The Obama IRS is at it Again!


Looks like the Obama IRS isn't through with targeting and harassing groups who don't self-identify as far-left, Marxist Progressives. They are now demanding that former Texas Congressman Ron Paul turn over his list of donors to his organization Campaign for Liberty. The Washington Examiner reports … [Read more...]

The Obama BLM to Clive Bundy: ‘This is Not Over’


The Obama BLM is not stopping its tyranny in the claiming of public state land as belonging to the federal government. After tense standoff this weekend during which federal agents were met with militia, Oathkeepers, private citizens and delegations of state legislators who went to the Bundy Ranch … [Read more...]

The Destructiveness of Obamacare in Pictures


The Heritage Foundation has put together the impact of Obamacare in pictures. This is visual evidence that Obamacare is not only not working, but it is destructive. Above is but one of those pictures which reveals the economic impact of Obamacare on 27 year olds. The accompanying full pictures below … [Read more...]

Another Lefty Caught in Lies….and It’s Hilarious


Democrat Mike Dickinson has a dream to defeat Eric Cantor to represent Virginia’s 7th congressional district. His biggest campaign talking point is a vow to wage war against ‘trash’ like the NRA, FOX News and the Tea Party. Dickinson even goes so far as to compare the Tea Party to al Qaeda, despite … [Read more...]

Democrat Lawmaker Promotes Bestiality


Update: Article has been edited due to error caught. Holmes actually said that white Republicans would support abortion if their daughter became pregnant by a black man. Democrat Alabama State Representative Alvin Holmes just made his controversial rant in which he claimed that white Republicans … [Read more...]

Why is Obama Bringing Up his Birth Certificate?


In perhaps an attempt to deflect attention away from his falling approval ratings, disastrous Obamacare rollout, and ever-increasing unconstitutional executive orders, Barack Obama decided to bring to once again draw attention to a topic that few people speak of nowadays. While speaking to a group … [Read more...]