Wait Until You See the Plans that Atheists and Satanists Have for Elementary and High Schools

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There seems to be an increase in the number of lawsuits, or the threat thereof, against Christians by atheist groups, even anything with even a hint of Christianity. Atheist groups have sued to stop football teams and communities from praying before games. They have sued to force a football team to … [Read more...]

AUDIO: Wendy Davis Once Again Earns the Award for Most Ridiculous, Lie-Based Ad


It appears that Texas Democrat gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis is living by the motto, “Desperate times call for desperate measures.” It’s almost as if she wants to win the award for the most ridiculous, lie-based, smear campaign rather than win the governorship. Her most recent ad is based on a … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson has a Message You are Going to Want to Hear


Phil Robertson, patriarch of the Robertson Family of Duck Dynasty and Duck Commander fame, is known for speaking his mind. Whether it be politics or religion, or anything else for that matter, Robertson says what his on his mind. As we near the mid-term elections, one that many believe will be … [Read more...]

VIDEO: These Images Show that Hillary Clinton Isn’t Quite as Popular as She Thinks


Unlike Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton has been burning up the campaign scene with various Democrat candidates around the country. It is not known whether she is charging the $250,000 speaking fee that she demands when she speaks at colleges. But, one video from an event on Thursday in Maryland for … [Read more...]

Many Americans Would Have a Similar Response to this Utterly Frightening Halloween Mask


This Halloween mask frightened this young child so much that he burst into tears. Unfortunately, it is something that makes Americans cry with fear, anger, frustration, and a whole range of emotions every single day.Is this a frightening sight or what?This little guy speaks for many Americans. … [Read more...]

Possibly the Best Anti-Amnesty Bumper Sticker Ever

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The Democrats have been pushing for amnesty for quite some time. They have sought to deceive the American people into believing that amnesty would be good for the American economy and helpful for the American worker. The reality is that amnesty it would expand the welfare state, increase the … [Read more...]

Even Worse than the Hashtag: Obama’s Embarrassing Foreign Diplomacy Continues


Nearly 5,000 people have died from Ebola in West Africa. A Liberian native, Thomas Eric Duncan, sparked fear and caused 2 nurses to contract Ebola after lying to get into the country knowing that he had been exposed to deadly disease. So far, the response of the Obama regime has been refusal to … [Read more...]

The Left’s Poster Child for their ‘GOP War on Women’ Lie Makes a Disgusting Admission that Will Churn Your Stomach


Lena Dunham has been used by the left over and over again to push their lie-based Republican war on women accusation using ridiculous methods. In one ad, Dunham compared voting for Obama to losing one’s virginity. One thing Dunham didn’t bring up in that ad, however, is how she waged her own, … [Read more...]

VIDEO: NARAL May Have Just Topped Wendy ‘Abortion Barbie’ Davis in the Stupid Ad Department

naral ad

It looks like NARAL and Texas Democrat gubernatorial candidate Wendy ‘Abortion Barbie’ Davis have more in common than their desire to fight tooth and nail for the murder of babies. They are both now vying for the most ridiculously stupid political ads for this campaign season.Davis witnessed her … [Read more...]

Reverse Discrimination? Free $60,000 Wedding, Heterosexual Couples Need Not Apply!


The Wrigley Mansion is a landmark in Phoenix. Built in 1932 by chewing gum extraordinaire William Wrigley, Jr. for his wife as a 50th anniversary present, the mansion is now a private club, owned by Geordie Hormel, of the Hormel Foods fame, with a nominal membership fee. The mansion sits on top of a … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Anti-Second Amendment Zealots Suspend Students for a Ridiculous Reason


High school sweethearts Tito Velez and Jamie Pereira wanted to be unique with their homecoming pictures. So, they decided to pose in a picture with their Airsoft guns. For those unfamiliar, Airsoft guns are replica firearms that fire plastic pellets. The originality in photo posing, however, led to … [Read more...]

VIDEO: The Thrill is Gone: At Campaign Rally, Obama Speaks, People Bolt…AGAIN


During a recent campaign rally in Maryland, Barack Obama faced major embarrassment as people began leaving the event after he took the podium and began speaking. It was a clear indication as to why most Democrat candidates have kept their distance from Obama as they have campaigned for election.Now, … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Is Sarah Palin Running for Office? The Answer She Gives Will Enrage the Left


On Tuesday, Sarah Palin appeared on with Stuart Varney on Fox Business Channel Varney & Co. and discussed a range of issues. From GOP leadership to HIllary Clinton’s claim that businesses and corporations don’t create jobs, Palin shared her thoughts on all of these issues. But, the one question … [Read more...]

Powerful Video by Chicago Activists Utterly Destroys Democrats and Liberal ‘Black Leaders’ as the Real Oppressors

Paul McKinley, Chicago activist

Black Americans around the country are waking up to the worn out, tired tactics of the Democrat Party and their disastrous policies that have decimated the black community. For years before entering politics, Barack Obama was a ‘community organizer’ in Chicago. What Obama left behind after all those … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Sadie Turns Spooky as Duck Dynasty Fam Cheers Her On; Twitter Goes Wild


The Robertson Family of Duck Dynasty and Duck Commander fame are a big part of the culture war with their out and proud stance on their Christian conservatism. They play a huge role in the fight against our cultural decline, so when they are in the limelight, it is important to showcase it. They … [Read more...]

Wait Until You See What Cosmopolitan Magazine is Doing to Get Young Voters to Vote for Dems

Cosmopolitan mag

It’s no secret that Cosmopolitan Magazine are not only ‘friends of Obama’s,’ they are sycophants of America’s wanna be dictator. For the last 6 years, they have fawned over both Barack and Michelle Obama frequently having features of Michelle in the magazine. They even hosted  a live chat on Google … [Read more...]

Apparently the Political Establishment REALLY Doesn’t Want this Constitutional Conservative to Be Elected to Congress


Clint Didier, former Washington Redskins star, Super Bowl Champion, and Republican candidate for Congress in Washington State’s 4th Congressional District, has been endorsed by FreedomWorks, National Association for Gun Rights, Mark Levin, and Sarah Palin, among others. A constitutional … [Read more...]

Guess Who Chuck Woolery Said ‘Needs a Really Good, Strong SPANKING’


Chuck Woolery is the legendary game show host of Love Connection. Before that, he was even the original host of Wheel of Fortune from 1975 through 1981. These days, Chuck is making waves in other ways. The proud libertarian conservative is very vocal against big government and the progressive … [Read more...]

Elbert Guillory has a Message for Blacks and the Left Will No Doubt Want to Shut Him Up


Louisiana State Senator Elbert Guillory  delivers  another powerful ad armed with facts about how Democrat policies have been a destructive force for the black community. This time, his target is Kay Hagan in North Carolina.The ad, paid for by the North Carolina Super PAC ‘Our America,’ features … [Read more...]

Senator Michelle Obama? Will Barack Force Someone Out to Make this Happen?


Rumors have been swirling that Michelle Obama may be interested in running for the Senate seat currently occupied by Dianne Feinstein should she choose not to run for re-election in 2018. While of course not currently residents of California, back in July, real estate agents in the Golden State … [Read more...]