VIDEO: Nancy Pelosi Goes Berserk! Tries to Chase Down Congressman on House Floor!

Congressman Tom Marino apparently struck a nerve with San Francisco Democrat Nancy Pelosi on the House floor on Friday, and it was enough to make the former Speaker lose it. 

In debating the border crisis issue, Rep. Marino (R-PA), pointed out the obvious that Democrats had the presidency, and majorities in both the House and Senate, knew about the upcoming border crisis, and chose to do nothing about it. 

“Amazing, that they say ‘because the president would not sign this bill, and because the Senate would not pass this bill’–they’re right, the Senate wouldn’t pass it,” Marino agreed. “There are hundreds of bills on Harry Reid’s desk that he will not bring to the floor for a vote. And certainly the president would not encourage that to be done,” he charged. 

“But we are doing our job here in the House. We put a lot of time and effort in this. We looked at this law and we realized what hadb to be done. I come from a law-and-order background. And we don’t have law and order. We have distrust,” Rep. Marino contended.  

Then Marino dropped the bombshell that more than likely lit a fuse under the volatile Marxist congresswoman: 
“We have gangs coming across, we have drugs coming across the southern border and my colleagues on the other side don’t want to do anything about it. You know something I find quite interesting about the other side? Under the leadership of the former Speaker [of the House, Nancy Pelosi], and under the leadership of their former leader, when in 2009 and 2010, they had the House, the Senate, and the White House, and they knew this problem existed. They didn’t have the strength to go after it back then, but now are trying to make a political issue out of it now.” 
Some unknown member, possibly Pelosi herself, must have spoken out-of-turn that what Marino said wasn’t true, to which he shot back, “Yes it is true. I did the research on it. You might want to try it.”

“Apparently I hit the right nerve,” Marino said following the exchange. 

Like a crazed lunatic, Pelosi (1:58 mark) bolted from her chair to literally run through the aisles, trying to find the congressman following his floor comments. You can hear her in the background growling, “Where is he?” (2:15 mark)

It’s not known whether Pelosi caught up with Marino or not, or what she was going to say or do to him if she caught him. 

One fellow Democrat, Rep. Nita Lowey, stricken by Pelosi’s unstable behavior, said, “What is she doing?” 

This has got to break some kind of decorum and civility rules in the House. I’m pretty sure running through the aisles chasing a fellow member is not allowed. 

Will she get reprimanded? Stay tuned. 


h/t:   Soopermexican 

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  1. I tell you..
    Ever Since that Dementia kicked in, 35 years ago,,,
    There ain’t no telling what Nancy Pelosi will do!!

    1. And these morons in the state keep re-electing her… It F*****g baffles the mind of clear thinking people .

    2. My guess is she sees a big change coming and the numbers for Dems aren’t so secure, (59% disapproval rating for the PRESIDENT!) she may be preparing for Grand Jury invitations after 2016 by pretending to lose her mind. She can’t testify if her brain is not functioning (Hillarious Clinton meanwhile hit her head and supposedly lost her memory, then wrote her Memoirs!!!)

    3. she doesnt live in my area. they broke up the district party lines to give the liberals more voting power. we have another that was elected last time Ami Bera and he far as I know hasnt done anything for congress… I’m blessed with Feinstein and I wrote her letters about things and you should read the pissass poor excuse she gives for things.

    4. I have the same problem here in NC with senator Kay Hagen. When I write her about an issue, she writes back saying she knows about it, heard about it, read about it, whatever, but, while the words are always neutral and general political BS, the tone of the letter is always, “Piss off. I’ll do as I want.” I can’t wait ’till November to vote her out. She’s like a trained monkey following the democrat line like a zombie, but saying all the while she has our best interests at heart. Hogwash.

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    6. If her dependents (and those of the “You don’t have to seek work to collect unemployment or welfare” President) become lazy enough, the next election should be a cakewalk!

    7. I’ve already decided that if Hagan manages to win in November, I’m putting my house up for sale and heading down the road, either to SC where Trey Gowdy is or perhaps to Texas but not to close to the border. My guess is Texas will be one of the last states that circum to the tyrannical government.

    8. I hear you, my friend. I commuted to SC from NC before I retired and the upstate around Greenville is full of very nice conservative folks. Must not be true of the whole state though, because they do keep electing Linsey Graham.. Be well.

    9. We tried to put him out but he out moneyed the other candidates.
      No most sc ppl do not want graham but a lot of ppl here are iimports from the north, taking advantage of cheap realestate and lower cost of living.

    10. We tried to put him out but he out moneyed the other candidates.
      No most sc ppl do not want graham but a lot of ppl here are iimports from the north, taking advantage of cheap realestate and lower cost of living.

    11. That’s become the main problem now Anna. Graham has always been supported by the money folks and politics is all about money now. And too many really good candidates now, senate and even presidential, refuse to go through the butt-kissing required to raise money and the usual evisceration by the liberal media.

    12. $9­­­­­­­­­7­­­­­­­­­/­­­­­­­­­h­­­­­­­­­r­­­­­­­­­ re­­­­cei­­­­­­veing­­­­­­­­­­­­­ ­­­­­­<-b­­­­­­­­­y G­­­­­­­­­o­­o­­­g­­­­­­­­­l­­e­­­­­­­­­,I­ am ­­­­­­­­­m­­ak­­i­n­g ­­­­­­­­­a ­­­­­­­­­go­­od ­­­­­­­­­sa­­la­­ry ­­­­­­­­­fr­­­om ­­­­­­­­­h­­o­­m­e ­­­­­­­­­$­­5­5­0­0­­­­­­­­­-­­­­­­­­­$­­70­0­0/w­­e­e­k ­­­­­­­­­,Last Wednesday I got a brand new BMW since getting a check for $6474 this – 4 weeks past. I began this 8-months ago and immediately was bringing home at least $97 per hour. I work through this link, go to tech tab for work detail


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    13. Stop! It should be illegal to post these scams in the comment sections! Why do you assholes keep wasting space in these forums? It’s disgusting!

    14. I know what you mean, I live in FL and with no state income tax all the northern transplants are running for their lives from the super high liberal taxes…yet they come down here and then try to vote in all the same type of libprogs people…makes me so MAD! If you elected them, live with it!

    15. What’s surprising, and I guess that’s true of many modern politicial types now, Lindsey was an up to the wall, in your face conservative when he ran the first tin, and got all the conservatives behind him thinking he was their guy, then he turned into a RINO almost overnight. Guess McCain told him what was expected and he went for it. Certainly ain’t no conservative now.

    16. Sir, no need to wait til November, I suggest you list your house now, I know an excellent Realtor.

    17. I highly doubt you would know your way out of a wet paper bag much less know a excellent realtor. liberals never were very good about common sense or knowing good from bad. Your idea of a “excellent realtor” throws up red flags because its likely if they have your approval then they likely are crooks neck deep in fraudulent activities. Birds on a feather…

      As far as Kay Hagan – She is lockstep with Harry Reid on just about every issue. To like Hagan means you also like Reid because they think alike. Hagan has also supported Obama and his Obamacare and wanted it to even reach further. She was going around lying to her constituents parroting exactly what the other Democrats parroted, You can keep your healthcare if you like it and you can keep your doctor, period! which was a bold face lie and as it turns out they admitted that they knew that many would loose their healthcare and their doctors but intentionally lied to the people.

      When Hobby Lobby won their law suit, the Democrats tried to come up with another way to attack people of religion by trying to force them to pay for killing babies of irresponsible people. Bill S. 2578 was voted down, but Kay Hagan supported it and tried to force people to pay for others who are irresponsible for themselves and at the same time attacked the half of her constituents who hold religious beliefs of not participating in killing babies. th SC just said it was unconstitutional and the Democrats think by changing some wording and using some trickery it will hold up constitutional tests next time.

      Then Hagan, knowing full well that the 4 drugs out of 20 on Obamacare that was struck down were for abortion, the other 16 are not a issue, but Hagan falsely or a better words blatantly lies and says that “In 2014, a woman’s right to contraception shouldn’t be up for debate. 99% of women will use contraception in their lives.” The 16 contraceptions weren’t up for debate, it was the 4 abortion causing that were up for debate. She intentionally tries to miss guide women and the ignorant liberals that listen to her.

      Hagan stands by and remains silent over the Benghazi scandal and the IRS scandal allowing the stonewalling of information when it is know blatantly obvious with the evidence know uncovered that there is criminal activity going on and she still aids and abets criminal activity rather than assisting to find the truth.

      Hagan supports Obama and the libtards gun control agenda by which she clearly knows nothing about the Constitution, its articles, its amendments and she certainly don’t know the declaration of Independence and what it means.

      I could go on as there is a long list of things she has done to try to control and regulate the people rather than fight for their rights and freedoms, but it really does no good to try to spend much time debating with liberals who cans see the forest for the trees.

    18. Hey, Bill. What a great idea. Think I will start doing that too, just for fun . . . course most of my friends know what a useless tool she is, but can’t hurt. Thanks.

    19. I use F B as well to voice my opinions to my 2 Senators on a regular basis. I also express my views on other Senators and Representatives on their F B pages as well, even though they aren’t in my jurisdiction. Their decisions still affect me and my family as Americans! Request everyone else do the same so the voice of We the People can be heard in places other than just the voting booths. Just type their names in the search box and click on. Not all have F B pages, but most do!

    20. Great idea, Bill. I hadn’t thought of doing that. I get great responses to my concerns from Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY). My best friend has actually received a handwritten letter or two from Senator Paul, addressing her concerns. He doesn’t send out “Form Letters”!!!

    21. Mr. Johnson, I am a resident and businessman in Huntersville, NC which is in Senator Kay Hagen’s district and I totally disagree with your comment above. In the many years I have known her and watched her do her job for the people of our district, she has done that job in a superb manner, with honesty, transparency, ethics and quality morality for the People. Obviously you are a Republican and they are know for requesting self interest issues, generally along with a bribe and if that was the case, her family ethics could not let her do it and become a criminal. You will see exactly what I am saying come this November when she defeats your candidate Tom Tillis and his Corporate friends the Koch Brothers. In all fairness, please post your letter for all to see, Senator Hagen has nothing to hide.

    22. And you trot on here crying about the evil Koch brothers, the most ignorant and false petty political strawman I have seen in my 71 years, but absolutely true of the intelligence level of the typical democrat. True, Kay may be transparent, but she is also a confirmed democrat lackey without a unique thought not given to her by a focus group. And I’m a proud independant and Tillis was never my candidate. And to top it all off, you talk about being in Hagam’s district? She’s a SENATOR, Mike- that’s statewide. I hope your business is doing well because you are definitely led by the nose quite easily.

    23. I like it when a Democrat/Liberal spout out about rich Republicans….so there is not a single RICH Democrat? Ted Kennedy was poor? What about Nancy Pelosi? Also doesn’t the Koch Brothers give to others like the United Negro College Fund that they turned down! Doesn’t the Democrats raise money in the millions for their candidate? After all doesn’t the President go to fund raisers all the time, basically isn’t that all he does! (other than golf) What did he do recently in Texas on the border…NOTHING….he went on THREE fund raisers and photo ops. Also using Air Force One, and didn’t Nancy have her own jet while she was speaker of the House… Michael Wright you say it is Okay for Democrats to do this BUT for Republicans it is wrong? From what I have seen of Liberals and Democrats they are self centered, self righteous, and never admit they are wrong, ignore the truth and facts, and when confronted with that they will either change the subject, talk louder, throw out abusive remarks, and then walk away saying that you are stupid! I will have to say here recently Nancy did the opposite, when confronted with her past guilt she went to the Senator on the floor of Congress and verbally assaulted him, great move Nancy shows a lot of class.

    24. The libs never like to talk about all the democrats who became multi-millionaires AFTER they were elected, nor all the perks they feel entitled to. Hmmmmm. At least the businessmen/women who produce wealth and become rich have done it with hard work, created jobs for others, and not by getting $200,000 speaking fees like the Hildabeast, just to talk about how bad conservatives and republicans are. But to the modern liberal, any hint of success means you muct have cheated somebody because that’s the only idea they can come up with to become wealthy, and indeed, that’s how THEY do it. But talk about that? No way. It’s always, “Let’s talk about how evil that guy is who made money in business. My money? Well, no, let’s talk about how that guy MUST have cheated everybody.”

    25. You Sir are as blind as you are politically ignorant. Kay Hagen has never had an original thought. She has been in lockstep with Obuma since the first day she graced the halls of Congress. Her Only thought is obeying her Lord and Master, Barack Hussein Obuma. And Thom Tillis must have been elected by Carl Rove and the Republican Establishment Money, along with every RINO that lives in North Carolina. He certainly didn’t get my vote. The RINOS obviously voted for one of their kind because he’s definitely not a Conservative.

    26. She embraces the party of abortionists, gays, black panthers, Occupiers, SEIU union terrorists, Obama/Reid/Pelosi., drug users, crack dealers, illegal aliens, and pornographers. Those facts alone eliminate your ilk from the human race. No Democrat should speak a word until the clean up the filth that are Democrats today. You should be recycled for your nitrogen content, condemned to the endless dark that is your God-forsaken destiny.

    27. Charles nice to hear you, where I am from we have Sheila Jackson Lee….need I say more. There just isn’t room to write, I would need a novelist. Again all of this sewage in Washington has to do with the voters…PERIOD! That is our responsibility and there is just to many self centered, uneducated, uninformed, ignorant, people voting. As this person I worked with said “You have to have a license to drive BUT any one can BREED!” That is why I find it hard to believe that Democrats want abortion, the stupid breed for them and that is more votes! I just look at what is going on and it just warps the brain and I wonder how can these people think like that? Then after wards it is us that have to clean up the mess not them, because they are still with their deviated, polluted minds thinking of some other plan to screw things up.

    28. I hear you, my friend. I always surprises me somewhat that I grew up a democrat, but with the party’s hard left turn on the 60′s, just as Zell Miller said at one of the republican conventions, I didn’t leave them, they left me. I have thought that anyone who does not pay taxes should not vote, but that would impact those in the service, or maybe as my favorite Sci-Fi author once posited, only those willing to serve in the military can vote. That could raise other problems, but still not on the order of ignorance and American Idol mentality of many of today’s voters. I don’t have any answers that would convince a liberal that we seem to be on a death spiral, since all the libs have been telling us since the 50′s that we are a democracy and the word “Republic” and how that is different is no longer taught in school. Democracy destroyed the Roman Empire (They initially called themselves a republic too) as always happens throughout history when the voters realize they can stick their hands in another’s pocket with the force of law. Times may change, but human nature does not, and I fear that the parasites in our culture will eventually destroy it if we, the producers. can not take back out government and turn us back toward our founder’s vision. Be well, Hang Hall.

    29. Most of us in Louisiana were Democrats until Lyndon Johnson and the rest of the left wing crooks declared out and out war on white southerners. The Republicans were the party of Lincoln, the enemy leader during the War for Southern Independence and rich Yankees. Now, we in Dixie really have nobody to vote for. It’s a two party system and we mostly vote Republican now only because it’s the lesser of two evils. When push comes to shove most of these Republicans back down to Obama and his agenda over and over again.

    30. Well said. I am so tired of going to the polls and trying to decide who will screw me and my life the least. As you said, Even though I am a registered independant, it ususlly means the GOP. I truly believe the gop and dems are now two arms on the same dragon and picking the lesser of the evils is much more difficult, but the TEA Party and its push to return to the Constitution is a breath of hope. The Democrats anre now batsh*t crazy now anyhow.

    31. Same here Charles. I’m registered as a member of the Constitution Party so I do a little research on the candidates instead of just throwing up my hands and voting Republican. And you’re right about the TEA Party being a bit of hope for us with enough sense to see what’s going on in this country.

    32. Good for you. If we were not so hip-deep in the American Idol mentality in America now, and people had just a bit of curiosity about what makes us America, we would never have had to put up with an empty-suit socialist puppet for a president.

    33. Charles, your statement is 100% correct. As far as who can vote if you pay taxes is something from the first of this country, then if you owned land you could vote then of course as we grew politicians needed/wanted more money so it expanded. Today I believe if you are getting a Welfare check or Government aid that should stop you from a vote. So before you Liberals shout I am racist, I was on welfare for about 6 months in 1982 when I moved my family 1500 miles to get a job…any job. We are paying to much in taxes…PERIOD! You cannot build a country on excessive TAXES! Also the Democrat Parties turn was JFK’s assassination and LBJ took over. As has been stated LBJ said after the Civil Rights Bill passed the “Those (People) will vote Democrat for the next 200 years.” Also if you ask anyone who passed that Bill they will 100% tell you Democrats….WRONG! Until the rug is pulled out from these Dems and Liberals and they loose everything because of the collapse of this Nation they will go happy into the night they are in a mind set of utopia and fairy dust….just don’t want to work for it and make it happen, that is for others to do not them. They just don’t have a grasp of reality.

    34. Contratary to popular belief the military does pay TAXES! I know they are tax free while in a combat zone but as the wife of a retired soldier we have always had to pay income tax both state & federal right out of our pay checks!

    35. Thanks, Janeen, for setting me straight. I had been told a while ago that was not the case. Even more of an argument for anyone not paying taxes being denied the vote. And before going further, thanks to your husband for his servive, and yours as well, because the wives of service men have a burden to bear awaiting their return safely. Robert Heinlein first propose the idea of service to gain the right to vote many decades ago and I think it’s a great idea. Who better knows the value of freedom than those who have pledged their lives to defend it? Be well.

    36. Yeah, Cancy. Many of us who grew up democrat have seen the party deteriorate into the socialist oblivion of the parasites. My dad’s favorite saying, “The only thing we learn fron history is that we don’t learn anything from history.”

    37. Hang Hall, where I’m from we have Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray… flaming libs here too. I’m all in for moving to Texas or Arizona when I retire (by then maybe McCain will have retired). But this could all be resolved with TERM LIMITS.

    38. Then why don’t we as conservatives find liberal abortions? I would gladly abort any current or future democrats. Support stem cell research so that we can screen for liberals / gays and abort

    39. Actually I have a worse problem with Liberals than Gays. Liberals are just incoherent, have a hard time with the truth. I have known gays and for the most part they just want to be left alone. Also most I know vote Republican at least.

    40. “That is why I find it hard to believe that Democrats want abortion, the stupid breed for them and that is more votes!”
      That’s the reason why they have to bring in all these aliens, because they’ve killed off over 55 million potential citizens with abortion!! Think about it….

    41. Democrat’s need stupid people only till elections are of the past.then the stupid people will all be aborted at all age levels. population level control is what they are after. Satan started this plan because God created man to replace him.and he hates his plan of restoring all things in heaven and locking him away for ever.There are just going to be a few saved on judgment day Satan knows this but he wants to do this himself so he can be as GOD

    42. We have one like that in Louisiana. Her name is Mary Landrieu. All of these left wing extremists must take the same college course on writing bullshit letters to constituents who are sick of their communist baloney. I wrote to her about this Obamacare crappola and she defends this unconstitutional garbage to no end. But she or probably her staff writes the letters in a way that sound almost apologetic for her being a part in the ruination of this country. Like your Hagen in N.C., Landrieu is a trained monkey following the commiecrat line to a tee. If their leader Obama told these zombies to eat feces, they’d lap it up with a spoon and a blank smile on their face the way Pelosi always does around him.

    43. Well, RM, Pelosi is from California and, while she seems to personify age-related dementia, the folks on the left coast keep electing her. Maybe it’s like the comedian Gallagher said, “California’s like cereal. What ain’t fruits and nuts, are flakes.” Probably as good an explanation as you will get of the lib politicians and their groupies, or maybe not, since they don’t seem to have a working sense of humor. Or as Sir Winston Churchill said, “Show me a young conservative and I’ll show you a man with no heart. Show me an old liberal and I’ll show you a man with no brain.” Be well.

    44. Charles, I see other North Carolinians are experiencing problems with Kay Hagen. I wrote Richard Burr and Hagen and asked they not vote for ObumaCare. Hagen responded with so much BS about how great it was and how much good it would be for Every American. The gist of the letter read like it was addressed to a 4th grader. I was insulted so that was the last time. I haven’t heard from Richard Burr to this day.

    45. I have written Burr a number of times. The last time I was asking for his support and input to get a bill here in NC to force labeling of genetically engineered foods. Actually got a phone call from a staffer with a whine about how there was not enough support and it would be a burden on food producers, yada, yada. Showed me pretty quick whose side he’s on. Anyway, I’ve sent him letters since, but never heard from him againg. I’m probably on some list.

    46. Charles Johnston, problem is she has never taken the time to ask us what we thought on any problem seems to be instructed by the administration which way to vote.

    47. You got it, William. I have given up trying to write to her because I get the same canned-type response that a staffer probably wrote. Bet she’g got her signature in the computer and they push a button and she never even looks at the letters. She doesn’t care what I think. She has her marching orders from the party.

    48. Good luck, Charles Johnston! (I don’t know how you got lowercase letters for your name, but when I typed it that way, autocorrect changed it!)

    49. Nor do I. That’s the first time I’ve paid it any attention. I must have typed it in that way somehow.

    50. I’ve experienced the same with my representatives from Georgia. They were Republicans voting, again, for a debt limit increase so Obama could do whatever he likes.

      They simply don’t care and are going to do whatever sounds good to them that day.

    51. I have a feeling that November wii surprise a lot of lazy incumbents and RINO’s and I hope that the backbone of our republic is as pissed as I am and turn out by the millions to vote them out. Paraphrasing W.F. Buckley, we could better with a phone book and a set of darts. Probably a lot better. Term limits anyone? Be well, BSBishop.

    52. It show you what kind of “people” live in the San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, Norfork area.


    54. Typical Liberal when confronted they either change the subject, talk louder, or revert to profanity. You got off easy.

    55. Tell you what, do some research for a change. Most if not all liberals/socialists/communists never take the time to vet anyone. Perhaps you might learn something. You wouldn’t be asking such a stupid question if you and people like you would inform yourselves. Why don’t you and fancypants Pelosi get together for a meeting of unintelligent minds and say idiotic things to each other?

    56. The Demo-communists are just that, the democrats have morphed into social communists doing as they are told by their leaders.
      The repubbies also have their problems, quite different from their communistic people across the aisle, they are afraid all the time of not only being tagged as racist if they vote against the guy in the white house and his minions, but also their voting base for thinking for themselves and wanting to restore the constitution, and responsibility in their government.
      All of us on this blog have been carping much too long about our problems with government and the communist Islamic in the white house, it is time to get involved, November is fast approaching, help get people get energized and out to support those politicians that are patriotic and love our country, throw out the people don’t support the constitution and limited governmet.

    57. Like they say “Talk is cheap” we do have to stop talking and get action! I believe this election will be a turning point. I also believe no matter what way the vote goes if the Dems gain ground yhere will be more control from Government and if the Republicans gain control… Martial Law….just thinking. History does repeat.

    58. So what is your question if we elect republicans we have martial law? and if we elect the communist’s
      we will have a dictatorship, what is you are trying to say?
      Are you out canvassing the district for your candidate? putting up signs? informing your neighbors and friends on the issues, getting out the vote, or being a poll watcher? if not get off your butt.
      If none of these, then sit quietly by and watch what happens to our country.
      “Evil succeeds when good men do nothing”….a guy from England

    59. If we elect Republicans and gain in the Senate and the House I can see Obama declaring a National Emergency and going to Martial Law, with any kind of excuse he can think of like, voter fraud or if there are riots, because of that. If the Democrats gain any more seats they will push every thing they can, increase of taxes, increase Obamacare, decrease more of the military, understand what I am saying? We are at the threshold of this Nation collapsing. When we go so goes the rest of the world. So don’t worry about my butt it is in great shape, worry about yours!

    60. Hang, you could well be right. I see on hope on the Martial Law issue. To have Martial Law, Obuma needs all branches of the Military. A huge portion of Military Personnel totally hate Obuma. I’m a Naval Intelligence vet and I somehow do not think the US Military will ever fire on their homeland. I believe that is the reason he hasn’t already declared it. He may be desperate enough to do that after or around November elections. If he does, the streets will run RED.

    61. This was poised/asked of military personal when Clinton was in office and the response was they would not fire on civilians, so that idea had to wait. So when Obama was running in 2007 he stated that there should be a THIRD Army equipped as well as the standing military and the National Guard, well what does that mean? Well where is all of the ammunition that has been bought for the FBI. TSA, CIA, DHM, and others and even the Post Office got in on it. How many of these so called surplus armored vehicles are now in the hands of city police? We have them here in The Woodlands, Texas. You being a veteran are now a terrorist….why does he want to get rid of the 2nd? It is going to be a bumpy ride, get ready. Why is there thousands crossing the border….more confusion….diversion…..what was going on in these Central American countries that wasn’t going on for decades? Any more corruption or killings or financial problems than before, THINK ABOUT IT!

    62. You have to realize that she represents San Francisco. I love that city, but it is populated by dingbats!

    63. She, and a large number of others, in our government are symbolic of the progressive dementia which our government appears to have succumbed to. Only the upcoming elections will determine if enough voters are willing to save our once great Nation, or simply surrender and become a European styled Socialist Democracy.

  2. Nasty Piglousi and many of her leftist cohorts are clinical examples.

    The Hare Psychopathy Checklist

    1. Look for glib and superficial charm. A psychopath will also put on what professionals refer to as a ‘mask of sanity’ that is likable and pleasant. It is a thin veneer.

    2. Look for a grandiose self perception. Psychopaths will often believe they are smarter or more powerful than they actually are.

    3. Watch for a constant need for stimulation. Stillness, quiet and reflection are not things embraced by psychopaths. They need constant
    entertainment and activity.

    4. Determine if there is pathological lying. A psychopath will tell all sorts of lies; little white lies as well as huge stories intended to mislead. Psychopaths are gifted or dull, high functioning or low performing like other people. An untalented psychopath may harm a few; a highly talented psychopath may lay waste to nations. The difference between the psychopath and others lies in their organic lack of conscience and empathy for others. The sociopath is trained to lack empathy and conscience. The psychopath is a natural.

    5. Evaluate the level of manipulation. All psychopaths are identified as cunning and able to get people to do things they might not normally do. They can use guilt, force and other methods to manipulate.

    6. Look for any feelings of guilt. An absence of any guilt or remorse is a sign of psychopathy. They will often blame the victim.

    7. Consider the level of emotional response a person has. Psychopaths demonstrate shallow emotional reactions to deaths, injuries, trauma or other events that would otherwise cause a deeper response. Other people are satisfaction suppliers, nothing more.

    8. Look for a lack of empathy. Psychopaths are callous and have no way of relating to others in non-exploitative ways. They may find a temporary kinship with other psychopaths and sociopaths that is strictly utilitarian and goal-oriented.

    9. Psychopaths are often parasitic. They live off other people, emotionally, physically, and financially. Their modus operandi is
    domination and control. They will claim to be maligned or misunderstood to gain your sympathy.

    10. Look for obsessive risk taking and lack of self-control. The Hare Checklist includes three behavior indicators; poor behavior control, sexual promiscuity, and behavioral problems.

    11. Psychopaths have unrealistic goals or none at all for the long term. Either there are no goals at all, or they are unattainable and based on the exaggerated sense of one’s own accomplishments and abilities.

    12. Psychopaths will often be shockingly impulsive or irresponsible. Their shamelessness knows no bounds. You will ask, what were they thinking? And the answer was, they weren’t because they did not care.

    13. A psychopath will not genuinely accept personal responsibility. A psychopath will never admit to being wrong or owning up to mistakes and errors in judgment, except as part of a manipulative ploy. They will despise and denigrate their victims once they are done with them. If they have any regret it is that their source of satisfaction supply has ended and they must seek another.

    14. Psychopaths lack long term personal relationships. If there have been many short term marriages, broken friendships, purely transactional relationships, the chances the person is a psychopath increase. Watch especially how they treat other people in weaker positions and even animals.

    15. Psychopaths are often versatile in their criminality. Psychopaths are able to get away with a lot, and while they might sometimes get caught, the ability to be flexible and adaptable when committing crimes is indicative

    1. That also describes Barack, and his whole regime,O’ and lets not leave Michelle or Micheal whatever it is going by,never know with this bunch who is what man or women ? just kick them out in one fell swoop. there a disgrace that should never have been in OUR HOUSE to begin with.
      We have a BUNCH OF NUTS RUNNING the INSANE ASYLUM, and is is time to put them back in there cages,

    1. I take issue with the headline
      It says “goes” berserk
      It should say “IS”a berserk jerk!
      please be accurate

    2. some say “truth hurts” but i can testify, the truth only hurts when you’re in love with a lie. she is in love with her lies.

    1. There is a rickety old skeleton under that hide too. I wish the medical school had made sure she was dead before they took the brain out. Now look what’s happening.


    2. I like it. Also add that they all get paid the average wage of their constituents. Maybe then they will bring jobs back instead of taxing the piss out of every company in America.

  3. Woman’s a psychopath! Only Californians would be stupid enough to keep voting for her. And Californians wonder why they’re widely regarded as the stupidest people in America.

  4. Woman’s a psychopath! Only Californians would be stupid enough to keep voting for her. And Californians wonder why they’re widely regarded as the stupidest people in America.

    1. Hey Dipshit, she’s from SF, the Illegals vote her in, California is simple, below the Grapevine,LA is North Mexico, San Francisco And the Bay Area is also full of Illegal Aliens, they come from every shithole in the world right off the boat in Long Beach and Oakland, the Federal Gov.,State Gov. & local Gov. including Police do nothing about the Invasion, if those 2 cities fell into the ocean you would have a Red Stronghold. what state do you reside in dipshit, your representative is doing nothing to stop your country from being invaded, dont blame California.

    2. Jason, get a grip. If its illegals voting her in stop the Friggin influx. Illegals cant vote BTW. Its not the illegals Jay, its the Progressives dem morons

    3. They can vote. This why Voter I.D. laws are important. To much fraud. Why else would the Libtards be helping them come in, More votes. Helps them stay in power.

    4. Been saying that myself, since before the invasion made main stream media.

      Sad thing is there are those that say they want to stop it, yet it’s all talk and no action….

    5. No, I am sorry but your wrong. You need to look at the last 10 elections and see how many illegals have voted. They would be the people that are dead or voted in two or three different States. Now that they don’t have to show ID’s its only going to get worse.

    6. illegals certainly can vote. california among several other states (quite a few i believe) allow illegals immediate driver’s licenses and with the motor-voter laws they send em straight to the polls – illegals/fraudulent or not – nice little manufactured voting bloc for Dems and libtards

    7. No Cali doesn’t give illegals DL’s. You’re a liar and a tool. California just passed a law that allows undocumented people the ability to gain drivers licences but it doesn’t go into effect until 2015 and it clearly REQUIRES that on it state that it is only good for driving, not for identification. You don’t even have a clue how the voting system works in Cali. Quit makin crap up because it’s what you want it to sound like. Illegals don’t vote, period.

    8. I have stood at the voter registration office in Orange county Calif. and watched as they registered illegals to vote. And watched damocrats get 100s of write in voter pamphlets from that office!!!! Damocrats are children of Satan and totally EVIL!!!!

    9. I’ll just assume you are a tool and dont know what you are talking about, so I wont call you a liar- I imagine you believe in your delusion. Illegals HAVE been voting in Cali for decades because of their weak oversight on voters and identification. You are a complete moron if you think giving them licenses wont validate them as citizens AND make them registered voters. The GOAL of the idiots who want to give them licenses is amnesty and votes. Neither side ever talks about illegal immigration until elections are closing in.

      When you talk about how the “system works” you should step away from the kool-aid long enough to realize that- how a system is SUPPOSED to work, does not mean it actually works that way in the real world. Illegals DO vote in California, and in huge numbers, and often more than once! However, that happens in many states, not just California.

    10. Again, the licences given to undocumented persons are different in that they CLEARLY state that they are NOT for identification purposes. It will say, ON THE LICENCE ITSELF, not for purposes of ID! And no, persons WITHOUT proper documentation cannot register to vote. Just because someone fills out paperwork for registration doesn’t mean they will get a voter registration card because their name must match the state database before they get assigned a place to vote or ballot. Besides, they don’t anyway because they know they can’t. I live, work and vote in southern Cali. I know the process and the laws. The “oversight” you speak of is better than most states. This crap about illegals voting is totally made up and no one has any proof or evidence of any kind. You have no idea of politics in Cali. We have some of the fairest political processes in the country. We have open primaries (a Republican effort BTW), we even have popular election candidates, meaning the most popular candidates remain on the ballot regardless of party affiliation. We absolutely have voter ID, every state does! The only issue is what ID is acceptable and when in the process. MOST states don’t have laws regarding showing ID at the polls, including most red states.

      But surely you are not just “claiming” illegals vote in Cali or any state because it meets your preconceived political notion. Surely, you have all kinds of undeniable evidence that shows this. Because it would be pretty freakin stupid to be so sure to claim all of this without having any evidence what-so-ever.

    11. Arizona gives you your voter registration when you get or renew your drivers license.. Calif. allows damocrats to vote in the republican primaries, completely skewing the primary vote. That should be illegal!!!!!! This is part of the reason I bailed out of Calif. 10 years ago never to return. Now I just have to get my kids and grandkids out of the home of the fruits and nuts!!!!!


    13. Jason, get a grip. If its illegals voting her in stop the Friggin influx. Illegals cant vote BTW. Its not the illegals Jay, its the Progressives dem morons

    14. American citizenship is a requirement to vote. Enforce the laws. California is like a breakfast cereal packed full of fruits,nuts and fleaks.

    15. It is California’s fault because there are no voter ID laws, therefore, anyone can vote and claim to be someone other than who they are!! So until you get off your surfboards and DEMAND voter ID laws, stop blaming everyone else!!

    16. I understand your irritation over the comment. In Arkansas we are called inbred, marry your sister, KKK gun toting rednecks. Lots of us are hard working conservative people that despise the democrat party for what it has become. Little Rock and Eureka Springs are democrat strong holds, and we can’t seem to get the democrats out of the State government. I know its the same in California too. Good luck to you.

    17. Wow! You talk to yo’ mama with that mouth. If the illegals vote her in, then it’s California’s problem, not ours. What are they doing voting?

    18. There are actually a number of conservative voters in Southern California due to the large amount of businesses and white collar populations, especially in Orange County and (corporate) LA, and the outlying suburbs. The problem is we are outnumbered by the poor and/or the uneducated, illegals, Elitists, and the Bay Area which is is home to many modern hippies.

    19. I moved out of New York 23 years ago, several months after my wife passed on. I’ve recently been told that she is still voting up there!

    20. Good Comment! I just think of the West Coast as being the LEFT Coast & that explains pretty much everything that is wrong ! The Left’s have no rhyme or reasoning for anything they do but only act to make a bad situation worse !!

  5. Kudos to Representative Tom Marino! The only thing that would have made this incident better would have been San Fran Nan getting tased on the floor of the house for trying to chase him down.

  6. This guy has a point about drugs. That’s why we need to end this failed drug war. That’s what caused these savage drug gangs to have so much power and most of what’s causing this border crisis right now. If you say you’re with the tea party, but support continuing the failed war on drugs, then you’re a fraud and a part of the big government GOP establishment who’s trying to hijack the tea party and not to be trusted.

  7. Too bad his bodyguards didn’t kill her. She deserves to be shot down like the filthy dog she is.


  8. I for once would like to see video that goes beyond what you deem to be the sound byte that you want to present to us. Maybe just maybe doing so would yield a better understanding for your audience. Pelosi was beginning to say something to the speaker that may have shown more of her idiocy as a so called “leader”. Gotta love the comedy though!

  9. Her actions only help prove the fact that this new era of progressive libs are a petulant, thin-skinned bunch of children!

  10. People who are spoiled, pampered dummies, and enjoy being such, just don’t take kindly to being told to wise up- especially by somebody who is their obvious superior, and whom they despise in the first place.

  11. This maniac has been on the edge …teetering…for quite some time. It appears as if she…and Harry Reid…honestly see themselves as gods unanswerable to anyone but the devil muslim himself. He is lawless, so they…following in his foot-prints…have become lawless too.

    1. I have that same question. Nobody likes her, in fact they hate her. The only thing I can think of is voter fraud.

    2. You hit the nail on the head,. Fraud all the way.
      When I lived in California, most illegals work on a dead person S.S or one illegal would have at least half dozen working on one S.S. They lived in Flop house barracks behind a legal persons house usually 20 people with a day & night shift. I know that in Moorpark, Ca. that was true or owners did not care if they had papers because they paid in cash.

  12. Pelosi, is one sick bitch,and needs to be kick out along with Reid.they are no longer living in the world of reality.

  13. Stop calling her “Leftist”, “Liberal”, or “Progressive”. Call them what they are – Communist.

  14. Okay, I guess only most Democrats are marxist/communists, but not Pelosi. Pelosi is an insane, deranged, criminal lunatic, and she needs to be arrested for attempted assault & battery. And yes, the surveillance cameras prove her guilty of the crime. She needs to be held for further observation in a mental institution, as she is OBVIOUSLY a danger to herself or others. This would also limit her own Second Amendment rights, wouldn’t it? I love using the Left’s own standards/criteria for gun ownership against them!

    1. Yes she did. No church is allowed to give her communion for her human rights stance. IE Abortion.

  15. “Harry” Pisslosi and “Nancyboy” Reid are cut from the same cloth… from a ‘straightjacket’. Even if they lost control of both houses, if they don’t get voted out they will still be running round Washington doing their same crazy acts… wait.. SHE will be running around Reid will be doing his ‘toad’ hop. And SHE was so appalled that someone yelled ‘liar’ at Hobama… least he didn’t chase him through the house like she is chasing a chicken to chop it’s head off.

  16. I am proud to say that I voted for Tom and have met him on a couple of occasions. He is what is right with the country and Pelosi is what is destroying this nation.

  17. Yea..for the gentleman from PA!! good for him..put her in her one has the nerve to do that.= get rid of her and Harry completly

  18. The dems have nothing to point at and say “look what we did” all they have is anger, hate, intolerance and lies. Good luck with that in November. Vote all Dems out! Save America while we can.

  19. She hasn’t been sane, ever! She is the one who said in 2013, “They CAN’T read it first! They have to PASS it in order to read it!” What sane lawyer ever told a client that they must sign a legal document BEFORE reading it? But as for this behavior, where was the Sergeant-At-Arms during this physical charge? She should have been physically stopped and escorted from the chamber!

  20. could be that she knows what the obama administration is a failure. this people believe their own lies.

  21. Yet the Liberals keep voting the crazy bat lady into office. Hopefully she’ll get voted out this year.

  22. You can’t kick the royalty and get away with that – who knew she was royalty? I think she thinks so – a lot of them on that side apparently think they all are. The King of England has returned reincarnate in the political party of the left, and they wants royalty restored. Perhaps that’s why they fought to make sure the Declaration was invalidated as a legal instrument?

  23. When people are right they are calm.
    When the Dems are wrong, they go berserk, they are an angry bunch of people, because none of their ideas WORK!
    They didn’t work last century and they are not working this century.

  24. Gee,maybe there is a way to push her buttons after all, she appears clueless as to how a great deal of the American Public views her since she spends most of her time in the Washington/San Francisco bubble.

  25. he should provoke her more often. If she actually assaults him, she is sure to lose her job.

  26. Yet another case of a progressive liberal not liking being called out on their own actions. Deal with it Pigloser!

  27. No wonder they shut down a lot of the old State Mental Institutes, Polititions like her would be in them as a retirement center.

  28. This senile old lady lost it a long time ago, people who vote for her must enjoy the entertainment ment as she makes no sense.

  29. For those of you who couldn’t quite hear what Nutsy Peeloosely was saying, here is the closed caption version: “I’ll get you, my pretty! And your little dog too!” At which point she flew out the window on a broom, accompanied by what were described as some unknown species of winged primates.

  30. Lol. ” Volatile Marxist”. And the guy who wrote that thinks walking across a room to talk to somebody is “going berserk” and “losing it”.

    1. Did you watch the video, or did you just allow the writer here to tell you what happened?

    2. Of course I watched the video. It was screamingly funny. Queen Nancy has lost it. Did you read Marnio’s tweets afterward? A self-made man that worked in a bakery until 30, putting himself through law school, and not a Air Force B-757 commandeering party animal.

    3. Interesting. I watched the video, as a normal person not conditioned with the Pavlovian reflexes that right wing America has had plugged into them to react to words like “Obama”, “Pelosi”, or “Education”, and I saw an old lady walking across the floor.

      You saw something “screamingly funny”, because this site told you there was a “berserk meltdown”.

      The power of suggestion is a powerful tool of propaganda. That’s one of the reasons I check out these right wing sites, it’s fascinating how easily you can be told what to see.

      Seriously, watch the video, but this time pretend you haven’t seen the hypnotic suggestion in the headline, pretend you haven’t been trained like a puppy to have an emotional reaction to any mention of Pelosi’s name, and see how you’ve been manipulated.

      Go ahead, Pelosi is only the last couple of seconds of the video, and she’s about as “berserk” as a mom walking down the driveway with the lunch her kid forgot.

      No, I didn’t read Marnio’s tweets. I’m not sure what that has to do with anything.

    4. “No, I didn’t read Marnio’s tweets. I’m not sure what that has to do with anything.”

      I just donate $50 to, in your name. Please go to the site, read Imprimis, learn about what principles America was found upon, how it was built, the blunders made, and the corrections to those blunders. Not what you Unicorn Types WANT IT TO BE.

      I had to drop a letter and a check, as I could not copy our conversation that led to my donation, I repeat, in your name, otherwise.

      The Heritage Foundation
      214 Massachusetts Avenue, NE
      Washington, DC 20002

      Do note you are what we Conservatives consider you ‘a warped mind’, posting on a site CLEARLY beyond your lies. I only help you pay attention to it unlike you failing to read Rep. Marino’s 3 post confrontation tweets with Madame Meltdown.

      You want to argue, that WILL cost you another $50 donation to an organization expert at evisceration not the GOP.

      Better not act so smary next time Skippy. Go away ya bother me.

    5. {rtf1ansiansicpg1252
      {fonttblf0fnilfcharset0 HelveticaNeue;}

      f0fs28 cf2 cb3 expnd0expndtw0kerning0
      outl0strokewidth0 strokec2 Oops, my comment is awaiting moderation.`I may have used language not suitable for five year olds or teabaggers. Let me try it with the offensive word PCed up for the church lady crowd-

      Aw, that’s priceless. You got so upset at my pointing out your gullibility that you parted with a whole day’s wages, in my name, and sent it to some PAC backed by billionaires. They must be laughing their [butts] off right now.

      I’m well aware of the principles this country was founded on. It was about defeating the traditional power structure that The Heritage Foundation and other right wing organizations are trying to put in place.

      I’m very flattered that conservatives consider me a warped mind. That’s a pretty clear bill of good mental health, considering the general lunacy of right wing America.

      Yes, I want to argue, even if it’s not that tough arguing with dimwit right wingers. Oh no, please don’t cost me another 50 bucks of your money that you’re sending to some fascist scam organization! Don’t do that, that will make me so sad to see a fool and his money go separate ways a second time.

      And don’t accuse me of lying, unless you have some specifics. Otherwise, you’re just confessing to being the liar.

      Please don’t hijack the image of W.C. Fields again. He’s sort of an idol of mine, and you’re precisely the sort of slow-witted prissy that annoyed him.}

    6. Ha ha! More likely he hasn’t had 50 bucks at one time in his life, but is so hypnotized by his media trainers that he believes telling us he’s sent money to some American Taliban group in our names is somehow going to make us mad.

      I used to be on the email list for another far right propaganda site, Human Events, just to keep up with what Idiot America was confused and outraged about on any given day. The site offered a subscription to their newsletter, which was probably just the content of the website printed out on paper, and delivered via snail mail, but they could charge money for it.

      And the incentive to subscribe was a line like ” Want to pl$$ off a liberal? Subscribe for a year. Want to really pl$$ off a liberal? Subscribe for two years!

      They’re such chumps.

    7. Another $50 donated in your name Skippy. PS, I’m one of those 1%ers.

      Read the polls, we are drinking your tears! You’ve lost the coal miner’s union, the Obozocare voters, the Jews, the parents over the Wookie’s getting rid of bake sales. The only thing you’ve got left are the pot heads, too stoned to vote. And your college professors.

      Do note you are not posting on HuffPo, you post on OUR TURF, were we read your ignorant remarks.

    8. 1%er ? Ha ha, sure, I didn’t know anybody had catalogued Americans by “most stupid”, but I’ll take your word that you’re in the dopiest 1%.

      Coal miners unions? Probably mostly in red states. I have no idea what an Obozocare voter or a parents over the Wookie voter is, but you might have the “imaginary people” voting bloc locked. Maybe some older Jews are getting scared and senile, and moving right, but most of them still have their brains.

      The Rethugs will probably make some mid-term gains in the stupid parts of the country, but how long do you think they cam milk the Old, angry, misinformed,racist and paranoid demographic?

      If you like polls, have you seen what America thinks about Republicans in general lately?You can call my remarks ignorant, but you keep proving yours to be ignorant.

    9. Oh you are hilarious. As if West Virginia is a Red State.

      Keep it up our side loves your donations to our cause! Another $50, donated to I was forced to write them a check as I couldn’t call or donate in your name thru email.

      ATTN: Tea Party types, help stick a fork in Andy Kreiss, donate in his name by check,

      Make checks payable to: “SarahPAC”
      Mail your checks to:
      P.O. Box 7711
      Arlington, VA 22207

      Or click:

      Yep I was so ‘dopey’ in my career I retired in my early 50s and moved to Hawaii!

      “Situational Awareness”, Skippy, you lack it. I love it!!

    10. Yeah, that is pretty hilarious, thinking that WV is a red state. I probably jumped to that conclusion based on some flimsy evidence, like the last four national elections they went for Bush Jr.-Bush Jr.-McCain- Romney. Yup, Obama is probably losing a lot of sleep over losing those mighty five electoral votes that have been all Republican for this entire century. You’re really not very bright, are you, OME?

      Thanks for all of the donations to right wing con artists in my name. Can you send me the receipts, it’d be nice to add these to my “charitable donations” column at tax time. I know they’re all political scams posing as non-profits, but as long as they’ve managed to shirk their taxes, I might as well get in on some of the action.

      What island are you on? Just finished some renovations on my place in Hawaii, and I have some old bikes, too. Maybe we could hang out when I retire, if you’re still alive.

    11. Oh, I didn’t notice you’d posted a bunch of pictures in place of coming up with actual “thoughts”.

      1. The tears of rage seem to be coming from the right.

      2. A Republican-led committee just confirmed what we normal adults have been telling you suckers for quite a while now- the whole “BenGhazi scandal” scam was a made-up scandal that the GOP used to get idiots riled up.

      3. I’m assuming Michelle Obama is the Wookie, because the GOP base likes comparing the president and his family to non-human, ape-like creatures, but you’re really sad that people keep “playing the race card” on you for no reason. So a school in one of the “Fat States” is selling cupcakes, and you’re dim enough to think this is some sort of statement on the state of politics i the country. This is why we laugh at you morons.

      4. Bad cartoon, failed right wing attempted comedy, based on mainstream media BS.

    12. Boo yah, another $50 donated by phone to Judicial Watch who accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Don’t worry I’ll call them Wednesday at 1-888-593-8442 between 8:30am and 5:30pm EST. That’s 2:30 am (yawn) till 11:30 am HST.

      Another donation tomorrow, In YOUR name Andy!! Eat it!!!

      In Andy Kreiss’ name, join me Breitbarters, donate to sticking him in his eye, but you best not tell the sn*t “Andy” what you plan. Stab him in the back, as he begged for it.

      Andy, Panda, you you didn’t even read the charts that PROVED how your 2009 base on the yearly deficit being ‘cut in half’ was such was an outrageous LIE. It is not were it was after Bush Lite left in 2009. Team Obama, Team Pelosi, Team Reid has left our Children, and Grandchildren, holding the bag on YOUR $17,000,000,000,000 debit Team Obama has run up.

      Tell us oh, self described, brilliant one? How are you going to reduce it?

    13. Judicial Watch? Excellent choice. They already are supported by millions from the trust fund babies at the Scaife Foundations, but I’m sure they’re happy to take the SS checks of old right wing suckers like you in their crusade against hard-working Americans.

      OK, I’ll play along;

      No. No. Stop it. stop talking your friends into parting with their moonshine money and sending it to fascist foundations, televangelists, the KKK, SarahPac, or whatever anti-American groups you have left on your list. Please.It’s just like sticking me in the eye, or stabbing me in the back, to see you chumps get rolled by snake oil salesmen. I’m not laughing at all, I’m totally hurt by your stupidity.

      Keep giving your money away to the people who want to make serfs out of your children and grandchildren, and keep being told it was Obama, Reid and Pelosi who did it. Don’t disappoint me.

      And now you’re asking me how I’m going to reduce the deficit, when you’ve just been complaining that the current president is reducing government waste, and you’re (pretending to) donate money to groups whose main directive is to continue letting their billionaire friends slip out of paying taxes while they shift their burden to you and me?

      Well, me, anyway, you probably don’t pay much in taxes, as a retiree, and I’d guess you never paid much if you had a job.

      I’ll give you a point for posting that cartoon to summarize your comment. Most right wing nuts don’t show that level of introspection or self-awareness.

  31. Time for Reid, Pelosi and a lot for socialist Democrats to leave Washington. They have made there fortunes via corruption and now it is time to fade off into the sunset.

  32. If Marino had truly done his research, he’d have known that the Democrats only had control of both houses for 78 days that Congress was in session. Remember, in this recent political environment, you need 60 votes in the Senate to be filibuster-proof. And Pelosi did not go “berserk”. There was nothing violent or destructive in her response. Nice clickbait TPNN.

    1. Keep drinking the Demoncrat’s Kool-Aid Nancy. Did you ask yourself why during her tenure as Speaker the House, the Senate and the President concentrated on other things like Democrats raising the minimum wage, increasing gas mileage standards for cars, a failed Stimulus I & II and III, Cash for Clunkers. And don’t forget her signature bill, Obozocare! None of those Bills worked as PROMISED.

      Naw she was mad as Marino caught her with her crotchless leather panties down around her ankles, and she had just read polls indicating the Voter recognizes the fraud she is.

      And she lost it.

    2. No bill works as promised. There are unintended consequences in every single one, including Bush’s child trafficking law that caused the current mess. The majority of economists disagree with your assessment of the stimulus bills (one of which was not Obama’s). The Democrats pushed bills that are compatible with their platform. You know, what they ran on. I’m happy with my new coverage under Obamacare. I’m paying less for better coverage, I got to keep my Dr, and my husband, under Medicare, now has his yearly physicals covered. My previous premium was jacked up due to pre-existing conditions. And no, I don’t get a cent in subsidies. But I know a few people who do, and am pleased that they have coverage for the first time in their adult lives.
      For the record, my eyes generally glaze over when someone starts with the Kool Aid drinking nonsense. I am not a Democrat apologist. I am no fan of Pelosi. And I am not happy that this asylum situation wasn’t handled when it came to the administration’s and Congress’ attention. There are other issues the party and I disagree on. I deplore name-calling, insults, and sophomoric memes from either “side”. Shows a lack of depth in the reasoning department when one can’t articulate and debate an issue on the facts.

    3. Glug, glug, glug. For every view of The One that fawns, there are two that are bad. Our insurance went from $450 a month to $853. Billions in cost overruns in building sites that still don’t work and failed to sign up a single patient, Oregon. Insidious deductibles that when you go, you keep paying out of YOUR pocket.

      Spin it as you will, but with the entire world worse off compared to when Bush Lite left. Name any relationship that has improved? ANY! The economy is stalled, the anger against what Reid, Pelosi, Obama and their Minions is palpable and reflected in polls that show Obama’s support on foreign policy at – 18.5 points.

      Tell us all about the 11 million added to the unemployment rolls, the substitution of part timers for full time work. The cost of energy, the scandals.

      So much for your articulation.

      No, you progressives will win the inner cities riddled with debt and crime but you are headed for a MASSIVE smackdown everywhere else.

    4. Glug, glug, glug. For every view of The One that fawns, there are two that are bad. Our insurance went from $450 a month to $853. Billions in cost overruns in building sites that still don’t work and failed to sign up a single patient, Oregon. Insidious deductibles that when you go, you keep paying out of YOUR pocket.

      Spin it as you will, but with the entire world worse off compared to when Bush Lite left. Name any relationship that has improved? ANY! The economy is stalled, the anger against what Reid, Pelosi, Obama and their Minions is palpable and reflected in polls that show Obama’s support on foreign policy at – 18.5 points.

      Tell us all about the 11 million added to the unemployment rolls, the substitution of part timers for full time work. The cost of energy, the scandals.

      So much for your articulation.

      No, you progressives will win the inner cities riddled with debt and crime but you are headed for a MASSIVE smackdown everywhere else.

    5. Not sure what you mean by relationship. You mean the deficit that was cut in half? The stock market that hit a record high? I could go on and on. But I’m sure you can google the information if you want to. Oh, and congratulations on getting real insurance. No adequate insurance policy would have charged you so little.

    6. Wow! Your statement is a pile of horse doo. The total is now $17,000,000,000,000, more than doubled in the past 6 years. You are saying he cut the annual in half, but your baseline was the 1st year where Queenie had 1st more than doubled it. What lies you tell.

      Do admit Obozo is going to demand another $3 Trillion before the year ends. Come one. Tell us when the total is going to be reduced so our grandchildren don’t get burdened by YOUR spending?

      You say most economists support Obozo, but fail to say they are all followers of Keynesian philosophy. The philosophy that bankrupted the wealthiest Empire the world has ever seen – in only 30 years!!

      Why do you post, here where your lies get EASILY refuted.

      If you bother to reply, I’m doing what I do, donating to a cause you hate. And do it in your name. It’s what 1%er Hawaiian conservatives do.

      Go back to HuffPo, WaPo, NYT, Salon, Slate, TIME, MSNBC etc where your ilk hang out, stroking each other in your circle jerk.

    7. Yes, the reduction is based on 2009 deficit. A few hundred billion extra in TARP money (Bush), a serious reduction in revenue (Bush) and a stimulus bill to stop the jobs bleeding (Obama). Even with the stimulus taken into consideration, it’s still going down.
      I suppose I should have used smaller words when talking about the economists take on the stimulus. “Assessment” meant the statistical analysis after the fact. Doesn’t matter what economic platform the stimulus was based on. What matters are the numbers it produced, for which most studies gave the stimulus a positive outcome. The total DEBT includes agency/appropriation spending, which, for the most part builds on, previous administrations, (unfunded wars for example). Obama’s new budget proposal is lower than last year’s.
      Why do I post here? I come here because I like to get a variety of ideas, and when I see egregious factual errors, I can’t help myself. Knowledge is power. Also, I often, your posts notwithstanding, find thoughtful people to exchange ideas with. I am only easily refuted in your own mind.
      Donating in my name? Or do you mean in my honor? The first is illegal. The second, who cares?

    8. 1st of all, too bad your comments got censored, they were immature so I understand. I did read them. Which covers adequately one of my comments about you: childish and churlish. Snort, you have the gall to tell me to leave one of your “personal heroes alone”. The gall, as if you CLAIM some RIGHT to tell me what to do!!! That is a REAL Hoot, as if he was your’s before he hung on the wall of my room in college in the 60′s,…. duh…like Algore you invented the Internet.

      Your comment about “factual errors” cost your side another $50 dollars donated, in your name, to That’s $100 spent by you on a website read by conservatives not libtards.

      Don’t you think you might be, for all practical purposes, committing suicide here? Don’t you THINK other conservatives think, but don’t repeat in print, ‘I too am going to stick it to Nancy B?’

      Educate yourself the spending PASSED by Pelosi & Reid (no budget remember) was THIS in 2008, 1/2 of what the Berserk Pelosi passed in 2009 – your base year. Lies, and the Lairs that quote without knowing. See the chart attached that shows the last year of that Bush Lite.

      All the time the debt adds to the deficit and continues to just pile up. Tell us when and how you Progressives have a plan to magical pay back 20 trillion dollars?

      What you Progressives are proposing/doing is not fiscally sustainable.

      What did you plan for 2014 back in 2009?

      Once again you are posting on the Tea Party Network, not Huffpo

    9. I’m not a fan of Pelosi. But I am a fan of facts and correct usage of the English language. And you are a fan of what? Insults, I guess.

    10. So you throw out insults aimed at Marino, claiming that he misspoke about the Democrats previously having the House, Senate and presidency. There was nothing in his speech that signified any period of time. Yet you insult his intelligence by twisting and spinning the content of his speech by falsely claiming that he failed to research facts. Therefore, you, Nancy B are being corrected by me, an insulting, fan of nothing! Nancy B, ssiK yM ssA…

    11. Maybe you should watch his speech again, where he specifies the 2009, 2010 time period. Then you could read my post again where I indicated the scant number of days Democrats had a supermajority, that would have given them the “control” Marino mentioned. I twisted nothing. I didn’t insult his intelligence, only that he misrepresented the facts while calling out others for not doing research. And, by the way, thanks for the added laugh. If using the English language correctly, you just called yourself an “insulting, fan of nothing” (whatever that means), not me. If you don’t see it, consult an English teacher.

  33. She’s certifiable. PLEASE California……….do America a favor and get rid of this lady. I don’t care who you replace her with……they HAVE to be better than this.

  34. I am so glad that was brought up about the democrats being in charge in 2009 and 2010 and not doing anything about this. Thank God this is out for their attention.

  35. Mrs Pelosi also threw a fit when she was speaker because she did not get a bigger newer plan to fly her and her grown up adult children back and forth from S.F to Wash. D.C. Besides term limits I believe every week the House, Senate , President & Cabinet expense account should be published in the news papers & on PBS, CSPAN etc. for all of us to see, Plus their salaries

  36. She reminded me of an old church lady who thinks she own the church running up to the new couple screaming “You cant chew gum in here!”…

    And this ladies and gentlemen, is one of the #800Elitists who has changed laws, made laws and broke laws to retain the power that they think they have.

    This is one of those who have forgotten that their place on this earth has become a servant… a voice of we the people… this is not the voice of someone who represents me or my country.

    I motion she be removed from office and placed under psychological evaluation immediately.

  37. are the people in the background seriously sitting on their cell phones? wow… look what we pay for.

  38. This is the same person who told us we needed to pass Obama care so we could see what it said. Now she is solving her problems by physically going after the congressman who brought it to her attention. She needs some help!

  39. Hopefully the men in the white coats were standing by with a dip net to scoop this rabid dimwit Pelosi up….

    1. If we could see more of the room ,we would see Reid clapping for her,
      He is BAD news and as CRAZY as a loon.


  40. the real story and most sad part is…….that the people of California vote for Pelosi over and over again, and perhaps expect a different outcome of what she is doing….perfect example of insanity

  41. Maybe one reason congress can’t get anything done is they are not listening and on their I-Phones. PUT THE PHONES DOWN AND GET TO WORK.

  42. San Francisco in the 60s was all about peace and love. Now it is all about conflict and hate. Thank a Liberal for what we have today.

  43. Obviously Nancy Pelosi can’t stand the true to be told. She is a dingbat of the highest order. Who can forget that she advocated passing ObamaCare before reading it.

  44. I wish, just once, Pelosi would “lose it”, go storming around looking for a fight, and someone would actually punch her lights out. The crone belongs in a padded room under lock and key.

  45. If I came upon three men gang raping her, I would not interfere and wait until it was all over then ask the three guys, “are you that hard up, or just really drunk?”

  46. Ha Ha haaa ha. That’s great. We should expose the Democrats more often, they get funny. They hate when you tell the truth, pisses them off

    1. and there is a massive amount of untapped truth just sitting there for Republicans to use.
      SHINE THE LIGHT on them. It’s LONG overdue.

  47. We hold these truths to be self evident, that the Democrats had a 2 year stretch without what they call obstruction, but they did nothing on immigration because they wanted the issue as a political tool in the years ahead. To secure these political tools, they never resolve issues.
    A problem solved is a propaganda opportunity lost.

  48. You know what the hypocrisy of this is?
    IF it had been reversed, the marxists would have wanted the GOP Congressman to bresign, AT ONCE!
    And, if anyone has watched any of Piglosi’s rants on the House floor, she has said a LOT worse about the GOP.
    And if you have watched Piglosi on he Sunday news, you would hear much worse. Ans she has NO fear of a GOP chasing her down, on the house floor OR Sunday news.
    Yet, she just gets even nuttier when it happens where she can’t scream someone down!
    THIS is today’s Democrat Party, personified.

  49. Running through the isles chasing after outspoken members of the House may not be allowed but you CAN beat a Senator to within an inch of his life and get away with it.
    It was done TO a Republican BY a Democrat as the Republican Senator chastised the senate body for being pro-slavery. How QUICKLY we forget and how perfectly does history continue to repeat itself.

  50. For all you delusional people who think the democrats give a damn about the law. Mayor Daily used to say “vote early, vote often. Votor fraud is part of the democrat norm. the only reason they are so adamant about “voter ID” is that if a prospective voter has to show an approved picture ID, then only actual citizens can vote and only once. that would cancel all the dead democrats who have voted every election ever since the 1800′s, and none of the illegals could vote. Then they couldn’t magically find more ballots in the trunk of a democrat pole worker’s car (Minnesota) , or any of the other slights of hand they have worked over the years. I keep reading the fiction about how Bush “stole the election”, when Florida didn’t even count the Military absentee ballots, because they were too late! The Electoral College elects the president, it is not a popular vote.

  51. I’ll tell ya – they get crazier by the day. If she had run up to me like that, I’d have punched her in the face and rearranged it……

  52. Nancy Pelosi is a disgrace to everything that made America great. After her efforts to murder 56 million innocent American babies by her support of abortion, she is all of a sudden “so concerned” about the children on the border. This woman is completed unhinged. She makes no sense and needs to be replaced.
    To all of you that support her with your financial contributions, I am going to start a webpage that identifies who you are. That way Americans like me, who want to bring real change to America, can look at the politicians that are out of their minds and support anti-American positions, to find out who’s sending these crazed individuals to Washington.
    We will then be able to stop buying whatever it is that you’re selling and hopefully put you out of business, so you can longer support crazies like Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters etc. etc. This is the only way folks like me, that don’t live and vote n Nancy’s district can help get rid of her and her ability to pass stupid laws that negatively affect all Americans.
    Americans from all over the country need a way to have their voices heard in districts where they don’t live. If you don’t like John Kerry, stop buying Heinz catsup and everything else produced by Heinz or the companies he and Theresa Heinz own. Same for Nancy. If folks want to contribute to her campaigns, we need to stop buying the products those companies make. The constitution missed the impact corporations can have on elections. Corporate money is what keeps people like Nancy Pelosi in office. It’s time to expose the corporations and stop buying their products, this will cut of the constant flow of money to idiots like Ms. Pelosi. She’s an absolute liar and a nutcase.
    She supports the murder of 56 million innocent American babies, yet gets all worked up when a few thousand children who are invading our country from the South are not welcomed with open arms. This woman is a murdered and is more than likely clinically insane. Put her on meds and lock her away, she really does need medical help at this point.
    “You have to pass the bill to find out what’s in the bill.” Sure glad she doesn’t represent me.

    1. You forgot to mention that the Del Monte brand is Pelosi’s corporate supporter.

    2. I think you have a great idea! I further think that such a website should extend to ALL political campaign contributions for all candidates & not buried in a maze but a single keystroke website that lists all candidates and their contributors. That would certainly change the political climate in D.C. wouldn’t it!

  53. Yea the dream act is what caused this surge so she once again proves what a moron her and the rest of the demo rats are.

    1. They are not morons. They ARE power hungry psychopaths with no morals and a “cold soul” who cannot relate to reality. They ARE dangerous!!!!

  54. Stupid is as stupid does! The only ones more stupid than Pelosi are the idiots that voted for her.

  55. Oh no! These commies are crazy, there’s no telling what these psychopaths will do. Bunch of Nazi’s clinging to their communist manifestos and hybrid cars.

  56. Finally, finally there is still hope. It has hit the fan people, there is no stopping her now!

  57. This does not surprise me in the least. I have been seeing more and more mental derangement from democrats to the point of psychopathic anger for at least ten years and it is getting worse. Psychotic statements like guam “tipping over” or barrel shroud gun thingie or the American people being homegrown terrorists because we think they are INSANE. America under their (sic) leadership is on the precipice of implosion. The American people should DEMAND their resignation and arrest for sedition and treason and a WIDE variety of other lesser crimes.

  58. All you have to do is listen to the things Pelosi says to realize she is a stark, raving lunatic.

    I always wonder just who in San Francisco goes into the voting booth and says “hmmm…Nancy Pelosi…yeah, THAT’S who I want to represent me!”

  59. This broad is plainly NUTS! The entire Democratic refuses to accept the truth unless it plays into their schemes or benefits their idealogical fantasies or perverse American destroying agenda. She(Pelosi) just further proves the fact that the DNC is nothing but a bunch of Marxist zealots trying to forever change America as we know.

  60. Pelosi’s behavior just Proves Beyond a Reasonable Doubt that ALL LIBERAL LEFT WING LUNATICS ARE INSANE AND NEED PSYCHIATRIC HELP AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Telling them the Truth is like showing the Cross to Dracula or waving a Red Flag in front of a Bull. It really drives them BESERK.

  61. Time for her to be usher’d out, stripped of her job and benefits, retirement, everything and sent to a retreat.

    1. Retreat, great word. Perhaps we could convert Camp David into a mental retreat for washed up politicians! Is there an electric fence around the place?

  62. The poor woman needs to be in an asylum for the mentally ill and not in Congress. She is as sick as any patients I dealt with during my tenure with the Pensacola Mental Health Facility in Pensacola, Florida. She is to be pitied and should be in a ward receiving professional care.
    I just emailed her advising her to seek professional help for her mental illness. If enough do it, she just might seek the help she needs.

    1. Look at the condition of our country. Maybe what we need to do is to switch the signs between the buildings of congress and the asylum. Even the members that seem to have it right don’t have the backbone to do any thing about it. Remember folks, you are what you DO, not what you say, and I don’t see anyone DOING anything about Pelosi, Reed, Holder, Learner, B.O. or any of the rest of these idiots that are taking our country down.

    2. Look at the condition of our country. Maybe what we need to do is to switch the signs between the buildings of congress and the asylum. Even the members that seem to have it right don’t have the backbone to do any thing about it. Remember folks, you are what you DO, not what you say, and I don’t see anyone DOING anything about Pelosi, Reed, Holder, Learner, B.O. or any of the rest of these idiots that are taking our country down.

  63. Nancy is making a fool out of herself again. Shame people in congress have lost all respect for their office and the American citizen.

  64. Nancy Pelosi IS Non-Compos Mentis !
    SHe is soo dumb She is Dangerous !
    Is there no one in Congress who will put People before the Party and expose this woman? Please, it’s a matter of our Country.

  65. Looks like ‘ol San Fran Nan can’t handle the truth. It caused her jump right on her broom.

  66. Tyrannical democrats hate when you challenge them with facts and point out their incompetence. Then they behave exactly as one would expect them to. Shame on those that continue to vote for her. Ignorant, uneducated sheep is all they are.

  67. Who was the moron running the meeting? How dare he reprimand that man but just lets Pelosi run amok. The guy should have said “i’m out of order, I’m out of order, NO You are out of order.” Obviously they can’t handle the truth. LOL

  68. Does this asinine display by Nancy Pelosi REALLY surprise any of you?
    Call her on her B.S. and she tries to physically chase you down, aping the behavior of the Schoolyard Bully. Who’s decided to physically attack you, because you refused to blink, tuck your tail between your legs and run, show fear of bully, submission to the bully,etc.
    Actions DO speak louder than words. . . Don’t they?

  69. The lady is not very smart, but worse, she is out of her ever-loving mind. Thank you, San Franciscans. And the nation suffers.

  70. funny how he said he did the research. and then claimed the other side should try it. maybe he should actually do some research based on REAL facts and not some make believe facts that suit their position for that given day.IF Obama and the Dems were to come out for something, they would be against it. It is a good thing the dems ( or the scientific community ) have not publcly stated that air and water are good otherwise the repugs would quickly come out with bills against both.

  71. Really? I think its way past time for her to be voted out of office its also past time for term limits to be passed for congress also

  72. Yes, because standing in the way of their profit REALLY pisses them off. Gotta keep that corrupt bankroll coming!!! I say boot the idiot out of the Senate.

  73. nancy pelosi has truly showed she needs to go into get a mental health check.Her marbles aren’t rolling in the same direction, she has definitely slipped a cog. The senator was correct in what he said the senate knew of the border problems when they had the senate ,house and whiteHouse but neglected to do anything’ And dirty harry has about 360 bills that were passed by the house of representatives but will not bring them to the floor of the senate .So obama should quit the buullshit about the republicans ,obama and his boy dirty harry are purposely holding the passed republican bills.They both should be thrown out of office for corruption and obstruction of the laws they both swore to uphold when taking the oath of office !!!!!!!!!!

  74. Is there such a thing as botox poisoning? If there is, I think she has it. I can’t believe those people in her district vote her in time after time after time but you mark my words, when she either dies, leaves office or is voted out of office, her daughter, who is a nut job in her own right, will run for her seat.

  75. If she attacked him, I hope he decked her. She is mental!!! “HAMAS is a humanitarian organization.” Only from her lips.

  76. Sounds like criminal assault to me… if that had been an average citizen and they attempted such an act on the floor of Congress what would have occurred? Time for the Sargent at Arms to arrest Pelosi on assault charges.

  77. I’m getting a kick out of it. I think those teenage boys aren’t coming to join their families. I think a lot of them are coming in to be dope dealers. The dope dealers nowadays don’t stand on the street corner. They use bicycles and deliver dope to your kid at the local fast food joint.

  78. “Foget about it!” It is California; there is no hope; the intent to create an independent state away from the Left side nut jobs failed. Seriously, in a decade or two, they will have a ballot referendum to make “Spanglish” the official language; a few years later, they will vote to secede and return to Mexico. The “Reconquista” lives! Maybe we can convince the Chinese to take it in exchange for the $1.5 Trillion we owe them plus they release all the “counterrevolutionaries” they have imprisoned and we bring them to America. (We can secretly train them to go back as a “Fifth Column.”) Actually, by giving it to the Chinese, the border problem is solved. Watch what happens when the Chinese are guarding the border!

  79. They say that when you throw a rock into a pack of dogs, the one struck will be the one to cry out.

  80. They say that when you throw a rock into a pack of dogs, the one struck will be the one to cry out.

  81. She always has her mouth in that shape. Makes one wonder…………..maybe the botox is for stretch marks around it.

  82. Oh my gosh!! This needs to happen more often. Everyone already knows that Nancy Pelosi is a hopeless moron who can’t string two words together intelligibly, but now she’s REALLY lost it in the public spotlight. This is the same idiot who says that Hamas is simply a humanitarian organization. After all…the Qataris told her so and they’re ever so reliable!! Those rockets they’re lobbing…they’re just CGI put out by the conservative media. And forget about actually listening to what Hamas is saying…that’s just pish-posh.

    Tom Marino was dead on. The presidency, the house and the senate were owned by the democrats, and they couldn’t have cared less about immigration. It’s only when it has a possibility of being used as a tool to discredit the republicans prior to the 2014 election that it is suddenly a “humanitarian crisis”. I can’t wait to hear from Harry Reid about how the house just couldn’t be bothered to come up with anything because they’re being so obstructionist. Forget the more than 300 bills that he’s never allowed to come to the floor for a vote…it’s all the republican’s fault that no bills ever make it to the president’s desk. Well…that’s their story and they’re sticking to it.

  83. I want to thank Pelosi for proving once again that liberalism is a mental disorder of the highest degree.

  84. It’s always entertaining when the Democrats catch another Republican outright lying on the House floor.
    “During Friday’s floor debate over the supplemental appropriations for the border crisis, Rep. Tom Marino stood at the microphone and told an outright lie when he claimed Democrats did nothing about immigration when they had the majority in office.” “It is so utterly cynical of Republicans to stand up and posture about Democrats not acting on immigration. After all, if they hadn’t filibustered in the Senate, the DREAM Act would have passed. And if they weren’t such hate-filled bigots, they’d actually give a damn about kids fleeing horrors and abuse in their own countries. Instead we get treated to this kind of nonsense. It’s not hard to see why Pelosi lost her temper.” -CrooksAndLiars

    1. Yes. I see now. Republican Filibuster = Evil. Bad. – Democrat Filibuster = Courageous. Good. Moron.

  85. Hey! Can somebody bring back that oldie but goodie lie that Pelosi said to pass the healthcare bill so that we can see what was in it? You folks always ignore she was referring to the Senate version during a Q&A with reporters pestering her about what would be in the S-E-N-A-T-E bill. Any takers? Come on. This echo chamber needs a little shaking up, people.

  86. This is either ComedyCentral, the Jerry Springer Show, or the British House of Commons. Next they will be throwing EmptyChairs at each other.

  87. The DemonRats lie, Cheat misrepresent; and when caught they go berserk; Pelosi is a dingbat; but that is not the question; the question is of the Mentality of those that elected her.

  88. Marino lied, period! I think Pelosi was tired of this Republican memory loss and had to remind him the MULTIPLE bills that she passed in the house that Republicans filibustered in the Senate. Marino did NO research otherwise he would have come across the 2009 immigration reform bill Pelosi passed and was filibustered by one vote in the Senate or even the DREAM Act in 2010 that also was filibustered in the Senate, by Republicans. Dems have been pushing this type of reform and addressing this issue head on for years, only to be fought hand and tooth by Republicans every time. For Marino to say that they didn’t have the “strength” to “go after it” back then, is simply a flat out lie and an attempt to rewrite history. Go shove the copies of those bills down Marino’s throat, Pelosi.

    1. How does the DREAM act..(which doesn’t exist.) .fix the holes in our border or our illegal immigration problem? As to the DACA which only exists under executive order, how does that help the problem? It didn’t…not only did it not help…it became a beacon for every illegal everywhere to surge the border in the hopes of amnesty.

      People that think like you are dangerous, it’s the same mentality as saying..there would be less rape if women just said “Yes”. Illegal is illegal , not that I am trying to shove a dictionary down your throat. I don’t think you will read it..and I sure as fack don’t think you would understand it.

  89. Thank God we have Jeff Sessions in the Senate, and Mike Rogers in the House. I write them, and usually they agree thank me for the letter and say they have already done what I suggest, or are doing it at the moment. And they are actually telling the truth. They are as or more conservative as I am. I feel sorry for the constituents of the nutcase Pelosi, who should literally be committed, instead of roaming freeing the floors of Congress unsupervised. I believe she is medically and clinically insane. Not as a joke. In reality. There must be laws in her state that allow concerned people with standing to at least have her examined by a professional, as she is a danger to the world not just herself and people in her proximity as she holds her position. Why does not anyone care enough about her to get her help?

  90. I loved the way Nasty jumped up on her Chupacabra hooves & went after Marino pointing her Queen of the Damned skeleton finger at him. You could almost see the festering Botox oozing from those cold, dead eyes of hers. Good to see!

  91. Will someone Please! Just body slam this stupid Bitch! So we can try to move on with the F%#@%&g mess that she and stupid like minded people like her, have made of this country. We could fix the mess they have made if they are REMOVED from the picture and we have about a decade to clean the mess they have made.

  92. The demoRats are losing it. Their leader is not what they want him to be and they are showing their true side filled with evil.

  93. Pelosi apparently can do whatever she wants with impunity! It seems to me that she has had so many face lifts & tucks that it has shrunk her brain so much, rolling down the edge of a razor blade it would look like a BB rolling down a four lane highway!

  94. Botox brain is finally totally becoming unhinged. I have seen her loose her cool before because she is an arrogant pigheaded moron. I still remember her strutting down the street with that chit eating grin waving that gable like she was the greatest thing since canned beer, I think karma has come back to haunt her for doing this and lying to the American people about their agenda. Don’t forget she swore an oath to uphold the Constitution before God, who does not take this lightly/

  95. LMAO. She will probably run again and win another term. Like Allen West said about people still attending Obama speeches. Useful idiots.

  96. Pelosi will hang for Treason. If the American people are exposed to the fact she signed TWO version of Hussein’s DNC certification to run for president. Pelosi KNEW that Hussein wasn’t eligible. His fake ID is worse than what high-school students show the Korean deli when they’re buying beer.


  98. Why are all you conservatives picking on that senile old lady? Your going to cause her to soil her depends. And then she will really have something to rant about.

  99. Nancy Pelosi is nuts, and has been for a very long time, along with Dastardly Dirty Harry Reid. The last count that I heard about, was 191 bills passed in the house, that Reid has been sitting on; and who is the one yelling the loudest about “Republican Obstructionists” good ole Dastardly. Of course we ALL know who the MSM plays out as the problem. Pelosi, and Reid should both be recalled, but obviously their constituents are not very bright either, THEY keep re-electing them.

  100. What is with this crazy Pelosi? Is she suffering from dementia? She must be removed. She is a wart on a hog’s butt. She makes absoultlyy no sense and I would be ashamed to claim her as a Democrat. A great distraction for the Democrats.

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  102. Somebody You-Tube that clip w/Psycho music!

    I swear she looked like Norman Bates’s mother rushing across the House well; I kept looking for a knife…

  103. Put her in a straight jacket and institutionalize the old bat. Apparently she has been drinking too much of her tainted wine she has at her vineyards. I wonder how many illegals she has working at her vineyards now and wonder if she is paying them at least the “Fair living wage” that the Democrats have been crowing about of $15 or the $10.10, I’ll bet she isn’t. She is likely paying them less at her vineyards than other vineyards.

  104. What do you mean goes? The butt face winch has always been Beserk! And California wonders why they are being punished!

  105. I have watched this video several times and still can’t stop laughing. this old hag has finally lost it. Caught with her jock strap down and lets the real botox babe out of the nut house. Congress should bring charges against her and make them stick. The worst part is that she is only one part of the liberal mind set in the House.

  106. What an embarrassment. You have to ask yourself how does a loon like that get into a position of leadership in the house ???? You can blame the voters of San Fran for sending her there, but her fellow reps made her speaker. What is wrong with them ?? Decisions like that & you wonder why our government is in such a mess ???? I don’t.


    1. She is not even smart enough to be a commie. She is not evil, just seriously misguided by the commies.

  108. Nancy Pelosi didn’t just go berserk, she’s been off her rocker for a very long time. For the House to allow her to run around and chase another Congressman is just another embarrassment to this country. She has no intelligence, she has no class and she is just one of the pack who has stole from this country and is now selling it down the river for her own benefit. She and all those like her in Washington, no matter from what part of the country need to be taken out with the trash in November. Keep this picture emblazoned in your mind when you vote in November.

    1. Plus she is very rich. Check out her amendment to exempt US Territories from minimum wage, as her husband has plantations on some of them.

  109. Want to fix future border problems? End the failed big government war on drugs and repeal CAFTA and NAFTA. Those crappy trade agreements obviously have not helped the people of Central America and Mexico.

    1. Wrong.’

      ending the before victory is absurd. what should be done is win. which is not the goal. if it were, cartels would be targeted directly by US forces.

      Trade agreements are bad how?

    2. You come off like an enemy of America since you want to continue a failed and unconstitutional war against US citizens. Obviously you’re not part of the tea party since you support the failed big government war on drugs. Most Americans are sick of the war on drugs. How do you plan to sway popular opinion towards your anti American and tyrannical point of view? You can’t.

      >>Trade agreements are bad how?<<

      Look at the current border problem. If CAFTA was meant to help the people of Central America, then it's obviously not working.

      The tea party should be on the lookout for big government GOP establishment people such as this guy. He's no friend of the tea party since he supports the big government war on drugs and failed trade agreements that were written by unpatriotic corporate lobbyists.

    3. Damn, this is the 2nd time I had to post this. The admins are doing a lousy job and not allowing honest debate.

      >>Trade agreements are bad how?<<

      Have you not paid attention to the border crisis. How could CAFTA be good for the people of Central America when so many of them are trying to migrate here?

      You may think trade agreements are good because they boost corporate profits, but no one can say how they have benefited the average citizen of any country who has these agreements.

      Regarding your support of the drug war, Obviously you're an enemy of America since you want to continue a war on US citizens. Even Americans who don't use drugs can sometimes get harassed by overzealous cops. If you think it's absurd to end the failed war on drugs then obviously you're not on the side of the American people. I'm sure you also put yourself at odds with many in the tea party since you support such a failed big government policy.

      Plus, the PEOPLE VOTED to make weed legal in many states. Do you wish to override the will of the people like they do in a dictatorship? That's not the American way. The people have voted to end the war on drugs because both parties have failed the American people.

    4. Obviously you’re a big government tyrant to support a war waged on the American people. Even non drug users can be abused by overzealous cops. By supporting the failed war on drugs, you support future border crisis’s.

      Do you even have to ask how trade agreements are bad? How can anyone say CAFTA has benefited the people of Central America with this recent border crisis?

  110. Go Nancy!! I hope she ripped his balls off. Jebus on a stick, I may move to California just so I can vote for her.

  111. i hope the Democraps are happy with their leaders, they sure make the Democrap party look like sheiße

  112. You cannot reprimand some one who is mentally incompetent. That must be why she is still there. She started acting strange quite a while back but every one has been looking the other way on purpose. I guess because they want all the others to look the other way when they get senile in office.

  113. As “awakened” CA democrat who’s seen and witnessed the unparalleled destruction wrought by my former party upon the Working Californian, The American Worker, The Students of California, I say that Pelosi is insane, a vicous political operative, whose amorality was opened to public scurtiny by the Congressman. That’s why she and all “liberals” I encounter cannot speak rationally, since they are commiting crimes against our children, our grandchildren, and our ancestors, as well as to America (which apparently they care nothing for).

    Pelosi is not a Californian anyway. She’s from a political dynasty back in the corrupt North East, Deleware or Mayland, somewhere very NON-Californian!

    I’m not so much a Michael Savage fan, but he’s right that “liberalism is a mental disease”.

  114. Pelosi gives new meaning to the word “stupid.” The sad thing is people vote her into office. That speaks loud and clear as to her quality of constituents.

  115. When are they finally going to put this insane witch in a straight jacket and throw her in a rubber room where she belongs.

  116. Why are people in CA so stupid that they keep electing this useless POS to office? She is deranged and a total embarrassment to the entire nation and should be removed from office any way possible.

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  118. Classic Wicked Witch of the West pose there, “I’ll get you, my pretty! And your little dog too!” Except it’s our country she’s trying to get.

  119. There is a nifty zoo in Washington, DC. Is it possible that a special wing of the zoo be set aside for certain congressional members and liberal progressive politicians? Clearly MS Pelosi belongs in some sort of confined area and why not charge admission for the people who would like to see a derange semi human specimen. What a treat to load up the kids and take them to see a real zoo, just think of the possibilities!

  120. You idiots …he told outright lies and she confronted him ….Geezuz…what a bunch of frigging idiots!

    1. Read the post I left you below and please seek some sort of mental help now before it’s too late. I this sort of mental illness is treated soon you might have a chance. But I will be honest with you. Your ignorance is hard to cure.

    2. Absolutely true. That’s why she was pissed. Do some research before inserting foot in mouth.

  121. Piglosi makes Stupid Joe Biden appear intelligent.
    BUT, Dumbie Wasserman Schultz has them all beat; as she is batsh*t crazy.
    The problem is that the Dumb-as-craps think that we the people are as intellectually challenged as are they.

  122. Because of the fragility of a Pelosi ego, anything that threatens it is intolerable and provokes rage. So most liberals like her can be summarized in one sentence: “How DARE anybody question what I believe!”. Rage and abuse substitute for an appeal to facts and reason.

  123. I think pelosi should take a long, hard look at herself — maybe then she’ll realize that the American people find her insignificant and totally irrevalent to anything, or for that matter, everything. She is nothing more that a pompous rich bitch that has taken advantage of her situation for years, like so many others in washington and as far as I’m concerned — HER TIME IS OVER. Go back to san fran and aggrevate the lefties that put this poor, pathetic old women back into the political scene. Step down and let some of the younger, more intelligent newcomers take over —- cause
    GUESS WHAT?????….people like you, who have been there forever — YOU AIn’t getting the job done.

  124. She’s a friggin’ LOON! This “woman” seems to think the world is all about her… at least OUR house of representatives that she’s somehow managed to get elected and re-elected to all of these long, long years. She’s a walking, talking (well, squealing) top shelf example of why we need term limits. TERM LIMITS nullifies bad participants eventually. She needs to just go away. Do the honorable thing pelosi… do what that lapdog barney franks did… just go away.

  125. He should have broken her back. You can’t talk to democrats – you can only kill and maim them

  126. Nancy Pelosi is a DANGEROUS woman! She needs to be locked up in the insane asylum ASAP! She raves & rants like a qualified lunatic! Come on California, have some guts & vote this evil woman Socialist OUT in November!

  127. If “nucking futs” needed a definition in the dictionary, it would probably say “See Nancy Pelosi”

  128. Callforica and New jerks are the two worst states run by nothing but looney toons democrats calling themselves “PROGRESSIVES” you call this PROGRESS?


  130. Pelosi’s district needs to bring her home and give her her meds regularly. She’s not taking them as prescribed. She’s REALLY going to lose it in NOV.

  131. I hope they are screening Pelosi for firearms, after all those mass killing have been at the hands of deranged democrats…..

  132. She surely is a nut, this only proves it more and she needs to be put out to pasture along with reid

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  134. She is bat-chit crazy. Stark raving mad. I seriously don’t know how she ever became a member of congress. I cannot wrap my brain around what in God’s name these people are thinking when they go to the voting booth. I also thank God I don’t have that same crazed mindset. If I did understand it I would be one of them and I sure as heck don’t want that. Or it’s voter fraud plain and simple. I kind of hope it’s the latter. It send chills up and down my spine thinking there are people in CA running loose that support this insanity. I can maybe understand to this point but beyond now-if she somehow manages to be re-elected I would suggest that folks in that neck of the woods either move out or at least make sure you lock your doors and windows at all times.

  135. Being chased by old Nancy. That could give you post traumatic stress syndrome. You could have flashbacks for the rest of your life!

  136. Let’s face it. Pelosi is a true nut case. She’s insane. She’s lost it. Watch her on TV sometime and listen to the neurotic answers she gives. Listen to her reasoning. She needs serious medication and treatment. She’s completely unfit for office.

  137. She, Harry Reid and a number of select others in the Congress and the Senate has exhibited signs of mental challenges for too many years and decided that since these people have found a way to finagle millions of dollars for their families not even their children are willing to take the initiative to get their family members medical help. These people haven’t talked nor understood simple basic common sense for too long forgetting they are to serve the sovereignty and Constitution of the American people not Mexico, Guatemala, etc.

  138. Illegal aliens appear to have become a large enough voting bloc that politicians feel a need to cater to them, often in deference to legal citizens.

  139. This crazy woman has over 100 million dollars and her partner in crime, Harry Reid lives in the Ritz Carlton in Washington and owns casinos and hotels in Nevada. They are truly dangerous and constantly lie to the American people and it amazes me that either could have so much power in the senate since they both seem senile and stupid. They live in their own worlds and care nothing for hard working American families. I pray they lose their seats before American is lost.

  140. Hey Nancy, some where some old folks home is missing their idiot, will Nancy please report to ward looney toons, we have a nice padded room and a clean white jacket just for you, you dizzy b^&%*.

  141. $9­­­­­­­­­7­­­­­­­­­/­­­­­­­­­h­­­­­­­­­r­­­­­­­ ­re­c­ei­vei­ng­­­­<-­ b­­­y G­­­­­­­­­o­­o­­­g­­­­­­­­­l­­e­­­­­­­­­,I­ am ­­­­­­­­­m­­ak­­i­n­g ­­­­­­­­­a ­­­­­­­­­go­­od ­­­­­­­­­sa­­la­­ry ­­­­­­­­­fr­­­om ­­­­­­­­­h­­o­­m­e ­­­­­­­­­$­­5­5­0­0­­­­­­­­­-­­­­­­­­­$­­70­0­0/w­­e­e­k ­­­­­­­­­,Last Wednesday I got a brand new BMW since getting a check for $6474 this – 4 weeks past. I began this 8-months ago and immediately was bringing home at least $97 per hour. I work through this link, go to tech tab for work detail


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  142. It’s glaringly apparent by her statements on immigration that young Nancy wants to turn this into a third world country. She has just done her part to demonstrate that two thirds of California’s voters are already living in one


  144. Would have been a good time to use the stand your ground defense and put that mad cow down.

  145. At least she’ll still fight to save ‘face’ (ugh)… THEY SURE HATE it when they get EXPOSED… for the TRUE LIARS… THEY ARE!!

  146. She has clearly lost it! I’m not sure she ever HAD it, but it is clearly gone. If there ever were a person who could be correctly described as a left-wing dingbat, it is she!

  147. People need to get out and vote. Sitting in your chair watching the world go by won’t cut it. We might not get rid of Pelosi, or the horrible Shiela Jackson Lee because of the districts but we could turn the tide against the socialist agenda perpetrated by these fools.