native majority are treated as peasants.

    133. They didn’t “lose” it, nor was it stolen. They got paid for it, so they need to just shut up. Besides which, they can’t take care of what they already have.

    134. what would mexico do with this land they can not even run the country they have. We should invade central america and take it over , it is being wasted.All the knowledge and technology their is and central america would be better off if the Mayans were still in control.It is pathetic beyond reason.

    135. That pesky little old Treaty of Hidalgo, signed in 1848, ended the Mexican American war, had a provision that the US pay Mexico 15 MILLION for the territories north of the Rio Grande and other markers. It also provided citizenship to any Mexican citizen who chose to remain, rather than return home to Mexico.
      There is no Reconquistador. The land wasn’t stolen. It was
      *paid* for, and quite handsomely, at 15 million for that time, given that most treaties don’t include compensation for lands taken in a war. I don’t see this happening in any other ongoing struggle, do you? Didn’t see Germany reimbursing France. Did you? They just kinda…took it.
      If they want it BACK, they need to take it back in an aggressive act of war. Right now it just looks like they are gonna make US another Mexico, because we can’t support the world. Just showing on my doorstep doesn’t make you family, and doesn’t obligate me to feed, house and clothe you.

    136. Wouldn’t it just be simpler to invade and conquer Mexico? Eliminate (completely) the cartels, the Mexican government, make them states and make them pay freaking income tax on every dime they make. Solve the whole problem.

    137. I hate to tell Mexico this, but all of that land belonged to Native Americans first, so it was never Mexico’s land to begin with.

    138. If they take California, they’ll want the rest of the country one day. If America is to remain a viable nation, we can’t let pieces of it go because of the whims of a neighbor that can’t make its own country viable and healthy but yet has designs to take over half of ours through what the Mexican government calls “Reconquista,”

    139. Please remember there are thousands of Californians who are sickened by this whole situation and are angered this is happening… we aren’t all weirdos and rich movie stars…just ordinary people that want this to be resolved in the only way it can be,…that the President, with his pen and phone will put an IMMEDIATE STOP to more coming over the border and quickly return every one of those who endured these horrible bus trips during this sickening episode in our history,

    140. I agree and I think we should replace California with Puerto Rico since Puerto Rico had wanted to be the 51st state. Take away California’s statehood.

    141. I agree and I think we should replace California with Puerto Rico since Puerto Rico had wanted to be the 51st state. Take away California’s statehood.

    142. Not to mention the left loses an automatic 55 electoral votes in each POTUS election.

    143. uh, no. I’m from LA and currently live in San Diego. This is my home. Just because one small spec on the socal map is crazy liberal doesn’t mean the rest of us are. Also, if Mexico wants it back they’ll have to repay us the 2 million dollars that we payed the Mexican government. Of course, this 2 million would be converted to what it is worth today plus interest. :)

    144. The Hollyweirdos are pushing for Mexico’s kind of gun laws: no guns in anyone but the law’s (and criminals’) hands.

    145. You know, I’ve always been against giving up ANY of the US but New York and Californification have both started to change my mind!!

    146. Wait, let me get outta here first! I moved to CA from Ohio in 1979 for my job. All this time I’ve felt like a square peg in a round hole and it’s getting worse. Retirement is around the corner (maybe even next year) and I won’t be able to get out of here fast enough. Please give me enough time to leave so I won’t get caught at the Nevada border without my papers.

    147. Well, the alternative, Mongoose501, would be the talk of making California into 6 states. Could you move to San Diego quickly? I think that might be one of the more conservative “states” of California. LOL. No easy answers. We in “middle America” seem to be held hostage by the liberal urban centers of LA, NYC, Chicago, etc. And people still think getting rid of the electoral college is a good thing which is nuts! This country is un a world of hurt. My fear is it will not end well for any of us. I hope I’m wrong.

    148. Most of California are regular people, just like you. Don’t paint us all with your hateful brush. Most of the weird-0′s are in San Fran and LA. and we are held hostage to them. We vote, they overturn. I wish they would cut us up into 3 states. We here in Central California, which is mostly conservative, would be happy. Maybe then our voice would be heard.

    149. I hear you. I’ve friends in California. I was being facetious. I do know many would love to turn the tide in Calif. Unfortunately, so many of the Californians moved into Colorado where I lived for so much of my life, and they brought those wacked liberal views with them, and now have moved Colorado left in it’s voting. They seem to trash the system wherever they go.

    150. To DeMarie Ingraham: WE REALLY AREN’T ALL STUPID here in California, so.…PLEASE DO DIRECT your comments, instead, to the GENERATIONS of uninformed welfare recipients and illegals, that our government has raised and supported over the years, who moved here ONLY FOR THE FREEBIES, and bankrupted our state, with OUR STUPID and EVIL, PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRAT POLITICIANS, who have violated their oaths and changed the rules to suit THEM. These sheeple and moochers, are liberal and angry with the world and are INCREASINGLY finding pleasure in burning our flags and fly THEIR OWN IN ITS PLACE, REFUSE TO LEARN ENGLISH, and badmouth the people who pay taxes to feed and support them ….there are many conservatives here….and thats what scares the Democrats enough to smuggle all the illegals they can, and promote the amnesty, so they can vote DEMOCRAT, to allow the criminal corruption here and in a few other states, to continue…..this isn’t called the GOLDEN STATE FOR NOTHING….our state government has made it the golden showers of urine for years….sad.. I was born and raised here…and I don’t recognize my state anymore, at all….:(

    151. You would kick the state that has the most agricultural exports by more than double and the second most exports period out of the Union? What state are you from? Let’s see how your people produce.

    152. Michigan. We’d be fine. Also, have you checked on the drought there lately? California won’t be exporting anything for a while.

    153. True there is a drought, but the farmers are still producing. Don’t believe all you hear on the news. The sprinklers are going daily and the workers are still in the fields.

    154. But California has 50,000,000 of its own mouths to feed. I’d think that would be the priority, but then, the US is the world’s leading energy producer and hardly any of it stays home.

    155. Or just the Mexican State of California. Let the illegals leech off the movie stars.

    156. I’ve lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for 65 year and I wouldn’t complain.
      The big liberal cities are moron central with the head moron being Gov. moonbeam, with miss nancy an honorable mention and head female moron.

    157. It wouldn’t matter, you would STILL be paying for all of Obamas 47% AND all the NEW Hispanic SPONGES he is dragging into the country! The best bet is to get rid of this Politically Correct Crap and get on with the business of returning to the most prosperous, respected, feared country in the world. (no thanks to Obama!)

    158. I’d start with firing all 535 members of congress, Both Obamas’ staffs, and permanently imprisoning anyone connected in any way with Benghazi, IRS targeting, 9-11, and all of the mass shooting hoaxes. Next, I’d kick Southern California and New York state out of the union. Lastly, I’d move the nation’s capitol to Topeka, KS to keep the coastal leftists out of it.

    159. just before I looked at the receipt ov $8130 , I
      didn’t believe that my sister woz like actualy bringing in money part-time from
      there pretty old laptop. . there aunts neighbour has been doing this 4 only
      about 22 months and at present repayed the mortgage on their appartment and
      bought themselves a Chrysler . see here C­a­s­h­f­i­g­.­C­O­M­

    160. This would be a awesome trivia question? New York, California, are two is there any more/ Michigan?…any others, People?…

    161. Michigan isn’t anywhere near as bad as New York and California. Lop off the corner with US-23 to the West and I-69 to the North and 90% of Michigan’s liberal problem goes away.

    162. California will never leave the union, that’s where the majority of the internet comes from.

    163. One has nothing to do with the other. California would certainly leave if it ever got the idea that they wouldn’t have to pay exorbitant business taxes to the feds ever again.

    164. California doesn’t need to be kicked out of the union. But these anti American, anti Constitution communist do need to be kick out!

  2. . . . . . This is a breach in the constitution. . . WHAT HAPPENED TO FREEDOM OF SPEACH?!?

    1. Speech!!!! It’s speech, and yes the constitution is being violated almost daily. However, 90% of Americans are uninformed dolts who could care less about politics as long as they get their evening beer and can play on their iphone ipad or whatever other electronic device they are addicted to. After all, Candy Crush is so much more important than the eroding away of our freedoms

    2. *Couldn’t care less. To say “Could care less” would be to imply that the party does in fact care about the referenced topic, enough to care less, anyways.

    3. Ms. Mahoney: This is your contribution to the discussion? I have a BA in English and wouldn’t even consider correcting grammar or spelling in an informal chat/blog/discussion board. It doesn’t make you look intelligent, just rude and condescending..

    4. No, no it does not. Some people still care about right and wrong. Others, (I won’t imply) are fine seeing things that are wrong and continue complacency! The very thing that is wrong with this country. I sure am happy that our forefathers had gumption and balls or we couldn’t have the pleasure to sit here and insult one another. Our children and grandchildren are sooooooooo screwed!

    5. I think it is a sarcastic response to previous comment correcting a spelling error. Chill.

    6. Ms/Mr? Jan… in case you couldn’t tell, I was mocking the person that was eagerly correcting the OP on their misspelling of the word “Speech” and then following that tirade with a grammatical error. Obviously you need to touch up on your comprehension.

    7. my apologies, Whatever was before Txchoo was not included when I came into the conversation so, only you correcting Txchoo was visible. Still . . . sorry

    8. Did someone get up on the wrong side of the bed this morning? I can hear you yelling all the way over here. Is the spelling, or misspelling of a word so disturbing to you? It seems that’s what set you off on your Candy Crushing rampage. Calm down, take a deep breath, you’ll live longer and happier.

    9. Read the actual article. They didn’t ban the words.
      All they did was change the wording of some licenses and codes.

  3. The circus sideshow act known as state and federal government again demonstrates its mutant dysfunction.

  4. I am embarrassed to say this is my state. The Stale Legislature & Gov. Moonbeam have completely lost their collective minds.

    1. Totally agree. I am stuck in San Jose just a little while longer (until retirement) and then we’re outta here as fast as humanly possible !!!!

    2. I am getting ready to move to Texas from the peoples’ republic of Illinois. From communism to freedom.

    3. I was born in California & moved to Texas when I was 6. I used to still claim I was a Californian for years, because of my laid back attitude & judicious use of the term “dude”. After reaching adulthood & having lived & traveled all over the world, I now believe I was just a misplaced Texan (I love God, the Constitution & guns too much)

    4. I am also ashamed that I have not yet moved from this “cesspool” of fools. Soon is not soon enough, but I am counting the days until I can stand at the CA.-AZ. Border and take a healthy piss in a Westerly direction.

    5. If I could find an IT job in the Dallas/FT. Worth area I would be gone from this shithole.

    6. I wonder what your reaction will be when you are one of the victims when the big quake hits and California drops into the ocean with the rest of the commie liberals that you worship.

    7. I hear you Rondo. I was born and raised there as well. Moved to Tucson 28 years ago and haven’t regretted it for a moment. My siblings still live there. I cannot believe old Moonbeam was let back in… what a joke! A cruel one, but a joke none the less. That idiot lost it years ago. As embarrassing now as he was back then, the only difference is he no longer has Linda Ronstadt hanging around. (She came back home to Tucson where her family heritage stretches back to the time when all of this still belonged to Mexico)

    8. If I am conservative and want to protect my family from God’s judgment, I move out of California asap. Just as Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed, proven in fact and science through sulfur and brimstone in those regions, I leave the liberals to their own demented views and perversions. When the last righteous conservative leaves the state, the San Andres fault will rupture and California will be consumed by the Pacific. All the money these idiots have hoarded will then do them no good at all, the perverted, the evil, the ignorant, the gullible, the commies, and liberals will then plunge into the depths of the ocean and all their praying to Obama as their messiah won’t save them from God’s judgment. They can deny God’s power all they want, but it isn’t going to change anything when they are dead and then have to face the real judgment, being thrown into outer darkness and Satan’s kingdom to live forever. The bible has shown what happens, yet man is carnal and devilish and ignores the truth at his own peril.

    1. It’s what happens when people turn away from God and do whatever they want to, whether it is right or wrong.

    2. This is what you get when you evict God Almighty from America. No moral absolutes leads to chaos and confusion. God will no continue to bless America if she chooses to disobey Him. America has two choices: choose God and live free or ignore God and live under tyranny.

  5. It is up to the people of California to either accept the politicians vies as theirs or take a stand against it in civil disobedience or legal actions. Your state is what ever you allow it to be from here forward.

    1. And, i think the people from Muritta did that when they stopped the busloads of illegals entering their town! We should all do that when they come to our state! The only problem is, now that that has happened in Murietta, obama is being sneaky about where the others are going?

    2. yeah, he drops them off in Tucson on a weekly basis. Takes them to the Greyhound bus depot downtown and gives them all “free ride” to anywhere they want to go in the continental US then drives away. Just like that. But you’ll never hear about that on any news stations but ours.

  6. As Gallagher once said in a show my WIFE and I saw, “California is like cereal. What ain’t fruits and nust is flakes.” Guess the inmates are truly running the asylum now.

    1. I was born in California nearly 58 years ago, still live in San Diego since it was all farm land, and I can tell you that most of the fruit is coming from other States!!!

    2. I was born there in 1956, Moved 9 years ago, and no, most of the nuts and fruits are home grown. You can have that stupid state and pay your taxes to Sac.

    3. Katie, did your parents have any children that lived or are you one of the brain dead abortions that survived. Just a question, but name one thing liberals have done to improve the country. Democrats have run many cities now for years and name one that is successful. Most are overrun with illegals, poverty, bankruptcy, evil, gangs, murders, rapes, and perversion. If that is your cup of tea, go for it, but for most citizens, they want their children growing up in freedom, where intelligence is rewarded, not condemned, they have the right to create a business and prosper, they have the right to voice an opinion without imbeciles calling them names, where the constitution is the law and is respected, not thrown under liberals feet and disgraced or ignored for insanity. The US is a christian nation that believes in and live according to the writings of the scriptures. They also follow science, seeing for themselves that everything in the bible has been proven beyond all doubt. The only people disputing it are the idiots that wouldn’t believe they have a nose in the middle of their face even after staring at it for years. The early immigrants came to the US to escape from the same insanity democrats are forcing on the nation, destroying it from within and it is illegal and unconstitutional laws forced on people by democrats that will see the US destroyed in your lifetime. If you really believe you will be spared, you are delusional and should seek psychiatric help, because you are denying reality at your own peril. Most people see the insanity and are leaving California. The only people moving there are idiots that want freebies, they want to promote their evil and perversion, and you can’t have it both ways. You either stand for the freedom of the nation or you don’t. There is no middle ground and if you support liberalism, you support communism and I would recommend you move to China, where you have zero rights and are told what to do each morning and work 16 hours a day for next to nothing. If you call in sick, they execute you for it, since that is communism. Ask millions of men and women fleeing from those conditions and they say the same thing. I can only imagine that you would work to build the Berlin wall and then stand on a guard tower, shooting anyone trying to escape to freedom from oppression. Go ahead now and spout your propaganda and hatred towards what I wrote, proving to the world that you have the intelligence of a slug. Prove to everyone here that the policies of California help anyone except the lazy, the perverted, the mentally ill, or those that are dumbed down and can’t think logically for themselves.

    4. Oh no, they are mostly homegrown, with the exception of the illegals from Mexico !!!!

    5. I hear you. I did a lot of work in Florida before I retired and finding a native Floridian was rare.

    6. I was born there 70-some years ago and was smart enough to leave 30-some years later. Love the weather, scenery, and a lot of relatives still there, but won’t be going back, thanks to people like Brown.

    7. California/Mexifornia is the granola bowl of the United States. “What isn’t flakes, is fruits and nuts”

    8. Fool liberal asshole. You are too stupid to be bored. Crawl back in your hole and shut the fuck up!!!

  7. “Only in California would you return a liberal “retread” to the top spot after a dismal first go around!” And for you Brown, we will always refer to the real marriage as between “husband and wife”, you leftist trash!

    1. Im just curious? Can’t tow Gay or lesbian people figure out which one is the woman and which one is the man?

    2. Hubby says …”well then, they can just refer to who is the pitcher and who is the catcher”. ;-)

    3. So then DeMarie, when they get married they refer to each other as pitcher and catcher, like, do you jon take joe to be your catcher and do you Joe take jon to be your pitcher? LOL!

    4. LOL…I guess that’s how it would work. Obviously, heterosexual couples would know the man’s the pitcher and the woman’s the catcher. It’s just not as clear on the other couples.

    5. “Maybe you should ask “Moonbeam” that question! As far as I’m concerned, there is only marriage between man and woman so only husband and wife will stay as it has been forever! No wiggle room on this one! I will never recognize gay marriage, period!

    6. they change places every other week..maybe it’s who get to strap it on first is the “dude”///

    1. I was born and raised there, worked hard raised 5 sons. moved out of state 7 years ago and have NEVER wanted any part of it again. I found out what real freedom felt like after I moved.wish I had done it sooner.

    2. It’s true. Years ago California was a beautiful place, a great place to live and it was very Conservative. Now, it is a cesspool, I can’t wait to get the heck out of here !!!

    3. Lucky you and smart too. I own property and am counting the days before I can leave this “cesspool of fools and takers”.

    4. I am stuck in San Jose for a little while longer but one of my daughters moved to Idaho a few years ago and she LOVES it there !!!! She can’t believe the difference between there and Kali and says she will NEVER move back !!!!

    5. MarieJ27
      Many of us are stuck in California looking for a resonable way to leave.
      Stuck and Miserable we are !

  8. I think California politicians are trying to drive everyone out of the state just so they can lighten up traffic and get cheap real estate

  9. California got what they voted for. Brown was bad when I lived there and is worst now. The state needs to be broken into 5 other states so the good people will have a voice.

    1. While I am certainly not a Brown supporter, I will say that he does tend to reign in the liberal Democratic super-majority in the curren California legislature. That has at least some positive connotation.

    2. I would suggest that they split California into two states, conservatives in the north and liberals to the south. Once that happens, the conservatives could then turn off the water to the south, but it is too late on that one. The liberals have already turned off the water and flush millions of gallons of fresh water into the Pacific to protect the delta smelt, so farmers in the south face drought conditions. Another brainwave from liberals without intelligence and they created chaos from order in everything they touch. These are the same imbeciles running the government and then they wonder why citizens with common sense and intelligence are fleeing the state, taking their companies and intelligent families with them. All that is left are the perverted, unintelligent, evil, and stupid liberals in many areas and then they have the nerve to complain about their lives, since that is what they voted for in the first place. Just look at the politicians representing the people. Nancy ‘I hear voices’ Pelosi, Brown, Moonbeam, and they couldn’t care less about the people , as long as everyone’s taxes are going directly into their own pockets.

    1. they cannot rewrite gods word no one can.a real marriage is between a man and a woman.other than that it’s haloween

    2. You know that and I know that but in their minds they believe they can all in an attempt to justify their sin.

    3. The bible is not the law. It is not the constitution. And, according to many it isn’t even the truth.

    4. Who is “according to many”? (your made up stats, beautiful). It is at least a spiritual guide for many people.

    5. Katie, you can fantasize all you want your minority views but you will never convince most of us that what you do is “conventional”! Personally, I don’t care what gay people do in private but don’t think I’ll sit idly by and allow them to try to indoctrinate otherwise innocent children into their perverted ways!

    6. Katie, no one said it was the law! Nor the Constitution! And, in my circle it has more truth than not! That’s why you have the 4 gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke & John!

    7. The Declaration of Independence is America’s founding document. The Constitution is a manual for gov. restraint and didnt exist till AFTER America was founded for about 10 years. The Declaration stakes the legitimacy for the overthrow of English rule on the authority granted by God. It also states that all unalienable rights come from God. Being gay, a murderer, a thief, an arsonist, an alcoholic, an abortionist, etc. are not God given unalienable rights. Even casual reading of the countries documents, the founders writings, and the dates when each document was produced, is a dangerous thing to a liberal mind.

    8. The Declaration of Independence is America’s founding document. The Constitution is a manual for gov. restraint and didnt exist till AFTER America was founded for about 10 years. The Declaration stakes the legitimacy for the overthrow of English rule on the authority granted by God. It also states that all unalienable rights come from God. Being gay, a murderer, a thief, an arsonist, an alcoholic, an abortionist, etc. are not God given unalienable rights. Even casual reading of the countries documents, the founders writings, and the dates when each document was produced, is a dangerous thing to a liberal mind.

    9. Queen James!? First of all, the KING JAMES version was from Henry VIII,

      after he split from the Pope! In other words, he re-wrote the Bible too! But there is no mistaking God’s covenant. And that is between a MAN and a WOMAN! Always has been, always will be! If gays want to be unionized, call it something else! The word MARRIAGE is taken! Has been for centuries!

    10. I have to say Larry, you definitly gave me my laugh for the day! i saw your comment and burst out laughing!

    11. Alana, a laugh is a good thing, but alas, in this case, I wasn’t trying to elicit any giggles. They HAVE re-written the Bible to take any references of homosexuality being a sin out.

    12. Literally titled “The Queen James Bible”, Alana. The homos just up and rewrote the Book to suit their own nasties.

    13. Alana, a laugh is a good thing, but alas, in this case, I wasn’t trying to elicit any giggles. They HAVE re-written the Bible to take any references of homosexuality being a sin out.

    14. Alana, a laugh is a good thing, but alas, in this case, I wasn’t trying to elicit any giggles. They HAVE re-written the Bible to take any references of homosexuality being a sin out.

    15. They already have. It is called the NIV, NLT, NKJV, ad nauseum. The King James version is the Word of God for English speaking people and none other.

    16. I have read the NKJV for over 30 years. I am a devout Christian and a Conservative. There is nothing wrong with this version. It is KJV without the “begets” and using some more of today’s language. To claim the KJV is the only version that is acceptable is wrong. I have not read the other versions but there are some versions that have intense errors. Those versions such as the one Jehovah’s Witness use changes the meaning and the author refuses to be identified. Bottom line, find me something in the NKJV that is wrong or inappropriate and we can talk. I’ve been through it a good 40 or 50 times and there is nothing different in teachings. My husband has used the NASV and he states the same!

    17. “Why do the nations rage, and the people plot a vain thing? The kings of the earth set themselves and the rulers take counsel together against the Lord, and against his anointed, saying, Let us break their bands asunder and cast away their cords from us.”(Psalm 2: 1 – 3) But remember those that cheer, “He that sits in His throne in Heaven shall laugh and hold them in derision. Then shall He speak unto them in His wrath and vex them in His sore displeasure.”(Psalm 2: 4 & 5) Just one more sign brothers and sisters in Christ.

    18. Leviticus 20:13 “‘If a man has sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They are to be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads.

  10. Get a life, all of you. This is much to do about nothing. Strictly a legal euphemism. Find more important stuff to complain about, like Obama’s treason.

  11. Get a life, all of you. This is much to do about nothing. Strictly a legal euphemism. Find more important stuff to complain about, like Obama’s treason.

  12. It is the liberal agenda to destroy anything and everything seporating us from animals. Here is a little more Liberal history:
    History shows that the Ku Klux Klan was the terrorist arm of the
    Democrat Party. This ugly fact about the Democrat Party is detailed in
    the book, A Short History of Reconstruction, (Harper & Row
    Publishers, Inc., 1990) by Dr. Eric Foner, the renown liberal historian
    who is the DeWitt Clinton Professor of History at Columbia University.
    As a further testament to his impeccable credentials, Professor Foner is
    only the second person to serve as president of the three major
    professional organizations: the Organization of American Historians,
    American Historical Association, and Society of American Historians.

    Democrats in the last century did not hide their connections to the Ku
    Klux Klan. Georgia-born Democrat Nathan Bedford Forrest, a Grand Dragon
    of the Ku Klux Klan wrote on page 21 of the September 1928 edition of
    the Klan’s “The Kourier Magazine”: “I have never voted for any man who
    was not a regular Democrat. My father … never voted for any man who was
    not a Democrat. My grandfather was …the head of the Ku Klux Klan in
    reconstruction days…. My great-grandfather was a life-long Democrat….
    My great-great-grandfather was…one of the founders of the Democratic

    Dr. Foner in his book explores the history of the origins of Ku Klux
    Klan and provides a chilling account of the atrocities committed by
    Democrats against Republicans, black and white.

    On page 146 of his book, Professor Foner wrote: “Founded in 1866 as a
    Tennessee social club, the Ku Klux Klan spread into nearly every
    Southern state, launching a ‘reign of terror‘ against Republican leaders
    black and white.” Page 184 of his book contains the definitive
    statements: “In effect, the Klan was a military force serving the
    interests of the Democratic party, the planter class, and all those who
    desired the restoration of white supremacy. It aimed to destroy the
    Republican party’s infrastructure, undermine the Reconstruction state,
    reestablish control of the black labor force, and restore racial
    subordination in every aspect of Southern life.”

    Heartbreaking are Professor Foner’s recitations of the horrific acts of
    terror inflicted by Democrats on black and white Republicans. Recounted
    on pages 184-185 of his book is one such act of terror: “Jack Dupree, a
    victim of a particularly brutal murder in Monroe County, Mississippi –
    assailants cut his throat and disemboweled him, all within sight of his
    wife, who had just given birth to twins – was ‘president of a republican
    club‘ and known as a man who ‘would speak his mind.’”

    “White gangs roamed New Orleans, intimidating blacks and breaking up
    Republican meetings,“ wrote Dr. Foner on page 146 of his book. On page
    186, he wrote: “An even more extensive ‘reign of terror’ engulfed
    Jackson, a plantation county in Florida’s panhandle. ‘That is where
    Satan has his seat,‘ remarked a black clergyman; all told over 150
    persons were killed, among them black leaders and Jewish merchant Samuel
    Fleischman, resented for his Republican views and for dealing fairly
    with black customers.“

  13. Hey Jerry Brown and the rest of you CA libtards: with all disrespect intended, this husband and wife would like to tell you to go fu@$ yourselves!

    1. Have to disagree, but only by degrees, EAM. Fu@$ing is a pleasurable experience. I’d rather tell ‘em “Hey – UN-fu@$ yourselves. and may you never fu@$ again..

  14. Queer is queer no matter what they want to think. But it’s a man and a woman. Not 2 fruit loops fudge packing each other. California always has been a little light in the shorts. Wouldn’t live there for anything.

    1. I should get upset with you calling the state where I live, bad names, but I can’t, because I agree with you!

  15. What is punishment for saying husband or wife. I expect expulsion from der fatherland.

  16. This “son of a hippie” needs a dose of reality with the pill popping, pot tokers he was sired from! Mr moonbeam, your a hopeless case of liberal dung! Such meaningless decrees is why you and your kind belongs in an asylum not in politics

  17. WHERE’S THAT EARTHQUAKE… wait a second… was it GORE that predicted that… crap, it’ll NEVER COME…☺

    1. NO, the idiot VOTERS who elected these morons have destroyed their state!~
      YOU let them do it to you!
      Shame on YOU!
      If you’re too stupid to know whom and what you are voting for…please do the rest of us a favor….don’t vote.

  18. When is this asshole gonna die? California has been plagued with his and his father’s before him bullshit for too long!

    1. Soon enough I presume. Perhaps when it happens, it will be in front of a firing squad. That would be the only pay-per-view I’d ever consider putting money in to see.

  19. Somebody needs to check his medicine cabinet…He’s has to be taking some bad stuff to think like that!

  20. Give cali back to mexico and cut off all water and elec then see how long they last before they give it up.

  21. A little misleading. Husband and Wife terms are not illegal.
    However I get it. Limit the vocabulary, you limit HOW people can talk about something. It’s thought control. Pure and simple.
    Label the article as such, or folks who are sitting on the fence of which way the country is going, will be put of by being mislead.
    If conservatives lie or mislead, we will never get more people seeing the light.

  22. “I now pronounce you spouse and spouse” The insanity coming out of California has no limits.

    1. “The insanity coming out of California has no limits.”
      Yes, it is only trumped by what is coming out of The White House.

    2. I doubt this would effect religious ceremonies. Civil ones, perhaps, but they are hardly taken seriously.

  23. Insanity reigns and the power seekers charge forward. Oh, when will it end? “Perhaps never”, said the sheep to the wolf.

  24. Well maybe some day California will just slip out into the sea! No great loss, as most of the citizens are liberals! LOL Come on San Andreas!

  25. This is one of the most intolerant laws i have ever seen! Why should a man not be able to call his wife… his wife? Even gay ppl call their spouses husband and wife. I heard ellen on tv refer to her wife… how does anyone making this law come up with this nonsense.

    1. You might want to read more than the headline. The actual law doesn’t make the words illegal, all it does is change the wording of licenses and bills.

  26. This is an example of drawing attention to the liberal agenda by overselling the facts. Use of the words “husband” and “wife” are not illegal. They have been removed from the California Code, but the first amendment still protects the use of the words by anyone anywhere. It’s bad enough without opening ourselves up to criticism that we are twisted the left’s own words.

  27. Where is the earthquake that’s predicted to remove California from the continent?

  28. So who cares what Brown or the “law” says? If people fall for this b.s., shame on them.

  29. California is a perfectly lovely place. It just collects more than its share of fruits and nuts.

  30. Good. Now remove the word “marriage” from the family code so that definition cannot be bastardized. Then the gay community can call their unions whatever word they come up with and traditional marriage can retain an uncompromised meaning.

  31. no,we need to keep the state and kick mentally demented people like jerry brown out of office.people in calif need to awake and rise togeather to return sanity to all democrats out of office in November.what they say is only true if you believe it.obama is a liar and noone should ever never forget it.

  32. I’m a native Californian, sad to say. It was a great place, still is one of the most beautiful states in the country. But I left the state, after 54 years, last year as I’m disgusted with it’s “anything goes” mentality.

  33. Well now I understand why he has not been around to stop our border from being invaded and help the citizens of Murietta with their battle – he was really busy with important stuff – NOT! This man is a jackass from the work go. It absolutely makes me sick to see what has happened and is continuing to happen in our beautiful state.

  34. He was a terrible governor the first time and now???? I am so glad I left the coast and moved to the South. If I were still in CA I would be breaking the Law Because I am my WIFE’S Husband!

  35. I see the Governor and Legislature of the USRC (United Socialist Republic
    of California) has removed the term “husband” and “wife” from the state laws.

    I wonder what is next for the USRC? No more references to gender?

  36. He screwd CA the first time around, and you voted back into office again. Don’t you people ever learn?
    You got what you voted for.

  37. The “share” buttons on the left make the column hard to read. They should be moved to where they do not block the text of the column. This news is sickening, though.

  38. Left 30 yrs ago, been back twice just to remind my self why I left. The only thing that state has that I like is dry heat, the rest of it belongs to coyotes.

  39. Wow- California has become the most screwed up State in the Union – Please build a fence around it so none of these morons can get out !

  40. Stop the Illegals in the San Francisco and Los Angeles from voting
    Illegal Aliens you can bet they are going to stuff the ballot box at ellection times
    Voter ID is a must for the United States.
    Send the crooks home.

  41. What an embarrassment California, and most of its elected officials, have become to the United States. Pls secede and you won’t be missed.

  42. Note : State Senator Mark Leno author of this anti husband and wife bill just lost his
    Significant Other Male Partner. We should all feel his loss (Not !)
    Califormnia Land of the Fruits, Well Maybe !

  43. God, most of you people are idiots. He replaced the words ‘husband’ and ‘wife’ with ‘spouse’ in the marriage law. This is quite a bit different than banning the words or making them illegal. You are free to call your spouse whatever you like.

  44. Pretty much hate Mark Leno and it will be a good day when he, Brown, and the rest of the lefty minions depart Earth. Could be today, could be tomorrow. God, I hope not years from now. But they will depart.

  45. Just when you thought California couldn’t become any worse of a laughing stock . . . . (and I live in CA) . . . .

  46. I will say what I when I want.. F N You Jerry.I don’t know need no stinking permission.

  47. As usual the headline is a distortion of the facts. The law only changes the terminology to gender neutral as far as state law is concerned; this is necessary to bring language in state law into compliance with that law. It is not possible to make using the terms husband and wife illegal in California or any other state; that would be a violation of the first amendment to the US Constitution.

    1. So, when a pair of lesbians “marry” they are both wives? Makes sense, because neither can be a husband. I wonder if being in charge of the strap on makes a difference?

  48. That has got to be one of the STUPIDEST things I’ve heard. A rose by any other name smells as sweet. Doesn’t Brown have anything better to do than create legal euphemisms?

  49. Really now? Sol if you carry this a bit further and they will outlaw the term, “mother and father, and if you take that to an extreme they will ban Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Then Hallmark will have to lay off people due to lack of work and the Post Office will sell fewer stamps resulting in more job cuts which cause revenue loss. Of course California will have to reissue driver licenses that show gender and change all restroom signs to unisex. What next?

  50. i have one question for gov. jerry brown. Sir are you married and if so is it to a woman? if so this has always been refered to as a bonding of a husband and wife, i know that there is a new form of marriage, refering to a partner. let’s move on there are much more important things to be dealing with,

  51. I Love It When Teabaggers Say They “Love The Constitution”, “Love God And The Bible”, And Let’s Not Forget “Their Guns”… I Wonder What Kind Of Gun Jesus Would Carry? Do You Think It Would Be Semi-Automatic, Or Fully Automatic?

    They’re All About “FREEDOM” Just So Long As They Have A Say In Everyone Else’s Freedom… How They Should Live Their Life, What Religion They Should Practice, And Who They Should Love,

    Please, Please, Pack Your Bags And Head For TEXAS… Eventually We Can Build A Fence Around It… Not So Much For Keeping People Out, But For Keeping All You Patriotic Tea Baggers In.

  52. Maybe the :BIG ONE: is coming (earthquake) and California will sink with the illegals and the gays.

  53. F brown and ALL the other commie politicians that did this ! it is a 1st amendment violation !

  54. California’s demographic is now Brown. Whites are a thing of the past and no one wants to move a business there so they have to move out and infect other areas with their political agenda that doesn’t work. I suggest “husband and mouse” for usage for Calif.

  55. If you are a conservative…move to CA. The 49% of us Conservatives here need your vote. If we can take back CA…we own the nation! 55 electoral votes is a lot! Stop leaving CA…move here, do it for your country. It is a doable solution! Most counties in CA are red, not blue. Libtards in the big cities are outnumbering us. Move here. Save the nation!!!

    1. Bruce that crazy state of yours stole all of the water and is blaming the drought! I live in Pennsylvania now but my family home in CA – my sister lives there, the well is dry and there is a 5 year waiting list for drilling. The city wants 5 million to bring city water. But the state of California has water they’ve stolen through the aqueduct. The farmers have been fighting this for over 10 years and now cannot grow their crops. Pretty soon, no one will able to live in California. Stupid, crazy, idiotic government!

  56. Apparently Governor Jerry Brown didn’t have a happy family! To make the words “husband” and “wife” illegal is totally nuts! Brown may be something of an idiot. PC is not sanity or decency . . . it’s not freedom of speech!

  57. As for me and my house we will serve the LORD!! and that means my HUSBAND and me, his WIFE !!

  58. Californians need to take the POS out of office by force. The peoples will has been ignored for too long by useless idiots like this.

  59. California is sliding into the abyss of bankruptcy and this is the crap they come up with? Wake up america. These people have mental disorders.

    1. Who cares??? He isn’t out there shoving it in anyone’s face if he is. I really don’t care what you are as long as you aren’t forcing it upon me.

  60. he does not serve the people just those of special interests ,,,, guy makes me sic and is Anti American should be removed
    from o0ffice

  61. Old Testament Evil… .

    If you live in California, you should find a bible and see how that turned out for those who went along with it.

  62. This kind of garbage makes me want to move out of my native state of California. This state use to be the best, but now it stinks. Thank libbies for destroying California

    1. I agree. I was born and lived there for over 45 years. I’m in Pennsylvania now and it’s not much better – but a slowly following suit. However, looking at how bad California has gotten just since I left. It did use to be the best.

    2. You are correct, California was the cutting edge of the country. One of only two states to be in. I live in the other one New York, and we have suffered the same fate ” death by liberalism”.

  63. SMH so glad I got over my desire to visit Southern Cali- family is more important tahn a vacation- that is why California si going to teh poorhouse

  64. Can anyone say Sodom and Gomorra. America is falling fast. It is about time for the second coming.

  65. An We The Sheeple are just supposed to accept this as immutable and permanent.
    Everyone will now accept, here and forever, that any combination of two people
    is the basis of a family unit and you will not ever judge otherwise. Or so we leftist
    elitists have decreed, after all we got elected and are your overlords.

  66. With one swipe of his pen; our demented governor has voided my marriage vows
    We were married as husband and wife until death do us part and now legally I told there is no such thing. How do I tell my wife we are no longer married? How many other married couples in California now find that their vows have been voided?
    Hey governor, you are wrong. You do not have the authority to change an institution ordained by God.

    1. You and your wife have lost nothing. This only exists in the mind of a man who is down the path of illusion.

  67. Knowing full well in a gay marriage the word “Wife” would not be welcome, however, “Wife” has never meant Female, it means the spouse of the house!

    1. They want so bad to make homosexuality and lesbianism mainstream, but it is unnatural and can’t procreate the species as a man and woman. They can’t legislate human life.

  68. When you vote for Brown, you vote in stupidity. He has always been a moron, why should he change when the dim wits in LA put him right back in office.

  69. Censorship of words—unconstitutional and pure Marxism to destroy understanding of history and biological connections.. Wittgenstein: Control words and you control perceptions of the masses.

    The insanity of irrational Marxists is to erase in minds of children, the concept of male and female and female nature and male nature—-to remove Reason and Logic and Biology—so they can make children believe that snow is black (Fichte).

    This is for radical egalitarianism—to remove all individuality in humans, even sexual identity—to make males interchangeable with females (Collective—just sexless interchangeable drones/slaves) so children will not discern Natural Law (Truth/God/Reason/Biology) which has to be erased in children along with understanding history and all biological ties BECAUSE without a nurturing mother—children will be destroyed—will only be loyal to the State. Individuality is created inside the Natural Family, along with understanding of male and female and human relationship.

    Remove the Natural Family and you only have an artificial, unnatural environment where children will be warped—like in the boy harems of Afghanistan where Vice is Virtue and Up is Down. (No Truth/God).

    Without God and Wisdom and understanding “Laws of Nature and nature’s God” kids will grow up to be ignorant and emotional cripples, easily controlled by the State.

    This is the beginning of the total end of the Natural Family—-to make the State ‘mommy and daddy’ so they can control every idea and action of their little programmable slaves.

    “Only the Family is the link to the past and a bridge to the future.” (Alex Haley) Destroying the Family, destroys the humanity of the child and makes them into an object with no Natural Rights to their biological mother, or father. It reduces babies to objects to be created, sold and enslaved by the government.

  70. Called the land of ‘Fruits & Nuts’ since the 60s.. Nothing new here… Non-story

  71. Goodbye, California. It was nice knowing you before you turned “looney tunes”! You’re an embarrassment to the norms of a civilized country!

  72. You’d think the *freedom* to be *free* of religious conformity would be something that the Tea Party would support… they’re about *freedom and liberties,* are they not?

  73. And I not only Bet Ya but I can tell ya they can Kiss My A** with their already DISGUSTING, DISGRACEFUL, SIN much the less this crapp! Ya know what, ALL and any of em go there in one big pile amongst one another!! You will NEVER redefine marriage! I will NEVER abide by such!!

  74. Governor Moonbeam thinks he is Obama and very well could be. They both have the same degree of intelligence and hatred for anything normal!

  75. He can try but guess what God said Husband and Wife and you Jackass can’t change it for anything.I say give california back to mexico and put ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS Therew from all countries. But strip it of all resourses and burn everything to the ground except those people who own property and want to live in mexico.

  76. Would the LAST AMERICAN to leave California please bring the flag with them! After all NO ONE from that state would miss it. Fact is I doubt that anyone misses it now, if indeed it is already gone. Janice Joplin said it wonderful in one song. Freedom is just another word for nothing else to lose. It would seem that those in charge in California are or have taken away all the things That have to do with what this country was founded on. Christianity is on the way out, if not gone in California. If this is what the NEW WORLD ORDER brings to the table they can keep it. what scares me, is I remember what happened to Sodam(sp) and Gamor(sp). Can California be that far behind??

  77. Why are tea party types more interested in cheap shots against their political opponents than public policy to be fixed for all Americans? I’ve never figured out the Tea Party’s real objectives, other than the Koch Brothers Libertarian views which is to disassemble government to let corporations do what they want without being bothered by regulators forcing them to treat customers and the country fairly. Do you have a problem with that notion, or not?

    1. Why are liberal types more interested in controlling every aspect of life, yet at the same pushing death by abortion? Why are liberal types more interested in destroying the good of America to keep themselves in power? I’ve figured out the liberal’s real objective – total control of people, total power to do what they want while limiting everyone else. They love to give other people’s money away, but will not give a dime of their own to any cause. Let me ask do you have a problem with our government controlling more and more of our personal lives? Does it not bother you that government is taking away our rights? Or are you part of the problem?

    2. Well, I’d enjoy discussing the issues but you don’t seem too open-minded to learning…so just conclude what you’ve concluded. Sorry, ur not worth my effort. Your vote wont win anyway. Enjoy yet another 8 years of depression.

  78. well im gonna call my wife my wife the preacher was more important to us to be married under god,,just try and stop me from saying it,,and you gonna lose sum teeth low life trash POS

  79. Jerry Brown. A simpy hippie from the 60′s. A simpy bitch libtard now. When is society going to stop supporting and enabling these gobbling munching freaks of nature? When we, the Christian conservatives, take back power and overturn every immoral unethical thing these fruit cake traitors have done to our country.

  80. Cali…the first stat with a professional clown sercing as governor. And a really creepy one at that!

  81. Law? I don’t have to follow any stinkin laws! — Said every Democrat ever to hold office anywhere.

  82. Only a matter of time before sodomy is required in California under these Ttards. If you refuse to be sodomized, a fine!!!

  83. And what if people want to be referred as husband and wife on the marriage
    license and certificate? He is not as smart as he thinks he is, Another
    legend in their own mind.

  84. People keep voting for these witless fools and this is what you can expect. Rather eat slop with the hogs than to vote for a Democrat.

  85. I got news for Mr. Moonbeam. I will call a married couple what I have been calling them since I knew the difference, husband and wife, period! He can call them anything he wants till they take all freedom of speech away from all of us including him!

  86. MISTER Moonbeam can say whatever he wants. If I am in California and I say husband and/or wife, let them arrest me. I would own California by the time it’s over with and I would return it to being part of America instead of being part of a traitorous tyranny!

  87. And the Governor of California can kiss where I can’t. Paul and I are Husband and Wife and so are every other man and woman couple. I do not care what they call men and men or women and women.

  88. This is insane! “…the hearts of the sons of men are full of evil, and insanity is in their hearts…” Ecclesiastes 9:3

  89. Future headline: “Pacific swallows California.”

    Future headline, next day: “Pacific spits out California: ‘Can’t afford to keep it.’”

  90. Wait, I thought “same-sex marriage didn’t affect anyone”….at least that’s what the Left always says.

    California is full nutcases

  91. In refering to everyone who is married as a spouse, how will one determine gender? Can you imagine how laughable this will be in a courtroom trying to figure out who is who? Then shall we have spouse A and spouse B and have a grand argument over whether a male or a female gets to be called spouse A? I’m so sick of this silly crap I could throw up. Anyway, all this PC speech is nothing but dressed up Nazism with manners.

  92. Good old Calinsania does it again. Did the whole country shift to the left side and all the weirdos, fruit cakes, and whack jobs slide into the area next to the Pacific?

  93. To all those currently living in CaliFORNICATION & who believe & follow G-D’s teachings & believe in traditional marriage, I would suggest leaving California & going to a state that does see marriage as define between a man & a woman. With people like this judge in charge & perverts in high places, anything that is likely to go wrong WILL! So move out of the cesspool of a state

  94. Don’t worry folks, in good time, the Creator will take care of the evil homosexual agenda that plagues this & every other nation, just as He did during the time of Noah

  95. If he thinks he can sign a bill and thus eliminating marriage between a man and a women he is as deluded as the guy in the White House..can’t be don e sucker..

  96. I believe stronger than anybody in traditional marriage, but we’re not helping the cause by misrepresenting. The actions taken don’t make use of any words illegal. They just remove them from the code. Now maybe we’re headed that way, but if that’s what we mean, then that’s what we should say.


  98. I love the United States and I was born and live in California. I do not recognize the polluted politicians of this state nor do I recognized their political actions such as this bill. As one who has sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States on seven different occasions, a retired peace officer, and a licensed minister of the one true God, I only recognize marriage between a man and a woman. Anything else is else is a form of the deepest perversion and violation of the founding father’s of this nation.

  99. (title)”…Makes the Use of the Words Husband and Wife Illegal…” Illegal: adj. Forbidden by law or statute.

    “The bill would delete references to ‘husband’ or ‘wife’ in the Family Code and would instead refer to a ‘spouse,’ and would make other related changes.”

    The bill is designed to simplify marriage documentation, obviously the use of the words is not illegal. While I don’t intend to agree or disagree with either side of the issues being pulled extraneously into this, it’s clearly just an inflammatory article.

  100. Governor Brown has obviously become double jointed in his declining years for in no other way would he be able to stick his head where he currently is storing it!

  101. The title is highly misleading. If you read the article, it’s clear that the bill the governor signed just changes the language in California law to make references to married persons gender neutral, to reflect Prop. 8 being declared unconstitutional. It’s just clarifying the language of the laws. It does not make the use of the words “husband” and “wife” in the state illegal. So it’s perfectly safe for you to use those words in your conversations, letters, emails, blog posts, graffiti , whatever, and you will not be arrested or fined. Happy to clear that up for you.

    1. Maybe your fine level of nuance and charm could be inculcated into Nancy Pelosi so she doesn’t go off on the Supreme Court justices for doing their jobs (ref their recent decision on employer mandates to cover abortifacients).

    2. Thanks for the complement. If more nuance and charm would help Nancy Pelosi and the state of California, that would be great.

    3. How long before people and courts use the “spirit of the law” to spread this? What about marriage certificates used in churches? Marriage existed long before California. This is clearly a law modifying church and religious sacraments, a clear violation of the Bill of Rights.

  102. Texas….please for your own nation so all true Americans can move their! And live in peace with one another with values!

  103. I guess the homosexuals can’t refer to their man as his husband or the lesbian girl can’t call her mate her wife…that is the up side to this unlawful law…women with a wife and a man with a husband sounds so unseemly…. ugh, gag, hurl and so on…

  104. Jerry Brown is an idiot and always has been, why he got re-elected to another term as governor is the 64 Thousand Dollar Question.

    1. to answer your question…because there so many IDIOT’S that vote. But don’t feel bad because new York is just as bad.

  105. Another little weenie dictator who thinks he can proclaim anything he and his cronies want to. I will use the word husband for my husband and he will call me his wife. I do not believe in the governor’s disgusting lifestyle or mindset and will have nothing to do to encourage it. He can call himself what he wants as I will call myself what I want. We still have freedom of speech even tho the demobcratics tthink we all have to think like they do. That is why we have the mess in the USA now and they just keep on adding on and on and on. I can hardly wait for God to smite them all.

  106. hahaha, i saw this coming when he kept getting rejected the first time he was Governor.. “what do you mean you won’t sleep with me, I’m the Governor for gosh sakes..!!!”. “Yes, you are.. But you have such a small member, and that reflects on the rest of your manhood..” …. The infamous Carol Double-D’s response to him, and was used by every good looking woman in the Bay Area..

  107. This is both stupid and untrue. All the bill does is stipulate the words to be used on official forms in California. You can call yourselves anything you like during the ceremony or in your personal life. The Tea Party does itself no favors with this kind of buffoonish lying.

  108. Lots of good conservative folks still in California. We just don’t live in LA or SF. And we don’t vote for the likes of Pelosi or Boxer or Feinstein. We are not represented but hope we can take this state back. We don’t need the rest of the US abandoning us, please.

  109. Fine. Let’s make terms like ELECTED OFFICIAL illegal and replace such terms with the unbiased, accurate term of CRIMINAL.

  110. Gov Moonbeam is a jackass fool! He is a traitor to our society, nation and CA! He needs to hang!

  111. How is it that the People’s Republik of Korniphallia hasn’t ALREADY sunk into the Pacific, just from the weight of all the lunatic bullschidt piling up in Sacramento?

  112. Not sure they can make churches follow that, since they do follow the rule of traditional marriage.

  113. Can my State of California get any more stupid? I think not. More proof, look at the nut balls that continue to get elected. Couldn’t find their butts with either hand if you turned the lights off.

  114. If I still lived in CA and were married, I would refer to my “spouse” as my Husband. Screw their law!

  115. Looks like my wife and I are going to jail. It’s a free-speech, religious and civil rights issue. Kommisar Leno is the same moron who sponsored the joint-sex bathroom bill.

  116. The crazy Insanity of the socialist Communist Marxist fascist Demoncrat AKA Liberal Progressives keeps marching on.

  117. I can never believe Californicate KEEPS re-electing this brain-deprived twit! I’ve met smarter turnips!!! Good GRIEF!

  118. Critics = Recognizing gay marriage will lead more and more anti-Christian, anti traditional, anti-normal laws.
    Gays = Oh no! We just want this one little right of equallity. Nothing else.

    1. Gays = Oh no! We just want this one little right of equallity. Nothing else.

      Ja – und piks haf vinks . . . . .

  119. Sorry jerry, you loser, you can’t make words illegal. There is the small matter of the US Constitution, and believe me, you and that moron Leno will be hauled off to court (should be jail) and no one will be forced to abide by this idiotic “law.”

    1. California is the breadbasket of the nation…more food is grown in California that in the other 49 states combined…
      We need to reform California and bring it back into the family of right-thinking, fair-minded, God-fearing and law-abiding American states that are NOT overpopulated by lefty loons with progressive agendas that lead only to doom.
      AND – if after expending all efforts – THAT doesn’t work…then maybe we nuke the San Andreas fault line and let the left side of the state sink into the sea…

  120. That “man” is a loon! Bet he is on some militia list. No, bet he is now on every Militia list. They have been making a list an checking it twice—

  121. How can you make a law declaring certain words illegal? Isn’t that unconstitutional? We should give California back to Mexico.

  122. heterosexual pride. why are we (heterosexuals) not allowed a voice? why are those who scream the loudest for tolerance the most intolerant? give them and inch and they demand a mile.

    1. “…why are those who scream the loudest for tolerance the most intolerant?”
      That is the question of the decade, Tim.

  123. It’s time for Northern California to shed the yoke of the antifamily Southern California! It’s time to have Northern and Southern California! Let the South have whatever they want, and pay for its consequences!

    1. But then the north would still have San Fran. Maybe a better way to split the state would be into west and east so the coast can stay crazy! Split it vertically….

    2. Some sanity in Sacramento would help…but Governor Moonbeam is the latest in a parade of fools an’ incompetents to run that state…

    3. I lived there for work at 2 different times in my life as a sales rep for a major company and my customers were state, county and city people. Believe me, I know of what you speak. I couldn’t believe the attitude of some of the ‘workers.’ I have always said you have to really want to live in California cause they make it pretty darn hard.

    4. North of the San Francisco Gulf! They can have from that down South! That part of the country is a lost cause! There is no hope to recover ever!

  124. Marriage existed long before the US was created. This is a clear case of the government modifying religious institutions, which is a clear violation of the Bill of Rights. Why has the left abandoned the Bill of Rights?

    1. Simple…it got in the way of their totalitarian agenda. Therefore, they have usurped the power to sweep it aside… and the pushback has been very feeble and weak.

  125. Intolerant Left strikes again. They don’t want anyone to have an agenda or, a say or, any rights unless given to them by the liberals. No other ideas and beliefs are tolerated under the liberal agenda.

  126. Jerry Brown may be “gay”,but he’s not funny. This country has sunk to depths I never imagined in my lifetime.

  127. Latin Translation of the Word Government:

    Govern essentially translates to “CONTROL” and ment means “MIND”

    Government means >>> CONTROL the MIND!

  128. Liberals have such a strong hold on California!!! Liberals in California have dismantled California so much that Detroit, Michigan is an attraction to them as they consider Detroit a Liberal Success!!! Liberals = Stupid = Failure!!!!! Welcome to Obama-World!!!!

  129. And the American “left coast” sinks further beneath the waves of liberal perversion and disavowal of God’s Own Word…for centuries, the Biblical definition of marriage was what the God-fearing and faith-based land of the free and home of the brave embraced…Now a minority whose main claim to fame is perversion has seized the reins of govt and changed the law for all who must live under it, whether they be gay or straight…the gays have won the battle and carried the day, it seems…
    But GOD will win the war on evil and the perversion of His Word. Perhaps not today, and perhaps not tomorrow…but ultimately, He will prevail.

  130. Please explain Matthew McReynolds’ statement that
    “Prop. 8 has not been invalidated on a statewide basis.”.

    Is there really hope that California can be saved?

  131. One more reason not to spend ANY money in California. They’re morally bankrupt. Let’s give them a matching financial aspect.

  132. That’s a great picture of Gov. Jerry…He lô¿ôks (and acts) like the years of mind-altering drugs have caught up with him big-time!

  133. Geologist have been predicting an earthquake that will sink California into the Pacific Ocean. I think it’s overdue.

  134. Jerry Brown has at last joined the ranks of the total idiots – now to see if the Christian Churches of California have any guts at all by defying this Moronic so called Governor. Does California have an Impeachment process ? – what’s
    next mandatory sodomy ?.

  135. With the first link the chain is forged..the first speech censured, the
    first thought forbidden, the first freedom denied, chains us all
    irrevocably. ~JLP

  136. The simple fact that California returned this moron to office proves a plague of “headuptheass” exists in Californiia!!!! When the quake comes and California goes…..oh well!

  137. WIFE WIFE WIFE WIFE WIFE WIFE WIFE WIFE WIFE WIFE ………… So come and get me! I am my Wife’s Husband and always will be!!! COME AND GET ME!

  138. California Christians don’t you dare give into this. Fight this. This is straight out of the Third Reich. No governor is going to control your speech nor take over your right to speak freely. You are at a crossroads. …choose you this day whom you will serve!

  139. As a native Californian, I am dismayed to see what these liberals have done to our once glorious State. What is outdated and biased are Representative Leno and Gov. Brown. The really sad part is California is ruled by LA, Frisco and Sacto. Idiots.

  140. How backwards can we get. I think we are so backwards America should be called Acirema. And Californians voted this guy in? WOW. Any he is ahead in the numbers to be elected again? America should be called “land of the dumb” and we make the same mistakes over and over.

  141. No where in the bill does it say the terms husband and/ or wife are illegal. What a bunch of feckin idgets. Talk about sheep. And those of you talking about giving California back to Mexico…California isn’t the only land that belonged to Mexico nor the only land in the United States that belonged to another people. Perhaps we should start with YOUR state. And no I am not a liberal, but I am tired of the uneducated ignorant sheep of the conservative party always being the ones to run their mouths and make the rest of us look like fools. Learn to read a bill before you open your pie hole. Learn to form an honest opinion of your own and stand up for it. Stop hanging on the words of groups with agendas. They DO NOT have your best interest at heart, they are out for themselves and ONLY themselves.

  142. SS Defiant……you too cowardly to post as yourself ? lol Why hide your identity ? Are you ashamed of what you have to say on here ? People like you are an embarrassment to the rest of the American people.

  143. This is going to make for some interesting ejudication in California Divorces Courts; not to mention, any weddings which may take place from this day forward! Anybody, with more than two brain cells who identifies with the democrat party must be monumentally embarassed to be part of the same political party as this idiot!

    1. I think I get your point; but this is still a major ‘can O worms’; and, pretty soon it will necessitate having a lawyer by your side, just to safely have a conversation in that state, whether you are in a court room, or an alley!

  144. Superman should not have stopped Lex Luther’s nuking of the San Andreas fault. I wouldn’t mind living in Otisburg.

  145. So few gays, so much noise. I’m so glad I moved out of California. Born and raised there; it’s not the same state I used to know.

  146. Yep, THIS is what elected officials should be spending their time on, not the important stuff……………………wow

  147. Yet another clear case of overstepping your office. What’s next? HETEROSEXUALS can’t get married? Friggen idiots. California needs to go away.

  148. So does this mean that clergy can longer pronounce couples man and wife at the end of their wedding ? If it were me, I would not consider the wedding valid without that pronouncement. I think is time for a new governor. Maybe we need a recall.

  149. The people of California had already spoken with the majority of voters supporting ‘Prop 8 “… Not to be deterred by a simple majority, left wingers bitched and whined until the 9th Appellate was bullied into overturning the will of the folks they supposedly WORK FOR.. *sigh* .. You know, for years we have been threatened that a major earthquake would allow California to split off into the Pacific.. uh.. NOW would probably be a good time.

  150. Insanity at its highest. How can the legislature in California even consider such a foolish thing? As we know, their legislature is a super majority and can over-ride anything the people may think is morally right.

  151. Well I have it on good authority that Jerry Brown is gay and so of course u understand his agenda !! He must be dying to get out of the closet before he croaks!!

  152. Glad to know theynatre focussed on the important things in life! I know this must have been a big problem! But as for me I will have a husband! The way god intended it to be!

  153. I cant believe how stupid people are outside of California. The Governor changes terminology on forms and all you people now actually believe a man can go to prison for saying the word “wife.” God, you people a special kind of retarded.

    1. My understanding is that it is only referring to the paperwork and that the officiant can use any term he or she wishes or what the couple wants.

  154. The title of this article is either a willful act of deception or the author has problems with comprehending the written word.

  155. This is the new way to get things done and it stinks. Corporations are doing the same thing. Steam roll right over the rule of law and constitution, regardless of complaint or illegality. They can only be slowed or stopped in court.

  156. If you ever wanted proof that California is sliding into the sewer of communism, this it. If you ever thought that Gov. Moonbeam was stark raving mad, your thoughts are confirmed. If you ever thought the population of California had lost their minds electing Socio/Communists, guess what, you hit the nail squarely on the head. It’s too damn bad that if the San Andreas split wide open Sacramento would be on the wrong side of the fault and wouldn’t slide off into the Pacific.

    1. No We didn’t! The queers paid to have him put in office and the hollyweirdo’s went along with it, Money talks in this Whore State!

    2. Sadly, it seems Americans vote for who’s ever commercial they see most often. Otherwise these bassturds wouldn’t be able to buy elections.

    3. Democrats are famous for voter fraud. California is largely a Democrat domain so you can be sure that they have electoral fraud down to an art form.

  157. So if a person gets married in California a justice of the peace will say at one point “I now pronounce you spouse and spouse. You may now kiss your spouse?” I assume pastors can still use the more traditional husband and wife since this only refers to government paperwork.

  158. My husband is a pastor, he will ALWAYS use the terms “husband” and “wife” in his marriage ceremonies. And no, he will NOT do gay weddings either. Never ever.

  159. Husband and Wife aren’t “illegal” now, its just that they’re going to use the term “spouse” instead. Even still this whole PC thing has gone too far and the democrats are not doing what the majority of California’s citizens want and should be removed from office.

  160. bang… is how you hold corrupt political whores accountable… and would be a nice change to the lawyers tv and no jail time we get currently

    1. There’s quite a few countries that follow your political bent. Somalia, Afghanistan, N. Korea, etc. You’re more than welcome to take your hate-filled excuse for patriotism to one of those places. You’ll probably find it a nice change of pace from the lawless dictatorship you believe you live under now. Want to know how you truly how corrupt politicians available?

    2. Why don’t you learn how to write IDIOT? You belong in the same place your Moonbeam asswipe belongs!

    3. hey – you know why america is great – cause I can tell you to STFU and you can’t do anything.
      1. unlike you – I am a first generation immigrant. I have a green card. I pay 1000 bucks in travel and costs every couple years OBAMA and these political ilk – are basically telling me I should pay but south americans are good to go. So watching temporary POS politicians pull the biggest coup this country has seen so they can pander some votes while you call me names – is pathetic. i guess that is how i would describe you ‘agent get bent’
      2. I live in a state effected by these ILLEGALS. I will be paying more in services soon so illegals – that affects me.
      3. perhaps you misunderstand – no one kills politicians in any of those examples you mentioned – as they are warlords and tyrants… I am suggesting the ‘tree of liberty’ get bloody with some washington POS’S.
      If that bothers you – perhaps you should give your mom back her panties as they are too big for you still.
      Now let the grownups talk boy – your stupid is beginning to wear thin.

  161. CLEARLY, all these politically correct types, like Moonbeam need to be jailed until the Constitution of the California state government is changed, upon which time he can be released.

    However, to permit individuals to abrogate the law, subjugate the law and abbreviate the law based on hidden political agendas is not only incorrect, but it flies squarely in the face of the law.

    Moonbeam and his supporters are corrupt and belong in prison.

  162. Honorable Gov.Dipshit,
    My wife and I went to her ex-husband’s house the other day where we were met by her children who also brought their husband’s and wive’s. Friends of the Family also arrived bringing their Husband’s and Wives. Also there were extended family members who also brought their Husband’s and Wives. And before ya know it,there was the whole neighborhood and everony brought their Husband or Wife! Just thought I’d let ya know asshole!

  163. Screw marriage…why do you need/want to have the state involved in your intimate relationship?

  164. i am sorry no one is going to tell me what not to say. if i want to say it , i will. stupid , stupid.

  165. Will someone help this state fall off the fault line into the ocean? There is so much liberal/progressive bs coming out of there now. It is likely to infect the rest of the nation that hasen’t been affected yet.

  166. Such nonsense. California is hopelessly ruined by illegal immigrants and Brown and the Democrats are worried about the bùtt-buddy lobby.

  167. it’s also a law in California that no counseling to a person who wants to leave the gay lifestyle. A counselor can loose their license and job

  168. This moonbat just get more and more stupid. He may not be gay but i bet you he is a pedophile. He is just waiting in line to get his legal rights observed. The pig. Every tax payer in California should migrate to other states and leave that state with their illegals and they hollyweird stars to rot in their own filth and perversion.

  169. It does not say “can no longer be called husband or wife” it just has been changed to spouse. A husband is not a wife but both are considered a spouse just as a car is not a truck, but both are considered vehicles. There is no banning of husband or wife…this article is twisting the facts.

    1. No, God didn’t create people homosexual (not gay). He created Man & Woman – to be together.

    2. God didn’t create Folks Gay! What God did was give Mankind free will to choose for ourselves, and someone being Gay is a Choice there is no Gay Gene! “YOU” make a choice to live a life of perversion God did not Make you that way you did with a little help from Satan.. OK a lot of Help from Satan..

    3. Governor Brown has just untwisted something that has been horribly twisted since, well, forever, and a grateful state will surely praise him as the great educator of the ignorant masses that he has revealed himself to be by his own, personal, insightful rewriting of language to mean what it should have meant since, well, since man and woman first walked upright on the face of the earth.

    4. So you drank the plentiful Kool-Aid as well, huh? Tragic . . .

      Google “Dialectical Process”, you were brainwashed with it.

  170. It does not say “can no longer be called husband or wife” it just has been changed to spouse. A husband is not a wife but both are considered a spouse just as a car is not a truck, but both are considered vehicles. There is no banning of husband or wife…this article is twisting the facts.

  171. In the immortal words of that great philosopher Ron White, “You just can’t fix Stupid”

  172. This is what we get for getting the Gubment involved in Personal Relations. When you ever have a great idea for making things better, take it to the Gubment they’ll make sure it’s law for everyone, then twist it, change it, and make you wish you never thought of it.

  173. This is what we get for getting the Gubment involved in Personal Relations. When you ever have a great idea for making things better, take it to the Gubment they’ll make sure it’s law for everyone, then twist it, change it, and make you wish you never thought of it.

  174. This is what we get for getting the Gubment involved in Personal Relations. When you ever have a great idea for making things better, take it to the Gubment they’ll make sure it’s law for everyone, then twist it, change it, and make you wish you never thought of it.

  175. California should just become its own country. What a bunch of crazies! They are not even what I would call “American”. “Californian” is a special breed of nut!

  176. California should just become its own country. What a bunch of crazies! They are not even what I would call “American”. “Californian” is a special breed of nut!

  177. I still have a wife and I’m still her husband. If I were to move to california it wouldn’t change that. The only thing that it will affect is the state will have to reprint all of their official paper work. The state can’t limit or regulate your free speech. If I were to have to fill out any paper work for the state I would cross out their B*** S### and insert Husband and Wife.

  178. he has no right to change websters dictionary. So the terms cannot be excluded, but his can be removed.

  179. he has no right to change websters dictionary. So the terms cannot be excluded, but his can be removed.

  180. he has no right to change websters dictionary. So the terms cannot be excluded, but his can be removed.

  181. he has no right to change websters dictionary. So the terms cannot be excluded, but his can be removed.

  182. he has no right to change websters dictionary. So the terms cannot be excluded, but his can be removed.

  183. Governor Moonbeam is too good a name for Governor Brown. I can think of a few better names. Are all our politicians losing their minds? Me thinks they don’t have anything better to do. Proof that we need smaller government.

  184. Governor Moonbeam is too good a name for Governor Brown. I can think of a few better names. Are all our politicians losing their minds? Me thinks they don’t have anything better to do. Proof that we need smaller government.

    1. Governor MOONBAT fried his brain with drugs YEARS ago. Is anyone surprised at his warped sense of reality?!

  185. Governor Moonbeam is too good a name for Governor Brown. I can think of a few better names. Are all our politicians losing their minds? Me thinks they don’t have anything better to do. Proof that we need smaller government.

  186. Wonder who got the big fat contract to re-print every blessed form in the entire state government? Follow the money.

    1. Is this for “Prison Industry Authority”? Why would they have a contract to go in and re-program computers and print new state forms? Is that just cheap labor? Are we going to give access to state computers to convicts? When I ask that question it sounds ludicrous, but knowing what has been going on in government lately….I wouldn’t be shocked at all.

  187. California is a state that re-elects loser’s like Brown and Obama. This is what they want and this is what they get. What words that they want to use to describe married people is the least of their problem’s. This whole country is on the fast track to idiocracy and willful servitude.

  188. Leno sponsored the bill after Proposition 8, in which California voters said no to same-sex marriage,

    And yet the voters keep voting for these same people..

  189. Wow what is wrong with that so called state, Seems like everyone in that state has IQ’s that have gone the way of the dinosaurs.

  190. This is all meaningless. I really do not care what government puts on their contracts. That is all marriage is in the eyes of government, essentially creating a union combining assets and certain benefits. Marriage is an unwavering commitment to the love of your life. You do not need a piece of paper from government for that to happen.

  191. Jerry Brown and company, YOU ARE SOME SICK PUPPIES!
    Hey , I have a replacement term for you. Man and woman joined by God! How bout that Mr. Brown?

    1. FYI, it’s physically IMPOSSIBLE for a woman to have a “wife.” No matter WHAT they choose to call each other!

  192. HAHHAHAHA “Tea Party News Network” wtf is this crap.

    Everyone who reads this site should kill themselves.

  193. so, let me get this right….”the Use of the Words Husband and Wife” is illegal in California? How many verses from the Bible are against the law then?

  194. Where does it say the words are now illegal? Oh that’s right…nowhere. Nice spin though.

  195. I’m all for stomping on the libtards when they libtard, but this article overstates what was done pretty grossly. All they did was change the wording of the law so that the nouns are no longer gender specific. The substance of the law is as before. They did not in fact, make using the terms illegal. Gay folks exist. They want to get hitched. Deal with it and move on. Crap like this is why the Democrats keep whupping the tar out of the GOP. The Tea Party doesn’t need to carry that kind of baggage if it wants to grow.

  196. California is seriously messed up. They’ve got sleeper cell terrorists streaming in from the south yet their primary concern is offending same-sex couples.

  197. Oh no. How dare he!? God said marriage is between a man an woman ONLY! When i find the qtuote in the Bible I will post it here.

    1. Please post the one about owning slaves too. It’s about time our government start adhering to the bible and let us own slaves!

    2. There’s nothing that needs “adhering to”. The Bible records that most cultures had slaves because the human heart is wicked. At no time does God encourage slavery or any of the countless evils committed by mankind.

      The message of the Bible is simply that sin has earned each of us a death warrant but Jesus’ shed blood is our “stay of execution”. He has offered total forgiveness & eternal life to all who call on His name. :)


  198. So, let me get this straight, there is now a law in CA that doesn’t allow me to call my wife, my wife? It’s illegal? When did this law pass? What is the legal code?

  199. He’s just like so many politicians who run after votes, rather than their convictions. Look how many of the politicians today, who just a few years ago stood at podiums and declared that marriage was between a man and a woman. Didn’t take them long to change their stance once the media declared it not so.

  200. This has to be a freaking joke. another way of force feeding the acceptance of the LBGT community on to us. Most of us do not care if you want to marry, it is not up to us to judge. All we care about is what you bring to the table and not a law breaking free loading loser. Now we cannot call our significant others wife or husband? What is next straight people cannot marry only the LBGT can? This is how it starts. When people are forcing others to accept them, you will never be accepted.

  201. California is considering breaking up into six separate states largely over this heavy-handed crap. When the People of California voted to ban gay marriage in the first place, a liberal judge ruled that unconstitutional. When they rewrote the state’s constitution to protect marriage, another judge ruled THAT unconstitutional, and was not reprimanded when it came out he was a closeted homosexual, nor was his ruling challenged. Liberals are gonna bully themselves right out of a country.

  202. Deleting references to “husband” or “wife” in the family code…now, explain how this makes something illegal. Is it illegal to introduce your spouse as “my wife”? No. Would it be illegal for the minister at a wedding to pronounce a couple as “husband and wife”? No. “illegal is simply a piss-poor choice of words here. There is no question about legality as far as I can see. Do I like this PC crap. NO. Do I like the way that liberals are attacking traditional values. NO. But this seems to me to be much ado about very little.

    1. Yeah. It’s “legal.” But I’ll be laughing in the face of the next homosexuality advocate who claims these “marriages” don’t affect anyone else. Our state refuses to acknowledge the words “husband” and “wife” now, photographers and bakers are being forced by the courts to work at or for a “wedding” that they would never be a part of if allowed to exercise their freedom of religion. (And yes, people of faith make decisions every day that involved their religious beliefs when it comes to who they do business with and who they associate.) Homosexuals are coming into schools and discussing their “marriages” with public school children telling them it’s normal (without the parents consent). And that’s a reference to the Oakland school assembly video where that very thing happened. I wonder what’s next that “won’t affect” the 96.6% of the population of this nation that don’t identify as gay? (CDC National Health Survey that identifies less than 3% of the population as gay.) It’s getting pretty tiring watching our Legislatures enacting laws to make such a small minority of people feel better about themselves at the expense of so many.

  203. Let me tell you something Governor Moonbeam, I will call my husband my husband and there is nothing you can do about it. You cannot tell me what I can and cannot say. So, go back to your bong and leave us alone. I still don’t know how you got elected, AGAIN!!!

    1. He got elected by Voter Fraud the same way every other Democrat gets elected.. The Dead Vote for them as do all of the Illegals and most even Vote 2-3 times…

  204. only an idiot think this is true! all the law does is now for legal reasons couples can be called spouses! you all are idiots!

  205. so I guess this is hate speech against a wife or a husband, because they are being forced to be called something other than what they believe. This is another can of worms, brought you us by the 3% of the country that is gay/lesbian/transgender and wanting to force their beliefs on others.

  206. Gov. Moonbeam strikes again….God save California…oops! Did I just write a non-PC phrase?

  207. “CDC: Less than 3 percent in US identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual”…. But the other 97% better do everything they say/want or your demonized as a “homophobe”. What a crock of crap.

  208. And only 3% of the population is gay or transtesticle. So all these laws are being passed by an extremely vocal yet minuscule minority. It’s unbelievable so few can have so much power for any cause. Apparently this is how democracy works now.