Actor James Woods Asks a Question About Pelosi That Many Are Likely Wondering

Nancy Pelosi
Actor James Woods is no stranger to political tweets. He has been quite vocal in the past of his criticism of Barack Obama and other far-left progressives.

But, following Nancy Pelosi’s strange behavior on the House floor, during which time she broke decorum and interrupted Republican Rep. Tom Marino before chasing him around the floor, Woods tweeted concern for Pelosi. The outburst was so outrageous that he questioned her mental sanity.

James Woods Tweet
Woods may not be alone in pondering whether Pelosi has a mental issue. Pelosi’s fellow Democrat, Rep. Nita Lowey, uttered an incredulous “What is she doing” while witnessing Pelosi’s bizarre antics.

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  1. It’s a clear sign of a libtard realizing that they are failing miserably….and of course, dementia. In the background, is the clear evidence of CHRONIC DENIAL of reality.

    This is what happens when they have to face reality…

    1. Well said Scott the chronic denial of reality. that could be the definition of dementia, or Nancy Pelosi.

    2. Sad thing is I still know 2 who are die-hard supporters they honestly believe everything he is doing is for the good of the country. You cannot reason with these people, it’s almost scary how blindly the follow Ovomit.

    3. Stolin, Mao, Hitler, Castro, all thought they were doing what was good for the country and had their menions so does Obama.

    4. For the good of his country, if you mean the Islamic countries– not the U.S. The fraud that he has pulled off says it all.

    5. Yes, it IS frightening!!! I read a report that was written by a German who was there during the rise of Hitler. She made VERY MANY comparisons of the blind devotion that, both, Hitler + bamy-boy received. It was, kind of, scary reading it and realizing the similarities.

  2. All that Botox, long with advancing age, has gotten to her. Of course, she never had much wattage to begin with.

    1. Combine All that with the Disease of liberalism itself…and there you have it !! case solved

    2. Progressives…they are the true marxists…..and obama, pelosi, Reid, Hillary….are all in this category.

    1. A long long time ago in a land far far away there was a lovely sane little girl named Nancy Palocie NAW JUST KIDDING.

    1. After all, Harry Reid does seem to think Clarence Thomas is white… my state sincerely apologizes for the liberals who voted for him. In our defense, it wouldn’t surprise me if California people stormed over here to assist in that. I’ve met few fellow Nevadan’s who will admit to voting for him.

    2. …hey now, I LIVE in Las Vegas…actually a fairly nice place, as long as Hairy Weed isn’t visiting…

    3. Unfortunately I have met people who voted for BO and they are usually 3 fries short of a happy meal and need mental help.

    4. We’ve got our own out here in Commiefornia Josh so no need to apolgize. Feinstein, Boxer and Pelosi.

    5. And she supports Sharia Law . . caught on tape in 2012 at Muslim Seminar espousing her support for Sharia law. . .can’t make this stuff up.

    6. As a woman she must want to be treated like a dog or piece of trash. Eventually if these fools get their way and enact Shariah laws into this country they will finally get their just deserves. They will have to live under it as well, no one is immune. That’s why you have to question what is wrong with Liberal brains, do they really want a world/country so screwed up for their children or grandchildren to have to live in. They seem to either not care or they think somehow they are outside the reach o these laws.

    7. You’re right Earl. It’s heartbreaking to say I’m in Calif. If you don’t live in S.F. or L.A. you may as well not vote. Nor Cal is talking about becoming their own smaller states. Something has to change. And how did moonbeam ever get elected AGAIN?? Oh, S.F. and L.A.—I forgot.

    8. I believe that the elections are rigged. When I lived in Nevada, the machines I voted on were pre-selected for Reid. I had to press the button several times to get it to change.

    9. Of course they are. Why you think they strike down every voter ID law in every state? Not only are the Liberals vote fraud cheating dirt bags, but they use fake polls to get us to accept another piece of crap that nobody liked won. We have to make a stand or They WILL vote fraud they evil murderous Clinton witch in. A MSN poll a few months ago said she gained 17% approval?!?!?! She must not have eaten any small children in public that week. They are prepping to steal the presidency again. People, we HAVE to make a stand, or we’re screwed.

    10. In the State of Ohio, we do have to show identification… Active Driver’s license, active state ID, active military ID, utility bill. Those are the accepted forms. You also have to sign your name in the presence of a voting official, if you have never voted, you have to fill out a registration form, and then use a manual vote… Even if you’re registered, but insist on voting outside your district, you have to file a manual vote. If you walk up to the table for a manual vote without notification from the sign in desk, then you’re sent back to the sign in desk.

      All desks & tables have 1 dem & 1 rep at each location. Not allowed to wear anything about a particular party, law, etc or even tell someone your preference.

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    12. You sound like a dyslexic mental patient who dropped out in the 5th grade! You can’t compose a sentence grammatically correct and you expect us to believe that you’re making $97/hr?

    13. @ Ken…. What are you taking about? I was reading through these comments and yours surprised me because it didn’t seem to fit in. Did I miss something?

    14. Yes, you missed MichelleSBarksdale’s troll comment, about making easy money from home. More trash, taking up space on a comments’ page.

    15. Oh ok, I thought maybe there was something I’d missed… Actually glad it was deleted so I wouldn’t have to read that sort of thing. Thanks guys!

    16. maybe the web masters finally got the message to get rid of these bs advertisement. I’ve been flagging every time I see one but in the past, nothing seems to happen.

    17. Tomorrow it will be the same ad with a different name attached to it coming from a different diposable email address. Funny with all this alleged anti spam technology they can’t pick this crap up.

    18. Doesn’t matter. You can be POTUS without being a citizen or knowing how many states we have.

    19. You are obviously confusing President Obama with President George W. Bush, who was inept and probably didn’t know how many states we have. Both are citizens and the mindless lies circulated in these circles have been refuted time and again. W was much more inept in most every way and his presidency shows just how one can be POTUS with a loaded Supreme Court on his side.

    20. LOL. Still dragging Bush into things?! I know – Pelosi’s meltdown is Bush’s fault!!

      Typical lib ploy – when you’re losing the argument, change the subject. You’ve learned Saul Alinsky’s tactics well.

    21. We are seeing the results of the Cheney/W “policies” in many ways, and the collapse of the latest propped up dictator Malaki in Iraq is but one example of their inept rule at the behest of the Neocons and the oil cartels. The real experts and government officials who are not politically subservient warned exactly of these consequences. I know you folks on the right have limited attention spans and little grasp of history, but these cause/effect cycles go beyond a legislative session. Personally I am no fan of Pelosi, but her antics are no more bizarre than Boehner and all the sanctimonious nuts on the right. Perhaps Dan Issa can throw some more fits and tantrums and waste some more millions in his witch hunt.

    22. you speak of history. tell me. how did the jews like socialism in germany? why do you support it now? be careful i know my history.

    23. How do the Palestinian civilians in Gaza like Zionism? To refer to the Third Reich, which was really fascistic, and supported by many “conservatives” with zero concern for the plight of the European Jews, as being “socialist” is a bit of a reach. BTW socialist inspired policy is a part of many aspects of our government, including our military, even though we live in a capitalist state. What is your question and what is its relevance?

    24. Yes, they were people like you who believed what was told to them as truth until it was too late. Then there was nothing they could do unless they wanted to die. Don’t be a fool.

    25. Cheney and his company made over 35 billion dollars on Iraq, which was based on lies and then they couldn’t even get the occupation right. He is a war criminal, like George W. Bush, who is not free, like Henry Kissinger, to even visit allied nations. “Obummer” may not be perfect, but he is not a complete buffoon as was “W,” the “Decider.”

    26. Or you could admit that we are far worse off after 8 years of Obama than we were after 8 years of Bush. It’s pretty easy, the country’s in a downward spiral.

    27. Finally, an intelligent question in this forum. I think that cause and effect sometimes goes longer than our 8 year, double term, election mind set Michael. I have little faith in the economic policies of either presidents as they were/are subservient to big banks and corporate special interests. W initiated Tarp 1 and Obama Tarp 2, and I cannot even know for certain if it saved us from total chaos; neither can any of the economic experts. Who knows? We enjoyed great prosperity under Reagan for which Carter was blamed, yet he balanced the budget and Reagan borrowed massive amounts of money and grew the Fed larger than any other of his predecessors; and we still carry much of that debt as well as that incurred under W. If we are far worse, it certainly is not totally the fault of Obama. We have, in my opinion, been in a downward spiral for a long time with both parties.

    28. Bla, bla bla, I’m a parrot and I say whatever my master tells me to say. Is that what you are? Your rhetoric definitely point in that direction. Some people don’t care what damage is done as long as they keep getting their food stamps. Is that you? If you can’t see where our country is going because of this administration you are a fool.

    29. Who is your master? Food stamps is a drop in the bucket compared to the corporate welfare; and corruption and fraud with our military industrial complex you support. I am a patriot and you are the parrot.

    30. SelrahcNosrenda. You are one to talk. Typical Libtard only looking at the small details rather than the whole picture. I personally have served in Iraq and Afghanistan.I have seen first hand what caused the fall of Iraq. as abstract as the truth is to your type, it was the fact we pulled everyone out to quickly and that created a huge void. The Vacume effect. All for the current administration political agenda . As a Federal Immigration officer we see the fact that the penned in Dreamers act is what caused the current influx that has slowly grown to what it Is now over three years. You and your fellow Bush bashing, race crying, excuse making liberals is the reason this country is going down the drain. Quit getting you so called facts from MSNBC or the news in general and look up the facts. Talk to those have been there and seen it first hand. Quit trying to call people out on what you really do not know for fact.

    31. Thank you for your service to our nation Larry, but in your insulting depiction of me as a “Typical Libtard only looking at the small details rather than the whole picture” statement lies your own refutal on what you erroneously refer to as the failed tactic (not strategy) of pulling out of Iraq too soon. Perhaps true in the short term but George W. Bush and his clown administration never had any long term strategy in their inept occupation other than the oil contracts which were eventually awarded. I know plenty of people who were there and I grew up in a military family; I get my news from a number of reliable sources instead of FOX “News,” which is just mindless propaganda for the most part. With respect to your comments on immigration, your theory on the influx of illegals on solely the result of the Dreamers act is bogus. The “war on drugs,” extreme poverty in nations down south and ongoing GOP intransigence on passing comprehensive immigration reform because of playing political games, are all reasons for the massive influx. Your politicians want to punish children and blame them for their own failures. I would also add that you right wing extremists are definitely more complicit in our nation’s downfall. I guess that I know just about as much as you or anybody in these matters, and you have only offered opinions. Even my buddies and family in Vietnam who were combatants admitted that they were not experts on the policies and decisions; which were valid or not, until many years after when the true history was revealed. Curious about your striped badge. Is that your statement about patriotism or something?

    32. Please pay attention, Dan Issa is not in Congress – try Darrell.
      and Barack Obama is the POTUS and Harry Reid is in the Senate…
      Please, please follow the story..

    33. Representative Dan Issa, (CA-49) most certainly is in the Congress, or he would not be able to chair a congressional committee wasting the taxpayers’ money on the Benghazi witch hunt. You, as most here in this “forum,” are unable to follow any story other than propaganda from FOX “News.” Please, pay attention yourself.

    34. Like I said in my post, his name is Darrel Issa, not Dan. Please, Please use the name that belongs to the person, otherwise you sound like some liberal moron…..

    35. My mistake al003. You are correct, and I stand corrected. I certainly do not want to sound like many of the morons here.

    36. I agree with you Sandra that many of the expenses are absurd, especially remembering his trip to France a few years past with chefs, physicians (they have a better health care system than we do!), helicopters and multiple limos etc. But guess what, the ALL do this. As far as vacations, George W. Bush sets the all time record for dereliction of duty, just like when he went AWOL from his cozy Air National Guard post (which his family got him to avoid Vietnam) in Alabama. Ronald Reagan was persistently on vacation. His vacation tab was high, although he was supposedly so fiscally conservative as he grew our federal government in a huge way; most of our debt we now have is attributed to George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan.

    37. As apple pie. How about you Joe, with that Italian name you might be a foreigner in disguise. You know, like the president! It is quite apparent that YOU and most of the lunatics posting here are the demented ones.

    38. I guess when you can’t win an argument you have to revert to name calling and blame it on Bush. How sad is that? I guess Joe should be questioning you about your name. It sure doesn’t sound American. Oh, and it was Obama who said when he was running the first time that he had visited almost all of the “57″ states. I guess you have a very selected memory. It was all over the news. At least we know what Bush’s IQ is but Obama has ALL of his records hidden. Hmmm, I wonder why?

    39. Your grasp of the issues is astounding and I guess you got “Barrie” on his gaffe on 57 states. You birthers will just not give it up, but rest assured that in the real world outside of this lunatic asylum the facts have been verified and he WAS born in America, he is not a Muslim and his policies are quite similar to Ronald Reagan. Wow. Obviously not good grammar for gramma_d. (….very SELECTIVE memory). Note the correction in upper cases. BTW how would anyone know about YOUR name given that you have it hidden as well? I think Joe is an Italian spy whose people were with Mussolini, but don’t tell anybody~

    40. you really are quite the liberal standard bearer aren’t you? the 57 states issue has to do with the 57 Islamic states, not the USA. But of course, he is not a Muslim. I do not have to be a spy to deduce you are just trying to stir up folks. Wont work here, pal. Divert attention away from the facts. Liberal policy since Wilson. Obama needs to take the honorable way out and resign like Nixon did about 40 years ago.

    41. Your accusations are based lies, although I did not know to what you referred with the 57 states. To infer that our president is more loyal to these Islamic states than our nation is nothing short of sedition. Credible sources have refuted all the nonsensical “birther” conspiracy theories in this matter, but you and your idiot participants on this thread offer nothing but repeated propaganda on the matter. I am exercising my right to engage on this site to try and set the record straight, but given the lunatic responses from you and most here it is quite clear to me we are in a great deal of trouble; and not because of liberal standard bearers. There is no basis for any impeachment proceedings against President Obama, unlike Richard Nixon, so there is no reason for him to resign. Get over the fact that he was elected and the nerve you and your devout right wing fanatics have to impugn his integrity after leashing the incompetent, corrupt and boring Little King George W. on us for 8 years. Go back to reading Mein Kampf and leave me alone.

    42. Actions speak louder than words. And his actions have been speaking quite loudly lately. You suggest they go back to reading Mein Kampf hoping they will go read it. Fool we aren’t sheep like you.

    43. I made the derisive remark to suggest that the right wing extremism, intolerance and other attitudes exhibited in this “Tea Party” realm are much more nearly politically aligned with fascism even as you all ascribe it to the president and his mainstream Democratic party agenda. We were saved by FDR and Harry Truman and if you look throughout our history, most of the nonsense occurred under Republican presidents. If you really look back to history, Prescott Bush (W’s grandfather) was Hitler’s banker in North America with The Union Bank and Henry Ford, Charles Lindbergh and many “conservatives” were sympathetic to Germany and even in agreement on the Jews until Hitler went too far and forced us into war. Who is the “fool” here differentlydriven?

    44. To say that obama isn’t muslim is disillusioned! Why else would he CHANGE HIS NAME to barack hussein obama? But he is most definitely a liar!

    45. If you ever read any credible sources you would know his father, whom he never knew as his mother was abandoned, was a Muslim. He is not more of a liar than any of them, including “the decider.” He was a real liar but mostly just a moron.

    46. I bet he came here legally like my family did IF he really is Italian. Better then those coming across the boarder now to vote with gods blessings from Obama

    47. Seriously, anyone with a name like yours is not an original. And if you came here the right way your rhetoric would be different. You are a mole, a plant, a troll, a liar, a scab, all the things American’s despise.

    48. You are a liar and to characterize me as “all things Americans (NOT …n’s which denotes possessive, but most of what I see denotes illiteracy) despise” is own outrageous statement, and your intolerance, racism and ignorance is truly unAmerican in every way. You are not showing your full name either, now are you? My statements are my opinions based on facts, yours are hysterical rhetoric. It is also amusing you mention “scab” as you outraged “conservatives” have dismantled our nation’s trade unions for decades. Get an education, and get out of my comments if you have nothing intelligent to offer.

    49. My people have been here hundreds of years, real patriots and solid citizens. It is not for you to question my status stonermike. Who do you think you are?

    50. My people came over in 1640, and Im a defender of the US Constitution and you cannot have the beliefs you espouse and care about the continued freedom of Americans! Marxism and obammi should be criminalized !

    51. Obama like W.,Clinton, Reagan and Carter are all capitalists. Obama and Clinton are pro banking, which should concern you more. But you obviously wouldn’t know any of the real history, given your comments. This country was founded on the notion of many political parties, which you should also research. Please save me from you constitutional experts.

    52. Charles Anderson… you’re an idiot. I’d think you wouldn’t be so proud of it, but apparently you are, judging by the way you show it off so much..Go do your Socialist Workers Party trolling someplace else.

    53. I think you deserve the title you ascribe to me. No trolling. Just amused by this website and just how illiterate and uninformed are most of you posters. I am an avowed capitalist, although I do not think we have any semblance of a free market type of capitalism that we should. You and your ilk are stooges for the oligarchy and slaves to the fascists who have captivated you. I am not trolling, just telling it like it is. I will post wherever I please.

    54. Why don’t you leave the country Nancy Carver? I have every right to be here and express my views; real American values, or have you lunatics forgotten this in your version of “patriotism?” My views are perfectly legitimate and mainstream. I have a right to have a difference of opinion and legally engage in any discussions. Karl Rove and such scum questioned the patriotism of those who disagreed with the W./Cheney/Neocon policies and it turns out we were right on Iraq! Darth Vader VP’s businesses made over 35 billion on the war; he is a war profiteer and criminal and maybe W as well. Why don’t THEY leave the country? Oh, they can’t. They would be arrested in some nations.

    55. I am a patriot and I know how to spell the words in the photo. Apparently many of you do not. This is a sign from Tea Party enthusiasts.

    56. Never utter Obama’s name in conjunction with Reagan he could never fit his shoes let alone be compared to him. They totally different Presidents Reagan loved his country and defended unerringly while Obama hates America and does anything to undermine it. His actions are clear.

    57. I question your status too Charles Anderson you backwards liberal BO believing turd! Stop with the lies & BS.

    58. The only lies and BS I see are here on this TPNN site. Nothing wrong with being a liberal or a conservative, if one can intelligently grasp basic events and formulate ideas without insulting others. There is nothing wrong with PRESIDENT OBAMA other than the garbage disguised as facts you idiots hurl around here. If you have a point to make, then make it and stop with name calling. I can call names back.

    59. selrabcnosradna “Nothing is wrong with Obama..” I don’t even know where to begin. The Extremist Islamic State is about to be a reality with Obama as president. I read he was offered a deal to continue to have a real presence in IRAQ and he turned it down. Karsi (or whatever his name is) was ridiculed for being “weak”. When O came back recently with his offer, Karsi said NO, and upped the ante. Obama is an amateur. The world is a mess and he raises money and plays golf. When he talks it is in sound bites and he NEVER takes blame for anything. Bush said, many times, “this didn’t work” or “we screwed up”. I’M NO FAN OF BUSH and GOD FORBID, Jeb Bush runs, but you are blind. I’M more intelligent than BUSH AND OBAMA (and probably many commenting here).

    60. You can say what you want about Bush, but it was OBAMA who didn’t know how many states there were.

    61. Exactly. I have many criticisms of the president but am unable to engage when people offer irrational statements about him based on lies. If the Tea Party really wanted to make any headway they would acknowledge the mistakes of the past, and then move on with legitimate criticisms instead of the “birthed and Muslim” nonsense. There is much for which he needs to answer; but his actions are no more egregious than those of George W. Bush. They are quite alike in many ways if one really looks into it; and the big banks and corporations capitalize on this as they have us all arguing with each other over nonsense. Thank you for your civil reply.

    62. think its where you are in life . I am old, alone and can not afford the normal bills in life any more. I keep thinking what will it be for my grandchildren if this country keeps taxing the working middle class into debt as it did me and what about health care unaffordable for most people who then are told they don’t qualify for Obama care or county care? crippled fingers make it hard to type so now just go ahead and tell me how dumb I a m at typing etc etc

    63. You are not alone Nancy, but to blame the outrageous healthcare costs on the ACA is not fair. It has been doomed for a long time. The GOP attempts to sabotage it by not expanding Medicaid in states with GOP governors who refused to run their own exchanges is to blame, not the ACA. The ACA (Obamacare) was partially created by the Republicans before they decided to use it politically and attempt to destroy it. At any rate, we are the only developed nation in the world paying so much and for such limited coverage for our working people. The destruction of the middle class is, in my opinion, solely on the Republicans as they have never been the party for anyone except the rich. Sorry if I insulted you, but I have been assaulted and insulted here these past two days. I and most people I know want what is best for our nation but the difference is that in the old days we could agree to disagree and nobody took it so personally. Good luck with your grandchildren, as I fear for mine as well.

    64. UNBELIEVABLE! Democrats are RICHER than Republicans and give less to charity. WHO ARE THESE Democrats who are poor and give and care???? YOU ARE SO DUPED! “I’m sorry if that insults you?” NO YOU ARE NOT. THE ACA IS CRAP. REPUBLICANS DIDN’T DO IT, THE HERITAGE FOUNDATION HAD SOME IDEAS WITH MUCH MORE FREE MARKET IN IT – CERTAINLY NOT 26,000 PAGES. STOP WITH YOUR LIES….

    65. Ah, Obama was the one who said he already visited 56 states. Hello! Who told you Bush does not know how many states we have. You definitely are one of those low information voters. Pay attention.

    66. Obviously, you have had your head UNDER the woodpile. Mr. OVomit made the claim in a public address about how many states he had visited and HE had the number wrong. Guess when you make your own laws you can change the number of states in the US at your whim.

    67. All presidents make gaffes always speaking in public; if you want to compare George W. Bush to Barack Obama and put some money on it, I would take you up on it. BTW the POTUS is not making his own laws; this is campaign propaganda from the GOP. The House GOP has blocked most all legislation to play partisan political games. His use of Executive Privilege (which is what I assume you mean without any more description than you offer) has been used far less than any of the previous ones! Talk about changing laws, look back to Ronald Reagan.

    68. THE House has sent over 300 signed bills (MANY bipartisan) to the Senate and Harry Reid sits on them. OBAMA IS RADICALLY CHANGING LAWS – THE SUPREME COURT HAS SAID SO 12 TIMES. You are wasting all of our time – that’s why you are here, isn’t it? You are really in China somewhere or? Paid to waste my time. Goodbye, idiot.

    69. Obviously, you have had your head UNDER the woodpile. Mr. OVomit made the claim in a public address about how many states he had visited and HE had the number wrong. Guess when you make your own laws you can change the number of states in the US at your whim.

    70. Why is it that all who support obama bring up past presidents to refute a claim ?? How about sighting accomplishments of obama ? Why do supporters think the argument of the short comings of past leaders will validate the actions of this administration ?

      As all of America was taught in the sixties, never judge a person on color, race, creed, religion or the acts of others, judge a person based on their own actions ! What happened to that basic concept ? Is it no longer an American belief ? I do not support every action of past presidents, But I will not judge this administration or any other based on those failings I feel our past presidents commited! SOoooo, that being said, lets look at some facts of this administration. Our current commander and chief has accumulated just a touch more national debt in four years than it took 9 years previously. Using billions of dollars as a base, mostly because I can’t really wrap my head around a trillion, and to make it easier to calculate. So if you demand to use trillions please do so. if not just add a few decimal places to my numbers and I think you will be in the ball park.To pay our debt of four hundred plus billion dollars that was accumulated by this administration within the last four years, in two decades, every man, woman and child will have to pay 65.00 per month ! that is based on a gross american population of three hundred and ten million people. All of which must pay that sum monthly. now taking into account that only about two thirds of this population are working and paying taxes, you can easily see that monthly payment goes up sharply !! So, once again, it’s time to ask What are we really leaving our children ? I can tell you, At the current rate of debt accumulation we are leaving them with a crushing nation debt that will take generations to pay off, if it is even possible at this time. If all americans don’t stop thinking only of themselves and the here and now, our gift to our children and grand children for generations is a third world america and endentured service for every one of them. It’s time to do the right thing based on common sense and rational thought, no longer can we afford to live and vote on the basis of ideological theories or beliefs. So please, lets all become mature american patriots that are truely concerned with the lives of each and every american and the economic strength of our country for the next generation and those that follow.

    71. I am an Independent voter with a conservative bent. While I did not agree with everything W did, I’d give my right arm, right now, to have him back. I didn’t vote for Obama but he was elected and I was prepared to support him. However, he has proven to be a total disgrace as President and his wife is a total goldbrick! Obama has proven both by his actions and inactions that he is a lying, inept, and very dangerous leader. I want him impeached so he will have to leave office immediately and be denied further compensation of any kind from American taxpayers both now and in the future.

    72. Nothing wrong with reasoned conservatism, and I am also so in so many ways including our nation’s fiscal policies. The assumption in this forum is that everyone is thinking one way if in disagreement. Yet Barry Goldwater even stated toward the end of his life that he would have nothing to do with the Republican party as it was evolving into a right wing, extremist and intolerant political institution. I cannot change your opinion on Pres. Obama and I also have problems with some of his actions, or inaction, but to suggest that there are grounds for impeachment is a reach. The real grounds for impeachment were legitimate for George W. Bush, who was swept into office by fraud in Florida; selected by the Supreme Court and his lies and unconstitutional behavior mired us down into Iraq where we created much of the scenarios there now with his inept occupation. His economic policies allowed Wall Street speculators to almost destroy our very capitalist system itself with total deregulation as he is responsible directly for the great recession, not our current president. The House GOP and Republicans in the Senate have obstructed ANY legislation offered from the Democrats because of this insane preoccupation with the president you folks have and defeating anything he can offer; real and vital bills for our economic security; just to not allow any victory for him. Total obstructionism which even threatens our national defense. Yet you are so outraged now but you weren’t then with W?

    73. Ad Hominem attack; this is the charge of the unethical when they have no rational argument – they attack the person, not the issue.

    74. Uh Oh, I think you just qualified yourself to run as a democrat candidate for any office. Watch out they might draft you.

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    76. If you put your cursor on the post, a flag will come up on the right side of the post. Click that and report it as inappropriate. Don’t know if it will help stop this, but it can’t hurt.

    77. I do it every time I see the same spam post, but it’s always there on the next thread. I don’t think it makes a difference, but it makes me feel better.

    78. Why are there always 4 “likes” after this spam post? Getting friends to vote you up? I can’t believe ANYONE likes this post.

    79. That is right as we all know what this open border philosophy is all about..And look at the states that issue drivers licences to illegals? That is pathetic stuff.

    80. Nevada does even though when I moved here, I had to produce a birth certificate or passport and I am a natural born US citizen. I wonder if illegal aliens have to do that?

    81. No, they don’t. All they have to show is a green card. They don’t even have to be citizens, but we do. Now how wrong is that? I experienced this in Tennessee. Had to show my birth certificate. I asked her what if I was Hispanic and she told me they only have to show a green card. I was hot.

    82. No David they can not, vote because I used to have a green card before I became a citizen and could not vote
      or be on a jury.

    83. They cannot vote in federal elections but state level and lower and it depends on the state law.

    84. And how long ago did you become a citizen? This has mostly happened since 2008, when the Ofuzznutz election started most of it.

    85. Not in California can they vote with a green card, Other states I do not know because I do not live there. If they do they are breaking the law,

    86. The problem is that they broke the law to come here so what would be the big deal to someone like that to break the law again and vote? When I moved to California in 1999 I went to get my driver’s license and on the way in to get it I was asked if I wanted to register to vote. I told them I didn’t have ID and they told me I didn’t need ANY ID I just had to certify at the bottom I was eligible to register. They went on the honor system I guess; wouldn’t it be nice if we could depend on the honor system for everything? Sadly, we can’t.

    87. Now you know why California is in the sad shape it is in. I witnessed a guy turned away from being hired because his SS# didn’t match up with his name, only to return the following day with a complete new identity. I’m sure he wasn’t an isolated case.

    88. People actually are wondering why the Democratic party wants open borders and no IDs to vote. Please. Nothing more then a Democratic party membership drive.

    89. The Republicans and Democrats already agreed on comprehensive immigration reform but the GOP refuses to allow ANY legislation in the House to move forward for its partisan political obstructionism. Nobody wants open borders, just a fair policy without harming children. The voter ID thing is a sham; although a good idea the rest of the legislation is just Republican attempts to disenfranchise absentee voters like students and soldiers, the elderly and minorities. The drive is on with the GOP and it is apparent this website is filled with those gullible enough to believe the party gives a hoot about anybody. The Democrats may be imperfect, but they are not nearly so idiotic as the current Tea Baggers in the GOP who think themselves somehow experts on the constitution.

    90. Why do you think they do not want to seal the border? The illegals will all vote for the Democrats. They do not have to show that they are citizens in order to register. In many cases they can show a driver’s license that they can get without being a citizen.

    91. Even in republican administrations they didn’t seal the border. I guess that means it’s the $$$ calling the shots — businesses that want cheap labor.

    92. The union I belong to does not offer cheap labor yet most of its membership is Hispanic that speaks limited English. Hmmm.

    93. That make no sense. Non citizen don’t have to be citizens but citizens do have to be citizens? Did I hear you incorrectly?

    94. This is the kind of thing that should evoke ACTION from people in your state. Flood your Representative and Senators with your complaints about this. Then call your local newspaper and tell them What action you have taken. Get a lot of eyes on it and just maybe we can save our country.

    95. You should get some green paper and make yourself a green card with just an X in the signature block!

    96. Brenda if you only have a green card you can not vote, Before I became an American citizen I had a green card and I could not vote or be on a jury.

    97. Tennessee does not issue drivers licenses to illegal aliens. You have to show proof of citizenship, i. e. birth certificate.

    98. By the way, all the illegals invading our nation as we speak are being shipped to states that need to save their Democrat Senator from being voted out! Tennessee just got a large shipment last week.

    99. Illegal aliens are being allowed to vote in many, many areas, especially those that are ruled by Democrats.

    100. RU serious, that axly happened? That’s ridiculous.

      Moving to New Mexico it took me two months to get a driver’s license bcs they didn’t want to take my state-department issued birth certificate. I had to call my Senator’s office to get them MVD #(*#s to take that document.

    101. I think it would be prudent to let illegals know that we are issuing DLs so that they are easier to identify later so we can send them home. Wouldn’t that be devious of us.

    102. That’s the way it should be, but when conservatives try to explain this position the progressives scream out racism. It’s hard to reason with stupidity.

    103. But Ohio was where the one lady voted absentee then voted at the polls as did the 3 people that lived with her… she was an election worker!!!

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    105. And we, too, have been caught in voter fraud. There has to be a way of fool-proofing the elections. (And I do mean FOOL-proofing.)

    106. I think that is brilliant, if it was scanned into the system at the time you vote, so you can’t drive 2 hours away and vote again.

    107. ALHL, Then you be providing the government with ID for their other purposes. Think about what the NSA is doing with it’s spying on all Americans.

    108. I live in Ohio and the electronic voting machines were rigged for obama ! There were more votes than those that voted % wise and that lady who voted actually 6 times I believe, then only served 8 months for a Federal Crime…..I vote in a small community and pretty much know most of the people who live in that area. We do show a form of I’D even though we know each other.(.I like that) ! We also sign a book ….let’s go back to Paper Ballots !

    109. I agree with you. It seems like most of the trouble is with electronic voting machines. I am certified to register voters now, and I’m going to make sure I take every precaution I can legally (and any other) to register citizens only. I think we do need to go back to paper ballots.

    110. Columbus is also where busloads of non-English speaking Somalis were taken to the early voting polls with “an interpreter”. Somehow I truly doubt that they were US citizens excising their right to vote. As far as I’m concerned, our identifying criteria is useless until photo id’s are required. A utility bill? Really?

    111. I’d be willing to bet that a lot of people complaining about having a photo ID already have one.

    112. Gayle Putt, you know they have a picture Id, how else could they get their food stamps and welfare. You need id for that don’t you? So, they use it for the freebee’s but not to vote. That figures.

    113. Ohio voters have to be registered!
      And I am often a poll worker in Ohio! We cannot ask if they are citizens!! But . . . we can have them vote provisional, if they insist on voting and are not registered!
      If they vote a regular ballot, then the republican poll worker is not doing their job!
      I agree that a utility bill does not guarantee you are the registered voter! I live in a rural area, where we know most of the people in our precinct!
      But last time I voted, we did not even go to our own precinct, we could vote on any machine in the room, and we have at least 10 or so precincts.

    114. We have early voting in FL and I believe that should change. We need one day to go vote and use the absentee ballot if you are going to be out of town. It gives too many crooked people too many opportunities. While they ask for a photo ID, it has been known that people vote more than once.

    115. Something is really wrong if you, as a poll worker, cannot ask if they are registered. WTH is that all about?

    116. So you voted for Obama at least 10 times? Maybe not you, but I’d bet lots of people-guez did.

    117. That’s a collective you, not a personal one. At least 8 people understood that. It’s like we voted for McConnell again, and we can’t vote for Grimes the Obama butt-kisser, so we will have to put him back. At least Ohio had a GOOD alternative to Boehner.

    118. In MN you are allowed to vote, even if you are dead, because it is too hard to get a picture ID. Of course, you need a picture ID to do everything else, but not to vote. Go figure.

    119. MN is a joke. One person can vouch for 25. No I.D. required of the 25. It’s disgusting. What’s worse is if we actually had journalists in the state that did their job reporting the news rather than writing their version of what happened, none of this bs would be going on.

    120. I agree. Last election, a bus load of developmental delayed people were bused to the polls, and voted with the help of one of their caregivers. My rep told me that using a voter ID was already a dead issue. Apparently that meant, at least in his mind, that it can’t be reintroduced to the legislature. MN cities along the MN/ND border are considerably smaller than the ND cities. A few businesses have moved across the river because of the taxes and regulations.
      So, I left, too.

    121. The rules have changed as of this past election. A high school ID and utility bill 30 days or less are now acceptable to get a ballot. Funny. There is no birthdate on the ID nor do we (I am an election judge) have a book showing us what their high school ID looks like.

    122. The rules have changed as of this past election. A high school ID and utility bill 30 days or less are now acceptable to get a ballot. Funny. There is no birthdate on the ID nor do we (I am an election judge) have a book showing us what their high school ID looks like.

    123. I believe the dead folks in MN voted for Al Franken. No one with living brain cells would vote for someone like him.

    124. No kidding. Sadly, liberals only look at the party a candidate belongs to; they don’t bother to check out the person’s qualifications; what they support and what they don’t and won’t support. Dems these days all belong to a party that reminds me of the Nazis when it comes to rubber stamping anything the fearless leader (BO) says. Who would have believed that this would have happened in the USA?

    125. I’m sure he can. He has speech writers. Perhaps he can almost read from a teleprompter. But anyone who listens to him, really listens, and bothers to check his voting record in Congress can see how totally wrong he is for any public office. He is just another BO sycophant. I live in Iowa and see some of the Franken ads. I always mute them. Iowa has it’s share of terrible politicians too. And probably it’s share of dead voters as well.

    126. How did the black poll worker vote for Obama 6 times for Obama in 2012? The Demonicrats always find a way to cheat

    127. How did some OH precincts with 1,000′s of voters ALL vote for Obama? Logic dictates that somebody would have screwed up and voted for Romney! But I’m glad you have voter ID. Just get some honest voting machines.

    128. I’d say it is most likely illegal immigrants with deceased people’s identification. If you promised an illegal immigrant population that the re-election of Ostinky would pave the way to citizenship, I’m sure the illegal immigrant population would be 100% for it, after all they are already breaking the law by entering the US without proper authorization.

    129. Keep in mind the original constitution, before the 17th amendment, had the states *appoint* senate representatives because they were reprinting the state (not the electorate). Remember states rights! If a senator became free wheeling or insane the Governor could just replace them! The 17th amendment was added during the Wilson administration along with Income tax (16th) and ban on alcohol (18th). All three are bad and all three need to be repealed. Thank goodness the 18th was repealed already.

    130. Utility bill is often used in conjunction with a picture ID so you can prove you now live in a certain district, so you can vote, but if you are not in the system, then you are sent to fill out a paper/manual ballot form. If your dad already voted that day, then you will not be able to vote, as the little computers will tell the poll worker that someone already came in and voted under your dad’s name.

      If you do vote under your dad’s name, then when your dad comes into vote, then he will wonder who voted under his name… and how they voted.

    131. Perhaps you have these ‘computers’ where you vote, but they are not everywhere. When the election workers find the ‘duplication’ days later then both will be invalid. Nobody else will be the wiser. Oh yeah, this was just an example. Where I do vote, ID IS required!!!

    132. Yes and yet other states continue to say this is discrimination. I’ve yet to hear anyone complain about having to do this.

    133. Democratic Party leaders are the ones who complain. After all, they can’t leave the unwashed masses to decide for themselves what is best for them.

    134. I produced my DL here in NY, and the lady said, oh you dont have to have ID to vote, but thank you, wish more ppl did it. I voted on paper then stuck it in a machine..done.

    135. I have heard no complaints from people here about having to show some sort of ID to vote! I think most people expect it, you have to show ID for buying alcohol or tobacco products, you have to show ID when you go to your doctor office, you have to show ID when you write a check (though they don’t take any information down), sometimes you have to show ID when you pay with a bank card or debit card (they’re supposed to check but usually only the post office checks), you have to show ID when you get a library card or to obtain information in an account…. many banks ask for an ID when you cash a check or withdraw funds…. so I don’t understand it myself when other state reps get upset over having to show an ID for voting.

      Maybe what they are really afraid of is that if they force the issue…. all those people who currently do not have to show ID, will vote conservative! bwahahahaha

    136. Now, if so many of you in Ohio who have sold your souls to the Unions could find your moral compasses and stop voting Demonrat it would be service to the entire nation

    137. I totally agree with you on that Thomas! I have no idea why so many people where LOVE unions… I don’t… when I was working retail (on the retail floor), the store I worked for had a union, even though I didn’t work in the grocery department, I still had to pay union dues. Did they ever do anything for me? NO…. just took my money. So when I had to leave due to a move, I was so glad that I was no longer in a union, and the other retail store I went to, had great compensation plan and NO effing union!!

    138. That sucks Tom! Here you have to show a birth certificate just to get a state ID and your social security card. You have to have the same information when obtaining your driver’s license as well, you can show your state ID, but I do believe, you still need the others too.

    139. That’s the waay it should be. Anytime there is an outcry against voting laws such as what Sec. of State Kris Kobach did hear in Kansas you really have to wonder what they fear. And the argument about disenranchising minority voters is a pile of crao. If anybody at all can’t get off their lazy butts and go get a drivers license, state i d , copy of birth certificate, passport, etc., then they don’t need to vote. If they can’t do it legally, then don’t do ot at all. Being a Democrat/Liberal seems to basically = being a cheat!

    140. Touche! I have to agree with you. It has really sucked living under an illegally elected Socialist/Muslim with the full intent of destroying this country. That’s why I was totally baffled when Paul Ryan said the other day that there was no reason to impeach Obama, supposedly he hasn’t done anything that could be construed as high crimes and misdemeanors. The list of infractions is now so long ot’s being added to on a daily basis. Our whole government is broken, it is about time to totally scrap it all and start over.

    141. Yes, I could never understand why anyone would complain about having to obtain positive identification to prevent fraud. How difficult can it be? I’m sure there are plenty people willing to help. It’s in everyone’s best interest unless they have some immoral activity planned. Stop whining and GET THE DAMN ID!

    142. I myself do not understand why the Democrat/Liberals/Progressives are afraid of… are they afraid that the “dead” people won’t show up anymore? Thanks to “unkind” legal citizens getting illegals new identities of dead people… there will always be a problem even with proper id… unless the poll personnel are feeling that it is iffy that the person with the ID is actually that person. When this happens, their account is red flagged. So that when the votes go to the board of elections they can investigate if the person is actually a US Citizen or not. Butler County is not illegal friendly… it doesn’t matter what other country you are from, if you did not come to the US legally, and the law finds out – you are captured and then processed for deportation.

    143. I myself do not understand why the Democrat/Liberals/Progressives are afraid of… are they afraid that the “dead” people won’t show up anymore? Thanks to “unkind” legal citizens getting illegals new identities of dead people… there will always be a problem even with proper id… unless the poll personnel are feeling that it is iffy that the person with the ID is actually that person. When this happens, their account is red flagged. So that when the votes go to the board of elections they can investigate if the person is actually a US Citizen or not. Butler County is not illegal friendly… it doesn’t matter what other country you are from, if you did not come to the US legally, and the law finds out – you are captured and then processed for deportation.

    144. I don’t live in Cuyahoga County.. so that’s on them… my county isn’t even near Cuyahoga.

    145. And you all still managed to elect Boehner, unbelievable. Only state with dumber voters is all white Vermont.

    146. Only because there were no other candidates running against Boehner that were conservative or republican.

    147. Then how did they cheat in the ALL of the major cities during the last presidential election? I mean every single demoncrat city were last sending in their counts when those should actually be first. They hold those till they know how many votes are needed to win the election for a demoncrat. No one can win a district or precinct 100%, it isn’t possible unless there are only ten idiots voting.

    148. every Indian tribal election requires voter I.D. or else no vote. Period. Its a logical requirement, don’t let the liberals pull the wool.

    149. One question for you. Do you have to prove US Citizenship in order to vote (listed as ‘yes’ on DL, etc)? If not, then the process is corrupt. Local and state elections may include everyone, depending on local/state laws, but FEDERAL elections (i.e. for President) require citizenship … and THAT is how Obama and cronies are getting elected. How else would one group end up with him, Biden, Reid, Pelosi, Feinstein, Jackson-Lee, Wasserman-Schultz, etc. etc???

    150. That explains why the politicians spend so much more money in Ohio to try and win votes. It should be that way in every state!!

    151. Of course, Eric Holder has “submitted filings in voting rights cases in Wisconsin and Ohio”. Ohio’s case is NAACP v. Husted, filed by ACLU.

      When are people going to get tired of being treated as if they are too stupid to vote when and how everyone else does? Or is this just more ‘We’re victims – we want to be treated special’ bull?

    152. My granddaughter was 9 years old and was given a ballot, like the one you got at the poles or recieved in the mail, in her class room. Her teacher told the children in the class where to put their x and had the the cildren turn them in to her. My granddaughter was very excited that she had voted and saved the people from loosing their welfare checks.

    153. How are we letting people who have no ethics teach our children. If this type of thing is not stopped, there really is no hope for this country. Teachers’ unions are selling their souls and our children’s future.

    154. In California, illegals can now get drivers licenses. Do you think amnesty isn’t about votes – think again!

    155. Since Ohio went for Obama over Romney in the last presidential election, it sounds like what you’re saying is that there actually are an awful lot of stupid people in Ohio.

    156. In Michigan we have to show picture id also. Have had to for years. I have never heard anyone complain when my wife and I go to vote. Just standard procedure.

    157. I don’t know what part of Ohio you vote in, but I know I didn’t have to show any ID when I voted in the last election, and I don’t think they had a rep from each Party either.

    158. I read or heard that one county in Ohio had more votes cast than it had population if that is true then your voter ID has failed your state.

    159. That was Cuyahoga County – I don’t live in that county. In my county they check to make sure there are no double votes, if you are sent an absentee vote and you send it back in – it is tallied in the county’s computer, and you still want to vote, maybe there was a new bill added on late or you decided you want to change candidates, they still make you fill out a manual voting slip. Cuyahoga probably had dead people voting…

    160. I too live in Ohio but there is still voter fraud in Ohio. How else can you explain Obamalamadingdong getting 129% of the vote in Cuyahoga County? If you get all the votes isn’t that 100% or is that the Common Core standards kicking in? Thank GOD I do not live in Cuyahoga County. At least in the county where I live there is some modicum of honesty.

    161. I don’t live in Cuyahoga County either. I’d say it is common core kicking in for them. I do have some pro-union friends though, and I don’t even know why… oh maybe it is their 6 figure paycheck that they get… but I was part of a union and they didn’t do SQUAT so when I got out of retail, I definitely got out of the stupid union!

    162. A utility bill is not a legal form of Id….anyone can come up with one just by going thru your garbage…and remember when the unions bussed their members to other states and gave them utility bills for that area and instructions to register to vote and request an absentee ballot with the utility bill as proof of address….most states require a new drivers license within 30-60 days of when you relocate to their state with military being exempt from that …..when I lived in Dayton Ohio and you bought a house because you were gonna be there a while, they preferred that you get an Ohio d/l since you were a property owner….

    163. Because there was no other reasonable candidate against Boehner, it was either another progressive/liberal… there were no other tea party or conservative candidates running for that office.

    164. Yes, but here in Ohio we have Diebold where the cheating machines are made. In the massively corrupt Stark County with almost all elected officials, are libtards.

    165. But my Brother, who has yet to be a registered Voter. Was sent an absentee Ballot in the mail. eve in ohio you can get away with out registering as a voter. :/

    166. Even if he was sent an absentee Ballot in the mail, filled it out and returned it, if he is not registered, it would not count. Unless it included a registration form on the absentee ballot somewhere. You can always call the Board of Elections for your (or his) county to find out if your (or his) vote counted.

    167. They know me personally at my voting place but they still have to ask for my Drivers Lic. Which I am more than happy to show them!!!!

    168. Good comment. That’s reasonable. (What’s not reasonable is enacting voter registration laws like that one month before an election, which has been tried recently.)

    169. We all know Ohio is overrun with “conservatives.” Although identification is a good idea, the rest of the laws are calculated to disenfranchise voters including absentee voters in school or serving our nation in the military. Just look to the behavior of Diebold in its rigged machines for the right wing as an example refuting what you are declaring about how great it is in Ohio. Please.

    170. rigged machines…?? if they machines were rigged – the poll workers do not know this… we can only repair the machines, install and replace the paper tape that records the actual vote each person makes that uses the electric poll devices. Assemble prior to opening polls and dissemble after polls.

      Ohio just like any other state that usually votes “conservative” also has plenty of brainwashed people known as liberals/progressives/democrat liberals. We conservatives try to open their minds so they can think for themselves, but it is very hard when they are stuck on one subject.

    171. Diebold was implicated in voting machines which were rigged and of course have you forgotten about the chards in Florida? The SCOTUS actually awarded the White House to George W. Bush. There are so many types of machines and of various degrees of efficiency. Isn’t it curious that we do not have a better and more efficient system?
      We have not enjoyed any reasoned conservatives since Nelson Rockefeller and Barry Goldwater. Maybe Reagan, but he was not nearly as low on the integrity scale as Little King George W. and his fascist agenda. To suggest that liberals/progressives/democrat liberals (a convenient catch phrase including many category with of which I am sure you are ignorant) are “brainwashed” is quite comical. I am sure each of these groups on average have members who can refute anything you “conservatives” can come up with. Cite facts and not innuendo and propaganda if you have any case to make.

    172. Are you kidding me? You are brainwashed to think Rockefeller is a person for the people is totally wrong!

    173. Utility bill? How many of those do you see lying around at electric, water and cable companies? Good grief, anyone could walk in a pick one out of the trash. Photo ID only, I say! Everyone has one or can get one. It is required to get a library card in most places!

    174. I don’t know about your city, county, state, but there are no extra bills lying around here… people usually save their bills to keep track of the cost, but most shred them once they are paid for that month.

      However, I do agree that a photo ID that is current and not expired is the only way to go. I think the also allow a passport, but they do not allow a student IDs.

      Plus with a utility bill, if someone decides to use a found utility bill to make a fraudulent vote…. and then that person who actually does live at that address comes in and votes, they can claim that the previous voter was fraudulent.

      When someone shows ID, poll worker are allowed to make a note in the voters … I’m going to say account. Though really it is just a list of current registered voters, divided into districts within a city, county or state.

    175. There wasn’t a better candidate on the ballot… Unless you would have rather Ohio pick a liberal over Boehner.

    176. I sympathize , in many areas we conservatives are given no real choice, the hierarchy of the Republican party are very little better than obammi ! I fear there is war in the fiture if Americans wish to remain free !

    177. Don’t think it’s prepping….I suspect it was a done deal when she dropped out in 2008. That never made sense unless Obama and puppet masters made her a deal which she could not turn down. Our goose is cooked…..

    178. Regarding voter id law..drives me nuts that I have to provide my social security number and previous DL before I could get my license renewed. If you’re voting for a president and congress you should provide proof and fingerprints. These idiots dictate taxes and other issues that impact us so we should demand it.

    179. I like the fingerprint idea….keeping elections free of fraud is paramount. We should do whatever is necessary to prevent it no matter how loudly the pigs squeal.

    180. I do, too, Gayle. It also puts every voter in the fingerprint data base for use in tracking down criminals. If you have nothing to hide, you shouldn’t mind. If you do have something to hide, you shouldn’t be voting in the first place!

    181. I do, too, Gayle. It also puts every voter in the fingerprint data base for use in tracking down criminals. If you have nothing to hide, you shouldn’t mind. If you do have something to hide, you shouldn’t be voting in the first place!

    182. In CA and WA it’s the same and you need to provide a SSN (which they verify right then (so Big Brother can track you. Which makes issuing to illegals all the more curious) Obviously the illegals don’t need to have a birth certificate or SSN like us citizens.

    183. Look into it…Satan himself (George Soros) owns the corporation that makes many of the electronic voting systems…”And now you know, the rest of the story. Good day.”

    184. I’ m pretty sure at least 25-30 states are issuing drivers license to the illegal immigrants so now i guess they would be considered legally able to vote…

    185. That’s what I wonder. If any state is issuing DLs to illegal immigrants they need to be different in such a way as to show voter observers they, (the illegals) are not eligible to vote. If they are not different, then it is just demos way of getting around voter ID law.

    186. While that sounds like it makes sense, think about the precedent that will be set. It would be used as justification to issue DL’s to illegals. Issuing DL’s to an illegal alien should be a violation of federal law.

    187. I personally believe you are 100% correct, but, states have already started issuing DLs to illegals. Colorado for one, if they can vote now with a state ID how is that fair to Americans. They will vote themselves everything and we will have to pay for it. saul alinksky would be very proud.

    188. I think from now on the GOP needs to hold automatic recounts. No way did Obama win it last time.

    189. I think from now on the GOP needs to hold automatic recounts. No way did Obama win it last time.

    190. I agree Paul. We will need to line up uniformed patriot ballot guards in all swing states. We will need to stop everything if they cheat and “win” this way again. Unfortunately in 1982 the GOP agreed with dems not to contest any future election fraud. I don’t think we can win with the GOP. Anyway, Voters should get a print receipt or email receipt listing their choices. This can be used in case of recount.

    191. Welcome to Illinois, Cook County,and Chicago. Here we have proof that there is life after death….the dead vote! A Republican cannot even get on the ballot. If there ever is a Democrat coming before the Democratic Cook County Slating Committee, and he foolishly, says he wants to “reach across the aisle,” he is laughed out the door. Here in “Madiganistan,” named after Michael Madigan, Democratic Speaker of the House for thirty-two of the last forty years, they passed a special law just for this election only; one can register to vote anywhere in the state on election day and vote with absolutely no proof of who you are or where you came from. They have also put special referendums on the ballot: Do You Believe a Woman has the Right to Contraceptives? Do You Believe that You Should Have to Show Identification to Vote? Do You Believe that Assault Weapons Should be Banned? These and others are put on the ballot to fire up those who vote for their living so that they may continue to take from those who work for a living. We also have Congressman Luis Gutierrez, the greatest race-baiter of them all. If you want to secure the border, that means that you hate not just the illegal youth pouring across the southern border, you must hate all Hispanic children. He is a member of the Puerto-Rican Socialist Party, an avowed Marxist- Leninist, like another of our Congressmen, Jan Schakowsky, chief in the Democratic Progressive Caucus and Democratic Socialists of America. They, like Ms. Pelosi, are true haters of the Constitution, especially, any originalist; another Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsberg; who wishes the ACLU to take complete control of the Justice Department.


    193. All politics is local; we are being punished by continually reelecting self serving politicians who do not have the best interests of our citizens at heart. Illinois, Cook County, and Chicago are corrupt; they will do anything, say anything, attack anyone who opposes them to maintain power. There is only one silver bullet left for the people of Illinois, term limits. The Cook County Democrats will steal the governor’s race for Pat Quinn. Rauner has no chance; the Quinn plurality coming out of Cook County will be impossible to overcome. Just ask Pat Brady.

    194. Welcome to Illinois, Cook County,and Chicago. Here we have proof that there is life after death….the dead vote! A Republican cannot even get on the ballot. If there ever is a Democrat coming before the Democratic Cook County Slating Committee, and he foolishly, says he wants to “reach across the aisle,” he is laughed out the door. Here in “Madiganistan,” named after Michael Madigan, Democratic Speaker of the House for thirty-two of the last forty years, they passed a special law just for this election only; one can register to vote anywhere in the state on election day and vote with absolutely no proof of who you are or where you came from. They have also put special referendums on the ballot: Do You Believe a Woman has the Right to Contraceptives? Do You Believe that You Should Have to Show Identification to Vote? Do You Believe that Assault Weapons Should be Banned? These and others are put on the ballot to fire up those who vote for their living so that they may continue to take from those who work for a living. We also have Congressman Luis Gutierrez, the greatest race-baiter of them all. If you want to secure the border, that means that you hate not just the illegal youth pouring across the southern border, you must hate all Hispanic children. He is a member of the Puerto-Rican Socialist Party, an avowed Marxist- Leninist, like another of our Congressmen, Jan Schakowsky, chief in the Democratic Progressive Caucus and Democratic Socialists of America. They, like Ms. Pelosi, are true haters of the Constitution, especially, any originalist; another Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsberg; who wishes the ACLU to take complete control of the Justice Department.

    195. Probably so, but I remember the night when 0b0z0 supposedly ‘won’ his second term. Romney was ahead all along until the last hour and then bammy mysteriously pulled ahead. Even so, there were some die hard 0b0amabot zombies of all races rooting for him in the bowling alley where I watched the election.

    196. The POTUS has been selected not elected for years. What do you think can be done about it? People have been clueless far too long for anything to change now.

    197. Paul Howell is absolutely, one-hundred percent right in what he said. Every word. We need to do something about this mess right now.

    198. The voter ID Laws are struck down as they are NOT constitutional. Voter fraud has proven to be nearly non existent, and mostly committed by Scandalous RepubliCONs. That’s all CONservatives have. Fake scandals they created, get caught for, then waste tax dollars investigating the same thing over and over, because you have nothing real. Benghazi!

    199. We do have to take a stand, And not let people vote just because they have a drivers license now, some states are giving them out to the immigrants, excuse me, illegal immigrants. I would also like to know how many church buses the democrats use to bring their voters to the poll, since the IRS is now going after churches for anything political. .

    200. I also remember this one town where 120% of eligible voters voted for Obama in 2012. What a joke. But of course there is not a smidgen of voter fraud.

    201. “They WILL vote fraud they evil murderous Clinton witch in” Learn to think, then learn to write and maybe you can have an intelligent conversation about reality. If you can’t write or think You shouldn’t be allowed to vote. Do you believe everything Faux News tells you? THINK, READ, and LEARN to write a sentence and perhaps someday you can make real informed decisions instead of repeating ridiculous rhetoric.

    202. I hate to play devil’s advocate here because I am not fond of the people you speak ill of, but let me remind you that they all work for the same people the Republicans work for. WE THE PEOPLE need to quit being so fing afraid to STOP voting for both of these failed parties and elect a Libertarian or ANYONE ELSE for a change!

    203. I hate to play devil’s advocate here because I am not fond of the people you speak ill of, but let me remind you that they all work for the same people the Republicans work for. WE THE PEOPLE need to quit being so fing afraid to STOP voting for both of these failed parties and elect a Libertarian or ANYONE ELSE for a change!

    204. True JLS, they found that same problem was rampant back in 2012 when this muslim twit was re-elected. Naturally the lame stream media denied it, buried the many reports available to them, and simply swept it away.

    205. Here in California, the same thing happened in Kern County in 2012, the voting machines were that way here in Lake Isabella, when we set them up we could not get any Republican’s names to come up on the ballot, the minute the machines were turned on, they went to the page of voting for Obama and could not be changed to anything else. I reported this to higher officials but no one seemed to care.

    206. I would suggest finding as many people as you can that can testify to that fact and have them sign it. Obviously, it is going to be up to THE PEOPLE to change the direction of where we are heading….If we don’t become part of the solution we will remain part of the problem. I venture to bet that there are many states that saw the same thing at the polls…..

    207. You were right ,It’s the unions that help fix that election to get harry reid to win .

    208. This is no joke. My grandfather told me in 1920 the commis won elections in European countries where the polls showed them at 27% prior to election day.

    209. that is because most of the voting machines are run by a company that George Soros owns……Obama’s puppet-master

    210. Same company that builds the slot machines also build the voting machines, what’s that tell you, they can set them to do what they want, not just in Vegas, nation wide. Set them 52% for demos, 48% for republicans. The fix has been in last two elections.

    211. Same thing happened to me in NC. I had to press the button several times to accept my choice. We should all get a receipt for our vote, with should be utilized in case of a recount. Why no receipt?

    212. That was commonplace in Chicago when they used the big voting machines with a lever for each individual or a big one if you wanted to vote straight ticket. the problem was, the machines were always rigged with several hundred votes, all for democrats. Our Polling place refused to open one year, until the machines were cleared.

    213. That would make sense. I can’t believe that so many people in Nevada would willingly vote for this man.

    214. they had a story in our papers here in San Diego, CA that a guy here has been dead since i think it was 2008 , and yet has voted in every election…figure THAT one out. LOL

    215. same thing for me in Tennessee. I voted for Romney and the check mark kept going to Obama. I had to change it three times.

    216. Does cheating by Democrats in elections actually shock you? You must be kidding. They have been cheating for decades.

    217. Yes they are rigged. In 2012 Obama got 100% (or more) of the vote in PA. We drove through there in September. There were so many bumper stickers and yard signs for Mitt..I can’t believe all those people changed their mind in 6 weeks.

    218. Conservatives have to make sure that they never again vote ‘early’. Those votes are thrown away. A study was done after the last election that showed that the state election commissions are overwhelmingly Dems and they are the ones opening your ballots.

    219. It’s ok Josh, the states can’t help when their reps go postal. Listen, the state I grew up in gave us John Kerry! Damn….

    220. While I respect your opinion, I ask that you don’t use the phrase “go postal”. I am a mailman, anti-union, pro-conservative. The people in my office are not dangerous unless you threaten our liberties.

    221. Right you are Nio Walters. As a retired postal worker, I have always resented that untrue label.

    222. yeah….been wanting to talk with you…..waiting a week for my package of the world’s finest coffee……did you guys drink it or what ?

    223. Track it. Maybe you’ll find it at FedEx or UPS waiting to get passed to USPS for delivery. If you want to know when the post office has it, look for an “arrival at unit” scan. That’s when it hits the door of you PO. If it’s afternoon, they dropped it off, carriers are already on the street, and delivery will be attempted the next day. Remember. Arrival at unit.

    224. This is something that bothers me, USPS finishing the deliveries for FedEx and UPS. If the postal service would just charge them double of triple what they charge private citizens for the same services, they could probably balance their budget and become profitable again. It is wrong for commercial enterprises to charge more for a service that we could use on our own, they have to be making profit off of those deliveries that the Post Office finishes. If USPS did this they would possibly even force FedEx and or UPS out of business and would then be free to pick up that business!

    225. I was told that the P.O.’s have 10 days after ‘they’ receive to deliver…..Is that correct Nio?

    226. There was a postal worker somewhere that went crazy and either killed co workers, or threatened to. That’s where the phrase “going postal” came from.

    227. Nio, that’s how I feel when I hear “I hope Calif falls off into the ocean”. We’re not ALL imbeciles…

    228. Yeah, But give “Lurch” a break! After all, he is a ” war hero” reporting for duty, remember?

    229. Have illegals, pets, and dead people been voting in Nevada and California? Responsible and Sane voters could not be electing Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid otherwise.

    230. “California people” have no interest nor time to “storm over” and “assist” in electing Harry Reid to ruin your state when we have Pelosi and Feinstein ruining ours. Harry Reid is all YOUR fault. Don’t blame us. We have enough fruitcakes of our own to contend with.

    231. I don’t underestimate such a blue state that has been that detrimental to their own economy.

    232. I sure would not admit that…your apology is appreciated…I am in SC where we have Lindsay Graham…but we have Trey Gowdy that we feel cancels that

    233. Nevada is pretty balanced, to be honest. We have a Republican governor, a Republican senator, Democrat senator, 2 Republican congressmen, and 2 Democrat congressmen. Problem is, only our Democrats seem to make the news haha

    234. There is still what is called a RECALL ELECTION….don’t apologize….get busy getting signatures on a recall petition and vote the POS out of office.

    235. Mr. Lewis , NO ONE from California voted for crazy Harry , we have our own crosses to bear , Feinstein , Boxer , etc We wonder about nevadan as you do californian’s ! Washington is corrupt !

    236. Ma’am, liberals also say that NO ONE committed voter fraud. Sorry if I don’t believe the extreme claim you made. From a state with 2 Democrat senators and a Democrat super majority in the state legislature, I’m willing to say the people of California, in majority, are far more ignorant than the people of Nevada. Our state is fairly neutral. Democrat majority in the assembly but only a slight lead among our senators. 2 Republican representatives, 2 Democrat. 1 Republican senator and 1 Democrat. Nevada would hardly be considered liberal. No state income tax and open carry laws. Let’s look at your state’s history shall we? Oh… Most unfortunate isn’t it. At least you all were smart enough to vote for Reagan. So I wouldn’t underestimate the citizens of your state.

    237. I have a friend who lived in Nevada for many years. When her father became ill, they moved to MO to help care for him. However, she was adamant that it was Californians who invaded Nevada like locusts who were turning Nevada into another liberal stronghold. They vote in the California Clowns, they ruin an amazing state, then flea to Nevada taking their failed liberal politics with them. And what to they expect will be different after a while? Insanity.

    238. Hard to find admitted Obama voters here where I live also. We are a red state island surround by blue water heads though.

    239. Hard to find admitted Obama voters here where I live also. We are a red state island surround by blue water heads though.

    240. Last election Reid was in in NV, the race was in a dead heat, then all of a sudden the power went out. I knew right then the election was over in NV.

    241. Last election Reid was in in NV, the race was in a dead heat, then all of a sudden the power went out. I knew right then the election was over in NV.

    242. Not only is Clarence Thomas white but so is Allen West. At least to the dummyrats who keep saying it is old white people.

    243. On election day he was losing and he ordered buses to go to the casinos, load up the workers and make them go vote. Unfortunately, the idiots didn’t know they could vote for anyone, that they didn’t have to vote for him. That’s how he won. Hopefully, that won’t happen again!!

    244. Josh, please don’t blame Californians for your problems, we’ve got three of our own Pelosi, Feinstein, and Boxer. Not to mention the rest of the Liberals the large population centers keep electing.

    245. Harry Reid has gotten his biggest block of voters from the big unions in Nevada over the years,especially the SEIU whose members are service employees at the numerous hotels and casinos across Las Vegas and Reno.

    246. I remember on one of my Facebook groups, it had a screenshot of a Liberal who openly admitted to breaking the law in voting and went to five different districts- yes, FIVE- and voted for a Liberal campaigner (I think it was Obama), and didn’t care who saw it.

      Yes, we have so much voter fraud, most of it from Liberals, and something has to be done to stop it! Democrats always cheat, so we need to end it!

    247. That is so weird, I haven’t met one person that speaks kindly or respectfully of him, and not one that will admit to voting for him!!

    248. Another example like yours: I used to live in MN, and most of my extended family still lives there, same as my wife’s family. When Al Franken allegedly won the Senate race there in 2008, everyone I know there was scratching their heads wondering where the votes came from. Quite a few are actually Democrats, but none would admit to voting for the unfunny comedian.

      Can you say “election fraud,” boys and girls.

      Gosh, I knew you could.

    249. I call him “Senator Geary”…

      A character from “The Godfather, Part II”. He was the Nevada senator that was in the mob’s pocket…

    250. True. The founder of a closed FB group for people who care for, live with or have dementia, has a lot more common sense than any of the wannabe king and his minions. And he has had real dementia for several years

    251. Perhaps Botox poisoning? Or maybe the skin is stretched on her face no blood gets to the brain. I swear, if that woman has one more face lift, she’ll have a beard.

    252. Pelosi is just EVIL to the bone. The Pope has even called her on the carpet for her nonsense on abortion, etc… Would not surprise me at all if she has been excommunicated by now…

    253. We have a government run by psychopaths and sociopaths. We obey them because we’ve been brain-washed to respect and trust the authority of our government – and to play by the rules, the laws, enacted by – manipulators who do not play by the rules.

    254. They did! Sheila Jackson at the time was debating a cancer patient from MDAnderson. The patient zeroed in on Sheila Jackson, challenging her on what she was telling the crowd about Obamacare. That was the day I found out who Sheila Jackson was.

    255. They are so mentally ill it is frightening to think they are allowed to do what they do.

    256. I’ve seriously thought the same thing lately! Both seem to be coming unhinged. Everything out of Reid’s mouth lately is just bizarre! (Not just stupid as usual!)

    257. I don’t think it’s as simple as dementia. I think that they have been missing their appointments with the psychiatrist and their meds script has expired.

    258. Are there any cases in American history where an ‘elected’
      official has been removed because of mental illness?
      If no precedent has been set, it’s time to call or
      write your rep and voice your concern. This situation
      is an embarassment and makes government look like
      a joke…… er- maybe it is ( wow, the vote meter on
      barb’s comment is moving fast) it may set a record !

    259. ….and Joe Biden and John Kerry and Hillary Clinton(Bill too)….and it`s bi-partisan as well with John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Thad Cochran, Mitch McConnell and other RINO`s having the same disease.

    260. It’s a whole lot worse than dementia! Psychopathic would be more appropriate!!! They both have come unglued and are really dangerous and very similar to Obama’s Psychopathy!!

    261. I think both of them are majorly losing touch with reality, not just the American people. I think Psychiatrists call that psychosis. And yes, there is a pill for that.

    262. Harry IS Senile, but Nancy suffers from not living in the reality Everyone Else HAS TO ..Because she WANTS TO !! She only believes what The DNC Tells here to..In Her mind she won’t See, Hear or Believe Anything to the Contrary despite REAMS of FACTS and even Photographic Evidence !! BOTH Should be in a Hospital for the Mentally Disabled ..BUT ..INSTEAD UNBELIEVABLY..are the Leaders of the 2 branches of Congress for..the DemocRATS !!

    263. I could agree with that if they ever came close to forgetting their own self-interest. THAT will never happen.

    264. The answer is very simple, then. You find the company that programs the voting machines and either destroy them in court, or just plain destroy them, period. Voter fraud in a national election is treason punishable, by law, with death.

    265. AMEN!! I’ve been saying this for over a year! I am so glad to see someone else sees this. I am speaking as someone who watched my mother live through and die from Alzheimer’s. I am in no way trying to be funny. When does someone step in and say these two are not mentally fit to be in Congress?

    266. Barb, Pelosi is deranged. Reid is evil and a traitor. I hate to be crude but I think Reid is one of those guys born with a tiny penis and he tries to make up for it by ruining other people’s lives.

    267. It may well be, dementia, but they are evil rich people trying to squeeze more money and power from the rest of us.

    268. I guess Crying Man John Boehner is in full control of his mental capabilities? Or Louis Gohmert from Texas or any of the other assorted clowns and idiots from the Reich busy with the people’s business like establishing a state religion, rewriting the Constitution and the destruction of the middle class.

    269. Dementia and illusions of long gone grandeur. An old Queen is but a bitter back biter in the era of the new in the limelight.

  3. something is not right with her and it shows more and more all the time – she has been in office since the 70s that is enough to make anyone nuts

  4. Either has a health problem or needs to attend AA meetings regularly. She has been acting rather strange, hasn’t she?

  5. All the liberal DemoRATS are unhinged and not dealing with reality, in Washington and out.

  6. After all is said and done all we can do is laugh. Yes she may well be very ill, but we all laugh in the face of danger. I have “dementia” and I’m ill so laugh it up. But getting physical and violent is no laughing matter. She needs help, and she needs to resign her post.

  7. I have to agree with James. Those wild eyes and her irrational behavior should have her family and colleagues on the left a little worried.

  8. Not to mention Pelosi accepting an apology that NEVER was! ….Right when you think you have seen how low the Left can stoop! ….Amazing! ps;She appears to be getting as senile as Harry Reid.

  9. I’ve been saying for some time that there’s something organically wrong with her. I don’t agree one bit with her politics, but I find it sad that she seems to have no one who cares enough to do a mental health intervention. I have watched older relatives deteriorate in such a way and it’s not pretty. The fact that she holds a position of power is downright scary. I also think Harry Reid is not far behind her.

    1. I don’t think it is entirely organic with Pelosi–most of her problems come from too much drink! I also believe that is how Obama got on the ticket when she was supposed to vet him. She has been known to drink herself under the table a few times.

    2. If you were unfortunate enough to be related to that hot mess, would you want to do anything that would prevent her from leaving town almost every week????

  10. This woman has been UNHINGED for a few years. What is the problem with her electorate? Do they not see her extreme unbalanced views?

    1. Unfortunately they in all likelihood agree with her views. I live in California and let me tell you it’s a challenge to live amongst the libs. They are crazy!

  11. She has LIBRETARD CRAINIAL RECTUMITIS (LCR). It’s related to GOP HYSTERIA SYNDROME(GHS). The former is a genetic disorder that easily carries from one generation to the the next. She comes from a family with this problem, since her father was Mayor of Baltimore and exhibited the same tendencies. The latter (GHS) affliction can come on very suddenly when a member of the GOP, or some entity that doesn’t agree with them reveals the truth. The victim suddenly realizes that all they thought they knew and supported was totally false, based on lies, deceptions, and distortions, and they become deranged, can’t talk coherently, exhibits mouth twitches, their eyes flip around in unnatural movements, and they either try to attack the source of the truth, of flee the room in desperate search of a sympathetic person from the media who also has the same mental and physical disorders.

  12. To call Mr Marino, insignificant tells us just how superior she believes herself to be.. and when you feel that way, you also believe your above the law.. time to re-shuffle the deck and get all the old guard out.. unfortunately the Dems like their arrogant superiority, and I’m sure they will spend anything to keep them in

  13. It’s more pervasive than that. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought I heard the GOP congressman involved say that twice during this melee he was told that he was “insignificant” by other Democrat congress people.

    1. Well, perhaps California’s governor will PULL her from her position ; in SOME cases, a governor DOES have such authority, . . . . . .

  14. If a conservative had done this the liberal media would be demanding their resignation, but when a liberal does it they don’t even report it

  15. I have believed she is becoming mentally unbalanced for a long time. All the more reasons for term limits. Get these people out of our government after 8 years max.

  16. Her and Harry Reid suffer from dumbassites.Actually all proglibs suffer from that.It’s curable but only if you want to be healed.Proglibs are far to stupid to want to be cured.

  17. It’s all about that rarified air they breathe there in DC. It addles the brain. Fully functional sane people get elected, but once they get there, they lose all touch with reality.

  18. NO one who is sane would want to participate in the politics of DC for more than one term….you might as well hit yourself in the head with a hammer.

  19. I believe it’s come to the point, that it’s become necessary, that ALL government officials be given mandatory & deep, mental evaluations before being appointed to office. That would get rid of a whole pack of ‘em right there. The affairs of State of the USA are all too important, for letting a pack of closet-lunatics run free pretending that they’re “important”. Son-of-a-!!!

  20. I could have told anyone she’s nuts. Here – I shall say it again, just for the record. SHE’S NUTS. Get her out of there. RETIRE HER FOREVER. She’s a lunatic! BUT – she’s a DEMOCRAT – so that won’t matter to the other Democrats. She’s NORMAL to them.

  21. Channeling Jack Nicholson…these same liberals who demanded the truth during Watergate can’t handle the truth any of Obama’s corruption

  22. Oh My Head! Do you mean to tell me it is ACTUALLY going to take an ACTOR making a statement that EVERYone has been posting about her before anyone Pays Attention to Pelosi’s Weird behavior??? REALLY? No One in Congress sees her actions, her statements, as OFF THE WALL? OUT OF THE NORM? Well, if an Actor questioning her is what it is going to take to finally make the Right Person NOTICE–FINALLY, then I guess we Will accept it…. but DAMN…is Congress THAT ASLEEP?

  23. Her recent conduct and speech leads me to believe that she is in a late stage of senile dementia. She should be retired at once.

  24. I’ve been saying all along that being liberal is a disease and it must be treated as such

  25. No One from the Washington DC POWER club, gets committed for madness. That is how the system works.

  26. Why haven’t the men in white coats put her in a straight jacket and taken her to a padded room yet? It’s not like she has Obamacare.

  27. dementia? that woman is plain long nuts. She should have been charged with attempted assult or something


  29. I suggest drug random screening for all in office like they do in businesses.

  30. Looks like the Botox treatments may have done a lot more that just stretching her face to the point of looking like it’s about to rip!!

  31. Barrack says he always consults her. We may have a few mentally ill running things. Oh well back to work and poverty.

    1. Hamas is a good humanitarian organization according to her so maybe she can go to Gaza! Lol

  32. I know that God teacheas us to be tollerant of the challenged, but I am not using a blind brain surgon, and I want Nancy gone.

  33. she needs to be put into treatement somewhere where she can’t hurt herself …..or us…….ever again….then it is on to Harry Reid!

  34. Since losing the House Leadership, I have thought all along that Nancy has become more mentally unsound. She is a pathetic case of what was once a promising career.

  35. There is no ‘maybe’ about it. She is genuinely mentally ill, unstable, and a threat to this country and the Constitution.

  36. What do you expect from liberals? In another post someone mentioned being a liberal is a mental illness so maybe we should take their Rights away, right to free speech , Right to Vote, Right to have a firearm that would probably solve a lot of problems.

  37. not as ‘unhinged’ as the people that continue to vote for her… congrats! you deserve every bit of her representation!

  38. To be a Democratic supporter you must be either an America hater or insane. Come to think of it they’re both pretty much the same thing.

  39. Liberalism can solve going to war… all we have to do is export a bunch of liberals to our enemies. I twenty years they will be exhausted, bankrupt, fighting among themselves and trying to figure out what happened? LOLOLOLOL

  40. Neither she or Harry Reid behave in any way close to normal. I think the years of gamesmanship, bribery and corruption have taken their toll. They need to be retired because they are incapable of letting it go on their own. But, enough is enough.

  41. Her behavior is the result of her elitist status as part of the ruling class. This narcissistic behavior becomes childlike when she is questioned or things aren’t going her way because she feels entitled. This madness is exactly why we need term limits. Career politician was never something our founding fathers could have perceived or they would have prevented it. Remember, power corrupts!

  42. Mr. Woods, with all due respect- she’s been a bleeding heart liberal for years… and liberalism is a mental disorder. Her condition is not new to her.

  43. I have felt she was certifiably nuts for a while. Lately, it seems to be becoming more and more evident. One day her head is going to explode and botox is going to go all over the H of R.

  44. NP what is wrong with her the past few years? she really does need to retire!something is not right with her and it shows more and more all the time – she has been in office since the 70s. she is showing signs of first stage dementia! and it will only get worse. she is a also troubled catholic fighting within the structures of church she belongs to. the pope has reprimand her privately. this alone will stress/ mental her out. what she needs to do is get her life together , because being part of the political arena is making her very unhappy and unhealthy. her family should do a intervention for their mom! the political world of the good ole boys ( both parties) do not give a hoot about her! she is being shown the door in a sarcastic way they want someone out of there. they will use her until she she has nothing to give or gain for them anymore. I really do feel sorry for her. she needs to walk away like the reporter, old lady Helen did a few years back . with some pride and grace. she needs to do it for herself! and also for her country! we dont need her representing women in this manner. the good ole boys( both parties) are enjoying it too much

  45. A long, long, time ago in a land far, far away there was a pretty little girl that was both sane and witty and her name was Nancy Pelosi : NAW JUST KIDDING.

  46. Possibly an outcome for liberal women. After all, the male controlled dem party has no concern for them…and please yes I do know that Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is the “”head”” of the snake…but only as the front end stooge. She controls nothing.

  47. It’s interesting that this event happened the way it did, because I’m sure that in Pelosi’s way of “thinking” (I know, that statement makes no sense!), she is completely justified in her actions and they are not at all the actions of a person who is cuckoo. But, if a Conservative person (you or me) had done this to her, well, she would insist that we should be arrested on the spot.


  49. The Democrats in Congress are in a panic. If the Republicans gain enough strength in November, some of them might go to jail.

  50. Harry Reid actually IS suffering with dementia….worst kept secret in DC….Alz rumors have swirled in NV for the last 4 years…How is he still in the Senate? Well, the unions illegally got him re-elected. When he ran against Angle, he was behind in the polls for 34 weeks straight, down by 7 points on the eve of the election and Voila! he was re-elected……you do the math.

  51. You would think her family would tell her to step down, they can see she is acting liking a crazy woman !!!!!

  52. Any Liberal that is not totally embarrassed by this witch or any member of congress that supports her should question their own integrity. Her actions are beyond any reasonable thinking for any party or any person. Anyone that can act in such a mannor should not be allowed to make any decisions relating to governing the people. I understand how some people stick to their party line but this is beyond anger and borders mental illness.

  53. I got you all beat on the reps from your states… MY state elected CLINTON… eeekkk. I can say “I” didn’t vote for the molester though. I meant that he is FROM my state. lol


  55. You are what you eat, choosy mothers choose Jif, and the Democratic party is run by mental patients.

  56. They have gotten away with bad behavior for so many years, they run amok at the first sign of someone telling them the truth. She has been unhinged for years.

  57. Like the big lie she helped foster about her and the black caucus having tea partier’s and anti-Obamacare people spitting on them and making racists remarks yet NO ONE had any kind of video or pictures verifying anything of the sort…….. Lying Liars Lie much and she is bats in the belfry crazy!

  58. Thank Cthulu she is no longer Speaker; that would put her next in line behind Biden for POTUS…

  59. “Mental issue”?? Yeah…I had the same question….but at the same time I hoped someone or something would swat this wild-eyed bat.

  60. The Democrats know these bozos are sick and demented. The older they get the more vile and disgusting they get. The problem is that the rest of their compatriots do not know how to get rid of them.

  61. I have asked before, but never seem to get an answer: What is the hold Mrs. Pelosi has on the Democrats in Congress? Is it her money? While I don’t agree with their politics, there are some decent, thinking Democrats in the House and yet they all cave in and allow her to be their “voice”. Why? What is her “hold”?

    1. Yes….money but also she’s female….(at least I guess)…….AND As far to the left as you can get.

    2. closets and skeletons….they’re gay, have had or having an affair, etc., beat their wife, cheat on their taxes, their wife shoplifts..something they don’t want disclosed.

  62. Liberalism is a mental illness to start with. And now some other kind of illness piled on top of it? Wow.

  63. In the state of North Dakota we don’t have voter registration, but you do have to show your ID like a drivers license before you vote. They match it up with your name in the district you are living in.

  64. This is the extent of power that the Democrats believe they have. That, no matter who, they can break laws, break protocol, speak untruths and expect everyone else to continue to support the Democratic party without question!

  65. The only change to this article I would make, would be to put James Woods photo in rather than that ugly mug of hers. With that said, from her outbursts and actions she probably needs to see a doctor for her Alzheimer’s.

  66. There’s a long list of these people, that really need to get a real life!. Nancy could not stand the fact that the information put out was true. The woman is a moron.

  67. shiela jackson lee and maxine waters are not paddling far behind, pelosi gets elected because of districting marin count is a liberal rich area of elitists.

  68. Nothing wrong with her that’s not wrong with ALL of her constituents. They’re all fruits, nuts and flakes and she’s just reflecting the behavior that got her elected. Problem is……she’s so out of step with the mainstream that it appears bizzare to most of us…….The House is batshit if they EVER reelect her as speaker……but it’s definitely NOT outside the realm of possibility in the LIBERAL IMAGINE world

  69. Sounds to me,that she is of need of the insane asylum.She is like serval others,who has over stayed their welcome and have completely lose it

  70. You know, I have questioned her mental health for some time, now. She’s simply not a well woman. And I think Harry Reid is beyond his mind’s own reach, too. It’s really sad. Not all those who are older automatically suffer from dementia (senility, as it was once called). But, it is said that Alzheimer’s Disease is on the rise …

  71. Perhaps voter fraud has been more rampant than we thought and the states were just a testing ground for 2008 and 2013?

  72. She is dangerously mentally ill. She holds a position of power. Not good for the American people. She is unfit for duty.

  73. Perhaps voter fraud has been more rampant than we thought and the states were just a testing ground for 2008 and 2012!!

  74. The country is led by sick people.Obama,Pelosi,Reid and Holder the fast and furious king.How long does it take for people to see the insanity going on in America?

  75. All the botox, hair coloring, makeup and perfume on the earth can’t cover up the true character of this vile woman. She should be censured and suspended from the Congressional chambers for her outburst. This type of behavior cannot be tolerated by an elected official.


    25% of all Democrats are on medication for some form of mental instability…

    That means that 75% are running around un treated!!!

  77. How dare that man point out that Pelosi is a lying jackass, shame lol. she is just a moron

  78. In addition to her usual Liberal ideology, she’s that eager to reclaim her Air Force 3 rides back and forth to San Francisco so she and her booze guzzling friends and family can enjoy her flights.

  79. I’ve said it before nancy is a pound of sausage short of a good italian dinner, boxer and fienstien and brown and maxine waters have ruined the state thats why we left and came to nashville where folks are at least sane

  80. REALLY FOLKS……this is what you get when you combine a Classic Narcissist with a Liberal. They’re SO FAR out there that they seem a little looney tunes, but when they’re criticized they turn absolutely nasty. Look at Obama and Pelosi and Reid, and Bill Clinton and Al Gore…..ALL classic Narcissist’s that LOVE to talk about themselves and all of the great things they’ve done, BUT……don’t ever criticize one or try to embarrass one but pointing out their flaws…..EVERY ONE OF THEM WILL TURN ON YOU WITH A VENGEANCE. I KNOW……I was married to one of these aholes in the past and now I can spot them from a mile away. They gravitate to politics and sales like maggots to meat. People at first think they’re OH SO SWEET AND KIND……but behind the veneer they’re like wolves and no picnic to live with for any length of time.

    1. My son in law sells used cars, and loves dems.. I should beat the crap out of him, on principle….lol

      His first big paycheck woke him up a bit…he had to PAY taxes.

    2. Like you I was once married to one. Geez, and mine wouldn’t let go: “Why would you want a divorce? There’s nothing wrong with me!”

    3. Yeah that’s the kicker…..They can’t stand you until you try to leave and then they convince you how wonderful they are. Then when you cave in and try to work things out they once again return to their “I’m the center of the universe” routine. ME ME ME…’s about what’s best for them, and until they find something better they’ll settle with you……but they’re always working the angles and saying what they think other people want to hear so they can be re-elected.

  81. Meanwhile the country has no choice but to endure the mentally dysfunctional with no immediate remedies…We are so screwed.

  82. She should be denied the right to own a gun, based on her mentally unstable outburst for the nation to see.

  83. _

    nancy P.U. Lousy IS
    Completely {{ Round The Bend }} NUTS!!!
    And Has Been For A Good LONg While.

  84. Wonder what her excuse will be? She’s not the only one that needs a mental evaluation. Another reason why we need term limits.

  85. Heck… they are just delusional from all of the lying and cheating they have done for all of these years!!!!

  86. PIGLOSI is nothing but a broom riding SOW. She isn’t used to being called on the carpet. She started foaming at the mouth like a rabid (sorry dogs) DOG. Yep! Piglosi needs to research her stuff. Then maybe she would know what she was shoving down America’s throat while she read it and not after passing it. She is a 3rd class UGLY, NASTY FEMINAZI NUT JOB

  87. So let them act like the communist crackpots they are. All the better for our November prospects.

  88. is anyone actually questioning whether this woman is insane. It is a foregone conclusion. larger question is why someone clearly certifiable is wandering the corridors of power in DC. My father, a very cute and droll man, used to say “there are more nuts out than in”

  89. “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder” — great book, and every day I see more and more experiential, real world examples. I’m only surprised that anyone noticed Pelosi’s behavior and especially that they videotaped it.

    1. I’m not sure that liberalism is the disorder, but rather those with mental disorders are somehow attracted to the liberal philosophy. They seem to be looking for someone or some thing that will take care of them and protect them from the realities of life.

    2. I used to think that liberals were just people who never grew up, always believed that they could make the real world conform to their childhood ideals. Now I know better. They are deranged. Reality has no bearing on their existence, outlook, or world view at all.

  90. Being married to a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, we have some interesting discussions regarding the mental health (or lack thereof) of a lot of politicians and celebrities. Playing a game of “Normal or Nuts?” always seems that the “Nuts” category is virtually owned by the left, and those in the category of cognitive impairment/deficit are invariably Democrats.

  91. the Mental Stability of all Liberals needs to be examined. These people are truly sick. I have tried to jokingly say that they are children in adult bodies, still immature and unable to make mature decision, especially when it comes to the benefit of others, but we have to stop and realize they depth of immorality in these people, NOT that any conservative is perfect by any means, but still the vast difference is that a conservative might fall in the mud and they resent it, they’re sorry for it, they regret it, they try and get up and out of it as quickly as possible but Liberals just lay there and wallow in it like a pig in slop. No doubt I am going to end up in a horrible physical confrontation because of my challenging people who run red lights, text, talk on the phone and swerve all over the road, just DO NOT pay attention to their driving. BUT, was so refreshing the other day when a ragged old van ran a red light and I pulled up next to the guy. BIG BIG burly biker kinda dude, full beard and i said, “You know you’re going to get someone seriously hurt including yourself running a light like that”. VERY VERY sheepishly he said, “yea i know buddy, don’t know what I was thinking, just got a phone call and reach to answer that when the light change, but hey thanks”. He is/was 1 in a thousand. All the others flip you off, curse you, tell you where you can go rather than realizing they made a mistake. AND tell you what. Let’s deal with these 2 types of people in a given day. I’ll give you $20 for everyone that apologizes or acts like they’re sorry for making a mistake that could cost someone their life, you give me a quarter and at the end of the day I”LL come out ahead. AND, while we’re at it we’ll take a poll. Those acting stupid and cursing us for their mistake I guarantee you will be Liberals, those apologetic for their actions will be conservative.

  92. The letting of any Senator or Congressman after they get a certain age ,should be questioned to be in office as long as these 2 old Diosuars.
    They get the Idea that they are apponted to be our rulers not our servants.

  93. Insane, clinically stupid, aliens from space…either way they do not belong in public office.

  94. I`ve been saying for a long while that Pelosi is senile and so is Harry Reid. They both need to be retired.

  95. When man [ or woman ] begin to care more for themselves and don’t listen to others [ such as we the people ], and continue on with an agenda thatis boardering selfishness, greed and power, then God can do nothing, but allow for their minds to be turned over to what He calls a reporbate mind. This may well be happing to her and others.

  96. Of course she is nuts! Watch her bizarre behavior in a given outburst or situation. SF & Marin County like them that way.

  97. I’ve said all along Pelosi has a mental condition that needs to be looked at. Some of her replies to questions and statements she makes, are suspect to strange behavior. “baby Jesus” Tea Party “terrorists” and this last debacle charging the senate floor like a maniac. She becomes incoherent at times and that is troubling. Since she is a servant of the people, and holds a powerful position, I think it’s time for her to step down.

    1. Her carotid arteries are likely calcified and creating a blockage of blood flow to her brain. She exhibits all the symptoms. Truly sad that they would allow someone in such a condition to continually embarrass herself and her district like that.

    2. Her synapsis are short circuiting. The wiring mechanisms of the brain are frayed. Oxygen uptake of the main circuitry to the brain stem up is almost deplete.

    3. Well said. The wiring in her brain is frayed and her synapsis are mal functioning. Also, her oxygen uptake is nearly diminished and it’s a wonder that she is still functioning. Other than that, she’s in pretty good shape. HA!

  98. not just Pelosi, the democrats are desperate to hold power. that is why all the immigrations crap going on. got to get new people to vote them in. and Pelosi is nothing more than a brain dead wrinkled old women

  99. NP what is wrong with her the past few years? she really does need to retire!something is not right with her and it shows more and more all the time – she has been in office since the 70s. she is showing signs of first stage dementia! and it will only get worse. she is a also troubled catholic fighting within the structures of church she belongs to. the pope has reprimand her privately. this alone will stress/ mental her out. what she needs to do is get her life together , because being part of the political arena is making her very unhappy and unhealthy. her family should do a intervention for their mom! the political world of the good ole boys ( both parties) do not give a hoot about her! she is being shown the door in a sarcastic way they want someone out of there. they will use her until she she has nothing to give or gain for them anymore. I really do feel sorry for her. she needs to walk away like the reporter, old lady Helen did a few years back . with some pride and grace. she needs to do it for herself! and also for her country! we dont need her representing women in this manner. the good ole boys( both parties) are enjoying it too much .

  100. what is she doing? the same wacked out behavior she and these other left winged morons pulling for years, just how long do you think that this nation is going to be when the treasury is making money as fast as the ink dries and these wacko demwits for years did not have budget just keep increasing the debt, Some one tell how any nation can survive and as more good news half the nation pays no income tax and we borrow money each day from Gods knows who to pay the interest on the loans, tll me how much longer it will stand, I say not long but I’m an optomists

  101. Reid and Pelosi are both NUTS – period – Harry Reid won that last election the same way BO won his – rigged – believe it

  102. women take steps backwards when they show boat troubled political women. people get skeptical on voting for one for the top seat. this is sad. yes there is a few men in the political area who also have troubles within their job functions , but ? they get less press time. they seem to hit harder on women polititcians. from both parties! they ( the good ole boys)( the unknowns to the taxpayers)can keep control of top seat this way.

  103. At the risk of being accused of advocating age discrimination, I highly recommend no one over the age of 70 years should be allowed to serve in the house, senate or the presidency or vice presidency. Or maybe Nancy Piglosii should quit dropping acid. The sixties are over Nancy, you crazy b**ch.

  104. Pelosi may have a problem with receiving too many botox injections & possibly penetrating too deeply into her skull. As for Dingy Harry, he may just be suffering from dementia. Either way, the prescription for both may require being institutionalized. But a padded cell may be needed; we don’t want them to hurt themselves. LOL

  105. I truly believe this woman is seriously going to end up in a straight jacket. I wonder if she has dementia or if she is just getting really crazy. She even looks crazed in her eyes. I agree that she and Reid have really gone off the deep end. I wonder if democrats are even embarrassed by them?

  106. Yep, maybe it is time to Retire the Idiots/Morons, Drug Addicts, Mentally Ill people who are Members of Congress and Occupants of the White House.

  107. He is not alone in his concerns! She’s making it look like some of the foreign political circuses you see on TV shows! If you can’t tolerate people disagreeing with you, get out of politics!

  108. Liberalism-is a mental disorder-killing babies and wanting convicted killers to walk?, hate Jews and love Muslim maggots ? rewards laziness with endless Freebies, wants citizens to pay for abortions, homosexuality taught in K-12th grades, destroy cities like Detroit and wonder why ? Yes-Liberalism-is a disgusting heathen way of thinking and living.

  109. Early signs of dementia. It all started when she forgot that congress was supposed to read the health care bill before passing it. It’s been downhill since.

  110. She looks like a Jane Jetson mummy, and her brain is fried. We need to stop feeding these parasites.

  111. The truth is that Pelosi and Harry Reid is suffering big time and they both need to join the Mental health institutions and all the president administration too

  112. You do know that her actions to date having to do with her ok on abortions then proclaiming herself as Christian doing Gods work does have an affect on your mental health because you are acting as if your are working both sides. You are with Jesus then against him and his teachings, This will unhinge any one and the rising mental ill population is evidence of this.

  113. Just to look at her facial expressions, says a lot about her sanity – or lack thereof… the same for Reid…

  114. Pelosi is a puppet to Obama, thats all ! Obama is a puppet for other investors in him as well ! Unfortunately, Obama is the supervisor right now, of the demolition team in place and destroying this country.

  115. Democrats have been stealing elections for a very long time and liberal judges help them by saying huge evidence of voter fraud is not evidence.

    That’s why Democrats don’t want people to have to show ID to vote. Showing ID to vote makes it more difficult to commit voter fraud.

  116. if Reid and Pelosi could have kids, I’m pretty sure it would be still born every time due to no brain activity. So unbelievably stupid.

  117. Nancy’s been the chief conductor aboard the fruit-loops express for awhile now.
    Harry Reid’s her back up.

  118. Her behavior shows that she thinks she is an elitist and we are nothing and do not deserve any voice in shaping the government. She is a prime example of why we need term limits.

  119. She claimed that passing the democrat bill on immigration reform is what the people want. It is true that polls show that people want reform but the poll doesn’t ask “Whose reform do you want?” Democrats can’t grasp the concept that people can want reform but not the loony lefts idea of reform.
    They also don’t grasp that stopping bad legislation is “doing something”. The polls show that the people oppose the Obama agenda. Republicans are “doing something” by stopping the crazies from destroying our country.

    The media wants the Obama agenda so they can’t grasp that blocking it is “doing something”. This is not a “do nothing” congress, it is doing a lot of good blocking Obama.

  120. As long as this psychotic California raisin holds any influence at all over our national affairs, that should reasonably scare the $hit out of any sane, rational minded, & critical thinking person.

  121. If John Boehner had chased a Democrat like that, it would have been the lead on all the nightly newscasts. The Democrats are blessed with their sycophant media.

  122. She is, at the least unhinged. She does not belong representing the people of California. The Democratic Party should take her out and send her home for R&R.

  123. put hillary in that group also…Nancy is mentally ill to have been doing many of the things she has done lately…actually trying to run(old lady) like she could control anyone when she cant control herself…ARROGANT OLD FOOL ACTS LIKE A CONDO COMMANDO!!!!!!

  124. I think this big cheese has reached her expiration date. Time to throw her in the trash with the other garbage

  125. It’s the media that has given many liberals the delusion of grander, now that their charade is slowly unraveling and the truth is coming out of a sieve putting the onus on them. If I resided in Northern California I would be embarrassed! We all know about what The Bay area represents! She fits right in, a complete wack-job!

    1. We in Orange County feel the same way about the nuts in the Bay area. But when you think about it, they are not even Californians, they all moved here from liberal states like Pelosi.

  126. In all honesty, she needs to speak to a mental health expert. Her actions and words in the last few years seems to demonstrate a loss of rational thinking. Her voting needs to be suspended until such a time as she can demonstrate sanity.

  127. It appears as tho mental illness is running rampant in the democrat-socialist party. Pelosi, Biden, Waters, Jackson-Lee, Hank Johnson, Rangal, etc. And, from this list, it would appear that corruption is also a characteristic of that pathetic political party.

  128. Any competent licensed social worker or Dr. Can look at both Nancy and Harry and tell they are suffering from mental illness and causing the country to suffer with their delusional state of consciousness

  129. Well gee, what will Barack do? I’ll bet he will really be mad!

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and they will listen.

  130. In NC, the NCAAP and the democrats are totally against voter ID… but I’ll bet you anything every single one of them have ID so they can cash their ‘benefits’ checks!!

  131. Didn’t Hitler act the same way. So I wonder if Pelosi and Reid are part of Hitler’s family.

  132. I would have let her storm at me, then lay a hand on me….then cold cocked her into next week. Self-defense at that point. DING!

  133. “They” say that this brand of “Liberalism” is a mental disorder. Everyday, some-one in the Obama administration, from the president on down, displays some form of insanitary, especially in the eyes, the “wild eyes”
    Just out of curiosity, there are 13 witches in a coven, can you name 13 witches in the “liberal” coven, and they don’t have to be elected politicians. Can you name the head witch, and no it is not Hillary Clinton, she hasn’t got what it takes.

  134. Pelosi Is Another One Of Those North California Liberal Nutjobs She Has always been Remember We’ve Got To Pass It (Obamacare) To Find Out What’s In It She’s Now Far Out In Deep Space Engaged In Hyper-Drive.

  135. Shouldn’t elected officials have to submit to a mental health screening after they hit a certain age. It just seems that with the power they are in trusted with and what we now know about the elderly and dementia that it would just make sense. Case in point Pelosi and Reid.

    1. I’m not sure age should be a criteria. Gutierrez of Illinois is out on that limb too.

  136. If you review her public comments in recent years, it would seem highly probale that her competency could be legitimately challenged.

  137. All the tyrannical democrats are mentally ill. That is a simple fact. And they all suffer from severe delusion.

  138. However the Kool-Aid drinkers in her district will reelect her on November 4 because she has a D after her name.

    1. And/Or, Pelosi will make sure she gets enough illegal votes to push her over the edge like Obama did last time.

  139. No MAYBE about it. She’s a certifiable nut case and should be thrown to the garbage pile!

  140. That episode with poor Nancy chasing the fellow congressman is just a showing sign that her and her party are in huge trouble come November. It is when the lies stop, the truth of what has been going on in Washington will start to come out and maybe a few end up on the receiving end of a jail sentence. You think she doesn’t smell this?

  141. The core Democratic Party office holders are all suffering from clinically diagnosable mental illness. Take our president for example, credited by the world’s populace, initially, as a man of great compassion. Obama still plays that role in every way he can. But the truth is this is a man who lacks almost any emotional connection to anyone at all. He’s got down all the moves but one can see he doesn’t care. That’s why everything rolls off his back as he continues putting the imprint of his madness on all our lives. Pelosi is so desperate to have her self generated narcissistic vision confirmed by all whom she encounters that she has no choice but to chase down articulate dissenters. Watch this woman on an interview and it’s like she’s on such heavy medication that she’s not responsible for what she says. I could name a dozen leading Democrats and point out the aberrant behavior, sometimes subtle, others so extreme we doubt ourselves instead of them. The insane are truly running the asylum. Someday it will have to stop. I hope it’s not too late by then.

  142. I have been saying this for months! And if she is, then I take back some of the things that I said about her.

  143. The Dems have no boundaries and no decorum. They are running this country into the ground!! God help us.

  144. It’s fun to joke about but think about it — he could actually be correct. People develop mental illness. People get senile. Who’s to say she wasn’t mentally sound when she first got into office (as sound as any democrat could be), but has since developed an issue that is likely undiagnosed? Now think about this: You have to take a test to renew your driver’s license, but Nancy Pelosi doesn’t have to take a test to prove she’s not a complete psycho before being re-elected.

  145. James Woods is right she is mentally off. Pelosi is just a plain malignant narcissist who does not respect other people’s boundaries. She actually believes she is the head honcho up there on the Hill. Refreshing to see celebrities such as James Woods speaking up.

  146. La Pelosi (who married into a Cleveland Mafia family) is an enraged far-left cretin of the first order.

  147. Don’t be hating on Nancy. She’s doing the best she can do with what she’s got to work with. Not much

  148. There has to be something in the water (stupid sauce) in DC. The longer they are there, the crazier they get.

  149. Pelosi is a criminal and a traitor. She used U.S.A.F. aircraft for personal purposes to the tune of more than two-million dollars. She rammed the so called, “Affordable Health Care Plan” down the throats of legislators who balked. Amazing that she still has leverage in Washington considering what a total nut case she is. She is a schemer and screamer when she doesn’t get Nancy’s way she exposes herself as the witch she is and the teeth come out.

  150. I think all the progressive , commie dems are unhinged and this is how they react to the truth being told in public , they just cannot handle it and dead set against anyone telling the truth because it is totally opposite from what any of them are saying or their media friends are saying , screw that bitch and send her home , Like Tom said this is the perfect reason we need term limits , power that long goes to their head and they think only what they think is right . .

  151. I think all the progressive , commie dems are unhinged and this is how they react to the truth being told in public , they just cannot handle it and dead set against anyone telling the truth because it is totally opposite from what any of them are saying or their media friends are saying , screw that bitch and send her home , Like Tom said this is the perfect reason we need term limits , power that long goes to their head and they think only what they think is right . .

  152. In Southern Indiana we have to Photo Id. And no political party is suppose to try to sway your vote before you go in. I always make up my mind about who I want before I get in the booth. I wouldn’t mind being fingerprinted before voting because I have the right credentials to vote.

  153. Nancy has been in “looney land” for a long time and some people are just now seeing it.

  154. Nancy has been in “looney land” for a long time and some people are just now seeing it.

  155. I have had the thought about her and Reid for awhile. They remind me of my mother and sister in the early stages of Alzheimer’s. Not just what comes out of their mouth but the empty look in their eyes.

  156. A line I encountered on the rear page of a comic book nearly a half century ago has stayed with me: “If you can’t bring yourself to live with reality, reality will surely come to live with you.” The party in power has worked a variation on this: that the nation’s reality will be to dwell in Debt Valley while the political elite will have their homes in the Affluent Mountains, not living with the reality they create. And they want still more from the serfs – welcome to the Middle Ages. Pelosi can’t be expected to see why anyone would have the temerity to find anything wrong with this. Such behavior cannot be tolerated. Off with his head!

    1. And the only thing that went wrong in your scenario Francisco, is that we have allowed the people “We Hired” to think that we were their serfs instead of their masters.

    2. “Hired” – elected? Or did a sufficiently large number of marks elect the patent lies on which they campaigned, the promises they couldn’t keep, and the benefits their programs couldn’t deliver? Is that what democracy means? I wonder to what degree did the Republicans we “hired” to prevent this permit things like Obamacare to be funded much the way one buffoon permits another buffoon to do something stupid just to watch him take a pratfall, the effect on the targeted victims (and the economy) be damned. There is not just responsibility for causing a disaster; there is also responsibility for not preventing one. Among the general public, it appears there are still a substantial number of gulls that keep grabbing the cast bait despite their experience with getting hooked every time.

  157. It’s called San Fransicko syndrome. Who else would elect and re-elect this sick ba$tard time after time?

  158. I think people think it is hyperbole when someone states that “Liberalism is a mental illness” but it is not. The liberal ideology leads to mental issues, that is why it is so baffling when we see some of the things they say and believe and can’t believe they believe some of this stuff, but they do. They start off on a foundation of shifting sand and never settle on anything solid. I think some of the do see the unicorns.

  159. She’s really quite normal for a modern day demoncrat progressive multi millionaire who’s demonized the wealthy and business community while enjoying the wealth and privilege she was born and or married into. John Kerry is exactly the same, having married into the wealth and privilege of his situation.
    Wealth, privilege, and fortune are all horrible unless it’s them that enjoy it. We should all “redistribute our wealth, but don’t ever ask these freaks to join in that venture.
    Every stinking one of these phony bastards makes me puke.

  160. Nancy Pelosi turned 74 years old last March.
    She has been in the House for 27 years.
    Term limits, people.

  161. They ALL have mental problems James….One of those fools actually thought an ISLAND was going to TIP OVER !!! I SH*T you not…From Sheila Jackson Lee who” Stands before you today as a freed slave ” to Obozo himself traveling through 55 states and 2 to go…I mean really…WTF !!!!

    1. James, et al, please see more on Pelosi, Jackson-Lee and Hank Johnson (who worried that Guam was going to tip over if too many people were on one side of it) where you will find them both among “the worst of a bad lot.” Unfortunately, they have lot of company in congress. Term limits will help as it has in many State legislatures.

  162. Mad Nancy is actually quite mad. I do notice that she has recovered her Catholic faith. She is calling on the name of Jesus to welcome the illegals and calling for late term abortion at the same time. I wonder what the Bishop of San Francisco thinks about all that?? Time to get rid of her and scarey Harry.

  163. This women is obviously deranged which just proves that even if you are a multi millionaire, you can still loose your mind.

  164. Finally we’re waking up to this! It is no laughing matter…Obama and his WH inmates are all looney from lies and power grabs, acting without conscious and thinking they can always get away with it…then when these spoiled little brats don’t get their way, can’t control everything, they do ballistic..because, like all psychopaths, they think they own and control everything and everyone…Nutz-oid!

  165. Mr Howell is on target. Voter fraud won the last election. The Soros electronic voting machines were rigged as was the entire voting process. And, nothing has changed. Everything is still in place for a repeat–including “The Dumbed-Down” voting public. With Obama’s immigration policies to grant amnesty to millions of illegals along with millions of young adults and children already being re-located across the U.S., the Democrats are assured of a one party system for years to come. It appears the rise of a “STALIN” like Socialist Dictator is well under way. And, then there is the rampant rise and spread of Islam now that Obama’s Domestic and Middle East policies have severely and dangerously weakened the U.S. around the World. Obama intends to isolate and disarm Israel and permit the nations hostile to them to have their way. To insure this Global success, Obama has been purging our experienced Military and replacing them His Muslims in every branch of service. They are very adept in turning their guns on Americans. Obama wants, HIS ARMY. Why do you think Obama is pushing hard to GET YOUR GUNS and totally disarm America? While at the same time he is arming The Muslim Brotherhood with Tanks, Planes, Heavy Artillery pieces and all the equipment necessary to dominate and control around the Globe. For what purpose do you suppose those FEMA camps are now being constructed.around the the country?

  166. It’s funny how these people are coming forward now and saying what a lot of us have been saying for several years now!

  167. Appears to be a lot of mental illness on the left in Congress and in the Administration. May be that all Progressives suffer from the illness to varying degrees. Certainly the current POTUS and AG are long suffering victims.

  168. YOU PEOPLE ARE IGNORANT DON”T YOU KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT CLONING!! it only last so many years before it runs out.

  169. Let’s see, Pelosi, Reid, Hillary, what do they all have in common?
    When push comes to shove, they have all exhibited very irrational behavior!

    Clinton exhibits signs of brain damage, Reid signs of dementia, Pelosi,extreme childishness.

    What do they have in common, all up there in years, all loosing grasp with reality, all nasty, lying people.

    Don’t get me wrong, we all get old, after all they are not too far from my age, but seriously, when it is time, it is time. For these three, it is well past time to just go away and leave the world to those that still have a grasp on honesty and reality!!

    1. I have said for the last two elections – the voting is definitely rigged. Too many smart Americans still out-number the donkey’s behinds.

  170. Maybe the wicked minds of Pelosi and Harry Reid will go totally brain dead in the near future?? lol

  171. diarrhea of the brain… and these people tell us we are racists, bigots, homophobes, when in fact they aren’t playing with a full deck. They have stripped our military down, making us vulnerable to russia, china and terrorism and are killing the economy so we cannot afford a defense, Obama is fixing us for another powers takeover and we care if whiny liberal democrats threaten to do anything? Ignore their protests and protect this country. They know they are looking bad, thats why they insist on these illegals coming in, they need people who agree with them and it isn’t most us citizens…people send these illegals home, open up energy resources for the economy and secure the border and build back up our military or one day they will land on our shores and nothing can be done about it. If you vote for another liberal you vote your families future away.

    1. All these illegals coming in en- masse, is just another phony scandal by the Conservatives to make Obama and his administration look bad!! Wanna bet this will be their next move.

  172. I believe the power gets to all of them and they all should be replaced every year!

  173. They’re coming to take her away ha-ha; they’re coming to take her away ho-ho, he-he, ha-ha. To the FUNNY FARM, where life is beautiful ALL the time. And she’ll be happy to see those nice young men in their clean white coats and they’re coming to take her AWAY, HA-HA !!!!

  174. An independently operated duplicate voting area near the voting polls would be interesting. I know that exact numbers would not be expected but I believe that the majority of voters are honest and the trend would validate or invalidate the local polls.

  175. I believe that for those who want to limit our rights for the greater good, have neither the idea of what are rights are, or what the greater good really means.

  176. I think she is on Medical Marijuana, but she has been too hyper for that… so I’m thinking Meth? I mean NO BODY acts, talks and says such ridiculous and traitorous comments that she has made in the last few years!!! Unless she’s sleeping with Obama and says what ever she wants? But seriously this woman’s comments are totally off the wall, totally false and just embarrassing for any American! If I was a Californian I would be SO A SHARED of her i would try to recall her or retire this ding bat!!!