Why is This 70 Year-Old Gun Range Getting Shut Down?

ZGun Range

A longstanding and thriving establishment is shutting its doors after more than 70 years of serving the surrounding New York community. Though this is not an unusual occurrence in these times of crushing taxation and burdensome regulations, this establishment is not shuttering its doors because of … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Hillary: I Might Not Run for President


On a recent edition of PBS’ Charlie Rose, Hillary Clinton dropped a bombshell when she revealed that she may not run for president because, as she put it, the job was “difficult.” As Hillary has been vying for the job since her husband left the position, it’s highly unlikely that her resistance is … [Read more...]

A Huge Victory for Second Amendment Supporters!


The people of our nation’s capital who remain behind the Iron Curtain of draconian gun laws have reason to rejoice as the House of Representatives passed, on Wednesday, an amendment that would prohibit the District of Columbia from spending funds to enforce local gun laws. The House passed the … [Read more...]

Are the Minutemen Returning to the Border?


America is a nation of laws. While The Minutemen Project has been called “vigilantes” and other unsavory terms by the left, many who are justifiably concerned about the problem of illegal immigration would likely label the group as a band of “concerned Americans.” The controversial group dedicated … [Read more...]