VIDEO: What this Charlie Rose Guest Says About Obama Will Make Your Jaw DROP


On Thursday, Moneyball author and former New Republic editor Michael Lewis spoke with Charlie Rose about the legacy of Barack Obama and displayed a level of tonedeaf zealotry rarely seen outside places that demand such allegiance like North Korea and the like. When Rose asked about Obamas … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Obama on Stay-at-Home Moms: ‘That’s Not a Choice We Want Americans to Make’


To President Obama and the rest of the drones who harp about a fictitious Republican “War on Women,” true equality is not offering women a choice in how they wish to live their lives, but demanding that all modern women fit within the narrow confines of how Democrats view women. For example, who is … [Read more...]

BREAKING: Imprisoned Marine Sgt. Tahmooressi RELEASED!


The prayers of many Americans appear to have been answered as a family spokesman has reported to the Associated Press that a Mexican judge has ordered the immediate release of Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi from Mexican custody in which he has been held since accidentally crossing into Mexico with … [Read more...]

New York Voter Gets Letter: ‘I Think the Democrats Just Threatened Me’


One of the most sacred rights we, as Americans, hold is the right to vote. While Democrats pretend that it is racist to ask for an ID to ensure proper elections, they are the chief culprits in modern day voting shenanigans. Case in point: because of Democrat efforts, Thad Cochran won the Mississippi … [Read more...]

Obama CDC Mysteriously Removes Ebola Warning From Website


When it comes to Ebola, it is important to not unnecessarily create a panic. However, it is even more important that citizens be armed with the proper information surrounding Ebola transmission and be apprised of the facts surrounding a potential outbreak of the deadly disease. To that end, as the … [Read more...]

BREAKING: This New Lawsuit May Strikedown the Federal Machinegun Ban that has Lasted Since 1986


For those who believe that gun violence is caused by individuals and not firearms themselves, a new lawsuit filed in court on Friday may provide a legal remedy to the unconstitutional machinegun ban that has existed since 1986. First, a little backstory… Since 1934, it has been illegal to possess a … [Read more...]

Rand Paul: ‘The Republican Party Brand Sucks’ and We Need to Change That


It is no secret that the Republican Party remains embroiled in a Civil War. After decades of caving on important issues and promoting moderate, “electable” candidates who have often proved to be anything but, America has reached a precipice and the only way to save our nation from ruin is to adhere … [Read more...]

Top Fortune 500 CEO in Self-Righteous Op-ed: ‘Being Gay [is] Among the Greatest Gifts God Has Given Me’


Tim Cook is one of the most powerful men in the business world today. As the CEO of Apple, Cook has a heavy burden having inherited the throne left vacant with the passing of Steve Jobs, a man who many consider to be a technological visionary. All eyes have turned to Cook and his leadership of the … [Read more...]

The Future of Firearm Freedom: This Fully 3D-Printed Gun Comes Inscribed with the Declaration of Independence


The world is becoming more and more free as technology develops and the big-government crowd is becoming more and more scared… And they should be… There was a time when feudal lords absolutely feared what the printing press would accomplish. These machines made the printed word available to every … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Commerce Secretary Fact-Checks Hillary: ‘Yes, the Private Sector Creates Jobs’


Hillary Clinton recently offered her analysis of the role of the private sector that has been compared to President Obama’s infamous “you didn’t build that” comment. Last week, TPNN reported on Clinton’s speech in Boston for Democrat gubernatorial candidate Martha Coakley. “Don’t let anybody tell … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Wendy Davis Surrogate Mocks Paralyzed Opponent: ‘He Just Rolls Around’


Classy… The Wendy Davis Campaign simply cannot help themselves. Having been unable to argue the merits of her ideas and her policies, Wendy Davis is running for Governor of Texas on a platform of underhanded, personal slights and cringe-inducing innuendos that any moral individual would find … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Liberal Bob Beckel: ‘There Ain’t No Blacks in Minnesota’


On Tuesday, liberal pundit Bob Beckel spoke with his fellow co-host on Fox News’ “The Five” and offered an interesting analysis of the midterm elections and the turbulent relationship that exists between President Obama and those who avoid him at all costs in order to hope for re-election in their … [Read more...]

TYRANNY ALERT: IRS Seizing Bank Accounts of Small Business Owners with NO Evidence of a Crime


In America, we have the right to due process. However, in recent decades, this right (along with many others) has been eroded to near-irrelevancy. Americans have had to come to terms with living in an America where everyone is a suspect and guilty until proven innocent. The Department of Homeland … [Read more...]

Classic Hillary: I Didn’t Say What You All Clearly Heard Me Say…


One thing one has got to give modern Democrats: they’ve got Chutzpah. When a policy fails, Democrat big-wigs don’t admit defeat; they simply deny, deny, deny. When President Obama got called-out for his “Lie of the Year” after he repeatedly told Americans over and over again that we could “keep … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Biden Slams Obama’s Economy: ‘The Middle Class Has Been Left Behind’


Vice President Joe Biden is a simple soul who appears to give little to no thought to the ramifications of his words. For proof of that fact, recall the incident in which ol’ Joe insisted to a group of largely black college students that the Republican Party was “gonna put y’all back in … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Second Amendment Supporter Barred from Voting Unless He Changed His Attire


An American veteran recently discovered the politically-charged nature of voting in the U.S. In an astonishing recounting of events, Bundy Cobb recalled recently how he was told to remove his hat when voting because, according to the poll station workers, the hat was too politically tied to the … [Read more...]

A Sinking Ship: Even NBC Admits that Democrats Are in Serious Trouble this November


Even though the mainstream media is working diligently to distract from the midterm elections that are expected to go poorly for Democrats, even NBC News has seen the writing on the wall as more and more voters are voicing their disapproval of the Democrats’ message- or, more specifically, their … [Read more...]

Bill Maher: Michael Brown was ‘a Thug’, Not a ‘Gentle Giant’


Often, liberals are more concerned with what they feel than what they think. For example, when we confront the issue of the turmoil in Ferguson, Missouri, the conversation quickly devolves into a discussion of racial strife and systemic and institutional racism- not whether Officer Darren Wilson was … [Read more...]

Cringe-Worthy: Crowd Loudly Groans and Laughs as Dem Candidate Mentions ‘War on Women’


The “War on Women” narrative has jumped the shark. In its infancy, the ludicrous narrative was coupled with Sandra Fluke and the notion that taxpayers were, somehow, obliged to pay for contraceptives and that any resistance to doing so constituted a “war on women.” Now, the left is picking through … [Read more...]

Conservative Senate Candidate Joni Ernst Hails the 2nd Amendment, Liberals Absolutely FREAK OUT


Go ahead and Google “Joni Ernst gun.” Sit back and watch the page fill with “the sky is falling” leftwing rhetoric and all kinds of op-eds from those who abhor the concept of freedom from government. For those that have not heard, Republican Senate candidate Joni Ernst spoke to NRA members about the … [Read more...]