Ferguson Residents: They Better Rebuild the Businesses Rioters Burned Down or There will be ‘Hell to Pay’


It’s purely unbelievable how the looters and rioters of Ferguson, Missouri, have betrayed their own community. Furthermore, it’s disgusting that so many from around the country came to seize upon the lawlessness as an opportunity to loot and riot under the flimsy pretense of crusading for social … [Read more...]

New York Times: ‘Assault Weapons’ Term is a ‘Myth’ Created by Democrats in the ‘90’s


When we imagine a media outlet telling the truth about the efficacy of “assault weapons” bans, we don’t often imagine such honesty coming from The New York Times. Sure, The Gray Lady holds a place in American history, but it serves as a beacon for the kind of undeniable liberal bias that permeates … [Read more...]

More Bad News for Obama: Young People Have Given Up on ‘Mr. Hope’n’Change’


According to a new poll, President Obama I not only unpopular with the majority of Americans, but his popularity amongst young people is plummeting as well. Senator Obama ascended to the presidency thanks to an invigorated Democrat base coupled with a strong turnout for young voters- a practically … [Read more...]

Popular Online Retailer Removes ‘Offensive’ Redskins Merchandise; Still Sells Nazi Memorabilia


Despite the vast majority of Americans feeling that the name “Redskins” is not offensive, the political correctness police continue to crusade for their beliefs to be enforced. In fact, the single most-defining characteristic of the left can be seen to be a pathological obsession with making people … [Read more...]

LIBERAL Think Tank Throws in the Towel: Assault Weapons Bans Simply Don’t Work


Twenty years ago, amidst incredibly-high approval ratings for gun control measures, Congress passed a ban on so-called “assault weapons.” They mainly categorized the weapons that would be prohibited based on cosmetic features and magazine capacities; however, the ban was clear enough: no more … [Read more...]

VIDEO: CBS Sports Rejects Ad that Featured a Little Girl Reciting Pledge of Allegiance; You Won’t Believe the Reason Why


The pledge of allegiance has been recited in schools for decades. Even as recently as the 1990’s when I attended elementary school, it never occurred to me that beginning the day with a pledge of allegiance was anything short of a merely patriotic tradition. It seems, however, in the years since I … [Read more...]

How Many Pardons and Commutations Has Rick Perry Offered? The Number Will Surprise You…


The oh-so-enlightened left likes to pretend that we on the right are simply uncivilized; those of us who “cling to guns and religion” are simply knuckle-dragging Neanderthals to the soy latte-drinking elites. Perhaps no state is more looked-down-upon by the Hybrid enthusiasts as Texas. Their … [Read more...]

HuffPo Blogger: Why I Want My Children to See Me Naked


Is this the death of modesty? According to Rita Templeton of The Huffington post, she wants her four young children to see her naked as she walks throughout the house. In fact, she even claims she’s doing them a service in doing so. Templeton, a mother of four young boys, writes that she does not … [Read more...]

Missouri Legislature Overrules Dem Governor’s Veto, Provides Huge Gun Rights Victory


Our system of government was designed with a redundancy of checks and balances. In recent years, Democrats have charged Republicans with supposed obstruction and have maintained that their unwillingness to rubber-stamp the president’s agenda is, somehow, an anti-American concept when, in reality, … [Read more...]

VIDEO: NBC’s Chuck Todd: Obama Doing ‘Jimmy Carter-Like Damage’ to Democrats


Is there another Reagan Revolution in the works? It’s no secret, even to Democrats, that President Obama is seriously lacking in his ability to lead the country on the world stage. While many liberal pundits try to mitigate the damage the president is doing to America’s reputation and our ability to … [Read more...]

This Famous Ultra-Liberal Claims Obama’s Only Accomplishment is Being Black


Woah- I knew things had gotten rocky for President Obama, but for one of the nation’s most outspoken liberals to so publicly turn his back on Obama is a sure sign that Americans have lost that loving feeling for the once ultra-slick campaigner-in-chief. In an interview to commemorate the 25th … [Read more...]

Hilarious: ISIS Tries to Fire a Cannon… Watch What Happens Next


If we had a halfway competent president, we could squash these cockroaches. But with President Momjeans at the helm, why should they fear America? This video posted on therightscoop.com shows a hilarious attempt by ISIS nutjobs to shoot a cannon. What ensues is comical and something that one might … [Read more...]

Ted Nugent’s Rant for Americans to ‘Ammo Up’ Against the ‘Allahpuke Zombies’ Has Liberals Fuming


Ted Nugent is at it again with his in-your-face brand of brutally-refreshing honesty... and the left is not pleased. The Motorcity Madman, an amalgam of half rocker half political pundit, issued a warning to Americans, urging them to “ammo up” to prepare for an impending attack by the “Allahpuke … [Read more...]

SHOCKING VIDEO: You Won’t Believe What Three Cops do to a Teen Girl for Using Her Cell Phone in Class!


Everybody wants a safe school; however, it’s clear that in this day and age of “zero tolerance,” the idea of maintaining a safe learning environment can go too far. Take, for example, a recent case in Houston, Texas, where a 10th grade girl was tackled and pinned-down by several security guards when … [Read more...]

Rubio’s Simple Statement on Immigration May Make the Difference for Wary Conservatives


Florida Senator Marco Rubio faces a battle to mend fences with Tea Partiers and conservative Republicans. While so much of the Senator’s platforms have resonated deeply with the grassroots, his support for the disastrous “Gang of Eight” legislation endeared him to Democrats that would never vote for … [Read more...]

Tea Party Senator: Dems are Conspiring with Obama to Allow Amnesty Executive Order Only After the Election


Tea Party Senator Jeff Sessions has some strong words for Senate Democrats who claim that they want to help block President Obama’s anticipated executive edict concerning amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants, but still refuse to proceed with a vote on the House-passed bill that would defund … [Read more...]

What is it that Hillary Says is the Most ‘Consequential’ Challenge Facing America?


On Thursday, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke at a conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, to discuss energy solutions. The likely 2016 presidential candidate maintained the Party line on the issue of “climate change”- a catch-all term used to describe any variance in weather or, … [Read more...]

‘Sons of Anarchy’ Actor to ISIS: ‘You will Be Crushed’


"Sons of Anarchy" is an FX television show that deals with a fictitious outlaw motorcycle gang in Northern California. And while the characters on the show might have a casual sense of morality and appear alright with a certain amount of mayhem and brutality, it appears that at least one cast member … [Read more...]

Piers Morgan Leaves CNN, Threatens the NRA… NRA Members Everywhere Tremble With Fear


In late February, CNN revealed that they were canceling “Piers Morgan Live,” the successor to the popular show hosted by Larry King for decades. By routinely berating those who disagree with the pushy Brit, Morgan was able to destroy the franchise in just three short years amidst incredibly-low … [Read more...]

Washington Post Gives Four Pinocchios to White House’s “Spin” on Obama’s “JV” Comment


President Obama is an absolute mess when it comes to foreign policy. His administration appears in shambles as criticism comes from the right and, at times, the left over his too-casual response to ISIS and other foreign policy threats that are undoing decades of progress made by the U.S. As the … [Read more...]