Mitt Romney Backs Climate Change Supporters


As speculation abounds over who will emerge as the frontrunner for the 2016 presidential bid that is still far away, former governors Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush appear to be working to brand themselves as the “most-moderate Republican,” which, if history is any indication, translates to … [Read more...]

New Bill Proposes Raising Smoking Age to 21


In America, there is an increasingly-mixed message surrounding age. While an 18 year old man can be drafted and sent to a far off battlefield to die for his country, the Obama Administration maintains that “children” up to their mid-twenties need to be on mom and dad’s healthcare plans. Though an 18 … [Read more...]

DOJ Finds NO Civil Rights Abuses in Ferguson Shooting


Despite all the rioting, all the looting and all the repeated assertions of rampant racism and civil rights violations, the Department of Justice has announced that there were no civil rights abuses to be found in the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. The DOJ is preparing a memo … [Read more...]

18 Scumbags Who Called Chris Kyle a Psychopath


America-hating morons who reside within the comfort provided by her military is nothing new. Besides those who reside within our borders, safely nestled in the relative comfort and safety provided by our brave service members, much of the world owes their tranquility to the American military who has … [Read more...]