VIDEO: ‘FBI Snitch’ Al Sharpton Gets Heckled: ‘Are You Here to Snitch on the Rioters?’

Al Sharpton
As MSNBC’s race-hustling Marxist Al Sharpton hurried to Ferguson, Missouri, never allowing a crisis to be a wasted opportunity to bask in the limelight, following the death of Michael Brown, he was greeted by a message spray-painted on a looted QuickTrip (QT) convenience store during the riots, that was no doubt directed towards him. 

The spray-painted message said: “Snitches get Stitches.” 

“Reverend” Sharpton, whose previously reported mob ties led him to also become an FBI informant, aka: CI-7, had the message brought to his attention by Progressives Today  reporter Adam Sharp on Tuesday (see video below). 

While very few details have been revealed regarding the shooting of 18-year old Michael Brown, reportedly unarmed, by a policeman he was in a physical altercation with, Sharpton, who recently compared Obama’s ‘suffering’ to Jesus, plays judge, jury, and executioner as he tells the reporter that he’s there to talk about a “cop that needs to go to jail.” 

Adam Sharp:  “Reverend Sharpton, the term ‘Snitches Get Snitches’ was spray painted on the burned out QuikTrip. Since you are a federal snitch, sir, do you fear for your life?”

Al Sharpton:  “I’m not a snitch. (Not true) But today I want to tell the feds about a cop that needs to go to jail.”

Adam Sharp:  “Are you in fear for your life being a federal informant and…”

Sharpton:  “I want to inform on this policeman today.”

Sharp:  “Are you here to snitch on the rioters?… Are you here to work with your FBI partners?”

Sharpton:  (no response)

Sharp:  “Are you here to work with your FBI partners…since you are a federal informant, sir?”

Sharpton:  (no response)

Sharp:  “Anybody who doesn’t believe me can go Google it. He’s a fed snitch. Google it, man, I ain’t lyin’.”