Dr. Ben Carson Warns: We Might Not Even HAVE Elections in 2016


Many Americans are rooting for a Dr. Ben Carson candidacy in 2016. The no-nonsense surgeon who has been a vocal opponent of Obamacare and a supporter of a return to a government by, of and for the people has been cagey and tight-lipped about whether or not he will run for president in 2016. Still, … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Fox News’ Judge Andrew Napolitano SHREDS the Anti-Gun Narrative: ‘More Guns Equals Less Crime’


The mainstream media largely backed away from hyping the Oklahoma beheading when details began to emerge. The attack did not fit the mainstream media’s preferred narratives; the attacker was a Muslim zealot who attacked from Islamic radicalism and, even more dangerous to the left’s agenda, his … [Read more...]

Rush Limbaugh: TPNN’s Scottie Hughes ‘Called it Exactly Right’ on Hillary’s Immunity to Criticism


On Tuesday, Rush Limbaugh, the voice that reaches millions of conservatives each and every day, piled praise on one of TPNN’s own, Scottie Nell Hughes. Hughes, the author the new book “Roar: The New Conservative Woman Speaks Out,” has been outspoken about her belief that the left’s elite and the … [Read more...]

Elderly Marines Walk Hundreds of Miles to White House; Obama WH Officials Refuse to Meet Them


There was a time in America where a citizen could walk right up and knock on the door of the White House. After all, it was the peoples’ house- the president is supposed to work for us. Of course, those days are long since passed and it would be unrealistic for the president to oblige such behavior … [Read more...]

The New Law that Allows the Government to Confiscate Legally-Owned Firearms Should Terrify Americans


A new law now mandates that government bureaucrats will be in charge of deciding who has the right to retain their God-given right to bear arms. On Tuesday, Democrat California Governor signed legislation that would allow the government to seize legally-owned firearms from citizens if the government … [Read more...]

Controversial Owner Declares Her Store a ‘Muslim-Free’ Zone; Find Out Her Reasoning


The Western world is at war with radical Islam. While we are constantly reassured by politicians that try to remain diplomatic that Islam is a religion of peace, we cannot deny that there are many within the Muslim faith that practice a brand of Islam committed to violence. To deny this fact is … [Read more...]

What a REAL Leader Looks Like: Benjamin Netanyahu’s Awesome UN Speech


In a stirring speech to the United Nations on Monday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reminded the civilized world that we face a danger posed by radical Islam- the very same danger Israelis have faced every single day for decades. Surrounded by nations who harbor extremists who swear it … [Read more...]

This Restaurant’s “Pro-Second Amendment” Policy Will Have Liberals FLIPPING OUT


Day in and day out, Americans are bombarded with the latest news illustrating that our rights are being slowly taken away bit by bit. We are told that we still retain our Fourth Amendment rights- but that we need to be okay with the NSA spying on us 24/7. We are told that we still have the First … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Bill Maher Mocks Public Reaction to Obama’s Latte Salute; Marine Corp General SHREDS Him to Pieces


In a truly satisfying segment of “Real Time with Bill Maher,” a former United States Marine Corps General absolutely shredded the show’s host, Bill Maher, the loudmouthed liberal punk who condescends to nearly everyone. Maher discussed President Obama’s latte-salute and where Obama recently … [Read more...]

Police Officer Shot, Another Shot At in Ferguson; Where’s Jackson and Sharpton?


It seems it is open season on police in Ferguson, Missouri. Still, the liberal mainstream media remains eerily quiet.After police shot a black man they claim attacked them in Ferguson, Missouri, the city was engulfed by rioting and looting and the race-hustlers appeared from the woodwork to exploit … [Read more...]

‘Good Guy With a Gun’ Stops Second Beheading… Leftstream Media Forgets to Mention That


While the liberal media is willing to report that a woman was gruesomely decapitated in what President Obama would likely call another case of “workplace violence,” so many news outlets have glossed-over the details of the motive for the beheading: the assailant was Muslim who sought to wreak … [Read more...]

AWESOME: Ted Cruz on American Values: We Believe in Life, Marriage, Israel and Abolishing the IRS


Tea Party Senator Ted Cruz has a unique way of cutting right to the point; considered extremely intelligent even by staunch liberals, Sen. Cruz has an approach to explaining the value of Americans that resonates with politics junkies and casual observers of politics alike. On Friday at the Family … [Read more...]

TPNN EXCLUSIVE: Did Rick Santorum Just Announce his Candidacy for 2016?


Former Pennsylvania Senator and presidential candidate Rick Santorum spoke with TPNN recently and appeared to reveal that his intention is to run again for the presidency in 2016 as he offered up his extensive foreign policy credentials and noted that President Barack Obama seems to possess few of … [Read more...]

GOP Lawmaker Urges Generals to Rebel Against Obama and His Policies


President Obama has, for years, worked to undermine the direction of military leaders by purging from the ranks top military officers who wish to maintain a more “hands-on” approach to military policy. From religious rights to lifting the ban on openly homosexual soldiers serving in the military, … [Read more...]

NRA Being Outspent 7-1 as Washington State Considers Law to Restrict the Second Amendment


We’ve all heard of the Koch Brothers- the supposedly nefarious puppetmasters of the right who control campaigns and elections and, if one believes the inane rambling of Harry Reid, serve as the greatest threat to the voice of the people in politics today. However, currently, the law-abiding citizens … [Read more...]

As Americans Were Distracted with Holder’s Resignation, Obama Issues a New Executive Order on Immigration


As the country focused on the resignation of Attorney General Eric Holder, the most lawless attorney general this nation has ever seen, President Obama quietly issued an executive order to allow illegal immigrants to join the United States military. Though Obama has maintained that he intends to … [Read more...]

Dinesh D’Souza Warned Us About Obama’s Tactics for Dealing with Dissent… Now He Knows Firsthand


Is it a coincidence that the man who warned us about Obama’s thuggish tactics to silent dissent was, himself, targeted for prosecution? Of course not… Conservative author and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza was sentenced this week to 8-months in a community confinement center where the filmmaker can still … [Read more...]

Police State Alert: You Won’t Believe What the ‘Green Police’ are Doing to Citizens Now


This is a sure sign the world has gone mad!... In the liberal haven of Seattle, nestled in the Pacific Northwest, the Earth crusaders have gone a step further with their brand of enforced environmentalism by approving a fine for people who throw away too many food scraps. That’s right. Are you one … [Read more...]

‘A Bad Decision’: Even The New York Times is Souring on Obama and His War in Syria


Let’s be clear: something needs to be done about ISIS. Few will dispute that ISIS poses a threat to the Western world. However, what many are also concluding is that President Obama’s “just do something” approach to ISIS is lacking. On Tuesday, military engagements began in Syria with targeted … [Read more...]

Pattern of Disrespect: Obama DISRESPECTS Marines Who Protect Him


President Obama made his disdain for our men and women in the armed forces abundantly clear on Tuesday as he exited Marine One and returned the salutes of nearby Marines with a coffee cup in his hand. The sloppy salute came as he disembarked Marine One in New York, on his way to the United Nations … [Read more...]