MUST-READ: Parents of Slain SEAL Team Six Member SHRED Obama as a Coward, Demands His Resignation


The parents of a Navy SEAL Team Six member has just simply had it with President Obama. Billy and Karen Vaughn are the parents of Aaron Vaughn, a Navy SEAL Team Six member who perished when his Chinook helicopter was shot down over Afghanistan in 2011. While the Vaughns continue to struggle with the … [Read more...]

Same DOJ that took 30 DAYS to get to Benghazi Takes HOURS to Begin Investigating Celebrities’ Leaked Photos


As so many have already heard, the privacy of many celebrities has recently been violated. A hacker breached the security of Apple’s iCloud and accessed the phones of female actresses and singers and stole nude pictures and videos of the celebrities. Reportedly, the FBI has become involved and begun … [Read more...]

Donald Trump Scoffs at ‘Climate Change’: ‘It’s Called Weather’


Real estate mogul Donald Trump is not afraid to tell it like it is. The bold billionaire has been willing to call out the political correctness police and the asinine celebrities who do more talking than thinking. Now, Trump has called out President Obama and claimed that Americans feel … [Read more...]

Jimmy Carter at Islamic Conference: Americans Must “Use the Principles Of Allah To Bring Peace And Justice to All”


Former President of the United States and unapologetic friend of violent extremists around the globe Jimmy Carter spoke this past weekend at an Islamic conference and hailed the “principles of Allah” as the key to finally seeing peace in the Middle East. The failed president who was too weak to … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE: Ted Cruz Predicts Impeachment of Top-Level Obama Official by GOP-Controlled Senate


On Saturday, TPNN’s Scottie Nell Hughes sat down with Tea Party Senator Ted Cruz to discuss a variety of issues facing Americans. The conversation served as a candid glimpse into the mindset of the likely 2016 presidential candidate as he declared that the greatest divide in America remains not … [Read more...]

Maryland Sheriff to Feds: Try and Take Our Guns, and You’ll Get a Civil War


Early last year, as Americans feared that the federal government would enact unconstitutional anti-gun measures via executive edict, support for the Constitution came from some unlikely places. Even in Oregon, a Democrat stronghold in elections, Linn County Sheriff Tim Mueller flat-out declared that … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE: Top Conservative Economist: Obama Has Failed the Middle Class


At the annual Defending the American Dream Summit in Dallas, Texas, TPNN’s Scottie Nell Hughes caught up with one of the nation’s top economists, Stephen Moore, who serves as the Heritage Foundation’s Chief Economist. The champion of free-market economics was quick to note that the average American … [Read more...]

CREEPY: California Law Forces Schools to Teach Importance of Barack Obama’s Election


Have you thanked your Dear Leader today?Thanks to a new law scheduled to be signed by California Governor Jerry Brown that feels more like North Korea than America, students in California will now be treated to a big dose of indoctrination that stresses the importance of the election of their … [Read more...]

Report: White House Keeping Toxic President a Safe Distance from Vulnerable Dems Before Election


Whereas once having Barack Obama by one’s side was a tremendous boost, now, having the unpopular president associated with one’s candidacy is a kiss of death. And the White House knows it. A new report from Politico spells-out the carefully-crafted moves by the Obama Administration to keep President … [Read more...]

WOAH! Obama Pushes to Let Hawaii Secede from Union


Apparently seething with authoritarian hubris, President Obama is seeking to wave his magic “pen and a phone” once more to undo legislatively-passed laws and set the stage for allowing Hawaii to secede as a state. For decades, the State of Hawaii has vied for the right to return to being a sovereign … [Read more...]

University Punishes Free Speech; Creates Unconstitutional ‘Speech Code’ for Students


For liberals, there is something inherently threatening about freedom. They assert that we cannot just let anybody say anything they want; they claim that letting people have guns will surely lead to old-west-style shootouts in the streets. The threat of people doing and saying what they want is … [Read more...]

‘Shall Not be Infringed’? Rick Perry Now Disallowed from Purchasing Firearms, Ammunition or Carrying Concealed


To highlight the absurdity of our current gun laws in America, let us note that the governor of Texas, one of the biggest states in the union and one of few states willing to continually challenge the supremacy of the federal government over its people, is not disallowed from carrying a firearm … [Read more...]

VIDEO: MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough’s Ignorant Rant About the Second Amendment Will Make Your Blood Boil


MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough is what passes for a Republican on MSNBC. His rhetoric is often far left-of-center and, on occasion, he approaches something that might be considered moderately centrist. On the issue of firearms and the Second Amendment, however, it’s clear that he simply doesn’t “get it.” … [Read more...]

Game-Changer: Lois Lerner’s IRS Emails Exist; But Will Obama Admin Look for Them?


Not a “smidgen” of corruption, eh? The Obama Administration is purposefully burying their heads in the sand with regards to Lois Lerner’s emails. According to Justice Department attorneys, the “missing” emails from the computer of Lois Lerner actually exist and are backed up and retrievable, but … [Read more...]

Take THAT, Bloomberg: Chicago’s Murder Rate Dips to 56-Year Low Thanks to Concealed Carry Permits


Not that he has offered his gratitude, but allow me to be the first to say, “You’re welcome, Rahm Emanuel.” His city is now safer thanks to those who crusaded for the civil right of self-defense. Chicago has enjoyed a dramatic decrease in the rate of violent crimes that, un-coincidentally, coincides … [Read more...]

This Latest Supreme Court News Could Mean Bad News for Conservatives and America


In an outrageous speech given at a Democrat fundraiser, President Obama lashed out at Republicans and claimed that they were only interested in pursuing a radical ideology. The most-partisan president in history seemingly missed the irony as he blasted the Republican Party for advocating strongly … [Read more...]

Vet Needs Public’s Help: Thief Steals iPod that Controls Veteran’s Prosthetic Arm


A Texas veteran is asking for the public’s help in retrieving an iPod that was stolen from him. However, it’s any normal iPod; in fact, the iPod touch that was stolen from the veteran’s truck is not just for listening to music or watching videos, but actually helps control the vet’s limbs. Sgt. … [Read more...]

You Won’t Believe What Rick Perry is Doing with His Mugshot…


It seems that Texas Governor Rick Perry lives by the mantra, “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.” The tough-talking governor who faces an indictment for abuse of power charges has turned the tables on his accusers and is actually using the arrest to raise his profile before a likely 2016 … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Police Officer Beaten to a Pulp by UNARMED Man


Too many political pundits have lost sight of the dangers that face police officers each and every day. At first, the story coming out of Ferguson, Missouri, was only one of a white police officer shooting an unarmed, black child who was minding his own business. Then, the story shifted; it was a … [Read more...]

Rush Limbaugh: Alternative Media Instrumental in Debunking ‘Gentle Giant’ Myth About Michael Brown


The mainstream media has largely become a pulpit from which the carefully-crafted leftist narrative can be spewed. For years, Americans have had to be content with whatever liberal narrative the mainstream media offered, but with the rise of the alternative media, these narratives don’t have the … [Read more...]