NSA Whistleblower: NSA is Sharing Info on Citizens with the IRS

ZBinneyPresident Obama has his hands full as he, undoubtedly, is forced to spend a significant portion of his time worming out of one scandal after another. While whispers of impeachment surface within the GOP, the fact is that this presidency has abused the American public more than any other administration in history. While we focus on one scandal after another and hear the increasingly-improbable explanations emerge from Obama officials, we seldom link them together.
An NSA whistleblower has revealed that the IRS scandal and the NSA scandal are, in fact, linked- a fact that ought to send chills up the spines of each and every American.
For those that seldom forage for information outside the confines of MSNBC or other assorted propaganda-oriented news sources, the IRS scandal was the revelation that for years, those “crackpot” Tea Partiers were right. Though many Tea Partiers spoke up about the politically-motivated campaigns of harassment perpetrated by the IRS, few in the mainstream media took the accounts seriously until the Inspector General was about to issue a report validating the claims and disgraced IRS official Lois Lerner tried to get ahead of the story by admitting to the allegations.
For years, those who opposed Obama’s radical agenda were victimized and harassed in an attempt to limit their political efficacy. It’s a shameful mark on our history as a free nation.
The NSA scandal is equally terrifying as it was revealed that the NSA is monitoring and storing data on all electronic communications in the country. Every day, hundreds of millions of Americans are having reports created about their phone and email usage and the Obama Administration, caught red-handed, has maintained that it’s no big deal.
Now, NSA whistleblower William Binney claims that the IRS has “direct access” to the NSA data harvested from the illegal domestic spying programs.
(For the record, I recognize that the FISA court has signed-off on the NSA programs. However, it’s important to still assert that such programs, regardless of FISA court provisions, are illegal per Fourth Amendment protections.)
Binney worked for the NSA for 30 years before retiring in 2001. He was instrumental in the development of the NSA’s eavesdropping programs.
On New York’s 970 AM, Binney revealed in response to a question regarding what the information can be used for, 
“For example, if you started to communicate with people involved in the tea party … and [the NSA] saw you were talking to somebody who was involved in setting up 501(c)3s, then they could alert the IRS to target you if you came in with a request.” 
The host was startled and asked, 
“Do you think the NSA actually did that? Do you think the IRS partnered with the NSA potentially, to target the tea party?”
“I already know they have access to it,” Binney replied. “One of the answers that came from some of the testimony in Congress by people who are being asked those questions kind of implied that that’s exactly what they were doing.” 
Binney further explained, 
“First of all, the IRS has membership on the special operations division of the Drug Enforcement Administration, and that was specifically set up to look into the NSA data to find criminal activity. See, that’s the major point: It’s not NSA that’s using the data; it’s law enforcement. … They share the results with state and local law enforcement to arrest people, and they also use it in court to convict people.” 
Since information gathered from the NSA’s illegal wiretapping programs are inadmissible, the information given to law enforcement only points them in the right direction and t allows the police to gather evidence elsewhere, contented with the knowledge that they are on the right track.
What Binney’s revelation outlines is that the Obama Administration’s biggest scandals are, in fact, linked. One agency is illegally collecting information on Americans while the other is using that information to target those who are engaging in political activity that runs contrary to the tyrannous and radical agenda of the Obama Administration.
And to think, Americans once mounted a revolution, in part, over the right of the government to levy a small tax on our breakfast beverage…
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  1. Congress no longer represents us, they represent only themselves, money and government bureaucracies. The Executive no longer follows the Constitution in any important respect. The NSA is the most powerful entity in human history. It has the information needed to blackmail anyone, anywhere around the world, and undoubtedly uses this power, and most in both parties are fully supportive of this. They will never give up the power they have achieved without a fight. The real tyranny hasn’t even begun. But it will. Best be prepared before it’s too late.

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    2. It’s also very likely that our politicians are being blackmailed by the NSA. We could very well have a good percentage of US leadership that’s being compromised right now and not free to do their duty, which is to represent the American people.

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  2. We need to focus less on the SYMPTOMS of Washington’s incompetence and focus more on the CAUSES of their incompetence.

    Fix the foundation and the rest will right itself. The foundation of our gov’t has been broken since 1913. And this faulty foundation has resulted in laws for every conceivable thing and an enormous debt to boot.

    Here are the cracks in our foundation:
    1) The Federal Gov’t is in charge
    2) The Federal Gov’t taxes individuals (therefore, companies)

    Here’s how #1 happened:
    Originally the federal gov’t had 3 equally-important entities at the federal negotiating table. These were the ONLY three entities in the US that had an interest in EVERY law the federal gov’t would pass:
    - We the People (the House of Rep)
    - The States (the Senate)
    - The Executor of Laws (the Executive branch, POTUS through veto power)

    Then in 1913 our leaders removed the states from the federal negotiating table by passing the 17th Amendment. Now negotiations look like:
    - We the People (the House)
    - We the People (the Senate)
    - The Executor of Laws (POTUS via veto)

    The Senate is no longer accountable to their State Legislatures. This is the single action that led to America believing the federal gov’t is supposed to be in charge of everything in the US (against the Founder’s design of 3 equally-powerful entities checking-and-balancing each other). The federal gov’t now overruns the state gov’ts…and by proxy: YOU (collectively: We the People).

    And don’t fool yourself into thinking that We the People, having 2 seats at the table, are more powerful than the Executive (POTUS). Our power is divided (into 2 Houses with over 500 members) while the POTUS is one person whose power is focused. When was the last time you felt the federal gov’t was listening to you? Right, that proves the point…if the President doesn’t want to do it, it doesn’t get done (who wags whom?).

    And there’s a reason why our Founders “Bill-to-Law Process” started in the House. This way all law begins with We the People…then gets input from the States and the Executor of Laws. This design purposely put We the People in the driver’s seat…are we today?

    This setup allows bills to pass QUICKLY into law since one of the 3 interested parties has no say in them. The result is many more laws that aren’t well thought out (since an interested party has been excluded from negotiations). End each law that tramples on states, necessarily tramples on We the People who live in states.

    Now #2:
    Originally the federal gov’t got its operating budget from the state gov’ts ONLY. The attempts to get money directly from We the People were ruled by the Judiciary to be unconstitutional. So, what would any red-blooded American who loved themselves more than the Constitution do? Instead of “protect & defend” they “changed & enriched” themselves.

    In 1913 they passed the 16th Amendment that made direct taxation of US citizens the law of the land. And, in doing so, injected themselves into every taxation debate effecting every individual in the entire country. They also generated enormous wealth for the federal gov’t, so you might think we would never have problems paying for anything our gov’t needed. RIGGHHHHT! (as Bill Cosby used to say so well)

    With this windfall our gov’t did what most people who aren’t used to money do: they overspend it. They’ve also enriched themselves over and over again…how many in Congress (both houses) report an income of ONLY their gov’t salary? How many in Congress (both houses) have a SUBSTANTIALLY HIGHER net worth only AFTER being elected (they never made money hand-over-fist before being a “public servant”, but they sure do after!)?

    The answers to these and many other questions can be found by Googling them…do your own research. This is how a gov’t windfall (individual taxation) became a personal windfall for elected officials (who changed our Constitution & enriched themselves at our expense).

    Without these 2 amendments we would have 50 test cases (the states) to see what combination of freedoms vs. regulations works best. The state with the largest population would win, as many would flock to its borders for a true American Dream. Another aspect of this is that there would be 50 different cultures to choose from and you could choose which one fit best with your personal life principles…we would all have choices.

    With these amendments we are on our way to an America where all states are run by the federal gov’t and operate exactly the same. A new name may soon be in order for us: The United Socialist States of America.

    As it is, this structure has saddled Americans with ENORMOUS DEBT that we can’t possibly pay off in even 5 generations. Stop this insanity and restore states to the federal negotiating table because this is entirely gov’t’s fault and gov’t needs to repair our Constitution – and they WON’T do it on their own! We the People need to ensure they do it.

    Fix the foundation and the rest will right itself.


    Now, regardless of politics, we need to get together as a group of “We the People” and agree to a particular path that will fix our foundation. This is a call to action, not a plea for agreement. If you agree then act…find those in your area that are like-minded and determine among yourselves what it will take to influence your federal representatives to take these “foundation-fixing” actions. And if they don’t take them, or give you some cop-out answer have them fired if they’re up for election, or recalled if they’re not.

    The cop-out I hear the most is “I support doing this via the 10th Amendment”. Well the Tenth states:

    “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

    …meaning if the Constitution gives the federal gov’t powers, the federal gov’t keeps those powers. So, since the 16th & 17th Amd. are in the Constitution they are UNTOUCHABLE via the 10th Amd. Politicians who tell you this cop-out are untrustworthy and should be recalled (if this were the solution it would have been done in the 100+ years since these amendments passed).

    Therefore, the only option to get rid of the harmful effects of the 16th & 17th Amendments is repeal.

    The States can do this through the Convention of States, or Congress can do this as leaders in their own right. Currently the Convention of States ISN’T focused on this foundational fix…but We the People can change that. Congress doesn’t want this fix either, but we can change that. It ALL starts with us…We the People. It’s time to ACT.

    You are the key: copy and paste this message, share it as many times as you need to in order to get ALL elected officials to make these changes. ALL elected officials means: STATE Legislatures, your US Senators and House Representatives, etc. Talk to people about this, get your teenagers to understand it so they’re actually prepared to vote when they’re legal, this is OUR country and it’s WORTH talking about and FIXING.

    On FaceBook show your support by Liking and Sharing this page – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fix-the-Foundation/376354952515817?ref_type=bookmark

    1. Can’t stand is being kind. Worst yet there are about 40% of the US population that still falls for his lies and nonsense.

  3. Most people are no longer embarrassed by bad behavior be it by themselves or others. That’s what is missing. No shame. With no shame, nothing is wrong and all is fair game. We are reaping what we have sowed.

    1. To delve a little further into the genuine root of the problem, it’s that people have lost their fear of God.

    2. there is a new mess-I-yuch to fear. He is a N1663R. I fear no man, no half man either….

  4. The NSA has the ability to monitor every means of communication. No big secret here. The NSA shares some of its information with law enforcement agencies. This should be THE area of major concern. The DOJ is completely under the control of the Executive Branch and will reflect the sitting President’s political agenda. The NSA is doing its job collecting intelligence, albeit the methods may be questioned in courts. The transfer of the information to agencies that have political sgendas must be stopped. I believe in the honesty and integrity of a majority of employees at the Intelligence gathering Agencies. Yes, there are some rotten apples but I believe that 999 out of 1,000 employees at these Agencies are there to serve the Nation.

    1. I believe the odds are just the opposite. Only one in a thousand cares, earns an honest paycheck. Wise up !

    2. How do you feel about being an obama crisis pawn? The NSA is another crisis manufactured by obama and the media to take the focus off of obama’s failures. The NSA has been around for a very long time. It went from being a ‘super secret’ Intelligence Agency to the whipping boy flsvor of the day. Yes, the NSA probably has the intelligence gsthering technolgy to gather ever piece of electronic communication from every infividual within the US but it would lack the human element to dort thtough the information. Can the NSA gather personal information on politicians, corporations, governments and other entities? Sure. That is what Intelligence agencies do. As I stated in my previous comment, gathering the information is NOT the problem, the transfer snd access to the information is the issue. Yeah, I know a little about the NSA.

    3. DOJ has become the 4th leg of our government. Only the laws that the AG likes are enforced? NO

  5. “The United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC, also called the FISA Court) is a U.S. federal court established and authorized under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 (FISA) to oversee requests for surveillance warrants against suspected foreign intelligence agents inside the United States by federal law enforcement agencies. Such requests are made most often by the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Congress created FISA and its court as a result of the recommendations by the U.S. Senate’s Church Committee.[1] Its powers have evolved and expanded to the point that it has been called “almost a parallel Supreme Court.”[2]

    Since 2009, the court has been relocated in the E. Barrett Prettyman United States Courthouse in Washington, D.C.[3][4] For roughly thirty years of its history, it was housed on the sixth floor of the Robert F. Kennedy Department of Justice Building.[3][4]

    In 2013, a top-secret order issued by the court was leaked to the media by Edward Snowden. It required a subsidiary of Verizon to provide a daily, ongoing feed of all call detail records – including those for domestic calls – to the NSA.”

    The italics above extracted from:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Foreign_Intelligence_Surveillance_Court
    It should be noted that the FISA Court conducts much of its business in direct contravention of the US Constitutions 4th, 5th, 6th, and 14th Amendments. Our founding fathers threw off the shackles of such ‘secret’ courts under King George.
    The 4th Amendment guarantees the right of the people to privacy… to be secure from unlawful searches and seizures by the State… too, have the expectation that they are secure in their persons, papers, houses and effects. Warrants issued in secret that are never served or provided to those having their constitutional rights to privacy violated are UNCONSTITUTIONAL on their face and therefore void.
    Our 5th Amendment rights are being violated in that no presentment of an indictment before a Grand Jury occurs in FISA arrest warrants… there presently exist no formal state of war or public danger so intense that the 5th Amendment rights should be suspended. If so, then the general public must be fully informed of the crisis that would put our Constitutional rights in danger ad suspension.
    The 6th Amendment guarantees every citizen a speedy public trial by a jury of peers in a proper court of jurisdiction in the STATE or DISTRICT where the alleged offense occurred… not in some secret court in a district outside of the individuals domicile or place of alleged crime. Judgments are being unilaterally made by the government as to the individuals lawful status without due process… classifying them as terrorist or enemy combatants to remove their right to due process and constitutional protections is in fact unconstitutional… on its face.
    The 14th Amendment guarantees equal protection under the law and due process for every citizen. Once can not simply be stripped of their rights by proclamation or classification by the government. Citizens remain citizens with the full protection of the Constitution until due process and a jury of ones peers declare otherwise… no FISA court has the constitutional power to strip one of their rights without due process.
    The NSA and the FISA courts are operating outside of the Constitutional guards which protect he people from unlawful search, seizure or unilateral judgment… without due process of the law… including the right to confront their accusers and too present a defense against any crimes alleged. Secret courts are all unconstitutional… if there are matters of national security closed hearings with the accused and council present should be conducted… but unilateral government hearings in secret are despicable and totally unconstitutional… for very good reasons.

    1. So to the readers here the Amendments have not been altered their being ignored. A The Church Committee that came out of watergate is not a Two thirds Majority House, Senate, And ratification of two thirds States required to change our Civil Rights. Whoever is saying that these criminals in the White House are changing our Constitution please stop they will never get that kind of Majority again and they wasted it on ACA OBAMACARE which is scarcely a law. It will never get two thirds ratification by the states with our Supreme Court using our Constitution Correctly to dismantle it. Their not Changing our Constitution they are Criminally ignoring it.

    2. Allen… it takes 3/4ths of the States to ratify an Amendment to the Constitution. It takes 2/3rds of Congress to PROPOSE Amendments and 3/4ths of the States to ratify any proposed Amendment before it becomes part of the Constitution. See Article V of the US Constitution.

  6. WORMING? Do you see him ashamed, discredited or escaping scrutiny? From what ? From who ? Nobody is touching the N1663R. Cowards are in fear of him. Socialism marches on. No real men in Amerika any more. I hate the Evil Empire we have become. The sooner it dies, the better. Welcome the chaos, only the stupid will die.

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  7. Technology changes, but human nature doesn’t. Hence, the Founding Fathers who knew this, placed privacy protections in our Constitution along with other protections to avoid an all too powerful government seizing upon the citizens rights and property.
    But now, since we have an Administration who is subverting our Constitution to push an anti-American agenda onto it’s citizens by force we have now in essence the Third Reich upon us. Be Aware, Be informed. We are just beginning the fight for Our Country-Our Beloved America-Land of the Free. DO NOT GIVE UP. Evil proliferates when good people do nothing. Reports like this should spur us on, make us fight harder. It isn’t just the military that fights for our Country and protects our freedoms, it is WE THE PEOPLE. Join Conservative groups, the NRA, the NAGR, Tea Party, AIPAC, RNC, NSRC. Get out there. Donate. Obama and his Regime HAVE NOT WON YET. DO NOT GIVE UP AND LET THEM. OUR COUNTRY AND OUR VERY LIVES ARE AT STAKE.

    1. In my humble opinion, the RNC is part and parcel of the problem. Other than that I concur.

  8. The potential for tyranny is growing exponentially as is the potential for armed rebellion.

  9. We need to ask The Almighty to cast His wrath on the government evil doers, if we have any hope of saving America!

  10. And we used to shutter when we heard of Russia doing this kind of thing! We condemned them for doing it, but because Obama allows it, its A-ok ! No its not ok Mr president for you or anybody else!

  11. Mr. Campbell is incorrect in stating that, because the IRS only uses the tips from the NSA as a means of pointing them in the right direction, what they are doing is legal. This is completely incorrect. This has been adjudicated many times in the court and has come to be known as “fruit of the poisoned tree” evidence. In other words, because the tip led the IRS to other evidence that would never have been found if it hadn’t been for the illegal wiretapping activities of the NSA, NONE of the evidence found as a result of that tip is legal because, were it not for that tip, they would never have known anything. No matter how clear the evidence, in order to be used (at least in a court that still functions according to the law instead of according to whatever liberal wet dream happens to be the current revisionist approach to existing law), the evidence must be developed through a line of evidence that is completely untainted from contact with the illicit fruit of the poison tree.

    Additionally, FISA courts should not even call themselves judges. Judges weigh evidence after listening to advocates from two sides. In this case, there is only the government. If you wish to see just how efficacious and exacting these courts are, look at their rulings. NOT A SINGLE FISA REQUEST HAS EVER BEEN DENIED, in favor of the person about to feel the intemperate ministrations of the federal government as their “target” du jour. There is absolutely no adjudication going on. No weighing of evidence is occurring. Instead, it should be referred to as a rubber stamp court in favor of the claims of the federal government. A court that operates outside the traditions and laws of history and bypassing constitutional restraints has sealed its own fate. It is illegal and should be made subject to the unflattering light of day.

    1. OK, then please blame Mr Cheney Pres Bush’s ex VP who bulldozed these wide ranging surveillance laws through against a lot of legal push back. And what did they call this process? Of course it was called “The Patriot Act”. I find it hard to believe more people didn’t rally against laws in Act so crassly named.

    2. I DO blame them. Bush may have styled himself a conservative, but he was anything BUT. Is there anyone on the left that you would criticize? Or does your ideology just keep pace with whatever’s “cool”? So far, you’ve been pretty free and easy with your epithets, without having a shred of fact to back it up. Oh, sorry…you used a percentage once. I’m sure that to someone like you, that’s impressive. I actually have beliefs based on something more than the party the person is affiliated with. By the way, the fact that a Republican did something stupid does not make what the left is doing any less stupid. Of course, with mindless followers like you, they can always count on support no matter what they purport to do. Keep up the great work! You don’t disappoint.

  12. So,now you want to tell me that my media player is out-dated ,so I have to install your choice of players to view piece..Good-bye TPNN

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    1. Another TP idiot with a shiny Metal Penis extension Shooting Stick required to keep up his Macho manhood. For with or without a gun he is just another powerless low life, a blind follower. And yes that means he has not the free mind or maybe brain power to think for himself. Yes, he is a Loser.

  13. The Founding Fathers, Thomas Jefferson had it right! Time to kill the American haters!!

  14. term limits very strict term limits once and done, no empire building allowed, and a committee watching every move all communications of any kind are public property, and published for all to see with no exception

  15. The Ugly truth has rear it’s head and this Communist regime will stop at nothing to destroy what is left of America. Barack Obama even toll us that if elected that you can judge me by the people I surround myself with, and three day’s before his election in 2008 he cried out to his people that his fundamental transformation of America was at hand if he was elected. Media kept the truth from the American people, and Obama himself had all his school records lock away a secret he does not want know about himself that he is a true Communist. But all this is starting to fall apart, and the people say, what have we done to America. This POTUS has become a Dictator who said I can go around Congress for I have a pin and a phone, and change laws has I see fit to do so, for I cannot wait forever on Congress to act. Religion and Conservatives groups have come under attack by there own Government. One must ask themselves is this America or Communist Russia.

  16. That’s no surprise. Political spying identifies those who oppose the regime, and that leads to IRS harassment.

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  18. Congress is only worried about keeping the jobs of OLD men=look at Mississippi–and the state, having seen proof of illegal activity–sits around and does nothing in the hopes that the “good old boy” will get them some more federal money

  19. They don’t need to spy. I will tell them I oppose him and everything he has done since 2008. Just ask!

  20. It is absolutely necessary for the SS/Stasi to have all the information possible in order to “disappear” Real Americans that want the constitution respected, the border closed, the economy supported by capitalism, and the world to stand up and take notice when the USA finally gets a president…..oh and politicians that are elected by us to follow what we ask and to have term limits by law for politicians and judges, especially the communists on the Supreme Court..

  21. These guy’s Lie so much that they can’t even protect our borders !! They will get themselves killed by their own lies ; { AND EVEN IF THEY SAY THEY ARE BEING KILLED ; AND WE ARE ABOUT TO GET KILLED ; WILL ANYONE BELIEVE THEM ?? }} They are not Part of the United States of America ; Because they don’t support the laws of this land !! cut the funds to them ; and let them high and dry !! IF THEY DON’T OBEY THE CONSTITUTION; AND BILL OF RIGHTS, OF THIS GREAT NATION ; USA !!THEY DON’T GET PROTECTED BY THE LAWS OF THIS GREAT NATION !!! THIS APPLIES TO OBAMA , AND ALL THOSE THAT DON’T SUPPORT THE LAWS OF THIS NATION ; USA !! Take them DOWN like they are taking everyone else down !! There are very few rules in Abolish !! THE REASON FOR ABOLISH; IS OPPONENTS of government BREAKING THE LAWS OF THE CONSTITUTION , AND BILL OF RIGHT’S !! THEY DON’T PLAY BY THE RULES ; = THEY DON’T GET PROTECTED BY THE RULES !! IT’S PLAIN AND SIMPLE !! They are nothing but gamblers that have a copy of the winning cards in their pocket ; Does the copy of the winning cards trump the real ; winning cards ?? that were played already ?? NO !! Plain and simple !! GOD BLESS AMERICA !! IN GOD WE TRUST !!

  22. They are also sharing what they learn with the DEA. This has been proven – and then once they act on the “tips” from the NSA and make their arrests and go to court, they are told specifically – to hide the trail, hide where they got their information – and work backwards in order to pretend they got the information from something they FOUND as a result of the information from the NSA.

  23. The Tyrant-in-Chief needs to be tried for treason. The IRS and NSA are Obozo the Clown’s personal thugs.

  24. Obama campaigned on change and transparency. It’s safe to say he was briefed on this NSA spying program when he became president. So he had over 4 years to do something about this. I bet he didn’t lift a finger to reign this in.

    Make sure NSA spying is a MAJOR campaign issue in the 2014 elections as well as future elections. We need to vote out anyone for this unconstitutional NSA spying program with extreme prejudice.

    1. Then why didn’t we impeach Cheney a few years ago, he is without a shadow of a doubt the person most responsible for slipping in the all encompassing surveillance laws into the Patriot Act and it is why the NSA has such wide ranging powers today?

      All it would take would be for Speaker Boehner to allow a law on floor in congress to curtail NSA surveillance excesses. There are people on both sides of the aisle who would support and pass such a law. But that would mean it would have to be done in Obama’s presidential term. So it’s just not going to happen on Boehner’s watch as GOP / TP has an unwritten message that they need to block 100% everything that could favor Obama and be seen as a positive part of his legacy. Best to keep up the status quo and maintain a GOP led “do nothing congress”.

      But it’s just not for GOP to take down the NSA a peg or two because it was the almighty Mr. Cheney who put these laws into place surreptitiously. So you must see that the GOP really likes the total capture of all data collection and for that date to be kept secret by using those same NSA surveillance laws. Because that’s the way they carefully wrote them. The simple solution is to place the blame on Obama even link the NSA with IRS scandle. Yes, it’s pretty obvious that this is crass and stupid , but the the TP’ers and GOP followers will lap it up.

    2. Facts simply don’t support you. The Senate, under Harry Reid, is where all bills passed by the House go to die under his refusal to allow them to even be discussed.