You Won’t Believe What Jeb Bush is Saying Now


Jeb Bush, former Florida governor and potential GOP presidential candidate in 2016, seemingly doubled down on his statement that illegal immigration is an ‘act of love', and added a call for an expansion of visas for the high tech industry. Bush delivered similar statements in support of amnesty … [Read more...]

FBI Investigates Democrat Wendy Davis


More controversy is swirling around Democrat Wendy Davis’s campaign to turn Texas blue by becoming the first Democrat governor of the Lone Star State in nearly 20 years. On Friday, The Daily Caller reported that Davis, who became a national media sensation by filibustering a bill that would have … [Read more...]

Michelle Obama is a Big Fan of Splurging


Despite the fact that both have been photographed numerous times, especially Barack, stuffing their mouths with what they would tell others is ‘junk food,’ the media is making a sensation out of the health consciousness of Barack and Michelle Obama. In fact, according to Newsbusters, the Washington … [Read more...]

More Evidence Leftists have Taken Over Colleges


Campus Reform conducted a study to analyze the number of Democrat vs. Republican speakers at college commencement ceremonies this spring semester. According to their findings, Democrats dominate the commencement address list of political speakers by margin of two-to-one with 57 Democrats speaking at … [Read more...]