Guess Who’s Throwing In The Towel

GOP Leadership

It looks like Republican Rep. Eric Cantor’s commitment to his constituents was only existent if he won his primary every two years. Though he took an oath to represent the citizens of Virginia’s 7th Congressional District, he has made the decision to bolt early despite stating after his primary loss … [Read more...]

Dems Want To Tax The Air That You Breathe, So We Shouldn’t Be Surprised They Want To Tax This

Democrat Rep. Rosa DeLauro from Connecticut

In the Left’s quest to control every aspect of your life, and implement behavioral modification measures to ‘encourage’ you to eat, think, drink and overall live in the way they believe is best, Democrat Rep. Rosa DeLauro from Connecticut has proposed a bill that would cause you to face a special … [Read more...]

This CNN Anchor Probably Wishes He Could Take This Tweet Back

Bill Weir

When CNN made the decision last fall to shift away from the news to a more ‘unscripted format’ in an attempt to recover from its failing ratings, they probably weren’t thinking unscripted in this sense. Bill Weir, currently an anchor with CNN and formerly with ABC, sent out a tweet berating FOX News … [Read more...]

MSNBC’s Latest Racism Charge Is Ridiculous

Ronan Farrow

Less than a month after the debut of his show “Ronan Farrow Daily” on MSNBC, Obama’s Lean Forward network, rumors began to spread that his show could be canceled due to low ratings. In fact, his debut show was beat in the ratings by a syndicated episode of the “Golden Girls,” which has not had new … [Read more...]

The One Rally The Democrat Media Complex Doesn’t Want To Cover

John Hagee

As anti-Semitism seems to be sadly on the rise in America, one group took a very visible stand in support of Israel that did not get coverage from the Democrat Media Complex.On Monday July 21st, Christians United for Israel (CUFI), headed by evangelical pastor John Hagee, held a rally in D.C.. The … [Read more...]

Mr. Tough Guy at Home, President Wimpy Abroad


Just call him President Wimpy.Barack Obama is a brutal wannabe dictator with American citizens. He refuses to compromise with Republicans, but will compromise with terrorists, giving into their demands. He’s tough talking at the teleprompter and will exact a ‘Campaign of Pain’ upon the American … [Read more...]

Obama IRS Teaming Up with Atheists in New Attack on Christianity


The Obama IRS is teaming up with an atheist legal group, the Freedom from Religion Foundation (FRFF), to monitor and investigate political activity of churches. The two groups entered into an agreement as a settlement to a 2012 lawsuit, FRFF vs. Koskinen. According to Christianity Today, in the … [Read more...]

Do These Six Words Prove Obama Orchestrated the Border Crisis?


“Obama is going to take care of us.” These six words are being said repeatedly by illegals crossing the border, according to Chris Cabrera, a vice president in the National Border Patrol Council Local 3307. Border patrol agents here those words from not only illegals who are children, he says they … [Read more...]