NSA Whistleblower: NSA is Sharing Info on Citizens with the IRS

ZBinneyPresident Obama has his hands full as he, undoubtedly, is forced to spend a significant portion of his time worming out of one scandal after another. While whispers of impeachment surface within the GOP, the fact is that this presidency has abused the American public more than any other administration in history. While we focus on one scandal after another and hear the increasingly-improbable explanations emerge from Obama officials, we seldom link them together.
An NSA whistleblower has revealed that the IRS scandal and the NSA scandal are, in fact, linked- a fact that ought to send chills up the spines of each and every American.
For those that seldom forage for information outside the confines of MSNBC or other assorted propaganda-oriented news sources, the IRS scandal was the revelation that for years, those “crackpot” Tea Partiers were right. Though many Tea Partiers spoke up about the politically-motivated campaigns of harassment perpetrated by the IRS, few in the mainstream media took the accounts seriously until the Inspector General was about to issue a report validating the claims and disgraced IRS official Lois Lerner tried to get ahead of the story by admitting to the allegations.
For years, those who opposed Obama’s radical agenda were victimized and harassed in an attempt to limit their political efficacy. It’s a shameful mark on our history as a free nation.
The NSA scandal is equally terrifying as it was revealed that the NSA is monitoring and storing data on all electronic communications in the country. Every day, hundreds of millions of Americans are having reports created about their phone and email usage and the Obama Administration, caught red-handed, has maintained that it’s no big deal.
Now, NSA whistleblower William Binney claims that the IRS has “direct access” to the NSA data harvested from the illegal domestic spying programs.
(For the record, I recognize that the FISA court has signed-off on the NSA programs. However, it’s important to still assert that such programs, regardless of FISA court provisions, are illegal per Fourth Amendment protections.)
Binney worked for the NSA for 30 years before retiring in 2001. He was instrumental in the development of the NSA’s eavesdropping programs.
On New York’s 970 AM, Binney revealed in response to a question regarding what the information can be used for, 
“For example, if you started to communicate with people involved in the tea party … and [the NSA] saw you were talking to somebody who was involved in setting up 501(c)3s, then they could alert the IRS to target you if you came in with a request.” 
The host was startled and asked, 
“Do you think the NSA actually did that? Do you think the IRS partnered with the NSA potentially, to target the tea party?”
“I already know they have access to it,” Binney replied. “One of the answers that came from some of the testimony in Congress by people who are being asked those questions kind of implied that that’s exactly what they were doing.” 
Binney further explained, 
“First of all, the IRS has membership on the special operations division of the Drug Enforcement Administration, and that was specifically set up to look into the NSA data to find criminal activity. See, that’s the major point: It’s not NSA that’s using the data; it’s law enforcement. … They share the results with state and local law enforcement to arrest people, and they also use it in court to convict people.” 
Since information gathered from the NSA’s illegal wiretapping programs are inadmissible, the information given to law enforcement only points them in the right direction and t allows the police to gather evidence elsewhere, contented with the knowledge that they are on the right track.
What Binney’s revelation outlines is that the Obama Administration’s biggest scandals are, in fact, linked. One agency is illegally collecting information on Americans while the other is using that information to target those who are engaging in political activity that runs contrary to the tyrannous and radical agenda of the Obama Administration.
And to think, Americans once mounted a revolution, in part, over the right of the government to levy a small tax on our breakfast beverage…