How Many Americans are Homosexual? New Gov’t Study Reveals Number

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced on Tuesday its National Health Interview Survey, which included the government’s widescale attempt to measure Americans’ sexual proclivities. 

The results show a rather minuscule number of Americans who self-identify as homosexual, bi-sexual, or “something else,” while a massive majority identified as straight, and that number has surprisingly increased, despite the push by radical pro-homosexual organizations to normalize the behavior. 

The government study found that only 1.6% self-identify as homosexual (gay or lesbian), while 0.7% of those surveyed consider themselves “bisexual, and 1.1% of adults identified as “something else.” 

According to the study, 96.6% of American adults considered themselves “straight.”

The study also found that a much higher percentage of homosexuals and bisexuals are cigarette smokers and drinkers of alcohol, with 27.2% who identified as “gay or lesbian” and 29.5% who identified as “bisexual” were current cigarette smokers, compared to only 19.6% of “straight” people. 

When the survey asked about alcohol consumption, 35.1% of homosexuals and 41.5% of bisexuals reported having five or more drinks in one day at least once in the past year, compared to 26% of those who identify as “straight.”


  1. So this kinda’ dismisses the idea that the gay community has usually claimed that 10%of the population is gay.

    1. True, not as if their genetics are going to get much of an opportunity to expand. Coming out of the closet may also have a whittling down effect since they may be less incline to have a fake heterosexual marriage.

    2. More a function of recruitment efforts. Those don’t seem to be panning out all that well. It’s my understanding that there is a good deal of attrition amongst the gay ranks. I suppose it gets old after a while.

    3. There are as many recruitment efforts to become gay as there are to become straight. Exactly.

    4. Well, that and HIV/AIDS seems to be resurging among the homosexual male population in the last couple years. Factor in the higher instance of hard drug use and the higher likelihood of violent death, and the whole lifestyle is really a big game of Russian roulette.

      In high school, I used to be one of those 0.7% that identified as bisexual. I decided to ignore my same-sex attractions after I became a Christian and live a purely heterosexual lifestyle. Couldn’t square my faith with screwin’ dudes, and felt I had to pick one or the other, so I picked Jesus.

      Boy, was the local LGBTA group fuckin’ angry with me when they found out. Got death threats because I decided to pursue girls exclusively.

    5. The 10% came from the Kinsey report in the 1940s where Alfred Kinsey was working with deviants in psychiatric hospitals. Obviously, that’s going to skew the results.

    6. And a survey done by an agency controlled by the federal government is not going to ‘find’ exactly what it wants to find?

    7. Given the present government, I don’t think one can honestly say this is “what it wants to find.”

    8. Don’t worry, the Liberals/Communist will argue that the study didn’t include those who are still too scared to come out of the closet or something. They’ll find a way to turn it around somehow.

    9. I just want to ask you this. If you were straight, gay/lesbian, bi, or other would you necessarily want to say tell a complete stranger who probably called you about your preference? Remember that this is based off of a sample of people who decided to answer those questions. Now the results could be right or they could be higher or lower than what is the actual percentage.

    10. I suppose in todays world I probably wouldn’t have a problem being forth coming about it (depending of course on where I live). I personally couldn’t care less what someones sexual preference is. I’m just tired of the left using that and racism as a distraction to the obviously more important issues that they shy away from.

    1. They may live there, but I promise you they don’t work. One is a chronic law breaker and the other one refuses to arrest him.

  2. I just wish the American Psychological council would reach out and help these poor individuals. To try and find a way to help them. What a disorder to have, there just has to be a way to bring these people back into the reproductive cycle of life. To help them find a way to live life to its fullest and not have everything they do and say be identified with their sexual orientation

    1. that’s probably the smartest thing I’ll hear all day. There is certainly more to life than ‘where you stick it’…these people seem to make that question central to everything they identify with. It’s old hat and overwrought…

    2. Not a disorder, a birth defect just like any other. Well actual those that claim to be bisexual are just perverts looking for new erotic thrills.

    3. Yep…when their lust gets so bad, they have to look for new ways to become excited. A fantasy will only work for so long until something new or worse has to take it’s place. Then, deviance is born.

    4. Homosexuality is not a birth defect, it’s a choice usually brought on by abuse too young to remember. A good example is Chastity, Cher’s daughter whom Cher allowed her lesbian friend to babysit Chasity when she was young.

    5. Oh wow so that’s why Chasity is gay. Oh man thanks for clearing that up. You really should stop posting comments because your ignorance is astounding.

    6. I have to agree with you there. Just because you’re exposed to someone who is gay/lesbian, bi, or other doesn’t mean you will be. If we go by that logic then would someone explain to me how there could even be gays/lesbians, bis, and others if straight is normal?

    7. Have you considered that it might be natures way of population control?? They generally don’t breed.

    8. The American Psychological Association was infiltrated with homosexuals in the leadership positions decades ago and they came out and announced that being homosexual is not longer to be considered a diagnosis of pathology and as such declared homosexuality as “normal.” Before that it was known and well accepted that homosexuality is a case of arrested sexual development. Sadly, this acceptance of homosexuality as normal is now followed. But there was never the proper research data to support such a claim. So it is basically bogus. Hopefully, one day the truth will become more commonly known and this injustice will be reversed. In the meantime, students in med schools and grad schools are being taught this incorrect information.

    1. How can you say that. I want people to be well, not just in the body but in the mind too. There just has to be a cure for this.

    2. that is horribly intolerant. You can bring up Allah, Mohamed, Budha, Wicca and mother earth, but we’re tired of that Jesus character.

    3. Perhaps they are well in body and mind and it makes you uncomfortable and confused that someone could be gay/lesbian, bi, or other.

  3. Well, maybe someone could explain to me that if being gay is “normal”, then why is the CDC the one counting them?

    1. They cannot explain it as “normal” because it is NOT normal. It goes against nature itself. Is incest “normal”? Is bestiality “normal”? You make an excellent point, by the way.

    2. Actually, scientifically speaking, homosexuality is very common in dozens of animal species, not just our own. It accounts for roughly 2% of most populations (give or take). Some animals that show homosexual tendencies are: bison, brown bear, rats, cats, cattle, chimps, dolphins, dogs, elephants, fox, giraffe, goats, horses, koalas, lions, orcas, raccoons, owls, chickens, emu, penguins, mallard ducks, ravens, seagulls, and about a half a dozen fish….to just name a few. Just throwing in a few facts to this discussion. Do with it what you will.

    3. Actually, scientifically speaking, rape, incest, cannibalism, genocide, vandalism, exploitation, pollution, and even slavery is very common in dozens of animal species, not just our own. Some animals that show homosexual tendencies are: ants, brown bear, rats, cats, cattle, chimps, dolphins, dogs, elephants, fox, giraffe, goats, horses, koalas, lions, orcas, raccoons, owls, chickens, emu, penguins, mallard ducks, ravens, seagulls, and about a half a dozen fish….to just name a few. Just throwing in a few facts to this discussion. Do with it what you will.

      Do you have a valid point to make yet, Tonille?

    4. Lots of animals kill just to kill while others only do it to sustain life.
      So with this rationale people should be able to get away with murder.

    5. Which is your opinion, and not the judgement of many others. Nobody says you have to be gay or have to abort a baby. So why can’t you grant others the same priveledge?

    6. I don’t care if some woman decides to abort her child for whatever reason, what I object to is being forced to PAY for her abortion.

    7. Name one human that kills just to kill, as one can say everyone has killed for a reason, just ask Charlie Manson or any of the other murderers in our history. Now we may disagree with their rationale on why they did it but none the less they killed for a reason. So your point was again. Oh yeah, name one animal that kills for no reason? Research Chimpanzee, Hyenas, Black Widow spider, Roosters, I can go on and on, but hey why take the fun out of your little search through facts and knowledge.

    8. You know nothing about chickens do you? Racoons attack at night while the hens are roosting and not laying eggs. Eggs would have been collected before locking them in for the night. a raccon might eat one or a part of a chicken but it will kill all of them and so do Mongoose!

    9. Don’t forget the wild City Groid, known to put caps in a Azz, at the slightest provocation or when it runs out of Malt Liqour

    10. There are many, sharks come to mind first, even when not hungry they have been known to do this, I think the biggest problem here is a lack of education, animals can and will do very unexpected things, regardless of whispering to them or not.

    11. Cats. They frequently kill something, & instead of eating it, they play with the carcass.

    12. Just about all of the weasel family has that predilection. I know that I once lost most of my chickens and ducks to a weasel that got into my hen house. It ate only a part of one duckling, but killed 25 animals.

    13. I do believe that chickens go crazy at the sight of blood. So if that’s true then how can you know that it was the weasel that killed them all and not the other chickens?

    14. I don’t know where you got that story, but free range chickens like mine do not go crazy at the sight of blood. Plus the fact that if it was not the weasel then there would have been wounded chickens that had peck marks. That is not what I found. I suppose you also believe the Sandy Hook narrative where a lone gunman was able to shoot and kill 27 people and not wound anyone of them. Statistically impossible for there not to have been a wounded survivor.

    15. Ok you answered my question and I had heard that on a program once. As to Sandy Hook I don’t believe that. I don’t think that there really was a shooting there from what I have seen.

    16. Except rape, incest, cannibalism, genocide, vandalism, exploitation, pollution, and slavery are parasitic relationships, in which one party suffers losses and the other gains. Homosexuality between two adults is (in a standard relationship) mutually beneficial, and consensual. Clear consent does not exist in bestiality, due to the large communication/understanding gaps between the two species. How are you justified in lumping homosexuality together with any of these other things when they are clearly even in the same ballpark? Is it fear of change or abnormality? Is it insecurity? Or is it just vile, despicable hatred for other human beings doing something that you personally don’t do?

    17. Incest is generally between consenting parties. So is bestiality if the animal is in heat. As is bigamy, and in many cases pedophilia (in many cultures the age of consent is whatever age a female has her first period).
      How is homosexuality lumped in? it’s the disgusting factor. Being human we are generally considered the most cognitively advanced species on the planet. With that comes a morality that (should) separate us from lesser evolved species. It’s not vile hatred, it is abject disgust, and of course, pity.

    18. The potential child in an incestuous relationship is a party harmed, given the far higher rates of potential birth defects and the like. Heat isn’t enough of a determinant of consent, only arousal. Such thinking gives way to ethical, consensual rape, which doesn’t exist. Bigamy wasn’t mentioned. And with regard to pedophilia, a child’s brain is not nearly developed to the extent of an adult’s in almost every case, although it must be taken on a case to case basis.
      Homosexuality is lumped in by Tea Partiers, as you can easily see from comments above.
      And with that advanced cognition… a good majority of Americans are accepting of homosexual relationships and marriages.
      I pity your platform and ideology, as do many LGBTQ individuals and couples, for being so close minded.
      All of your points: addressed.

    19. So birth defects are a POTENTIAL risk as much as AIDS and/or rectal warts, so that one is moot. And again, in our culture 12-13 year old’s is not as developed as an adults. Who are WE to say if, on the other hand such a morally deficient activity as homosexuality is accepted as “norm”. As to animals in heat, of course it has to do with arousal. That’s the comparison. The homosexual lifestyle is centered around an arousal, a fetish, a kink.
      Sorry I have no affiliation with tea baggers, religious whacks, or the close minded. You may *think* because a few polls tell you people accept gay marriage it is so. It’s not. For the moment, people tolerate it as a novelty, like those who hold wedding ceremonies for their pets. The numbers who oppose though are rebounding. The gay lifestyle choice as far as acceptance has peaked, and support is now fading. Homosexual relationships belong in the closet.
      All of your counterpoints: debunked.

    20. Clearly they concern themselves heavily in the matters of the gay community, take this article for example.

    21. Well all Tea partiers are Conservatives and thus believe in marriage between a man and woman only

    22. Tyler,

      Mathew Burke wrote this. One man. Not the Tea Party, whatever that is.

      Clearly, your math skills need some polishing up.

    23. “For example”. I never claimed this man was the entirety of the Tea Party. This is merely one article (on a Tea Party news site) in an ongoing trend of anti-gay Tea Party policy and views. Look at legislation. Look at polls of different party’s views on LGBTQ rights. Look at Tea Party Facebook pages. You can’t exactly measure this in objective means but just look around you. It’s really not that hard to see.
      You are one individual who happens to only concern themselves with matters of taxes and government overreach. You are no more representative of the Tea Party than Matthew Burke is.
      Clearly, your reading skills need polishing up.

    24. I said,

      “Tea Partiers are concerned with lower taxes and smaller gov’t”

      You said,

      “Clearly they concern themselves heavily in the matters of the gay community, take this article for example.”

      Then you said,

      “”For example”. I never claimed this man was the entirety of the Tea Party. This is merely one article (on a Tea Party news site) in an ongoing trend of anti-gay Tea Party policy and views.”

      You’re either really, really stupid or a liar who thinks I can’t catch you in a really big lie.
      There is a Democrat party. There is a Republican party. There is no Tea party. There is a Tea party movement and I have been to several rallies and meetings and NEVER, EVER has anyone brought up homosexual deviancy as an issue.

      You confuse toleration with acceptance. Most Americans tolerate homo’s. We don’t accept it.

      I get emails from three or four Tea Party groups, like TPNN and the raging anti-homo agenda you have your thong all twisted about just ain’t there.

      One swallow does not a spring make.

      Clearly, you cannot read, write or tell the truth.
      and that is why we have you so emotionally twitterpated.


    25. You just repeated what I said and accused me of being either stupid or a liar for it without actually stating what was wrong with what I said.
      The Tea Party isn’t a party in the traditional sense, but it is a movement, and is a sub-party of sorts of the Republican party. This is called the “Tea Party News Network”. There is a facebook page called “The Tea Party”. That’s the movement’s name. Nothing else really to it.
      Then why are there a handful of posts a week on the Facebook page, on the news network, with plenty of eager members chomping at the bit to spew about how immoral and wrong homosexuality is? Your meetings do not constitute an entire movement, and clearly the movement DOES concern itself with homosexuality. If it did not, this article would not exist, congressman would not write legislation or speak publicly with regard to it.
      You’re on an article from a well established news source representative of some of the Tea Party that brings up the issue of homosexuality, with self-proclaimed Tea Party members discussing homosexuality in the comments. I don’t know what other evidence you need but apparently only your experiences constitute what the Tea Party is.

    26. advanced cognition.? You mean idiot Liberals; the same ones that got bonehead Obama elected! You voted for him didn’t you? What’s wrong with plug to plug and socket to socket? It doesn’t work! Even a two year old can tell you that from playing with blocks, square pegs and round holes! Go crawl back in the closet where you belong!

    27. You just projected about a dozen things onto me that there is absolutely no evidence for. I support LGBTQ rights, and therefore must be gay, liberal, and an Obama voter?
      Maybe the reason your platform on gay rights are losing steam worldwide is precisely because you base your political views off the mindset of a two year old. You certainly act with the emotional maturity of one.

    28. incest is between consenting adults? pedophilia is between consenting adults? you are disgusting.

    29. Well there is a country that the age of consent is 9. To us that would be a child but to those people that would be an adult I would presume.

    30. We said between consenting adults, not children or animals. Therefore pedophilia and bestiality are out.

      As for bigamy, believe it or not some cultures are different. just because someone doesn’t follow your beliefs, doesn’t mean thy are immoral or wrong.

      Incest is not ‘usually between two consenting parties’ – it is usually due to sibling abuse (the most common form of incest). And it is understandable that it is often discouraged or illegal – it has a strong connection to genetic disease and disabilities that accompany them.

      Homosexuality has no harm on the human body or society. As long as it is between consenting adults, it bears no more risk than any sexual activity two straight people might have, in terms of disease. The morality you speak of is a personal one and not one the whole of society abides by. More and more young people either support homosexual rights or simply don’t care. As a straight male, with nobody pressing me to be gay, I see no reason why anyone should care what two consenting adults do in the privacy of their homes. Why do you care? It doesn’t affect you in any way other than the ways you bring on yourself.

    31. Woops! Someone failed biology BIG TIME.

      First off, man is the ONLY species that pollutes as we create products that don’t bio-degrade then discard it. All other species kill, eat build and discard bio de-gradeables.

      Second, Ants are not animals but rather insects.

      Third, Rape is a mankind specific action. Animals and insects send out pheremones and specific scents when they are “in the mood” to mate.

      The validity of any point you MIGHT have been trying to make, devolves from there.

    32. PLEASE STOP your argument just makes you look stupid beyond words. See if you can find your 4th grade science book and maybe for the first time in your entire life, read it

    33. Ants are animals. Organic life is classified thusly:
      Animalia, plantae, protista, monera, fungi
      (animals, plants, protozoa, bacteria, fungus)

      If it’s alive, it absolutely is classified in one of those kingdoms.
      Specifically, a typical “purpureus” ant is classified thus: animalia, arthropoda, insecta (there it is…insects), hymenoptera, formicadae, dolichoderinae, iridomyrmex, [ant species]

    34. oh thank you so much. what would the word do without people who know everthing (and assume others do not). you actually are attempting, with less humour and finesse, to make the same point. well done.

    35. It seems, the only one assuming here is you. I don’t assume to know everything nor do I assume that others do not.

    36. BTW, ants, being neither vegetable nor mineral, are somewhat simplistically usually lumped into Animal. Becauce, 3 choices, discard the two that are impossible.

    37. Ants are animals. All insects are animals. Not all animals are insects. Organic life are divided into Animalia, Plantae, Protista, Monera, and Fungi. If someone failed Biology BIG TIME, I’m hoping you weren’t the professor.

      Humans release Pheromones as well, but that isn’t factored into the equation when deliberating if rape is committed.

    38. Conservative logic is at work again. Any woman who goes through an involuntary bodily process deserves to be raped!

    39. Huh? How the heck did you get that out of what I said? I think you may have completely misunderstood my “conservative logic”. I am not stating that rape in humans is permissible due to pheromones. I replied to Brian to state that pheromone secretion is NOT factored in to determine if rape is committed.

      Are you quite proud of your ignorance? It seems purposeful.

    40. You constructed it in such a way as to suggest that rape is acceptable because human beings release pheromones.

      If you didn’t mean it that way, I am sorry, but it sure sounded like it to me.

    41. Apology accepted. I assure, it wasn’t constructed to suggest that humans release pheromones and thus should be raped. Just that the release of pheromones doesn’t factor. No biggie though – there’s no inflection online.

    42. Yes I agree. I was rash to assume you meant such a thing. I think everyone here can agree that pheromones do not permit humans, as a reasoning species, to commit such crimes.

    43. Brian, 100% of everything bio degrades. Steal and glass take longer, but we should not lose our minds about modern living. Hundreds of years for my car to return to dust compared to Billions of years the planet has been in existence. No one is in favor of pollution but we should take a deep breath, some days and relax a little.

    44. Of course everything degrades eventually. But we cannot sit in a sea of junk and trash, waiting 2000 years for it to break down so we can fill it in with more.

      We have to think about 2 things when it comes to pollution – (1)immediate impact (e.g. loss of habitat for all species including people, damage of arable land and clean water, etc.) and (2)the impact it will have on the near future (e.g. food shortages, disease). By the time some chemicals and radioactive materials we have dumped are broken down, humanity as we know it will be gone.

      Cmon, let us come to a more dignified end than one caused by sheer laziness…

    45. Wrong again Brian. Otters kidnap and rape baby seals, Bottlenose Dolphins perform infanticide, certain breeds of penguins practice necrophilia, sexual coercian, sexual and physical abuse of chicks. Maybe you should revisit that biology class you mentioned.

    46. Ants are animals. Kingdom Animalia, Phylum Arthropoda. Ants are, however, not mammals.

    47. Now now.. you can’t have it both ways.. If you say CO2 is a pollutant then all animals that breath out CO2 are polluters. Second, if a dog craps in a none flowing pool of water, and that water is allowed to sit there, and another animal drinks it and dies… is this not pollution? Does this not happen in nature? What about radiation? Isn’t nuclear radiation natural? Doesn’t the sun bombard natures animals all the time? Define “natural” please… because EVERYTHING humans can or have ever done… is within the bounds of nature. Sure you can call us a virus… virus’s have a moral obligation to fulfill its programmed purpose. You can make the argument that Humans are a part of the natural balance of the planet, put here to weed out the weak life forms in favor of the more adaptable ones: natural selection broskie!

    48. Did you fail science? CO2 is taken in by plants and out comes Oxygen. Dogs don’t crap in water. Now you are just being foolish.

      *Chuckle* Pretty darn sure “nature” has never produced Concrete or plastics or Toxic sludge.

    49. Are you really that stupid? Do a little google search on that theory that dogs do not crap in water. What about all the animals in Africa, you mean none of them crap in the water they drink? Wow, is all I can say. Concrete and plastic is to produced by nature, it is just in its separated forms. Someone just take 2 parts this and one part that and add a little of this and there you have it. Or do you think these are all synthetic materials….

    50. lol After that comment you have the temerity to ask ANYONE if they are really that stupid? A dog does not crap in the water it drinks. I never said animals don’t. Concrete, plastic, nuclear waste etc do not combine themselves to create the product in nature. As I said, you are being foolish and now, you really are that stupid.

    51. Wrong on too many of your illogical response. Rape is not isolated to Humans only. Monkeys do it and if caught are beat by the head (or leader) of the pack, same is true for gorilla’s, Elk, and a whole list of of other species.

    52. If the female of the species “gives” it to the male, that is not rape. The reason the pack leader beats another monkey is because as leader the females are his. Females of a given “pack” or what not, don’t care, a male is a male to them. Same with Gorilla’s and the list goes on. There are very few species where mates are for life.

    53. Oh and the reason they give it up has very little to do with willingly, it has to do with if they don’t they would be harm (thus raped)….

    54. Sorry but that does not wash. They give it up because they are not particular about who they mate with. It has nothing to do with harm as there is no threat display.

    55. Wrong! With animals the female prefers the strongest largest and healthiest so she will create offspring with the best genetics. Hens can actually reject the sperm of a rooster they don’t want to breed with.

    56. Once again, does not wash. When a female of a species goes into “heat”, provided it is not a lifelong mated pair, she will mate with anything of the species that sticks it to her. That is not rape, never has been, never will be.

    57. Seriously? That is all you can do? I guess I should not be surprised, given this is your first attempt at thinking. Save the juvenile antics Earl for someone that cares or is willing to stoop to your level.

    58. Are we really arguing over whether animals rape each other? Wow, y’all seriously need lives

    59. Ants, and all other insects, are animals. They certainly aren’t vegetables or minerals. From Wikipedia: Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Arthropoda, Class: Insecta, Order: Hymenoptera, Suborder: Apocrita, Superfamily: Vespoidea, Family: Formicidae

    60. Insects are animals! Minerals, plants, animals ; any questions? Man also send out pheremones and specific scents when they are “in the mood” to mate

    61. The othe points have been adequately addressed by others so I will simply point out that you couldn’t be more wrongg about rape ine animal kingdom.

      Sea Otters and Dolphins are two examples. The sea otter will kidnap and rape baby seals TO DEATH (not like species and to young to be emitting pheromones). Bottle nose dolphins have been known to rape other species (even human).

      Not exactly the stuff they teach in H.S. Bio class, but you made the claim and these small examples show it to be clearly wrong.

    62. rape, incest, cannibalism, genocide, … are all things that harm other people. Homosexuality doesn’t harm other people as long as it is between consenting adults. Do with that what you will.

    63. AIDS became so widespread because people didn’t use any protection, and some sickos like to spread it.

    64. Wow. Just wow. It makes me sad that I have to tell you this, but AIDS is not exclusive to the homosexuality. But I forgot, you don’t like to be confused with the facts, do you?

    65. It jumped species through people butchering apes or monkeys. Same as chicken pox, or bird flu. Read a damn book.

    66. By the very nature of homosexuality, all expansion is done by recruitment. There is no other way. That is the main thrust behind homosexual scout leaders, school teachers, children adopted by homosexual couples, and having a safe schools czar that teaches school-boys how to “safely” fist each other. It is the thrust of the now supposedly defunct North American Man-Boy Love association. Homosexually inclined adults shouldn’t be allowed in positions of authority over children. If they could expand their numbers without recruitment, I would believe that they should be left alone. As it is, I am strongly in favor of close supervision. I happened to be a very pretty blonde haired blue eyed, skinny kid. Homos were hitting on me constantly from long before I even knew what was happening. I doubt that this has changed. Until the relationship between homosexuality, pedophilia, and sado-masochism is extensively studied (Never gonna happen), I am suspicious of homosexuals that want to be around children.

    67. I’m not sure how much I can trust anything you say when you start off your speech by insinuating that homosexuality is a recruitment issue. Some sort of a club with membership which requires recruitment. I have a no solicitation sign on my door – should I put up one that says, “No Homosexual Proselytizing?”

      I am a man of solid scientific background. Homosexuality is a situation/condition of genetic and epigenetic origin. If homosexuality was a recruitment issue, then so would heterosexuality. The parents of a gay child could just recruit their child to being straight. Then there would be no more homosexuality and you would have to find another topic of which to be ignorant.

      Will, you opine that you shouldn’t allow homosexual adults to be around children. That is your right. It’s also the reason that I’m glad that your opinion is of no consequence. I have known many homosexuals in my time. I am neither less nor more inclined to having a homosexual around my own children. It is ignorance that leads you to worry.

    68. Having spent several years working with mens sexual addictions, I can tell you that homosexuality, pedophilia and sado-masochism are closely related, for the men I knew and worked with. Until it is studied extensively, and my experience is disproved, I believe what experience has taught me. That these studies would ever be done is an impossibility, because those selling homosexuality as legitimate adult/adult relationship KNOW that a real study would destroy all of the work they have done to legitimize this sin.

    69. “For the men I knew and worked with.” You worked with sexual addictions. Do you have any scientific background? Do you know the link between causation and correlation?

      Will, you do realize that homosexuals are the “underdogs” here, right? By the admission of this study alone, lesser than one in 50 are homosexual. You’re treating this as if you’re the underdog – that the homosexual influence is so extensive that we poor straight people can’t gather enough support to research the homosexual condition. That is utter nonsense of course. I am in the scientific community and I assure you, a LOT of time, money and resources are allotted to studying the origin of homosexuality. As I said, it is epigenetic in nature.

    70. I have the background. Homosexuality is an orientation not a paraphilia or a fetish. Arguably pedophelia is a similar condition but one which places others at risk. Homosexuality hasn’t been a diagnosable illness since 1973.

    71. Yeah, the point is that it’s natural. Which is what was being addressed. That’s why it was said make of it what you will. You can certainly argue, as one assumes you are, that just because something is natural doesn’t mean it’s good behavior. But you can’t argue that it isn’t natural. That was the point. And it’s true.

    72. Awesome, yes and Scientifically speaking, the percentage of animals that do show these (so called homosexual tendencies, is rather small at about 1.6 percent, its aborhant behavior.

    73. It would have been better without the “Do you have a valid point to make yet, Tonille?”.

    74. Nevermind. This thread is so full of ad hominen attacks I seriously doubt anyone here has influenced anybody else’s point of view which is why the social engineering will continue to succeed. :(

    75. Scientifically speaking, where did you get the data to support that statement? Were they exclusively homosexual or just occasionally?

    76. People are higher life forms than animals. The evolutionary view that people are animals is an attempt to degrade humans and justify many harmful behaviors but man has a conscience and we have laws to deter acting like wild animals. If you ever complain to the police that you
      were attacked or had something stolen from you then you really don’t believe man is just following animal behavior in nature.

    77. I def see the point you are making, but I tell ya, when I hear of a man raping a 6 month old baby (which he was finally executed for 15 yrs later Thank God) I have a hard time looking at humans as higher life forms. So many out there do such horrific things to animals, children, the elderly, disabled, etc. I think humans have the capacity to be so cruel, its sickening.

    78. Corilation does not equal causation. The “capacity” for evil, does not mean that humans are all evil. It would be absurd to think otherwise. We are higher life forms. We have creative cognition.

    79. The thing about humans having a conscience is that we really don’t. We are taught what is right or wrong according to whatever our society deems is right. There is no real right or wrong, otherwise human morality would be consistent from age to age and society to society. Also we are not higher life forms, for the most part our “dominance” is determined by our thumbs, not any kind of divine intervention or whatever you might call it.

    80. That is really moronic talk.

      Our Dominance is the ability to reason past the simplistic. Or Compound reasoning.

      Animals do not have that. They operate based on desire and will only.

      If we are (no different then/ like) Animals and only our thumbs were the reason for our “dominance” then cutting thumbs off someone would make them stupid. DUH.

    81. I’m not going to argue this topic further with you, i only discuss topics with reasonable people who don’t insult or belittle me. As you can see in my comment you replied to, i insulted no one even though i disagreed with them, because I’m a decent human being. Even after your insults I’m still not insulting you, have some respect for others. Have a great day.

    82. You might not be a higher life form… you must be able to use logic correctly to be called a higher life form, and since it seems you are not capable of this, we will accept that you are talking about yourself.

    83. “We are taught what is right or wrong according to whatever our society deems is right. There is no real right or wrong.” A felicitous philosophical statement. If you apply logic to this, it is a indefinite loop of lunacy. First, you must establish that humans can select arbitrary rules.. (we do this all the time) then you are saying there is no such thing as arbitrary rules. Regardless if you were trying to say there is no higher power for “Divine Righteousness”, your statement could not even meet up to the basics of logic. Which first and fore most is a prerequisite to the discussion of philosophy. So please, do everyone a favor and stay out of the discussion less some knit whit takes your rhetoric as proof.

    84. I’ve been pondering your comment for a little bit and i still can’t figure you out. You seem to disagree with me yet you quote me and then tell me i made a well suited philosophical statement. Was it sarcasm or maybe a misused word? My second puzzlement comes from you thinking that somewhere in my comment lies the statement that arbitrary rules don’t or cant exist. I never said this, what i said was that we are not born with a fully-formed moral compass, and that we are shaped by the society we live in. Period. Which if i’m correct actually states that all our rules, laws, morals etc etc are in fact arbitrary. If you disagree i would go back and study as many different cultures as you can and then judge my statement, you might change your mind. As for the divine part all i was pointing out was that our logic and reasoning abilities(which folks seem to think is what sets us apart from animals) does not necessarily make us any better than other animals. I only added the divine part for the Christians on here that would immediately bust that card out. Maybe i should have separated the two different ideas better, but i assumed that most folks posses reason and could differentiate between them. Finally your last bit about good ol’ philosophy didn’t quite ring true to this dude. Remembering my classes and a quick web search to verify leads to interesting conclusions. First you are right….. partially, Logic does have a role in philosophy, but is only a sub-field. The field of Epistemology which is what my statement would fall under is a completely different field. There are many more fields with varying degrees of relevancy to the discussion i entered, but these two most relate to our discussion. My parting shot below the waterline is as follows. If one should not engage in a philosophical discussion, because some NITWIT might take a philosophical statement as proof, means that first, philosophy would cease to exist as would most free thinking, correct? Second that under these rules for philosophy that you set for me, joined with the contradicting statements you put forth,(which by the way makes your comment non-logical) if applied to you would lead me to say that you should also do us a favor a cease and desist as well.

    85. sodomy was illegal until recently and it is still punishable under the UCMJ if you are in the military

    86. Animals do not engage in homosexuality, humans perceive their actions as such. Animals do things all the time that break the laws of what we think is their normality. Would you think a horse would eat meat? I just saw a video the other day of 9 herbivores eating warm blooded creatures. A horse ate a chick in the video. So I don’t think seeing to male dolphins rubbing blow holes is sexual they might be trying to drown each other like kids pushing each other under. though I do have to say that Koalas are little freaks. they just don’t know when to stop. I forget what STD they get because they mess around to much.

    87. Scientifically speaking, 2% or less is statistically insignificant when identifying a norm as opposed to a deviation from the norm.

      But thanks for your input. It’s consistent with the CDC study.

    88. I agree, it is statistically insignificant, however, it merits enough attention to prove a point: that humans are not the only group that engages in this activity. That was my whole point. As well as validating the CDC study which you recognized. Thank you for being mature enough engage in a civil response. Much respect to you, Sir.

    89. The homosexual tendencies that all those species you mentioned are mostly dominance behaviors not actual sexual preference.

    90. Excuse me, but I care for quite a few animals…including 12 cats and 5 dogs currently…none of cats or dogs are homosexual, by any means!!!! I have had them long enough to know that FACT! Where in “sam hill” do you get your information? And for the record, male lions fight for dominance and the lioness! Nature procreates by male and female…although there is a species that if there is not a male or female they will make or change in order to be able to procreate, I remember that in science class…….

    91. @Anastasia you nailed it he doesn’t understand the difference between animals showing dominance and homosexuality, and while we’re at it why in the heck are 1.6% of the population dictating to the rest of the country how we should live and think.

    92. funny, I mean that is super funny! Because really its the 98.4% that are telling the homosexuals how they should live and think……I assume you were kidding or don’t understand the persecution of gays?

    93. The implication is that the 98.4% have the right to tell the 1.6% what to do. You wouldn’t understand that, though, because you’ve been conditioned to accept minority rule.

    94. You forgot the animals that can clone themselves by just simply splitting in two. Please don’t try and sound scientific without doing your research.

    95. Ummmmmm I liked your comment on accident and for some reason can’t undo it. Your comment is completely ridiculous and untrue.

    96. I choose not to bring man down to the level of animals. Man was created to be more and has the ability to control his urges. Just because animals eat and/or fling their poo doesn’t mean that it is ok for man either.

    97. Wrong, the act, in animals, is a result of misfiring instinct or frustration. The act of cows humping cows is a sign of sexual maturity looked for by cattlemen, that says the cow is mature enough for mating with a bull. Its not a life long choice. As with all the others, frustration from not being head of the heard, fear response or plain old fashioned brain misfire. There some facts thrown back, do with it what you will.BWAHAHAHA. One gay scientist put it this way, dealing with a monkey thought to be homosexual. “Though it does the act it is a fear response to new things introduced into its environment.

    98. I always find it interesting when a person states only scientific facts, not opinion, that person is degraded as not having a valid point for the discussion. Just because something is common does not make it socially normal. No where in my post did I state such. It is however not abnormal to find certain species engage is acts that beget homosexuality. Some yes are to assert dominance, yet most are not. There is a species of lizard that the entire community is female. When they go to lay their eggs a female will mount another female. This is switched the next year, where the mounting female will then be on bottom and lay the egg. Dolphins, specifically will use their penis to penetrate another dolphins blow hole. They do not just ‘rub their blow holes together’. This has been documented many times and it is not to ‘drown the other dolphin like kids pushing each other’. To state that humans are not animals, just because we have higher brain function, is not accurate and to state we are animals is not to degrade. It is basic science. You guys can think what you want, this is a free country. You can berate and bash all you want because I dont care. I stated a fact based on decades of research that any toddler could find if they really tried to look. Do with the information as you will but to bash the messenger shows a lack of IQ and thus, those comments dont concern me.

    99. And therein lies the problem. The comments should concern you. Most of them are pretty smart.

    100. More than half of them are homophobic remarks that lead to rape or bestiality. Then they try to pair two of the topics as the same. Which is illogical and not even fact based. Its literally just people shouting whatever comes into their head or something they’ve heard someone else say.
      Meme’s, as it were.

    101. This is literally the dumbest forum I have ever seen, and if you can’t discern smart and idiotic, then no one can really help you.

    102. actually NO…it’s NOT common. And by the way…HUMANS AREN’T ANIMALS. Not one of those animals you listed, has a conscience. Nor does it know it’s own mortality. Although some animals will OCCASIONALLY have gay tendencies…..not one animal on the planet engages in repeated homosexual behavior besides humans who decide to do so. Get over yourself.

    103. Stop throwing useless…NOT facts into the discussion….and then ending your statement confirming your doubts of yourself by saying you’re adding facts…You didn’t. You added more false statements. Leading to more deception of the public. I spend most of my time calling out liars and telling them about the truth. Sorry you were lied to by your gay friends.

    104. -Reads you post, laughs at the false statements line- A False Statement would be saying that Homosexuality isn’t normal. Stop being a liar.

    105. Not all the time. Try researching some of this. Quite fascinating if you’re actually a fan a of science. If not, then your point is irrelevant.

    106. Congrats, you used actual scientific knowledge and the idiots who decided to live in blissful ignorance will always claim you to be wrong. Dolphins do indeed exhibit gay tendencies… A LOT. But, since it goes against other peoples warped realities. Yea. You will always be wrong. Just like the Crusades were wrong.

    107. Its funny really. I agree with the majority of what the Right stands for until you start stating that Homosexuality is somehow a disease that can be fixed with therapy or a pill. Its not a disease, its genetic, aka born that way. Until people accept that we will always have to have these stupid discussions that are never based on actual facts, just on fear of the ‘unknown’. Maybe if you actually were around people who are gay *SHOCKER* you would realize they are just like everyone else, same hopes, same dreams, they just happen to love someone you dont see as socially acceptable. Its not like gay people are running around, naked, humping straight people willy nilly, and then run off giggling! People need to grow up.

    108. No – they only run around naked, willy nilly, etc in their stupid gay pride parades!

    109. I’m gay and do not support those parades. I think they are stupid and gives the wrong kind of attention. A Fundraiser or Charity would be better. But Cali gays tend to be self serving douchebags.

    110. Since when is “roughly 2%” considered “very common”???? I think you stated the point quite clearly, Tonille: 2% does not a majority, nor a commonality, make. Thanks for the facts. Now, you might want to learn context and pick up a dictionary.

    111. This 2% is constant however. Which makes it common and normal.

      If the majority is so powerful, why does the majority fear a measly 2%?
      Or let alone care? That number is so small it couldn’t hurt ecosystems if it even wanted to.

    112. Bravo. And that was my point as well. Why is the 98% so scared of the 2%? Makes absolutely no sense what so ever.

    113. We don’t fear them – we’re sick of them forcing their deviant lifestyle down our throats. You can’t turn on TV shows without having the gay lifestyle glorified. It is deviant and it is not, nor will it ever be, normal. The deviant 2% just happen to make a lot of noise and file frivoluos law suits when they get “offended” when merchants choose to “refuse service” to their deviant weddings, etc.

    114. Really now, its deviant you say? I see underwear commercials of half naked women on Tv, I also see billboards of two heterosexuals in an a loving embrace kissing each other. That could also be considered deviant. Whoever forces Gay lifestyle on you has no respect for you. the fact that you bash a whole community over isolated incidents makes you not “Normal”, it makes you a bigot. Lawsuits are there for a reason, refusing service to a person for being different is an act of discrimination and its a Federal Offense. Or do you think that law is wrong also? If so, with you being a woman and all. I would vote to strip women of their rights for being so anatomically different from males.
      I hope I offend you with this post, deviant.

    115. If you really were a MensaMan then you would have heard of and read the book ‘Biological Exuberance’ by Bruce Bagemihl PhD. In it explains, in detail, the commonality of homosexuality in mammals and birds specifically. This is just one book out of many that deal with this issue. By the way, a true Mensa person doesnt boast they are Mensa, they dont have to.

    116. My, my. I didn’t know that a cluster of free-thinking, societal-contrarians had a mandatory reading list. My bad. Thanks for enlightening me. Now, I’m curious… are Mensans also considered “common”, since they, too, only account for 2% of the world’s population? Or does that claim of commonality only apply to traits that are also exhibited in the animal kingdom?

    117. Let’s be consistent, shall we?

      Since we’re talking about 2-percenters… You said, “By the way, a true Mensa person doesnt [sic] boast they are Mensa, they dont [sic] have to.” That’s very interesting. So, just for conversation’s sake, should we have a Mensa Pride week and parade, or bumper stickers on our vehicles? Tell me honestly, do you think I should get a Mensa logo and stick it on the back of my car, or use it as my Facebook profile picture, to show my support of a minority group that only accounts for 2% of the population? Do you think I would get more hugs from strangers, or get a call from the President on how brave I was for coming out of the closet, as a 2-percenter?… Or do you think that would come across as too ostentatious?

      You make quite the assumptions, my lady, based solely on a screen name. First, you think that if someone is a Mensan, they must know everything, as evidenced by your expectation that a Mensan certainly would have heard of a specific book, written by a specific author. THEN, you try to shame me for my screen name, because a true Mensan would never have to “boast” about it. Is your condenmation and shaming consistant? Do you shame people who profess to be homosexual, whether they are or not, since “a true [homosexual] person doesnt [sic] boast they are [homosexual], they dont [sic] have to.” Interesting. Thank you, again, for your unbiased, unbigoted, and tollerant-based enlightenment. I will strive to follow your example. (Oh, by the way… “[sic]” means the spelling error was present in the origin text. It’s not offensive, nor derrogatory.)

    118. I think the point here is that you and me brother are nothing but mammals, so lets do it like they do on the Dicovery channel.

    119. Isn’t the evolutionary role of being human, to overcome our animal natures and become divine?

    120. Isnt to become divine to love they neighbor no matter their perceived sins?

    121. Amazing how these stats magically appeared once homosexuality was made acceptable. Stupid. Sexual activity among animals is specifically for procreation. Until the female comes into season, males are not attracted. Your facts lack complete research.

    122. watching animal planet with my daughter the other day and the show was about animal procreation..(forget the name) they said only dolphins and humans mate for pleasure out of all species…sooooo…yeahh..YOur point about animals being gay is a little silly..

    123. Actually no this is not true. lets take dogs for an example. I have three female dogs that from time to time hump each other. Just as if there were male dogs. And I have seen horses do the same thing, it’s not homosexual behavior it is an intimidation action and to show who is alpha dog. Until other animals like you listed can speak and express feelings there is no way at all to prove any other beside mankind are homosexual.

    124. Opinion and personal experience are not facts. Facts are decades long research by scientists, chronicled in research papers, dissertations and books.

    125. Tonille, where did you get this data on homosexual animals? I would like to read the same data that you read.

    126. There are many books and studies on this subject if you are truly interested in learning about it. I would start with “Biological Exuberance” by Bruce Bagemihl PhD. Its a fairly long book at just under 800 pages but it goes into detail about mammals and birds especially.

    127. Animals do not have the intelligence to make choices, so they can’t be subject to morality the way we are. Because we’re smart enough to know the difference between a male and a female, rather than just mating with whatever comes along (desperation aids natural selection).

    128. LOL .. – Are you implying that animals and humans are on the same level? If so, your scientific data is worthless!

      FYI – Animals are born with instincts that drive them to behave in a certain manner according to it’s species! One of those instincts is “Survival of the fittest.” A part of that survival is the demeaning of another male of that species! That is accomplished through male dominance, whereas the strongest male treats the other male as he were a female of that species and the weaker male either succumbs or fights to the death! In no way are these acts sexual for either one!

    129. Tonille, Are you aware that what you cal common and feel is normal goes against nature? I suggest that you get all of your animals you feel are homosexual and get them together in their own herd. Separate them from all other “normal” of their species and let them procreate. Let’s see how long it lasts.

    130. Are there lesbian bison, brown bears, rats, cats, cattle, chimps, dolphins, dogs, etc.or are they just ones that like the other if you know what I mean?

    131. Now again this is not even what the conversation is about who cares if animals don’t know what they screw is wright or wrong they are just dumb animals no a fence to the critters i love all animals every kind just stick with the Conversation good lord

    132. Oh, so if ANIMALS do it, it’s fine for humans to imitate it? Apes & whales, dogs & cats rape their mates, sometimes. Is that a great example to follow? Or how about eating one’s offspring? Some animals do that, too. Perhaps abortion is the human equivalent of such behavior. Flies puke on their food then eat it. Charming custom; we should do that too, I suppose. I HAVE met some “men” who mark their territory with used beer…so I know that they must be imitating cats & dogs.

      BTW, when many animals show this abnormal sexual behavior, it’s associated with overcrowding or other stress, which produces a sort of frantic need to mate with whatever the creature can find, even a table leg. I guess that means we’re no more able to control OUR passions.

      Or ARE we? Maybe YOU feel that way, but most humans don’t.

    133. Which brings to the same question of percentage of mentally retarded (not PC) people are there? And in the animal kingdom? 1.6 – 2%? Just a question

    134. Just dumb animals that don’t care how they get off; not really pertinent to human behavior, where conscious decisions are made.

    135. You did these tests yourself? Where did these “Facts” originate? In most cases, animals with these “Tendencies” rarely exhibit them unless females are absent or unavailable because of social hierarchy. 2% is not “Very common” and is no more natural than in humans.

    136. I love when people post this on the interenet from their computers after they drive their cars to work where they turn on the lights. I mean, come on, unnatural is obviously no concern to humanity.

    137. Exactly. Everything we do in daily lives would be considered unnatural. But since we do them a nigh constant basis, it seems natural. Then the natural seems unnatural as we are too used to doing things the unnatural way. The only thing that I can think of atm that would relate to that would be something akin to Stockholm Syndrome.

    138. Apparently, you don’t comprehend the meaning of “natural” in this context. It has nothing to do with computers, cars, lights versus outdoor nature. Man is not biologically or sexually intended for mating with other men. Nature did NOT intend it to be that way. Why do you think there are differences between man and woman?

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    140. I don’t want to here about the sucess of your online prostitution ring you skanky whore as it has nothing to do with this discussion

    141. I am well aware of the difference and how to spell them but I am the world’s slowest and worst typist so shove your Condescending Rhetoric!

    142. My bad! I forgot that “hear” takes a lot longer than “here” to type out. PS: Nice big word – Rhetoric. You’ve used it in a sentence which is neat. Now can you try using it in a sentence where it makes sense?

    143. Is this truly directed at me? I’m pretty sure my logic is nicely sound. Though I’m not sure of the link between my logic and my salary, I assure you I don’t lack in either category.

    144. Yeah…I bet she does a real good LAP TOP. Nothing like carrying on the tradition that’s been around since the caveman. LOL!

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    146. Someone who uses “Faggotry” and “plan and simple” in a sentence should automatically be ignored.

    147. “Should” be ignored…I didn’t say they were. Nope, in fact, there are enough bigoted people in the world to support intolerance. You’re the proof in that equation.

    148. Terms like faggotry (regardless of having “41 likes”) are abhorrent to me. Not because I agree with homosexuality being normalized (which I do not) nor it being given legal status as a minority group (no more than Walmart shoppers or postal workers) for the purposes of special legal considerations (such as affirmative action or hate crime designation). We are all human beings; black, brown, white, red and yellow. That being established, bigoted statements only serve to further divide us and alienate us one from another to the point that NO RATIONAL discourse can be had. While I do believe that science has science not supported homosexuality as a genetic predisposition despite concerted effort but proves that it is a social condition detrimental to a functional society, it is not right to verbally debase and shame people for their state of being with such animosity. We are all human and suffer from human weakness. Alcoholism is a weakness, yet do we label them as “drunkies”? Well we shouldn’t. If your voice becomes mired in bigoted terms and anti-gay vehemence, it disappears. Let us rather use the brain that Darwin gave us and exercise some “plain and simple” (haha) critical thinking about the issue. Because by placing labels (Faggots vs. Bigots; Greedy Republicans vs. Commie Liberals) on others only serves to place the gag on your own voice…because no one will hear a God Damned word you just said. This goes for every one of you.

    149. I agree. I take a logical and scientific standpoint. Shaming people for being gay has not accomplished a decrease in incidence of homosexuality; it’s only accomplished hate-inspired damages to people. That is why I – a straight man – say live and let live. If you don’t like homosexuals, don’t be one. At the same time, I’ll call you out if you’re ignorant or intolerant.

    150. I dont care what they do either. But to be real, I don’t go out in public and wear a g string demanding you accept me because I am nude. That is an assault on our liberties and just plain bad manners. i don’t think I a ignorant or intolerant. I just don’t want it shoved in my face while demanding I accept it as normal. To at least it is not normal and never will be. Once accepted as normal all other arberrant behavior, incest, pedophilia, beastiality (on the rise by the way) also then demands the same recognition and rights to behave that way. They all have their excuses and false studies to prove their points. Where does it stop? If you are homosexual just because and not because you were molested or groomed into it then go be with another homosexual but if you insist that the child your molesting is homosexual too then your a criminal. Simple.

    151. Accepting homosexuality, has only served to decrease the need to fight unnatural impulses, and overcome them. And wwe wonder why our civilizations are so messed up.

    152. I don’t think homosexuality is why civilization is “messed up”. And if you’re going to increase the fight against unnatural impulses, realize that humans are the most unnatural natural beings. Clothing, buying food, automobiles, computers, infrastructure, economy, employment, engineering, technology, etc. You’ll have your work cut out for you.

    153. One reason for derogatory sentiment may stem from frustrations of having the gay lifestyle crammed down the throats of the majority. I personally don’t care what they do, but when one put his hand on me when I was 18, I picked up a beer bottle and said, you touch me again, it will be the last time. Now if they would do that, I would be labeled with a hate crime by just the statement. A mere 1.6% can govern whether they should be allowed “Holy Matrimony”. Nope! Give them live in rights, but not marital rights.

    154. I guess we’re to the gay/lesbian marriage now. I was wondering when this would come up (and yes I just came across the comment). I do support their right to be married by a justice of the peace (for those of you who don’t know what that means it’s a judge) and I support the right of religious organizations to not marry them if it is against their religion.

    155. Should be called what it is; a civil union. Not a marriage not any kind of matrimony. Maybe an “Unholy alliance.

    156. they are certainly not married in the sight of God Almighty,and in the end that is what counts….

    157. Did you ever think that those that get married by a justice of the peace that they are married in God’s eyes also? As long as they make that commitment to each other isn’t that all God really cares about?

    158. God created Holy Matrimony, not people.
      God said let Man and Woman marry. It was established by him not courts. God will not recognize anything between gays to him it is an abomination. Plain and simple.

    159. Go on. Tell me this all is still reasonable in today’s world.

      You follow all these rules?

    160. what rules Daniel? Jesus said that if you follow the first “rule” “Love the Lord your God with all of your might, and all of your heart”, and the second which is similar “Love your neighbor as yourself” – if you do these two things – what need do we have for ANY other rules? If you love God and obey Him – and if you love your neighbor (who is your neighbor by the way – everyone you meet) how would anyone be harmed? No stealing, no lying, no cheating. Can’t you see? The thing is Daniel, these 2 things are ALL you need. And that is Jesus.

    161. Actually a lot of people are noting a lot of rules. If you choose those two and stop, we have no issue. But trying to block people from marriage, when even some major Christian sects now endorse it is putting your faith above theirs. (As well as my lack of faith) no man may know the mind of god, and if I’m wrong, and of the 1000s of faiths man has described, yours turns out to be correct, I’ll still be glad I chose as I have. I choose morality without hope of reward or fear of punishment. I act as if all humans are my equal and deserve my respect and concern. I also do not judge their beliefs unless they try and convince me. I assume all people can choose right action for themselves. I think its reasonably close to the golden rule.

    162. your right to reject the gospel. I know those rules are there and it is complicated to someone who has not read the whole thing and doesn’t believe to understand it. But really, how I believe (that I am right and you are wrong) doesn’t REALLY affect you. After all, you think you are right and I am wrong correct? But I’m from the 60s where homosexuals didn’t want to marry. So who knew they were going to. The truth is, marriage has always been a religious thing that governments have taken over. So when a homosexual couple “marries” we think why do they want to pretend they are God’s and they are straight? It’s more than than especially when they start demanding we celebrate with them, though our hearts may push us away from doing it. Personally, I’d make you a cake dear but deliver it telling you about Jesus loves you anyway. Of course then you’d be mad at me for doing it :) But your last statement that all people can choose the right action for themselves – not if you don’t know all of your options. That’s where I come from. Don’t want to fight with you, I’d rather we take from here a little more knowledge on both of our parts than we came with. Even if we continue to believe as we believe.

    163. How about having beards? Keeping slaves, eating shellfish, wearing mixed fibres, stoning adulteresses?

    164. Are you a Christian? I am thinking not! Perhaps you have no idea what Jesus was talking about when He said He came here as a FULFILLMENT of those “rules” you are talking about? Jesus fulfilled the punishment for the sins of everyone everywhere. God had a purpose in not allowing things such as shellfish – they would have poisoned themselves then because shellfish must be handled carefully and be kept at a certain temperature – which they did not have then. We have it now. So you will, as a NON-CHRISTIAN, think that means you have a right to do what you want because Jesus paid the price but you are wrong. If you claim the salvation of Jesus in REALITY, you will follow the commandments of Jesus that he explained were foundational to all of God’s intent. Love God, love neighbor. If you want, we can help you understand Christianity so you can make a choice for Jesus, but if you think you are here to convince me through your lack of knowledge that my belief is wrong, then it is YOU who is wasting your time. My time is for the purpose of helping others see the truth. If you chose to deny and walk away – it is your choice. But I am fulfilling my belief. I know He is real because I KNOW him personally, so your concerns and misunderstandings of scripture and of God Himself that are inaccurate are a part of what I have spent a better part of 30 years investigating and researching and TESTING, to know that I have chosen correctly. Nothing you say will convince me but I hope my words will be the seed the Spirit of Life will bring to you.

    165. Are you for real?
      Do I sound like it? I am an English, fairly right-wing, gay, married (to another man), atheist.
      You have this bizarre notion that somehow, if we are not part of your ‘club’ we are all heathens with zero ability to recognise right from wrong. (and please do not insult my intelligence with this “sin” crap.)

      At least you recognise the shellfish parable for what it is. The bible is a collection of bits of law and local stories, that maybe have a ring of truth. However, would you like to offer a Jew or a Muslim a nice bacon sandwich? No. I thought not.
      Those laws that were once sensible, reasonable behaviour for someone in the Middle East 200 years have been cast in stone so that NOBODY, ANYWHERE can do it now. See my point?
      They were different rules for a different age.

    166. Well then, MR. FOR REAL? – you should stop trying to tell US about what our beliefs are and how they fit together. WHO invited to to join in here if you have a problem being in our CLUB? No, you do NOT sound like it so I was wondering why you are asking about what we eat, mixing fibers, stoning adulteresses and so on. YOU have no idea why those things were written or WHY, so don’t put your mindless ignorance self in OUR business if you don’t want to be a part of it. There you go trying to tell ME to join your ignorant club. I’ve told you before, I’ve heard all of your ignorant crap and you will NEVER change my mind. I didn’t join your atheist discussion, you joined our Christian discussion. Did you come here because you LOVE to argue or do you hold some stupid notion that we haven’t heard your “enlightened” BS? Or are you here because YOU NEED God and NEED to hear it? What ever your reason, you have NO POINT, since you don’t know my beliefs or even what the Christian belief in general is. BTW, the shell fish was NOT a parable. It was God telling HIS people they would be wise not to eat shellfish. It was a good idea then, without refrigeration. How is that a parable? And why would I offer a Jew of Muslim a bacon sandwich? If they came to my house and that’s what we were eating, I might, until they POLITELY told me no and then I would offer them something else. But what is your point? YOU are HERE in MY conversation. If you don’t like it, leave. Don’t tell me I can’t speak my mind or I must be pushing my religion on you. What a toad! Your response is wasted on people who KNOW better – I know God personally and it is SO sad that you don’t but don’t say that if I post MY beliefs here, in response to your trying to tell Christians how wrong we are that we somehow can’t tell you what an clueless person you are. And you are.

    167. Am I a Christian? A: Do I come across as that f*cking stupid?
      Your time is for the purpose of brainwashing and indoctrinating yet more weak and feeble-minded idiots into believing this unprovable garbage you spout.
      So the shellfish thing can be ignored because the times have changed and we have refrigerators now? Who told you that you could change the law? So why not change the law two verses down about homosexuality?
      Who decides which bits of the Bible are relevant today, and which are not?
      You people cherry pick and decide whatever you damn well want.
      Hypocritical scumbags one and all.

    168. Yes, I noticed that. People shut up when I mention all the laws in Leviticus all these Christians choose to ignore.”
      Nice to be able to cherry-pick, eh?

    169. If you follow the morals of mortal man anything is possible, just watch the evening news, yes even homosexuality.
      If you follow the morals of Christ and you do everything through God’s love you find out very quickly everything is not permitted when seen through the eyes of Christ.
      When you take scriptures out of context the way you and Daniel do, you can make the Bible read anyway you want to. If you read from cover to cover without a hardened heart, then it opens up a new world for you.
      There is no cherry picking as you say.
      I quite frankly feel sorry for you that you can’t experience Christs’ love in your life.
      When was the last time someone was stoned that you know of by a Christian?

    170. I have my own moral code, which is above any law of the land. You assume that as atheists do not have any moral compass thrust upon them, that they are all bad, sinful people. Many of the Bible’s teachings are cruel, antiquated and unjust. Isn’t it funny how us atheists take these words out of context, but Christians do not? Who says your interpretation is any more correct than ours?
      I see religionists pluck random lines out of the air all the time to justify their often corrupt actions, yet when someone else does it, they somehow lack the divine insight to do the same.

    171. Why would God create male and female if the natural use of one could be used the same as the other? Let’s say nature is the dictating law instead of the Bible.
      What would dictate to you that a male should lay with a male and a female with a female? The natural use of certain body parts are not made for homosexual relationships. Nature even tells us that by the problems homosexual people have because of it.
      If that was the case, also over time according to evolution there would be no difference in male and female. We would all have all the parts. Doesn’t pan out does it? But I’m sure you are smarter than nature itself and have a good reason for it. So let’s hear it…

    172. Please stop throwing loaded questions at me.
      eg: When did you stop hitting your wife?”

      OK, so let’s go with nature dictating here.
      Why do men have ni**les? They have no bre@sts,they cannot feed a baby, they serve no apparent purpose, yet they possess them nonetheless.

      The reason, as us science buffs like to call it, is ‘vestigial secondary seks characteristics.’
      (Excuse the dodgy spelling, but the thought police find the ‘S’ word offensive for some reason, yet oddly have no qualms about ‘f@ggot’. Odd. Don’t just hate prurient amateur censorship?) Men’s nipples are part of the foetal/hormonal growth process. (Oh, and God had nothing to do with that either.)

      Not all functions, be they physiological or psychological, are immediately obvious. Homosexual
      people have no problem having seks, it is merely their way of expressing their attraction to someone else, albeit a rather fruitless one from a reproductive perspective.

      I have no argument with the male/female reproductive process. It’s worked for billions of animals for millions of years, (and it works), but if you understand anything about evolution, you will grasp the concept that it is a series of accidents, it is random, has no direction and no purpose other than that more efficient reproducers carry on. If homosexuality was such a bad thing, it would have been weeded out a long time ago – (What is known as a ‘lethal gene’) – but it hasn’t, and it continues, so it proves that whilst homosexuality may not be beneficial in the long run, it is not malign either, – it is a benign state that some people are born with, so give them the respect and understanding you would give any other human being instead of treating them as inferior, or are you the sort of person that laughs and taunts cripples and the mentally handicapped?

    173. Unfortunately you claim to be a science buff. But if you were versed in science as you say you are, you would realize there is less evidence to back evolution than there is to back Christianity.
      I consider the fact that we as a modern people have come to treat mental illnesses instead of locking them away like in the past is awesome. If people are born homosexual as you claim, unfortunately it hasn’t been seen as the mental disorder that it is.
      If it was it could be corrected at an early age and we wouldn’t even have this conversation.
      By the way you called it a mental disorder also. Which means anyone born with it means it can be corrected and they don’t have to die that way as you said earlier.
      You keep making my points for me, thank you.

    174. It is a misunderstanding of scripture to try to combine ceremonial law from Leviticus (which was completely fulfilled by Jesus life, burial and resurrection) with the moral law, that will never change. The Bible can be understood by the simple-minded who study with an honest heart and it can be misunderstood by very bright people who look for a false reason to find it incorrect, incongruent, or in conflict with it’s self.

    175. That talks about idol worship, and if you look close to the timeline, God punished them by giving them a depraved mind before they did any sex.It has nothing to do with people today. Stone your children if they misbehave, and is that a cotton/polyester shirt you have on? Can’t mix fabrics either.

    176. You cannot reproduce having homosexual intercourse and it’s unhealthy read medical reports plus the holy books do not agree with homosexual behavior

    177. Not long ago, homosexuality was illegal the world over. When the humanist manifesto 2 was published in 1977, our federal government immediately be came the head of the church of secular humanism and began granting homosexuals special protections and special rights. That trend is still powerful today.

    178. Jesus the same yesterday today always, bible is useful for correcting instruction and reproof yes it’s got everything to do with today

    179. no Daniel, you just are “cherry picking” out of the bible and think you know it all. Try reading the WHOLE thing and praying for understanding. It’s like you are blind and put your hand out to tell me what an elephant looked like but only grabbed the tail. You think it looks like rope but you are only a tiny bit right, in a way. It doesn’t look like a rope at all. I’ve read through the bible well, some 30 to 40 times, I lost track of how many. I learn more each time I read it. And God’s truths are revealed. I once, over 30 years ago, thought like you that God was harsh and hateful but now I know Him. I wish you did. But you will. I hope it’s not too late.

    180. He also said slavery was OK. Sell me your daughter? Or a son? And I want two wives which is also a OK in the bible. Any takers? I am a good provider and won’t beat you unless you deem to instruct a man as the bible directs.

    181. I tried to post Deuteronomy 22. Which explicitly calls for stoning to death of non virgins and allowing and requiring a woman to marry her rapist. I’ll skip that type of morality. Why is cherry picking OK if the book is perfect and eternal?

    182. oh, there goes the cherry picking thing again. What, do you guys all take a class together so you can say the same things? We don’t cherry pick. God made laws for a REALLY bad group of people. People who broke into houses and took the occupants (men) out and raped them (by other men) or abused young women and the horrors go on and on and on. Jesus came, not to change the law but to fulfill it. God promised that his punishments would not go on but a blood sacrifice was required. And just like He did with Abraham when He tested him to ensure Abraham would obey Him – and believe in what He had told Abraham, that He would raise to Him a nation through his son Isaac, he also provided His own blood sacrifice, through Jesus. We are not stoned to death because Jesus’ blood was spilled instead! Read what Jesus says.

    183. Jesus came so we could be forgiven of our sins so stoning went out with the beginning of the New Testament…He came so we could have our choice to accept Him as our Savior or not…it seems you are determined to try to get to have a happy eternity without that…it can’t happen…now the 9th century muslims still believe in stoning but we find that cruel,also killing their kids if they feel they dishonored the family by just looking at a boy or disobeying a rule…

    184. Not a bad chapter. Lots of metaphors for conversion.but let me ask again. Do you feel motivated to change faiths when Mormons or harikrishnas warn you about the dangers of not joining them? Can tom cruise convince you to purge your thetans? As a non believer I find all religions make similar warnings. Why is Matthew more convincing than similar passages from the Koran, the Upanishads, etc?

    185. Jesus Christ is the only savior that does not ask for any thing but gave everything. He is the only one that is historically documented by secular historians to have lived and resurrected from the dead. He is the only one that did claim and is the living Son of God.
      You said it yourself. You don’t have faith. When you read the Bible to find fault with it in your mind you will. The fault is not in the Bible, it is in your non belief.
      When you read the Bible as a whole not with religious doctrine but with a personal relationship, you see things through God’s meaings not man’s.
      We could give you scripture until we go through the whole Bible, but until you understand it as a whole for yourself, you won’t truly understand it.

    186. Actually there is no secular proof of Jesus even existing. Let alone rising from the dead. Egyptians also have no record of the story of Exodus. No cultures from 5000-6000 years ago record a flood either.
      As to faith. You are correct I have none. If faith is why let’s you ignore most of the bible while claiming some parts of the book are literally true. Well I have no hope of using logic to explain why that is not a convincing method.
      Let’s suffice to say that your statement could be used by any faith to support any position,as it is based on nothing but internal divine revelation. I could claim god spoke to me and he’s cool with the gays, and its just as accurate as any claims in the bible.

    187. The Bible has been proven to be more historically accurate than most other manuscripts of other religons.
      To say what you are saying, you want to stay in denial and you’re afraid of the truth.
      According to you there are no truths.
      If someone thinks that murder is okay then it’s okay. Or rape or anything for that matter.

    188. No denial. And if you can find a similar claim from a scientific or non Christian source I might accept it.

      As to rape and murder. The bible itself condones more of both than I am OK with. I think that my belief in the unique and irreplaceable value of each human, and their right to full self determination is more moral than any religion. It values freedom and safety. Plus it respects all beliefs, as long as the person dies not try and enforce their beliefs on others.

    189. It is a misunderstanding of scripture to confuse the Levitical law, which was fulfilled by the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, with the moral law that will never fade or change. Christians (who came into being in the first century A.D.) have never been under a law requiring the stoning of men for the sake of righteousness. Have you read that Bible that you’ve quoted from? Did you notice a change in how God expects his followers to deal with each other? The fulfillment of the ceremonial law by Christ is truly something for man to celebrate. That is why the tradition of Christmas was started.

    190. Sure, go back and read about Sodom and Gomorrah. I am not saying believers should hate and ridicule Homosexuality, all I am saying that homosexuality is a sin, just like cursing, smoking, ect. But the good news is that Jesus died for our sins, he took the punishment and judgement for us and gave us righteousness so that we might be counted as not guilty as we stand before him. This is not a license to sin, but rather the defeat of the power of sin over us, so that by the power of God we can overcome the sin.

    191. God took a rib from Adam and made Eve for a help mate…He did not create 2 women or 2 men so they could make a choice..1 man 1 woman ,period read the first book of the Old Testament….Genesis …

    192. That is my point exactly, thank you for making it for me.
      God ordained marriage, not man, therefore how can we redifine it to mean something different? What ever it is “changed” to is not marriage at all but a perversion of the original. Now do you understand where we are coming from?

    193. NOOOO. *bangs head on desk*
      People decided they wanted partnerships and they formed better groups. By making people officially recognised by the tribe it was stating “We are together, hands off, we are not available for chatting up”

    194. You seriously think everyone originated from two people? You really are an idiot.
      And if it were true, doesn’t the bible have something to say about incest?

    195. Do you people train to be this bloody obtuse, or is it natural gift?
      So until Moses, was incest OK?
      If the human race has all supposed to have come from two people, there must have been an awful lot of “Poke your Sister” going on.

    196. “So until Moses, was incest OK?”

      Moses was the first law-giver, so it would seem so.

      “If the human race has all supposed to have come from two people, there must have been an awful lot of “Poke your Sister” going on.”

      Right again. You are on a roll.

    197. I have read the bible and heard people quoting it. From what I can tell God only cares about those that believe a certain way.

    198. Oh do you have it bass ackwards my son. We behave a certain way because we believe. God and his son care about ALL sinners and want them to come home. Once you accept God’s love you will want to please him so you attempt to follow his word as best as your sinful soul will allow. But that sin is forgiven because God’s son gave his blood at the cross for you and everyone. He doesn’t expect us to be perfect, children just aren’t. He does expect our love for Him to make us want to grow in our walk and strive to be more like Him. Maybe someday farther along you’ll understand!

    199. Why if there is no requirement to quit sinning, did God say “I am not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance” if God didn’t expect us to obey?

    200. I agree with other poster Richard that you have it backwards. Jesus was the friend of sinners. He died for sinner just like me and you and all of the homosexuals and prostitutes – including adulterers and everyone who has sinned (for all have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God). He loves you very much and the great thing is, He reaches for you just where you are. But you have to accept Him. That’s all my friend. It’s free. No charge.

    201. You misread something. God said “I am not willing that any should perish” (speaking of the second death, after the judgement.) “but that all should come to repentance”. Repentance means being so sorry for your sins against God that you quit committing them. It’s simple but very difficult for any addict to do. I constantly struggle with several spiritual issues. Nothing worth that much is easy. God gives strength against evil. It’s difficult to remember to ask.

    202. However, you did not continue in his reply about repentance. It states that the goodness (kindness, tolerance, blessings, love) of God brings you to repentance.

    203. There is no other way sir, not my rules, God’s and because he is so wise, I think his way is best. Believe me I have gone other ways before to no progress. And you sound like you like to be enlightened. Take this time to trust in God, repent and then he will heal you blindness

    204. I will pray for him Diana. I thought so too that he may be at a point of being called by God. Wouldn’t that be awesome? :)

    205. Did you miss that part that goes, “I am not willing that any should perish, but that all come to repentance”. God loves all people. He can’t be around sin. Jesus’ pure, sinless life, and the death he suffered on the cross allows repentant sinners to be seen as pure and sinless (although we are not) through faith in him who saves men’s souls. God only accepts those who believe a certain way (that know Christ is the only redeemer of men), he loves the lost as well but will not withhold judgment from those who won’t believe.

    206. Did you miss that part that goes, “I am not willing that any should perish, but that all come to repentance”. God loves all people. He can’t be around sin. Jesus’ pure, sinless life, and the death he suffered on the cross allows repentant sinners to be seen as pure and sinless (although we are not) through faith in him who saves men’s souls. God only accepts those who believe a certain way (that know Christ is the only redeemer of men), he loves the lost as well but will not withhold judgment from those who won’t believe.

    207. I have heard gays say: ” Jesus never said any thing about gays” I will bet most of these people have no idea what Jesus did say. Or what Mathew, Mark, Luke or John said. Or what the Apostle Paul wrote to the churches. I’ll bet they never read the Old Testament that says if a man lays with another man as he would lay with a woman the both should be stoned to death. The New Testament is a little kinder. It says It is an abomination. If a person repents of his/her sin, by the Grace Of God they are forgiven. Repent means don’t do it anymore.

    208. Jesus brought in the new covenant, what you are quoting for for the Levi priests. There aren’t any of those around anymore. Jesus said the gretest commandment is to love God with all your heart, soul, and mind, and to love your neighbors (that’s everybody) as yourself. He didn’t pick and choose who He hung out with (except the high and mighty church) Don’t just parrot scripture, study it.

    209. It also says in the bible that divorce is a sin punishable by stoning. We surely don’t do this . I don’t agree with all that the gay community is asking. Forcing businesses to do business with them. Example the baker who was sued and made to make a gay couples wedding cake. I do however acknowledge the bible was written by man. Not to mention many books were left out of the bible. It has been stepped on so much through out history . Who can really say they know what is truth and what man wanted in the bible. For all of you casting your stones at another.You may just want to run for cover ! All of you who want to send bible quotes to me as a reply. I would like to save you the effort. My father was a minister for many years. I have heard and read them all. I have also studied books that was omitted from the bible that didn’t fit the scheme for what man wanted. The bible is meant as a guide to keep everyone in line with a certain way of thinking . Of course it would damn someone who didn’t think like the writers . I believe in God. Just not religion. Even my father, before he passed had came to the same realization.

    210. no in the new testament it states quite plainly that it was allowed because of the hardness of heart, but it is not the best thing always, but sometimes it happens because an abuser will not repent, ect. Religion is not God, the Pharisees were religious but were not saved, Jesus is the only name but which man may be saved. And you will never come to know him or God the father unless you repent and believe in him and count on him for your life.

    211. Tammy, no one SHOULD be asking to stone gays. I have people I talk with who are gay. I love them but I know that the gay lifestyle is wrong just as the woman who choses to leave her husband and kids are wrong. I know that pain here on earth – and our own desires make us do things that we should NOT do. I do sin and all sin is abhorrent to God. I agree with you that many organized religions are far off from God. I think if you stick with God, you’ll be great. Peace and love.

    212. No-one DOES ask that gays be stoned. The only voice that you will hear even mentioning that is a fruitcake liberal that has never read the Bible and would like to discredit it. Sin is natural, faith in Christ and repentance is required.

    213. But that type of discrimination is illegal. If it can apply to gays it can apply to women, minorities, or *gasp* Christians.

    214. GASP – Christians. See, no one else is protected in the constitution – but Christianity, and all religions are. That’s what you are missing. We do not guarantee your right to live as a gay man but I, as a retired military member, do support your right to do as you please, as long as you are not infringing on other’s rights, to pursue your own life. THAT’s where you gay people and you that support them are wrong. You want your lifestyle accepted as the norm which means you are attempting to force OTHERS to believe as you do. No, Christians DID once do that and they were wrong. We do try to share the gospel, it is our charge by Jesus – but we do not force you to accept it. There IS a difference. It would be very important to learn that difference.

    215. The old Testament called adultery a sin and prescribed stoning the sinner, NOT divorce. Jesus clarified what a writ of divorcement could be written for, that was adultery. Jesus fulfilled the law that required stoning for sin. That went out the window when he died to redeem all sinners who would repent and believe. You either never understood what you read or have forgotten much. Since you believe in God, and not religion a reread of the Bible would probably sooth your mind. God doesn’t ask his followers to be religious, but rather to love his son and have faith.

    216. So I assume you don’t cut your hair. You keep kosher. You avoid blended fabric. You do no work on Saturdays. Etc.

    217. no Richard…God makes NO allowances for disobedience..woman was made for the man..marriage is a holy commitment between husband and wife and nothing shall come between them ….homosexuality is an abomination to God and that means its a filthy thing…you can be a homosexual but you are not suppose to act on those abnormal feelings…read the ist.chapter of romans in the new testament…and God does expect us to believe a certain way and that is His way…

    218. I know, right? God didn’t change His mind about this just because man is being forced to accept it as being tolerant. If He was going to change His mind, He’d have mentioned that since He is God and He is Omnipotent.

    219. This will be a major issue from this day on. The requirement for churches to marry three dollar’s has already been decreed, with the threat of loss of tax-free status to churches that honor God rather than this new ‘morality’. Many churches will fold to sin rather than losing a tax advantage. This will be a huge stumbling block to the lukewarm and already ‘lost to perversion’ churches. This action may well be from God, to test the obedience and loyalty of his children.

    220. I think the only good from this will be to know which churches really belong to Him. That’s where you will find me and my family.

    221. I agree, God does direct us CHRISTIAN/CATHOLIC followers to adhere to his word. They’re not of that religion (unless they’ve been lied to) and can’t be according to scripture.

      I don’t care what they call it, just not marriage. The day they start forcing churches to honor their marriages and perform the ceremony…will be sad indeed. Riot worthy even.

    222. Oh, as in “Someone that disagrees with your view of the world”?
      If so, guilty as charged.
      If you want to believe your silly religious rubbish, go right ahead, but don’t make your problem my problem.

    223. totally agree Rob! We are losing our freedom here. We do still have our first amendment which our founders found important enough to make it first and strongly worded – freedom of religion, as opposed to the Church of England where our founders came from. To my knowledge, there is NO rights for gays to marriage, women to have their abortions paid for by their employers (or the taxpayers), or the right to force a business to provide gays with a cake or flowers. Sorry, couldn’t help throwing in the abortion thing :) I am speaking for the U.S anyway – gays have the right to be free from harassment, assault and the same civil rights as any human being, and I, as a retire military member would fight AGAIN for those rights for them and for others, but they don’t have the right to make other perform anything for them. I am actually against discrimination laws (because EVERYONE can be discriminated against and some SHOULD BE) and that coming from a WOMAN who was an aircraft mechanic and was not always treated with the respect I deserved. But the discrimination laws are arbitrary and discriminatory themselves. Oh I could go on but I won’t :) Just Say’n. I’ll be there with you to protest MY pastor’s rights.

    224. I did read the first chapter of Romans and you are right that it does say that they found homosexuality to be disgusting, at least those who were preaching that it was. I do have a question for you though. Why did they find it disgusting? There is a reason behind it and it has nothing to do with God. Remember that it was man that wrote the Bible, not God.

    225. I did read the first chapter of Romans and you are right that it does say that they found homosexuality to be disgusting, at least those who were preaching that it was. I do have a question for you though. Why did they find it disgusting? There is a reason behind it and it has nothing to do with God. Remember that it was man that wrote the Bible, not God.

    226. Men penned the 64 books of the Bible. God is the author. Homosexuality makes me nauseous. So does a slaughterhouse. Eating meat isn’t a sin. Homosexuality is a sin. Obedience or disobedience is the question. Unbelief or faith is the dividing line. Take your stand based on your own belief or lack there of. Obey or disobey based on your belief. Everyone makes their own choices based on their own conscience, and will be recompensed based on those actions and beliefs.

    227. The bible was written by man. Sin was invented by man. God is imagined by men. Eating some meat IS a sin, according to your bible. Maybe you need to read it again. Homosexuality is not a sin. Homosexual acts are.

    228. By the way I see it, homosexual actions are homosexuality. Sin. Homosexual desires are temptation, a very tough temptation for some folks to resist. My Bible says (in regard to meat and gentiles), “what God has called clean no longer call unclean”. Your Bible probably says the same thing.

    229. oh now we will use “spin on semantics” to try to make a case. So what is your point? Are you a homosexual? Ok, God loves you. Do you do homosexual acts? Well God still loves you but He hates what you’re doing. So what is your point here? I have sinned, as have ALL people. Say lying for an example. I lied and like all people, am a liar. God still loves me and has made a way but He wants me to stop lying! Being a liar is being a sinner, being a homosexual is being, along with the rest of us, a sinner. Playing with words do not change what we all are.

    230. Yes, I am gay, Yes, I am married to a man. No, I really don’t give a flying fig what your invisible man in the sky thinks.

    231. sorry Richard, you are misinformed about this. Actually the bible was written by the Holy Spirit who used anointed men. The bible my friend, is truly THE WORD OF GOD. And the reason you can not see that or understand that is that God will not share his revelations with those who do not believe his ways

    232. The Bible was written by clever people who wanted to control other gullible people. If a politician says “do this” people might ignore him, but if someone says “God told me to tell you to do this” they do.

    233. Oh, you mean all of the early Christians that were persecuted and fed to lions and stoned to death for their faith?? Are those the control freaks you’re talking about?
      I can see where you would get that… NOT!!!
      There are Christ’s followers right now being killed in cold blood because they won’t denounce him and change to Muslim. Don’t you ever wonder where their strength comes from to continue on? Why is it fine to kill Christians, but if someone claims homosexuality they are praised as being sooo brave and courageous? Sounds like some serious double standards to me.

    234. Because they were the gullible fools, not the ones that invented the religion.
      What about all those followers of Jim Jones, or the Waco siege, or so many others that blindly follow and do what they are told and walk to their untimely deaths?

      Nobody claims it is fine to kill Christians. Killing is wrong, in any belief, religious or secular. However, the difference is people choose to follow a faith. Everyone is effectively born an atheist until they are indoctrinated with this garbage; homosexuals are not – they are born gay and will die gay.

    235. Wow, I had a long answer written out for you, I lost it before I could send it.
      All I can say is, think of what the world would be like if everyone used their own “moal compass” to treat everything as they see fit. Chaos would abound.
      If you truly believe the Bible is antiquated, you need to look at the Dead sea scolls.
      Found untouched for almost 2,000 years. Line up to our Bible almost perfectly.
      You keep bringing up Leviticus. It’s a shame you don’t know what you’re talking about.
      Leviticus was wtitten for Moses and Isreal. The covenant God had with them. Jesus fulfilled the law and covenant, he didn’t destroy it but fulfilled it. Since it seems you have a problem understanding this, let me help you understand. Jesus was the sacrifice for all. There is no need for the sacrifices and certain rituals of the original covenant. If this doesn’t make sense to you you need to reread Jesus’ words about it. You really need to research better before you start accusing Christians of not following our laws.
      Also your personal moral compass is steering you in the wrong direction if you think being gay is okay. Even nature dictates it isn’t natural. If everything were gay, there wouldn’t be any procreation. That would leave a bleak future for the world. So if your moral compass is better than nature itself then maybe we should start worshipping you as our God. Obviously you know better than even God or nature itself.
      Do you even know how ridiculous you sound with the moral compass comment?

    236. “Chaos would abound.”
      Why? You must have a pretty awful opinion of people. I don’t go around killing people a) because I personally think it is wrong and b) the rest of society and their agents (i.e. the justice system) would put me away for it. The Bible doesn’t even enter into the equation.

      So next time some god-botherer tells me “Homosexuality is an abomination, God says so” I can tell them to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine because it only applies to Moses?

    237. why don’t you just stay away from people unless you really want to KNOW about God. We will certainly help you with that. Otherwise, why do you care, whether we pray for you or tell you about God. If you weren’t posting on here a bunch of ANTI-CHRISTIAN stuff, you would hear it at ALL here. Your words are not going to turn people from Christianity – if people are willing to have their heads chopped off rather than denounce God, then what makes you think you words are going to make a difference. But you came here and joined the CHRISTIAN conversation. So I think you must really want to know about Jesus. I think He is calling you. I hope you answer Him positively.

    238. I’m not trying to turn any Christians head. They are far too long gone for that, and beyond help.
      I just want them to recognise there are other good people out there,
      including homosexuals, and if you people can’t take a leaf out of your
      own good book and quit judging other people, then you can just go burn
      in your own he|| for the miserable, holier-than-thou hypocrites you are.

    239. are you so blind that you cannot see all of the hate in the world? While the majority of people do still have a common decency, that is being overshadowed by the terrorists – and more and more “decent” people are buying into the hate. Anti-semetism is increasing again, as if we never lived through WWII. Hamas and ISIS can chop off someone’s head and Islam priests can rape a 9 year old girl – then her parents will kill her to restore her honor. You can blame it on “religion” if you want but it is PEOPLE that are doing this and PEOPLE that are standing up all over the world in SUPPORT of it. When our tower was attacked in 2001, terrorists we not openly supported. Now, it’s ok to kill someone’s children because YOUR children have been murdered? That’s ok to kill innocents because you believe you have been similarly wronged? I think you are either not paying attention or you do not know that these people will also kill gays, Christians, women, and Jews all with the same HATE but they have no problem lying until they reach a powerful position in order to bring their Sharia law to YOUR country as well as mine. Yet the people in power or who are just the loudest are supporting them – even Jews, Christians, and gays. They are supporting their own executioners.

    240. I agree it is people doing this stuff
      But the most dangerous of people are those that claim they are doing it for a higher cause.
      The moment someone says “God told me to” is the moment I run like he||.

    241. There are more places that speak of homosexuality, even in the New testament.
      Not all of the laws of the original covenant were abandoned, mainly the rituals for worship and sacrifices. You really don’t understand scripture do you.
      You should stop trying to debate the Bible without understanding it.

    242. Why are you comparing Christians to Jim Jones or the Waco siege. These people were cults where the head of the group claimed to be God. Those cults are gone. Jesus has been here for several thousand years. And you know, I could make stuff up about YOUR beliefs too. Homosexuality is not real but is counterculture and people who just want to be different. Or they just want special privileges. I can tell by your responses that you don’t know a lot about Christianity or God.

    243. Please explain the difference between a religion and a cult.
      To me, all you people are the same; control freaks masquerading as channels to some omnipotent, invisible deity. It is all just so much superstitious claptrap to me.
      “Homosexuality is not real?” How fking DARE you question my relationship with my husband of 8 years! Who are YOU to judge how people feel for one another!? You claim to be a Christian, but you demonstrate all the traits of a total hypocrite.
      Do you seriously think people get beaten, bullied, tortured, arrested, executed and murdered just because “people want to be different”?

      I hope your God judges you, because when he does, he will see you for the true scumbag you are.

    244. again, you display a lack of knowledge of what it is to be a Christian. Children are born with a spirituality that is incredible and they know God VERY well. While I can site children asking for help from someone that they do not know the name of, in times of dire need (praying though they have never been taught about God) I can not PROVE my belief that children are born spiritual and more than you can PROVE your statement that they are not. And, for the record, homosexuals are born sinners and will die sinners, but guess what, I was born a sinner but though I will still be a sinner at my death, I will not die in my sins. What you and many ANTI-Christians do not understand, how your homosexuality doesn’t make you a special kind of sinner or a special kind of person. You’re just a sinner like the rest of us – one who, just like the rest of us needs Salvation in Jesus.

    245. The bible was written over several thousands years. Those “clever” people you speak of either lived a LONG time or God inspired the accuracy that the world has NEVER been able to disprove.

    246. God did inspire the writings in the bible, as others have said. But I wanted to put my view out there. THIS is man inspired (though I am not a man but a woman) – I believe that God knew the horrible diseases that can come from things like homosexuality (AIDS and so on) and that in His eyes, it is abuse of the temple He created for us. A homosexual lifestyle – either male or female, even with today’s acceptance is not a particularly healthy one. Promiscuity is prevalent and CONDEMNED in both hetero and homosexual relationships. If it makes you understand just a little, God doesn’t say homosexual sin is worse than any other sin. Sin is sin. I, myself, think crimes against children and murder are much worse. But, when I told that lie the other day so that I could avoid getting in trouble or whatever – that was just as bad and disobedient to God. God was us to be the best we can be. He is our Father and He asks us to obey Him for OUR good. Hope this helps. It makes me happy to see you following up and trying to understand. If you feel you are outside of God’s forgiveness, you are not!

    247. But we must remember that all sin is an abomination to God and only the blood of Jesus can cure that

    248. amen Diane. If I tell a lie, if a man cheats on his wife, a woman her husband. They are all disobedience and that is really all God asked for in the first place is for us to love Him more than anything and to Love each other. None of the sins we do would happen if we could obey these two things.

    249. If anyone had Ever been able to live perfectly, Jesus wouldn’t have been needed to pay for our sins.

    250. God is a delusion to keep the gullible compliant to those in power. Also no religion is above the law.

    251. Its my belief. Exactly as valid as yours. You want to make gay marriages illegal due to your belief, fine. Then I get to advocate mental health evaluations for anyone who sees angels, hears voices, or may endanger others based upon unproven delusions. How’s that?

    252. well, you Do have a right to your opinion but obvious what we believe is no making any difference, since we have voted against this, and yet, they marry and are beginning to force others to begin catering to them through wedding cakes, flowers and forcing pastors to wed them. So why do come on an obvious conservative site to TROLL (that means insert an argument in an effort to stir up trouble). Your opinion, as valid as it is, will not convince anyone here to stop believing in God and our opinion will likely not change yours. So, you just like arguing? That is a troll. The Bishop has it right.

    253. that will happen to Christians Daniel in the future..we have to be stopped lest we cause others to believe in our awesome God….God is the light ,satan is the darkness and the darkness does not like the light because it reveals their sin…now the progressives do not like that nor do the atheist…there is a joke going about how the atheist complained to a judge because they did not have a holiday and the judge says oh but you do have one, its april first….fools day…

    254. spanner 1960, I don’t bark…I really have a heart felt sorrow for all that do not believe in God and Jesus as Savior…I have seen muslims on t v that say they accepted Christ as their Savior from dreams and visions of Him…there have been hundreds of thousands that has happened to..if your name is written in the book of life you will change…why would a muslim change to a Christian knowing they will be killed…I dreamed I wasn’t ready for Christ’s return and I got saved and baptized ..I was terrified in my dream….I was a Christian but not practicing it ,so God gave me my warning….I pray you get one….or just change on your own…

    255. I equally find it sad how decent and genuine people can be conned by such blatant lies.
      Instead of living their lives now, they are worrying about what is going to happen in the next one, and waste it on all this ridiculous superstition.

    256. I am TOTALLY not worried about what will happen in the future, not in this life or the next.

    257. I love the way some people automatically label others that do not concur with their own line of thinking as “trolls”. Daniel made a very pertinent, intelligent point. Unfortunately it’s one all the god-botherers get upset about.

    258. my dear Daniel, one day you will get to meet that delusion that you speak of…He will be God Almighty…I pray you get over what ever is making you feel this way,because God doesn’t disappear just because you don’t believe in Him. read your New Testament ….

    259. RReally please don’t. If you are correct I’d rather face judgment on my own merit. If I’m correct I’d rather you use your time to do something nice. Play with a baby or help a friend. Helping hands accomplish more than hands clasped in prayer.

    260. not true, at least in the world I live in. Besides, I don’t want you to be lost – or anyone. I promise, it will never hurt you! :)

    261. I don’t use my hands Daniel to pray. That is an act of piousness that I don’t relate to. I use my spirit to pray. I pray for the children that I work with WHILE I am working with them (disabilities) and their families. I pray for the disabled vets I interact with to try to help them find hope (while I’m doing it and when I’m not), and I pray for my “family” that I support in Guatemala that I sponsor, and I try to do that always. I pray for “trolls” on the internet but I believe you are truly a great person at heart and I will pray for you. I think praying for you will be very nice. But don’t worry, if God is not real, it won’t matter. If God is real, HE already knows you and already does love you. The prayers are MY calling to help me grow. I don’t have to pray for you for Him to care about you.

    262. I have read it. Galacians at least says my acts will be measured not my faith. If god exists I’ll be happy as I do not want to simply cease to be. But I will not follow a bronze aged set of rules I know are wrong. All humans are equal, sexuality is inate, and no moral right or wrong.

    263. If no religion is above the law, why has secular humanism been taught as “the way” in public schools for so long? Are you agreeing that it’s ok for public schools to teach a religion? Secular humanism seems to be above the law to me.

    264. definitely as Diana said. Living in a sinful state is DYING. Those who are coming to Christ, repenting, are living forever (saved from the second death). It’s not a continuance of this life (thank you Jesus) but a life with purpose in Him. But, as Diana said, here on earth when we sin, it’s like smoking, drinking and doing drugs – we can see how this destroys us. But do we see how cheating on spouses, homosexuality, or even just LYING destroys us? I think if you think about it, you will see. God doesn’t want us to live in a state of DYING. He wants us to be free from that pain. He asks us to obey Him in order to do so. I am miserable when I fall back on things that I know I should not do. If it were smoking or drinking, you’d see it clearly but it’s deeper. Harder to see. But still there.

    265. Were You asking Richard if he thought that a marriage by a judge was wrong in God’s sight? Or, were you asking if a ‘gay marriage’ was wrong in God’s sight? I believe that a preacher or a judge officiating a marriage is man’s law and God would be as happy with a couple standing in front of a small village and stating their lifetime commitment to each other, and asking for a blessing from God and the villagers, without either a judge or a preacher present at all. I believe that, at one time, that was the way it was done.

    266. If you read the scripture, a marriage was “going in to her and taking her as his wife”. I like to think a little more ceremony makes the wife (anyway) happier but I believe your statement of a commitment before God is exactly what a marriage is.

    267. nope, God is worried about their quality of life and he desires they live life to fullest as he intended. As Billy Graham has stated, we run around afraid to offend anyone but God.

    268. Honestly Earl, that isn’t true. God’s laws and precepts only matter to those of us that believe in him and his word. It won’t make a bit of difference at the judgement what a person believes beyond who is the Son of God, and what did he do to change your life. Three dollar marriage won’t be a big impediment to those who are already doomed by their lack of faith.

    269. agreed. It is only through the law that I learned I was a sinner but only through Grace that I am saved.

    270. Well in the UK, over 2/3rds of marriages are civil, secular ceremonies, so I guess that’s a lot of people that aren’t technically married in your opinion.

    271. actually, that’s not true. Even the England’s law and the Church of England are based in God’s law and therefore made by God. Of course, if you don’t believe in God, why does this matter whether a bunch of Christians recognize your secular marriages, including your gay marriages?

    272. What part of “secular” do you not understand?
      These are marriages conducted by government appointed registrars and have nothing to do with the Church of England.
      It is about being married in the eyes of the law, not the lord.

    273. what part of GOD’s laws do you not understand? – oh yes, all of them. My point was and still is that England, which I care less about, and the U.S., which I am more concerned with, all have laws based on God’s laws. Whether you like it or not, whether you believe or not. Not all laws, mind you, but God’s laws have long influenced the legal system in countries that claim to be “Christian” such as our two countries. Unsure why you want to argue about this, as it is simply one reason why Christians in both countries have historically recognized any marriage made through civil unions. But hey, if it’s important to you to be upset and angry, well, fine – that’s a lot of marriages NOT recognized by God! LOL. You didn’t answer my question either. What difference does it make what Christians think as long as you can legally do it? Unless your in to thought policing?

    274. What part of “Atheist” do you not understand? I understand what you say, but as I do not believe in god, the words are meaningless and have no power or jurisdiction; you may as well have invented them yourself.

      Oh, so Christians recognise civil marriages because the law is based on the Bible? What total hogwash! Civil marriages explicitly forbid the mention of god or any other deity. They are merely a legal process, and one now in UK that includes same-sex couples. This means gay partners have EXACTLY the same benefits and recognition in law as their heterosexual counterparts.

      As to what Christians think, to be honest, until relatively recently, I didn’t really care. That was until the whole issue of same-sex marriage came up. At which point I saw many Christians, lie, cheat, misappropriate, and spit the most horrendous vitriol and bile at their fellow man that I have never witnessed before. It was then that I saw the true colours of many Christians for the hypocritical, malicious little worms they really are. And so while I don’t care what they think, I do care what they do if it affects the way myself and my partner wish to live our lives.

    275. I do too, Richard. We the people, passed a law stating that marriage was defined as a Man and a Woman. The supreme court held that law unconstitutional. Alright. Homosexual’s can be married. We need to call it a gay marriage. As in these two women are ‘gay married’, or my golf buddies are ‘gay married’. We don’t have to believe that because there are laws in place that govern our actions, and (illegally so) our words, that the law can govern our thoughts and perceptions. Liberty for me means liberty for everyone. Even though most of us don’t believe that homosexuals can be married, they can. How then can a man be forced to make a wedding cake for a deviate form of marriage, if he doesn’t want too, for religious reasons? Short answer: He can’t. “Liberty for All”.

    276. A voice in the wilderness.
      I am a married gay man, (to another man), and I have no problem with religious organisations not wishing to offer ceremonies. That is an ecumenical matter that should be decided by their own conscience.

      That is however different to a business that refuses products and/or services to certain sections of the community. If you find the idea of not being able to do so, I suggest a different line of work that does not deal with customers.

    277. that’s all well and good in England but here in the U.S. we do have religious rights guaranteed EVEN to businesses because businesses are owned by people. I do remember that we won the war between the British and the U.S. and we have a constitution that is quite different from yours. Our first amendment upholds this right. And, since we are a capitalist nation, this even further dictates that it’s the customer’s right to NOT do business with a company if they disagree with their practices but it is NOT okay for the government to dictate those practices in opposition to the constitution of the U.S.

    278. Nobody ever said it was not a customer’s right to refuse.
      It *IS* wrong for a business to refuse a customer, for whatever reasons.
      As for your constitution, it is not cast in stone. That is why you call them ‘amendments’ – They can be changed.

    279. Yes, we do have amendments and yes we do change our constitution but it is a sacred document and should not be done without a lot of thought for the decision, certainly not a discussion for this forum. There are NO laws in our constitution that forces us to do business with anyone, nor should there be in a free society like the U.S.. A business has the right, or always has had the right to refuse service for their own reasons. And in the U.S., our constitutional amendment #1 provides that your damn church of England stay out of our government – no I’m JK about that, actually it says the government will stay out of our religious business (not just in church or in our homes but EVERYWHERE, including in our businesses.) And Christians have the right to own businesses and run them with the CHRISTIAN values in mind. We are also capitalist which means that YOU don’t have to do business with anyone you disagree with. So though you are right, we can change the amendments, our laws should not put one “group” above another. And it should NEVER, EVER take away from our right to practice our religion as we see fit. The reason this was so important is because our founders came from England where the church as very oppressive and they did not want this here. Now, it is even MORE important that we keep our first amendment rights because if we don’t, should someone who is pro-muslim get into office, we could have gays hung in the streets, women beatings, – basically sharia law. That would not be good for gay people, women, children (they rape 10 year olds by the way and their family kills them if the man rejects marrying her). This WILL not happen here. I’d fight against it even if it were ONLY gays they would abuse. I have a brother who is gay and believe it or not, some friends from the military who would never admit they were gay until after getting out (don’t ask don’t tell law) but I knew and though I don’t agree with that lifestyle, I would defend their right to choose differently. But now some of the radicals are attacking MY beliefs. Pretty sad actually.

      sorry – I didn’t mean to ramble on so long.

    280. Actually, I seem to remember your constitution separates state from church. Oh, and it isn’t sacred, it’s just a law book. Laws change all the time.

      That is a two-way stretch. Government stays out of church matters, and equally church stays out of political ones; the running of a business is a political matter. It is not up to people to bring their religious beliefs into a commercial environment. For example, what exactly defines a religion? I could invent one tomorrow that says I cannot work weekends and I have to wear a pink ballet tutu on a Tuesday. Would employers accept that? Would customers accept that? No, but if you sacked me, you would be affecting my religious rights. Do you see my point?

      You mention Sharia law, but that is exactly the same principle. As an example, we recently had a case in the UK where a Muslim checkout girl refused to serve/handle pork and alcohol because it was against her religion. In this case she was moved to a different position, but you get my point – what would be an Americans position on that?

      My answer is, nobody is stopping you having any faith or religion, but if it interferes with a commercial business, then it is you who needs to find an alternative job, not the business alter to suit you.

    281. It reminds me of the protest scene from PCU…. where they were all carrying signs and chanting ‘We’re not gonna protest… we’re not gonna protest’….

      I think the entire country is just fed up with everything, and so complains about everything.

    282. My generation (over 60) raised a bunch of sheep without the courage or gumption to complain about unjust, unGodly social norms.

    283. I’m 54 so almost – my kids are 12 and 16 (started late because I served in the military and did NOT want to leave them behind) so I’m trying really hard not to do this as my sisters and brothers did :)

    284. agreed MacIndy but keep in mind that most gay/lesbian just want to lead quiet normal lives. It’s that loud minority that is “in your face” that we really dislike. I cannot condone homosexuality in any form but I know some decent people that are homosexuals and would rather that “in your face” group would shut up.

    285. Me too, Lizard’. A great guy, with what was originally three circles of irrigated farmland. After his second divorce, he was down to half a circle and had to find a job, where I met him. He got throat cancer from smoking and all the rough treatment that his throat was subjected to. My gay accountant from the 1970′s and his man died of AIDS. It’s a lifestyle condemned, filled with mislead people. Those that give hearty approval will be judged harshly.

    286. Since when was touching you “Cramming the gay lifestyle down your throat”?
      What’s wrong with “Sorry, I’m straight”?

    287. Amen. I dont care how people find happiness as long as it doesnt hurt others or break laws. We have way to many people preaching and not living by their own standards.

    288. I dont think anyone needs to down religion. There have been more atrocities done in the name of various Gods than anything else. I gave up on religion a LONG time ago as Im tired of the hypocrites involed in each and every one of them. Al Sharpton is a Preacher for Gods sake. I will help my fellow man and woman because its the right thing to do. Not because some 2000 yr old book tells me to do so.

    289. Just because Al Sharpton uses the title “Preacher” or “Reverend”, that doesn’t make him a GOOD Christian. Good Christians follow the bible, and spread the gospel. Al Sharpton USES the bible to race bait. If he doesn’t repent, he too will face judgement like the rest of us (non-believers included).

    290. He may say he’s a Christian, but he and other’s like him, that cause discord, are the devil’s spawn.

    291. Couldn’t agree more. Like I was saying in my first post, just because he has the title “Reverend”, that doesn’t make him a GOOD Christian. All Christians sin (Priests, Reverends are not exempt from it, they are human too), so if he wants to be forgiven, he needs to confess and repent. Just like the rest of us.

    292. Not so, bro. Jesus called us to Not be united to this world. Discord has it’s place. Just don’t expect love from the world when you must do something that sets you apart.

    293. Be careful judging another person. That is God’s job. We can see that Al’s Life is far from Christian, but it’s God’s decision where people fall when the goats and the sheeps are separated.

    294. sharpie may call himself a preacher but he sure isn’t a Christian. I am a Christian but choose to not be identified as “religious”. That is a mighty big umbrella.

    295. how dare you even mention that Al Sharpton is anything related or supported of GOD and for the record you use that as an excuse to not let GOD be who he is in your life…GOD is not religion he is a relationship and should never be based on how others are living you are in control of your sin and life and it is pretty hypocritical of you to judge those that are in the same boat as you, if someone is going to the alter on sunday and you are the one gossiping about why they are going to alter you are the one in the wrong and need to be down there with them repenting!

    296. You wouldn’t be a member of Westboro Baptist Church by any chance, would you? You assume an awful lot Virginia. As for hypocrites, you’re the pot calling the kettle black. Practice what you preach.

    297. There have been a number of attempts to establish law and order without the laws given by Diety. They didn’t and don’t work so well. Without God given laws and standards, there is no right or wrong. When you say you just “do the right” thing you are fundamentally agreeing to God given guidance.

    298. His first sentence was perfect for the USA. It’s what our founders built into our constitution. Everyone lives by their own conscience as long as they don’t hurt others.

    299. That is an absolute lie Buck. Sodomites don’t care about the law. There have been Sodomy laws on the books for generations. All they have said is that the law is wrong and eventually it will be changed. Get off your soapbox and get in the real world.

    300. And that is exactly what’s wrong with society today. “Laws don’t matter unless you get caught breaking them”, seems to be the general mentality, and then when you do get caught, instead of owning up to your crime, plead no guilty, cost the taxpayers a bundle in a lengthy trial, make a lawyer rich, and maybe go scott free. Honesty, integrity, and honor are things of the past, and our society is suffering for it.

    301. I disagree, we are charged with responsibility for what we allow into our lives, and that means we must discriminate; choose between right and wrong, good and bad. Discrimination is seen as something bad today, but it is a necessity for our very survival.

    302. That first sentence is the essence of our constitution, that was so well stated by the founders that it was later called “unassailable”.

    303. Wow I didn’t know Darwin gave us anything but an unprovable theory let alone our brains. You tried to make an articulate argument but really lost it at the end there. Too bad. God is the only one that gave us our brains not Darwin unless of course you’re saying that Darwin is your god.

    304. I would have thought the Darwin comment was blatantly sarcastic enough to be recognized as such. Guess not.

    305. I thought the same as Greg. Sometimes it’s tough when you can’t hear the tone of voice with which something is said. Glad to hear that we were both wrong !!!

    306. Funny… Seems to me that God is an “unproven theory” as well. Anything that can’t be explained by science becomes “God’s work.” The more we learn about our world around us, the more we try to explain the how’s and why’s, the more theories and educated guesses we come up with. Darwin gave us an unproven theory and a group of people with a book (the bible) gave us an unproven theory. You know who else bases their religion on a book? Scientologists. I’d love to hear what you think about Scientology. The point is nothing gives YOU the right to judge people, or put them down for being different or believing something different from you. Stop the name calling. Stop feeling BETTER than people or more righteous and deserving. We are all human and flawed and capable of incredible feats. Personally it wouldn’t matter if only FOUR people in the United States were LBGT. They would be deserving of the same rights as everyone else. Separation of state. Religion doesn’t belong in political or legal decisions.

    307. there is only one book to look at and that is the Holy Bible…like it or not…the others are just a bunch of nonsense about man made rules…the Bible is Gods words and rules and He is the only God you will ever answer to..

    308. First, what is “separation of state”? Second, I don’t have any problem with giving any sub group of humans the rights that we all have. What I do have a problem with is them wanting to be recognized as a special group, looking for special protections or privileges. There shouldn’t be any special groups whether it has to do with racial, national, sexual or anything else. And, by the way, this country was founded on Judeo-Christian values and therefore, religion and God do belong in political and legal decisions. There is no such thing as “separation of Church and state”. It’s not in the Constitution and has never been brought before the Supreme Court.

    309. There are no words that state, “Separation of Church and State”, however there is a prohibition on the government mandating a certain religion, like Catholic, Muslim, Buddhist, or even forbidding religion.

    310. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion. ”

      That is ALL that the constitution states about religion. Everything.

      Anything other than this is made up…

      The “separation of church and state” phrase is one of the ten planks of communism.

    311. I agree. We don’t need to make special laws. If it’s illegal to beat up a white man, then it’s illegal to beat up a black man or a woman, or a homosexual. Stupid people think Congress is doing something by making new laws but the truth is, enforce the laws we have. No one should be assaulted and they stop these special laws and make homosexuals just people who have the right to the same treatment as anyone, then we can stop separating them.

    312. That is the core philosophy of libertarian thinking that is written into or founding documents. If my rights are protected, everyone’s rights are protected. In order for the NWO to proceed with the work required to force tyrannical world government on us, we have to be divided and enemized between groups. This isn’t new, it’s part of the strategy. Hitler and Mussolini (right wing facsists) used it, Stalin and Mao (left wing totalitarians) used it. It works, that is why it is being used here. Gays/straights, left/right, constitutionalists/progressives, men/women, carpet-baggers/workmen… recognize it for what it is. A destablizing, thought occupying maneuver to make small, ‘easy to pick off’ groups out of a whole that would all suffer under tyranny.

    313. God’s work is what science is. Science is trying to understand God’s work. But people take it, make it their own, and try to lay claim to what God has made and done for us.

      And so far, right now in the USA, the alphabet groups do have the same rights as most civil unions. There are straight people who have civil unions, not just homosexuals/lesbians.

      This has not been about them “gaining rights”. No, they want to change the definition of marriage (aka holy matrimony as God made it [man+woman=babies]).

    314. Actually, the fake justice dept. has begun forcing Churches to not only recognize but perform gay marriages, or lose their tax exempt status.

    315. I guess the only way any of us will ever know for sure whether there is a God or not, will be when we die. And if I’m not mistaken, at that point it’s a little too late to say, “OOPS, He does exist, I guess I’ll change my mind.” In all reality, there is no harm in believing in God if you have doubts, and living by the rules set down by the Bible can do no harm, but make our society a more civilized, decent place to live. It’s your choice tho’, whichever way you choose.

    316. no dear. It’s only unproven to those who are dying. We who are being recreated, we know the proof. Otherwise I guess you can just hope Karma settles things for you.

    317. Noelle; while I disagree with you I won’t judge you. I am curious though, where in the constitution is it written that there is to be a separation of church and state?

    318. Wow, must have struck a nerve. Seems to me you’re the one doing all the things you accuse me of. All I said is that God is the one that gave us brains, not Darwin. You seem to be very angry. At no point did I judge anyone or say I’m better than anyone or that all people are not worthy of respect.

    319. Yep you just lost me with the Darwin crap. I think you were almost on a role but now I really wonder where the heck you are coming from.

    320. What about those who use “Birthers ,teabagger’s and terrorists! words coined by liberal bigots! to demean conservatives!

    321. Yes, like getting stuck behind someone who has 1000 coupons at the grocery store…..
      really makes me want to flip my lid.
      There should be a special register just for them… I mean I’m all for couponing and saving money… but man I just want my snickers bar…..

    322. That’s what express lanes are for, or better yet, put the candy bar down, walk out and go to a no line convenience store.

    323. But that would be logical and productive (Therefore not allowed in this Obamanation) and would give me absolutely nothing to troll about on the internet… what fun would that be? ;)

    324. Some things should not be tolerated, and many of those things violate the laws of not only God, but nature, too! Things like child abuse, murder, holding slaves, having sexual relations with whoever and whatever you chose. Intolerance has a place, and most of the things we should not tolerate are crimes, or have been crimes in the past, until the liberals sanctified them.

    325. Wanting confirmation of eligibility for office and compliance to the constitution don’t make a person a terrorist. Not the same as telling a mislead soul that the lifestyle they embrace is leading them to destruction. Nothing like it.

    326. Liberals do not object to other groups who disagree with them to be belittled…this is common knowledge about this group…as a matter of fact the nastier the better!!!!! name calling is appreciated in these cases…even rewarded….by these smaller sub groups in society…it causes disruption and makes them look more powerful than they are…and they sit back with a big grin and say…look what I did!!!!!

    327. That’s different, because it was conceived by the party of divisiveness. Any name calling they come up with is OK, because they are “progressive”, while conservatives are just backward, Bible thumping fools, in their minds. Of course we all have reason to doubt the sanity of their minds, when they come up with some of the nonsense they’ve spewed lately!

    328. It’s truly problematic not from a “hurt my feelings” standpoint but rather that we have “anti-terrorist” laws now that completely do away with the need to charge and try a person accused of terrorism. By renaming Christians, patriots, and returning soldiers and claiming they are “terrorists”, we can be mass-jailed or mass-executed, with nothing more than the word of one man. The patriot act, and the National Defense Authorization Act, have put American’s in great jeopardy and Will be used against the citizens. Sooner rather than later, I’m afraid. Being shot for my faith isn’t the worst fate I can conceive of, but I don’t really like the thuggery behind these fake security laws.

    329. The Darwin comment was sarcasm with a side of mocking. The God comment was not vain usage. It was used in the literal sense…and if the common sense of my post is lost on you because of your perceived misuse of God’s name, then I feel sorry for you. I made my point. That was my purpose…not to please your religious sensibilities or to get likes.

    330. Let me get this straight. It’s okay to mock God or ones religious sensibilities, but Earl is wrong for using the term faggotry? It would seem that your comment was no different. At least to us with religious sensibilities.

    331. Not listening to you anymore you showed yourself pretty clearly. Liberals love to mock as it distracts from real issues and clouds truth. If you don’t have facts you mock and ridicule.

    332. No no… don’t change it… I’m really digging that word now!
      Besides… Sodomite sounds like a luggage company…
      I just hear the slogan … “Buy Sodomite for your next trip… You can really pack it in there!!”

    333. I do have to disagree with you, due to your own admittance of the post getting 41 “likes”, that people did hear what he had to say despite your agreement with whatever term you deem fit that he use. I believe by the last sentence on your comment you have more “personal interest” than you let on.

    334. You lost me with the Darwin brain and taking the Lord’s name in vain. That nullifies your entire statement

    335. u had me til you made that idiotic statement about Darwin . Darwin was an idiot and he was wrong !! Darwin was a liberal moron like most democrats and establishment republicans.

    336. My intent was to mock Darwinism. It is a shame that so many people could not see the sarcasm. I fear God, not any man…including religion. I believe God would stand behind every word I said. He hates the sin but loves the sinner. Calling them faggots would not be God’s approach to changing hearts about the subject of homosexuality.

    337. Well it looks like no one is getting the sarcasm. I understand what you’re saying, I’ve had this same exact thing happen to me and then several times trying to explain that it was sarcasm. Without hearing the tone of voice it’s almost impossible to know what is really meant. What I try to do now is actually type in (insert sarcasm) or something like that.

    338. Although if you recall, the Lord God destroyed Sodom for primarily that reason. That is how the word made it into the Lexicon (Sodomy) because of the practice within that city.

    339. Darwin was in fact partially correct, in how natural selection works in the animal world. It’s best to ignore absolutely anything he said about humanity.

    340. I do have to correct one thing you said – this guy had NOTHING to do with our brains, nor were his observations even remotely correct. >>> Let us rather use the brain that Darwin gave us

    341. Biblically, there is nothing, not one single word that is discusting enough, that can possibly express the abomination of those type of acts in a godly view or world point.

      If it shames you to hear the truth, then made you need find salvation with our lord and fix yourself in GODS eyes cause until that happens you will not in mine.

    342. Your cursing !! but you say you care about WORD’S !! Your a disgrace to the human race ; Beep ; Beep ; Beep; ANOTHER= G= D = GUY ; Be advised a G= D = GUY ; Has no morals ; He try’s to be god, and curse God in the same sentence ; BEEP ; BEEP ; BEEP ; WARNING ! WARNING !!

    343. And you just used G— is an unholy and obscene manner, so everything you have just said has been nullified as well. So, it’s worse to call call a homosexual a revolting word, but it’s okay to damn the creator of the Universe, the one who breathed life into your very lungs and wakes you up every morning, the One who calls out the stars by name, and holds the earth in the palm of His hand?

    344. It’s a word! THEY have been free to take the word gay and twist it to their meaning. If I can be called a homophobe because I disagree with them, or find the idea repulsive (without letting it diminish my self image), they (and all the spoiled, whiney liberals) need to learn to grow up. Words only hurt if you hear a painful chord of truth in them. Unless you’re still a child…..

    345. Darwin gave us a fairytale. God gave us a brain. Listen to Dr Ben Carson explain this so that even someone who thinks they evolved from a monkey can understand it:

    346. I really thought you were going to have something to say–You just wasted space in the discussion!! “Plain and simple” alcoholics have been called “drunks” for as long as I can remember (and, that is the nicest term for them), I know, I was raised by one. So, excuse me by but so much of Darwin’s theory has been disproved in current years–I’m going to guess you’re from the part portion that was disproved!

    347. Sorry you were sounding pretty good until the Darwin thing…You just lost all credibility with me..

    348. Homosexuality is not a religion, not a race, not a political party. What would be comparable to their (in my opinion) choice to be homosexual? Is it sexist? I thought that was reserved for when criticizing opposite genders.

    349. alchoholism is a weakness? you must think you have a brain. in ways i agree with some of what you say. but this administration is not giving out LGBT rights to be kind. I don’t think you know as much as you like to just think about something. Its been a long long time since alcoholism has been a weakness. If you don’t know what it is why comment? just saying? maybe you should check with CDC. since there is a first amendment why can’t they say what they want. They heckeled the political arena for years. But thats ok and no one listened? every one of you?

    350. Why does homosexuality have to have a genetic predisposition to determine whether it be given legal recognition?
      Some people are left handed – FACT. we do not know why, we do know it is very difficult to change.
      However, left-handed people are not ostracised, bullied, beaten, fired or denied the same rights as everyone else, which is why there are laws in place to both recognise the LGBT people and protect it from those who would do harm.
      If all things were equal, I agree there would be no need, but they are not and there is.

    351. And I guess you think you should tell everyone else how to think…and what to say ……hmmm

    352. You call straight people bigoted for disagreeing with you. This is why most people can’t stand gays. Just except the fact that you’re not normal and get over it. You cannot change peoples minds.

    353. I call bigoted people bigots. I don’t call someone a bigot because they disagree with me. I am sometimes wrong. From one straight person to the next, you and I don’t have to agree about aspects of homosexuality and really, that’s no big deal. But when a person is intolerant, they’re bigoted.




      bigoted attitudes; intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself.

    354. If you refer to a homosexual as “queer” they shriek & get their panties in a bunch. They should look in the dictionary, it describes them exactly;


      queer [kweer] Show IPA

      adjective, queer·er, queer·est.


      strange or odd from a conventional viewpoint; unusually different; singular: a queer notion of justice.


      of a questionable nature or character; suspicious; shady: Something queer about the language of theprospectus kept investors away.


      not feeling physically right or well; giddy, faint, or qualmish: to feel queer.


      mentally unbalanced or deranged.


      Slang: Disparaging and Offensive.




      effeminate; unmanly.

    355. I asked and among the hate mail I got my response: “queer” is a term they use for people some other gender that what they were born with, so like, people who feel male on some days and female on some others (i think they’re crazy). But using the term “queer” though, they start throwing condoms and dildos at you, and insist you “educate yourself and stop generalizing LGBTQQIAAPD+”

    356. Gays can be gay…. I just hate that they are trying to push it on our kids and force feed it to us through mainstream media…. And we’re the ones harassing them?

    357. I agree, totally, with you Frank. This is the way the Progressives work — push push push

    358. Your point is mostly valid. I have no problem with gay people but it’s seemingly overproduced in mainstream media. I don’t find this harassing by any means but I personally don’t need the production. I think the intent is to educate but some groups go further than just educating. That is only SOME groups. There’s nothing wrong, in my opinion, with two consenting adults being gay. I hope that qualifies my stance. However, some individuals and some groups use too much exploitation and too many shaming techniques.

    359. Some gay people are intolerant. Some straight people are intolerant. To say that all gay people are intolerant is to commit a faulty generalization logic fallacy. You can either debate or you can scatter rhetoric about and pray that your audience is ignorant enough to take your word for it. He’s chosen the latter.

    360. Pointing fingers and calling people names because their opinion differs from your own is in and of itself, “intolerance.” Practice what you preach.

    361. I’m definitely pointing fingers and that doesn’t make me intolerant – it makes me accountable. And I’m not calling anyone names. I generally practice what I preach – though imperfectly.

    362. You seem intolerant of bigotry. Maybe he couldn’t help it because he was born that way.

    363. It would appear such; but a person can edit their post. I assure you that I don’t type without thinking. I am sure it said “plan and simple”. Much like he used “here” vs. “hear”. Did you know that a person can edit their post? Give it a try. Change your post above to “Right on Logicool.”

    364. “Faggotry” is hate speech and bigoted. Homophobic isn’t really an invalid term. Not everyone is homophobic. Not everyone is bigoted. The thing is, I’m a Conservative Christian. I understand what the Christian Bible says about homosexuality. However, you can’t really pick and chose what to follow in the Christian faith. There should be no room for intolerance, hate or bigotry if you’re truly loving thy neighbor. You don’t have to support homosexuality. And King, I don’t assume that you’re bigoted or intolerant or ignorant, but hopefully you see that many others here are.

    365. Homophobia is a name for people who understand that homosexuality is deviant. It’s a term, made up by people that ten years before, understood that the “homophobes” were correct in believing that homosexuality is deviant.

    366. Can you send me to a scripture that requires Christ’s followers to tolerate, love, accept and/or fail to denounce sin as sin? Can you send me to a scripture that would even ALLOW that kind of wrong? Of course not. Intolerance of sin is a requirement and you know it.

    367. Will, in a debate, it’s the side making the assertion whose burden of proof it is regarding that assertion. I believe that homosexual actions are sinful but that homosexuality – as it implies no action – in of itself is not a sin. Even though the actions of homosexual conjugation are sins, no one in this debate is going to be able to hold a stone against the sinners. The situation is between God and the homosexual and not against anyone here an the homosexual. Put your stone down, Will, your sins are no less grievous.

      Since we bring up the Bible and since I am a devout Roman Catholic Christian, I’ll say this: there is conflict in the bible. When there is conflict, you need to understand priority of commandments of God. The bible makes our priorities very clear. That is that we shall love our God with all our heart, soul and mind; and second to that is to love thy neighbor as thyself. [Mark 12:28-31 : NIV]

    368. Don’t feel guilty. Many people ignore those against whom they can’t argue. It often happens secondarily to cognitive dissonance.

    369. 95% of this conversation is off topic. However, it’s not completely off topic. The point is to associate ignorance by grouping.

    370. You’re a moron at best. Sure, Earl has punctuation issues, but so do you, logicool. Me too, I suppose.

    371. The word – though not actually a word – is well defined by society. My problem with it isn’t whether or not it’s a word. The “N” word is a word. It is a hateful word used by idiots and rhetoric-fiends.

    372. Sorry; this is beyond my point but he actually changed (edited) “plan” to “plain”. My only point was to highlight credibility.

    373. He changed it from “Plan and simple” to “plan and simple” by using the edit feature available to anyone who posts herein.

    374. It has nothing to do with being “bigoted or even hatred”! If something is NOT normal and a person does not agree with it does not mean a person is a bigot or hateful. We normal people, for the most part, would probably help TREAT these people to correct this abnormality with enthusiasm and maybe, just maybe with treatment we could get this abnormally down to .003% for the population. But back to your assertion.

      Here is the definition of “Bigot”: a person who strongly and unfairly
      dislikes other people, ideas, etc. : a bigoted person; especially : a person
      who hates or refuses to accept the members of a particular group (such as a racial or religious group)

      Full Definition of BIGOT: a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted
      to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance

      So you see Bigotry does not even enter the equation because you are asking for a person to accept something that IS NOT NORMAL! You on the other hand ARE a bigot because “you are the one who regards or treats the members of a
      group, in this case us NORMAL people, (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred
      and intolerance.”

      There are way more things in this Country that we need to worry about other
      than worry about less than 1% of the population, who is obviously, NOT normal
      whether they feel good or feels accepted by the NORMAL population. But if you
      want to live THAT way then do so but please just do not ask, get upset or
      demand NORMAL people to accept it because surly you do not want to be a BIGOT.

      Thanks for playing though

    375. Define NORMAL for us. Cause it appears that you’re saying that if a majority of people are one way, and a select few are another way, it gives you the right to hate the minority or try to change them to be like the majority. So if 90% of the US has brown hair and 10% are “other” we need to collect them and dye their hair to match everyone else. If they refuse, then we burn them at the stake. Too much? How about if the majority is white and the minority is black? Or what if being a Jew is considered NOT normal? Is it ok to demonize people for being (what you consider to be) NOT normal? So tell me, what is normal? Someone who thinks and believes exactly as YOU do? All others be damned? So anyone different than you is bad? Please explain.


    377. I have to admit… I don’t think I’ve ever heard the word Faggotry….
      Kinda makes it sound like a sport….
      Or maybe a college degree….
      I have my Masters in Faggotry…
      I won the Bronze in the last Faggotry event….

      What an odd word….

      (wait.. would that be pole vaulting?)

    378. Give proof as to how it goes against nature, please.
      And the Bible doesn’t count as it was supposedly written by divinity, which isn’t natural.

    379. Not a problem….can a man impregnate another man? Can a woman impregnate another woman? NO, they cannot do so naturally. Why? Because nature did not intend for it to be so.

    380. That isn’t proof and doesn’t relate to the question. All you’re
      babbling about is reproduction. Give proof that homosexuality is not

      Given how people use religion to dictate what should be
      deemed natural. You have no real idea if it is in fact natural. In which
      it is.

      So, Proof please?

    381. They can’t give any proof because none exists except for the Bible which was written by man with their understanding at the time.

    382. there are a lot of people who engage in homosexual behavior and don’t think of themselves as gay. that would add another 2 percent.

    383. In humans, homosexuality is a mental illness, like anxiety, schizophrenia, and body dysphoria, and it ought to be treated, not celebrated.

    384. What is wrong with your head when you talk about homosexuality and your mind jumps right to incest and bestiality?

    385. Because it is no different. Abnormal behavior is abnormal behavior, no matter if it’s homosexuality, bestiality, or incest. It is ALL unnatural, and unnatural, in this sense, is abnormal.

    386. If the plumbing doesn’t fit, there’s something wrong! Don’t understand why so many claim they are gay when gay activities are abnormal as there are no biological function to what is done. Our bodies aren’t made without reason or function …..

    387. Apparently Obama thinks bestiality is normal since he repealed the military’s ban on it….Smh…He is a sick sick man.

    388. I am sure that if certain ones have their way incest and bestiality will soon be “normal.” It’s hidden just around the corner. They too, will claim that people with those inclinations are “born that way.”


    390. Of course it is normal, you cretin. It just isn’t the norm.
      Incest and bestiality are acquired sexual fetishes, homosexuality is inherent.

    391. It isn’t the NORM because it’s ABNORMAL, moron. And it is not inherent. Where do you get your get your reasoning from?

    392. If it was abnormal, homosexuality would have disappeared long ago.
      Of course it is inherent, you are born that way. I get that reasoning because I am gay and have a far better understanding and insight than some cretin like you that gets their info from Fox news every night.

    393. It is a choice. Some choose to be abnormal. Same with criminality, in that people are not born criminals. By the way, bestiality and incest are abnormal, but they have not disappeared, have they?

    394. You are an idiot of the highest order. How would you know anyway?
      Sexual fetishes are acquired for one reason or another, homosexuality is an inbuilt trait. You could no more make a heterosexual gay than vice versa. It is like trying to turn a black man into a white one. When did you ‘choose’ to be straight?

    395. I have chosen to be straight my entire life, because i am smart enough to see that WOMEN are for MEN and vice versa. I can see that you have yet to understand this. You don’t think you could throw a straight man in prison for life and his chances of turning gay not increase? Happens all the time.

    396. But incest, pedophilia, bestiality, etc., etc., could all come to be considered “normal” the way this country is headed, so long as the silent majority doesn’t rally to fight this at every opportunity.

      Doubters beware, history says it’s possible. God help us!

    397. Under the laws of the states that now allow Gay marriage it would be feasible that a brother could marry a brother, or a sister could marry her sister in the future! The only reason incest is against the law is that child born of a brother and sister would be very susceptible to a number of diseases, not to mention the general disgust of such a union!!!

    398. That’s a good question. Who cares how many of homosexuals in this country? Government. That’s who. The same very US Government, that most homosexuals support.

    399. Exactly, Center of Disease Control studies Diseases. I think Psychologist gave up on a cure for it and just told them there normal to try and make them feel better about it. It didnt work. They cant be happy so they try to rule. Like little Hitlers.

    400. Didn’t they determine at some point that the APA administration was in large part gay? Of course they would “determine” that their own lifestyle was normal.

    401. Darn, you beat me to it. That thought popped in my head as soon as I read the first sentence.

    402. Because as much as they don’t like it, its not normal. While “homosexuality” is no longer in the DSM, “Sexual Identity Disorder” is, and that includes homosexual behavior. So it deviates from the norm and is considered a mental disease. Gays don’t like to hear that, though.

    403. These are a bunch of freaks ,that are spin offs of the Democrat Party . They are America’s undesirable .

    404. Do they place little collars around their ankles or arms to watch their cycles for further data collection ???????

    405. It’s only “normal” because if it can be forced on us until that point becomes “the truth,” then the government can “regulate hate speech,” eliminate those who “harass” gay people (Christians and Jews at the top of that list) and use it to silence all opposition.

    406. It isn’t normal… it does not exist anywhere else in nature despite what few headline grabbers try to say about a species of monkey’s in some jungle … It is a choice .. already the pedophiles are attempting to cite genes as the cause for their child molesting ways … just as this crap started with a lie about a “gay” gene being found … think not?

      All this is just another derisive ploy by the liberal left to further weaken our social morality and to cause more division amongst the masses so we won’t focus on the Obama Failures and the fact this nation is rushing headlong into CIVIL WAR before the decade is out … a war they think they can win… but as usual, are WRONG…

  4. Nothing new here the 2010 Census revealed the about the same stat. So few, but so very indigent if they don’t get treated as if they are royalty.

  5. i’m not trying to “stir the pot” here……..honestly. But I wonder if there was ever a study on what percentage of people that died of AIDS were gay? I have known only two people personally that died from AIDS. They were BOTH gay.

    1. My group is three, but all three were straight but were heroin users who shared needles with others.
      Don`t agree with the study though, since it would be carried out by a supporter of the current administration as a payback for their support ($$$$$$).
      How about an anonymous form filled out by a close family member and the results submitted to the CDC?

    2. JR and I had a third cousing who died of AIDS, and his “special friend” also died of AIDS later.

    3. His “special friend” eh? How nice of you to show class and dignity and quotation marks to honor your dead cousin this way. It’s 2014 no need to be so hush hush and behind close doors about it. We get it.

    4. Yes,”special friend” was the way his obit was listed and his family said that’s the way he wanted it. What would you call your special friend, you’re husband?

    5. Well, this is hardly scientific, but I will share it anyway…
      Like you, I also have personally known only two people that died from AIDS. Two fraternity brothers of mine from the early Seventies were part of my wedding party and they both died from AIDS within in the following decade (the Seventies)… One was straight and got AIDS from a bad blood transfusion…The other was presumed straight in college but later came out as gay and caught AIDS through homosexual activities…So that’s one out of two that died of AIDS who was gay…for what it’s worth.
      NEVER In America has a minority so miniscule (under 2%) been given such a voice and such power (or influence, if you prefer).
      As was the case with electing the first BLACK president, and the enthusiasm for electing the first FEMALE president, I’ve no doubt that in the next few election cycles, we will see the election of (or at least the serious candidacy of) a member of the LGBT community (barring the possibility that we already HAVE such an individual in the Oval Office now).

    6. One of our relatives was murdered on the French Quarter years ago for being gay, along with his boyfriend…he was a wonderful man, very handsome, a professional dancer…we will always miss him…another relative male who was gay…we suspect he died of Aids….a former schoolmate died of Aids….he was gay……….not good odds, eh?

    7. Please stir away. These are the kinds of things that need to be postulated.

      I believe there need to be some PSA’s about homosexuality and A.I.D.S. like there are about smoking. Think that might have an influence on the populace?

    8. Just because someone may be homosexual doesn’t mean that they will get AIDS. It’s true that AIDS did first show up in the homosexual community and was pretty bad there but that was because they did not use any protection thinking that they couldn’t get an STD. Of course part of that was also that they couldn’t get anyone pregnant.

    9. A.I.D.S. started with homosexuals. Check. I think that speaks for itself.

      Just because your a sodomite doesn’t mean they will get A.I.D.S.? Well, just because you’re a heterosexual doesn’t mean you’ll get pregnant 100% of the time either, but the chances are greater. Just as being a sodomite gives you a greater chance to contract H
      I.V. and A.I.D.S.

    10. Look I am sick and tired of people saying stuff like this. The only way anyone has a greater chance of contracting HIV and it developing into AIDS is to have unprotected intercourse or share needles just like any other STD. That goes for homosexuals and heterosexuals both. Being a homosexual does not give you a greater chance of getting HIV and AIDS anymore than being a heterosexual does. Learn how STDs work.

    11. Oh. You mean you’re as sick of people saying that being a sodomite gives you a greater chance to contract A.I.D.S., as I am sick of people trying to push that being a sodomite isn’t a choice but instead that they are born that way?

    12. Who would make a choice like that with all the hate that’s directed at them? I doubt anyone but those with absolutely no brains would make that choice. So then why are people homosexual? It’s not because they choose to be.

    13. Now this is what I’m talking about that I’m “sick and tired of people trying to say stuff like this”. People make choices all the time that try to “buck the norm” and try to “be different” in spite of whatever reaction they may receive.

      Why would anyone ever be born to 100% of the time not be able to procreate?

      I am well aware of the retort “Well what about people that are born infertile?” If this is your planned response I will cut you off and answer it right now. You are talking about a minuscule group. A group that is less than the 2% of the population that are homosexual (which the CDC just completed a study on, much less than the previous 10% that was previously reported over 50 years ago).

      In many cases for heterosexuals there is treatment for infertility. 100% of the time there is never any treatment that a homosexual can receive to fix their infertility.

      To wrap this up, I’m not sure why certain people make the choices that they do, but I do know that being a homosexual is a choice that about 2% of the population make at some point in their life.

    14. I don’t see how you can think that being homosexual is a choice. Just look at all the hate that’s out there and those that want to kill them all. It’s insane to choose to be homosexual. Now I know this argument won’t sway your opinion but perhaps this next one might. Do you choose who you fall in love with? Of course you don’t. If it was a choice then many women wouldn’t fall in love with an abusive guy and stay with that guy out of love. Well for homosexuals they can’t help that they fall in love with someone of the same gender. And I know what you’ll probably say. You’ll probably say that it isn’t love. Well unless you actually see them how would you know if they’re in love or not? Same as with any heterosexual couple, you don’t know.

    15. Ever hear of a thing called LUST? This generation has a ver
      y hard time differentiating between the that and love.

      By the way……you do get to choose who you fall in love with. If there wasn’t any choice, then there wouldn’t be any need for dating and when we were born we would all be given a card that told us when, where and whom we would “fall in love with.

      Now the public has been told for the last 20 + years that “homosexual love” is “true love”. That the “partners” stay together “forever” and that no abuse goes on.

      These are out right LIES. Just take a small sampling of celebrities Ellen Degeneres and Rosie O’Donnell. I also have friends that are firemen and have told me about incidents where they’ve been called out to a domestic dispute between two dykes. My friend asked the one that was abused “If you’re going to be with someone that looks like a man and beats you like a man, why aren’t you with a man? She said she could not give him an honest answer why.

      It’s time to stop the lies. Sodomy is a choice, just like murder and what you have to eat at a given meal.

      Be honest with yourself and see this issue for what it really is.

    16. First thing firefighters are not called out to domestic disputes. If you believe that then you are an idiot. It’s the police that are called out to domestic disputes.
      Second, of course there are problems in homosexual relationships just like in heterosexual relationships. I’m not doubting that there are but you seem to think that just because of a small sample of celebrities have those problems that every homosexual relationship is like that. This would be like me saying that all priests are child molesters based on just a few that have been in the news. If I said that you would rip me a new one and rightly so.
      Third, the reason why we date is to find the one we love though when we find that one it’s not a choice whether we fall in love with them or not we just do. Now I do agree that many people, both homosexual and heterosexual, confuse lust with love.

    17. You could not be more wrong. Firefighters/Paramedics are first responders. They are called out to violent domestic disputes.

      You are trying to pedal “homosexual love is “true” love”, which is a farce. Go live in your fantasy world with your lies.

    18. If a domestic dispute turns violent then it become a domestic assault which I can see them being called out to the scene but the police are normally the first ones to respond.
      I’m not saying that all homosexual love is true love though there is true love in homosexual relationships just like there is in heterosexual relationships.

    19. Call it whatever you want. You can’t discredit my buddy’s story. It happened exactly as I said it did.

      On the love issue. I’m sure people love their pets too, but they aren’t allowed, as of yet, to marry.

    20. I don’t want to mention their names out of respect, but you will probably know them: Famous people in the entertainment business who were gays and died of aids. One was considered one of the most handsome actor, tall, six feet four inches tall who played many romantic roles, another one equally handsome actor who appeared in the movies who inherited the first actor’s estate. Another actor who played the Dad in a TV series. These are just a few examples.

    21. I know all about Rock Hudson, I did not mention any celebrities because I did not actually “know” them. I was speaking of only those I knew personally.

    1. In California they do at lease if what I read is true their governor wants to make the use of the phrase “man and wife” illegal.

  6. And that vast minority still continue to force their freakish nature on the world. Astounding.

  7. Now if you watch TV or listen to the mainstream media or even HDTV, you’d think that the percentage is closer to 30 or 40 percent. Why is it that so few are able to get so much attention? Meanwhile, we heterosexuals get put down if we support the way God made us. I think it was written a couple thousand years ago that good will be called bad, and bad good. Interesting.

    1. I’m Christian, middle class, conservative and against abortion too. That means I get accused of hate speech, racism, antisemitism, anti-Islamism, sexism, classism, homophobia, etc., before I even get up in the morning.

    2. Maybe if you spend your sleeping hours scouring through the comment sections of strongly liberal news and social network sites like Tumblr and Jezebel, but in reality you’re pretty much essentially at the top of the world with regard to wealth, luxury, freedoms, position in society, life expectancy, and health. It must be such a hard existence being trash-talked on the internet for belonging to a political ideology that disregards and disrespects those below you with regard to the factors mentioned earlier.

    3. In what way is promoting limited government, fiscal responsibility and personal liberty disregarding or disrespecting anyone? You’ve obviously been listening to MSNBC or Rachel Maddow or something for your definition of MY political ideology. If you want to know what I support or don’t, ask, don’t tell. Are you paying enough taxes yet?

    4. “Belonging to a political ideology”. I was not accusing you personally of supporting or being against anything in particular, but rather, being a modern conservative, who have a tendency to cry for freedom, but only as it applies to them, and not outside groups like the LGBTQ community, or Muslims, or women, and so forth, perhaps why you get “accused” of these things “before you even get up in the morning”.
      I believe in limited government, fiscal responsibility, and personal liberty just the same. How is it that I do it in a manner that involves no accusations, ever, of racism, sexism, classism, or homophobia?

    5. Perhaps because you don’t belong to any group that threatens the current administration or its supporters (mainstream media). I’m not indicating there’s any validity to the accusations, simply that by banding together to support these tenets to which you and I agree one becomes the target of the accusations in an attempt to discredit the movement and keep the general public from discovering that they actually agree with it.

    6. “Why is it that so few are able to get so much attention?”

      A couple of reasons come to mind …(1) The gay (and LGBT community, at large) have loudly and legally (in the courts) DEMANDED this attention for some time now, and the mainstream media has given them the platform, the coverage, and the microphone to do it.

      And, (2) the current US president is quite sympathetic to both Gays and to the LGBT community…and has (by some) been rumored to be gay himself. The First Lady has also been rumored to be a transgender male passing as a female, and that their two daughters (who look nothing like either one of them) are “adopted”…of course, none of this has been credibly authenticated, but the rumors do persist.)

    7. because people want them to go away…so they are willing to give them ANYTHING to make them go away….

    8. It’s only going to get worse now that schools are starting to allow the LGBT to come lecture the kids about homosexuality.

    1. More than likely it’s referring to transgendered, transsexuals, and cross dressers.

  8. In a nation where the majority supposedly rules, why then are the 1.6% who are self-proclaimed queer, allowed to dictate to the majority?? Don’t make sense to me. I suggest moving all the straight folks out of Kalifornikate and move all the 1.6% queer folks to Kalifornikate and let them govern themselves to their heart content.

  9. In the first sentence they link to the study, download the PDF before it is taken down or RE-written to fit the administration’s views like all good soviet science. If you would like to have factual arguments against perversion this is a good tool.

  10. Thiaoouba Prophecy clearly states the following:

    Michel: ‘What do you think of homosexuality?’
    Thao: ‘The homosexual, female as well as male, is a neurotic (when it is not a matter of hormones) and neurotics can’t be condemned but, like all neurotics, they should seek treatment. In all things, Michel, consider what Nature has decreed
    and you will have the answers to your questions.
    ‘Nature gave every living thing the possibility of reproduction, (so) that various species might continue. According to the Creator’s will, males and females have been created in all species. With human beings, however, and for the reasons we
    have already explained, he added features not given to other species.

  11. I find it interesting that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention did the study. Disease….. Just sayin……

  12. Anyone with half a brain knows that heterosexuality is what God intended. So those that are homosexuals are not what God intended. So why are they included and allowed to use the word “marriage”? They need their own word for there different lifestyle.

    1. How do you know homosexuals are not what God intended? Have you spoken to God recently?

    2. The same way we know murder or stealing is wrong. God hasn’t changed His standpoint on any sin.

  13. Gays = 2% of the population
    Gays have near 80% of new AIDS cases in the U.S.
    Gays have 64% of the syphilis in the U.S
    Gay men commit a disproportionate share of sexual crimes against children.
    Lesbians are more than twice as likely to have STDs as heterosexual women
    Domestic abuse occurs in approximately 30 to 40% of GLBT relationships
    is day one of DADT ending, and they are already holloring for more
    rights. They want post housing, recognized marriage, and more. They will
    get it, and next on the agenda will to be loweing the age of consent.

    Gaining access to children has been a long-term goal of the homosexual
    movement. In 1972, the National Coalition of Gay Organizations adopted a
    ‘Gay Rights Platform” that included the following demand: “Repeal of
    all laws governing the age of sexual consent.” David Thorstad, a
    spokesman for the homosexual rights movement and NAMBLA, clearly states
    the objectives: ‘The ultimate goal of the gay liberation movement is the
    achievement of sexual freedom for all – not just equal rights for
    ‘lesbians and gay men, but also freedom of sexual expression for young
    people and children.” This goal has not changed since it was articulated
    in 1972.
    “Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through
    the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between
    themselves: Who changed the truth of God into a lie…” —Romans 1:24-25

    1. And yet it was highly thought of, in ‘olden times’, to let children as young as 12/13 to marry vastly older men. It wasnt seen as abnormal or wrong and yet, by todays standards, it would be seen as child abuse/rape of a minor. Why were there not outcries then about this heinous practice? Was it because it was heterosexually based? Ponder that a bit.

    2. Oh please, modern society spoiled their children to force us to raise the marriage age. Nature says they are ready much earlier than we have engineered them to. My grandmother was married at 14, my mother at 15 and you were considered an old maid at 16 during those times. They raised families and didn’t shun hard work or the divine role of motherhood. Your problem is you think you know more than God.

  14. Gays = 2% of the population
    Gays have near 80% of new AIDS cases in the U.S.
    Gays have 64% of the syphilis in the U.S
    Gay men commit a disproportionate share of sexual crimes against children.
    Lesbians are more than twice as likely to have STDs as heterosexual women
    Domestic abuse occurs in approximately 30 to 40% of GLBT relationships
    is day one of DADT ending, and they are already holloring for more
    rights. They want post housing, recognized marriage, and more. They will
    get it, and next on the agenda will to be loweing the age of consent.

    Gaining access to children has been a long-term goal of the homosexual
    movement. In 1972, the National Coalition of Gay Organizations adopted a
    ‘Gay Rights Platform” that included the following demand: “Repeal of
    all laws governing the age of sexual consent.” David Thorstad, a
    spokesman for the homosexual rights movement and NAMBLA, clearly states
    the objectives: ‘The ultimate goal of the gay liberation movement is the
    achievement of sexual freedom for all – not just equal rights for
    ‘lesbians and gay men, but also freedom of sexual expression for young
    people and children.” This goal has not changed since it was articulated
    in 1972.
    “Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through
    the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between
    themselves: Who changed the truth of God into a lie…” —Romans 1:24-25

  15. Just another way the government has kept people at each other’s throats. So you see as a percentage gays lesbians etc. are overrepresented in our government already. From what I see they don’t want equal rights they want special rights. Here in California when they don’t get their way they threaten, boycott, and generally show some of the ugliest behavior of humankind, as this tactic has worked they have only become nastier.

  16. We need to focus less on the SYMPTOMS of Washington’s incompetence and focus more on the CAUSES of their incompetence.

    Fix the foundation and the rest will right itself. The foundation of our gov’t has been broken since 1913. And this faulty foundation has resulted in laws for every conceivable thing and an enormous debt to boot.

    Here are the cracks in our foundation:
    1) The Federal Gov’t is in charge
    2) The Federal Gov’t taxes individuals (therefore, companies)

    Here’s how #1 happened:
    Originally the federal gov’t had 3 equally-important entities at the federal negotiating table. These were the ONLY three entities in the US that had an interest in EVERY law the federal gov’t would pass:
    - We the People (the House of Rep)
    - The States (the Senate)
    - The Executor of Laws (the Executive branch, POTUS through veto power)

    Then in 1913 our leaders removed the states from the federal negotiating table by passing the 17th Amendment. Now negotiations look like:
    - We the People (the House)
    - We the People (the Senate)
    - The Executor of Laws (POTUS via veto)

    The Senate is no longer accountable to their State Legislatures. This is the single action that led to America believing the federal gov’t is supposed to be in charge of everything in the US (against the Founder’s design of 3 equally-powerful entities checking-and-balancing each other). The federal gov’t now overruns the state gov’ts…and by proxy: YOU (collectively: We the People).

    And don’t fool yourself into thinking that We the People, having 2 seats at the table, are more powerful than the Executive (POTUS). Our power is divided (into 2 Houses with over 500 members) while the POTUS is one person whose power is focused. When was the last time you felt the federal gov’t was listening to you? Right, that proves the point…if the President doesn’t want to do it, it doesn’t get done (who wags whom?).

    And there’s a reason why our Founders “Bill-to-Law Process” started in the House. This way all law begins with We the People…then gets input from the States and the Executor of Laws. This design purposely put We the People in the driver’s seat…are we today?

    This setup allows bills to pass QUICKLY into law since one of the 3 interested parties has no say in them. The result is many more laws that aren’t well thought out (since an interested party has been excluded from negotiations). End each law that tramples on states, necessarily tramples on We the People who live in states.

    Now #2:
    Originally the federal gov’t got its operating budget from the state gov’ts ONLY. The attempts to get money directly from We the People were ruled by the Judiciary to be unconstitutional. So, what would any red-blooded American who loved themselves more than the Constitution do? Instead of “protect & defend” they “changed & enriched” themselves.

    In 1913 they passed the 16th Amendment that made direct taxation of US citizens the law of the land. And, in doing so, injected themselves into every taxation debate effecting every individual in the entire country. They also generated enormous wealth for the federal gov’t, so you might think we would never have problems paying for anything our gov’t needed. RIGGHHHHT! (as Bill Cosby used to say so well)

    With this windfall our gov’t did what most people who aren’t used to money do: they overspend it. They’ve also enriched themselves over and over again…how many in Congress (both houses) report an income of ONLY their gov’t salary? How many in Congress (both houses) have a SUBSTANTIALLY HIGHER net worth only AFTER being elected (they never made money hand-over-fist before being a “public servant”, but they sure do after!)?

    The answers to these and many other questions can be found by Googling them…do your own research. This is how a gov’t windfall (individual taxation) became a personal windfall for elected officials (who changed our Constitution & enriched themselves at our expense).

    Without these 2 amendments we would have 50 test cases (the states) to see what combination of freedoms vs. regulations works best. The state with the largest population would win, as many would flock to its borders for a true American Dream. Another aspect of this is that there would be 50 different cultures to choose from and you could choose which one fit best with your personal life principles…we would all have choices.

    With these amendments we are on our way to an America where all states are run by the federal gov’t and operate exactly the same. A new name may soon be in order for us: The United Socialist States of America.

    As it is, this structure has saddled Americans with ENORMOUS DEBT that we can’t possibly pay off in even 5 generations. Stop this insanity and restore states to the federal negotiating table because this is entirely gov’t’s fault and gov’t needs to repair our Constitution – and they WON’T do it on their own! We the People need to ensure they do it.

    Fix the foundation and the rest will right itself.

  17. It seems that this study shows homosexuals engage in a lot more self-destructive behavior, leading me to question if homosexual behavior itself isn’t a way of self-destructing. And why is it that every sitcom has at least one homosexual? (I’m reserving the word “gay” to mean festive.)

    1. David – you are so right – “gay” is supposed to be happy, festive – not at all what today’s society has turned the word into – a deviant lifestyle that is anything but normal. Just like the rainbow – why on earth did the homosexual community take the rainbow – a sign God put in the sky to all mankind as a covenant between Him and us – to stand for their sick & disgusting lifestyle/agenda? I want to puke every time I see God’s beautiful rainbow disrespected like that. Especially considering the homosexual community’s utter hatred and disdain for Christians and Chrisitanity – why did they steal our rainbow?

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  19. I find it strangely appropriate that the CDC feels a need to keep track of who is gay.

  20. I’ve always said the numbers of LGBT that they claim were inflated. But despite their few numbers, they have loud mouths. One of the reasons they have to ability to influence government so much is that they have high-jacked the NAACP doctrine and are using it verbatim. Just substitute LGBT for any references to Black and there you have it.

    1. According to the show Modern Family, about 33% are LGBT. If you watch the house shows on TV it seems to be about 25%. Think there’s an agenda at work?

  21. Government of the 3.4%, by the 3.4%, for the 3.4%… yep, sounds like the American system.

  22. Wonder where they got this money for this study? This is ridiculous… gays are as old as the bible. They live their life like everyone else and if you’re not Gay it’s not for you to judge.

  23. Yep a tiny, tiny tidbit of the population pushing their agenda and belief system, no matter how disgusting and vile and disease ridden it is, upon all of us! Keep your straight and NORMAL kids away from these deviants!

    1. Liberals need “victim groups” in order to force division, and that is their foundation for power. So, homosexuals are just another way for them to force themselves down our throats. Remember that Big Brother is always right, even when he is wrong, which is the basis for tyranny.

  24. With the amount of “gay” stories on Yahoo you would think the percentages are 30-60%

  25. Although I am conservative politically, I have no problem
    with gay people. Although the gay lobby has always touted that 10% of the
    population is gay, I’ve long thought 2% was more accurate. If this research is
    correct, it appears that is more or less accurate.

    Christians argue that homosexuality is unnatural; I think
    they would get farther by accepting that homosexuality is natural for those who
    experience it, but that nature itself is fallen. That’s consistent with
    Christian teachings, right?

    IMHO, gay people should be entitled to all the rights and
    privileges of marriage, so long as those rights and privileges do not injure
    others. There is some evidence that children who are raised by same-sex parents
    *do* suffer detriment; so, until all the facts are in, I would deny the right
    of same-sex partners to adopt. I’m sure the gay lobby will brand me a “hater”;
    that shows their own prejudice more than mine.

    1. I agree with most of what you say though I have to take issue with denying same-sex couples to adopt.

  26. But if you listen to the news and watch most TV programs one would think over half the population were homosexuals.

  27. But if you listen to the news and watch most TV programs one would think over half the population were homosexuals.

  28. While it is an interesting fact, I still don’t know why I should care what someone’s sexual preference is?

    Isn’t the whole tea party thing about freedom and limited government involvement? Letting people be? Any of that ring a bell?

    I guess that’s why I consider myself a constitutionalist. Even if I hate your lifestyle, as long as it’s consensual it doesn’t directly hurt someone, I’ll fight to the death to defend it. Cherry picking who gets freedom and who doesn’t gives the entire movement a bad name.

    (Before the strawmen comments begin, incest can have a potential victim in the form of a child. Animals can’t consent .Those comparisons are void.)

    1. I will agree with you to a point. People’s sexual preferences are of no concern to me as long as they are not shoved in my face, but I will not “fight to the death” to defend it. I’ll hold on to my life and save it for defending something more meaningful than the right of two guys to bugger each other.

    2. Agree with you about personal preferences, but the point of the article is that a small percentage of the population is being given a disproportional amount of media attention and political pandering. Very analogous to ObamaCare, where the “8.1 million newly insured” represents about 2.2% of the total population. So, we’re destroying a health care system, raising rates, and creating new entitlements for a miserably low percentage of the total citizenry.

  29. Over 35 years ago, while in med school, I was taught by a known homosexual professor that “3-5% of the population was gay or bisexual.” During the 1990′s, the libtards and gay activists inflated this number to “10% or more.” This CDC survey brings it back down to where it really is. Nature cannot sustain a high percentage of homosexual behavior because it leads to extinction of the species. Of course, we should not persecute homosexuals any more than we persecute other forms of mutation or physiologic aberrations, like albinism or polydactyly. Neither should we let them push the incorrect agenda that homosexuality is a “natural” or “normal” form of sexual activity, when, in fact, it is an aberration.

  30. Gay Scientist Simon Levay.” I did not prove that homosexuality is genetic, or find a genetic cause for being gay. I didn’t show that gay men are born that way, the most common mistake people make in interpreting my work. Nor did I locate a gay center in the brain. The INAH3 is less likely to be the sole gay nucleus of the brain than a part of a chain of nuclei engaged in men and women’s sexual behavior.”