America’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Files Lawsuit Against Obama And His Amnesty Executive Order

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No matter the political leanings, anyone with a basic understanding of tenth-grade government can understand the essential principles of the separation of powers outlined in our Constitution. President Obama, however, despite his legal acumen, has seemingly forgotten about such restrictions and has, … [Read more...]



In a speech before the country on Thursday night, President Obama spoke of his intentions to unilaterally enact immigration reform by expanding amnesty for those who have come here illegally. President Obama offered a softer deviation from his typical “I dare you” rhetoric so often seen when he … [Read more...]

Top Democrats: Obama ‘Broke Our Party’


It is no secret that President Obama has become absolutely toxic for the Democrat Party. Whereas once, not too long ago, Obama represented the shining hope of the left that would, through sheer charisma and rhetoric, move the country seamlessly down the socialist path trodden by Europe, the twisty … [Read more...]

Trey Gowdy: Obama Not Fighting Republicans; He’s Fighting Our Founding Fathers


In a scathing statement released after President Obama addressed the nation on Thursday night regarding his unilateral action to create and enact immigration reform, South Carolina Tea Party Congressman Trey Gowdy slammed Obama for his abuses of the Constitution and asserted that though the … [Read more...]

Conservative Congresswoman Pledges to Fight Obama’s Illegal Amnesty Order


Just hours before President Obama was expected to address the nation and outline his plan for circumventing Congress to grant some form of legalization to potentially millions of illegal immigrants, conservative Tennessee Representative Marsha Blackburn released a scathing statement and pledged to … [Read more...]

Obama Says He’s Not Behaving Like an Emperor; Washington Post Fact-Checker Disagrees


With President Obama expected to announce an executive order granting amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants this week, it seems that the president has reversed his previous stance that he is not the Emperor of America and is obliged to enforce laws passed by Congress. Obama has repeatedly … [Read more...]

Is What Obama Doing on Immigration So Different From Reagan and Bush? Yes- VERY Different!


For decades, the political realities surrounding immigration reform have been undeniably daunting. From our earliest moments as a nation, we have had a complicated history with immigrants. Whether discussing our history as a nation of immigrants or addressing those immigrants that were captured and … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Reporter GRILLS WH Spokesman With Obama’s Own ‘I’m Not an Emperor’ Quotes


Bill Clinton tried to defend his perjury through reexamining what the definition of the word “sex” was; Barack Obama will have to defend his outright dictatorship through redefining what the words “king” and “emperor” mean. On Tuesday, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest was pushed on the issue … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Don Lemon Asks Cosby Rape Accuser a Tough Question, the Left Freaks Out


CNN’s Don Lemon has stirred controversy with his recent interview with Joan Tarshis, the second woman to come out and accused comedian and actor Bill Cosby of rape. Tarshis maintains that Cosby raped her in 1969 after she had had a few drinks. Lemon spoke with Tarshis about the accusation and has … [Read more...]

Guess How Much California Taxpayers are Paying in Welfare Benefits to Illegals this Year…


Though California remains deeply in debt to the tune of $423 billion dollars, taxpayers in the Golden State are forking over a tremendous amount of money to illegal immigrants each year. This is happening as the Democrat governor maintains that California should remain a refuge for those who wish to … [Read more...]

Washington Post: Wait…If Obama Acts Unilaterally, President Cruz Will Be Able to as Well!


It seems the left is finally starting to realize the danger of setting a precedent that lawlessness is okay. After Republicans regained control of the Senate, liberal pundits began suddenly regretting their support for Harry Reid’s despotism as soon, Republican Mitch McConnell will be calling the … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Will Gruber Be Prosecuted for Orchestrating Fraud?


Public approval for Obamacare has absolutely plummeted. Right now, the law that President Obama continually pretends is “working” and that the American people are enjoying has an all-time low approval rating of just 37%- one point lower than January’s 38%. Part of this plummet is likely as a result … [Read more...]

AWESOME VIDEO: Burglar Picks Wrong House to Break Into; Army Paratrooper Owns It!


When Army veteran Andrew Myers noticed someone “creeping” around his property in the middle of the night, he suspected that the man was “casing” the place to return later. Myers installed some new surveillance equipment and sure enough, the man returned to break into Myers’ home in the middle of the … [Read more...]

BOMBSHELL: What the Democrat Party Did Might SPELL DOOM For Hillary 2016


When it comes to Hillary Clinton, it is pretty much a given that she will run for the nation’s highest office in 2016. Her political maneuverings have indicated a presidential run and top Democrats and liberal pundits have kept relatively quiet on the Hillary front as there still remains two years … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Ferguson ‘Activist’ Caught on Tape Telling Crowd to Target White Neighborhoods


As Ferguson, Missouri, braces for what appears to be imminent lawlessness, political agitators have swarmed upon the small Missouri town to try and stir upheaval in the days before a grand jury decision is expected on whether or not to charge Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson with a crime. One … [Read more...]

BREAKING: Federal Agents Conduct Surprise Inspections on NFL Teams After Sunday’s Games


On Sunday, federal drug enforcement agents conducted a surprise inspection on several NFL teams and their medical staff to determine if doctors were giving-out medication in an illegal manner. Medical staff personnel travel with the team and the inspection was reportedly conducted by the DEA in … [Read more...]

Bill Clinton Says That This One Missing Element Created Democrats’ Humiliating Midterm Loss


Former President Bill Clinton is wrong on many things. The man who reaped the benefits of trickle-down economics during his tenure as executive has some harsh words for Democrats in the aftermath of this month’s devastating midterm loss for Democrats. According to Clinton, Democrats lacked a … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Schools Obama on Foreign Policy and Iran


Though much of the rest of the Western World recognizes the significant threat posed by Iran to the peace and continued existence of Western civilization, President Obama has demonstrated, yet again, exactly why he cannot be trusted to speak on behalf of the United States on foreign policy … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Democrat Senator: We All Knew Obama Was Lying About Obamacare


As Americans remain justifiably outraged over the recent revelations that the “stupidity of the American voter” was counted on as a means of ramming-through Obamacare, Democrats continue to remain as disjointed as they were in the months leading up to the midterms and sticking to an “every man and … [Read more...]

Democrat Congressman: Obama’s Unilateral Amnesty Order is Just Like Lincoln Freeing the Slaves


One would think that with Democrats being so badly beaten in this year’s midterm elections they would soften their rhetoric and reevaluate their radical trajectory. Georgia Democrat Representative Hank Johnson has a knack for saying less-than intelligent things. Johnson is, perhaps, best remembered … [Read more...]