Former Marine Booted from Amusement Park for ‘Offensive’ Pro-Military Shirt


Last weekend, a veteran who honorably served his country was denied entry to an amusement park because the amusement park did not approve of the message on his shirt. So what was the message? Was it a Satanic symbol? Racial vitriol that incited hatred? No, it was a shirt that proudly supported the … [Read more...]

NY Times Reporter Facing Jail Sentence Warns of Obama’s Tyranny (and We Should Listen)


It remains astonishing to many that the mainstream media continues to work to shield President Obama and his administration from a healthy level of scrutiny. While it has historically served as the main function of America’s free press to hold public officials to account for their policies and … [Read more...]

Did Hillary Just Pick Her Running Mate?


Both Republicans and Democrats whisper and speculate about a Hillary ticket for 2016. The former Secretary of State is likely going to run for the highest office in the land in 2016. While Hillary can likely deliver much of the female vote for the Democrats, having a woman tied to the disastrous … [Read more...]

What Trey Gowdy Intends to Do About Benghazi Proves Why He’s a Great Leader


Perhaps the saddest part of Barack Obama’s presidency is that while most conservatives could easily see his promise of “hope’n’change” to be absolute malarkey, his willingness to betray the American public by operating as the most secretive president this nation has ever had has surely surprised … [Read more...]

Missouri Governor Declares State of Emergency, Curfew for Ferguson Residents


On Saturday, as the world watches the turmoil in Ferguson, Missouri, state officials wondered what could be done about the violence and civil unrest that has been occurring for nearly a week. On Saturday, Missouri’s governor, Jay Nixon, announced a state of emergency for Ferguson, the St. Louis … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Why is There Such a Shortage of .22 Ammunition? Ammo Manufacturer Answer the Question


For the last few years, Second Amendment supporters and firearm enthusiasts have lived in a state of fear regarding their gun rights- and for good reason. The Second Amendment is under attack from all directions. When not pushing for government firearm bans and unconstitutional legislation, liberals … [Read more...]

Video, Pictures Paint a VERY Different Picture of Michael Brown Before his Death


While the media has worked to offer only one side of the story in the shooting death if Michael Brown by police, few have bothered to ask the kind of questions necessary to discover who was at fault. Did the police willfully shoot an unarmed man? Or were they responding to the threat of a robbery … [Read more...]

What One Gun Executive Said to Eric Holder’s Face Will Delight Conservatives (and Enrage Liberals)


So-called “smart guns” offer a promising future for gun enthusiasts who worry about their small children gaining access to their firearms. Unfortunately, the technology is still in its infancy and there remains some lingering doubts about the reliability of the relatively-new technology when seconds … [Read more...]

OUTRAGEOUS: Brutal Double-Murderer Eligible for Parole 7 Years After Tortures, Murders


Please sign the petition to keep this monster behind bars In early January of 2007, a young man and woman were abducted from a parking lot, tortured, sexually assaulted and brutally murdered. The murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom went widely underreported. Many have felt that this … [Read more...]

This Reality TV Star’s Pro-Israel Tweet Makes Liberals FLIP OUT


It is simply absurd that we live in a world where Israel, a sovereign nation, must appeal to the international community for the right to defend itself. The United States is supposed to be an ally to Israel and this presidency has been remarkably hostile to the scrappy nation nestled in the Middle … [Read more...]

AWESOME: See what Happens When Armed Business Owners Stand Guard During a Riot..


The riots in Ferguson, Missouri, have demonstrated the worst traits of the community that has been outraged. While we should feel free to discuss the causes of the outrage, the shooting death of Michael Brown, a young black man shot by a police officer, the riot has served as a blight on Ferguson, … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Rush Limbaugh: Obama is Personally Responsible for Turmoil in Iraq


While the president gets some R&R in Martha’s Vineyard, the world is falling apart. Russia continues to blatantly thumb their noses at American might, Israel is struggling for its survival while leftist and anti-Semites around the world portray them as the aggressors and Iraq, the hard-won … [Read more...]

Video: Obama REPEATEDLY Claims Iraq Departure was HIS Decision


President Obama has made a career of pouncing on opportunities while skillfully dodging accountability. The economy, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the IRS scandal- none of if, according to Obama, was his fault. When it came to killing Osama Bin Laden (after we discovered his whereabouts using … [Read more...]

FLASHBACK VIDEO: 2008 Presidential Hopeful Barack Obama Talks About Presidents and Vacations


In 2008, as then-Senator Barack Obama vied for the highest position in our nation, he was adamant in his outlining of what was expected of presidents. In a Q&A event, the at-ease senator spoke casually with a moderator and the audience about his perception of the responsibilities of the … [Read more...]

This Patriotic American Has an Awesome Message for Those Offended by Our Flag…


Here’s the deal: if you live in the United States, you must be proud to announce your allegiance to this nation. Period. It doesn’t mean one must agree with everything that goes on within our country. In fact, it doesn’t even mean that one should be happy with the direction in which a country is … [Read more...]

AWESOME VIDEO: A TRUE Journalist Explains How Watergate Would Unfold if it Happened Today


How the media has treated Sharyl Attkisson is a shining example of how deeply partisan the mainstream media has become. We cannot honestly pretend that there has ever been truly apolitical journalism in America. From Hearst’s empire to the political leanings of the journalists who took down Nixon, … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Border Patrol Agent: ‘These People Are Coming Here to do Horrible Things’


It’s time for conservatives to stop playing into the left’s narrative concerning the invasion of America. We are under no obligation to accept the surge of illegals streaming into this country any more than a family is obliged to accept an intruder in their home. Further, this invasion is not a … [Read more...]

FLASHBACK VIDEO: Obama Says ‘We’re Leaving Behind a Sovereign, Stable, Self-Reliant Iraq’


Remember when Barack Obama was going to wind-down the War in Iraq in a responsible fashion? Well, that was the promise, at least… Conservatives have been one step ahead at every turn of Obama’s disastrous presidency. We warned that Obamacare is not sustainable, that people would lose their … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Biden Admits Illegals are Not Fleeing Violence, but Just Looking for Amnesty


For weeks, we have been hearing a wide variety of excuses from the left as to why we should reward illegal immigrants with amnesty. We have heard it framed as a humanitarian issue, as a civil rights issue and as purely “the right thing to do.” At the heart of the left’s argument for amnesty for the … [Read more...]

VIDEO: MSNBC’s Chris Matthews: Obama Issuing Executive Order for Illegals is Like Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation


MSNBC’s Chris Matthews has earned a reputation for blind idolatry. Like cult members lured to the poisoned Kool-Aid, Matthews has firmly relinquished his grip on reality to blindly follow the teachings of the anointed leader. This complete and unshakeable dogmatic belief in President Obama’s … [Read more...]