Video: Congressman Says Putin Committing ‘Acts of War’


With Russia displaying old Soviet-style aggression on the world stage, many wonder what is next as Russia continues to talk boldly, and act even bolder. According to one Republican Congressman, Russian President Vladimir Putin is openly engaging in war with Ukraine and, by extension, the unified … [Read more...]

Boehner Caves to Obama on Immigration


When it comes to describing Speaker of the House John Boehner, “leader” seems to be an inappropriate term as the top lawmaker in the House has capitulated to the president in his crusade to rule via executive edict on the issue of illegal immigration. Appearing to favor a policy of appeasement over … [Read more...]

Op-ed: Enough Botched Executions; Bring Back the Firing Squads


The following is Part One of a two part series. On Wednesday, Arizona authorities executed a convicted murderer but, in what has become a disturbing trend nationally, authorizes botched the execution which left the murderer gasping for air for two hours before dying. This is unacceptable. … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Marines Confront Alleged Military Imposter


In a recent video filmed by two Marines who encountered what they suspected to be a fraud, the duo confronts a man adorned in a military uniform who, as the two Marines point out, doesn't look correct. The two Marines confronted the unknown man with “Davis” on his nameplate as he leaves a funeral in … [Read more...]

Sen. Jeff Sessions Blasts House’s Weak Immigration Plan


On Wednesday, Alabama Tea Party Senator Jeff Sessions blasted the House’s new immigration plan proposed on Wednesday, noting that the House working group’s plan did not discuss President Obama’s commitment to lawlessness as an important factor when dealing with the illegal immigration crisis. Sen. … [Read more...]

John Kerry (and America) Gets DISRESPECTED in Egypt


With President Obama at the helm, the prestige of American leadership has been dramatically and noticeably tarnished. With red lines drawn without any real threat of enforcement and the unanswered terrorist attack on our consulate in Benghazi that left four Americans dead, the international … [Read more...]

VIDEO: EVERYTHING You Need to Know About the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Easily Explained in FIVE Minutes


With so much focus on domestic policies in America, it’s easy to lose perspective regarding the policies that shape tensions and peace around the world. The Israeli-Palestinian has raged on for decades and while both sides will argue their points with heated passion, the fact remains that Israel’s … [Read more...]