VIDEO: What This Landlord is Doing to this Disabled Veteran is Horribly Wrong

Phoenix svc dog

Jessie Johnson served in Iraq from 2003 until 2007. Since he left the service, he has suffered from traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). His condition led to his doctor approving a service animal, as many veterans in his condition warrant. Phoenix is a certified service … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Obama’s Many Scandals Put on Display in One Hilarious Song

Remy Shake it Off

This would be funny if it wasn’t a reality lived by Americans across the country. Well, even though it is reality, this song is absolutely hilarious. Remy, from Reason, has another video hit on his hands. Addressing the Obama scandals ranging from Fast and Furious to Benghazi and the IRS targeting, … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Winning the Culture War: Sadie Proves You Can Be Of this World Without Being ‘Of this World’

Sadie and Mark

When Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson was announced as one of the contestants on season 19 of Dancing with the Stars, some wondered how her Christian values will mix with a show in which costumes are sometimes risque and dance moves overtly sensual. After all, she is only 17-years old and comes from a … [Read more...]

Is this Really a Video of Obama Voting or a Comedy Central Skit?


Americans are reminded over and over again what a brilliant person Barack Obama supposedly is. We are told he is the smartest guy to ever hold the presidency. Never mind that there’s no empirical evidence of that claim. After all, all of his academic transcripts are sealed tighter than his lips are … [Read more...]

This is How Thieves Get ‘Punished’ in Obama’s Upside-Down America


There was once a time in America when good was rewarded and bad was punished. But, our society has been turned so upside down over the past six years that we’ve seen a rise in ‘entitlement’ attitude and the expectation that society owes you something.That attitude was put on full display by the … [Read more...]

VIDEO: A Homeless Woman’s Harsh Words Changed this Girl’s Life Forever

Veronika Scott

When government claims to want to help those in need, their solution is more handouts which they call ‘entitlement.’ The word itself conjures up animosity among Americans at the mere thought that someone should be ‘entitled’ to what someone else earns. But, beyond that connotation, it also does … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Michael Brown Supporters Attack Fans at Rams vs Seahawks Game

Ferguson protesters

Supporters of Michael Brown have chanted that they want Officer Darren Wilson dead. They have looted businesses, rioted in the street, attacked police officers, and damaged personal property of others all in the name of wanting the outcome that they desire regarding the shooting of Brown by Wilson. … [Read more...]

Police State Update: You Won’t Believe Why Police Threw this Woman in Jail


Imagine getting overwhelmed with your day to day life. You’re working long hours. Your husband is, too. You’re also dealing with family issues with your husband also going to school to imporve your financial situation in the long-run and you have one vehicle between you to boot. As much as you want … [Read more...]

PETA Terrorizes Elementary Students Making Them Cry with Fear


PETA claims that they are 'People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals." Given the fact that it is reported that they kill 2,000 dogs and cats a year, their belief in 'ethical treatment of animals' could be brought into question. One thing is certain based upon events today, PETA does not support … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Roving Black Gangs Brutally Beat and Attack Random College Students

Black Gang Attacks

Before becoming a state senator in Illinois, Barack Obama made his living as a ‘community organizer’ in Chicago. Judging from the state of events and the frequent and increasing occurrences of violence in the Windy City, one wonders exactly what did he organize. The area is still in shambles after … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Things are Still Out of Control in Ferguson, so an Area Walmart has Taken Drastic Measures

Ferguson Walmart

 It has been just over two months since the shooting of Mike Brown by Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson. Although an investigation is ongoing, a grand jury has been convened, and witnesses are testifying, that has not stopped Ferguson protesters from continuing their call for the arrest and … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Judge Judy Schools Obama Era Moocher

Judge Judy

Judge Judy doesn’t play around. She will cut to the chase and tell it like it is, even when the truth hurts. Her style was on full display during a recent show in which a woman didn’t believe she should have to pay her friend back the money she borrowed because, according to her, her friend made lot … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Seriously? THIS is a qualified lunch under Michelle Obama’s Nutrition Guidelines?


There have been numerous stories in the news about children around the country withdrawing from school lunch programs. Kids have said the food just isn’t enough or it is barely edible. School districts are losing money either from the unpurchased lunches they have to throw out or due to the massive … [Read more...]

Taxpayer Money Used to Bribe Middle School Students to Participate in Graphic Sex Ed Program

Rep. McDermott holds picture to show graphic sex ed his child was subjected to.

Taxpayer money is being used to bribe 11 to 13-year olds to attend a salacious and highly inappropriate sex education program. reports that this program, conducted by the University of Hawaii Center on Disability Studies, gave these middle school students gift cards valued between $10 … [Read more...]

What This Guy Did at a Walmart Shows the Depravity of Our Society


The events in this story are disgustingly shocking. So, don’t read this with a young child’s eyes looking over your shoulder. For years, conservatives let the progressive left take over vast parts of our society. While we were busy working, raising our families, going to church (for those that do) … [Read more...]

Will There Be Violence Against Whites and More Ferguson Riots After this Eyewitness Testimony to the Grand Jury?

Rioters in Ferguson Burn the American Flag

The people protesting in Ferguson, Missouri after the shooting death of Michael Brown by Officer Darren Wilson have promised in the past more violence if they do not get the indictment and the verdict that they want. With no regards to evidence, they have called for the arrest of Darren Wilson. Even … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Our Marine is Still Wrongfully Imprisoned in Mexico, So Why the Heck Does Obama See THIS as Important?


Since Sgt. Tahmooressi was put in a Mexican prison after accidentally crossing the border over 6 months ago, Barack Obama has not lifted a finger to demand his release. Despite claiming that we never leave a man behind when he released five top Taliban terrorists in exchange for deserter Bergdahl, … [Read more...]

As a Black Person, I am Insulted by Joe Biden; Here’s Why


Democrats are known to pander to blacks, not just in their policies and the way they use them for political gain, but also in the manner in which they speak to black people. If a Republican would try some of the assisine things that Democrats do, they would be lambasted in the media and the Left … [Read more...]

Obama’s CDC Director Promised to ‘Stop Ebola in Its Tracks,’ Now This Just Happened


While Barack Obama himself has remained relatively silent on the case of Ebola brought here illegally by Liberian National Thomas Eric Duncan, members of his staff and cabinet have been outspoken in their attempt to persuade Americans to believe that they have it all under control.In fact, just … [Read more...]

VIDEO: This Woman’s Got Skills; Watch this Sharpshooter Perform an Amazing Card Splitting Trick

Kirsten Joy Weiss, competitive sharpshooter

If you’ve ever gone to the gun range to practice in case the time ever comes that you must exercise your Second Amendment rights to protect house, home, and family, then you understand how hitting the bullseye can be difficult, especially when you first start out. You return time and again to … [Read more...]