Told They Could No Longer Pray Before Games, What These Cheerleaders Did Is Inspiring

Oneida High Cheerleaders

Last year, under threats of a lawsuit by the ACLU or atheist groups, Oneida High School in Tennessee stop praying before sporting events. Even though prayer had been ingrained as part of the community’s identity and culture, these outside groups sought to silence the voices of the faithful and bully … [Read more...]

You’re Not Going to Believe Who This NY Democrat’s Heroes Are

charles barron

One New York Democrat who formerly served on City Council and is poised to take over his wife’s seat in the state Assembly made some startling remarks during an interview with the New York Observer.Charles Barron is a New York City Councilman who has been term-limited out of his seat. He is also a … [Read more...]

WATCH Megyn Kelly’s Epic Smackdown of Terrorist Bill Ayers After He Calls Her an Icy-Eyed Cyborg

Megyn Kelly

FOX News’ Megyn Kelly conducted a series of interviews with American terrorist Bill Ayers recently. Ayers was questioned about his experience on her show, The Kelly File, during an interview with and had this to say about Megyn.Ayers said, “ had never even seen Megyn Kelly. She struck me … [Read more...]

Winning in the Culture War: This Christian Artist Just Snagged the Number One Spot on Billboard


Pop culture plays a significant role in the current state and the future of our society. With more people able to recognize a character from Real Housewives of New Jersey and unable to recognize or name our political leaders, that is a sure sign that we have a problem.The decline in moral fiber of … [Read more...]

Kroger Once Again Stands Up to the Anti-Second Amendment Rights Bullies

Moms Demand Action Founder, Shannon Watts

The anti-gun rights group Moms Demand Action has been on a tirade recently, bullying business to alter their policy on guns in a manner that meets their approval. But, there is one business that refuses to cave to their demand and they just sent Moms Demand Action a message that they will not be … [Read more...]

Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Sides Rules Against the American Flag

Students from Live Oak High School Told Not to Wear American Flag Shirts

On Wednesday, America celebrated Constitution Day. It was also the day that a ruling came from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals regarding the case out of California where the principal at Live Oak High School made four students remove their American flag t-shirts, which they wore on May 5, Cinco … [Read more...]

Another Hollywood Celeb Came Out of the Closet; But Not the One You’re Thinking About

Frankie Muniz

Malcolm is no longer in the middle. This Malcolm in the Middle star did something that is the quintessential faux pas in Hollywood. He spoke out against Obama.Frankie Muniz played the well-known character Malcolm from 2000 - 2006. Americans watched him grow up before their eyes. In recent years, … [Read more...]

VIDEO: University Stifles Free Speech in their Unconstitutional ‘Free Speech Zones’


The Constitution of the United States makes no exceptions to the right to freedom of speech. It is spelled out in the First Amendment stating quite clearly that no law shall be made abridging the freedom of speech. But, that has not stopped some colleges from infringing upon the free speech of their … [Read more...]

VIDEO: This Police Officer Gives a New Meaning to ‘Protect and Serve’ and It’s Awesome

Image Source: Roy Hibbert, Instagram

Ever since the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Missouri, there has been an attempt by the typical leaders of the racial grievance industry, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder, and Barack Obama, to portray all police officers as bad. In fact, they have attempted to portray white police … [Read more...]

Michelle Obama’s Visit to Hospital Trumps Parents Ability to See Their Cancer Stricken Kids

Michelle Obama

The Obamas love traveling with their entourage and taking staged photo ops. That has been an obvious observation since they moved into the White House and worked more on image than adhering to the Constitution. After all, if they were going to maintain their ‘It Couple’ status, they had to make sure … [Read more...]

Just Hours From One Bigoted Blunder, Joe Biden Does It Again With This Gaffe


Joe Biden, Obama’s illustrious [sarc] vice-president, insulted Jewish people everywhere on Tuesday while giving a speech to the non-profit Legal Services Foundation. While telling a story about predatory lending practices that many in the military are subjected to, Biden referred to such lenders as … [Read more...]

National Campaign Launched in Support of Trey Gowdy for Speaker

Trey Gowdy

Trey Gowdy for Speaker? That is what one Tea Party group is hoping and they’re putting their words into action in an attempt to make that happen.The Washington Examiner reports that the Tea Party Leadership Fund has begun a campaign in support of a change in leadership in the House of … [Read more...]

Principal Yanks American Flags Off Students’ Trucks on 9/11


Remember September 12, 2001? That was the day that Americans, regardless of ethnicity, religion, or political beliefs came together following the terrorist attack on our soil by the Islamic terrorist group al Qaeda. While that level of patriotism unfortunately went away as and the party bickering … [Read more...]

Joe Biden Hops Aboard the Anti-Semitic Bandwagon

Joe Biden thumbs up

Democrat Vice President Joe Biden is no stranger to making off the cuff, insensitive remarks that are often racially charged. But, as we have witnessed a rise in blatantly displayed anti-Semitic mentality on full display in America, a statement he made yesterday is drawing widespread criticism.While … [Read more...]

Now, Obama’s Got His Progressive Meat Hooks in the NFL

obama and goodell

Over the past few weeks, the NFL has been mired with controversy surrounding the personal lives of two of its biggest stars, the Baltimore Ravens’ Ray Rice and the Minnesota Vikings Adrian Peterson. While the Peterson allegations of child abuse stemming from the use of a switch on his 4-year-old son … [Read more...]

Look What Michelle Obama is Providing for the WH Press…and It’s Not Celery Sticks

Michelle Obama Eating

Michelle Obama has flexed her controlist muscles to dictate what your children can eat at school. She started with school lunches, requiring guidelines so stringent and consisting of paltry servings that children around the country were opting out of lunch programs, districts were losing money fast, … [Read more...]

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Delivers a WOW Performance on ‘Dancing with the Stars’; Daddy Cries with Pride

Sadie Robertson

One of the youngest members of the Duck Dynasty clan, 17-year old Sadie Robertson, is a member of the star performers competing on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. Sadie admits to her dance partner Mark Ballas that she has never really danced before. In fact, she says her school does not allow dancing. … [Read more...]

Are You Brushing with Danger? This FDA Approved Substance Could Be Dangerous to Your Health

Crest Microbeads

Big government constantly tries to sell its merits to the American people as ‘working in your own best interests.’ We are told that more government programs, paid for by taxpayer dollars, will improve not only society, but our way of life. The Federal Drug Administration, FDA, has as its tagline … [Read more...]

Was RGIII a Victim of Anti-Christian Bigotry?


The NFL is fast becoming not a league focused on football, talent, statistics, and win-loss ratios. It is instead becoming, to the dismay of fans, a hot bed place to discuss social issues, in many cases subjecting large numbers of its conservative fan base to political correctness on steroids and … [Read more...]

VIDEO: White Officer Accused of Targeting Black Man with Aggression; Body Cam Tells the True Story

Keith Jones

In the wake of the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Missouri, there has been an increased effort to paint all white police officers as individuals with itchy trigger fingers to shoot black men. Activist Attorney General Eric Holder has even opened an investigation into the entire Ferguson Police … [Read more...]