‘Religion of Peace’: Top Ten Koran Versus that Guide ISIS’s Actions


President Obama has appeared to be far more concerned about timidly tip-toeing and coddling the Islamic community than he has been about defeating the radical Islamists who swear it is their duty to God to destroy the Western World. Time and time again, Obama and his fellow liberals have offered … [Read more...]

Oklahoma Postpones Executions; Why Are We Making this so Difficult?


The American penal system sends a very clear message: for those that commit heinous crimes and dodge plea deals, the American penal system will take your life… But only after enjoying taxpayer-funded food, medical care and recreation for twenty or so years… And only in some states…. Last week, … [Read more...]

Harry Reid’s Goons Rough-Up a Reporter for Asking a Question; Does Reid Condemn the Action?


Our representatives that we send to Washington work for us. They’re prestigious positions, of course, but the fact of the matter is that we live in a republic governed by laws, created and enforced by elected officials and our republic is governed by the people and for the people. That’s what makes … [Read more...]

Nosy Neighbor Puts Up Sign to “Out” Concealed Carrier


Someone has too much time on their hands… A nosy neighbor recently spotted a man walking his daughters to school who accidentally flashed his concealed carry piece. So, in response, she did what any of us would do: she went about minding her own business and remembered that it was his right to carry … [Read more...]

VIDEO: The REAL War on Women: Liberals Disarming Law-Abiding Women


Democrats continue to use the plight of women as a political weapon. They bloviate and posture as if women are victims of a supposed “Republican War on Women” when lawmakers assert that women who are responsible enough to have sex are responsible enough to purchase their own contraceptives. These … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Young Man Films MILITARIZED Police Raid in His Neighborhood; Guess what Happens Next…


In a shocking video that illustrates the nature of police militarization, a young man filmed officers assaulting and arresting him for having done nothing but recording police as they served a search warrant. While there are many, many dedicated police officers who serve our communities faithfully … [Read more...]

Here’s an Astonishing List of What the Federal Government Funded INSTEAD of Developing an Ebola Vaccine…


As the world anxiously eyes the Ebola crisis and wonders if it is yet time to panic, Democrats have crusaded to try and not let the crisis go to waste by trying to create a correlation between Republican efforts to rein in unsustainable and out-of-control government spending and the absence of an … [Read more...]

Radical Senate Dems Renew Their Push of Surgeon General Nominee Who Views Gun Ownership as a Public Health Issue


Senate Democrats are panicking. As we approach November, Democrats are justifiably worried about losing the Senate and Senate Democrats are working to try and advance their radical agenda as much as possible before Republicans retake the Senate. While they might be able to muster some compromises, … [Read more...]

CBS Staffer Mocks Rand Paul for Not Being a Doctor… Except that Rand Paul IS a Doctor


The problem with Twitter is that it gives a voice to those who should really think before speaking and who should really Google before typing. Katy Conrad is a media booker for CBS “This Morning.” The young staffer mouthed-off on Twitter recently, Tweeting, “Not sure when @SenRandPaul became a … [Read more...]

Feminist Speaker Cancels University Speaking Event Because There Would Be Legally-Owned Concealed Weapons Allowed


There remains an erroneous belief within the liberal mindset that one can “catch” violence from being around guns- that being in an environment where otherwise law-abiding citizens possess firearms is, in and of itself, dangerous. Newsflash: concealed carriers are everywhere. These liberals who dine … [Read more...]

The Second Amendment Finally Comes to Our Nation’s Capital!… Well, Sort Of…


After decades of maintaining a ban on law-abiding citizens from carrying concealed firearms, the District of Columbia is begrudgingly allowing citizens in the nation’s capital to exercise their Second Amendment rights. Six long years after D.C.’s longtime firearm ban was successfully challenged, … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Secret Service Agents Try to Enter a Man’s House with a FAKE Search Warrant


There is a legal method by which law enforcement can barge into our homes; it is called a search warrant. We, as Americans, do not have an absolute right to privacy in all instances; law enforcement officers must go to a judge and demonstrate probable cause in order to intrude upon a private … [Read more...]

Unbelievable! Obama CDC Told Second Nurse Diagnosed with Ebola to Fly Commercially, Even Though She had Symptoms


Maybe the nation would be a little less fearful of the possibility of an Ebola outbreak if they could have even a sliver of faith in the ability of our federal government to handle the situation and contain the outbreak. In a shocking revelation that emerged late Wednesday, CDC officials are … [Read more...]

Walking the Walk: Check Out What Ted Cruz Is Doing About Houston’s Crackdown on Religious Freedom


Houston officials might have bit off a bit more than they could chew when they riled the Christian community of Houston, Texas, by issuing subpoenas to discover what pastors were preaching to their churchgoers… Our First Amendment remains under attack from all sides. While Senate Democrats have … [Read more...]

Punks Try to Mug the Wrong Politician; Lawmaker Pulls Concealed Gun and Starts Firing


Democrats in America are often hostile to the Second Amendment. With near-constant attempts to restrict the Second Amendment and the ability of law-abiding citizens to adequately defend themselves or their families, Democrats have earned a solid reputation for being enemies of a free people who wish … [Read more...]

This Hollywood A-LISTER Defends Gun Rights, Admits He’s Had a Gun Since He was SIX


Hollywood is filled with useful idiots who, despite being rich themselves, rant and rave against the rich and dutifully carry the message of the nation’s socialists who call themselves “progressives.” They pose for photo-ops and crusade for causes such as increased education spending and for the … [Read more...]

Wendy Davis ACTUALLY Defends Her Wheelchair Attack Ad; What We can Learn from this Disaster of a Campaign


Let’s give credit where credit is due: Democrats simply don’t give up. No matter how preposterous their narrative, no matter how overwhelmingly their efforts are rejected, the party is stubborn in their refusal to shy from their decisions. Take, for example, the recent attack ad against Republican … [Read more...]

SAVING Lives: Michigan Concealed Carrier Holds Would-Be Rapist at Gunpoint Until Police Arrive


To listen to the mainstream media and the hysterics of the gun-hating left, guns cause crime. How many times have we, as a nation, heard the shrill cries of astroturf bought and paid for by Michael Bloomberg decrying that we need “less guns on the street!” Meanwhile, people with the means and … [Read more...]

UNBELIEVABLE: This Dem Governor Threatens to Release Mass Murderer if Not Re-Elected


Our nation is supposed to be a republic governed by laws- not men. Our elected officials are supposed to create and enforce the laws, not serve as the laws themselves. However, at a time when the mainstream media focuses on the pending corruption charges against Texas Governor Rick Perry for … [Read more...]

AWESOME PICTURE: Washington Redskins Owner Watches Football Game with President of the Navajo Nation


Far more than the supposed infraction itself, the thing that has galled the political correctness police the most is how Washington Redskins owner, Dan Snyder, has refused to back-down from the political correctness bullying. In fact, nothing enrages a bully like a potential victim scoffing and … [Read more...]