Fantastic T-Shirt Launched by Police Officer in Response to ‘I Can’t Breathe’


In recent weeks, we have seen basketball players go on the court for warm ups before games wearing t-shirts that say, "I Can't Breathe." In fact, the entire Phoenix Suns basketball team entered the court earlier this week wearing the t-shirts. NBA stars Kobe Bryant and LeBron James also participated … [Read more...]

SONY Pictures Hackers Threaten Terrorist Attack on Christmas Day; New Revelations by Execs May Surprise You

the interview

A group calling itself Guardians of Peace, GOP, has been causing havoc and turmoil since hacking into SONY Picture's computer systems. They have released full length movies, scripts, massive amounts of emails which have been extremely damaging to the studio's executives, and more than 50,000 names, … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Two Opposing Political Pundit Brothers Get Unexpected Scolding by their Mother on Live TV


Dallas and Brad Woodhouse are both political pundits on opposite sides of the political spectrum. As a result, they often bicker and argue over politics. However, when they did so on national television while appearing together on C-SPAN's Washington Journal, they got some criticism by way of a … [Read more...]

VIDEO: These Burglars Soon Learned They Messed with the Wrong Family


Throughout the country, families have been put on alert as thieves stealing packages from front doorsteps has increased. In addition, there are those thieves who still steal the old fashioned way by breaking into a home. Both scenarios have led to an increase in security cameras with people doing … [Read more...]

BREAKING: Taliban Terrorists Storm School Killing 120+ Teachers and Students

Screenshot 2014-12-16 at 7

Back in 2012, Barack Obama is quoted as saying "the Taliban are not our enemies and we don't want to fight them." Two years later, he would release five of the most notorious Taliban leaders, despite being warned of the dangers by his advisers, in exchange for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who is believed to … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Young Jeopardy Contestant Struggles with Non-Common Core Math Questions


There has been much controversy surrounding the Common Core curriculum and it doesn't come without just cause. From the anti-American lessons being taught in Social Studies to the nonsense that is being framed as Math, the education of our children is suffering under Common Core. While we have seen … [Read more...]

If the PC Police had their Way, These Toys Would Not be Available for Christmas


Political correctness is out of control. The PC police are trying to limit and dictate what you can and cannot say, believe, or even participate in. It has become obvious, as well, that one of their favorite targets in their brainwashing scheme is the children. They have begun to work at young ages, … [Read more...]

Philly Councilman Call Chris Christie a ‘Fat A$$’ and He’s Not Sorry, Here’s Why


On Sunday night, the Philadelphia Eagles played the Dallas Cowboys at home. When cameras shot over to the skybox where Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was sitting, some were surprised at who was in the booth with him yucking it up. Why, it was none other than New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Some may … [Read more...]

If Congress Doesn’t Act, then the Super Bowl in 2015 May Be Cancelled


As football season winds down, people around the world, especially in the United States, are preparing for one of the biggest events of the year, the Super Bowl on February 1, 2015. People are planning trips to Phoenix, Arizona for the big game, or maybe just Super Bowl parties at their own home. … [Read more...]

NYC Protesters Chant Calling for Dead Cops, then Try to Make that Chant Come True


The New York City protests following the death of Eric Garner, who died while being apprehended and arrested by police for selling loose cigarettes, have been described as peaceful. A grand jury decided not to indict an officer for the death of Garner, but the fact hidden by the media and ignored by … [Read more...]

BREAKING: Police Investigating Threat Near Amazon HQ in Seattle, Buildings Evacuated

20141215_135640_resized employees are being evacuated from their headquarters in Seattle after an undisclosed threat.  The headquarters are located in the South Lake Union area of Seattle. Specifics of the threat are not known.This story is developing. … [Read more...]

BREAKING: Five People Shot and Killed in Pennsylvania (RAW FOOTAGE VIDEO)


A domestic dispute in the early morning hours ended with a husband killing his wife and four relatives. The shooter has not been identified, but is believed to be a military veteran who now has himself barricaded in a house in Souderton. A SWAT team is in place around the barricaded area. Police say … [Read more...]

UPDATE: One Hostage and the Gunman Killed in Sydney Siege


UPDATE, 12/15/14, 11:16 am ETFox News is reporting that the gunfire between the police and the Islamic terrorist Man Horan Monis ensued after Monis fired first, either at police or the hostages. At least 5 individuals were brought out on stretchers. One hostage and the gunman were reportedly killed … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Christian Man Asks Gay Bakeries to Bake Pro-Traditional Marriage Cake, Hypocrisy Ensues


Under the Obama presidency, the country has witnessed Christian owned bakeries be forced to go against their religious beliefs and be ordered to bake a cake for gay weddings or face jail time or fines. The gaystapo has gone out in full force attack against these bakeries with protests and … [Read more...]

Samuel L. Jackson Insults Police Officers Everywhere, Encourages Other Celebrities to do the Same


Actor Samuel L. Jackson is no stranger to controversial statements, but this latest one is an insult to the brave men and women in blue who put their lives on the line protecting their communities every day. Ignoring the fact that the arrest of Eric Garner in New York, that unfortunately resulted in … [Read more...]

What Obama Spends Most Mornings Doing is One Reason Why this Country is So Screwed Up

Obama laughing

Barack Obama either doesn't have time or doesn't have an interest in attending national security briefings. In fact, in October, it was reported that he had attended only 42.1% of those briefings since taking office. But, there is one obviously, incredibly important briefing that Obama will not … [Read more...]

VIDEO: This Democrat Thinks the CIA Should Apologize to al Qaeda Terrorists


On September 11, 2001, 3,000 Americans died when the Muslim terrorists, al Qaeda, hijacked commercial airplanes and flew them into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. One plane never reached it's destination, but all of the passengers and crew of United Flight 93 died when they overtook the … [Read more...]

VIDEO: New York’s Communist Mayor Shows What Lengths He Will Go To In Order to Control the Press

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio would like at times to hide from his far left, pro-communism, Marxist loving past, but his radical history speaks for itself.  After all, when he backed the Sandinistas in 1988, he was joined in his support of this group by the Soviet Union, Fidel Castro, and the PLO. … [Read more...]

She Killed her Son, But was She Planning her Defense Before Committing the Crime?


On November 3, Jillian McCabe threw her 6-year old son, London, over the Yaquina Bay Bridge in Oregon. London suffered from autism and, right after his murder, Jillian's family talked about the mental health struggles that McCabe had that was the result of caring for her autistic son as well as her … [Read more...]

VIDEO: The Nutcracker Like You’ve Never Heard It Before, Ballistics-Style

Screenshot 2014-12-12 at 7

Christmas season is upon us and many are enjoying listening to the beautiful sounds of Christmas music as they decorate for the holiday, do their Christmas shopping, or just go about their day to day activities. Even those who may not celebrate Christmas, for example conservative talk radio icon … [Read more...]