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Todd Cefaratti:

A graduate of the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), the University of California Irvine (UCI) and (HBS) Harvard Business School Executive Program. Todd Cefaratti holds degrees in economics, marketing and digital marketing. Todd is one of the top internet marketing experts in his field. Todd is also the founder of the nonprofit organization which began in 2009 at the height of the Tea Party movement and today is recognized as one of the top national Tea Party organizations in the movement. The organization is still growing at over a 5000 new patriots every day and going strong with over 3,500,000 loyal active members. Todd is also the CEO of a major marketing consulting and fundraising organization and Editor of the Tea Party News Network. In his spare time, Todd is active with his wife and two daughters in their Christian church and Christian school that both daughters attend. View all Todd Cefaratti’s Posts


Matthew Burke:

Matthew Burke is a former Financial Advisor/Planner for 24 years. He was a 2010 Constitutional Conservative candidate for U.S. Congress in Washington State. Matthew is a contributor to TPNN, the Tea Party News Network, and is a Social Media Specialist for


Jennifer Burke:

Jennifer is the Social Media Director for and Tea Party News Network (TPNN). She is also a regular contributor for TPNN. She had her political awakening at the Porkulus Tea Party in Seattle in February 2009, credited with being on of the first tea parties in the country.


Greg Campbell: 

A former contributor for The Oregon Commentator, a conservative journal of opinion, Greg Campbell is now a lead contributor for The Tea Party News Network, and a regular contributor for RightWing News. His main field of expertise is firearms and Second Amendment-related issues. He lives in the Northwest with his wife, Heather, and enjoys writing, marksmanship and the outdoors.


 Joel Frewa:

Born in Venezuela, the LighthousePAC founder imbues the values of patriotism, loyalty and leadership. As a child in Venezuela he lived through two military coup attempts having a front- row seat to a geo-political conflict from his Caracas apartment window. Joel learned at a very young age that no one is an innocent bystander to political unrest. In fact, he learned that sitting on the sidelines is not an option when your country’s safety and security is at risk.

Alan Caruba:
Alan is a long time a writer by profession. He has several books to his credit and his daily column, “Warning Signs”, is disseminated on many Internet news and opinion websites, as well as blogs. In addition, he is a longtime book reviewer and has a blog offering a monthly report on new fiction and non-fiction.
Scottie Hughes:
Scottie Hughes is TPNN’s News Director and Contributor, a former talk radio producer princess, Patriot Update Contributor, and a Townhall Finance Columnist.
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