VIDEO: ‘FBI Snitch’ Al Sharpton Gets Heckled: ‘Are You Here to Snitch on the Rioters?’

Al Sharpton
As MSNBC’s race-hustling Marxist Al Sharpton hurried to Ferguson, Missouri, never allowing a crisis to be a wasted opportunity to bask in the limelight, following the death of Michael Brown, he was greeted by a message spray-painted on a looted QuickTrip (QT) convenience store during the riots, that was no doubt directed towards him. 

The spray-painted message said: “Snitches get Stitches.” 

“Reverend” Sharpton, whose previously reported mob ties led him to also become an FBI informant, aka: CI-7, had the message brought to his attention by Progressives Today  reporter Adam Sharp on Tuesday (see video below). 

While very few details have been revealed regarding the shooting of 18-year old Michael Brown, reportedly unarmed, by a policeman he was in a physical altercation with, Sharpton, who recently compared Obama’s ‘suffering’ to Jesus, plays judge, jury, and executioner as he tells the reporter that he’s there to talk about a “cop that needs to go to jail.” 

Adam Sharp:  “Reverend Sharpton, the term ‘Snitches Get Snitches’ was spray painted on the burned out QuikTrip. Since you are a federal snitch, sir, do you fear for your life?”

Al Sharpton:  “I’m not a snitch. (Not true) But today I want to tell the feds about a cop that needs to go to jail.”

Adam Sharp:  “Are you in fear for your life being a federal informant and…”

Sharpton:  “I want to inform on this policeman today.”

Sharp:  “Are you here to snitch on the rioters?… Are you here to work with your FBI partners?”

Sharpton:  (no response)

Sharp:  “Are you here to work with your FBI partners…since you are a federal informant, sir?”

Sharpton:  (no response)

Sharp:  “Anybody who doesn’t believe me can go Google it. He’s a fed snitch. Google it, man, I ain’t lyin’.”



  1. “Google it man…I ain’t lyin.” As if simply googling it were the end all be all…. Google is like a bathroom wall…everyone can write something. It will take more than that to verify something like an FBI informant. That being said…he could very well be one…

    1. Read a little history on Al Sharpton, interesting reading. Just so sad that Americans even pay him any attention, he’s not worth it. Jessie Jackson just a higher up the food chain in relevance.

    2. Being an FBI informant is probably the only reason Sharpton is still alive and out of prison.

    3. Come on Alan. It was proven a couple months back when the files were opened to the public. He worked for the FBI after he got busted trying to buy/sell drugs. The video is pretty funny because he was a huge fat guy in a track suit with huge jerry curl hair.

    4. Uh, in this case, its true. Seriously, quit doubting everything. This being said, he WAS one. True story.

    5. Actually, it’s pretty common knowledge that he’s a snitch, and Google provides countless reputable sources in addition to the fallacious agenda – driven garbage. One has to dig pretty deep to refute FACTS, and one does have to consider their sources.

  2. He seems to always have the shaved head, frowning haters as part of his posse. Can’t imagine why ol’ Sharpie would need bodyguards! He’s just out trying to make a buck……by race baiting and fearmongering.

    1. He is a gutless wonder like Obama is. Neither will face anything or any issue without the jack boots surrounding them.

  3. He wasn’t really a snitch – he turned others in to save himself! That’s not really an informant – that’s a piece of crap who is to afraid to take the medicine he deserves, but wants someone to think he is all about the law! The Rev. in not even a Reverend just a loud mouth that knew he could not take the prison life so he spilled his guts!

    1. He turned people in that make’s him a SNITCH . You say he only snitched because he didn’t want to go to prison , why do you think people snitch ? . He’s a SNITCH . Once a snitch ALWAYS a snitch.

    2. Al Sharpton = Uncle Tom

      The phrase “Uncle Tom” is an epithet for a person who is slavish and excessively subservient to perceived authority figures, particularly a black person who behaves in a subservient manner to white people. Or any person perceived to be a participant in the oppression of their own group.

      Paraphrased from Wikipedia; “Uncle Tom”.

      Al “Uncle Tom” Sharpton, no surprises here. A “true to life Uncle Tom”, not just a slander fro political purposes IMO.

    3. A little deeper than that.

      Working for the Italian and Jewish inner city music mafias, also selling heroin to the black community, (and the heroin wasn’t coming from Asia, Africa or Jamaica man). And when he did snitch, and he did, he snitched for the white man, too. This guy, a black man, a Uncle Tom, was bending over the black community any and every which way he could for the white mafia. Then the heat came down on him.

      All I ever hear is how good, honest people of color affiliate themselves with conservatives and that somehow qualifies them as being an Uncle Tom. BS

      If there ever was someone qualified as an Uncle Tom, IMO Al Sharpton is the poster child. And hey, you get a two fer, he’s also a snitch.

      Sharpton should have “Uncle Tom” branded across his forehead.

    4. Honestly, I had never heard that Al Sharpton was a snitch, not did I know any of the details. Perhaps this is why he is so loud and strident in talking about how much he “cares” about other black people: because deep down, he knows that he has spent a lifetime working for white criminals?

      Ideals Mastering Power Creating All Life GOD IS


    6. I’m neither a thief, liar, nor murderer. I have black family that I visit with quite often, and I find your stereotypical banter to be offensive. No one who uses all capitalized letters can be taken seriously, especially after they showed prejudice towards a color or otherwise defining trait of another “group” of human beings, educate yourself.

    7. Thats because people arent groups. They are individuals. People like Sharpton that want to keep folks in have a power over them. It always comes down to money. You dont see Sharpton protesting blacks killing blacks. He gets no headlines or stardom from that

    8. Another racist! So all whites are thieves, liars, and murdering crackers, but you still love your white mother……… hmmm seems that would make you half cracker? wow

    9. Yes, Gun Bunny, Red Leg, or King of Battle!
      Where were you stationed and when did you serve? Also thank you for your dedication to our country! Do any time at Ft. Bragg, Ft. Polk, or Europe, or Iraq?
      God Bless America!

    10. Don’t call him Reverend. He’s an insult to any church and the Bible. He is not worthy to be called Reverend. Just call him Al.

    11. I call him pea brain , his brain is stuck on race issue’s ,so it must be the size of a pea .

    12. Funny… For a so called “reverend” I have NEVER EVER heard him mention God not one single time. What kind of reverend is he anyway? What a dirtbag!!

    13. Way back in the late 1960′s I received an offer by mail to get “a reverend diploma” for $15; framed appropriately the cost would have been $20.

    14. If ever there was a human being who needed to meet his Maker sooner than later, and face the music, Sharpton is the one. Im not sure I have ever met a more vitriolic racist and hater in my life. Worse yet is MSNBC who allows him, in fact encourages him, to spew his vile devisive disgusting poison and turn people against one another.

  4. All he has ever done is HATE. I hope his days are over. We Need more people to spread LOVE ONE ANOTHER. NOT HATE. If you want to hate your fellow man, go to the middle-east. And take Oblaama with you.

    1. Actually, All the pink monkeys since they climbed down from your caves habitat have done is hate.
      Ever since the barbarian set foot in America, they have exuded hate.
      You just started learning how to be obedient about 40 years ago.

    2. Racist! You think that reverse racism is somehow ok? Racism in all forms is unacceptable. Also, they climbed / your caves is not correct, at least speak proper English when making a point.

    3. I do believe my point was well received by you, moreover how many of your co-kind did you responded to?
      Racism in all forms is unacceptable yet you only pointed your finger at me.
      PROPER ENGLISH, LOL I’m Amercian.

    4. jOHN– THAT IS NOT RACIST, if you cannot see the truth OK. I was forced to live in close quarters with black folk an i am white. There is a deffinate difference from black n white and if we choose to disagree
      to agree, so be it but i live in Realville, not la la land. An who are you to make fun of anothers spelling
      or speach?? Should i call that rasist ??

    5. You are racist and need to go back to grammar school. A dictionary and spell check should be your friends. You are a prime example of our failed public schools job of educating you and those of your ilk.

    6. texas blonde- your name an blame game does not bother me as you shall never grow to understand.
      Your age is showing along with ill- informed mind, have ya ever been out of your state?

    7. You are the one who is bigoted and blinded by ill conceived opinions. I look at individuals and their character first. The color or ethnic background does not matter. Your color maligned tunnel vision has robbed you of even getting to know great, good people who may not look like you. It really is amazing how easy it is to pay kindness forward to others even if it is being courteous by holding the door open for the person behind you with no regard to whether they are a man or woman, young or old, and no regard to their race. It is nice to be able to put a smile on their face, but many times you see them do it for someone else too.

      Let a little love in your heart and release the hate you cherish and hold dear. Life and all people will bring you joy if you allow love to rule you instead of hate.

      That does not mean become a lala land resident. There are bad folks in all races and I do believe in 2nd amendment rights to protect your home and family from those criminals. There are plenty of white people who are hardened criminals and you cannot paint it with a racially coated paint brush. You have to look at the individual and not the color of their skin.

      Right now, I suspect YOU might be a person I would walk across the street to get away from. You reek of hate worse than a 5×5 closet full of 20 frat boys trying to smoke a pound of pot before their RA comes back and catches them.

    8. where did you get this “content of character” stuff from ? Another socialist, womanizing, alcoholic, fake named Marxist (Michael) Luther King? 95% of blacks (racist) voted for Barry boy BECAUSE of skin color. He has no character. They hold you to a standard they don’t embrace themselves. HYPOCRITES. Another name associated with N1663Rs!

    9. Tim, your hate filled tirade is off topic. We are not talking about Obama or who voted for him. I did not vote for him and cannot find many who admit they did. Perhaps you are the one who has had too much to drink today. I never drink. I do not like it nor do I need to drink or use any type of drugs whether they are illegal or Rx meds to escape and get high.

      Martin Luther King did not promote violence. Al Sharpton, Jesse, and the New Black Panthers do promote violence.

      It is clear Obama either was not properly briefed or flat chose to ignore the reality of what is happening in Ferguson when he said a peaceful protest should not be attacked. Peaceful protestors were not attacked. Thugs trying to incite riots, throw Molotov cocktails, break into businesses and loot them, and burn down those business were attacked.

      Michael Brown’s parents are just like you or I or any parent would be if their unarmed child was shot and killed. Twenty years ago we would have taken the word of law enforcement regarding what happened and not questioned it. We cannot do that now. We have seen too many officers who crossed the line of upholding the law to being a criminal themselves. They shot a man in a wheelchair with a ballpoint pen, smashed a petite woman’s face into a concrete sitting area in a holding cell, and other examples that have been caught on video. We all know even a kid who is a really good kid may act different when he is with a friend and his parents are not present. We just do not know for sure what really happened and will have to wait until the FBI investigation is done. The officer should be tried as a criminal if he did shoot at the kid when he was standing there with his hands held up in surrender as some eye witnesses are saying. If the kid was scuffling with the officer and trying to grab his gun, you cannot do that. If I had a son who did that and was killed in the process, it would devastate me, but I am a realist who knows you cannot do that and you probably will be shot by an officer if you try to do it.

      Before you go into a diatribe based on your own bigotry, why don’t you try to read and learn more about your topic.

    10. Well seeing as you think Caucasians are no good, don’t drive a car, use a phone, or the www. All three were invented by Caucasians!
      Monkeys? Primates aren’t monkeys :)

    11. The shell of the automobile; is an Caucasians idea but not the engine that belongs to A Libyan.
      The shell of the cell phone -Caucasian
      The Guts of the Cell phone- Libyan
      So maybe you shouldn’t stop at a red light, use a lawn mower, ironing board or air condition, peanut butter etc.
      Primates once where monkeys, just more remedial. Than others.

    12. Perhaps you don’t read enough. (Andrew Beard inventer)
      There are more Pinktoes TAKING goverment hand outs then any other race.
      Now check that fact.
      42 percent white in America 69% of them are begging.
      I guess The Caucasian, wallow in poverty too.

    13. That’s funny because of over at least 300 families I know, only about 4 are on public support & that is because of disability, not laziness. Of course these are not city folks, we are rural.

    14. Andrew Beard invented plows and safety couplings for railroad cars. That has exactly ZERO to do with cellphones or internal combustion engines.

      I am truly sorry that your life is so devoid of meaning and that you have accomplished nothing because you are plainly too consumed with bigotry to ever create anything of any value. That much being said, you really shouldn’t try to cover that up by inventing made up histories. Sooner or later, your simpleton’s lies will catch up with you

      Ideals Mastering Power Creating All Life GOD IS

      PS If I didn’t know better, I’d say you were actually a Klansman pretending to be black. After all, your hate filled rantings and shocking ignorance would perfectly fill the white racist stereotype of black men being an inferior species

    15. When you are being robbed at gunpoint are you inferior. No
      You just would like to live another day. So you do what is needed, until freedom come( hope you never experience that)
      2nd I GIVE YOU THE NAME OF 1 inventor, and typical you only scratch the surface. Try doing something for yourself.
      3rd Notice you kept your mouth shut on the other information I spoon feed you. Why? God forbid you do your own homework.
      I am loved by God, who know my heart, and love by Family what more do I need in life.
      Certainly not your approval those days are over. So to LIE to YOU is beneath me.


    16. A) Libyans are not black Africans, they are Arabs. Arabs are Caucasians, ie, a slightly darker shade of “pink”. For the love of GOD, man, please at least TRY to not make a fool out of yourself… you probably believe that Cleopatra was black, too.

      B) Which “Libyans” are you talking about? The internal combustion engine was invented by a Belgian named J Joseph Lenoir, and perfected by a German Nickolaus Otto The cellphone was invented by Martin Cooper, a researcher for Motorola.

      Why would I not stop at a red light: because traffic lights were invented and patented by Garrett Morgan, a black man? I love peanut butter, and it matters not a rats rear end that it was invented by George Washington Carver, another black man. You see, that’s EXACTLY the difference between you and I : I don’t see everything in the whole wide world as being about race.

      As a matter of fact, that’s one of the main reasons I love computers so much: they don’t care if you’re black or white, rich or poor, fat or thin, male or female. To the extent that a computer “judges” you, its based upon what you can actually DO with them. I think it goes something like “judged not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character”. Yes, I could swear that I have heard someone say something EXACTLY like that once upon a time.

      You, unfortunately, seem to hold more to this saying “Everything that is not race in this world is chaff”

      Incidentally, when you’re not here foaming at the mouth with hate and making a fool of yourself, what do you DO, exactly? No kidding, I really am curious what you do for a living.

      Ideals Mastering Power Creating All Life GOD IS

    17. Show a photo. You sure are arrogant when you reply to people aren’t you? I wasn’t going to reply to you, but I had to ask, what a Pink Monkey was. You didn’t explain that. Are you an Obama fan?

    18. Organic Nubian, all humans are from Africa. Why is it the most evolved societies are the ones that left Africa? How can you point a finger at other races when the most violent and disgusting societies towards each other on this planet are still in Africa? There is violence in America, a lot of it reflects Africa and is caused by the people that were sold by Africans to this country. Please enlighten me how you can point at just pink monkeys when evolution has pretty much passes the African continent goodbye. How is it the NE Arab country of Egypt and the white influenced South Africa the only remotely civilized and industrial societies on that continent? Why are there still ancient feudal tribes slaughtered and sold as slaves still today? Why do you hate your women in Africa and here in America. That does not sound like white suppression to me. Look at the worst slums in this country, why is the violence predominantly black? There are poor white trash neighborhoods, none equal the violence to that of a poor black neighborhood. Perhaps you should start pointing the finger inwards before you spew hate outwards. No one kills or hurts black people more than black people themselves, and it is epidemic. Food for thought.

    19. I mean what happened? It was not always that way. You all used to have self respect for one another, that is gone now. No respect for human life of any color. What happened? Don’t blame white people, or at least only white people.

    20. Are you implying that Y’ALL have some sort of self respect for each other? And this is alive and well where?

    21. My heritage is Portuguese and French. I became a US citizen by joining the US Army 20 years ago when my family moved here. So yes, my culture lives in peace and has for a very long time. I was born in Portugal. There is almost no violent crime. We are not savages like you Africans in this country or from your homeland Africa. You people have been so lost for millenia. I have been to Africa, the most backwards disgusting place I ever been. Such a shame, the continent is beautiful, the men who run it hate women. Just like they do here. Sorry for my grammar, English is a 3rd language to me.

    22. Since your not born and breed here I will dismiss your comment.
      Thank you for your service. Now pat yourself on the back.
      Savages f^*k better ask the French

    23. that was 49 years ago when taxpayers started giving the inferior money because they are seen by the stupid (socialist), incapable or unwilling to care for themselves or their offspring (if they know who they are). The unGREATful SOCIETY has bankrupted the Divided Socialist State of Amerika. The coming chaos will be right up your alley, till you run out of alleys to run in. When you leave the city for lack of food. You will die.

    24. Funny how many of those “pink monkeys” it took to A) invent computers B) invent the Internet and C) make them inexpensive enough to own, and so simple to operate that even blithering, slack jawed mouth breathing bigots like you can vomit disconnected nonsense across the planet. You want to take a guess as to how many “organic nubians” were involved in inventing the first computer? The first main frame? The first computer networks? The first operating systems? The World Wide Web? The first desktops? The first laptops? The first smartphones? Hint: the answers are ZERO, ZERO, ZERO, ZERO, ZERO, ZERO, ZERO, ZERO and ZERO. Here’s an intellectual exercise for you: what is the significance of the fact that there are 8 zeros in that answer set?

      Here’s another intellectual exercise for you: what color were the people who invented the ENIAC? The UNIVAC? The IBM 360? What color was the guy who invented the computer mouse? What color were the people who invented the first Apple computers? How’s about Windows 95/98/2000/XP/7/8…… how many “pink monkeys” were involved in those little projects?

      Here’s a coloring book and some crayons, little “boieeee”… now go play in a corner somewhere, us grownups need time alone with the other adults

      Ideals Mastering Power Creating All Life GOD IS

    25. Anyone who still does not understand that race is the LEAST important thing in judging another person is an idiot.

      Believing every person in a “group” is exactly alike is logically insane.

    26. did he teach the government to hate? or was it the other way around? Look to the words (and actions) of Abraham Lincoln for the answer. He was a hypocrite, white supremacist and murdering fraud. Freed no one, rather enslaved ALL. The stupid slave doesn’t even know he is a slave, blames others for his condition.

    27. Spread love and love one another is the only way. Both sides. Agreed, we need more people on both sides spreading the message of love one another.

    1. Exactly! Back in the day you could get ordained and even a priest collar from an ad on the back of comic book covers. Truth!

    2. I thought it was just a license, which is required to be a Rev. but ordination had to be by a church, not any specific church, just a legal church of any belief, I think even Satan. Hmmmm wonder if that is faith ol Al baby professes, Satan and his followers.

    3. Ordination does not have to be associated with a church. Go on line, send in your money, and receive your certification of ordination in the mail.

    4. You made me look it up. He’s hardly a real Reverend. Per Wiki: “Sharpton was licensed and ordained a Pentecostal minister by Bishop F.D. Washington at the age of nine”

      Uh-huh. A reverend at age 9. Not likely.

    5. In some Pentecostal groups, they have been preaching as early as 21 months[ULC] Kanon Tipton of Grenada, MS is one. Those Pentecostals can sure start them out young! The problem is that they tend to burn out fairly quick- maybe what happened to Al?

  5. I wouldnt call this man a Rev, thats blasphemy, and hes the most racist man I have ever seen.

  6. The problem is he doesn’t have enough morals to be embarrassed. The ‘reverend’ is a tax dodge that left him owing the IRS millions, and made him Obama’s buddy.

  7. nothing wrong with helping the police. But then becoming a voice for people who break the law and get punished for it, and not a voice for black on black violence spousal abuse based on biblical principles, is totally a fraud.

  8. Let’s see just how far this goes! How many of you out there know that the Black race had white slave’s before the white race had black slave’s? Then to top that off, 350,000 white race died fighting to free black slavery?

    1. Interesting!! I have never heard that before. Where did you find that information, Robert Truss!!

    2. When the Persians, Babylonians, Greeks, Romans, et al captured POW’s they were sold to make money- that was how Romans could have Greek tutors for their children- war slaves. Or indebtedness they couldn’t pay off. Hebrews could sell themselves for a period of either 7 or 50 years~ they were freed at the Sabbatical Year or the Year of Jubilee- same for the land- it could not become a permanent possession either.

    3. While looking for years for my grand mothers American Indian back ground, the family record was found at last. It was in La. Early 1900′s. Where she was born, and registered as Black, not Indian. Her father owned land and was a teamster. My sister had a DNA run, and because my grandfather was white and our father was white, very little South Africa blood showed. But Doing more research showed black on white from Africa. I found out the reason was Black men bread white slave women back in those days. Seams that any whites came into Africa was taken and sold into slavery to black’s. This produced as we see today some very interesting mix. Very pretty breads came from this. White features with black shin and kinky hair. I am 66 with salt and pepper hair that waves when it grows. I have a younger brother with kinky hair and broad nose.

    4. What a fascinating piece of family history. We just don’t know where we came from until a family genealogy is revealed. My youngest sister is our genealogist for our family and has come across some interesting facts. Nothing like yours yet but fascinating that is for sure!! Thanks for the info!!

    5. Have you ever heard the term French Indian, or Black French? I call myself a breed, but I’m registered as white. My skin turns quickly in the sun. But because of cancer, I have to cover up. Now I’m two tone! LOL

    6. I do. I also know that the first slave to set foot in the Americas was a white Irish man. I also know of the Moors and the enslavement of 1/2 of early Europe. Next test?

    7. I would like to know which tribe you may be referring to as I am native american and this is news to me. Now I know my ancestors were enslaved, beaten, raped, murdered, and force relocated by the white.

    8. White irish were indentured. So were the first blacks. Eventually one indentured black, indentured to another black man who had worked off is term of indenture ran away, and was caught and sentenced to be indentured for life.

    1. I would rather they leave the camera on and turn off the sound. He would still think he had the spot light as he natters on endlessly about racism, but we wouldn’t be subjected to his ignorance.

  9. Wait a minute! That phrase on the wall was on there way before the Rev. Was supposed to show up. That phrase is in reference towards the workers that snitched on the two that robbed the QT, prior to the shooting. That phrase was painted on there by Sunday morning!


  11. You know what? I’m going to pose a question to TPNN. ME: “Hey TPNN…are y’all some kind of government psy-ops experiment to manipulate conservatives into an agitated state of mind so as to also keep race relations on edge?” TPNN: “No, we are not part of the government”. ME: “Are you in fear of being outed as attempting to manipulate facts to re-frame a story in an effort to incite anger among conservatives?” TPNN: “No, we are here to show what a tool Al Sharpton is.” ME: “Well that phrase “snitches get stitches” was spray painted on the wall by the looters the first night of the riots way before Al Sharpton ever stated he was coming to Ferguson so it was actually directed to those in the black community that might turn on the looters and ID them.” TPNN: (No response) ME: You DO know that your readers are generally smart enough to know that the first night of the riots, the phrase you are referring to was spray painted on the wall of the QT market long before Al Sharpton ever came into the picture?” TPNN: (No response) ME: “Anybody that doesn’t believe me can go Google it. It’s all over YouTube. I ain’t Lyin.” // Now I, like most smart conservatives, view Sharpton as one of the biggest race baiters on the planet but I am also a bit annoyed that TPNN would pull this kind of crap making you no different in actions applied than ol’ Al here.

  12. When will these Americans Open Their Eyes to this Man?
    If Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was alive today he was call Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson a Race Baiter.
    Even a Blind Person can see this!!
    Things like this are just another FREE TICKET TO RIDE to the Sharptons and the Jacksons.
    Quit paying attention to people like this and they dry up and blow away…

  13. I have never ever heard of anything constructive from al. Where does the Rev. come from ? Self appointed?

  14. Sharpton’s Propaganda of Racist Rants are so old and really don’t work for the people of today. Whatever self respect this man ever possessed has been flushed down the toilet of legitimacy years ago. Somebody do this man a favor and put this idiot in his place and send him packing down the road

  15. Wow way to point fingers there, Al Sharpton! You are responsible for the number of black on white crimes which happen because you and Jesse Jackass love to stir the pot with your hatred! If anyone should be in jail, it should be the two of you!

  16. He’s got the whole investigation concluded in his mind and the officer is guilty. Right on cue!

  17. Let me get your understanding of a ‘rat’, correct. You said he turned in others to save himself. That he couldnt take his medicine so he turned others in. In your eyes he is NOT a ‘rat’. That sir, it is the epitome of being a ‘rat’!!! What he did is the textbook definition (street & jailhouse) of what constitutes a ‘rat’!!

    1. True, but shouldn’t we, as the law-and-order crowd, look favorably on rats. They aren’t as good as law abiding citizens, but they are useful tools in the fight against organized crime. We should encourage more law-breakers to become rats.

  18. The only thing I like about Sharpton is that he reveals how weak is the left, it having accepted him as a thought-leader. Preach on, Reverend, help the Right convert the middle!

  19. The people rioting and burning buildings that are stealing and harming innocent businessmen and residents of this community should in fact be prosecuted to the fullest degree of the law as well, is Eric Holder going to make sure that happens? The justice Department being brought in on this and ignoring the “Stand Down Orders” from our President is also criminal. I have no doubt this case will be investigated and instigated to the fullest. If the police officer is found to be in the wrong he can and will be held accountable. Any reason to riot, non of these people even give two wits about that young adult, what he was or wasn’t doing, whether or not he contributed to his own death by maybe getting into an altercation with the police officer or not….. That needs to be looked at as a possibility as well. What about all the many, many black children and adults killed each and everyday in their violent gangland style neighborhoods filled with drugs, cons and unemployment, fatherless children and poverty, is the good Reverend on those streets and in those cities fighting the good fight for justice there?…… How about going after the Black community for the unjustifiable knockout attacks on whites and the elderly? Where are OUR “WHITE KNIGHTS”…. that will stand up for US! Sick and tired of hearing all the constant droning about the “Minority” plight…… Like somehow or another if crime, disease, poverty, crime and discrimination just plain doesn’t ever, nor has it ever happened to the White population in our world……EVER!

    1. Arm yourself. Be your own white knight. Be prepared to defend yourself. The government is a disease that pretends to be a cure for the the problems it creates.

    1. I read that he owes $4,000,000 in back taxes. Where does he get all his money? The government is probably afraid to audit him, just as they’re afraid to audit Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Coalition. Other people have to sell everything to pay their taxes or go to jail.

    2. Let’s not forget the IRS answers to Eric Holder, & this administration DOES NOT WANT TO AUDIT or bother Sharpton in any way. Some “Justice” Dept.!

  20. Al Crapton the Snitch! And where does he get the balls to call himself a Reverend? I thought a man of God was for ALL people
    but he’s only for himself, money and Hating White people. Oh, by the way as a Rev he gets Tax Breaks and if he’s ever called out about his faith out comes the Race Card. Since when does a Reverend require Body Guards? He is nothing but a POS Racist who would sell out his own mother if the price was right. You can hide many things wearing a nice suit Reverend Crapton but at the end of the day when the suit comes off your still the Lying Racist SCUMBAG who was wearing it!

  21. The Snitch. And the Racism Mafia shows up, ready to get paid, looking so serious, trying to be relevant and keep their faces straight as they spew their lies and claim someone owes them, the devil’s carnival-show barker, The reverend of the god of Racism, Al Sharpton. The Mexicans are doing the same, claiming they are owed, our country, our lives, our souls, and I suppose the shops, too, as Sharpton claims the shops were owed to the rioters. But guns saved some of the shops, and turned back the devil who says he was owed. A lesson there, perhaps?

    Our God speaks for a reason, and he says “Thou shalt have no other gods before me,” and did He make us a debtor to Al Sharpton, from our births? Or these others? And you can ask Eve, from the Garden of Eden, about listening to the lies of the devil, and if anything bad might happen if you would do so. She speaks from the truth of God’s word, and advises you to NOT listen to the devil. And she advises you to NOT listen to Al Sharpton. Don’t listen to him, or these others. We do not owe. WE DO NOT OWE! Ask the armed shop owners.

  22. He was afraid he would have to swallow everything that was given to him if he went to prison. AKA, Little girl….

  23. Snitch, rat…let’s face it…his head looks like an orange on a toothpick and he basically made a deal with the devil a long time ago with that arm candy that he was hanging out with. Sorry, just trying to inject a little truth and humor in at the same time. The big headed ex-fatty is nothing but a BIG TALKING FATHEAD

  24. It’s because of people like him that racism is alive and thriving in America…

  25. He is a disgrace to all peace loving humans–both of color and white………………………..if he truly were a ‘man of the cloth’ he would be spreading the word of unity, need for education, and emphsis on maintaining the black family structure………………………….INSTEAD he spreads nothing but hatred towards authority/policemen, and white people! He should be BANNED from all areas of civil unrest!!!

  26. This is not a race thing this is corruption in the system this is system failure and we need to fix it dont let the hate mongering split you up they want you to fight amongst yourselves to ignore the big picture come together and fix the real problem remember its divide and conquer stand together and be strong all humans are in this not one race this is against tyranny

  27. Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson…..all Americans who are famous for not working and adding nothing to America.

  28. POS is many things from SNITCH, Liar, BS Artist
    and RACE PIMP along with tax cheat!
    From the time of the Zimmerman shooting to his
    trial and equital over 1200 black on black murders.
    Say what Rev. Al, and the rest of the “REVERANDS?”

  29. Al sharpten and others are in the black tax payers country club ….. The extreme amout of tax dollars there taking every years , if Americans knew all the areas money was flowing them they would be shock …. They create the problems incite there own as in demonstrations , riots and any thing else they can use politically use there own blacks to get rich …. A lot of black propel are not seeing it for there backs are up against the wall at these economical times and the mind set these people planted in there minds …

  30. He’s not a snitch, but an informant ! Just like a janitor, renamed floor technician, prostitute renamed floor manager !

  31. There are riots and shop looting organized by our “reverends” Sharpton and Jackson protesting
    “the murder of an innocent black teenager” and another Obama’s “potential son” Michael Brown by a racist white policeman.

    Michael Brown’s rap sheet from 2013 on Casenet. Note that he also has a juvenile criminal record that is sealed.

    Burglary – 1st Degree {Felony B RSMo: 569.160 Code: 1401000 OCN: AJ006207
    Arresting Agency: ST ANN PD

    Armed Criminal Action {Felony Unclassified RSMo: 571.015} Code: 3101000 OCN:
    AJ006207 Arresting Agency: ST ANN PD

    Assault 1st Degree – Serious Physical Injury {Felony A RSMo: 565.050} Code:
    1301100; OCN: AJ006207 Arresting Agency: ST ANN PD

    Armed Criminal Action {Felony Unclassified RSMo: 571.015} Code: 3101000 OCN:
    AJ006207 Arresting Agency: ST ANN PD

    1. Either you are severely misinformed, or you are deliberately lying, but the fact is that the Michael Brown who was killed did not have a criminal record. If you have any integrity, you will acknowledge your mistake.

    2. Here comes a racist communist just denying the real documents transcribed from “Casenet” official record. That young criminal has an enviable criminal record for a 18-year old – and my question is really this: How come he was not in prison before he attacked that policeman while trying to grab his gun? All his felony 4 crimes described and listed in Casenet were sufficient to place any white criminal in prison.

    3. I don’t know you, nor whether you did an accurate search for the right person, so I can’t accept your transcript as factual evidence. Instead, I have to rely upon statements from the police, who claim that the victim had no prior record. Insults and uncalled for character attacks do nothing to strengthen your argument. I suspect your motivation.

  32. Why does Sharpton and other so called Reverends attend communist convention’s along with Rev Wright and other black Trouble Makers

  33. I dont get if this man would have been white instead of black. thier would be no one rioting. WTF. the boy was fighting with the cop and when you fight with a cop something bad is going to happen. put your hands up and give up they got you, Peroiddddddddddddddddd

  34. Sharpton can’t be a snitch – that would infer he’s human ! And Sharpton is not human (subhuman maybe) but certainly not “human” !

  35. I’m waiting for the mob to get him. If he’s lucky(God I hope not)they’ll just shoot him dead and be done with him. What he deserves is to be grabbed and tortured slowly to death. He is the proverbial piece of sht!!!!!!!!! Come on goombas, you going to let this stoolie, this snitch get away with ratting on you guys? Take this scumbag for a nice loooooooooong one way ride.

    1. If that does happen, the race baiters will say it was a white conspiracy to kill him and the white man got the blacks to kills him. It never ends.

  36. Al Sharpton is a Racist who is trying to start a Race War just like Obama and Holder are/have been doing.

  37. he is a snitch-blacks do not trust this man he does not have your best interests at heart

  38. When racial division can be encouraged, al & jesse will be there.
    When money can be made by race baiting, al & jessie will be there.
    When there is an opportunity to blame white police, al & jessie will be there.
    When cameras are rolling and a potential race riot may occur, al & jessie will be there.
    If money can be made from using the black community, al & jessie will be there.
    If votes or political ‘donations’ can be had, obama & holder will say they wish they were with al & jessie.
    If you see a gathering of race baiting liars, thieves and con-men, you will know that al & jessie are nearby and bo & ho are sending their ‘best’ to encourage even more racial divide.

  39. ok, he is a punk who won’t even stand behind his own perverted philosophy-just expects y’all to

  40. I would like it for Sharpton to kindly leave my state, if he could. We don’t need anymore trouble, please. :)

  41. He most definitely was and still is a snitch that will take every opportunity to blame others that are NOT BLACK. GO HOME SHARPTON, shut your mouth and stay home and for once don’t pretend you care……………..S N I TC H !!!!

  42. Rat fink, looks like a little tiny spider monkey.(sorry spider monkeys) How can he get away calling himself a Reverend. He and Jackson don’t even have a church.They do have a BIG BANK ACCOUNT.! They are CON ARTISTS. Trouble Makers. They should be arrested for causing discord between the W/B races..When there is trouble, you can count on one or both SLITHERING IN, like the snakes they are !

  43. Why do these TPNN always make this giant headline and then the meat of the story turns to nothing.. here is a guy calling out to Sharpton and no one cares .. they don’t care and we don’t care.. Sharpton’s nonreaction is ours too. I know that Sharpton is a race baiting SOB like J. Jackson and neither is worth a damn… but these TPNN sensationalist headlines always piss me off.

  44. I’m STILL stuck on the Personal Lives that were destroyed with Tawana Brawley !
    I’m STILL stuck on Crown Heights and Yankel Rosenbaum !
    and this ‘Man’ is A RACIST with a mic ! yikes !

    1. But, He has to have an employer ! Who might that be ?
      Its the Media — In their quiet revolution — have become the 2nd Estate. In other words they have become the King Makers and Controllers !

  45. just think about the ethical and moral reasons behind a snitch? are there any involved? if Sharpton is involved nope no way none required none there

  46. I quess it would take a ‘reverand’ to claim that our ‘fearless less’, Oblama, is suffering the same as Jesus. How stupid could anyone possibly be.

  47. I know parrots can be annoying, but give the birds a break! They repeat what they hear on instinct–AL sharpton CHOOSES to be a moron!…..besides, al’s animal avatar equivalent should be a buzzard…

  48. If we had more snitches, criminals would be behind bars a lot faster. Who hates snitches more than someone who doesn’t want to get caught. The snitch mentality is keeping the drug dealers, mob and other low life scum in business.

  49. He was moving at a pace as though he is sick or something. Tawana Brawley is his name to fame. What a low life he is….a bottom feeder.

  50. imagine if a white person was abused or murdered by a black person and whites rioted and looted. would Al Sharpton show up to get the whites to calm down????

    1. YEARS AGO!!! It was very horrible, but, was decades ago! It must not be TOO bad, now. If it was, you wouldn’t have to reach back decades to be’s da victim.

  51. I was so happy to learn that Al Sharpton was a snitch! All of this time I thought the only thing he was good for was stirring the pot when it involved black & white. He has never done anything good for his race, I have no idea who elaveted him to the top race reporter. I have no idea what his credentials are. Does he have a college diploma ? How far did he go in school? Where did he go to study race relations? I know that he has done nothing for the NAACP . I think this committee should be disbanned because it has out lived it’s purpose, America is becoming color blind. We need to focus on the particulars & let the FBI do a complete investigation & not impede their work. This gentleman needs to find a job. Something that will do good for himself & his family. Something that will allow him to be home every night & have dinner with his family.

    1. Does he have a college diploma ? How far did he go in school?
      That question should be posed to you Ann Logan.
      Where do you get a College Diploma?

  52. Al “the sewer Rat” Sharpton-if these are the kind of supporters that Obama has, then all the lies, dirty tricks, voter fraud, illegal Presidential vetoes and laws make sense.
    No wonder Obama can’t do anything right, he has clowns like Sharpton, Wright, Holder, Jackson, Emanuel, Reid, Pelosi, CAIR, Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS supporting him, what could ever go wrong? Looks like a Racist attack on white America to me!


    1. Maybe that is one of the reasons we don’t have as much white on white crime as the black community has black on black crime. We don’t run around threatening our neighbors with repercussions either. You have fucked your own community up, not us.

    2. I wonder what you are! Go cash your Welfare check. While on your way to cash it, you could try to wrestle a cops’ gun from him and get shot. All of yoe homies can, then, rival in your victimhood.

    3. Better than going to a elementary to shoot and kill unarmed kids.
      Oh that’s right you prefer it that way.

    1. It’s black-on-black crime, Jeff…’nothing there for Al to gin up into a race riot.
      …It needs to be WHITE-on-black crime…or better still, white POLICE-on-black crime to bring the racist-for-hire to town…

  54. This so called “Reverend” is nothing short of disgusting, what kind of spiritual leader stirs up hate? The only time he shows up in his private jet is to get his mug on tv and to fan the flames of an already volatile situation. Why do we never see him and his fellow “Reverend” Jesse Jackson show up when the crime is Black on White? Never do those two show up for that, and the media never reports on this either. I wonder why that is? Also what business is it of the President of the United States to weigh in on this crime? I wonder if he will claim this young man as his son also?

  55. Bobble Head Al…………Da Race Pimp lookin’ fer da FREE STUFF!





    Word Origin



    any bloodsucking or carnivorous aquatic or terrestrial worm of the class Hirudinea, certain freshwater species of which were formerly much used in medicine for bloodletting.


    a person who clings to another for personal gain, especially without giving anything in return, and usually with the implication or effect of exhausting the other’s resources; parasite.

  56. “Do I think Al Sharpton is even relevant any more?”
    Pray tell – when was he EVER relevant? He’s a racist agitator for hire!
    If there were no riots for him to gin up into circuses of violence and destruction, he would be out of a job.
    ‘Reports of his demise are (unfortunately) premature…

  57. A snitch to incite trouble—Maybe he needs to stay long enough to actually get some stitches–might do him some good

  58. Sharpton is there for one purpose – to maintain his control over the black community, to fatten his wallet, and to keep the black community in the chains of the Marxist Democrat Party.

  59. This Up-Rize in Mo. Reminds me of what’s happening in African Countries !
    Somehow somethings just never change !

  60. People like to assume that the black population is kept poor because of the Demrat’s. Black’s are poor because most choose to stay that way, it is up to “whitty” to take care of me! What is happening in Mo. is just another cop on black crime that will go

    unpunished as the cops have a blue shield that protects them from wrong doing. Al shitaton is just another leftist with hate on his agenda to fit in with the left progressive marxist movement. Why must we even have to put up with radical’s like odumbo in the first place. The media spin, vs, common sense is the same as black vs white, made to order for the occasion of pushing or nudging the populace in a certain direction. Military style cops to scare us into submission, unfortunately their will be more

    death from both races as this senario will continue, it is the marxist regeim of oblamo and the global elite that is causing this to
    happen around the world all at the same time. Which brings us to today, the start of the global collapse to reduce the population of earth that is the agenda of the world leaders. If one wishes to enslave the planet, (bottom line) just get rid of

    2/3 rds of the population to make the job much easier an less cost.

    This is their plan– Agenda 21…..
    WE THE PEOPLE must act as the govt. in every country worldwide is in on this agenda.

    I seriously believe it will take more than GOD, but sure would be nice for his help… (prepare)

    1. Caucasian make up 42% of the poor in America however 69% of them wallow in handouts.
      The rest of your rhetoric and gum bumping I somewhat agree with. (Somewhat)

  61. Can’t the “Reverend” Sharpton step in front of a fast moving bus or some other useful move? Goodness knows he has worn out any real usefulness he ever had, except, of course, self-promotion.

  62. Did anyone notice how things there got much worst when he showed up …..along with his thugs. All being paid with tax dollars from Soro’s and obama.

  63. I’m having trouble understanding the comments. Who are the racists? Most comments from black commenters have racist white slurs in them, while most of the white commenters are saying all racism is wrong no matter the color. How is it Not racist to use racist remarks against someone of another race if you’re black? I thought a racist is someone that uses racist remarks against another race, no matter your skin color. Are the black commenters saying they are not people? How can someone believe racism doesn’t count if the’re black?

    1. So you are saying, it is okay to use racist remarks, if you’re black because racism doesn’t count unless the “Pink Monkeys” use it? Please enlighten me oh superior one

    2. I am a member of the “Human race”. Skin color doesn’t change their race.
      Too many people confuse ethnicity or nationality for race.

  64. AL has been making a living off the ignorant for a long time. He stirs the pot then runs away. If there isn’t money in it for him he doesn’t even help his kind. BTW Al how we doing on that 2mil in back taxes because your boy Barry is on borrowed time.

  65. On Al Sharpton

    He is a Disgrace to his Race! He does nothing to promote
    them and everything to hold them in racism! He is a Divider! And Sadly those
    who follow him, as if he were helping them, seem to not have a clue, that he
    develops hatred in them, then feeds it at every opportunity. Then uses their
    hatred to further divide people so he may continue to profit from the whole
    process! He is NO Reverend. A Reverend would preach the Love of Jesus Christ,
    not this man’s hate. A Reverend would not spew his hatred toward others, while
    taking them with him down such a detrimental path. He is truly a Misguided
    Soul. Who unfortunately for them has way too many blind followers being lead
    like sheep! All peoples of his race are Much Better than he! Perhaps someday, hopefully,
    they will see more clearly his self-centered plan and Shun this Poison from
    their ranks!

    That about sums up my view on the Race Baiting, AL
    (“It’s all the White Man’s fault”) SHARPTON. And Shame on the
    ignorant network that gave him a show. Too me that shows their ignorance as an
    active participant in the ways of this Fraud…I’ve Blocked that channel from
    our line up. Oh, while I’m at it, I feel the exact same way about his Buddy in
    Crime, Jesse Jackson. Dr. Martin Luther King Junior, whose coat tails they so
    distortedly ride, would be totally ashamed of both of them!!! As the rest of
    the world should be…

  66. God forbid that Al should tell the cops which scumbags were looting stores. These people have everything backwards. Rioting and looting only hurts the cause they say they are fighting for. They claim they want justice. Great! So do I. If that cop acted out of line he should be fired and prosecuted. But if the facts show he acted properly, they should be ok with that cop being back on the job. I have a feeling that they won’t accept anything but a guilty verdict. Same drama, different players.

  67. Wants to tell the fed’s about a cop who needs to go to jail. Guess that was judge, jury and executioner Sharpton.

  68. I don’t know if Sharpton is a snitch or not. I do know he’s another rabblerousing black bigot and phony “preacher”. Just another turd cut out of the same rotten piece of cloth as Obama.

  69. Lol I think it’s funny. Anytime there is a video on race baiting there are race baiters in the comments as well. Do you see what they are doing? Do you see how separated they have us? We are white because we had no need for a darker skin. We areblack because we did need darker skin… Stop with the races because they don’t exist as such..

  70. I guess he is on his way back to NY even the Dr King family said he should of stayed in NY & not go to St Louis so he got what he deserved.

  71. The reason why he didn’t respond is because people with good sense, don’t have time to entertain or address ignorance.